Even the 3rd Amendment is Dead: Police “Forcibly Occupied Home to Gain Tactical Advantage Against Suspect”

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 132 comments

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    The extent of the police state is already vast and creeping ever closer to where you live.

    Across the nation, increasingly militarized police have employed not only SWAT teams, but tank-like vehicles, weapons of war and ever-more sophisticated technologies for surveillance and tracking. The game has changed significantly.

    Now, there is growing concern about the “quartering” of police in private homes during investigations – but courts don’t see police as the same as military. So there may be no protection…

    A federal judge just ruled that the Third Amendment to the Bill of Rights – which guards against quartering of troops – would not apply to police forcibly occupying a home, as police are not considered troops.

    Law professor Ilya Somin wrote in the Washington Post:

    Back in 2013, a lot of attention focused on a Third Amendment claim against Henderson, Nevada police officers. I wrote about the case here. The Third Amendment, which forbids the “quartering” of “soldiers” in private homes without the owner’s consent, is often the butt of jokes because it is so rarely litigated. But in this case, a Nevada family claimed that local police had violated the Amendment by forcibly occupying their home in order to gain a “tactical advantage” against suspected criminals in the neighboring house.

    In this recent ruling, federal district court Judge Andrew Gordon dismissed the Third Amendment claim [HT: VC reader Sean Flaim]. Although it occurred several weeks ago, the ruling seems to have gotten very little attention from either the media or legal commentators outside Nevada. That is unfortunate, because the ruling raises important issues about the scope of the Third Amendment, and its applicability against state and local governments. Here are the key passages from the opinion:

    In the present case, various officers of the HPD and NLVPD entered into and occupied Linda’s and Michael’s home for an unspecified amount of time (seemingly nine hours), but certainly for less than twenty-four hours. The relevant questions are thus whether municipal police should be considered soldiers, and whether the time they spent in the house could be considered quartering. To both questions, the answer must be no.

    I hold that a municipal police officer is not a soldier for purposes of the Third Amendment. This squares with the purpose of the Third Amendment because this was not a military intrusion into a private home, and thus the intrusion is more effectively protected by the Fourth Amendment. Because I hold that municipal officers are not soldiers for the purposes of this question, I need not reach the question of whether the occupation at issue in this case constitutes quartering, though I suspect it would not.

    So that’s one more brick in the wall for our freedoms.

    The third amendment is often considered archaic as it is the least cited, and much less  known than the first, second and fourth, which guarantee free speech, the right to bear arms and protection from warrantless searches, respectively. That’s because the United States has rarely, seen the quartering of troops on American soil – though there were cases during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

    But now that there is a de facto War Against Americans, should average Americans expect not only to be subjected to preemptive suspicion, and possible police abuse during encounters, but to be pushed around in their own homes as well whenever their neighbors are suspected or a search is desired or implied?

    That remains to be seen, but this judicial decision has done precious little to protect anyone from that possibility – and denied recourse to the family whose home was already invaded in this case.

    A professor named Andrew Codevilla argued that the War on Terror led to America being put on lockdown:

    Once that impression had coalesced, Codevilla argued, it lead to a paradigm shift in policy making mindsets that has had serious consequences on the constitutional freedoms of the American people, a “lockdown” of the U.S.  This in turn, Codevilla says, has resulted in a breakdown in the trust between citizens and the state — and a breakdown in trust between individual citizens.

    They say it couldn’t happen here… but I’m not so sure.


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      1. GOOD LORD when is enough going to be ENOUGH!!!!

        • Shipping container homes, since we were discussing them a few days? ago…

          ht tp://www.leenks.com/link505814.html

        • Whats wrong? They did a good thing. I wish they would of drove their cars through the house and made it a real stake out, then they could sit in their cars, eat donuts and shoot people in comfort. I hope all this stuff gets a lot worse and in EVERYONE’s face and fast!

          • Why don’t you give your nickname to those pigs since you love them so much

        • WHEN and ONLY when enough people have had enough – are sick and tired of all this BS in this country and finally STAND THEIR GROUND. Not until.

        • You just can’t fix stupid! There is nothing anywhere in the law that says anyone has to answer their door, let alone open it to anyone who knocks on it. Keep your mouth shut and make no noise and whoever is knocking will usually just go away; be they cops, JW’s, or pesky salesmen. Even if the cops have a warrant they eventually go away after saying “we’ve got a warrant” if no one answers. If it’s serious felony warrant, they won’t knock, they’ll just kick the door in. But in this case these folks were just stupid for answering the door and then compounded their stupidity by opening the door and THEN FURTHER by letting them in! I can’t feel sorry for people being this stupid and acting like sheep only to whine about it later.

