Everything Is “A-OK” With North Korea… Except It’s Not: “Both Sides Are Preparing Right Now”

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So, everything is OK, now, with North Korea.  Although they tested 3 more short-range missiles just before the weekend, everything is A-OK.  No worries, no cares.  If everything is truly A-OK, then how come the “recall” of all American citizens, and the cancellation of American passports to Korea by September 1…how come this deadline is still in place?  Also, how come the U.S. is still shifting assets into place in the region quietly…such as carrier groups, Aegis and THAAD missile systems, and such?  The media (slavering for a war) has just reported that Russian troop deployments to the Baltic states area for exercises could “morph” into live and hot any second.

How about United States assets, such as the ones currently bolstering troops stationed in South Korea along the DMZ…for a joint exercise with South Korean troops…could that turn live at any moment?  Could it be that the United States is prepositioning its assets and troops into place prior to September 1, in anticipation of an invasion?  This is not a new concept: pushing the war drums into the front ranks.

The administration is beleaguered from without and (mostly) from within: the latter includes a Congress that is clearly hostile and doggedly determined to halt every advance the President makes or attempts, with undermining efforts by leakers and saboteurs within his own administration.  I wrote a piece right after the inauguration detailing how the President needed to fire multiple members of his staff and clean out the die-hard remnants of the Obama regime.

We also have a public that is being worked into a domestic frenzy by Marxist recidivists who wish to bring the riots of the 1960’s into full swing again half a century after they’ve been all but forgotten.  These same “community organizers” are working to rewrite American history by destroying it, while trying to create a sense of “white guilt and shame” over enslavement of blacks during the war between the states…even pushing for “reparations.”

The plummeting polls, drought in the Midwest and Northwest states, a major hurricane that just struck Texas, and an economy that is far from being “restored” are all factors that have contributed to the President’s ratings plummeting in the polls.  From a foreign perspective, the President is talking tough with North Korea, as well as leaning on China.  Venezuela also seems to be surfacing as a problem potentially seeing a future U.S. deployment.

There is no reason that a flagging administration would not initiate a war to deflect attention away from its problem and create cohesion via nationalistic fervor in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile, North Korea has quietly downplayed its own rhetoric, save for agitation over the U.S. and South Korean military exercises.  It is quietly lodging protests with the UN Security Council, and quietly working on its missile production and tests, as well as its submarine forces.  Two North Korean satellites are quietly orbiting the earth, with each of them capable of holding an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon.  Dr. Pry has released 3 articles that explain the real threats posed in this regard…the articles can be accessed by visiting All News Pipeline.  North Korea is quietly moving forward with deals to sell Iran and Syria both nuclear weapons and missiles.  And all the while, everyone believes that everything is over because nothing has happened yet.

If you walk by a venomous snake and it is docile for 364 ¼ days, it doesn’t matter how complacent it has been all that time if it bites you on that one final day.  And more: what if you bother it every one of those days?  May come as no surprise when it strikes.  This is the situation we are in right now.  The U.S. is being quiet and so is North Korea.  It may be a case that each side knows something will happen in September.  Both sides are preparing right now, with the only questions being which snake will strike first, and when?

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Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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    1. gandhi

      that serial killer kim jong is only happy when people are terrified. he is a goul.

      • BigB

        We will all know when war really is coming when Seoul is evacuated. Until then nothing is going to happen.


        • CrackSummSkulls

          Fake News, just more Psyopps to create fear. N Korea is no threat what so ever.

        • Paranoid

          Nope; same reason we quit The Ci vial Defense program. No place to put them. Try to evac a city of millions, cannot be done.

        • Dr. Whatever

          Just like Houston was evacuated.

        • david

          American citizens have been halted for North Korea and the latest ive heard is their citizens in South Korea have been recalled. Russia and China have amassed troops on their borders and I think they may even occupy North Korea themselves which would prevent any attack. at the very least China would occupy after the attack.

      • durangokidd

        “There is no reason that a flagging administration would not initiate a war to deflect attention away from its problem and create cohesion via nationalistic fervor in one fell swoop.”

