Europe Just Got Hit: “Many More Involved… Some Still On The Loose”

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Headline News, ORIGINAL | 242 comments

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    Following the Paris and the subsequent San Bernardino shooting we warned that open border policies allowing unfettered, undocumented immigration would undoubtedly lead to more attacks. The evidence was clear, as not only have a probable tens of thousands of Islamic extremists already entered Europe as “refugees,” they have been stockpiling war-grade weapons and in another incident in December, were found by Swiss police to be transporting chemical weapons of mass destruction.

    Today we awoke to news reports that at least 26 people are dead in Belgium following two separate explosions.

    But if you think it’s over, think again, because according to officials, there are more terrorists still on the loose.

    “We are at war,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said after a crisis meeting called by the French president. “We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”

    European security officials have been bracing for a major attack for weeks, and warned that the Islamic State group was actively preparing to strike. The arrest Friday of a key suspect in the November attacks in Paris heightened those fears, as investigators said many more people were involved than originally thought, and that some are still on the loose.

    “It was atrocious. The ceilings collapsed,” he said. “There was blood everywhere, injured people, bags everywhere.”

    “We were walking in the debris. It was a war scene,” he said.

    Source: ABC News

    And while European leaders across the region have renounced the violence, the fact is that they have only themselves to blame.

    Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel may as well have strapped on the suicide vest herself.

    The worst part of this latest attack is that literal millions of Europeans and Americans knew it was coming and were powerless to stop it. Moreover, it should be clear that this is the new normal, because now that Europe and America have opened the Pandora’s box of forced cultural assimilation it can never be closed.

    According to reports, terrorists have already been captured on the southern border of the United States.

    These attacks are premeditated and are being carefully planned. One FBI terror expert has warned that Paris was just a test. The successful attack in Brussels has confirmed for terrorist organizations that Europeans are sitting ducks.

    And America is next.

    Donald Trump’s wall isn’t sounding so racist now, is it?

    Today it was Brussels. Where will it be the next time they hit America?

    And will you be ready when they do?

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      1. Until recently I’ve never felt like kill them all and sort it out later. But now I kind of feel like that. So many women are being raped in Switzerland they are told not to go out after dark. I think it’s time for them to call in on their citizens to be armed in the streets.

          • The only solution to the islamic savage infestation is to kill them all, yes dead. It will come down to them or us here.

            • Just like with every parasite, you need to kill them all to prevent re-infestation.

              • …we will also have to kill their protectors.

                • and those who finance them

                  • Blame Trump for the Brussels’ terrorist attacks: he provoked the CIA-trained militants to carry out those operations in order to prove his unconditional allegiance to the State of Israel (Trump spoke yesterday at AIPAC).

                    Donald Trump = Zionist shill = Israel First, not America
                    ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Services
                    ISIS = Mossad + CIA + MI6 + DGSE
                    Brussels’ terrorist attacks = FALSE FLAG OPERATION

                    Donald Trump has now blood of innocent people in his hands.

                    • You’re a fucking idiot, franz

                    • Your retarted franz

                    • Thank you Franz. Don’t listen to the trolls.

                    • Franz – Exactly… I couldn’t agree more.

                      And “Donald Trump now has the blood of innocent people on his hands”, ironically this, after he told Fox reporter, Megyn Kelly she had blood coming out of everywhere.

                      BTW, don’t listen to the trolls.

                      Some of them are newer trolls and some are long time shtf members who changed their moniker in order to insult you and others. Don’t bother responding to them. They post under multiple screen names.

                    • EXCELLENT COMMENT!

                      You convinced me…VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!

                      Thanks for the advise!

                    • Anti-Zionist = Goose-stepping Nazi = DhimmiRat rectum rimmer
                      9/11 Troofer = believer in omnipotent government = parasite
                      3/22 Troofer = Anti-Zionist + 9/11 Troofer = parasitic rectum rimmer of supposedly omnipotent government
                      Franz Meier = current White House occupant’s rectum rimmer = dog food when SHTF.

                    • Typical demoncrat, and anti Semitic

                  • Yep, very long list! I do think we have enough ammo.

                    • many of them need to swing from a tree or lamppost so stock some rope as well

                    • There are a few I would torture

            • Your half-baked knuckle head solution will not work. After Pearl Harbor, Japs living in U.S. were taken to internment camps. I’m sure someone like you back then would have said kill them all. If that would have been the case, then Americans would’ve been no better than the Japs that attacked Pearl Harbor. You don’t fight fire with fire.

              • Sam-

                If someone is causing trouble in your home do you not put them out? Or do you just set around and sing cume by ya?
                And hope they straighten up?

              • Killing them all would have worked. Sam why don’t you go befriend some islamic savages, talk about peace and love and see how long you get to breathe.

                • Caucasian
                  are there no solutions to anything but the most extreme one?
                  Let me guess… your wife forgot to buy toilet paper and you executed her and buried her in the back yard. She will never do that again.
                  I do not want more Syrians or Muslims here.

                  • You don’t understand muslims do you Becky? If you knew me you wouldn’t say that shit about me. We will be at war here with these people before long and then you will believe.

                    • Caucasion,
                      No more than you understand me. We are at war with Muslims NOW… because our country is bombing the c.rap out of Syria over OIL. Every time tptb want some global resource, the United States drops bombs and we get flooded with refugees of our own making. Too much demonization of any group diverts attention from the group causing the problems. NO I DO NOT WANT MUSLIMS HERE. Tell DC to quit bombing their country over oil. Mexico, Vietnam, Middle East, Laos, Cambodia, Korea… wave after wave of immigrants created by corporate greed. I am sick of demonizing the victims… whether I hate their religion or not. Demonizing Muslims will never stop the cause.

              • The Japanese internment was a completely different thing and was wrong, precisely because they were not Japs. They were Americans of Japanese descent, and had been Americans for generations.

                Muslims are invading hoards that have no intention of assimilating and becoming good citizens.

                Yes, you do fight fire with fire (or firepower with firepower). If someone tries to kill me, I will do my best to kill them right back.

          • Open Season/ No Limit.

          • This article nailed it,”because now that Europe and America have opened the Pandora’s box of FORCED cultural assimilation it can never be closed.”

            This experiment of forced integration has never historically succeeded. It has always resulted in the same outcome … blood.

            Our children will be dealing with the consequences of these policies for a long time.

        • Sorry I meant Sweden (stupid autocorrect)

          • I would build a wall too! OF LEAD! 🙂

            • “G”
              I would like to donate.
              What size do you need?


            • Genius, we’ll all be doing that and the day is coming sooner than any of us think. I stand up for my country, culture, people, etc. and if that makes me a racist then so be it. I don’t give a f#$% what my opponents think of me. I don’t live my life according to anyone’s opposing viewpoints. They have those view all they want. No one’s trying to take that away from them. I just don’t have any obligation to submit to those views. I don’t follow any PC crap, period.

              • No doubt, and being a scum muslim is not a race anyway. It’s worshiping a baby-raping prophet and allah is in fact satan.

                • Muslims are people like yourselves. Your senseless comments have no basis. American politics is controlled by Jews. Torah allows for Jews to have sex with minors. The Jews equate themselves higher than the Gentiles, which means non-Jews. And the people you elect to office are Satan worshippers who do all kinds of nasty things in the forests of California.

                  • Let me make a guess, you are a scum muslim or brain dead liberal trash.

                  • Isaac says:
                    I guess by your comments that YOU have NOT read the koran, even though lots of Muslims don’t totally follow the Koran, iy does state that if your NOT a muslim you are a infidel and it is your DUTY as a Muslim to either convert the infidel or you MUST kill him. so that is the ONLY religious writing that states that! sure lots of other religions have murdered many people BUT that was done from the people NOT the writings of those religions. have you ever been to the Muslim countries? are you a Muslim? or are you just brainwased like most of the Sheeple!I am not trying to slam you I am just wondering where you get your thinking and facts from? and YES there are lots of scummmy people in ALL walks of life BUT none teach you to kill like the Muslims Koran does!

                    • Apache 54,
                      Good response. I’m waiting on the Isaac response as he/she/it will have a hard time refuting what you said.

                  • No, Muslims are racist parasite nutjobs like you, you rectum-rimming Nazi catamite.

          • Let me guess, mooslimes did this? And yet we still won’t profile them because of political correctness?

            • NO

              No, they get off on picking on TRUE AMERICAN MALES, and GRANDMOTHERS.

              The time is coming when the true American male will say enough is enough and start kicking ASS. I see it coming very soon.

