“Everyone Preparing for the Wrong Outcome”: Schiff Says QE4 is Coming, Not a Rate Hike!

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    The printing presses are firing up all over again… err, at least the digital ledgers are, anyway.

    Financial expert and infamous goldbug Peter Schiff was interviewed by Fox Business from the floor of the U.S. Stock Exchange.

    Schiff warned viewers that “everyone is preparing for the wrong outcome with the U.S. economy.”

    That outcome? The financial world has been waiting with feverish anticipation for “the big day” when the Federal Reserve finally raises interest rates – a quiet move big enough to shift economic tectonic plates.

    But contrary to conventional wisdom about when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, and thus turn the page on a new era of the economy, Schiff says they can’t and won’t raise rates anytime soon – though they should have several years ago.

    It didn’t happen months ago when many expected it. It won’t happen now in September, and likely not for a long time.


    Because the Federal Reserve can’t raise rates without collapsing the bubble economy.

    “I was saying they weren’t going to raise rates. Not because they shouldn’t, but because they can’t, because they will prick this bubble economy that they worked so hard to inflate,” Peter Schiff told Fox Business.

    Instead of letting certain markets fail as they should have, they were propped up by the Fed. And these zombie banks and businesses have been sucking life out of the real economy – at great expense to average people.

    “The economy has never been good. We’ve really been in a recession, I think, for the entirety of the recovery. I think the policies that the Federal Reserve has used to prop up the stock market and the real estate market have hurt the real economy. That’s why things are actually getting worse. But on Wall Street, yeah, things look good. But if the Fed takes away those monetary supports, we’re going to be in a bear market. We’re going to be in a deeper recession. We’re going to resume the financial crisis that was interrupted by this monetary policy.”

    “The problem is that when the Fed was breathing life, or breathing air, into the financial markets, it was sucking it out of the real economy. That’s why we haven’t had a recovery. But everybody who thinks that the Federal Reserve policy succeeded, there’s no success here. There’s no success until you raise interest rates and shrink your balance sheet. And the Fed can’t do that. That’s why rates have been at zero for seven years. Why didn’t they raise them two or three years ago?”

    And things are sure to get worse before they get better…

    Market Watch was among the outlets making excuses for Yellen’s non-decision on raising rates:

    The job of easy money isn’t done, and its inflation risks are still way over the horizon. August’s employment report makes that clear, just as the Fed nears its big day. […] sometime around the Fed’s third quantitative easing program in 2012, the purpose of easy money moved from supporting once-more stable markets to the still-shaky real economy.

    But the real truth is that the system who created this illusion isn’t about to burst its own bubble, and doesn’t know how to land the thing without a spectacular and shocking crash.

    The Fed has little choice at this point but to print ever-greater quantities of money, and inflate the stock market and the broader artificial appearance that all is normal and well. According to Schiff:

    “The Federal Reserve caused all the problems that led to the 2008 financial crisis, and now they’ve made them all worse. So all they can do is keep interest rates at zero.

    They’re setting up for another round of quantitative easing. People who think the Federal Reserve is finished printing money – they’re just getting started.”

    Schiff claims some investors are buying into the U.S. dollar because they are expecting the Fed to reduce its balance sheets and increase interest rates. But nothing could be further from the truth.

    “QE4 is coming, and you want to get out of U.S. assets, take advantage of the face that other people have no idea what the U.S. economy is really going to do, what the Fed’s going to do, and by foreign assets when they’re on sale. You can buy foreign stocks, you can buy commodities, and yes, you can buy gold.

    Hold on for as long as you can to whatever makes the most sense to you.


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      1. We keep devalueing , we’ll get ww3 .

        • I think we are already there,the MSM or the Grubberments of the world have announced it.
          On a side note,why is our “leader”,Mr Abbott,willing to send fighter jets to bomb in Syria,when it has not one fucking thing to do with us?I know its all about oil,but come on…

          • Why?
            Because he is an NWO LAPDOG and a first class cu*t.
            Our fellow Australians are too busy watching Reality TV or Jarryd Haynes play chasing a on a field to understand what’s really going on.

          • What Mr. Abbott needs to be bombing is the Melbourne suburb where the muslims live and the boats crossing the water from Indonesia, filled with muslims.

          • Just a side note: I was watching the Civil War by Bob Burns the other night and the narrator said in in the mist of the Civil War The Russians had just grant Syria emancipation! And look were it is now!

        • We are not going to get the outright collapse we expect. We can throw our lives away by losing it and going off on someone, being fu cked with by the police state and killing some of them and still losing our lives, or just hoping we can fly under the radar, while watching our families suffer the horror of what these evil souls have planned for us. I can only say that I will finish a fight if one is started with me, especially when my loved ones or where I lay my head is concerned. God bless the patriots and death and hell to those that aren’t.

          • “We are not going to get the outright collapse we expect.”

            Exactly right.
            No collapse , as i have always said :
            It will be a slow slide into socialism and globalism.

            • Article says,

              “Instead of letting certain markets fail as they should have, they were propped up by the Fed. And these zombie banks and businesses have been sucking life out of the real economy – at great expense to average people.”

              a true statement if ever one was said here. However; the Fed has a lot of help in the destabilizing and covering up the real problem.

              Just yesterday, with an estimated 45 billion in trades in the US stock market, which resulted in everything looking green and positive, the devil is in the details. One of those details was that Corporations bought back their own stocks yesterday which resulted in at least a fourth of all total trades.
              A lot of propping up there.

              China? Oh yea, china has been doing a lot of propping up lately. Just over the last few months, they have pumped in over 230 billion (in US dollars equivalent) to stabilize their markets. A lot of the US instability of the market is directly influenced by that “propping”.

              Japan has been pumping and propping through the Bank of japan to the tune of 447 billion (in US dollars) since last October.

              The pumping and propping up has created the largest debt bubble in the history of the world. That bubble is about to pop. I think we will see the catalyst for that pop coming within the next several weeks. It will streak across the world like a nuclear blast, draining accounts like a black hole in space.

              In the 2008 crash, there was an estimated 34 trillion lost globally, and over 10 trillion just in the USA wealth.
              The crash of 2015/16 will be worse…much worse.

              QE can’t begin to print enough paper to prop it up after that.
              Oh but they will pencil in some figures that may ease the minds of the sheeple for a while, but they will feel differently when the funds aren’t available.

              • You said it!
                No doubt you are exactly right!

            • they call that slow, disgusting demoralizing slide into socialism “Soft Socialism” these days…

        • “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”

          John Adams
          Signatory of the Alien and Sedition Act

        • What is the difference between a war and a world war?

          Obama is involved in revolutions in Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, several African nations. All out war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan plus several more.

          How many countries must we be at war with before it’s called a world war?

        • Not yet. You still have some loose change, lying around.

