Even Hillary’s Advisors Admit This Changes Everything: “A New, Unwelcome Element… It Ain’t Good”

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 78 comments

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    It is hard to imagine much of anything, short of a massive terror attack, taking over the news cycle on the otherwise solemn 15th Anniversary of 9/11.

    But Hillary’s bizarre fainting spell, initially blamed on “overheating,” (now said to be pneumonia) has completely taken over and gone viral.

    After weeks of ignoring her health concerns and dismissing critics, it is now the unavoidable issue at hand.

    Even her own loyal advisors and ranking Democrats are bracing themselves. They know this can’t be ignored, and will affect the race.

    via Politico:

    Hillary Clinton’s health – long the obsession of conspiracy theorists – emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue after Clinton nearly swooned and stumbled at a Sept. 11 commemoration, underscoring the sense that that summer’s sure-thing candidate is teetering at the worst possible moment.

    […] Supporters – for the first time – were quietly pressuring a candidate who has been reluctant to share details about her health and personal life to become more transparent…

    “The Clintons have this notion that they only go as far as they need to” in terms of disclosure, said an ally close to the former president and current Democratic nominee. “They can’t afford to approach this that way.”

    Longtime Clinton adviser James Carville said that ‘the doctors have all said she’s healthy,” but added: “It’s going to be something that people aren’t going to be able to stop talking about, so we’ll see” what happens next.

    “It’s not the end of the world — I think she’s okay — but it ain’t good,” one person close to the Clintons said after the former secretary of state emerged from daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment after becoming “overheated” at Ground Zero. “It adds a new, unwelcome element.”

    “There will have to be some kind of accounting for this,” said one former Clinton adviser – on a day when Clinton’s staff kept her travelling press pool in the dark about her condition for most of the day. “Whether she decides to do that, or just take the hits, that’s her call.”

    This makes for a very inconvenient truth for the loyalists have heavily attacked those who’ve dared to question Hillary’s health – rather than address it.

    Here’s the video that no one can now ignore:

    Clearly, Hillary has, at the personal level, decided to set aside any concerns about her own health and stability as the price to pay for her last chance at power, and making the history books.

    At the DNC level, Hillary is the empty suit, establishment vessel that has become Humpty Dumpty – and now all the queen’s men are trying to put her back together again.

    What happens next in the most bizarre presidential race in American history?

    Does this mean that Trump will coast? Will the Democrats put up another candidate? Can Hillary play the sympathy card and turn a loss into a gain?

    That is entirely up for debate…

    Just when Hillary thought this was a cake walk pre-arranged for her path to power, this election remains as unpredictable as it gets.

    Read more:

    Video Confirms: Hillary Faints, Wobbles, Falls Forward, Loses Shoe, And Is Escorted From Event By Secret Service

    Hillary Clinton Suffers “Medical Episode”, Faints While Rushed Away From Ground Zero

    Must Watch: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior: “Does She Have Actual Brain Damage?”


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      1. Weekend at bernies candidate.. maybe Jeff Dunham can make a hillary the dead candidate puppet? Doesnt matter though… the libs would vote for her anyhow…

        • MSM just announced that she has pneumonia, BUT she is FINE~!!!

          what a crock of crap!! more liberal lies just like HER!!

          • “Weekend at Bernie’s” anyone?

            • The NPR Radio channel I was listening to tonight for a short time said, Hillary wasn’t feeling well and she went to her daughter Chelsea’s house. Did not say anything about falling, or losing a shoe, nothing.. I listen to lots of channels, but the NPR are some real libtard douchbags on there… 2 fagotts were on one night a few weeks ago talking like a couple of giggling girls saying BS like Trump wants to get into the WH so he can run the apprentice show from the Oval office. He wants to take over TV.. Like What moron believe that crap? NPR is covering for Killery.


              • National Propaganda Radio.

              • NPR, is owned by the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, and totally subsidized by Congress aka our tax dollars since 1967. If you ever have trouble falling asleep at night, just turn on NPR. The libturd content will put you to sleep, guaranteed.