          • A rule of thumb: IF A COP ASKS PERMISSION, THEN HE DOESN’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO IT. That’s why they don’t bother to knock first with felony search warrants, they just kick the door on as the scream for you to open it.

            • Sixpack; My point exactly and in this case is the cops knocked and asked/said/told these folks that they were going to use their home for observing/spying on some neighbors. The cops can’t get a warrant for that, they just hope the sheeple are stupid enough to fall for the bluff and comply like good little slaves. That’s exactly what these moronic homeowners did by answering the door and then letting the cops bullshit their way in. And what did these frightened puppies do beside wet themselves, they whimpered about later. They were so stupid as to tell the world just how dumb and cowardly they were. If you get ‘punked’ at least keep your mouth shut because now everyone know that you’re a little bitch. Did they even try and tell any of their neighbors while it was happening, NO! So I don’t feel the least bit sorry for these cowards. Evil triumphs when good people stand by and do nothing and that’s just what these homeowners did-NOTHING.

              • Aren’t you being a little harsh? Just look at the picture and imagine that this was potentially the same scene as occurred in this case. The men in the picture look more like commandos than police, no matter what is written on their backs. It makes me wonder if the judge in the case doesn’t get out much!

      2. So I suppose if shoot the SOB it won’t be considered a crime because he wasn’t really thee

        • Can I charge them a million dollars an hour rent?

          • That’s an expensive backside you got there! 🙂

            • The Constitution is dead. It protected us
              for a long, but we neglected to protect it.

              • Don’t know if anyone is aware or concerned about the Walmart closings. I drove by today to check it out. An outfit calling themselves U.S. Security Associates is guarding the parking lot, along with Tulsa police guarding the entrance. Sure seems strange for plumbing problems. I took pictures. You can find them at @PatriotOutlawz on twitter if interested. As a side note, three fighter jets flew overhead while I was in the parking lot.

                • Jade Helm is gearing up. Now the question is what to do when they go full control mode. Fight, flee, or submit and disarm. Even tho i don’t think the people of this country is worth dying for, I am not going to submit to these jack boots either. Probably going to keep a low profile and watch the out come for a bit and devise plans.

                • *** i’m thinking the 5 closed down walmarts spread out across the south are to be used as dhs operation jadehelm 2015 training centers for various dhs and military mock martial law exercises over the next 6 months.

                  walmart is a known partner to the NWO ZOG!

                    • Put a vodka bottle on the table with half vodka and half wood alcohol 🙂

                    • Or a bag of jerkey laced with sodium chlorate!

                  • solus lupus,
                    you have a good point, the stores would not be a good detention center, BUT they would a excellent command center and possible interrogation area.this is going to be a sharp summer, also just for FYI i have confirmation from fed inside info. that the isis camps (2) located about 10 miles from El Paso, on the mexican side is REAL and the drug cartel has been hired to bring the scum into the US. how long it has been happening i could not find out, but this was discussed at a military security meeting in the southwest!

                  • A Walmart plays a role in Matthew Brackens story of what happens after a collapse. Do not go anywhere that food or jobs are promised. He writes some good scenarios.

                • Outlaw, that same outfit contracts with wallyworld for their parking lot security in my area and other parts of the country. i checked out all the wallyworlds in my area last night just out of curiosity and no closures here.

                • read that article about 5 of them closing on zerohedge. Economy is pretty bad and walmart doesn’t want stock price to drop. Interesting the way they get around labor laws by claiming the closing was for an unforseen emergency; different rules apply than if they had closed the same 5 stores for poor sales or profit.

                  • Maybe they should’ve quit worrying about selling VACCINES and worried about their regular sales. Our Safeway pharmacy built it’s own waiting room for administering vaccines…and they’re still going under.

                • I heard about the closings on a Tulsa radio station. The morning talk show guys were even saying it seemed suspicious.

              • OutWest, We havent had a constitution since 1933. It was overthrown in our bankruptcy.

                • good one genius few know about that (

              • OutWest, We havent had a constitution since 1933. It was overthrown in our bankruptcy.