              TRUE AMERICAN MALES WAKE UP. ITS TIME TO ACT. DO WHAT YOU CAN. I know that most will say voting won’t help, but at least is a start and we can always hope. LEARN TO FIGHT! Stand up! Stop being P.C. THE BEST THING TO DO IS LEARN TO BE A COUNTRY BOY.

              This goes for you Gals out there that are fed up with the B.S. STAND DAMN IT STAND!!!!!!


              • Sgt Dale
                At least your wall of lead will give employment to Americans. Trump’s wall will give a pile of money to big contractors that will steal us blind.

                • Just come out and say you don’t want us to have a border or a sovereign nation.maybe I’m wrong but you seem to be globalist.If I am wrong I apologize.

                  • Nationalist Me
                    Thank you for your aoology. I am not a globalist.

                  • Nationalist me
                    I have never said one word to indicate that I don’t want a border. I said a wall is stupid. I said there are other things that cost less. I said corporations want open borders and corporations own the government. Our government wants an open border. Throw out the D/R corporate machine. Trump’s pork barrel wall for his construction buddies is yet another rape of the taxpayers. So much hysterical emotion as if Donald Trump is a savior instead of the huckster he’s always been… are you people on drugs? I will apologize when you send me your drug tests. And include the adrenaline junkie test with it.

                    • I LOVE PORK!

                      Now I WILL vote for Trump!

                      Mmmm…BACON! Americans LOVE it! The bad people hate it – what a better (and more yummy) way to keep those bad people away!

                    • If that’s geared towards me don’t wait for test results, I am not interested in your apology,thanks

                  • She’s not a globalist, she’s/it’s a commie.

                • Make Rebecca work the wall. So she will be too tired to bitch.


                  • Wwti
                    I’ll pass. I am done working for tptb that rape this country. You go on ahead, big boy.

                • It will be build by illegal Mexicans because it’s cheaper.

            • Thats why i like DT, call a spade a spade

            • You are correct!

              If anyone, that isn’t already fully informed, wants to hear the full, unadulterated truth about the infiltration and agenda of the saudi influenced take down of America; then please go to Jim Baker show, and click on “Watch”….

              There is a three part series, the fourth today, with Bridgette Gabriel. She is an inspiring story in herself, but her information will open the eyes of Americans. This little five foot fireball of a christian woman is a Godsend.

              I thought i was well educated to the goings on with the muzzies and their groups within ussag, but she sheds some new light and some of the information she shares, is so overwhelming, it reads like God’s prophetic word coming to fruition.

              America is barely hanging by a thread and nothing short of informing all our friends, family, and neighbors; to bring forth a repentant nation with daily prayer for our existence, can be the only way to slow the destruction planned.

              Go now to read this information, and find out how close we are to the final countdown. It just might change your mind about how you decide to vote…or not vote.

              It might just change your mind about sending your kids to school to become indoctrinated, and inoculated.

            • First reports I saw told of attackers speaking Arabic, but the media was not yet saying Muslim. They just won’t let go of their pet theories, no matter what.

              Hillary is expressing sympathy for the victims, of course, without mentioning terrorists, Muslims, anything that remotely sounds as if she is concerned about responsibility or prevention.

              • Smokey I also saw those reports; no surprise there. What the f#$% did the Europeans expect when they let in all these sandniggers and allow them to destroy their countries?

            • Nobama, they can take the PC crap and stuff it. If I feel it’s necessary to profile someone in order for me to stay alive, then I’ll do it without any reservations and I don’t care what anyone says about it.

              • Time to invest in some karans,to wipe my ass with.

            • And who is to blame for the mass migration. Yep the West, Israel and NATO. Its all part of the chaos creators.

              Look beyond the trees and you will see the forest.


              • All that is involved should be rounded up … put on a train with a one way only cross country ticket to Auschwitz and put to work.

                Those that refuse to work … send them to the showers and fire up the ovens. ツ

                • FTW,firing up the ovens require someone gets up to date on their last gas bill!I really never believed the camps were meant as museums but just kept around “in case”!

        • Belgium Evacuates its two Nuclear Power Plants As Panic Spreads After Attacks

          “Surveillance is stepped up with added security measures at nuclear plants,” the Belga says. “Vehicles are being checked with police and army on site.”

          As AFP reminds us, “in February, investigators probing the Paris attacks found video footage of a senior Belgian nuclear official at the property of a key suspect.”

          That footage was discovered “as part of seizures made following the Paris attacks”, Belgian prosecutors said last month, while declining to divulge the individual’s identity “for obvious security reasons”.

          the Paris attacks found video footage of a senior Belgian nuclear official at the property of a key suspect.” That footage was discovered “as part of seizures made following the Paris attacks”, Belgian prosecutors said last month, while declining to divulge the individual’s identity “for obvious security reasons”.

          ht tp://

          • Now that would be awesome; have a nuke taken out and put into unstoppable meltdown. 1000’s and 1000’s dead, no longer able to vote leftist, the neo-cons take over and hang Merkel and her ilk.

            Then, maybe, just maybe they’ll change their ways….

            Nah….they won’t.

            • How about some reality here…
              It would take a military scale attack to melt down most plants. Fukushima turned into a meltdown due to the utter devastation of everything and the delay in time for people with proper training to respond. A mere back pack bomb aint gonna do squat. It wold be like the 1000kg bomb the shining path blew up outside the American embassy in Peru. It just scorched the walls. Thats why these people go after soft targets with lots of people. People are their target, not assets. It would be very easy for the to shut down city and country infrastructure if they really wanted to but nothing gets better headlines than blood.

            • Nothing is impossible but would be extremely difficult. You have to make it through the gate. Then into the containment area to do that. The amount of security you would have to get by is huge.
              I just don’t see it happening.

















          • They would rather die, and drag you with them, than face reality.





        • Socialist paradise.




















          “I’M NOT A RACIST”







            No Acid, again, it’s the small percentage of the baby-boomer population, as well as a small percentage of the baby-boomers’ adult kids who are disordered that shoved the PC crap down our throats, NOT AN ENTIRE GENERATION. Just a percentage from each of these two generations who are dysfunctional / disordered.

            Many baby-boomers, like myself and others here, are as fed up and disgusted as you are with the PC crap designed to control and divide, and multiculturalism that was also forced upon us. Many baby-boomers are also victims of these disordered people; psychopaths and sociopaths.

            These disordered people make up a percentage of every single generation, not just the baby-boomers.

            Repeatedly painting an entire generation with the same brush and then continuing to reinforce these sweeping generalizations when it has already been explained to you (by me & others here) is an indication of an IQ than 90 crowd.”

            Endless raging towards an entire generation who have made SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS is indicative of lowered intelligence, ie, the Internet, (the one we know today, not pre-1990’s military/defense Internet) was developed during the late 80’s to mid 90’s (I was there, every day, don’t even think of disputing that with me) while you were learning your ABC’s. And yet you seem to feel free to bash, trash and insult the very generation who gave you the technology to do so – the entire generation!

            Apology accepted. CC

        • “We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible”








          “The President said that the thoughts and prayers of Americans are with the people of Belgium”


          “This is yet another reminder that the world must unite,” Obama said. “We must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”


          “We can and will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world,” Obama said.


          • Acid, uh, you’re really on a roll today. Except for you blaming us boomers, I agree with your rants.

            • He needs to chill

              he is preaching to the choir

            • This is why acid continues to garner attention here, he plays to your sympathies one day and then rips you a new asshole the next. Don’t believe it? Just wait and watch, he’s been playing all of you for the better part of three years now and none of you ever see it. He needs your attention or he’ll wither away from lack of it, he’d probably have been gone years ago save for those who feel they have to engage him for whatever reason, just know this, he’s laughing at you, whether or not you agree with him, he just wants attention, nothing more, and he know there’s an endless supply of those here willing to give it to him whenever he needs it.

              • Anonymous – Everyone sees it. The regulars here have his number. You are not smarter than everyone here. I had my reason for replying and don’t owe you an explanation.

                • Common Cents, so, in other words, you’re just an idiot. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

          • Acid Etch –

            Nothing you said is racist … those who disagree with that, are those who don’t know how to handle the truth very well.

            The Boomer thing – from now on … just call those for what they are/were … 1960’s Liberal Tree Huggers. They are the ones who were responsible for the “peace,love,unity/diversity Movement which reigns very much in today’s society and has changed American Culture and destroyed America’s Heritage.

        • JL – Agree, and also these criminals are the ones who should not be allowed out after dark while the women are.

        • the damn rapist need to die

      2. The denial of the West will be it’s undoing.

        • Charley,
          and that is what males it so frustrating for those of us who are awake and have been for many years to see the sheeple causing our demise because they are so brainwashed to NOT see it! yes i know they are NOT the bad guys BUT if they woke up maybe it could have been stopped! or at least slowed down until something could have been done to remove those who are causing it!

