Europe Is The Prime Example Of What Is Coming To The United States: “This Modern Invasion Makes Saladin’s Armies Pale In Comparison”

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    Normally this topic is covered “gingerly,” and with the 1st Amendment of the Constitution having been “subverted” by political-social “correctness” doctrines, it is sure to draw unwanted attention. Europe is the prime example of what is coming to the United States. Countries such as Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and France…the heart of Warrior-Crusader Europe in Medieval times…have absolutely kowtowed to what is nothing less than a Muslim invasion. This modern invasion makes Saladin’s armies pale in comparison.

    The news is reporting the “giveaway” of traditionally Christian lands of European states to Muslim aliens crossing borders ceaselessly: on foot, by train, by plane, by car…by boat. This is a mass exodus in all directions, targeting all nations. Oligarchs such as Soros, and Politicos such as Merkel are fostering this exodus, backed up by the International Court of The Hague.

    The socialist-progressives want to destroy the ethnic homogeneity and religion, language, and culture of these nations to usher in globalism with the goal of “railing in and controlling” the Islamist extremists later (an “organizing the organized” strategy of Alinsky).

    It will backfire on them. The Islamists will come in and establish a foothold, and anyone that does not submit among the “unbelievers” (the al-Harb, as non-Muslims are called) will be dealt with. Dar al-Harb is the “house of war,” phonetically translated from the Arabic. Take note of a close similarity to dal al-Garb, or “house of the west.” The two are interchangeable, due to the philosophy/doctrine that holds for jihad, or “Holy War,” an institution of warfare meant to extend the rule of Islam into the dar-al-harb…into the lands of the gentile unbelievers.

    Guess what? They’re doing it. America is beset from within by communists and socialists under the guise of “progressivism” who wish to completely destroy the borders, language, and culture of the United States. Their plan to use Alinsky’s “organizing the organized” and then deal with the Islamists later?

    It is being used by the Islamists on them, in reverse.

    Here is what they see: the proof of what is in the heart of the average man. I present to you a “heated discourse” between two individual commenters on Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition website. You can visit the comments section under the article How Natural Aids Can Lessen Your Chances of Contracting the Pneumonic Plague. Read this, between commenters “Raj” (the Islamist) and “Yoda Dunbar” (the Christian). The first comment (posted by Raj) was highly profane and “disguised/propped up” with intentional misspelling. We’ll skip it, and proceed to the important parts (complete with pictures):

    Raj to Yoda Dunbar: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”  [Photo posted by Raj]


    Yoda Dunbar to Raj:  “You can have all the mosques, etc you like we have the most High God, His Son and the Holy Ghost, we don’t need anymore than that

    We pray for your soul to find true salvation, it won’t be granted by terror or intimidation, by pure repentance, get on your knees and ask for forgiveness and to repent, when you do that get back to me, there is more on salvation, you are not ready for the rest.”

    Raj to Yoda Dunbar: “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”   [Photo posted by Raj]


    Yoda Dunbar to Raj: “Guess you have forgotten the crusades, what is it with you people, the World is amazing, yet your kind seems hell bent on making it like it is where you came from, hell Holes, and that is why you are fleeing, instead of being grateful to a Nation for helping you and your kind out, you are angry, all the time too, why so angry? Compare your false entity, he calls for World domination, beheadings, raping little children and women, imposing taxes on those who won’t convert, slavery, the list is long of the abominable thoughts and wished of your entity, whereas our God, tells us to do nothing, he gave us free will, he wants us to love one another like brothers and sisters, he doesn’t want anyone raped, esp children, in the Bible he clearly says, suffer the little children to come unto me. You are on the wrong side of history and faith, let go of the past, stop threatening everyone, let alone getting so offended all the time. Thus ends my communication with you, I wish you well, and can only hope and pray you wake up to the truth before it is too late, there is no 72 virgins waiting, boy what a sales pitch to get ugly angry young Men to commit suicide bombings.”             

    Raj to Yoda Dunbar: “It’s a conquest like never before. Conquest of Europe and Canada and then of USA and Australia. European and Canadian don’t need visa to go to USA and Australia. Europe and Canada will be a stepping stone to USA and Australia.”        