              • The Constitution is only worth how far people are willing to go to defend it. For too long we have believed just because it’s there we are shielded from any harm. But brave men had to die for the ideas written on that piece of paper, and unless more men are willing to die for the same ideas, then it just becomes a useless piece of paper. Tyrants will always exist, power will always corrupt, and men will always have to make war and give there lives to resist them. We are very quickly approaching a crossroads where those of us that understand and believe wholeheartedly in the undeniable principles of liberty are going to have to put our stake in the ground and be willing to sacrifice anything to fight those that seek to take (have taken) away our rights, and those who would interpret freedom as something you get only after receiving permission from the almighty kings. Remember people, Rights are not given, they can only be taken away. They whittle them down first bit by bit with laws and the interpretation thereof, eventually for those that refuse to submit they must be taken by force. War is coming to our generation, the same war has been happening for years, it will be fought on many fronts. Mostly it has been a war for our hearts and minds, but it will eventually be fought in our homes, our businesses, our personal computers, and ultimately in our streets. Please think long and hard, if you’re a believer pray long and hard, ask yourself which side of liberty you will stand on. Will you be one who fights for rights or will you fight to take them away.

                • Unfortunately we have seen the enemy and it is us! A government for the people, of the people and by the people is what Americans were given by their ancestors but what government has become is nothing like it should be. It is in fact a government for the oligarchs, of the oligarchs and by the oligarchs!

            • The Constitution is dead. It protected us
              for a long, but we neglected to protect it.

              • That’s: long time.
                Sorry about the double post.
                Too many pain pills washed
                down with whiskey for a
                wrecked back.

                • What we drinkin’?

        • Mac, WTF is this autoplay video ad that plays everytime I refresh or open the page? These type of ads are extremely GRRRRR! Sorry man I know it’s your site but damn!

          • Yep, Genius.

            We no longer are given the option of whether we want it or not. Sounds like the fed has arrived here.

            • Granny, you’re right! It’s yet another tentacle of the giant ZOG apparatus that has made it their mission to ” get” you!. BTW, how do you prefer your brains granny, shaken or stirred.

          • Install Ad Blocker
            then left click on any pic or video, then right click on ad filter to disable the issue

          • Amen that!! The auto ads suck, my computer already has HIV and those things seem to take it to full blown AIDS status

      3. Don’t even think about entering my home, without a felony search or arrest warrant. No matter what uniform you wear, who you represent, or why you think you have the right. YOU DO NOT. If you forcibly enter without my permission, you will be shot. Period.
        This MUST be the attitude of every American that cherishes freedom. Once gone, getting it back will be nearly impossible. Those that do not know their history, will be condemned to repeat it.!!!!

        • J, I’m right there with you. Home invasion at my place carries the death penalty and there are no appeals.

          • But what if it is just me coming over to borrow a cup of sugar?

            • Genius, LOL! You’ve been watching too much TV.

            • Anyone coming over to borrow sugar will knock, announce themselves and ask permission to enter, Genius; so, you don’t have to worry about them.
              It’s the home invaders Braveheart mentioned – those who believe they have the right to burst into your home w/o a felony warrant and actually DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT you need to worry about. Home invasion, as Braveheart says, carries the death penalty, and there are NO appeals, either. It should be such in cases of home invasions of that nature in ALL American homes. Rights are granted by the Creator God; thus, cannot be either granted or taken away by any gov’t; period.

        • I took the time to read the legal brief and learned quite a few things about the interpretation of constitutional law (in the state of Nevada). The types of police and government immunity was especially interesting. I also learned that if police press criminal charges, whether real or not, they have automatic immunity.

          It would be wise to know your state and county laws and how your area court system works. Then maybe we stand a better chance of protecting ourselves and family.

      4. Sounds to me like they had a stupid lawyer who did not bring the case correctly. OR, are we really that fucked!?

      5. Ebola virus found in semen SIX MONTHS after recovery: WHO

        “The man had been declared free of the deadly virus in Liberia last September, WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told AFP.

        “He has provided a semen sample which has tested… positive for Ebola, 175 days after his negative blood test,” he said in an email.

        The UN health agency had previously said the virus had been detected in semen around three months after a patient had been declared Ebola free.”


        • Ebola is like ISIS – first you see/here of it…….now you don’t. It’s as if it’s not real or never existed….h’mmmm.

          How do they do that?…..it’s truly a miracle, but they can make it appear and disappear, truly some remarkable workmanship that they have crafted. [sarcasm off]

        • I think it would be safe to say once a person gets Ebola (and even if they survive) to consider that person forever infected and a carrier.

      6. The question I am wrestling with is this country (the people in it) worth fighting and dying for? I have tried to make friends in my many travels and all the people I come across are not worthy of the time of day. They lie like rugs, will stab you in the back for 50 fvkin cents, try to impress you with total bullshit on how bad ass they are, the women are a bunch of shopaholics that see men as a necessary burden to keep their life style of buying useless shit from China and their kids are fat ass lazy fvks hooked to their video devices. So honestly guys, I think I am going to retire @ 62 in 3 years and bail out of this shithole.

