Evidence Suggests There Was NEVER ANY DRUG TRIAL AT ALL for Pfizer’s COVID “Vaccine”

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    Another bombshell has dropped about Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” to suggest that it was never actually tested as claimed before receiving emergency use authorization (EUA), and then approval, from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    A closer look at the sleight-of-hand that was used to pretend that Pfizer’s COVID jabs were tested reveals that the company’s BNT162b2 trial was performed using a different compound than was in the actual vials dispensed into people’s arms.

    “It was a small batch, high-cost process that could not scale to make millions, much less hundreds of millions of doses,” reported the Boriqua Gato Substack page, which added that an entirely different manufacturing process was used as well.

    “And that is a VERY big deal because in this sort of biologic, the industry axiom has been consistent for 100 years: ‘the process is the product.’ Make it a different way, and you have no idea if it’s the same thing. And the FDA knows this full well; it’s been a cornerstone of their approval process since the beginning.”

    (Related: Did you know that the newest injections for COVID were admittedly never tested on humans, only on mice?)

    COVID jabs continue producing pathogens inside people’s bodies until they DIE

    Boriqua Gato discovered this following the revelations put forth by Kevin McKernan who gene-sequenced Pfizer’s COVID injections and discovered that they are “wildly impure, low integrity, and contained not only copious amounts of contaminants, but actual compounds like plasmids that were, quite literally spike protein factories.”

    McKernan found, much to his horror, that Pfizer’s COVID jabs are loaded with all sorts of different compounds that were used in the fabrication of the drug, but that should not have made their way into the final product.

    Not only were a consortium of deadly toxins discovered, but so were those awful plasmids, which Boriqua Gato describes as “actual factories making pathogens” inside people’s bodies.

    “The idea of a ‘safe level’ for such a thing seems fraught and they missed the alleged limits by an order of magnitude anyhow,” he writes.

    McKernan specifically pointed out that the “vaccine” – not that it even really deserves that title – contains instructions for pathogen creation and infestation long after a person has been injected.

    In other words, just as we warned again and again, COVID-19 injections are death injections designed to continue harming a person’s body long after being dispensed.

    “This is WAY past just negligence,” McKernan explained.

    “This is the sort of thing they should shut you down over. You are clearly unfit for the task and having you around and lulling people into the belief that some serious people must have done serious studies somewhere and assured that this was safe presents a far greater and present danger than not having you at all. At least people who know there was no testing would behave with circumspection.”

    While the FDA does allow some generic, small-molecule drugs to be cloned in a manner that relies on “bioequivalence” for safety, COVID jabs are anything but small-molecule generic drugs.

    “The sort of change that Pfizer made to manufacturing was not minor, it was massive,” Boriqua Gato explained about the difference in that Pfizer substituted a completely different drug for its trials than the drug that was ultimately dispensed to the world.

    “And that means, in simple terms, that the vaccine they shipped was a different drug than the one they got approved by the FDA by pretty much any reasonable standard … and that is fraud, pure and simple. It means that the drug they jabbed into a billion arms was never tested in any meaningful way.”

    The latest news about the COVID “vaccine” scam can be found at Genocide.news.


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