          • Hillary has Parkinson’s go to you tube and hear whole story. google in : Dr exposes Hillary has Parkinson’s and media covers it up.

      2. Playing the, Sympathy Card?

        Lying all the way and now the democrats want sympathy.

        • Anon, no freakin’ way I’ll show sympathy for libturds. If I could get my hands on their ‘sympathy card’, I would take a match to it.

          • Wake me when she’s dead.

            Same shit, another day.


            • Wonderful news.
              Finally Hillary made me smile.
              Good bye Hillary. Enjoy your trip to Hades.

              Hope she stands before her underworld Master soon.
              Sooner the better.
              Wonder how Satan will reward her for decades of faithful/loyal service?

              Gold watch? A new Mao outfit?

              Was hoping to see her in Orange Dept of Corrections Jump suit.
              Obama and Hillary wearing same outfit would be nice.
              Treason deserves day glow orange with numbers front and back.

              I don’t normally say mean things about people.
              But saying mean things about Demons serving Satan is not the same.

              • Anonymous, according to that video, you just might be right. Looks like Karma is catching up to her. Karma needs to take out Bill also.

                • I’m sure she’s looking forward to her next life as a West Bank Palestinian. On the other hand, who would have thought all those Nazis would have returned as Zionists.

              • I suspect satan will do nothing for her. Her service to him has been done. I expect his effort will soon be directed to a different candidate for president. Of course having never yet died, I could be wrong about it.

      3. Somehow it’s fitting that this took place on the anniversary of 9/11. Looks like the hildebeast and the democraps have had their own ‘9/11’. LMAO!

      4. Ole hagitha cankles is dying. shame on those who are enabling this pitiful charade. she gets no sympathy from me. I think she is a denialist she cannot face reality.

        • I hate to see her suffer, maybe she should be put down.

      5. No worries. For the fascist left, they will just continue with their same old Sgt. Schultz “I see noth-ING” insanity. It’s what the left does.

      6. She diagnosed with pneumonia. Nearly fainted at the 9-11 memorial.

        • Her head bobin and weavin was sweet….

      7. I was just reading about women over fifty taking fertility pills in order to become mothers. The oldest woman to give birth was 70 years old. She has been beat since a woman of 72 years of age has given birth. The eggs are donated by younger women.

        I doubt that these old ladies were guzzling booze and snorting cocaine.


      8. Seeing the head seizure bob and weave almost eating the pavement is SWEET……. you go girl…..

      9. Hillary’s doctor says she has pneumonia. Fotos on the Internet show an aid next to her with a diazepam- pen ( valium auto injector). I never heard of pneumonia treated with valium. Then, instead of going to a hospital and getting chest x-rays, sputum cultures etc. she goes to her daughter’s ten million dollar apartment overlooking Central Park in a van rather than the usual government Chevy suburban.

        This lady is simply not fit to be president – ethically, morally or physically…

        • I’m not buying the pneumonia story, either. When you pass out (not ‘swoon’) and fall down, you get medical attention.

          Unless, of course, you’ve got an aide with an EpiPen right there to take care of you when real medical issue hits you. Then, you just go to a private apartment and deal with those symptoms for a couple of hours, and have your staff make up a story about something else.

          That way, your debilitating medical condition remains a secret, you still get to run for the presidency, and the public will think it’s just something transient that will fix itself in a few weeks with some sulfa pills and Gatorade.

          • Smokey, if she’s got pheumonia, I’m bringing JFK back from the dead. And we all know that ain’t happening. If we’re lucky, she just might be on her last legs.

            • There’s bacterial pneumonia, that’s communicable. Or there is aspiration pneumonia, you can get that from inhaling vomit particles, dust particles, etc. It’s common among neurologic cases and Parkinson’s cases due to it’s suppression of the normal gag reflex.

              She was playing with her granddaughter and then a child in the street. Not to mention politicking with the public. That means it’s not the communicable bacterial stuff, it’s the aspiration stuff. Pollen levels don’t cause this level of illness.