        • Wow your description of the sheeple is exactly what my experience has been. Holy shit are we fucked.

        • At this point your only trading one wormy Apple for another…

        • And then folks wonder why im sorta giving up,,,,
          That was basicly the sentiment i reflected yesterday,
          Simply just not worth going out on a limb for.

          • Just think of the view of the implosion you would have from out on that limb kula. Don’t you at least want to know if there’s a bang at the end or a fizzle?

            What about trying to kill 10 of them before they kill you just for the fun of it? I mean when you’re considering that 1 bullet strategy anyway you pretty much have nothing to lose.

            Or if you’re really set on the 1 bullet strategy how about a can of gas over the head and light yourself on fire in a public square or something? No one doubts those monks were seriously protesting with the utmost conviction when they did that.

        • 02,
          well i am in the same boat as you but, since i got out of the rat race and see a different group of people i have found that there are some REALLY good people just like you and me, God only knows if there will be enough of us!

      7. Anyone still believe TEOTWAWKI has not already happened?

      8. They searched homes in Boston when the marathon bombers were on the loose. As much as I do not want to help police these punks needed to be caught. If your worried about cops in your house finding contraband while they are using it as a base of operations consult a lawyer maybe they can draft a document the releases you of any criminal wrong doing for allowing the police in just have them sign their rights away first. If they want the guy next door that bad surely they can sign on the x. Cops are not there to help you but if they are apprehending someone dangerous it is helping You. It could read if I allow the police the use of my home for a base of operations any contraband or anything that could incriminate me I’d be released of any wrong doing in a court of law. Then police chief signs on the x. This would be fair and reasonable in my opinion. As long as the justice system would honor it. If they forcibly break the door down they are home invader and get delt with as such. I can buy a cop suit how can I be sure it’s the cops.

        • You actually believe the boston bombers were the 2 kids they killed and arrested? Please.. go look at the videos and the fake blood and the actor with out legs in the wheel chair and the fact that mercs from Craft were crawling all over the place. The guy in the wheel chair is ex army and lost his legs in Iraq. Do some fvkin research will you? It is ALL false flags, ALL OF IT. 9/11, boston, ok city, sandy hook, london tube, madrid train, Bali, the 1st twin tower bombings.. waco, ruby ridge, on and on.. get a clue, you.

          • .02 I had those clues for years 🙂 Pisses me off others don’t get it. Like you say, why be a martyr for a bunch of retards…

            • .02 and Genius…

              “Some are given eyes to see, ears to hear”. Some are not.

          • Boy this site is loaded with Looney Toons. And I thought my Cuz was bad.

        • Eric assHolder was on TV telling people to look out for THESE TWO SUSPECTS AND ONLY THESE TWO SUSPECTS.
          Point of fact–The police did not find the “punks”, a homeowner did. The cops fired around 300 rounds and the guy lived. What “professionals”. Wonder where all those bullets stopped. It was a fiberglass boat.

      9. This is the FOP Benevolent Association (hahahaha) troopers are your best protection BOWEL EXCRETEMENT you stupid fucking old people have been foisting upon us for decades. What did you think would happen?



        Every genocide in history has been perpetrated by military and law enforcement. Do you fucking old wrinkled asswipes get that through your thick fucking skulls?

        • That stupid f#$%in acid is back. Go suck an egg.

        • Acid, when the SHTF I hope you get ganged raped by a bunch of Darkies….wait…I take that back, you would enjoy that too much. It’s pretty obvious to everyone you prefer sausage over tacos any day of the week. May your invaders make your death peaceful and quick, you will not survive – you do not have what it takes. You focus too much on clothing apparel and probably have more shoes in your closet than what my wife has.
          Yet, you can’t figure out why people dislike you, or does that abnormal brain of yours have the knowledge to decipher your actions of your mouth? Only an asshole such as yourself knows that answer.

          • Almighty Whitey….

            You did mean high heeled shoes, didn’t you?

            • H’mmm, I suppose they could be high heeled. I guess I had the impression he was into more of a knee high boot with laces and a bunch of colorful tassels and fringes decor.

              Acid, what is more comfortable ….. knee high booties or high heeled shoes? Please respond a.s.a.p. inquiring minds would really like to know….thanks in advance

              • AW, kudos to your 2 posts getting back at acid. I don’t care what he wears. If i ever see him, he’s history.