        Gotta call bullshit on this statement.

        First this administration is not “flagging”. If you believe that JJ you have swallowed the blue pill. The TRUMP Administration has moved vigorously on its campaign promises and is achieving them, albeit with extensive opposition from RINOS and Globalists.

        Some things must take time for political reasons.

        Prosecutions of Blue Criminals are shaping up and the First Round will be delayed to coincide with maximum exposure prior to the 2018 elections. The second round of top tier Blue Criminals will coincide with the 2020 elections meaning indictments will begin in 2019, because the statute of limitations for prosecution of a criminal action is three years.

        Tax reform and infrastructure spending are on the back burner until after the next market crash to stimulate the economy after the hubris has been swept away and to set the stage for a new bull run.

        Finally, the threat from NK is very real now, because no American President has had the balls to deal with it. TRUMP doesn’t want to deal with it either but he will have no choice. Eventually the Marine Generals that run this country will come to a consensus that action against NK must be taken, and TRUMP will issue the order.

        Sooner I hope, rather than later. 🙁

        • Kevin2


          I’ll bet that its China using NK as leverage in the upcoming trade negotiations. Let that come out in China’s favor and all of this will disappear. Watch and see.

          • durangokidd

            No K2, I am not buying that reasoning. Nothing will stop Kim from obtaining a massive, capable, nuclear arsenal except TRUMP, with the timing based up the recommendation of his Marine Generals. Certainly not China.

            Unless kim is killed, Japan and S Korea will become nuclear powers too. China cannot afford that. Japan can assemble at least eighty nuke warheads over a long weekend and put them on missiles.

            Trade negotiations will not come out in China’s favor. Period. They will have to eat crow. Their own economy is a bigger ponzi scheme than our own. The plan of the NWO Globalists was to make China an EQUAL with 300 million consumers with disposable income. China now has 600 million consumers with disposable income because they refused to keep the “gentlemen’s agreement. The globalist didn’t complain because the 10% investment class was making too much money.

            Trump will pull the plug if Changes are not made in the one way trade relationship; and the Yuan Dollar ratio will be the first step. A re-alignment of major pairs will be negotiated after Kim is disposed of like a bag of trash and Korea is unified. 🙂

      • Paranoid

        True, but if anyone here is an MD please send JJ some Prozac or something he is always “The Sky is Falling”. Just like the Boy who cried WOLF he never stops.

        • Anonymous

          In JJ’s defense- he talks about scenarios. What if this. What if that. Some would call it
          speculation. Right now, damn near anything is possible. If something does happen, he
          could always say he brought it to light last week/ last month/ last year, etc.

    2. Godsoldier

      Dn we got alot of irons in the fire n korea,civil war, economic armegeddon, tptb, natural disasters floods astroids volcanoes one of them bound to get hot if not all of them question is what one will be first

      • Godsoldier

        Im thinking I’ve read somewhere in a book about it all oh yea the BIBLE. And all these sheeple are like oh my what is going on .

    3. Jim in Va.

      Pick one.

    4. Godsoldier

      I think God is producer of the greatest reality tv show ever most watched and aired on the most channels Ive got like 6 different news channels. Suppose he took notice to the ratings and fad of reality tv like big brother ect and decided to use it as a means to wake people up

    5. Justice

      China says North Korea tensions reached ‘tipping point’

      BEIJING: China warned that tensions on the Korean peninsula have reached “tipping point” after North Korea Tuesday (Aug 29) fired a ballistic missile over Japan, but said the United States and South Korea are partly to blame.

      h ttp://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/china-says-north-korea-tensions-reached-tipping-point-9167188

      • TheGuy

        It’s all fun and games when you’re killing a bunch of unarmed Tibetan monks. Face you with a real armed opponent however…?

        Not impressed.

        Don’t just do something stand there.

    6. Traitor Hator

      Look up September 23. Isn’t 23 a illuminati special number? Will be at BOL on the 23rd. Ready and waiting.

    7. Brian

      We’ll probably launch missiles from submarines that fly over North Korea and land in the ocean.This would be in response to the missile launched over Japan.