    These comments are telling. You have each side telling the other about the superiority of its own side. The difference? The difference is plainly evident. Yoda Dunbar is simply didactic, whereas Raj mentions Islam but is telling Yoda Dunbar what the Islamists will do and what they are doing. He’s giving it to us!  By “us,” I mean Americans…exactly what they are doing and planning…with emphasis on the “doing” part! You’re not going to win a religious argument with those who not only believe in what they believe…but will strap dynamite to themselves and self-detonate…within the midst of the “prayer brunch” at the local Christian church.

    True Believer by Eric Hoffer covers it all…for those on both sides believing in something more for the sake of establishing an “identity” for themselves and assuring a pulpit with which to peddle ignorance.

    The only countries that are fighting the influx in Europe are Italy, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, and they are under the siege of The Hague (the Court mentioned earlier), as well as having cretins within their own populations trying to destroy their nations from within, as with our nation. In the United States, there is a carefully-constructed policy of ensconcing all of the Islamist extremism and Sharia law into the schools, the universities, and local and state government. They are doing it, and not simply allowing it to happen. We are allowing it to happen, and should not be surprised to wake up one morning to find the United States in a battlefield from coast to coast.

    The churches collect their tithes and percentages to fund an ongoing organization and keep everyone under control to the church hierarchies and whatever government is enabling their 501-C-3 tax status. The churches only interests are to preserve their establishments and enable tax-free salaries and profits under the “non-profit” shield. The churches buy property (such as abandoned movie theaters) and expand…not for religious growth, but for growth of the organization.

    The Muslims buy property, too…and fill them with guns and train the youth in the Madrasas to hate the west and to die for Islam. 

    The extremists can deny it all they want, but the bottom line is this: any land held by the Muslims and then lost to the “al-Harb” is considered a disgrace in the eyes of their Allah and must be retaken back. That applies not just to countries conquered, as in Spain and Portugal during the Middle Ages. That applies to places purchased…any piece of ground dwelt upon or with a mosque upon. Make no mistake: this is a war of conquest of a different kind.

    The kind where the conquerors are “invited” in and are conquering lands held by those too blind to realize what is happening until it is too late.

    This constitutes just one more threat, along with the fostered civil strife and political discord in the U.S. domestically. Next will most likely be the upholding of the “State of Aztlan,” and the “Reconquista” will be pushed to get the illegals from Central and South America and Mexico into the fray. Gutting the country from within and weakening it, and setting it up for the “Sunday Punch” of a foreign attack. The new emphasis: time for the media and the democrats to initiate the gun-grab…the firearms are the only thing stopping them. All on the march toward globalism.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. And here is the prime example of why what is happening in Europe isn’t going to happen here:

        ‘A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’

        • From your lips to God’s ears, Chunk. I’m in a constant argument with my libtard relatives about how “Australia solved all its problems when they simply outlawed guns”

          My response: “Australia doesn’t have a 2nd amendment”. End of discussion and i walk away

          Then their heads explode ?

        • Chunk, 100,000,000 gun owners can prevent it from happening. Let the sand fleas bring it.

          • That’s right. We can shoot the dirty islamic savages.

            • Menzo, I’ve got some BBQ sauce to dip bullets in, LOL.

              • None of you men are going to do anything. You don’t know the difference between shooting and typing. The time for action has passed, and you have done nothing. If a hundred killers came marching down the main street of your town, all you would do is rush to your computers and post comments.

                • RRRR, speak for yourself. You don’t know the true nature of the people here. You think all we do is type? Been living under a rock or something?

        • The 2sd Amendment has not stopped the long march through the institutions of avowed marxists. Nor has it stopped said marxists from imposing their will, one small increment at a time. It certainly has not stopped the loss of numerous Freedoms, which almost daily become fewer.

          The 2sd Amendment has done nothing to stop those who want you dead, from laying the groundwork for that to happen, including importing third-world agents of your destruction. And, your churches are helping import those agents, BTW…

          All the weapons and ammo in the world backed up by the 2sd Amendment, are worth nothing if a people lack resolve. Most “Americans” are too fat, lazy, and comfortable, to have a word like “resolve” in their vocabularies. One cannot even get most of them to agree on what the most pressing issues facing them are.

          • “Justme” makes an excellent point. The importation of millions of low IQ, hostile, indigestible, non-white parasites and blood sucking leeches from every failed, poverty and disease stricken, third world hell hole is the establishment globalist elite’s grand scheme to change the demographics from majority White to majority Parasite and then, once Whites are outnumbered – these non-white leeches will simply vote to abolish the Second Amendment.