              Watch her like a hawk in the debates, I’m betting she’s going to be on adrenaline shots and who knows what else. We can only hope for some manic meltdown.

          • Parkinson’s and/ brain injury and/or elevated brain pressure from transverse venous thrombosis can lead to impaired reflexes resulting in aspiration (as evidenced by her severe coughing fits). Mild aspiration can result in a walking pneumonia. She has advanced Parkinson’s in my opinions. Results in jerky movements and completely fubard reflexes ( inability to maintain posture).

            Yes she has pneumonia. But it’s aspiration pneumonia. Indication of a very serious problem.

      10. “Been snorting whiskey
        And drinking cocaine!

        Pat Travers

      11. I can’t believe those two big guys that had her buy the arms let her drop down like that. Unless they don’t like her very much? I also read that the big black guy is her traveling Doctor? And he has a neddle of some drug that stops her seasures? Ready at all times.

        • Lone Wolverine;
          Maybe he was formerly Michael Jacksons Dr.?

      12. Who cares so what if she’s sick hasn’t anyone gotten sick before. I know we all hate the bitch but why make a big deal out of this. I’ve been exhausted for busting my ass for too long and passed out. It could happen to anyone.

        • Asshat:

          Drink more water. Most people live in a state of semi-dehydration. Take it easy and take care of yourself.

          Yes, I have read Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler.

          Hitler was very smart. Calling Hillary, Hitlery is supposed to be an insult, but if people only knew the truth, they wouldn’t make the comparison. Hitler was by far, the kinder, more sympathetic of the two. And that’s the truth.


        • Ass hat Trump is campaigning longer and harder and he is older. you don’t see him hacking & coughing shitting his pants and passing out! Being president requires stamina and being mentally sharp. A drugged up half dead person cant do the job.

          • Old Guy, Trump is in good health. He’s just like that energizer bunny; just keeps going, going, going. so he’s doing SOMETHING right.

        • She was unable to get through more than 63 minutes of a ceremony conducted in the morning of a nice late summer day in temperate conditions.

          Yes, it could happen to anyone. This anyone happens to be a candidate for the US presidency, a most demanding job in stable times, and a proven inability to be honest with the people about her health.

          Given the instability we all know is coming, we want the strongest person we can get in the White House. Hillary is not that person.

      13. You have to admit,puts the whole weekend ending and start of another work week in a more positive light!

      14. Ok so she was diagnosed with pneumonia Friday. There are two types of pneumonia . bacterial which is contagious. Was she out campainganing & infecting other people? Or Asperation pneumonia which is caused by Parkensons. I think she has the latter type.

      15. Hasn’t this poor woman suffered enough? The strain of campaigning can wear heavily on her health. I say we cancel the November presidential election and immediately declare Hillary elected to the office by public proclamation!

      16. Aren’t there certain venereal diseases that cause the brain to be eaten away? One can only imagine what she has picked up from the “slick willie”.

      17. Like I’ve said before, this woman had at least 4 good years to get herself into fighting shape for this campaign cycle. With access to personal chefs and trainers, and a personal assistant to boot, she should be looking more like Carly Fiorina-not Kim Jung-Un. But she has been sick for a very long time as evidenced by this ancient cough. Her hair and face look decent for her age due to attention, no doubt, from some skilled docs and hairdressers. I swam a mile yesterday, but I had a migraine aura today and that would make me disqualify myself for a stressful job of any sort. She is crazy if she thinks her witch doctor is going to be able to keep her going when she can’t stand for a few minutes at a late summer ceremony, where, by the way, uniformed police, fire personnel and military carried out their functons without fainting.

      18. I liked the movie, “the Untouchables”
        Hitlery is like the baseball player the didn’t
        play ball. I just wish I could hit like DeNiro

      19. The ghosts of 911 coming back to haunt NWO Hillary. Life is good.

        • And just for kicks, Hillary has a double?

          ht tps://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/09/11/does-hillary-have-a-double/

          All caveats apply as to the source.