          • Most likely works for the NSA,
            Knows that most here are somewhat Christian, conservative, most likely mature and older than 10, and gets paid by your tax dollars to troll websites such as this,,
            Best not feed the trolls, that was one thing i liked about when the thumbs would collapse a post, the concensus of the forum ruled,
            Oh well, the good old days, never coming back

            • Kula, you think acid works for NSA? You give him way too much credit.

      10. The judges ruling is correct. Police are not soldiers. They had to ask permission to enter. If they didn’t, they CAN be sued for breaking and entering an occupied domicile. Also criminal tresspass.

        • Sorry – they’re wrong. It’s not just soldiers in that. The whole point is government. If it is a government official interacting in a an official way with a US Citizen, then they are a ‘soldier.’ Start drawing lines like that and nothing matters – you get back to “you don’t have rights because you are black (Jewish, gay, old, young, Irish, Pentecostal, green eyed, Catholic, skinny, stupid…)”

          And there have been other 3rd amendment cases where people were arrested for NOT allowing police to take over their domicile for the purpose for getting a neighbor. If they had to ask permission, then you can’t be arrested for saying no.

          The heart of the amendment against quartering is that a person’s domicile is their domain – that’s what the 4th amendment goes into in detail. Combine the meaning (and words) of the 3rd and 4th amendments, it’s about stopping government from overstepping it’s power and stomping the little guy for the ‘greater good”. Legally, the police aren’t soldiers, but soldiers aren’t soldiers only anymore, are they? Saying that a person has no right to eject the police on a case where they are not the suspect is BEGGING for 4th, and 5th amendment brookings by the billions.

          If it’s legal for them to do this, then they can get you for pot smoking by saying “Hey, your neighbor has 5 cats, one more than legal, we need to use your house to get him. OH WAIT, you have pot in plain view (once inside the house)…here’s your bracelets.” This is the end of all protection of your rights. Political correctness and ‘1st amendment zones’ kill #1, gun control kills 2, this kills 3, 4 and 5 have been destroyed for the war on drugs and on imaginary terrorists. As has been said, 1st and 2nd amendments support the next amendments – 3rd supports the 4th, the 4th supports the 5th. Am I overstretching? Maybe, but once we face these “cases” we have to set the government back to it’s place. If we let the tax guy carry a gun, our freedom is gone. Guess what.

          • Late2TP, sad but true. Time for the cartridge box and hit the ‘reset’ button.

          • You are a corporate citizen in a corporate country with corporate law! The constitution does not apply to corporations! GET IT? Until you understand this you are just wasting your breath. YOU have agreed to be a corporation! Look into it!

            • Genius is correct. The Constitution is irrelevant in this day an age, just ask our Politicians. Bill of Rights are only Temporary Privileges, they can be applied or taken away as they (government) feels necessary.

              The Republic is dead, and it has been before any of you or I or our parents…etc. were born. Bill of Rights and Constitution is an illusion of what we claim and feel to have.

              Republic needs to be restored to the principles of our founding fathers. Though, as it has been mentioned above.
              America is pretty much dumbed down for the most part, it would be a miracle to even get 40% on the save wavelength. I do not see this being a possibility, we are screwed at all directions in this country, from the highest to the lowest denominator of sociopaths.

              If there is a God, may he have mercy on me for all the killing I’ll be doing to those attempting to take my life away from me.

        • They’re individually shielded from such law suits. The Municipality can be sued for damages but being put out for nine hours unless some real extenuating circumstances creating significant damages has occurred your getting at best an apology.

        • A man wearing an official uniform of his gov’t and pointing a gun in my face with the threat of death or imprisonment is a soldier, in any universe….Oh they’re soldiers alright. Problem is so many are too damn blind to realize they declared war on us a long time ago.

      11. When the curtain is finally pulled on seventy years of deceit, we will see:

        1. Worldwide deceit was adopted as a strategy when the UN formed on 24 OCT 1945 to:
        _ a.) Hide the DESTRUCTIVE FORCE in cores of heavy atoms, and
        _ b.) Save the world from possible nuclear annihilation

        2. The Divine Humor responded: THE FORCE OF DESTRUCTION in cores of heavy atoms is THE FORCE OF CREATION in cores of stars & galaxies.

      12. You dumb cunts who served in the fucking military, is THIS the fucking land of the free and home of the brave you fucking meatheads were fighting for????


        DO YOU WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS???????????????

        • I’d like to live without some stupid sodomite named acid.

        • But, but, the govt. and military are different right? (sarc off)

        • Pretty much what Braveheart said. “make the world a better place Acid, and go off yourself faggot”.