          Anyways, one easy fix could be coming. Help the Republicans win, stop printing money, market crashes, blame the Republicans, retake the white house after four years of depression, the economy will be starting to come back, and take all the credit for the fix, and ride the train for two terms.

        • We have passed a point of no return way back there under BB and crew. I agree with most of your analysis Mac, but there is another possibility that makes sense and ties into your thesis.The Fed could raise rates just slightly in the current unstable and negative economic environment knowing full well it will create a pull back in all markets even greater than we have seen recently in the topping events. That would give them the excuse to fire up more QE. Although they are already doing QE and simply calling it something else and the masses lap it up as usual. The schemes and machinations are never ending and a RESET is completely unavoidable. Mostly because China, Russia and others are well on their way to getting away from USD as the petro dollar and world trade currency.They are already trading oil in gold and other currencies on a large scale and dumping USTs on an even grander scale. Here in USSA today none of the outlets tell the truth of these matters so the masses are completely blind to what is coming ? see this

          and here is how they control the masses and what we should all be doing about the control freaks who control us !



          There will be outlier events that cause the next large downturn. I am certain some sort of RESET is coming, but that is even more reason we should all be standing up and fighting back in every possible way, and we can !

      2. maybe this will buy a little time. (from the inevitable) 🙁

        • It will buy A LOT of time, probably years. The PTB will call it a WRAP when they think the turnip has been bled dry. Now I ain’t saying that on the way to the end of the road its going to be as good as right now. No, I believe this is going to be a slow slide unless war breaks out, either civil(in country) or world wide. We might get right down to a Red Dawn scenario with either all foreign troops or UN troops (including Americans). It which case you better keep an eye on relatives and neighbors. They’d sell you out in a heart beat.

          • Man you said a lot of truth with that statement, PO’d…..

            ” you better keep an eye on relatives and neighbors. They’d sell you out in a heart beat.”

            When the going gets really tough, and the proverbial S has HTF, the relatives and neighbors that are not preppers nor true christians, will sell you and yours down the river in order to either get your preps, get help from LE/gov, or out of just plain jealousy.

            I have three half brothers that will fit into that category. One is as heathen as they come. They are too dumb and lazy to prep for two weeks, much less two years.

            If there are no deer available for easy taking, they will go hungry and turn on anyone that breathes. i would not trust either one of them with borrowing a shovel, much less letting them know about our preps. We will go incognito or be so fortified within our other family group, that they can’t push in.

            The days are coming that family will turn on family over religious beliefs and so forth. That won’t be until near the very end when Satan arrives as antichrist, and the pre tribbers believe he is Christ come to rapture. When we that know truth, back away and try to hide, they will turn us in, and some will be caught and brought up before his council (courts).

            • Passin’, truth be known there are a lot of good hearted folks who when faced with hunger would sell out their own mothers for a bite to eat. Some would do it only out of sheer meaness. Could get kinda dicey.

              • Yes it will for those not using a lot of stealth and common sense.

                I can’t remember where you are located, but treachery and two-faced lizards, have no boundaries.

                I just got blindsided by who i thought was a friend on this site. Ole slingshot must have had a bad dream, and woke up thinking i had shit in his cornflakes or something, he has now called me out as an enemy because of my speaking out about my faith and christianity.

                You have been around here for along time, Other than a few occasions when the articles were repeats or something, i have never hijacked the whole thread. i report and people either follow and report back, or just move along.

                it seems as though sling has sided with the atheist and the likes of FTW and wwti.

                I have taken a lot of abuse from wwti, for the past year, and even was threatened with bodily harm by him. He threatened eppe, but nothing was ever said to him as i know of.

                Oh well, some people just can’t handle truth.

                • Leave me out of your personal delusional world Passin’.
                  You claim to be a Christian, but you are anything but that.
                  The good Christians I know of do not wish harm to be done to those who do not follow the life of Christianity.

                  As I’ve said before, you are the typical fake Christian who give those other meaningful Christians a bad rap.
                  As a non-deist myself, it is pretty obvious that I live a more honest, moral and ethical way of life compared to you.

                  For one, I have the decency to have compassion for my fellow human being, regardless of their ethnicity, where you on the other hand only have it for your fellow Religious Bible Thumpers and nobody else.

                  If you feel like you are gaining enemies here, this is not my doing or anybody else. This has been brought on by your own doing. As I’ve said here before:

                  “get right with yourself first, before you can get right with God”.

                  If a person cannot or is unwilling to have the decency and compassion for another, why would God want to accept them?
                  Just because you have a strong belief in Faith and God, does not give you a guarantee of everlasting life in his Kingdom.

                  In your World, God judges your time on Earth.
                  Careful of the things you say, and do – because in your world, nobody is completely safe from Gods wrath.

      3. We’re going to resume the financial crisis that was interrupted by this monetary policy.

        I think everybody would agree that Obama is hell bent on destroying this country.

        Who does Obama hate more than Americans? He hates Republicans.

        So how better to fuck over the country and totally screw the Republicans than to totally fuck over the economy just before a Republican president takes office.

        Yes interest rates are coming, but not before November 2016. Until then we will see money printing propping up the economy.


        The FED can’t raise interest rates because it would cost the government too much money to service the debt.

        Right now the FEDS pay about 400 billion a year in interest on the debt. Raise the interest rates 2 to 4 percent and that triples the cost of servicing the debt. It would go from 400 billion to 1.2 Trillion. The total Fed income is only about 3 trillion.

        We are screwed.

        • John

          Great post. We are screwed. Either way the fed go’s. They know it. My thought is they may do a small QE4 until around September of next year. If they can keep the stock market up it helps the Democrat candidate for president. Then they will let it all go to hell and blame it on the Republican candidate. Truth is it does not matter because they all get hurt when it crashes.
          Another theory would be to let it crash and not have an election. Then the demon president gets to lead the country he destroyed. He gets what he wants. All the politicians are in it together. They all want the same thing. To win the next election and keep there power. Elections for years have been just a choice of lessor of two evils.
          Either way we are screwed.

          I still have such a bad feeling about the next couple of months.

          • The Days have Come and Gone

            As I said a few months ago, “there will be a ninety day period of prepping” that is available to everyone in some sort of increments of possibilities. Ninety days Jerry! (Lol from sling)
            Those ninety days are just about gone. Oh, don’t misunderstand me about prepping, there will still be many ways to prep going forward. Even food stuffs, but they may come at a higher price. Heating for the upcoming winter is another way to prep up. Some say we are facing one of the coldest and wettest winters in decades. Not as many are mentally and spiritually prepped as they should or could be either.

            This following little piece comes from a brother in Christ, and puts it in perspective. His words are truthful and comforting to God’s children. Satan’s children shudder at them and curse the day they were born.