          • apache, The sheep ARE your enemy. It is they that will be crying for their beloved govt. to do something when all falls apart and they have nothing left. They will rat you out in a heartbeat and tell others what you have. They will believe the lies that you are a terrist or hoarder or whatever. They will turn on you for a bowl of soup. They are probably a bigger danger to you than the govt. itself. Ya they are not BAD GUYS now but just wait. Here’s an informative video for you to think about..


            • Genius, I have always expected to have trouble with sheeple first before the govt. comes along. Bullets will do wonders on sheeple.

        • You said a mouthful with that statement.

          The people have been asleep for decades about unlimited immigration, legal and illegal.
          The people have followed the lies of politicians for decades about allowing religious freedoms for “all” people coming to America.
          The people have fell for the lie that muzzie’s have a peaceful religion.
          The people have allowed the teaching of islam as a peaceful and organized, methodical practiced, style of religion that has none of the hangups of other religions; and all within the educational systems from 6th grade up, since the early nineties.
          The people have allowed their children and grandchildren to become indoctrinated to the open arms policy towards the teachings and following of islam in America.

          The people have allowed their children, and grandchildren to become liberalized, not only to accept a radicalized,caliphate, jihadist style of religion, but also the murder of the unborn and the propagation of immoral homosexual marriage and lifestyles. It will come at a cost to Americans…a high cost.

          Now, as we have seen in recent months in Europe, and USSAG, the radicals bringing forth their agenda of murder. This is just the beginning. This is just the window into the minds of these people that follow that same book. Not all act out on it, but all that follow it are against the book/letter, of our Creator.
          They follow a book based on the spirit of Satan, which is aka, oolah.

          Since the “muzzie brothers under the hood”, began their infiltration into American livelihoods, back in 1991, their mosques and peoples are embedded deep into every aspect of our country, including our gov & religions…as spies.

          The attacks within America, will someday, become so rampant that the people will be shocked and awed at the massive amount of destruction and death, on a 9/11 scale.

          The people that are not on board with the mindset that trump brings forth to stop large scale immigration into USSAG, are so out of touch with reality, that they are basically un-patriotic, and are part of the problem.

          The destruction of what once was America, is at a threshold.

          • Passinwiththewind

            I don’t understand why this has not happened in the U.S. yet. With our wide open border it cannot be but so hard.


            1 – Are the terrorist stupid.
            2 – What is there continued fascination with air ports.
            3 – I have said this before but God forbid they hit a few schools at the same time. I read a book that was about that. Then they attack people on the interstates and roads going to the schools. It would be mass panic. Can you imagine what that would do to this country.
            4 – Also why have they not attacked the power grid. It would be so easy.

            I wonder if we are just biding our time. Waiting for these things to happen.
            If not then the terrorist are stupid.

            I wonder how long it will be until this does happen.

            Any thoughts on this.

            • Back in Iraq we used to think of a million simple things the insurgents could do against us that they never thought of. Our consensus was that the average haji just isn’t very bright.

            • “I don’t understand why this has not happened in the U.S. yet. With our wide open border it cannot be but so hard.”

              They – (terrorist) have not had their marching orders given to them yet from OBAMA & COMPANY. In due time … those “orders” will eventually commence here in America as well – when TPTB are ready to implement America’s Transformation.

              • That is most likely the answer in a nutshell.

                The terrorists don’t work unless it is terror related activity.
                They are like liberal paid trolls that follow every patriot/prepper/survivalists website. They just lay around all day and cruise the sites and get a paycheck.

                The terrorists have plenty of time and patience. They have but one agenda.

                The agenda for the ussag, as a combined effort, will not happen until they get everything in place and get the call to jihad.
                I believe we will see it before the end of 2016.

        • no charley americans sitting on their asses doing nothing to save their country from crooked politicians is your undoing

          • Charley2dogs

      3. As an American Citizen, l am concern about attacks on all Nations and especially in USA. Thanks to Obama and all the supporters of open borders and taking in the illegals, NOT knowing who they are or where they really are coming from……….. And l really do think USA will see a big major attack on the People in USA…

        And it is caused by all the Government in the world… This is funded by the Globalists and Bankers.. People like George Soros and all his goons. ISIS is a paid for Government Leaders and Globalists Army to start a war every where. Their way to NWO and making Slaves of the people and killing what they see as unfit…

        • I have always presumed the REST of the ‘developed’ world would be ‘first infested’ before ISIS “comes for the big’un (USA). Yes, Iran, The USA and other nations have been (underhandedly) provided covert support to ISIS in order to build up numbers, capabilities and ‘technical prowess’ (which they now have to an alarming degree).
          For the non-combat folks reading that article, their blood should run cold at the very thought of such insane ppl having complete access to chemical/bio-warfare WMD’s. That alone would NEGATE the fact the “we, the people are armed” …totally. We’d all be dead with absolutely NO protection (how many preppers have full “containment suits” in the event of extreme biowarfare)? How many preppers could AFFORD such things without going into debt? (Something like deciding upon having night-vision or not). THEY will most certainly have night-vision – – therefore it is a MUST you have the same (or you’ll take lead and never know where it came from). For the record, since night-vision is SO expensive, make yourselves ‘panchos’ lined with about three layers of ‘sheet mylar’ (noisy until you ‘shoe-goo’ it between layers of pool-table felt). With a hoodie and bacalava added, you can ‘disappear’ at night with a self-made waterproof pancho (total investment – about 30 bucks).
          Well now, we all knew this was indeed coming, and now it’s (literally) “all but at our doors” – – time reveals all, and now we see how it is that politicians and globalists are really ‘Domestic/Foreign enemies’ …and since myself and many, many others are Oathed to defend America against them, they are now, imho, ‘open season’.

          • Equorial

            Biochemical warfare is going to scare the shit out of people.

            Night vision/ Infa Red good force multipliers.

            All that soap brighteners you use to wash your clothes show up on the ultra violet range like a black light.
            Something to keep in mind.

            There is brightner free soap and a ultra violet killer spray for hunting.

            Any one have laser protection lenses?

      4. Good, fuck ’em.

        They let the muz-scum in for how many decades and knew they were nuckin’ futs and didn’t stop them.

        They DESERVE every single body they get. Too bad they didn’t get more politicians.

        With any luck they’ll get a dozen more bombs shoved up their collective asses this week.

        • Oh – forgot to add; we’re next.

          What are all the lefties going to do when a big yellow bus full of 3rd graders is shredded by muz-scum in the name of a goat fucking god?

          I’ll tell ya; more gun laws against you and I. That’s how f’d up the US is.

          • Where’s Hitler when you need him! lol

            • He’s resting peacefully, buried in South America.

            • Currently crucified on a swastika and being constantly raped in all orifices with running chainsaws in Hell.

          • No really, in so many words. What I mean is that THEY have purposely laid out these ridiculous “ground rules” (all pertaining to gun rights …the ones that “shall not be infringed” in order to disarm as many Americans as possible. We are about to face a “SLAUGHTER” of unprecedented proportions.
            This is why I’ve been screaming to “IGNORE” any future “gun laws” (cuz they are only designed to disarm you, if you are foolish enough to fall for the deceits they are promoting, in the name of killing your asses – for a false god. At 59 I’ve learned there is no way to assess your chances of survival (cuz you can’t see the future in livid detail). However, this is ONE “set of scenarios” that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WIN – – or we will be eliminated as a people and as an entire race (WORLDWIDE)!!! Gee, that places the thought of “race-wars” in an entirely different light now doesn’t it? Yes, it certainly does. I say shoot the fucking globalists, politicians and the “lot of them” and let God sort’em out.
            Do NOT be surprised to hear that what just happened in Belgium ‘rears its ugly head’ inside of OUR borders sooner than later’ …because, it has begun. ISIS/ISIL has been “revamped, resupplied, trained quite well and kept off the radar (by world media) so that they would be able to do these things. Gee, who would control ‘world media’ and why would the media play along? Or do they have a choice in these matters? Or …is everyone in the media a damned government ‘plant’ …and THAT ‘part’ of the government is to provide false information to the people that they believe because IT IS ON THE NEWS SO IT MUST BE TRUE! (Come on …how many governments in the world control the media to a ridiculous degree, and does anyone in America think that TV (excepting Web-tv) isn’t being “censored” (if not outrighted “run and controlled” by Uncle Sam? Yes, all of our news outlets have Uncle Sam’s big-old thumb upon them. (That’s why the media ‘shifted gears’ come Jan 1st, 2016. CNN broadcasts nothing but political presidential ‘spleef’ 24hrs and day, and has been for months. So, we called and told them to cancel our television dish (in favor of The Web). Why pay $80 a month for THEIR “brain-washing machine?”