            BTW: And this isn’t just the diabolically evil DemonRats who are pushing this agenda. The sleazy, slimy, backstabbing RINO and neocon elements within the GOP are also 100 percent on board with this agenda, and what makes this even sicker is that the imbeciles who run the NRA and GOA are helping this treason by donating money to these politicians and lying to their membership that these guys are pro-Second Amendment and we should vote for them.

            News Flash to all NRA and GOA members: Any politician who supports ANY third world based immigration into the USA, whether it is legal or illegal – is NOT a friend of the Second Amendment. He is an enemy of the Second Amendment.

            • Most White people do not want to hear it. Their White children, and grandchildren have a bleak future ahead of them, if any future at all. Once the 2sd Amendment is gone, or marginalized enough, White Genocide will commence.

              The 2sd Amendment only holds value, if it is backed up by courage. Most gun owners will roll over, and do nothing, when push comes to shove…

      2. The country’s cooked already. Stick a fork in it, cuz it’s DONE. The only thing to do is prep toward the ultimate battle of protection of family & loved ones..

        JJ: that little detail about disarming the populace….I’m thinking they may have a bit of problem with that ?

        Bring it, invaders!! ??


      3. It is said that the best defense is a good offense. Well, anyone else sick of waiting for others to call the start of the games? I reckon we’ve all been well and good offended enough. I say, ‘let the games begin’ asap.

        • GM, sad but true. Someone will definitely have trouble trying to disarm me…..they’ll just get themselves killed. I hope for THEIR sakes they’ll avoid it.

        • Heartless,
          Some attribute the Quote as “The best Offense is a good Defense”
          attributable to Carl von Clausewitz, 19th century Prussian military theorist or at least to his teachings.
          I’ve never heard of the quote you bring up.
          I own books by Sun Tzu and Machiavelli. I’ve
          recently been exposed to 4th generation
          warfare ideas. Which I’ve been advocating
          without knowing there was a name for it.
          We will lose if we go toe to toe with the big
          guys, we will win if we decapitate their Allah,
          Gaia, or party elite.

          • Good catch, rellik. I’d heard it the way you said before too. Still, I’ve always been of the mind to bring the war to the enemy. Defending my home, my neighborhood, my town, state…. country, I’d rather see done away from; well, home. Sort of a reach out and touch someone before they reach out to try and touch me. I in part also see your point and agree that to go ‘toe to toe’ with the powers we might lose. But, again, I’ll be damned if I think we should sit and wait to be taken out one at a time. Last I’ve also read Sun Tzu. I’ve also seen how he never considers attack as a part of defense. Definitely separates the 2. But, he cautions those who would defend to be sure they know if they can. That alone is why I’d propose attack. I know that alone or with a small group – defense is a loser’s game for me and those I’m allied to. Far better to strike and run, over and over, than to be shot like a dog on my own land.

            • Our country is too PC to go to war on foreign soil and WIN ANYTHING. We try to change their culture, build roads, educate, etc. Make them like USA and “like” us…ain’t gonna work…ever. Only way this ends with a true US victory is if “they” come here, piss off enough of the non-PC patriots like us and we fuk ’em up backwoods style. Otherwise we invade, occupy, develop, wait, talk, send more troops, spend money, etc. Endless “war machine”. Same shit, different toilet paper. While I know we are at war, we don’t win, we never leave, and have no plan to do any of the above. Any idea how long and how much money we would get sucked into NKif we bomb or nuke? God forbid we have collateral civilian loss of life or damage…CNN would call for war crimes, oh they already have. We can’t even use drones without getting bbq’d in press.

              If we were attacked domestically/invaded by a real sovereign country marching on the USA we would have a sense of urgency to get them the hell out of OUR country ANYWAY WE COULD. That might include some really nasty war strategy, guerrilla warfare against them, no prisoners at f’n Gitmo, no trials or debates about ‘was it terrorism or work place violence”?

              Defensive POSTURE as an offensive strategy would be horrific but may be the only way to end this muzzy/NK/communism BS.

              Quote from some old movie…”ain’t no man gonna come in my house and take what I got.” It’s all about attitude of winning…the old one doesn’t work.