            “As God begins to confront the powers of darkness, by his own authority and power in his people, there will be the arising of a fearless army, young and old, who are completely given over to the Lord, and the Lord will so be with them that evil will fear them. They will also know who God is in them. The ministry of divine authority will be back in the earth again, and I mean like Elijah displayed when he said, “I am shutting up the heavens so they will not give any rain.” That ministry of divine authority will be back in the earth, with this group who have come out to the Lord entirely and whole heartedly. So we will see an unprecedented display of not just simply the miraculous, yes, but also heaven will be so involved, the angelic arena will be heavily involved in this, as we see basically an invasion of heaven into this earth. So that’s good news!”

            Isn’t that wonderful news? Doesn’t that warm your hearts and minds, that we, the bride of Christ have power over the likes of Madonna, Billery, and Obama, and their One World Order? We have angelic forces at our beckoning call. Learn how to call on them. They are bigger, more powerful, and more numerous than their’s.

            Today is Wednesday, the 9th. Today everything looks like it will continue as the day before, and the day before that.
            The markets are still seesawing up and down, and have not returned to the previous highs, like I said they would about two weeks ago. In two days, all that could change for the worse. In four days something “will” change. In five days it may change forever, financially at least. We shall see what course God lets things go, but by the end of this month, in just twenty-one days, things will be a whole lot different. Remember, I stated that the five month period beginning in August was the start of things that will set the stage for the final five months. We are here, but we are not screwed, M in Va. Hang in there buddy, i know you have faith.

        • Good Post.

          So, deflation and then rapid Hyperinflation where a person would have to work all day to buy a loaf of bread, perhaps?

          • No hyperinflation. Hyperinflation would destroy the currency and the wealth of the Uber Rich Investment Class …. the very constituency of the FED.

            All of the moves the FED makes are made to protect their currency, member banks, and constituency. Hyperinflation will never happen. Any benefit to the average American is coincidental.

            Schiff is a bright guy but his premise (hyperinflation) is wrong. It is however a useful meme to sell precious metals to the Alt Media Sheeple; which is what he does.

            I would guess a 25 bp rate hike which in the scheme of things is meaningless; but which may actually stimulate the economy as multinationals and the Uber Rich rush to the exits looking for the last cheap money as they pass the Pay Window.

            Its happened before. 🙁

            • “The FED can’t raise interest rates because it would cost the government too much money to service the debt.”

              That only applies to new debt, so I expect that 25 bp rate hike would take effect after September 30th.

              The old debt which has been refinanced, just like you refinanced your house, is at a much lower rate.

              The FED knows EXACTLY what it is doing and what it is doing to US. 🙁

              • A word here about “shmita” and financial collapse. While no jewish scholar, I can read English, and NOWHERE in the literature or the Bible can I find any correlation between Shmita in general and financial collapse, let alone this Shmita which began in November 2014 and ends on September 13th 2015, and biblical financial collapse: other market declines in 2001 and 2008, coincidental.

                More than that, Shmita is a Jewish practice NOT applicable to the USA. It is the practice of the jews in Israel, at the command of God through Moses, to let the land in ISRAEL, lie fallow in the 7th year.

                The practice is not even applicable to Arab lands within Israel and the jews themselves re-interpret that practice by selling and repurchasing their lands, so as not to miss a shekel. I doubt that anything supernatural or financial will occur next Sunday.

                This Internet MeMe is more BULLSHIT from Alt Media fear mongers preaching the death of the dollar and the USA. Not gonna happen. LMFAO !!! Not this year !!! Not next year !!! 🙂

                • There has been so much abnormal intervention in the “market” that the rules that were used to govern money no longer apply. Agree deflation seems the most likely outcome, or just enough artificial inflation to put into the news and calm investors without triggering COLA raises.

                • not to be a smart ass, but USSAG, “is” the “house of Israel”.
                  God is the same today, as He was yesterday.
                  In that, He brings forth His Hebrew mandates and festivals, and so forth, and so on. The jewish part has no priority on this, other than by their own words and minds, and deceptions.

                  Maybe nothing happens on the surface to USSAG/house of Israel, on Sept. 13th, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in the spiritual realm.

                  I see a great shaking coming to USSAG before the end of this year. It could be two-fold.

                  • No, being a ” smart” ass is something YOU will NEVER have to worry about be called nutman.

                    • No, America is NOT Israel. Israel became a restored state overnight after 2,000 years, by the Plan of God.

                      The borders of Israel are well defined by the Bible, and it does NOT include the 50 states of the United States. 🙂

                  • The “Great Shaking” that you feel will occur next year after Trump is elected POTUS and the 30 million ILLEGALS in America cut and run for the border en mass. 🙂

                    • Let’s say for some odd miracle that Trump became President.
                      Do you honestly think the power structure above him would allow him to have these illegals removed and sent back home?

                      It will not happen, just like all the other things Trump has talked about … it will not happen. Trump would have to destabilize TPTB in their tracks … only in a dream will this happen, but not in reality.

                      Some people are still clinging onto hope, that America can be saved and put back to it’s former Constitutional ways by Voting????

                      Them days have been long gone before I was even born [1970]
                      Face the music to the reality my friend.
                      The former America that we were taught has been long gone, and the only possible way for it to return is by a physical confrontation. … then maybe!

                    • If Trump becomes POTUS deportation will happen. Additionally, ILLEGAL Latinos will return to their home countries because there will be a new attitude toward them by the American government; and the American people, with conservatives in power.

                      Lastly, ILLEGAL latinos will head south because the NWO PTB will build new factories in Mexico to manufacture excess world production currently in China.

                      The FED made the CCP a Full Partner in the NWO but China wanted to run the FED to its advantage forever, playing by its own Rules.

                      The China story is over and the Yuan is toast. Mexico is up next. 🙁

              • The debt renews all the time. When 30 year bonds are sold, they are not due and payable in 30 years. They renew in about 60 to 180 days.

                They are only called 30 year bonds in name only.

                There is no such thing as old debt. Is is all newly sold every several months.

                that is why everybody panicked when China was going to dump the debt. How do we find someone to buy 2 trillion dollars in debt right quick? It is not because it is “old debt.”

        • Sort of the same thing as what happened to him, just sayin, 8 years of GWB ended with the whole pile o caca going to hell,,,
          And obammy really didnt have any chance to do his commy best while trying toput out fires, IMHO left right left right, it doesnt matter, same fools, different names, same broken machine.

        • “We are not going to get the outright collapse we expect.”

          My point exactly JOHN , if we print , we devalue , and our creditors recieve less , thus , WW3 .

          • I think this is what scares me the most.

            We have all prepared to maintain our standard of living through crisis and collapse.

            We I am not prepared for is coming wars in which my children will be of war age.

            And to say that America has a constitutional amendment against the draft is bullshit because the selective service registration is still a requirement.