      • grandee

        submarines that fly over North Korea?????

        shouldn’t that read:

        “We’ll probably launch from submarines missiles that fly over North Korea and land in the ocean.”

        • DMONIC

          Thanks grammar NAZI. Dafuq is wrong with you.

    8. Todd

      I am willing to bet me life JJ that nothing
      Will happen in NK. Let’s say within the
      Next two years.
      I’ll send the legal papers over if you are
      Finally willing to put your life where
      Your mouth is.

      • DMONIC

        Nah, JJ is too much of a sissy to put his name out there.

    9. Anonymous

      I say watch Russia once we commit to a course of action. If we are overextended- and we
      will be- they might make some of their own moves in another theater. They are now
      officially out of the Rothschilds banking system(s) and all of the old USSR debts are now
      paid off. Any so-called sanctions now would only be a slap on the wrist. Putin playing
      chess once again and US still playing tiddly winks. I agree with JJ who claims we are now
      quietly shifting assets into theater. There will not be a fleet anchored off of the Korean peninsula to telegraph our punches. Watch for some talk of (fake) negotiations and then the fireworks begin. See how China is courting Mexico into its economic cooperation thing.
      This petro dollar scheme is fading. Russia and Iran now have a permanent foothold in Syria. The Deep State lost that one. Israel is now in a real quandary with Iran on its border. This
      is where it gets biblical. Look at Ezekiel 38. Look at the list of nations that will swarm on
      Israel. This battle has not yet happened in history. But it will.

    10. roy koch

      There is no earthly reason or purpose for the existence of North Korea!

      • BigB

        Roy, I think the New World Order would dispute that.


    11. B from CA

      I was viewing a video on YouTube which claims that storms are created in the Antartica and then HARP directs them to wherever they choose. So, why not send some rain to Korea, I hear Texas has enough.




    12. RickE.

      Think about the ramifications regarding nuking N.Korea.
      If we do, we will spew radiation into parts of China and Russia, which share borders with N.K. (and many other countries).

      They have a very valid reason for intervening in an attack against N.K. China has already said that they won’t permit a regime change/invasion of N.K. if we were not attacked first.

      Thus far that little fat shit Kim Jong Un hasn’t attacked anyone,and has just run his big fat mouth.
      Attacking N.K. certainly be the end of Kim, but it could very easily escalate into a WW3 scenario. It just isn’t worth it unless N.K. DOES in fact, launch a foolish attack on us.
      But I doubt that N.K. will attack us, as while Kim Jong Un is loony, he isn’t THAT stupid!

    13. Wake-up-people

      I think it is far from over my fellow patriots. Try to prepare and have the stock of water, food, supplies, guns, ammo, etc, etc. Be safe my fellow true patriots and to hell with the Left!

    14. Sgt. Dale

      If it comes? There is nothing we can do about it.
      So folks keep prepping and planning for tomorrow.

    15. Richard Steven Hack

      Iran is not going to be buying nuclear missiles from North Korea.

      That is complete bullshit.

      Iran has no “use case” for nuclear weapons of any kind and has clearly and repeatedly stated that they understand that. There has never been ANY solid evidence that Iran ever HAD a nuclear weapons program, other than a “feasibility study” back when they were afraid Saddam Hussein had one.

      Subsequent to 2003, Iran ceased said feasibility study and has no done ANYTHING since to restart it, according to the assessments by all 17 US intelligence agencies in 2007 and 2011 AND also by Israeli intelligence.

      Stop spreading bullshit clickbait news which is based on ignorance.

      As for North Korea, they aren’t going to attack anyone unless the US attacks first. THAT is the real threat: that Trump will start a war just to get a “poll bounce” and help make the Russiagate nonsense go away.

    16. Richard Steven Hack


      I suggest everyone go over to Colonel Pat Lang’s blog and read the article referenced below. It explains the history of North Korea – and how the US and South Korea are basically to blame for the current situation.

