Establishment Media Now Laughably Claiming That Trump Cannot READ In Latest Pathetic Attack On The President

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    Another day, another pathetic attack on Donald Trump, this time with the laughable claim that the president may not actually be able to read.

    That’s right, Trump derangement syndrome has “reached its peak” and has even increased with the release of a so far uncorroborated book by anti-Trump author Michael Wolff that claims that almost every person who comes into contact with the president believes him to be a moron.

    Keep in mind that this comes at the same time that the media and leftists throughout the country are also trying to claim that Trump is mentally unstable.

    Infowars reports:

    The latest talking media point, in addition to the notion that the President is mentally unstable, is that Trump is probably also illiterate.

    The point was raised, predictably, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, with Joe Scarborough declaring “[Trump] doesn’t read. He didn’t read. […] [T]here has been a question of whether this guy can read, whether he does read.”

    Scarborough noted that Wolff’s book contends that “senior staffers at the White House have low opinions of the President’s intelligence.”

    “There are many creative words. Quote: ‘Trump didn’t read. He didn’t really even skim. If it was print, it might as well not exist. Some believed that for all practical purposes, he was no more than semi-literate.’” Scarborough stated as he read from the text.

    “For Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus, he was an “idiot.” For Gary Cohn, he was “dumb as” blank [on screen: “s**t”]. For H.R. McMaster he was a ‘dope.’” the host continued.

    Scarborough then launched into what can only be described as straight up disinformation coming from a man that openly hates the president and has shown his willingness to do whatever it takes to hurt him.

    He doesn’t read. He didn’t read. I remember one time in a, uh, let’s just say a tense, uh, uh, uh, meeting with Donald Trump, I actually after, I think it was the, uh, right after the first debate, I said, uh — and of course we disagreed on his performance. I thought it was horrible. He thought it was the greatest debate performance ever.

    I said: Donald, let me ask you a question. Do you read? Do you read? And he just stared back at me and made Mika a little nervous, uh, for me to be insulting this guy. I go: Do you read? If somebody — and, um, this is verbate. If somebody wrote you a one-page memo, and, and, and wrote a one-page memo for every issue, could you read it?

    And he lifted up his Bible, his childhood Bible. He goes: Of course I read. Uh, that was the wrong book for him to hold up to say he read it. But, there, there has been a question of whether this guy can read, whether he does read.

    Uh, and inside the White House, again, we’ve all heard these complaints. He refuses to read anything. He gets bored, uh, after about fifteen seconds of even people talking to him.

    Make no mistake folks this is hardcore fake news and reeks of absolute desperation by an establishment that has gone ALL OUT to take out the president and has so far failed miserably, with the American people continuing to support him despite this full-scale disinformation operation.


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      1. Joe Scarborough is one of the biggest dickheads I the MSM. Trump Derangement Syndrome? I say there’s no such thing. Libturd Derangement Syndrome? Now THAT one I can believe, LOL!

        • Braveheart is a knuckle-dragging ape!

        • Joe Scarborough looks like a bag of dick and his little Mika does to.

          • Donald J Trump may have won the Presidency, but anyone that believes the Globalist,the NWO people or the Deep State, FBI, CIA or any other Leftist Group is just going to roll over and let President Trump turn this Country around is an absolute fool. Even though most people know that the MSM is controlled by those same groups and knows that they lie to us on a continuing basis, people will still watch the Evening News and start to believe the propaganda that is fed to us on a nightly basis. They have used the Russian Collusion for a smoke screen and a diversion for over a year, so now they are going to start using some new tactics to keep the POTUS off balance and to plant doubt in the minds of the people that elected President Trump. I’m sure that most people on this site have friends on their email list, so it’s time to get busy and share your thoughts with them on this subject as well as your comments on SHTFplan. Trekker Out. Take A Stand!

        • heck i cant read those chinese instructions that came with my SKS?