          • AW, thank you for that. If acid could just be kept away from computers, I could live with that.

            • I read lots of these posts and usually don’t comment, but I can’t help but wonder if Acid is a Gay Computer Bot? His (it’s) comments seem rather disconnected and don’t feel real.

              If Acid is real, then he’s one messed up Sodomite.

      13. This case in Henderson sounds more like a lawyer making work, the 3rd amendment angle doesn’t fit.

        quarters: A place of residence, especially the buildings or barracks used to house military personnel or their dependents.

        quar·ter·ing: 6. To furnish with housing (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/quartering)

        Since it appears it was an active investigation/operation, not providing a place to rest and feed anyone, the attorney was incorrect or disingenuous to litigate based on the 3rd Amendment. It sounds more like an ambulance chaser happy to take the homeowners’ money to litigate a legally hopeless case.

      14. Anyone breaks my door down they better be prepared to meet their maker. There is a store a couple towns away that sells police tactical gear so a home invader or group of them can use this gear to give them a advantage in a home invasion. So I defend my home. I have been to rowdy party’s where the police have showed up and from what I’ve seen not opening the door they will eventually go away. If you so much as unlock the door without opening it they will open the door and walk right in and make the bust. The reason is cause they didn’t force entry you let them in. This has been argued in court time and time again. DO NOT let them in without forcing entry they will not break the door down over a party unless there are reports of people needing medical assistance. Most party complaints are over noise. Hardly a reason to bust in. You need to know your rights. Even if I did commit a crime I would plead not guilty make them spend$ to take it to trial. I know my rights. Get a good criminal defence attorney forget about public defenders. Especially if your facing time. I find that the police prey upon the animals in the projects because almost everybody there is a criminal of some sort. There were robbers and their scam was lawn care they would wear a getup like a legit landscape company one guy would go to front door knock on door and tell the elderly woman or man can you come out back I want to demonstrate what we can do for your lawn to make it greener while they were in the back yard the other guy in the truck would slip in the front door and steal jewelery and other goodies of value and go back out to truck and wait. then the first guy out back with the resident would wrap it up. I’m not kidding this was a thing that was going around. There is also a lot of bank fraud against the elderly too. My point is anybody can pose as anything they want to commit crime. Impersonating the police is a big one. Some people put strobe lights in their crown Vic so they can pass everyone in traffic. Seen this trick. Come shtf this stuff will be out of control. Trust no one. I’d go as far as to call the police station to make sure they guys on my steps are the police really. Especially if you’ve never seen them before.

        • AssHat, I have done exactly that! Had a party, the cops came, we locked the door and went to the basement, they went away after a while lol. Now I can do the same but turn on a DVR recorder that videos the front and back of the house. NEVER let them in!

      15. I would be pissed if the cops came to my door dressed like soldiers. This would scare the shit out of my little ones and they’d be traumatized over it. They are just little children scared of a fly. They are scared of the police on the street. Never mind a team of swat cops with ar 15s armor and helmets. Shit that stuff scares us adults. Look at how scared that little girl in the picture above is. She will have nightmares over it guaranteed. Children are sensitive to stuff like this they will start wetting their bed again. I feel for the kids mostly because they cannot understand or control what happens. They are victims of circumstance.

      16. How do the police LEGALLY in accordance to the 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights enter your home without a warrant to begin with? Obviously your not the intended criminal so unless they fabricate charges or are lucky enough for you to be a criminal, enter your home and then set up camp. This is illegal off the get go.

        The above being said it doesn’t matter because the Bill of Rights in these times is just a guide to be bypassed for some supposed ostensible greater good as the government deems necessary. The document, for all intent and purpose of the individual has been eviscerated.

        • You commented correctly on this issue. I would like to add that if this judge’s ruling stands, then it brings up many other issues such as: What if the police find something illegal in your home while they’re there to watch a suspect next door? What if the police decide to stay in your home for a long time, such as several days or weeks like they did in Waco with the Davidians? What if the police are wrong in their assumption that the neighbor is doing something illegal?

          • “What if the police find something illegal in your home while they’re there to watch a suspect next door?”

            Great analysis.

            That sure adds interest to the, “Fruit of the tainted tree doctrine”. If the authorities are allowed to enter and then occupy w/o warrant then by extension anything in “plain view” becomes admissible. If they decide to obtain a better vantage point in your attic, then what is in your attic now becomes, ” in plain view”. Why stop at the domicile when the Police may need to also use your car to maintain the illusion of your continued presence to maintain their uncover activities?