            I refuse to send my boys to a coming war that fucking Obama started by surrendering to Islam and Russia.

        • Obama, Bush, it doesn’t matter…..all puppets placed in the office by the bankers that run this country. Nobody sits in that office they don’t approve of, and if they do, they get the “Kennedy” solution.

          Our current financial woes are simply the end game when you have a debt based money (every dollar must be borrowed into existence)….at some point the consumer, and even the govt, can’t borrow anymore, and the system collapses. It’s inevitable, math that can not be escaped.

          The system will collapse at some point, the bankers having existed with as much real wealth (land, gold, etc)as they can steal….then they will reset the game, and begin another century or so round of the same thing….people being so stupid they don’t understand the simple game.

          • TnAndy, same brothers from a different mother. Ain’t much difference between these two.

          • speaking of puppets, it sickens me to see they are force feeding us another dose of bush. Apparently he’s the “frontrunner”. When trump first came out that he could be working to split the vote for Hillary. But now I’m beginning to think he may be just a ruse to draw attention away from all other repub candidates, absorbing all media coverage, while they continue to call jeb the “frontrunner” then somewhere near the end he’ll put his foot in his mouth and we will be forced to choose between jeb and Hillary…..wellllll…..wooopty dooooo!!! Only in America….USA……..USA…..!!!!

            I hate to look at the world as if everything is a scripted conspiracy but I have become disenchanted with the political/media system

            Anyway…. F**K jeb

      4. I was listening to Patriot Radio this am on Sirius xm. They were basically saying snowden has offered up America on th sacrificial alter and when it comes to China and Russia we have no leverage because they have us by the balls on intelligence.
        So consider this. This Russia backing Syria business will go nowhere. Russia backs Iran, China backs Iran, they have our national secrets, hence Iran gets a sweet deal. Unless we get some libertarian or constitutionalist politicians with real balls and the understanding that setting America straight is going to require a little pain we are totally FUBAR folks.

        We need to go the route of that African nation that just banned Islam in its entirety. Force people on welfare to work (I’m talking the generational takers, not those who are truly in need, but those truly in need would rather work than have a handout), I don’t care if it’s cleaning out culverts or picking up trash or painting lampposts in town. No work, no pay. Max all entitlement ‘benefits’ to $1000 over the poverty line for family size up to family of four. You couldn’t keep your legs crossed and have five kids? Too damn bad. On welfare for two years? Gravy train just ended. Didn’t graduate high school? Too lazy to get GED? No welfare. No food stamps, no housing. Until we get rid of the liberal nanny state mentality no one will want to take responsibility for themselves. So we either have a cultural revolution (I highly doubt) or let’s let the SHTF.. I’m ready to get this over with.

        • Sheeee et. Npph, I’ll vote for you for POTUS.

          • I’ve got a pen and a phone. I can assure you the following….

            Every law regarding immigration would be enforced and ALL executive orders by Obummer nullified.

            Executive order requiring every school age child receive gun safety training

            Ban gun free zones
            EPA abolished
            Dept of education abolished
            Dept of energy abolished
            IRS abolished

            VA privatized, competition will improve benefits and ensure shorter wait times.

            That would just be my first day…..

            • “That would just be my first day…..”

              LOL! I love it!

              The character assassination by the Lib Meanstream media would be ferocious though. They’d do everything they could to destroy you personally.

            • Well, CRAP, npph!

              Whats your real name? (Just kidding. Well, mostly.) I’ll write you in if TD (The Donald) doesn’t make it. Not that think he’ll do a better job than you, just don’t think you’ll have much of a chance, but, if TD doesn’t make it, not much of anywhere to turn.

              • The Donald already made a Political mistake.
                He chose to run as a Republican, which does not give him the out to run as an Independent if he wanted to.

                He has no support from the Republican Party, they do not like him. Regardless of public support for The Donald, the Republicans will not choose him to run.

                Is The Donald dumb for making his move?
                Absolutely not …. he is just in the Race as for Political Theater and nothing more. I doubt he was serious about running for President. Just a side show and nothing more.

                Bush & Clinton – all over again, the Dynasty must continue while America suffers just a little bit more.

                • The “Donald” is serious , he is a power hungry guy.
                  That being said , probably better than most of his challebgers in the repub party.
                  He speaks his mind .
                  We shall see , wont we ?

                • If he wins the primaries, he’s on the GOP ticket, no matter what the RINO’s want. If the RINO’s keep him off the ballot, they will lose the election for the White House and lose both sides of Congress, to boot.

                  Look for McConnell to be out by December.

                • FTW: “He chose to run as a Republican, which does not give him the out to run as an Independent if he wanted to.”

                  He signed a pledge. P-l-e-d-g-e. A pledge is not a contract.

                  If the retards fuck him over and deny him the nomination at the Convention when he has the Polls to support him, he will point to their treachery, disavow the pledge, and run as an Independent.

                  The retards cannot afford that.

                  In fact once it becomes even more clear that the American people want him, the RNC will jump on his bandwagon to support him, knowing that they can win the election and fill the political positions with the Party Faithful, and control the American budget.

                  These assholes will spend a BILLION dollars to elect a Republican POTUS so that they can direct the deployment of TRILLIONS of dollars of tax money and legislation to make the Uber Rich, richer.

                  Follow the money. That’s why voting matters. 🙁

                • Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, repeat repeat repeat.

                  Contributes nothing but the same ole drivel, that we already know and don’t give a shit about hearing.

                  Politicians and anything and everything they do means nothing here anymore. We are preppers, and we are preparing for the end dumbass. The continual weak posts have no worth, move along, you are just taking up valuable space that us Christians could be using.

                  • Yes, I can definitely see why anybody would want to spend an eternity in ” Heaven” with YOU alright!

            • Send your list to Donald Trump…I am sure he could fit it in one of his speaches. Get down to the bear bones of Government help and re-educate people (job training) and give them a purpose to work everyday! We are eroding as a society with each passing day.

            • yOU GOT MY VOTE !

            • npph, and you’d be dead by nightfall.

        • If you yourself attempted to take on that route, you’d be J-Dam’d before breakfast. Your family scattered like Milk Weed pod seed upon the wind.

          • Well, jeez POP, its not like a person would give them coordinates and a checklist. You’d kinda want to practice a little OpSec.

            • His coordinates were learned when he first posted on here as yours and mine were. C’mon NR….sheeeesh!…………unless that was tongue-in-cheek….it was wasn’t it (redface). ‘OL dopey me….

              • We all been IDd bro

        • NPPH

          I totally agree with everything you said. It will never happen. Never until it all crashes down. Over 50 percent of Americans are on some kind of government assistance.
          It will crash and reset before it changes.

        • NPPH

          When you run out of bullets is when you snap on the bayonet.