      20. Rednek 101, if that report is true, then the double needs to go take the dirt nap.

        • Brave, I agree. It bothers me that a person who wants to be our president has to use a double. Is Hildabeast really so sick she can’t make a public appearance? Seems so.

          • If she is that sick what the hell are these idiot democraps thinking?
            If something happens with her obummer will pull some shit suspending the elections, there will also be something else that happens, notice how we hear absolutely nothing from congress lately, what are those boobs doing in DC?
            Makes ya wat ta run right out and pay yer taxes to be a good little slave

            • 25th amend provides for this scenario.

      21. Try and buy a life insurance policy on the old hag………

      22. I think we saw the real sickly wrinkled Hilly collapse on tv today. The reason I say real is I think Hillary has a double! In days past I have seen a Hillary that has much tighter skin than the real Hillary does sometimes. The democrats are just crooked enough to use a double for Hillary when they can. All they need is a warm body in the white house, they are going to be pulling her strings like a puppet anyways as she screws America.

      23. It’s funny I heard trump likes to eat fast food it drives the vegan libs crazy. He’s healthier than hilzilla. Ha ha ha running for pres is a tough. I’m one of the deplorable a she talked about. Xenophobic homophobic racist white working guy. The folks that aren’t deplorable to her are the bums freeloading illegals and gays. All good folks

      24. Out of control coughing spells and episodes of grotesque facial seizure-like contortions……..

        My MD says first consideration is lung cancer with metastasis to the brain.

        Wonderful candidate for presidency

      25. Mac Slavo – why did you re-write history to your own ends on your article “blood sucking parasite” on the 9th September?

        You can’t criticise politicians for redacting emails then completely censor the legitimate comments of posters to a deliberately provocative article that you posted in your own name. It’s as if a whole tranche of web history never existed because you didn’t agree to what was said.

        I know it’s your site but you are indulging in your own form of Winston Smith journalism. Doing what you did was shameless Stalinism and adds further to the lack of credibility this site is rapidly gaining.

        • Not quite sure what censorship you are referring to.

          There is plenty posted here I don’t agree with, yet 99% of non-spam comments that are auto-moderated by our spam system are eventually approved.

      26. I’ve wondered… ‘where was Huma?’. Maybe the ol’ hag is suffering from queef withdrawal!! Or worse, she caught something 2nd-hand from Anthony Weiner.

      27. Time for a medical exam from a doctor with no political connections or ties to any government programs. It would be tough to do.

      28. I want the Secret Service agent in charge of her detail (the big black guy) dismissed as soon as Trump takes office. He is not acting like a Secret Service agent. He is acting like a house servant for this despicable witch. It gags me to watch him. Totally unprofessional. He is clearly a Democrat partisan. Don’t let this clown near Trump.

        • I’ve read that he is not Secret Service, but a private medical aide hired by either Hillary or the campaign.

      29. The Drudge Report’s video showing Hillary stumbling, being dragged into van at the 911 Memorial Ceremony. I began to ask questions about this conglomeration of videos posted, each from a different angle. No one has commented or noticed the BIG difference in each video. One has the vans coming down the street on the right side, along with Hillary supported by a post, there’s metal guard fencing to Hillary’s right. When she begins to take a step towards the open doors, which is the passenger side of the car, one of her female ‘handler/body guards’ is posted at the front passenger door. Then another video from another angle shows almost everything in reverse. The vans on the right side of street BUT heading in opposite direction of the 1st video. Hillary supported by post BUT metal guard fencing is now to her left and the female ‘handler/body guard’ is on the drivers side door! What is going on here? Something looks staged about this whole thing.

        • I noticed the van going in two different directions also. Has the photo been flipped since the lapel pins on the SS seem to be on opposite lapel too? The van photo from driver’s side shows more detail since there is an unobstructed view for a short time. And what the heck is the metal thing that fell out of Shrillery’s pant leg? And who retrieved her shoe and took it to her?