            All of this would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

        • It’s legal for them to ask “may we come in and look around (or whatever)?” however. If you say “yes, come on in” then it’s perfectly legal without a warrant.

          Remember, never agree to let them in. Learn what you do or don’t have to do in your state exactly and do nothing more.

      17. They didn’t have police in 1776, did they? I don’t think. Any law enforcement should be staking out a suspect from the neighbors house…use a van, like they used to!

      18. Kill the snake by cutting off it’s head. The U. N. is the head!!

      19. “Please Refer to the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment – THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!”

        “It was created by our very intelligent Fore-Fathers for a Reason!”

          • You and Mr. Hesston are corporations without constitutional rights. I tire of repeating this, look into it yourself.

            • “Tell that to my Mr. .45-70 and Mrs. .12 gauge”
              as a Sovereign Citizen I am willing to Defend , Kill and Die for that piece of ole’ scrap paper known as the U.S. Constitution.

              I’ve Lived long enough to be able to say that and mean it.

              • Solus Lupus, from my Book Of Resistance, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .380ACP, .22LR, and .30 Carbine. You just took the words right out of my mouth. Same thing I live and will die by.

                • Cuz for such a badass, you sure have a lot of kidde guns. Just watched “I almost got away with it” and an old fellow shot the bad guy 4 times in the chest with a 22 and the bad guy took the gun away from him and beat him with it. Kinda reminded me of you Cuz. The old fellow that is. You need to get some big boy guns if your gonna be feeding people all that lead.

                  • Should have gone with the Praesidio, two the center of mass, one to the head. Just walk it up.

        • Don’t we eat vegetables, beans, and other plants raised on cow poop too? Chickens are fed dung and dead sea animals washed up on beaches for years. And darn! Fish pee and poop in their drinking water!

        • KY Mom, most fish raised in tanks over in the orient have chickens in cages suspended over the tanks for the feces to drop in and feed the fish. Been going on forever and the FDA is blind to it. I don’t eat any store bought fish that is farmed raised from overseas or outside the states.

          • We no longer eat any seafood since fukashima and gulf spill. Only freshwater fish and thats seldom. All the death they have dealt to the oceans over the decades makes you want to cry. Thank you navy retards too for killing millions of marine mammals in the pacific. A few years ago they got permission to kill up to like 60 million marine mammals from the govt. Look it up, west coast navy training excercises kill millions of animals. Fucking braindead asshole yes men. I hope you choke on your government cock you are so proud of! Asslicking, no brain, roid headed, retards with no critical thinking or intelligence.

        • KY Mom, most fish raised in tanks over in the orient have chickens in cages suspended over the tanks for the feces to drop in and feed the fish. Been going on forever and the FDA is blind to it. I don’t eat any store bought fish that is farmed raised from overseas or outside the states.

          • Double tap.

            • Second rule of the zombie apocalypse?



      21. Can you just imagine them trying this out in redneck land. Outside of the big Cities.

        They would have been met with armed resistance. There is no place for this in the USA.

        The Judge is correct in his ruling. But common decency would be ask if they could us the house. Not just occupying it without consent. I would bet that the folks would have let them in to us it, and would have gave them something to eat and drink.

        There is a right was and a wrong way in doing things. Let us get back on the RIGHT SIDE!

        • Yes but this is police we’re talking about here. They’re not decent.

        • Ask nicely if they can use the house??? Yah LOL.

          You have a right to decline our request….just as long as you say yes…Gimme a friggin break sarge. I remember reading about this case (I think it was this one, may have been another one) But I’m pretty sure they were asked, and they declined, and the rest is history. I cant remember if the folks were arrested or what, I wish the article had more info of the original incident. Like I said hell this may be a diff one than the one I remember from a few years ago.

      22. So if they did not consent why isn’t each each individual charged with trespassing. And if they had brought loaded firearms in the home, it would not be a leap to add an endangerment charge as well.

        If the residents were not able to travel freely isn’t that kidnapping? Even if they were restricted by the need to supervise the intruders?

        Shiny badges don’t grant special rights or exemptions to the law.

        • “Shiny badges don’t grant special rights or exemptions to the law.”

          They shouldn’t but they damn sure do.

        • It is unreasonable to expect our law enforcers to be held to the same legal standards as ordinary people. Just ask them.

          On the flip side, if your neighbor has a really annoying pet that you want shot you can just call the cops and say that you think they make meth and the cops will go shoot it for you during the raid. Always a silver lining.