        • I’ve been saying the same thing for years NPPH. You want welfare then if you are an able body you need to work for it. Both men and women. There are plenty of things that need to be done in every town, city, etc.

        • Agree on all points “no pity”. When all is said and done none of us can know exactly how it will all play out ? But we do know it is not gonna end well for most of us for many reasons. Therefore it is only prudent to be fully prepared in every way. Physical, mental,emotional and spiritually. That is exactly what I teach people from the inside out on all counts.

        • Good for Snowden. America has been violating citizens privacy and recording all of our phone calls and Snowden had the balls to tell everybody and prove it, contradicting the Government lies.

          If Obama was not such a total dip shit he would have immediately offered immunity for a return of all stolen classified materials.

          Instead he allowed Snowden to go to Russia, and of course Russia is going to squeeze Snowden like he was an over ripe lemon.

          One more way Obama has fucked us all.

      5. All they are doing is kicking the can down the road. Its not gonna be good when there’s nothing left to kick

        • They will just blame white people and white privilege, demand social justice then confiscate our houses.

          I can see it now.

          “you live in a house that could sleep three more families, out you go….”

          I think that was in the movie “Dr. Zhivago”

      6. Nopittypartyhere, you may think you are ready, but when the SHTF all bets are off. My desire is to be a part of a group that supports each other under all circumstances regardless of skin color, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or political standing. I can do without some of the other stuff (Jared comes to mind) if you know what I mean.

        King Krazy, I’m with you. I need a little more time. Just need to make the best of whatever time I have left to prepare.

        John Stiner, no everyone will not agree with you. Where would we be if McCain or Romney where sitting presidents? I think the lesser of two evils was a good thing this time around.

        BB&B until you’re up to your eyeballs in them. Then get some more.

        • We could all use more time. I’m just tired of the forced contribution to the welfare class. I don’t want full blown mad max but something’s gotta change.

        • LMAO

        • Is there really a group of people who really supports each other under all circumstances regarless of skin color, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or political standing???? Just asking. Change one of the above senerios and the whole dynamic can be changed in a flash! Families is a great example. But, I think we all can wish, dream and pray for such a group, but that is just me.

          • There is such a group, it’s called the Democrats. Conservatives need to learn from them.

            • The Democrats? Seriously? The ones who DEFINE you and group you and treat you differently all because of your skin color… your sexual orientation, religious beliefs and political standing? Let me help you a little here. ACTUAL conservatives just want this country to pay the bills. Give me a Democrat who has a plan to pay the bills and doesn’t care about putting people into groups and I’m voting for them. I’ve never seen one in our history yet though. That’s why liberals (on both sides of the isle) are losing right now. Because nobody who works and pays taxes really gives a damn about gay pride or the confederate flag or abortion clinics anymore. We’d just like a leader that can give us a plan to pay the bills.

            • Smokey, you truly could not be that retarded, so you must have made that comment sarcastically.

            • I don’t think so! A large portion of democratical voters believe abortion is all about a women’s freedom of choice? They refuse to acknowledge what Planned Parenthood has been doing under the falsehood of women’s rights? If that is what they practice while under “normal conditions”, I wouldn’t want to be part of their group when the SHTF hits.

        • If tweety bird war monger McCain and Sarah (sweet cheeks) Palin had been elected we would all be getting over radiation poisoning or being vapoorised by a nuke warhead,,, that bassturd would have had us at war already.

          • What war might that be? The one in the Middle East, perhaps? We’re already in that one.

            • Where? there are zero troops in Iraq. There are less that 30,000 in Afghanistan and they are not engaged in front line combat.

              So what war are you taking about?

              You must be blaming George Bush still and forgot that Obama has been president for 7 years.

          • I think we would have had the same outcome just different tactics. I mean look at what Obama/tptb has done to north Africa and mid east. It has been completely destabilized. We are bombing the shit out of assad……oh wait I mean “isis” (wink wink ). But yah I’ve said the same thing, sometimes I think we may have been “better off” with Obama, because McCain would have had us engaged in full blown war in about 5 countries by his first term. At least Obama chose to do it discretely and through proxies albeit deceitfully to the American public (which it pretty much par for the course these days) But we as a country need to stand up and put a stop to this war mongering, we are allowing these bastards to do these things, we are buying their bs and lies.

        • Jazz, and what makes you think all those varied people will be able to be cooperative and trustworthy ? They won’t on either count.

          • For the love of God, put some clothes on. I looked at your web site thinking I was going to see some prepping info and all i see are DONG PICS!!!!

      7. I don’t know what to believe. Will the Fed or won’t the Fed.?

        Does it really matter what they do, because we don’t have any control.

        Like a good Boy Scout would do “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best”.

        Schiff’s last words were buy gold. For us poor folk it’s silver.


        • 18 months from now, Gold and Silver could be used as door stops in your house, expensive door stops: But food and water will be more important than gold and silver.

          I would not buy no more gold or silver. Food and water and protection and make Godly friends that hopefully you can trust.

      8. Just to lighten the load a little…HEY…all you prepping ladies out there…Lets get nekked and lay in a pile!

        • I dont know about totally naked, but I would do a prepper ladies pin up calendar. The husband may not agree with naked unless the SR. 556 and some other prepper gear were strategically placed!

          • No pity – send me the photos you want and I will put it up at my site and a little commentary? or simply contact me at the site ? For whatever reason I have been getting lots of hits from China, Russia, Ukraine and all over Europe recently as well as entire USSA. I imagine you must look reasonable or good or you would not consider such a thing, me too! so Good on Ya for being a bit of a free spirit and showing some courage 🙂 !

        • JUST TREES

          Be careful what you wish for you may get more then you can handle, some of us prepping ladies may be a handful.

          Just kidding at 77 don’t think I’m much of a problem; now 40 years ago that could be a different story.

          Husband is down with his back again seems like yesterday we had it fixed and was past the back thing but here we go again. I’m so glad we got the move to our BOL done and over with before we start with the back thing again. I’m doing what the back surgeon told me but it doesn’t seem to be helping just hope this country holds together just a bit longer so he can be up and at least moving around before the big day. I’m sure we are as safe as anyone on this list who has taken SHTF seriously but I will feel easier if he is at least mobile. My garden is almost all eaten or canned just a few potatoes and pumpkins to bring in and we’ll be done for another season.

          Everyone stand steady and hope for the best.

          • M.H.
            Hope the husband get to feeling better.
            I still have beans, tomatoes, squash, peppers left.
            Just dehydrated the last of my small potatoes today.

            BOL #1 has around 15,00 round of my ammo there. Food and water still here at the house. Still have a bunch of ammo here, and I wish Ii had all the weapons I lost in the last earth quake. Wink Wink!


