Every Liberal City In America Is Headed Toward Venezuela… Get Out While You Can

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News.

    (Natural News) Liberal cities across America are collapsing into Third World status. It’s not just the fact that San Francisco’s streets are now littered with drug needles and human feces, either. Seattle is also collapsing into rampant homelessness and drug addiction, creating an entire class of impoverished, homeless residents who are breeding grounds for HIV and other infectious diseases.

    Yet Seattle’s liberal city leaders — like all “progressives” — are unwilling to take any action to resolve the problems in the first place. Instead, they enact new policies that make the problems worse while calling it “progress.”

    Local reporter Eric Johnson recently released a documentary called Seattle is Dying which dared to document the city’s collapse into Third World status. (See video below.) But instead of working to resolve the root of the problem (i.e. brain dead liberal economic policies that always lead to destitution and collapse), the city’s elite have launched a P.R. campaign to brainwash local citizens with engineered happy messages that are dutifully broadcast by local news networks.

    As Seattle’s City Journal reports:

    Earlier this month, leaked documents revealed that a group of prominent nonprofits—the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Campion Advocacy Fund, the Raikes Foundation, and the Ballmer Group—hired a PR firm, Pyramid Communications, to conduct polling, create messaging, and disseminate the resulting content through a network of silent partners in academia, the press, government, and the nonprofit sector. The campaign, #SeattleForAll, is a case study in what writer James Lindsay calls “idea laundering”—creating misinformation and legitimizing it as objective truth through repetition in sympathetic media.

    This propaganda campaign, of course, is exactly what the vaccine industry does on a daily basis all across America. Monsanto and the GMO industry has been pursuing the same dishonest tactics for years. First, they fabricate industry lies and pay off doctors and health experts to sign their names to industry-funded junk science. Then they issue propaganda directives to the corporate-run media which dutifully broadcasts all their propaganda. From there, the tech giants shadowban and de-platform anyone who opposes the “official narrative.”

    So now, Seattle’s wealthy elite are trying to brainwash the population into rejecting the evidence right in front of their own eyes. Seattle is rapidly turning into a s##thole liberal city, because liberals destroy everything they control.

    See the “Seattle is Dying” mini documentary here:


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      1. “Beggers begging from Beggars”

      2. A=B=C

        Brain = Idea

        Brain Washing=Idea Laundering =Brain Washing

        Orwellian “newspeak”


        This is a plan. It is an orchestrated collapse of society as described by the fat little Englishman ( shrewd and brilliant but also a diabolical war monger himself) Churchill; “for the reconstitution of humanity”.

        The so called “elite” want to turn the USA into a failed third world nightmare, kill millions, and reconstitute or rebuild from the ashes, a new world order. This is their dream. They tear down monuments. They demonize National pride. They subject the progeny (descendants) of the people who established this Country to disparagement, insult, demonization, poverty and incarceration (imprisonment), and target Christianity in order to destroy it; as did the bolsheviks of which Churchill spoke.


        • Honeypot

          You are dead on.
          You have to ask if people like me and you see this a clear as day why on earth would so many intelligent people be blind to it.
          What am I missing – apathy- normalcy complex or just arrogant stupidity?

          • Liberalism is a mental dis-order. You have people with mental dis-orders who run these shit hole cities and states. 99% of the shit holes cities and states in the USA are run by liberals AKA Demorats.

      3. Liberals? Could be. Anyway, the US is turning into a shithole the same way the empire turns other countries into the same type of shitholes by invading and destroying them and turning millions into refugees. Do you think anyone in US government cares about these people? No, they don’t. They all want to cry and complain when it comes to their location, though.

        Americans are exceptional after all and don’t deserve the same shit they give to other countries.

        What do you propose as a solution? Lock em all up forever? Do you want to pay even MORE taxes for more cops, more prisons and more court expenses? I didn’t think so.

        There are no solutions to these problems. There used to be mental wards to deal with this problem, but they are long gone. No one wants to pay more taxes.