      The notion that Kim is insane and North Korea cannot be stopped except by war is completely and totally incorrect. The parameters for a diplomatic solution are known:

      1) The US must stop threatening NK and withdraw its troops from SK (in a timed withdrawal based on concessions from the North and an increase in SK’s ability to defend.)

      2) The US agrees to a legally-binding under US law non-aggression trreaty in return for the same from NK.

      3) The US should agree to a resurrected Clinton Agreed Framework which was working in the ’90s until both Clinton and Bush reneged on it.

      Read this:

      MAYDAY KOREA! by William R. Polk
      America on the Brink of Nuclear War (Part 1)

      People who don’t understand history are condemned to repeat it.

    17. the Lone Ranger

      I really did not learn anything new from this article. Did any of you?

      Of course who would believe NEITHER side has been preparing?

    18. TEST

      “white guilt and shame” over enslavement of blacks during the war between the states…even pushing for “reparations.”

      Reparations are an EXCELLENT IDEA! I say we start – lead by example – with the Clinton Fdn handing over all their dough, the Hollywierd Learjet leftists giving their homes to south side Chicago street thugs, and the leftist Goldman Sucks banksters given every penny they make this year to any even wearing anything with a black hue. Oh yeah… and open up Michael Moore’s mansion at Torch Lake too every black person who wants a vacation.

    19. Frank Thoughts

      It is all posture and bluster. Look for several key moves that ALWAYS occur prior to real war. They are:

      1) Flights: flights are cancelled or re-routed over the region prior to an attack. Air passengers stop flying: flights start flying empty or near empty.

      2) Hospitals start clearing ward and preparing for mass casualties. Old biddies get sent home to make room for casualties.

    20. Anonymous

      “Congress that is clearly hostile and doggedly determined to halt every advance the President makes or attempts”…
      You mean like the announcement by Trump recently, in which he said that he is going to pullback the ban Obummer made against the militarization of the police?

      Yep! Obummer said he “it might not look good to American people- to have the police militarized– taking stuff that was used by the military”. So he put a ban on it. But “the last great white hope–Trump” said that it doesn’t matter how it looks! He said the militarization of the police will cut down on crime” and so he is going to lift Obummer’s ban.

      I saw this yesterday, as I was watching “news” on TV– it was at the bottom of the screen.

    21. Anonymous

      WHAT DOES THIS MEAN- the militarization of the police? Well, it means you better get used to the idea of seeing police in military gear, with weapons used by the military, and driving tanks throughout the streets– which, of course, is against the Constitution.

      why is this so bad? (Besides being against Posse Comitatus? (sp?) Well, it means that after that– once they have the military in the streets of America, then they will suspend the Constitution (Martial Law) and start picking people up for ‘questioning”. Who will stand up against an armored tank? No one! At that point, we are dead meat! So we better put our foot down now and insist Trump scraps his Nazi notions!

      Remember the movie, “The Sound of Music”? Once they militarize the police, they will come searching for us (“terrorists”) and there will nothing we can do about it. It will be over.

    22. Anonymous

      Furthermore, Obummer has already signed the NDAA bill, giving the president/the military the “right” to pick up citizens they consider “terrorists” and lock then away, without trial (or kill them).

    23. Anonymous

      The reason the elite have been so successful in screwing us is that the country is still divided between left and right. I used to be. Now, I’m not. I know Obummer was a traiter as soon as he became president. However, I also see the exact same traits in Trump. some Democrats insisted that Obama was fighting hard to do the right thing but the republicans were constantly screwing him up. I saw the fallacy in this reasoning when, for example, he signed the NDAA bill and tried to take away our right to own guns. Likewise, I see that Trump is ALSO a traitor! Recently, for example, he said he’s going to lift the ban on the militarization of the police. he said it will cut down on crime. That is bullshit. It IS criminal to militarize the police!!! It against the Constitution, and thus against the rights of us citizens!

    24. david

      American citizens have been halted for North Korea and the latest ive heard is their citizens in South Korea have been recalled. Russia and China have amassed troops on their borders and I think they may even occupy North Korea themselves which would prevent any attack. at the very least China would occupy after the attack.

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