          • Mallard hen
            You seem like such a nice person. Have you tried the new physical therapy. It’s done standing for the most part. Acupuncture is sometimes the best pain pill. Non-addictive. A painful back has caused many to reach for over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers. They can play hell with your liver and turn the nicest people into addicts. God Bless you and sore back hubby.

        • Great post. I will talk to my beautiful wife and see if she agrees lol.

        • Thats funny shit bro, Good one

      9. In tests, eight out of ten people literally DO display zombie like tendencies when faced with overwhelming degrading circumstances.
        The zombie hoards will be a perpetual problem when The Order usher in teotwawki.
        The statistics, soon to be released… Without political influence… Show a depressing outcome for the remnant.


        Don’t take it with a pinch of salt.

        • Scientist, I’ve studied this and theorized this to the point of creating my own branch of science. I’ve even conducted polls. Most people in the city have zero, as in no, none, nada idea of what to do outside the city limits.

          Here is the deal: very few of the zombies will venture outside of the city. When they get down to less than about 5 houses per block, they’ll see it as slim pickings and head back into denser population. As looting targets thin out, they’ll get discouraged. Not only that, most will just keep returning to the same places over and over, just looking for food to be delivered. They’ve been brainwashed for years and that brainwashing, cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias will keep them corralled. But, once they get hungry enough, even their brainwashing won’t hold. My the time they actually do decide to leave, half will be dead from what we’ll call “violent offenders”. Then, as they wander out of town they’ll be so weak, no one to give them water, they’ll drink ditchwater and they’ll die off pretty quickly.

          At that point, you have a much bigger problem. The zombie class is all but dead, the violent offender class will get word that someone found food in a house and that many people out in the country were prepped and are still eating. The violent offenders have been slaughtering the zombie class, taking their food and, probably, eating some of them. Now, their hunger and violence turns on on. There is only two things to do: Hide best you can, have a long range weapon, drop them before they even suspect they crosshairs are even on them. Murder you say? Survival I say. Put up skull and crossbone signs. No white flags. No hands up. Cross the line. Expect a bullet. When you drop a few, don’t bury them, just lay them out in front of your sign with another sheet of plywood that says: WE ARENT KIDDING

          Sounds pretty unchristian-like, right? Well, you can say that, but, its called survival. You might take some people in at some point. Some allies and some family, but, when it completely goes to shit, its skull and crossbones time. Hide best you can. Fight like a maniac when you have to.


          • Have some way to get intelligence on major transportation routes around your area. If you get wind of the violent class heading your way then hit them way before they make it to your area. Don’t do it in a major battle type plan. Two man teams fire 3 shots and run. Harass them night and day in that way. Before they even make it to your area. Give them no time to sleep. Wound instead of kill.
            Also block or destroy the major ways of access to your area. Set booby traps. Contaminate some water and stash it in an abandoned house on the way.
            Set up LP/OP positions way before your area and have a way to communicate with them.
            Have a back up plan and a back up place to go if they make it to your area. Still harass them day and night wounding a few at a time. No more than 3 or 4 seconds of shooting before you run. Always do this in the proper position. The saying if in doubt I will take the high ground is something to always remember. Snipers from 500 yards out can have much more time than 3 or 4 seconds too. Cause major Forrest fires to burn towards them if the wind is right.

            Even causing noise for alarm at night and not allowing them to sleep. You can do that if they are in a position you do not want to get close too.
            No peace, no sleep, contaminated food, contaminated water, fire, obstacle’s, traps, one or two wounded every day, one or two killed, and snipers constantly.
            You can beat a much superior force this way. It takes the fight out of them. You have to have intelligence ahead of time.
            Just hoping to make people think.
            Hopefully this helped someone and hopefully some response helps me.

            • Awesome post Mike in va. Excellent thoughts!

        • So tell me this:

          How did people not know that she had a private server when HER E-MAIL ADDRESS WAS @Clintonmail.com

          Anybody that sent her an e-mail would know it was a private server when ever they typed in the e-mail address.


      10. More globalist socialism :

        “Under the vision, governments, in partnership with the UN and emerging regional regimes, will ultimately be the sole providers of education. “We commit to providing inclusive and equitable quality education at all levels — early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, technical and vocational training,” announces the UN declaration, saying every person on the planet must have access to “life-long learning” opportunities. “Children and young women and men are critical agents of change and will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world.”


        • Whats that you say? “Life long BRAINWASHING and INDOCTRINATION opportunities”

          Here, let me hand you our reality, essentially. They build the reality for you and force it on you.

          • Not my reality son , i got my own version.

          • As long as the socialism comes in five year plans we should be o.k. Right Stalin?

      11. No Forest Just Trees…

        No thanks…

      12. I’m converting cash into tangible assets. Not necessarily PMs,
        but things people need.

        • Me too , everyday , beef , poultry , veggies .

        • Nothing wrong with asset rich~cash poor so long as you have enough for essentials, and months expenses (or 2 or 3)

          • OH , i got essentials , expenses depends on the price of silver 🙂

        • Im converting ca,,,,,
          Oh thats right, im broke right now.
          But hey, im converting that 1/3 acre of sweet corn into lots of bottles and bags of golden goodness and even traded for about 120# of sweet Maui onions to pickle and dehydrate and eat with all sortsa stuff.

        • The people in Argentina are putting their wealth into real estate.

          The only concern I would have for them is that a new communist or socialist government would take over and confiscate the land. Or tax the shit out of them.

      13. Monetarily, I figure the government is going to drag this out as long as they can. They won’t let it collapse until they have no way to keep it afloat. I am more concerned with us ending up in a major war on too many fronts. We have Puken, pulling Russia back into the cold war days, pushing us farther and farther towards a conflict. That fat little phsyco doughboy in N.K. will eventually do something that drags us into a major conflict and eventually Iran is going to get a nuke somehow and use it against Israel. My guess is, if any one of these takes place and we get into a war with one of them, at least one of the other scenarios will follow, probably both.

      14. By the way.

        Is anyone watching the non-violent (so-far) Muslin invasion of Europe?

        Their second attempt to conquer?

        • yup, cool ain’t it. They’re going to be as broke as a broke dick dog, just like us. Can hardly wait.

        • and America… We have taken in 200,000 Syrian refugees so far.

      15. what “they” think of “us”

        “Some People Just Don’t Fit In The Economy” Buffett Explains “We Send Them Off To Afghanistan”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-08/some-people-just-dont-fit-economy-buffett-explains-we-send-them-afghanistan

        I’ve said it before
        time to bring back the guillotine

        I just have to laugh every time I hear some dipshit on FAUX NEWS
        whine saying “they’re stirring up class warfare”

        and after what Henry Paulson said about the gap between rich and poor

        how much for freaking proof do you need ???????????

        • Crazy aint it ?