        There are no free lunches. This is what happens when the per capita net energy starts to decline. It’s called diminishing returns. Less for everyone for anything. The empire will make sure they have enough energy to enforce the FRN, but every one of the serfs will have less and less as surplus energy declines along with the eventual collapse of the US empire.

        These people are the first indications of collapse. Billions will be liquidated in the coming collapse…try not to be one of them. Become as self sufficient as you can NOW.

        P.S. You will need to be able to preserve your food by salting, fermenting and canning. I just opened up some canned beef and some canned green beans from 9 years ago. I used Tattler lids to see how good they are. They are reuseable. They definitely passed the test. I would recommend these as the regular flats will disappear with a collapse and you can only store so many of them. The rubbers are reusable as are the lids. I WOULD recommend getting some extra rubber seals as they may wear out after many uses.

        • JRS, thank you so much for the info about Tattler!

          Here’s a link for the Tattler lids and rings for those wishing to check them out.

          ht tp://tattlerproducts.com/

      4. It isnt just large cities it is mid size cities also. A huge increase in street people and beggers fist fights on the sidewalk. gathering areas of homeless. Lack of real solutions for this problem are the issue. The police chase them around but that solves little. There is no place for them to go. One told me that if he knew where to go he would go there. he has no job no money no home no placer safe to sleep at night. Reminds me of old Peking China which established the dying place out side of the city wall where the poor could go and die in peace Chinese jobs of that era literally did not pay a living wage. people slowly starved to death and then they said next

        • And there’s still over a billion of them.

        • Moses, it’s pretty much the same as my city. It’s not at the level of Seattle yet but not too far from it. I’ll be getting out soon enough.

      5. Anyone who wants to harbor and employ the homeless can get a crisis housing grant. The host is usually controlling, in my experience, and there is some element of forced labor involved.

      6. by design. you cant have people cheering for the implementation of Totalitarianism unless you either have a permanent underclass, or make life so miserable its intolerable and people clamor for government to make it “better” by any means necessary.

        • That’s the plan. Engineered crisis and solution to benefit those that engineered the crisis

      7. What’s happening is nearing the endgame of capitalism which always depends on ever increasing profits. We only exist to serve the greed. Proud to be an American is losing any imagined luster.

      8. Every Liberal City In America Is Headed Toward Venezuela… Get Out While You Can


        Those A-holes need to stay right where they are. You reap what you sow.

        I want them to stay in those towns, not come to mine and start the drama all over.

        • I concur wholeheartedly!

        • JS,
          I fully agree and have personal experience with this. I worked in Seattle for over 20 years. I chose as a place to live, in the county, near a small Mill town 32 miles east of Seattle. Everyone had rifle racks in their trucks and a chainsaw the back. No traffic lights. The only big box store was a small Sears outlet where you ordered from the Catalog, picked it, had it mailed, or delivered to you.
          I left in 2000, it had become a mad house as all the people who wanted to escape the Mad life house for a more rural life style had moved out to the town and brought their cancer with them, Democrat BS, drugs, and traffic. All the stuff I moved there for were now gone, even though I fought the Developments, Seattle area populations simple overwhelmed the rural county areas. My daughter and her husband still lives there to this day. They grew up there, But are now looking to escape.
          Democracy is what is destroying our country. I believe in one man one vote, but I don’t believe in one idiot, one vote. Face it most people, the majority of the population, are stupid. They vote that way, thus we have Democrats. America is going to fail, because those that don’t produce have found they can take from those that do, legally. It started in the cities, and is spreading out to the rural areas.
          All I can say is get in to the system early, make your money, and then get the hell out. Where ever you land, adopt the local customs, don’t try to change things. Fight any and all change
          brought by in newcomers.

          • And if that don’t work, burn a scarecrow on their lawn. 🙂

        • I want to help them destroy their cities. If there is anything I can do to accelerate the complete and utter destruction of these liberal utopias I am going to do it.