            • Yes! Fuck their gun laws. I’ve been screaming that too.

            • Equorial, damn good post and I agree. I never follow any restrictions on self-defense.

      5. I think it has been shown that these Muslim terrorists have no regard for the infidel. Now it is time for a govt. study to find something useful to do with the dead terrorist body. I am sure we can think of a few ideas.

      6. Trump’s wall is stupid. Fully half of illegals come in on overstayed visas. No reason for that to cintinue. A wall is ineffective compared to electronic borders, which have been around for over 20 years and which detect tunnels. Borders are open because governments want them open.

        Merkel should be executed for treason.

        What is all this yammer that these people cannot be deported? What nonsense.

        • The wall is stupid in the minds of liberals and the ignorant.

          A twenty foot tall ten foot thick concrete and steel wall…that is monitored from one end to the other, is better than a 20 mile stretch were the orders from the potus is to stand down and “do not cover”, in order to let all the drugs and illegals, including jihadists, to come in.

          It is a start. It is a signal. It is a smart idea that should have been completed fifty years ago.
          It is something that should be done now in coordination with all other means to stop immigration until a better system is put into place. When Mexico refuses to pay for it, just stop the taxpayer $$ that flows annually, into the corrupt gov of Mexico, and soon enough, the wall “is” paid for by mexico.

          Electronic borders will never work without physical borders. Yes, Canada has an open border as well, but Mexico is the porous country where the biggest problem lies currently. The drugs will never stop being manufactured south of the border, and brought in via the land border.

          A truck load of suitcase nukes can come in just as easy.

          • passinwiththewind,

            I agree! Our southern ‘border’ is wide open. Thousands continue crossing over into the U.S. on a regular basis.
            These numbers usually INCREASE in the summer months.

            Dec. 2015 – AZ Sheriff Babeu: We’ve Had 10,000 Unaccompanied Juveniles In Two Months, Obama Admin Says ‘Border Is Wide Open’

            ht tp://

          • Boy oh boy pissing in the wind…you get more rabid and nonsensical each time you post don’t you?

            Have you ever thought of the practicalities (legal, environmental etc.,) of building a wall of the size you have mentioned? No, thought not. Nor has your potential idiot in chief.

            He opens his fat mouth and all his little sheeple followers applaud the drivel that pours forth from it. Can’t you see beyond his swivel eyed loony rhetoric?

            Walls do not work. Thoughout history walls have always failed. Didn’t work for Ronnie, didn’t work for little Georgie either. Walls are not a strategy. Walls show a lack of strategy.

            I’ll bet you two things (1) This proposed nonsense wall will never be built. (2) Drumpf will self destruct and in doing so will destroy the GOP.

            • Worked for China.

              • Glenn
                China didn’t build their wall down the middle of the Yangtze River.
                The emperor owned the land. He had slave labor to build it.
                The wall failed when China’s leadership committed treason.
                We can’t have a wall until we evict the traitors.
                If we evict the traitors we won’t need a wall.

        • They can’t be deported because they have been brought in to kill us. Simple as that. Belgium was the ‘ignition source’ that will elevate and spread into all of Europe (unlike Paris, which was not a coordinated, large-scale effort). THIS ‘attack’ has all the earmarks of professionals …therefore there WILL be more to come. Heads up! Eyes and ears on red alert. Clean and double check all weapons and supplies (and do it VERY VERY carefully as you don’t get second chances when you are engaged in firefights …well, rarely will you get a second chance). TPTB seem to control who gets hit and when (that much makes sense since ISIS is a government-operated “weapon of mass destruction” (they accuse other nations of having them, and yet they themselves are harboring and financing the largest WMD on the face of this earth. THAT is “nonsense” Miss Rebecca.

          • Equorial
            What you talk about is treason.
            A wall won’t stop internal treason. Our corporate-owned government wants open borders and they do not care what we think. Illegal aliens are a symptom of treason. Terrorist attacks in Brussels are a symptom of treason. Rapes in Sweden are a symptom of treason. The stupidity is treating the symptom and not the cause. Stop the cause and 50 symptoms disappear.

        • There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

          • They fell in love with USA, if they never broke the law, they will have nothing to lose, and they had vistas , that was coming in legally not illegally

          • Spooky
            There are none so blind as those who comment without reading what was said.
            I said to shut the border down and to do it with less money and in a more effective manner. Wake up folks. Trump doesn’t check with engineers and scientists before opening his yap.

            • You just don’t like Trump. That doesn’t make you correct. The border is some of the gentlest terrain on the continent, a wall is very buildable. Miles and miles of it are already in place, maybe you should check with those engineers and scientists involved in that before you open your yap. You can build anything anywhere on the planet if you have the money to build it with.

              Yes, it’s cheaper to use ground sonar in the urban border towns and drones to patrol the remote areas, but the cartels are not going to turn their drug tunnels over to alien traffickers, and the White House can always turn off the drones.

              Build a wall, it’s going to be there and function no matter who is in office.

        • I was under the assumption that the wall was a metaphor. Is it not?

          • Kynase
            I thought the wall was a metaphor the first time Trump said it and was pleased. As he continues his yap, apparently not. Just one more stupid thing we cannot afford and that won’t accomplish the purpose. Like the 700 mile long stupidity in Texas that was actually built. As if engineers don’t exist. Brain dead rhetoric instead of real solutions to shutting the border. E-verify to force employers to hire only citizens or work visa holders is effective but another layer of control. Countries shut their borders when they darn well please. Our borders are open because NWO says so. 100 corporations signed a demand for open borders through the Chamber of Commerce because Obama initially deported aliens. Open borders hurt citizens, but are caused by treason, not a lack of a wall. Trump’s stupid ideas have bankrupted 4 companies.

            • But you are saying we can afford welfare for all these people and afford to letting our people be raped and killed ?? Not to mention we can afford losing our jobs, freedom and culture and higher taxes …. hummmm

              • DustyFae
                I said no such thing.

            • It doesn’t matter what solutions are presented by trump…all trump haters will slam him for something.
              If there is a chance in hell, for the slow down of the bleeding of America, it will come with trump and no other candidate.

              To support anyone else, is to support the continual decline and eventual death of ussag. trump may turn out to be a disaster, but all others will be the furthering of establishment politics and nwo agendas, without any doubt.

            • Are you saying that no engineers were involved in the construction of the existing wall segments?

              You can’t be serious.

              • Smokey, I said no such thing. Tell an engineer to build a wall, he builds a wall. Ask an engineer if the wall will serve the purpose he will say no. Even Trump screwed up in an interview and admitted the wall would not work as intended.
                Calling for a wall is magical thinking.
                Existing setup would shut down illegal immigration. Our government is treasonous and keeps the flow open.

            • Israel has a wall, and it works well for them.
              Why do they get a wall but for us it’s stupid?
              Morocco has their borders lined with landmines, and it works for them.
              Walls have worked for thousands of years but somehow in 2016 they don’t?
              You are a fool.

              • Anonymous
                Basic geography, our border goes right down the middle of the Rio Grande. Texas put their wall well to the US side of the Rio Grande, effectively destroying our water access. Not to mention walling a lot of citizens out. We don’t have a strip of land owned by the feds, like Korea, so it would all have to be purchased. Eminent domain still pays for land taken. Land mines, concertina wire, dogs, and soldiers have always been effective. in our case, patrols and dogs. Most of our Canadian border could be walled, they keep us out by lack of employment. You have to have docs.
                Our biggest problem is treason at the top. Nearly 100 years ago our government decided that letting Mexicans come across to work and bleed money out to their families in Mexico was a solution to the constant uprisings and internal wars due to income inequality. True, it stabilized Mexico and we took on the problem. I lived in Mexico 8 years on a farm. I never met anyone who didn’t have at least one family member working in the US and sending money home. Just making it illegal to send international wire transfers would make a dent. According to the General Accounting Office, wire transfers alone equal our trade deficit. Those are mostly emergency transfers, most of the money is sent through normal checkpoints. We are the only country allowing unlimited money transfers. The government is looking at limiting it for citizens.
                The symptoms are legion. The cause is treason. Embedded treason in our laws and both sides of our government. What is a bandaid if you do not cure the disease? Trump has made a lot of money from the symptoms. His wall will enrich his construction buddies… pork barrel… it will appease Americans until they realize it did not work. Kick the can down the road and deliver pork barrel money to your goons.
                There is more of course.