          I,m working at the food pantry tonight , some donate , some take, we dont need any more proof .
          Lots of people hurting out here , 940000000 not workin.

          And unemployment is 5% ?
          I got Big box store employees here pickin up bread .

          • I live near the Christian Service Center, a local private food bank. They have at least 150 people standing in line every morning. And i live in a very small town.

        • A quote from an octogenarian billionaire who hasn’t done a day’s honest work in 40 years is ‘proof’?

          Let’s get real, the troop levels in Afghanistan were never very high, and have been dropping down to low levels.

          A few thousand people removed from the economy? That means absolutely nothing.

          I just have to laugh every time I hear some dipshit liberal whine, saying ‘how much proof do you need?”, when they don’t even offer any proof at all, just empty phrases.

          • yeah just 3,000 or so deaths in Afghanistan
            and 5,000 or so in Iraq
            nice to know those deaths mean NOTHING to you
            but then again there are the hundreds of millions who have died over the centuries
            but those are just statistics???????

            is it sociopaths who cant empathize with others
            or is it psychopaths ?
            I can never remember

            and yet again you missed the WHOLE point of the article

            reading comprehension is obviously NOT your strong suit

        • One guy with one good rifle could take care of that

      16. QE4 is No surprise. China is dumping US Treasuries like there is no tomorrow. For investors, it is cheaper to buy treasuries from china then it is to purchase them from the US. Treasury.

        Thus, when the Treasury Dept has it’s monthly auction, there ain’t no buyers. Thus, the Fed Steps in, prints some money…and buys the treasuries thereby perpetuating the myth that the US economy is cranking on all cylinders.

        • Right on the money.

      17. Off topic. Awhile ago someone posted info about an app called flight finder. It’s interesting. The poster told what the codes meant besodes the 3 letter airport codes. Could you give them again please. I can’t find the info anywhere except that they no longer list military flights. Thx

      18. Can’t we just play Nonopoly?
        Treasury coins 10,000 dollars for each citizen, sort of a thank you for putting up with Amerika’s lying, thieving, oligarch directed body and soul killing crap for most of it’s history. Print an amount sufficient for one year of government operations and thereafter adjust lower accordingly.
        End all foreign entanglements, including on-going social and military aid, and close overseas military bases in proportion to the return of off-shored jobs.
        Refund all physical Fed Reserve Notes back to the issuer and zero all digital obligations of such (End the Fed).
        Institute a jubilee on personal and corporate debts under 100,000 dollars, and initiate a moratorium on all pending political , legal and policy matters (excepting corporate and financial treason) and institute direct democracy.
        Bring the troops home for peace keeping at the borders, and infrastructure rebuilding.
        Bring back off shored jobs at the rate of 10% per year or NDAA the individuals and corporations that do not comply (amend it so it can only be used for that purpose).
        I’d rather play this game than someone else’s monopoly.
        Always a chance the world could win this one, no chance with the other.
        Direct democracy, with a less “distracted” suffering and dumbed down public, will write the official rules in the future.

      19. Hammer I don’t see how access to lifelong learning is socialism. The power of education can lift people out of poverty. What ever happened to people going out into the world and getting what they need without taking handouts from the gov. There are jobs people need to quit bitching. I hear guys bitching about work. They are getting a full time paycheck what’s the problem. Then the people complaining there’s no work because they don’t want to flip burgers or whatever. All I hear is bitching from all sides. The world is not fair it never will be and that’s just all there is to it. Just do what you can to better your situation and don’t worry about the bullshit it’s just that simple. If you really want a job go get one doing anything. Be grateful and if you need help from the gov and are eligible get it. You will be doing what you can to contribute to the community which is better than freeloading. If you don’t want to work at McDonald’s forever go somewhere else. Get training to get a better paying job. This is what I did I told the state that I wouldn’t make the same $ I did after permanent layoff. I told them I wanted training they said ok and paid for most of it I had to scrape up $2000 which I didn’t have almost lost my vehicle but I struggled and trained for better work this was in 2008 when shit was bad. Didn’t get a good job right after training went through a few jobs over the course of 4 years then landed where I am now now I make more $ than before. I was flat broke I mean not a dollar in my pocket. You have to be sick of being poor and stop making excuses for your situation. It’s up to you to succeed it your fault if you don’t. God helps those who help themselves. My advise learn to like working if you don’t want to be poor. I’ve met a guy once that had three jobs he didn’t sleep till the weekend and he looked tired as hell. He told me he had a wife and child at home and he didn’t complain once either I’m sure he was not happy about working like this. Real men hold jobs and take responsibility for their family’s. Women’s situation is a little different if they have children to care for. All men should be working period there is no excuse guys man up. There is no work that’s beneath you. Survival means working if you have all these preps but no job your not a prepper.

        • There is no longer power in education. Now, if you get an education, you only have a life time of student loan debt.

      20. Forgot to mention….decentralize production and the supply chain, bring back the railroads and eliminate political office, replacing it with positions necessary to present and process public issue and decisions (yep, like Switzerland by maybe better) and term limits on everything, and severe penalties for fraud above a….certain limit.
        Oh, and end the stock market, if capital needs to be invested, let it be through fixed term bonds, which cannot be traded.

      21. So does this mean the end of the financial world, the blood moons, scary dates in September etc that shtf, dailysheeple etc have been rabbiting on about for months is actually BS..?

        Hey, I called it. Months ago 😉

      22. I’ve spent the last 60 years listening to people predict massive and eminent collapse, catastrophe, and worse.

        Yet it never happens, most of the earlier prophets of doom grew old and died without it ever happening.

        Which is why I tend to think nothing that major or Earth shakingly catastrophic is going to be happening now. Economic conditions always go up and down on a regular cycle, sometimes higher and sometimes lower than others, but this is all we’ll be seeing. Just normal cycles of social and economic turmoil, recovery and stability repeating themselves again as they have for longer than any of us have been around to observe them.

      23. MGTOW.COM



        Time to wake up guys… the real enemy is feminism, a tool of the commies to destroy america.

        Time to take the red pill gentlemen.

        This is where you go beyond the prepper lifestyle.

        • Mgtow: You sound just like the suffragette movement of the 1900s, so maybe they will pass an amendment for your no more boot licking thang.

        • Hmmmm, haven’t seen a man in a job “interview panel” for years and years, and woman do seem to run everything that isn’t “shovel ready at the site”, do yah think maybe they most often just don’t hire men?
          I don’t think that necessarily has anything to do with being “fembot”, just that they like to keep the coffee club to themselves and don’t want the challenge of perhaps independent thinking and such an odd creature in the female workplace.