        • JS, I also agree. It’s the only the good sensible people who need to get out.

      9. Don’t fight liberals on this issue. Help them destroy their cities. Vote for higher taxes, lower incarceration rates for criminals, more homeless shelters, and everything else liberals love. Within 5 years these liberal cities will be devoid of intelligent life and the rebuilding process can begin with SANE people at the helm.

      10. That is what they wanted, that is what they got.

        I don’t care, but if they come asking for assistance or a bailout for their city…… NO!

      11. Everybody will be sucked into oblivion by quicksand capitalism.

      12. I watched the video. Very apt. I can’t believe that TPTB allowed this “diversity of thought”. Must’ve been a one-off. One thing in common that all these cities have: Democrats in power.

        I had a lib acquaintance lament to me lately about “crime” and high taxes” here in the NE where I live. I just looked at him incredulously and said “and yet you continue to vote democrat”. He wasn’t amused.

        But f*ck him anyway! ????

      13. I grew up an hour from Seattle, loved the city & was there all the time in the 70’s & early 80″s. Went back a few weeks ago after an 18 year absence & was stunned by the camps, zombies, trash & potholes, nothing was clean, like buildings, overpasses all had mold & tagging. I will never go back. Well done, & now Amazon is slowly moving out. The city council managed to kick the golden goose in the nuts. Reminds me of the old movie, “Escape from NY”.

      14. “Headed”?

        Camden NJ has been there for a while and I’m sure it’s not alone.

      15. thank you very much for your film “seattle is dying”

      16. It’s not capitalism or democracy that is causing the decay, it is socialism and lawlessness by the elected fools…the fools are elected by illiterate fools…

      17. If the Democrats get power at the national level, you will see a major political push to have the Federal government assume the debts of some of the failing cities and states. Many of the bastions of liberalism can’t go on much longer. The more productive citizens are looking for an alternative to being milked of money. The next Presidential election could be the most important in our history.

      18. Every “Blue Hive” is collapsing and will continue to collapse as long as America’s debt bucks continue to fund all of the freebies for “the homeless”. It is not just the politicians who are causing this. If you examine the NGO’s and the mainline, decaying religious denominations, they contribute with their: “Soup Kitchens.” It’s like these fools who put out food for stray cats. They are reaping what the have sown.
        When I lived in a small town on the Southern Oregon Coast, two of the local “pastors” got into a competition over who could have the best soup kitchen. Four other denominations and the local Rotary Club joined in and the bums had a free lunch seven days a week. Needless to say, the areas around these “soup kitchens” were loaded with cursing, fighting druggies and their dogs, feces, and other trash. The neighborhoods finally revolted. We not only need to be protected from “The Government”-at all levels; but also these legions of clueless do-gooders.


      20. Seattle is a sh*t hole city. I know. I lived there for almost 15-years. Seattle is a Sanctuary City that has shat in the faces of all Seattleites. Illegals good. American Citizens bad. They will spend endlessly on everything for illegals (housing, health care, food, clothes), while abandoning the homeless (20-percent of which are veterans). If Seattle wants illegals, then I say President Trump should give Seattle ALL OF THEM.

      21. A couple of my buddies went down to Home Depot parking lot where there are hundreds of illegals standing around looking for work. Some were drink hard liquor and others were smoking meth and injecting heroin into their hips. It’s not the Seattle I knew.
        So we we put on our ICE baseball caps and just waked around. The next day the parking lot was empty of illegals. ?

      22. The sad part is that the people that flee the liberal areas are too stupid to quit voting that way.
        “Hey, California is turning into a shit-hole, so let’s go to Texas and keep voting for the same suicidal policies.”

      23. Mi criterio es que las ideas liberales son en gran medida inhumanas, dado que he comprobado más de una vez, que el prójimo no es más que un número, del que se puede prescindir cuando la causa lo amerita. No de gusto se percibe ciudades empobrecidas, jóvenes drogados por el descuido de los gobiernos, y corrupción. Eso creo

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