                • Basic geography. The Rio Grande turns North around El Paso, from there the border follows latitude lines and cardinals to the Pacific Ocean.

                  Let us know when you learn to read a map.

                  Explain to us morons how money transfers has anything to do with the construction of a wall.

                  You did check with some engineers and scientists before you proposed your solution about money transfers, right?

                  • Walls, plus manpower work. Bring home our troops and deploy them along the wall with bean bag shotgun ammo and FMJ 308. The bean bags for the illegal beaners, and the 223 for the drug runners.

                    • Dave in Idaho
                      The mechanics of closing the border are simple.
                      Our government has open borders to suit their corporate masters. That is the problem that needs solved.

                  • Bakee is a commie. She thinks she’s smart, but she’s a commie.

                  • Smokey
                    okay moron
                    Mexicans come to earn money.
                    They come to earn money to send to their families in Mexico.
                    Stop the money, and you decrease the incentive for them to be here.
                    Make it impossible to send emergency money by wire transfer. Refuse to allow the money to cross the border. We are the only country that allows the money bleed.
                    The money bleeds the US. It rewards illegal aliens.
                    We have endless laws that encourage illegals. We have to remove the million incentives put in place by the D/R corporate machine before piddling money on a wall.
                    A wall is magical thinking… fine for grade schoolers. I am mistaken that most on this site are over 50?

                    • Rebecca;
                      I too lived and operated a construction business in Dallas through the eighties and into the nineties. I occaisionally hired legal mexicans and always talked to them if we could communicate well enough. You are wrong about the Mexicans in USA all sending money home to families. That typically is bullshit. Mexicans are family oriented people and the good ones for the most part either come here with their families or stay in Mexico. Look at them. Mostly all young men with no families. Ask any wetback and he will quickly tell you how he is sending money home to his wife and children. For the most part bullshit. They look a lot like the muslims pouring into Europe. What that story nets them is more pay from gullible Americans and Europeans. What do you want to bet you would get the same story from all of those fine family men entering Europe. I was born at night. It was not last night.

                    • Skeptic
                      I lived in Mexico where families were receiving money. I also lived in Dallas and I am fluent enough in Spanish to surprise Mexicans. I am sure we are both right, some send money and some do not. Some marry here for documents and are big a mists too. Some just live with their girlfriends and visit the wife back home. I saw it all. If you read more than one comment of mine you would know that there are many factors to discourage our illegal invasion which was created by US government policies… and there is a lot of law to unravel. The problem will not be fixed until corporate rule is abolished. Mechanics are the least of it.

        • Rebecca

          I think “A Wall” on the Mexican border is an euphemism for an effective security barrier of some sort.

          • Kevin2
            for an intelligent person, true
            For Donald Trump, not so much. “Concrete, rebar, steel, 35 feet tall” is way beyond metaphor. Texas built their 700 mile “metaphor” to no effect but piddling money down the drain. When I was young I believed the nincompoops were talking in metaphors. Not anymore. If it were a metaphor, Trumpet has had plenty of time to say so. Just the opposite.

            • Rebecca

              Maybe so, I don’t know. Trump is intelligent, best believe it. He modifies his message for the perception of his audience.; no doubt he is talking down. We had a NJ State Trooper captain in the family that worked for him after he retired in the 1990s. He is completely retired now. He wasn’t in security but rather the business end. Trump was on occasion a topic of discussion at family gatherings; he is a serious no nonsense man.

              Fining US employers that hire illegals with penalties that are a real deterrent would go a long way. Unfortunately the reality is the liberals want the future voters, the neo-cons want cheap labor.

              • Trump may or may not be dumb. He is a manipulator. Judging by the reaction on the “awake” website, any hope of addressing all the strings put in place by the D/R corporate machine to keep those illegals coming is not going to happen. No President can roll back a century of laws keeping that in place and no President can build a project like that without funding.

        • R
          Ok! If we build a wall we at least stop 1/2 of the turds. Then we can spend the time and money on kicking the over stayers out. As I see it. It is a win, win for us.

          Why can’t we us both. Some land mines wouldn’t hurt also. You want to come into this country you do it legally.

          I agree Merkel should be arrest and then water boarded to see who gave her the order to let all of this scum into Germany.


          • Sarge, your comment (” Merkel should be arrest and then water boarded to see who gave her the order to let all of this scum into Germany”) is the best one I’ve heard in a while.

            However, we know who gave her the order.

        • Rebecca, instead of a wall, what we really need is a DMZ, like the one separating NK and SK. Littered with landmines, it would be the most effective solution to keep our border safe.

        • Rebecca, Don’t let your hatred for Trump influence your desire for a safer America. It makes you look like a complete idiot. (Well, that and some of the other idiotic stuff you say..)

          A wall is the very first step and you hate idea because of it’s source. You’re just as bad as any Democrat or Republican turd.

          My neighbor is Border Patrol. I’ve gone on rides with him all along the border in San Diego and Imperial Counties. The walls that are there are working 100% better than if there was no wall.

          Quit being childish and letting your emotions ruin your ability to think critically.

          • Billy Hill
            No one in my 62 years has called me an emotional thinker!
            I have been called logical and unemotional especially at work with attorneys, physicists and engineers. On this fear porn site, I suddenly get called a commie, emotional, blah blah blah. I suspect it just just BS because you have no logical argument. Border Patrol is undermined, not by lack of a wall, but by betrayal at the top. INS does not pick up and deport illegals because they are betrayed at the top. Corporations hire illegals and corporations own the top.
            A fence is worthless without patrols and both are worthless without support from the top. Waste of money. Never mind the border is in the middle of a river. Never mind the residents need river access.
            The problem is internal rot, corruption, treason.

            • Rebecca

              I agree Its not “The Wall” but the entire policy. They don’t want to stop them.

              Everything being done facilitates globalism at the expense of the Nation State. From “Global Warming” through immigration if one steps back and looks its outcome is to facilitate “One World”. Not one item enacted or proposed from official sources promotes Nationalism.

              • Kevin
                Exactly. We can whine all we want about the symptoms… the disease is globalism. Global mega corporations and banksters want one world. This is what that looks like. It stinks for Americans.

            • Do you actually, you know, live on a border town that’s got a wall?

              Have you seen/touched these walls in person?

              I have. And I did. Even un-manned and un-supported these walls are keeping out massive numbers of illegals and their drugs.

              You’re completely out of your mind if you think these walls aren’t doing any good. Manned or not.

              You have some good opinions on some things but the (lack of) common sense for a few things takes away any and all credibility or respect you might have. Yes. I attribute it to emotion.

              The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama fanboys have all done the same thing so you’re not alone. Don’t forget, there is zero difference between democrats and republicans except the dems will tell you to your face that they’re going to fuck you and the reps will lie to you about it.

              • Billy Hill
                you cannot hear a word I say… you are an emotional wreck. I’ll get back to you when you calm down.

                • Rebecca, I enjoy your lively well written posts keep it up. I will come at it from a different angle. I was an IT manager before I retired. Part of my job was dealing with salesman for many years. The heart of a sales is getting concepts across to make the sale. My boss even made me take a sales presentation course one salesman recommended to improve my ‘pitches’ I had to make to higher management. Here is how it applies:
                  Trump is doing a sell job on the U.S. to become POTUS. From that sales course I took they stressed ” know your customer and keep the pitch simple”. It has really nothing to do with “the wall”. What Trump is doing is selling a “wall” concept to some one with an forth grade education and above. if you listen to his presentation it is all super simple concepts. If you read the dialog of any of his speeches and did not know who he was you might think he was a retard because all he says are emotional one liners – no detail. This is a sales presentation to make you emotional. And it works. He is a good salesman. When people continuously ask Trump about the wall. More one liners. “…mexico will pay for it..” . Trump only answers if it gives an emotional response he can add “….fantastic…” if he is still pressed then the emotional blame game starts “…for 30 years they have not done anything…their stupid in Washington…”
                  We have no idea what he plans to do beyond the words “the wall will be built and Mexico pays”. But on all blogs I visit like this one they are writing extensive dialog on how that wall is going in! That means trump has sold millions of people that ” the wall” will stop the incoming immigration problem. When I read politico’s solutions they run on into hundreds of words. Trumps has won because he sold the concept to the voters and they can see a wall working (just read the previous posts) and the politicians wordsmithed immigration dialog bored the voters. So my guess is Trump has no idea what a real wall will cost or look like.
                  I did not vote for Trump in primary. But I will vote against HRC and as the NRA says to.