      24. OK the sky hasn’t fallen yet. So now chalk it up to hysteria and kick the dog. Being prepared is not something I do out of fear. I’m not motivated by what is being espoused on the Net or by the mainstream. I know that if I have plenty of food, I’m better off no matter what. I know that the more money I have, the better. The more skills, the better my education, the easier my life. I’m going to buy Organic food. I’m going to buy more heirloom seeds. More nonGMO trees and plant like Johnny Appleseed. When the zombies show up, I will put them to work. While others look for ways to kill people, I will look for ways to build the world I want to live in.

        • Careful, you might get swamped with job applications, though not from zombies if the commute isn’t too far !!

      25. No women where I work it’s rough. They tried to let a woman work there but she thought she was gonna get an easy ride no chance. She was a butch lady I didn’t have any beef with her but she tried to cry unfair because she was a lesbian. Which was not the truth it was cause she couldn’t handle the job. Years back they had another woman went down to the break room and saw a nudie mag and went and tried to start trouble. It’s just how it is. there is no ladies room either it just says toilet on the door. They had to use the office bathroom. Point is as soon as it wasn’t working out for these women they began crying out inequality. Don’t think they will try to hire women for a while if ever the management sees it as a conflict they don’t need. I agree.

      26. hijack28 • 5 months ago
        I am convinced that the Fed will never, okay, the word ‘never’ is probably way over the top, but you get the point. No time soon, if not EVER will the Fed be raising rate, but for about a token 25 basis points as a last gasp effort to serve of proof that it can – but in reality, it is just a last ditch effort and part of the long continuation of deception that has been perpetrated. Two plus two is always equal to four (and for all you smarts @$$es, I do mean positive twos). Also, a debt, is a debt, is a debt, there is no way around it – there is no free lunch. What is happening here is quite simple, all the BS lies, manipulation, and massaging they have used to keep and push back the ramifications of the true condition of things has finally reached the point to where their tactics and efforts of deception are close to loosing their effectiveness. The built up pressure of the true consequences being restricted and held back are at the point of overwhelming their efforts. IMO, this is a flash point signal. And that will be the proof and the reason, as far as I am concerned, why there will be none, if not any hike in rates by the Fed. Either way, things are toasted. Get ready people. Marshal Law. Things as we know them, will are soon to become a thing of the past.

      27. Preemptive Surrender on Guns as Futile as Appeasement.
        If you let the enemy establish a beachhead without a fight, it will simply use that as the launching point for the next incursion into deeper territory. They want it all, but they’ll take it in pieces, should any be naive enough to collaborate with them. To expect incremental surrender will satisfy the antis and persuade them to back off would be as foolish as throwing a scrap of meat at a circling pack of jackals and thinking that will sate their hunger and that they’ll then move on and leave you alone.
        By David Codrea

        maybe a bit off topic , but we are locked into a war for our freedoms and liberty , even if they break us financially , we must never give up our weapons ..even if the fucksticks of this country bring in the full on financial devastation

        in other words dont sell your guns to pay rent , or make your money situation look or feel better

      28. Anyone find this post at Zerohedge very unusual?

        US Aerial Surveillance Impaired Off The East Coast Until October 1st Due To “Military Activities”

        “Due to military activities, the TCAS and ADS-B surveillance may be unreliable in the airspace over Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and extending approximately 200 nautical miles offshore, from 1 a.m. EDT (0500z) Sept. 2 until midnight EDT (0459z) on Oct. 1.

        Pilots are advised that the traffic alert and TCAS may fail to establish tracks on nearby aircraft and may fail to receive traffic alerts (TA) or resolution advisories (RA). Operators should be aware that tracks may first appear within close proximity to their aircraft, and may immediately go into TA/RA status.”

        • wonder if its anything like what went down the day of Perl Harbor .. that our Government fully knew about ?

          just an abstract thought

          • FYA,

            That is something to consider.

            The article raised more questions than provided reasonable answers.

            Jade Helm and now these “military activities”.

            We live in unusual times.

      29. Nothing like QE4, the feds laxitive, you always find plently of it in your local CVS pharmacy. Its found in the laxitive section. One you take it, it reacts like the stomoch virus, nothing but purified sh…t going down the toilet.

        If QE4 fails to relieve the intestinal distress, expect lots of muslims illegals dumped off in your city. When you all come here rioting in the streets dont compare Greece with the Red neck, veteran and American patriot population, These guys will not be out side, closing thier gates, telling the muslims rioting in the streets crap about, this is private property, and my property. The responce based on current red neck trends are a little different..




        QE4 my ass.

      30. The easiest way to destroy a country is to destroy its currency. From the inside anyway…
        QE 4 may just do that and when people are Hungary they’ll do just about anything,
        Even vote in the new world order. Since absolute power corrupts absolutely we can expect the most evil ruling entity ever!
        (And history has shown us how bad some have been!)

      31. It seems much easier to just get the hell out of the United States. Why invest in this or that…. or buy here or buy there, or get ready for this or the sky is falling in the US.
        Just move one’s ass out! So much easier! Whew….

        That didn’t take a lot of cerebration.

        30 Latin Countries south, most make ideal survival places with economies already in place and any dollar you have goes 3-400% further then it does in the US.
        So…….. why wait……… the borders are still open.

      32. I saw a video yesterday on (you) tube. It showed soldiers from other Countries in America in uniform on duty here. I believe these guys will go door to door as they were in the video kicking in doors and confiscating your weapons. I don’t have guns or ammo. But I believe if I did I would keep one or two in the house or the safe and I would diversify the rest. It’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket. Foreign currency is a good financial safeguard. The ruling class can use these Russian and other foreign soldiers. The orders are to shoot gun owners who refuse to turn in their weapons. If things don’t bode well for the people giving orders, they can claim that it was a foreign invasion, and deny responsibility. Keep preparing for whatever lies ahead. Don’t turn on the people close to you. Women may have been enticed into the workforce by communist anti-American globalists but women have brains and they have skills that should be used not suppressed. Being intimidated by intelligent competent women means that you weaken the gene pool and lower your chances of survival. Your spouse is your partner. Protect, defend, and uplift each other.

      33. I saw a video yesterday on (you) tube. It showed soldiers from other Countries in America in uniform on duty here. I believe these guys will go door to door as they were in the video kicking in doors and confiscating your weapons. I don’t have guns or ammo. But I believe if I did I would keep one or two in the house or the safe and I would diversify the rest. It’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket. Foreign currency is a good financial safeguard. The ruling class can use these Russian and other foreign soldiers. The orders are to shoot gun owners who refuse to turn in their weapons. If things don’t bode well for the people giving orders, they can claim that it was a foreign invasion, and deny responsibility. Keep preparing for whatever lies ahead. Don’t turn on the people close to you. Women may have been enticed into the workforce by communist anti-American globalists but women have brains and they have skills that should be used not suppressed. Being intimidated by intelligent competent women means that you weaken the gene pool and lower your chances of survival. Your spouse is your partner. Protect, defend, and uplift each other.

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