              I am not a chest thumping macho whack and cringe at the thought of this strategy and the impact on our country. I have learned in my 53 years that God has me stationed here that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Time to change strategy maybe.

          • Rellik, if we get the right percentage of 100,000,000 gun owners involved we won’t lose. We’ll still outnumber the scum out there.

            • Brave,
              Perhaps I didn’t express my self very well.
              Massive armies aren’t the answer. We need
              to kill off the “Elites” and put together
              a system where we don’t allow anymore “Elites”.
              If we don’t we will just repeat the senseless
              destruction of freedom and life over
              and over again.
              The world isn’t perfect and never will be.

              • Rellik, it’s true we’ll have to start over from scratch and the elites have to go. I just hope there will be enough like-minded people to take part in the rebuilding and restoration of the US.

      4. going to be one helluva battle over this!

      5. There is NO doubt that “their” goal is to disarm us, the free citizens of what is left of The United States. We are clearly rotting from within, there is no doubt about that one. As far as those filthy foreigners and or Muslims are concerned, HANG them all.

      6. why not start when their numbers are small ?

      7. “I have never dishonored the Muslims, but their morals are completely different from ours. What for us is a sin, for them is a virtue. What we consider a minor fault, for them is a mortal sin. For example, for them to deceive a kafir (infidel) is a particularly good action. We have to consider this, without judging. Nobody wants to harm them, nor do I hate them. I love and respect them. I pray for them every day.”

        No more fear mongering. No more of this cowardly manipulative garbage. That’s why I got rid of my tv and radio so many years ago. I want ideas, strategies, plans of action on how we can go about reclaiming our nation. Even if that means putting forward plans to help make the third world a more appealing place for those people to remain, then so be it, but no more of this time wasting fear mongering garbage. You either start putting forward plans, organizing your counter-revolutionary Frankfurt school or you’re just wasting your time writing and ours reading.

      8. Raj to Yoda Dunbar: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” [Photo posted by Raj

        Yeah, and stupidity, interbreeding and a corrupt, vile, anti-human fake religion that militates against human dignity is your calling card.

        But I will give you this: The West is at a crossroads not seen since the Battle of Tours, or the Siege of Vienna. The only positive is that the fascist left will be the first ones the Muslims turn on – and then it will be too late. Tell me fascist left: WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN THE RADICAL MUSLIMS COME MARCHING IN TO IMPLEMENT SHARIA LAW ON THE RADICAL GAYS IN SF (WHERE I WAS BORN), OR ON THE RADICAL FEMINISTS IN NYC?

        Or didn’t you think that far ahead. The truth is, Christians are dhimmis, and as long as you pay the massive jizya tax and live as a second class citizen, you will live. Atheists, gays and feminists will be taken to the local soccer stadium and have done to them what they do elsewhere to these folks. And it won’t be pretty.

      9. I am not optimistic about Europe; the following are the facts. Society, especially most men, have been been successfully neutered, intellectually and psychologically. They won’t even act on their own behalf to protect themselves, and leave all decisions public and private to the government. I saw a video of a group of adult men on standing on the street watching a woman being beat up and raped by immigrants and doing absolutely nothing about it. The women are also complicit; the majority of gov’t officials are women in many countries. Female citizens are being abused, property destroyed, and large numbers of serious crimes taking place where previously unknown, yet the officials keep excusing it, even refusing to prosecute them. Then say even more Moslems should come in. There are videos on the internet showing women who are members of the German parliament stating their desire for the extinction of their own German people.
        Europeans have sadly brought all this on themselves. They are morally and philosophically confused. In the last one hundred fifty years the masses of Europe have abandoned their faith and cultural roots, embraced Marxism, fascism, nazism, socialism or communism, and other isms. Now I have read some European countries even want to give human rights to higher mammals.
        Confusion brings weakness in that it destroys the ability to act clearly and decisively. Why would a nation’s society that has enjoyed peace and bedrock stability for centuries now allow voluntary destruction of their culture (for example Norway, Sweden, Denmark)? Compounding the disaster is the low birth rate. Europe is actually committing voluntary suicide without the Moslem hordes flooding across the borders who are breeding in prodigious numbers, all the while being subsidized to do it. In two generations Arabic will be the prevailing language across the continent, and with few exceptions there are already more practicing Moslems than Christians.
        It was reported yesterday many native Europeans see the writing on the wall and in the coming years we will see their mass migration mostly to America, Canada, and Australia. I hate to see it but don’t feel sorry for them.
        Why are nations where the majority of citizens are of European stock and have European culture being changed? Every country in the world has the power to prevent unwanted immigration. Why is global immigration one way? Especially where there is an irreconcilable difference of religion and culture. Why is the West targeted? Why has the ability to control borders and control immigration subverted? There is a concerted, organized effort to undermine western societies economically and culturally. You can speculate by whom. The goal is to eliminate national identities of western countries, and the dissolution of European stock. It is by design, it cannot be accidental.