                  • Rabbitone
                    I love your explanation.
                    I am not happy with 4th grade level one liners! He talks like an ignorant Stalin. When you folks vote him in, I will get to see how he handles things. Yes, I can see that he is a salesman.
                    Oddly enough, I was in sales for 2 and a half years before I retired, and was top in sales… I didn’t go all 4th grade on my customers, though. Never had sales training like you did. My boss sent my coworker to sales school because he couldn’t close, but kept me working.
                    I appreciate your explanation even though it is scary.

      7. Trump is right about stopping Muslim immigration until we have a better method of vetting these people. At this point, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ something like this is going to happen here, but ‘when’.

        • Liza Jean
          Yes, Trump is right on stopping Muslim immigration and visas too.

      8. I haven’t posted anything for some time. I drive a city bus and there are LOTS of muslems in this city, I wonder a lot.
        Also all the people killed and injured in them evil gun free zones are all the responsibility of the anti gun freaks, with their sick views of self defence.
        It feels like we are screwed, and I’m not allowed to carry on the job!!!.
        Have a nice day if you can. Stu out.

        • Stu,I was a Locomotive Engr. for over 35 years and always carried a Grip or Bag which contained rule books and other necessities and the RR didn’t allow us to carry on the job either. You probably carry such a bag on your job too, bet you can’t guess what else was in my Grip other than my lunch. Which is more important, your Life or your Job? I Carried for over 30 years and most of the people that I worked with knew it, I just didn’t take it out and wave it around.. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Mountain Trekker,
            Excellent advice. They cannot guarantee your safety. It will never come up unless your life is in danger. Protect your life, discreetly, of course.

      9. COUNT ON IT, there will be another attack on American soil within the next 6 months, well before Obama leaves office. I’m sorry to say, but the next one will make the California, and Boston attack look like child’s play. The thing I’m really worried about is the lost of nuke material that was stolen from Mexico a few months back. Distance From the Mexican border to any of 6 major city’s here in America is under 150 miles. So it would be very easy for them to set off a dirty nuke in any one of these city’s. That would make for a great reason to stop our up coming elections, and allow Obama to stay in office. Just make sure you have your family ready.

      10. Mine the border lol.

        • A concrete wall with concertina wire, machine gun nests, towers, mine fields, a moat, and crocodiles in the moat.

        • Concertina wire, plowed strip, land mines. All watched by gun towers.
          Lord, make me dead before you make me old!

        • “G”
          My friend we might disagree on this. But here is where I stand. With no regrets!

          Yes! Mine the boarder! Build the Wall! Use Electronic wall also! Use Drones! We are being invaded. That means war. I war if you want to win you use everything at you disposal to win. This country used everything it had in WW2 and won. In around 4 years. The USA used everything from the little m1 Carbine to the A bomb. We haven’t won a war after that because we don’t use what we have. That is why we are in the condition we are in right now. No one respects us, because they know we are P.C. and we won’t do a damn thing we say we will do.
          Just look at Iran, N. Korea, Mexico, ISIS, Pakistan, Just to name a Stan. ECT. ECT. ECT.

          With all do respect this is how I feel. If I’m wrong I’ll have to answer to a higher being some day.


          • Sarge, invasion means war. We are being invaded and our treasonous politicians not only support the invasion but attack those of us who want to protect the country.

            Up is down and down is up.

            • Justice, The Congress shall have the power to: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”

              Ever wonder why commies call the illegal invaders, “undocumented workers” and other such nonsense?

              They are invaders and commies, all of ’em.

              If they were called invaders the Congress would have to call out the Militia. And the Militia R US.

              Stand by to repel borders.

              f ’em

              • Commie Hater

                “Stand by to repel borders.”

                Aye, Aye, Sir.

      11. Sure, they’ll say they are “at war” – but they are still afraid to name the enemy.

        It isn’t “radical muslims” or “terrorism”. It is Islam itself, which is totally incompatible with personal freedom and the Judeo-Christian Ethic underlying Western Civilization. Until they can take this first, small step, Europe and, indeed, the West in general, are doomed.

        • Stelnikov, great post. So true and well said.

          “It is Islam itself, which is totally incompatible with personal freedom and the Judeo-Christian Ethic underlying Western Civilization. Until they can take this first, small step, Europe and, indeed, the West in general, are doomed.”

          • Top General: ‘Islamists Embedded in White House?’

      12. Learn from Europe folks! What does it take for us and our politicians to get the lead out? Trump is looking better all the time.



          • Ass’ed you just as well save your breath. Trump is just like Rommney was in the last election, he flip flopped on every Conservative Issue. People are gonna believe what they want to believe, even when the facts hit them in the face. Trekker Out. Magna est veritas et praevalet.

      13. The political “leaders” of Belgium should be rounded up and executed for crimes against their own people. For creating the threat.

        • I agree, Germany and Sweden too.

          If you have caused your native citizens to be raped, beaten robbed and killed by people allowed in by your authority; you should suffer the same.

          You’d expect some resolve from any security compnay that failed you but officials sworn to protect you get a pass ? That’s way wrong.

        • Same here, we more than have the resources and the national pride to secure our borders and expell illegal immigrants en masse, yet the political and government machine does nothing and in fact facilitates the destruction of our way of life and in many cases is working to lay us bare to attacks by disarming “We The People”
          Death to traitors

        • Add our “dear leaders” into that mix too while yer at it

          Thanks much

      14. Throw every open border politician out of office.


        Elect individuals who are working for legal American Citizens.

        • Note from Idaho… yes, throw the treasonous ones out of power.

        • Including that pussy raul labrador.

      15. As to the wall, think of it as locking the door on your home. When you that, you know it will not deter a determined breaker. We have to be prepared to shoot him if he gets in.

        Similarly, a physical barrier at the border will deter all but the most committed – and we can better deal with that vastly smaller number. Look at Hungary’s success. Sure, a relative few still get in – but they are easily rounded up and tossed back to the other side.

        Do not let perfection be the enemy of the acceptable. We have to start somewhere, and the argument that a barrier will not stop 100% is merely an excuse to do nothing. And we see how that is working out so far.

      16. HA HA HA HA HA. This is what happens when liberals are in charge. No, I do NOT have sympathy for the victims. Let a snake into your house and you’re going to be bit.

        I can’t wait for Obama, Kerry, and Hillary to say we should all embrace refugees and immigrants because most are good. OK, which ones?

      17. Newsflash

        Three out of four on the TV Show The View gave Trump praise on his position with Islamic terrorism in light of the recent attacks. They faulted him regarding how he says things but stating that they agree with the content.

        That venue hasn’t been the most hospital to Trump.


        • Kevin2
          I have always been opposed to letting Syrians in… we are at war with Syria. I am fully opposed to illegal immigration. The treason is in D.C. Just like European leaders betrayed their people.

          • We’re at war because of a gas pipeline but regardless the, “Give Me Your Poor Tired Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free”, on the Statue Of Liberty was cast in a day that massive amounts of labor were needed for economic expansion. Its certainly not a codified policy nor is it applicable today.

            Many Syrians are Christian that coincidently are protected by law. The SOBs we supported chopped off their heads not the Syrian government forces. First off we have no room for refugees as our own people are not to an acceptable degree gainfully employed. Secondly the Islamic faith, if practiced strictly, is incompatible with the Rights codified in the USA.

            Islamic terrorists have no aircraft carriers, tanks or invasion forces. Their power is predicated on physically being here. We have who we have, we certainly don’t need more.

            The Oil Refinery I worked at sent several operators to the Middle East to start up new process units. I knew quite a few that were there in the 80s and 90s. Not one had a good word to say about Saudi’s. Everyone said that they are lazy.

            • Kevin2
              The statue of liberty was foisted on us by the French. A sign of Frenchie humor at best.

      18. When you let the religion of Love and Peace into your country with out finding out who loves the most you will get all this loving explosions killing you loved ones in your country.

        The religion of love and peace will only bring you slavery, suffering and death. In the USA we get along for the most part when it comes to religion . I the group I’m in we have everything from Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Non-Denominational, Baptist, Lutherans. ECT, ECT, ECT. We all get along very well.

        This is very simple for me. If some one from the religion of peace and love hurts any of my family. They will get all sorts of 22Cal, 30Cal, 45Cal. peace, and Love Thrown at them.

        Europe is going to look like the mid-east before the end of the year. Unless the Good Europeans take up arms and take them bastards out.

        Watch out USA we are next. I just hope we don’t wait too long to act. Like I said above. You hurt one of mine there will be a war that you really don’t want.