      23. 02 cents I think you’ve lost it. The boston bombings did happen it’s not a conspiracy like you say. I believe you when you say look at the fake blood sure the media sensationalized it. Those kids did do it they are Chechens and the boston pd did go door to door looking for them now I don’t know if they forced their way in but people were scared and cooperated with the suits to get these guys caught. Getting a false flag out of a set of facts is delusional. Maybe you should get your head checked out I live 40 mins south of boston and the wife of one of these guys lived one town over from me. I took a little ride by there and there were cops and detectives all over that place. It is a excellent neighborhood too. There is a lady on the news with one leg because of it. The trial is all over the local news. What the hell is mercs from the craft this is new info to me. Fill me in since your so knowledgable. I’d like to really know what this is.

      24. Mercenaries from the craft. I did a search an it’s a group of ex seals private contractor name. Just like black water. It’s a private military contractor so what why should I worry that the gov uses these guys to privatize war. How does this relate to a false flag. If you trained to be a seal the skills you have are specialized. Your not gonna work like a regular person. There isn’t a lot of people that can make it to this status. Do you really want scum warring on your family and friends destroying your homeland. I sure as hell don’t. Private military forces allow the gov to use the best to go after the worst. I know it gives them the power to go around the constitution. Look at the enemy your dealing with. Very imbedded in us society holding jobs like aircraft pilot. It sucks that this is where we are at bit it must be dealt with. I will remain on guard things are going on behind the scenes so just keep watching what else you gonna do. I’m not gonna let it drive me crazy.

      25. Sorry, I don’t even open the door to any I don’t know, Law included. I can here you just fine through the closed door, your on private property, please leave.

      26. “well ok Officer, if ya’ll need my house have at it….but you best be careful not to touch nuthin cuz my 2 dogs started with some drippy dick last week, an now I got it, and the doctor and the Vet still ain’t figgered out just what it is, so I ain’t got no drugs for it yet….look at the little guy there, his is all shriveled up like its gonna fall off….””

        Remember, donuts don’t breed brain cells…..are your eyes glazed over?

      27. So much for the “Constitution” that Constitutionalists and Constitutional Republicans think will save them from what little they call “tyranny” (merely the disappearance of their notion of how 1950’s culture was and, in their minds, should “still” be).

      28. What good does it do to argue the Second (or any other) Amendment, that was supposed to have AMENDED the otherwise Federalist governmental supremacy of the unamended Constitution, when anyone surrenders and goes along with “government” (aggression) about anything– other than rightly and Divinely ordained governing oneself by obeying laws that truly protect others from oneself? When the government (cops, troops) tell the people to do something and the people sheepishly obey in order to not be in a battle with the “government” (government by others–aggression by them– over the people), that shows those in “government” (aggression) that they still can rule over people with impunity.

      29. Evasive (mobile) self-armored tactical counter-attack and, prior, comprehensive strategic elimination of the enemy’s logistical support will disempower and defeat the enemy, precluding his attempt at conquest and subjugation.

      30. There can be no prisoners taken in this war, seeing how “government” treats theirs (“execution”).

      31. If you try to occupy my AO you should expect that I will mount a vigorous defense, it’s as simple as that.

      32. I’m so glad that I made the right decision to leave the US 40 years ago. I couldn’t stand to live in a fascist, boot licking nation of police victims! That is what it has become. I could see the writing on the wall with the so called war on drugs, a stupid and destructive policy that never bore anything but bitter fruit. It created the current police state, it destroyed numerous lives, it ruined the whole idea of a free country. It was and still is a disaster but worst of all it created today’s dysfunctional and violent society. I will never return but am happy that my children don’t live in such a God forsaken nation.

      33. No one can defend themselves against these guys. The government spent millions and millions of $’s militarizing the cops across country for last 5 years. Too late folks.
        Either here or else where, I read DHS are attempting to buy out all ammunitions(about the 2 billions rounds they already got couple of years ago), that way, there would not be much left for private citizens to insure their protection when time comes for them to do so. So, let me ask you this: do you still think 9/11 has nothing to do with these criminal gangsters? It was all a diversion to get their business done and cover their criminal bases.

      34. BTW Ass hat, James Holmes didn’t do it either. Look up a documentary made about him and his dad that were both working in a high profile government programs by the way right before that tragedy took place. “the James Holmes conspiracy”. A note worthy piece of work that every American must watch.

      35. To all:Use a lock on the front door that will give you a few seconds to arm yourselves. Even if you only get one of these penis suckers, make your life count!I sleep with a fully loaded 308,swat type rifle under my bed, with one in the chamber and the safety “off.” I have watched many swat invasions on invading people’s homes. I watched where and how they position.Give me 60 sec.and will get everyone of these MFs

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