        • Anyone who has seen the youtube video of Barbara Lerner Specter, a jewess, spilling the beans on her tribe’s White Genocide agenda knows the answer to the question posed by Bill:

          “There is a concerted, organized effort to undermine western societies economically and culturally. You can speculate by whom. The goal is to eliminate national identities of western countries, and the dissolution of European stock. It is by design, it cannot be accidental.”

          There is no need for speculation. The identity of who is behind this is out in the open and they are even so cocky that they now boast about it.

      10. Waiting for the Marxist faggot ass pussy comments .
        Most of all remember them . There is some by all of us . They should be the first to suffer .

      11. Learn from Europe and prevent here what is happening there. Vote out politicians and fire judges that support these people.

        • Kevin2, let them bring it. We can make certain they “fail the test”.

          • That’s simply not true. The vote works if applied intelligently and in masse. This power has kept the guts of the Second Amendment. Regarding the 1st & 4th the public is not in unison, there is no voting block. TPTB need the public to at best want their ostensible agenda or at a minimum be sufficiently distracted and fragmented not to block it. The more misbehavior the Islamic crazies do in Europe the more difficult the sell is here to import them in great number.

        • Jim, voting or firing won’t work. Civil war 2 is guaranteed now. Only a matter of time.

      12. Let’s face reality. The only way to shut up the gun grabbing, diversity loving politicians and media is to start killing them and don’t stop until they are too filled with fear that they might be next. They have stated their intentions clearly enough. They have declared themselves as domestic enemies of the Constitution. Sad that it has come to this ,but why do we wait until they start shooting first?


      14. Europe’s colonial political ties to the middle east (UK, France & Germany) far exceed social ties from the US as the percentage of population shows. Watching this cancerous spread in Europe will not endear it replicating in the US. The media will do its best to sell this but as time goes on it will become increasingly difficult. Trump is buying us time. Better them the testing ground than us.

      15. Ever been to the 3rd world Hell-Holes of Miami or Houston? I lived in both and they are what’s coming and what is already here.

      16. there is a lot of tough talk about a new civil war.
        how do groups find each other and communicate ? who is in charge?
        etc etc
        is all of this already set up and I just havent heard about it ?

      17. “And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand”

        Interesting how the Bible talks of beheadings, and now the west is being invaded by those who behead.

      18. Europe is camp of the saints book come to life, although the usa could be considered the same by the way of central and south America, but i’m pretty certain they arrived mostly by boat in the book.

      19. It will happen here and I will tell you why. Most Americans don’t realize what’s going on in Europe because the lying media does not report it, and the democrats are willing to let anyone and everyone into our country. As the illegal aliens and Muslims continue to increase their presents in the U.S. that’s when all hell will break loose.

        • Thank you. An earlier post stated “Bring it.” Most people I speak to would say, “Bring WHAT?” Some people are preparing quietly but most are clueless. And the democrats aren’t just letting invaders in, they are actively bringing them in and paying them once they are here.

      20. They’ve already ran the formulas. If they can bring in approx another 3 million, age 18-35 male Muslims into the USA, then the slaughter will begin. Not their slaughter….YOURS. At the present rate of immigration, we’ve got less than 10 years. If the democrats get back in 2020 (and they likely will)……the immigration will be increased. They will be brought in under asylum and refugee status, because as the dems will declare, “we’re a nation of immigrants, and we have a moral obligation to offer these poor souls a better, more opportunistic & safer life”. Then, all hell will break loose by 2022. (5 years). !!!!!!!!

      21. What is coming to America, is not coming anymore. Its already here- Steve Quayle

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