      19. Don’t you see that you are all reacting as they would like you to react? Problem, Reaction, Solution. Solution = we should all be behind walls, in prisons, without option to go out of house, out of countries. Nobody should come to you and nobody should go anywhere. Create more walls. Don’t think with your head. Knowledge will set us free and not walls or guns. I mean, you need guns until you bring knowledge to people 🙂

        • Dejan
          I hear ya. Tptb create problems, then bring in fascism as the solution. Endless hysteria and absurd reactions to self-created problems. Quit allowing the government to create problems.

      20. I will be blunt: if you are a white man under 60 and you are: a) fat, b) have spindly arms, c) do not how to use a weapon or have never served in the military or the police, d) cannot run a few miles without puking up, then you are, right now, a sorry excuse for humanity. If you have not yet woken up and gone on war footing, I feel sorry for your family and those who have to carry your sad, f#ggot ass about.

        We have been warned over and over again: by the terrorists in their words and actions, and by the security services. If you still are getting up in the morning and grooming your ‘man beard’, stroking your tattoos in the mirror, pondering which cup cake you will have, and not a) pushing for national service and conscription, b) currently in uniform and ready to fight, then you are an irrelevance and not ‘cool’.

        • Frank, the fact is you’re not doing anything either but pissing and moaning on internet sites. You’re just as much to blame as those you point the finger at so please, climb down off your cross and remove your crown of thorns, who are you to preach to anyone when you do jack yourself.

        • Let’s see, the numbers of white male veterans under 60 and the numbers of cops added together, leaves the vast majority of even preppers as ‘sorry excuses for humanity’.

          Tell you what, you enlist today, and get through Basic, then tell us how to think once you’ve done that. I don’t mean back in 1975, either.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Does 2.5 out of 4 count + heart attack?

          Seriously, ISIS was a US / CIA creation with no doubt help from at least MI5 & 6; maybe Israel too. Libya was taken down for gold – oil payments and handed over to Islamic Fundamentalists to be used on Syria for the Saudi Gas pipeline cutting Russia out of the European Natural Gas market. If Saddam was left in power in Iraq he handled the Islamic crazies with brute force. Of course he was disposed of because of oil for Euros.

          Its a big game. The blowback is acceptable to TPTB as the masses will not just accept but demand more control over their lives giving up the last remnant of privacy.

          At a minimum, “You reap what you sow”. At maximum it works in the favor of TPTB by scaring the daylights out of the civilian population. One must ask themselves, “Why would sane governments let them in”. The answer isn’t stupidity but rather an agenda. Create the problem, demonstrate the solution.

      21. Again, it is NOT a question of if (will there be a terrorist attack done by Muslims) but one of When (as in how soon). The Muslims know that Western Civilization is weak and in decline. The only thing a Muslims respects is superior force and the willingness to employ it.

        It is time to channel our inner Grant, Sherman and Patton. Time to declare total and unrestricted warfare against Muslims and Islam until the beg and plead for the chance to sign and agree to our terms for peace which ought to be unconditional surrender to us. In my never to be humble opinion, Allah is Satan. Period. Islam is pure evil. Both Mecca and Medina ought to be nuked off the face of planet earth. It is impossible to co-exist with a political/religious system that wants nothing less than total world domination. And you, yes good and gentle reader either as a convert to Islam, a slave to Islam or dead. Since its’ very beginning Islam has and always will be at war or preparing for war with every one else.

      22. Quran 40:35
        They [Kafirs] who dispute the signs [Quran verses] of Allah without authority having
        reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.

        Quran 8:12
        Then your Lord spoke to his angels and said, “I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the Kafirs’ hearts….

        Quran 2:191
        Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out of whatever place from which they have driven you, which is worse than murder.

        For the Nth time: Brussels isn’t “terrorism” waged by a “deranged few.” It is mainstream Islam, imitating its founder, who invented JIhad and practiced it scores of times the last years of his life.

        See our “leaders” running around like decapitated chickens? They refuse to face reality. Refuse to acknowledge we are in a civilizational fight that has been going on
        for 1400 years. 270 million murdered; scores of cultures annihilated.

        They refuse to face facts from a combination of stupidity and cowardice. I presume you don’t labor under their handicaps.

        If you want to defend our Western civilization that provides us with so much liberty, you need to understand what drives the adversary.

        Forget the Quran for the moment. If you want to know mainstream Islam, know Muhammad. The Sira, the Hadith, the Quran in that order.

        Islam in its Five Pillars is a religion. Islam in how it treats Kafir — us — is a political, legal, and cultural ideology.

        The Political Traditions of Mohammed, The Hadith for the Unbelievers, Bill Warner,
        Editor, Center for the Study of Political Islam, c 2006.


        Expel all Muslims from the United States. Prohibit Muslim entrance for any reason, for any length of time. Deception is strategic, so become savvy to that. Stop supporting
        Salafist = Jihadi dictatorships such as KSA, Pakistan and Egypt.

        Since Islam as it relates to Kafir is a political and legal ideology, like Fascism, tax or close mosques.

        Learn Islam from its most authoritative doctrine not from panicked media articles so YOU can challenge its apologists in academia and the media.

        Become pro-active in challenging its lies.

        • John_Allen
          I can’t find anyone here in New Mexico to argue with regarding Muslims. Have yet to meet anyone who wants them and their crazy religion/political system around. There are Muslims here, not many.

        • The Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as you do yours.

          • They can practice all they want. Until they hurt or kill one of mine.

            AN EYE FOR AN EYE. Problem is I won’t stop there!

            Don’t start it, and I won’t have to finish it.

            So practice if you want but I will strike back.

            Christ only said to turn your cheek. He didn’t say let them kill you.


          • @ Anonymous
            You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.

            Mainstream Islam’s doctrine is 85% Muhammad. Muhammad invented jihad and engaged in it scores of times the last 9 years of his life. His life is every Muslim’s forever model.

            What do you know about Political Islam and from what source? Probably nothing.

            Can you prove from The Sunnah or the Quran that I’ve said something factually wrong?

            If so, prove it. If not, shut up until you know what you’re talking about.

            • The “fact” is that that is their religion.

              No claims were made other than that.

              • Islam is not a religion. It is a political system.

                We are a democratic republic. They do not have the right to practice their political system in our country.

              • Really dude? They must have taught you that brilliant statement at college.

              • @ Anonymous
                Answer the question: what do you know about Islam and from what source?

                I don’t care if a billion and a half Muslims pray five times a day, give zakat (charity), do the Hajj, fast and recite the Shahada..

                Most of Islam is a political, legal, and cultural ideology that has been murdering Kafir for 1400 years.

                Muslims and their apologists hide behind the lie that “you’re bigoted against my
                [religion] boo hoo hoo.” Their Teflon “religion” covers for mass murder.

                Murdering people is part of no religion. It’s a political act, intended to help conquer every Kafir for Allah.


                So from canonical Sunni Islam state what afactual statement i’ve made or wrap a sock around the apologism.

        • If you or family members (daughters, wife) use Uber for taxi service…

          A growing number of Muslim Uber drivers in multiple U.S. states have been accused of sexually assaulting female passengers.

          ht tp://

      23. Yet there will still be more and more calls to disarm us,
        Cant fix stupid and the islamist sludge may be just the tool to deal with some of that stupid

        • yup

          “Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn . We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid”

          Benjamin Franklin

          and this current regime, has stupid down to an art

      24. The wall is non-sense….We need to get the troops back from Korea and Germany, and militarize the border. (2) barbed wire fences running parallel to the border, 500 meters apart. Constant manned & electronic surveillance inside the neutral zone between the (2) fences. That’s where most of the apprehensions will take place. A 50 caliber every 1 mile along the inner fence with orders to shoot anyone that made it thru the neutral zone and attempting to jump the fence.!!!! AND a felony offence to knowingly hire, hide, or aid an illegal alien. Problem solved, for a fraction of the cost.

      25. P.S. I look forward to the day that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and all the rest of the traitors are indicted for treason, and executed by firing squad.!!!!!

      26. What concerns me about terrorism coming to amerika is the sheeple response…

        They will want “immediate” safety no matter the cost. Constitutional freedoms will disappear overnight. Look at the European blueprint already in play. Look at the Boston bombing and the response tolerated by the citizenry…

        amerika has lost it’s stomach for doing the right thing- if there is any sort of personal pain and suffering involved. Our youth can’t even be expected to weather differing opinions that might be in opposition to the tripe they are being taught…

        The Army Chief of Switzerland has it right arm yourselves. Several Texas police chiefs have also advised likewise. Get another liberal justice in the supreme court and that right could disappear…if we let it…

        How many people are awake??? Quite a few in Texas I see and I personally am ready to secede from the playpen this once great nation has become…costs, personal and otherwise be damned…

      27. Big trouble is coming to US.

        The citizens are awaking up.