          • (quote):

            “…And what the heck is the metal thing that fell out of Shrillery’s pant leg?”


            Methinks the ‘Frankenbitch’ is falling apart, as the ejected component is probably a warped / bent(left) gyno-thallamas crankshaft…

            ..you know, that spinning thingy that interfaces her CPU w/ the rest of her patched-up parts.

            ..call it a case of “mechanical rigor-mortise”.

            (warranty is void…thank GOD).

        • Not staged at all, it’s just the same footage reversed. Happens all the time.

      30. I don’t know – she’s looks pretty healthy to me, LOL:


      31. Something i have noticed recently,
        It seems our bigger local news outlets dont want people commenting on anything, they all used to have comment sections, now only the obscure small ones do.

        • Yes, I’ve noticed that also. The comment section is non existent or difficult to find.

      32. She does not have pneumonia. Get it through your naive little beenies. Pneumonia does not come and go in a matter of minutes. She had another seizure. This is not her first. It won’t be her last. She no longer travels in the standard Secret Service SUV. She has been using a wheel chair van for over a week. Pay attention to detail. The head shakes she gets are seizures related to a variation of Parkinson’s Disease. She has been traveling with a medical assistant for some time now. Even Judge Napolitano sold out this AM on Fox News. The MSM is controlling all info on this.

      33. You reap what you sow…

      34. I cannot imagine a torture more terrifying than for Hillary to realize in the face of her final days that she spent her entire life trying to climb the globalists’ ladder only to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. (paraphrasing Brandon Smith)

        • It’s almost poetic, isn’t it?

      35. Regardless what it is its all coming down to a plausible excuse to move Hillary out as her baggage, Clinton Foundation, E mails, NAFTA, China Free Trade and Glass-Steagall is catching up with her making her likely to be unelectable. Most votes for Trump are in effect a vote against Hillary. Hillary is being put out to pasture and her VP, while largely unknown doesn’t have her legacy baggage. This takes a lot of wind out of Trumps sails.

      36. finally the lame stream media is hinting that questions about cankles health have valid footing.

      37. Every time Hillary shows up in public she looks different. There’s something wrong with this picture. We can’t have someone who is physically shape shifting, using doubles etc… when our country is in the current shape its in. We need a person that can stand like the Rock of Gibraltar for the principles and social norms that make this country great. Hillary ain’t the one.

        Hillary’s new anthem…
        Comfortably Numb–Pink Floyd
        Just a little pin prick
        There’ll be no more aaaaaaaah!
        But you may feel a little sick

        Can you stand up?
        I do believe it’s working, good
        That’ll keep you going through the show
        Come on, it’s time to go.

      38. Hillary is suffering from a disease that is commonly found in lizards. I swear, if you look close into the window of her van, you can see her swallow a rat!

      39. It figures, being of reptilian origin and all.

      40. I don’t trust anything I see in media. This Hillary sick fakeout (all I’ve seen are a few pics) seems bizarre. Seems planned and staged. It has to be misdirection for some diabolical purpose coming.

        • That occurred to me also. Maybe to garner sympathy votes for the crippled sick lesbian? Maybe to possibly stall the elections? No telling.

      41. “Hillary Clinton’s health – long the obsession of conspiracy theorists – emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue…”

        Well…this proves it WASN’T just a “conspiracy theory.” Hillary’s health has obviously BEEN a legitimate campaign issue all along–the mainstream were just too dense to realize it. They were too concerned with blindly defending her to actually do their jobs.


        Why are you so naive ?

        The last video of Hillary is a BODY-DOUBLE (Parasite-Double).
        SHe is an ACTOR !
        One of many many body-doubles that Hillary has employed over the decades. Bill Clinton has several body-doubles.

        Wake up!

        REALIZATION: Hillary died some time ago. We are watching several body-doubles impersonating Hillary until the election can be rigged and manipulated fully.

        Wake up !

        Hillary died long ago.

      43. Wonder if she at the grove ?

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