        Could cause sleeper cells in our country to receive activation codes from their handlers. And we see, in USA, as we see in Belgian and saw in Paris and other countries multiplied.

        Some element of surprise lost. Hinder evil plans to declare Martial Law.

        • i’m betting the usa is within a year from another attack that kills at least 25 people.

          and you can thank both bush and obama because they didnt want to offend the muslims and have allowed 15 years to go by to let something build into a major new attack.

      28. Political correctness hurts a lot of people

      29. You can tell a lot about a culture by the way it treats woman and dogs…..Start the mass deportations NOW.

      30. Hey Snyder, when is the economy going to collapse?? Still waiting.

        • he and glenn beck will be right eventually, but they will both have gotten very rich telling you about it before it happens.

        • When the third, or maybe fourth, DOW market crash happens in the past 12 months. Maybe, it was five, i can’t remember.
          sarc off.

          Mikey has some good info and I believe he actually means well.

          I just find it ironic that in his past articles he says “market crash” when the dow drops below the 5% loss mark.
          Someone forgot to tell him that a crash is not even recognized as a crash until it reaches the 30% loss ratio, over a short period.

          And…this is very important, the DOW is not indicative of the stock market as a whole. The so-called top 30 stocks = the DOW, and most Americans don’t even hold any.

          Just saying….sorry Michael…I still like ya brother.

      31. Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee announce recalls on canned tuna.

        Chicken of the Sea tuna recalled due to possible contamination
        ht tp://

        Bumble Bee tuna recalled for potential health issues

      32. What concerns me is the willingness of the sheeple to give up their God given rights for a false security…

        When it does come to amerika and it will, the call will go out for the TPTB to save them…
        Out young can’t even be subjected to differing opinions with therapists being on hand to alleviate their frazzled nerves…

        I have learned- you can’t save a man who insists all is well….

      33. ..and the flames of hatred and divide are fueled again…The ignorant reach for their marshmellows and feed on the spoils of it! Don’t be so narrow minded to think this just a religious divide!

        • That’s right, it’s not just a religious divide. It’s the divide between barbarism and civil society. It’s time for the civil society (western for the most part) to put the barbarians’ dicks in the dirt- for good!

      34. Here’s another angle on the question of whether or not Trump is likely to be the president we need now.

        In this day and age we know that Winston Churchill turned out to be “the indespensable man” who saved Europe, and probably the West, from Nazi takeover. Most know that Churchill took over from the mealy-mouthed appeaser Neville Chamberlin who was letting Hitler do whatever he wanted. But most probably are not aware that when Chamberlin was replaced with Churchill, it was AGAINST the wishes of Parliment, who considered Churchill to be a political outcast who did not play patty cake with them. Churchill had been warning Britons for years in his writings about the Nazi threat, and the common people took that seriously and agitated so strongly for Churchill to be given the Prime Minister job that the establishment finally relented.

        At this time in history I think we have a similar outsider personage in Trump, who is up against a comparable threat and comparable bunch of do- nothing suck-ups currently in power, but enjoys wide support with ordinary people who have been paying attention to how things are going. Also worth noting is that during his career Churchill flip flopped on his views, and even changed his political party at least twice. In his case, and hopefully in Trump’s too, he was adjusting his stances based upon new information.

        • i dont think trump has any idea what to do to get the economy rolling again or reduce the debtload, govt employees and entitlements; but if actually gets in and crushes the muslims on the march and closes the border and returns the usa bsck to even the usa of the reagan days; i’ll raise a glass to him just like i do churchill; churchill was the man; the donald; i’m not so sure.

          • I think he does….its called a level playing field. example.. same trade tariffs applied to them as it has been to us for 30= years. Make nato carry the blunt of the manpower and costs. Make Israel pay for our defense services. Return to the immigration laws that are on the books and enforce them. All things/statement Trump has stated.

            • Yes. He has said those things. And he’s right.

              But that doesn’t make a lick of difference to those that are too emotionally incapacitated to “hear” what he’s saying. There’s several here with those blinders on.

          • Trump knows how to pour reinforced concrete.

            Build it high, Donald.

            Deport all muslims, starting with bommie.

          • lena,

            I agree, trumpster doesn’t have all the answers. He may not even be a born again christian.

            But; he is smart, and knows that a man in the position of authority and executive control, is only as good as the best people that he surrounds himself with.

            People have been waiting for just that and he has now started forming his teams, as he did last week.

            Time will tell. I will support him until I see him cave to establishment and the nwo crowd. Meanwhile he has the best eyecandy wife of the whole lot.

            Imagine having to see ole wrinkled up slick willie’s face for four more years, and sadly…Sander’s wife looks like she got hit with the ugly stick. Cruzzer’s wifey is not bad, but she got those snake eyes. I have been fanged too many times.

          • Yeah, Churchill is one of the greatest men who ever lived and one of my personal heroes. He was exceptional in every way. Though born into the aristocracy, he overcame many difficulties, including a father who basically hated him for no reason, and an American-born mother who palmed him off on his nanny and his boarding schools so she could devote her time to being admired by most of the important men of her day. And Winston spent lots of time where the bullets were flying, in South Africa, Egypt, India, WW I battlefields, and never got a scratch. His biography, and that of his mother, is well worth reading.

        • Very good, Carol Mar. I, too, see the similarity.

          • Thanks! From everything I’ve heard, sounds like Trump’s character does not quite come up to that of Churchill (Donald’s had three wives, has said rude things heard by millions of people, has not been tested on any field of battle, for example), but he’s plain-spoken and positioned at a moment in history similar to the one the world experienced in 1940.

            Regards and stay safe

      35. 3/22 is a satanic holiday..skull and bones kids.sorry, this is a false flag ://

      36. The only good muslin is resting at room temperature, bar none!!!!! Time is coming here and all hell will be let loose as OPEN SEASON is declared.

        • second.

          you would rather the muzzies back off on their fundamentalism and adapt to western civilization, but they’ve had thousands of years to do that and they still dont.

          so, i got no problem mowing them down and dropping them in the nearest body of water for fish food considering how they have treated our soldiers, women, people of other religions, children and animals(you should see how they treat animals, you would be horrified). you just have to eliminate these people.

          • Don’t pollute the water! Bury them under a cedar seedling to capture their soul and provide plant nutrients.

            • Ha ha, good idea!

      37. When in danger.
        When in doubt.
        Run in circles.
        Scream and shout.

      38. there have been many provocations but so far no one has really taken much action. A lot of talk, threats, hot air but no one is rising to protect America. No one will.

      39. I think Brussels should be classified as “retaliation” for the endless bombing of civilians in cities in Syria and Iraq. The ISIS press release today claiming retaliation reads “payback for NATO killing their innocent civilians daily from a great height”.

        • You’re on to something, Faris. In War, all sides kill the other by any means at hand. 30,000 feet or 3 feet, it don’t matter.

          Commies everywhere.

          f ’em

      40. So… the Washington Metro was shut down last week for-
        An emergency safety inspection.
        There’s been chatter about all this
        There will be a shutdown for the Nuclear Summit too at one of the staions.
        Things are not normal, folks. They will try their hardest and lie their hardest, but things are not normal.

        • 2isone
          I don’t believe a word of what they were saying… made no sense. My guess was a bomb scare. Who knows, but it was no routine fix or inspection. Mustang been muzzles or they’d have shouted it from the rafters. No trust.

      41. Really, who is going to pay for this wall? Trump stated that he plans to bill the Mexican government but why would they pay for a wall they don’t want in the first place?

        What is he going to do, sue them for non-payment, take them to court and add that suit to the 100’s of lawsuits he currently has in progress?

      42. Solution is simple: for every European killed shoot 100 Muslim males at random.

      43. We give money to Mexico. They have been and still selling drugs over here. They owe us big time. No more money for Mexico. That will pay for the wall. Trump is for real. He will do what he says. GO TRUMP!!!!

      44. Problem with walls is that you can dig tunnels underneath them

        • Southside
          Or as Trump said.. a ladder and a rope.

      45. southside – exactly… and there is also an elaborate underground tunnel system from Mexico leading into in every single U.S. state, except of course Alaska and Hawaii.

        However the tunnels are restricted to the drug cartels drug trafficking (who created this underground tunnel system) bringing drugs into the U.S.

        I seriously doubt they will allow Mexicans to use it to gain illegal entry into the U.S…. unless maybe they are delivering a crap load of illegal drugs for them.

        I think if Trump is our next president he is going to end up charging the taxpayers for the completion of said wall, that will only be semi-effective.

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