      2. There’s no way Donald Trump could’ve made it to where he’s been without the right kind of education. The ones in MSM are definitely morons. Along with this Michael Wolff libturd.

        • If “Turnip Joe” is right – I wasted my youth on learning to read.

          If I had known I could be an illiterate billionaire businessman and President. . . You couldn’t have forced me to read. . . not even if you used a baseball bat.

          • Dragon, don’t worry. Joe is a libturd and libturds are always full of shit.

          • You might… if your parents had been millionaires willing to pay someone off to give you passing marks….I believe trump can read …..but to a level needed to clearly understand the ramifications
            of his words and actions as the president of the US.

        • I gotta say, that wolf dude looks a little creepy

          • Nailbanger, libturds usually are at least a little creepy. It’s part of their nature.

      3. BTW, certain people in MSM only got there because of affirmative action.

        • Many also got on their knees to get where they got, MSM whores they are.

      4. Coming from the same MSM that has an absolute hissy fit every time the guy tweets. I am pretty sure you have to be able to read to tweet. COVFEFE !!! Not only can he read he has made up words that are now searchable on google. I bet Scarborough can’t say that.

      5. the best things to come out of all of this,
        MSM exposed for what it really is.
        DC swamp dwellers exposed for what they really are.
        Libtards exposed for what they really are.
        Sides being chosen.
        Choose wisely.
        Aside from this crap getting really old really fast,
        Seems DJT is doing EXACTLY what he was sent to DC to do.
        God bless the USA, Long live the republic.

      6. Asking if Trump can read is like asking if a bear poops in the woods. Seems pretty simple that if a man can type/tweet, can sign such an elaborate signature as he’s got… literacy is not a problem.

        • Heartless, literacy is definitely a problem for the libs. Oh…..I forgot, the libturds have NO literacy. My bad. Hehehehe!

      7. Nailbanger, you nailed it again. I really love it when libturds turn against their own. Gotta keep the popcorn well stocked, LOL.

        • The imbecile Libturds rage on every where now. There is only one position open in their tiny pea sized minds “…the extreme…” They are so easy to recognize. They, who they can’t slander and quickly defame, become the target of torrents of slimy insults. They believe by acting as second graders they can really make their target submissive.

      8. President Trump graduated from the Wharton School Of Business, one of the most prestigious of its kind in the country. Many can’t even be accepted. Can’t read?


        • People dont amass the wealth and sophisticated network of business intrests like DJT has ifvthey are illiterate,
          If they are illiterate they could be living in chicongo or detroit killing eachother off blaming white folks who dont even know they exist for their problems

          • The illiterate can obtain legal wealth. Ever listen to a rappers lyrics? They speak a language but it isn’t english.

            Trump can’t read

            GTFOOH. A man who took a million and turned it into several billion, graduated from a prestigious University and he can’t read. Thats an impossible sell to those of us who can read.

            • Good point on rappers, but they dont have real wealth like DJT, the man has serious wealth, that family i have respect for,

              • Its what Cris Rock said, “I’m rich, thats wealthy”. Trump is wealthy but poor wealthy relative to TPTB. He is “wealthy” enough to independently finance trouble for them. Rothschild likely gave up counting in the early part of the last century. Its about power and control.

          • Nailbanger, you nailed it again about the ‘downtrodden’. [SARCASM] GMAFB!

        • Kevin2, I hear you loud and clear on that one. President Trump is more than a “smart cookie” in my book. I’d bet that all of the female and minority talking heads in MSM needed a quota and a set-aside to get into college.

      9. Seems the strong delusions of the endtimes, are extremely strong.

      10. Dry lube sprayed my steel cased ammo. Maybe compensates? Can’t hurt?

      11. Ignorant? Easily led? Can’t think? Tune into the fascist left media!

      12. Leftist Bolshevik media is imploding. They have been reduced to tabloid personal attacks. Can’t believe I live in the same nation as these treasonous jackasses.

      13. Seems we are witnessing the separation of the wheat from the Tares. Can’t wait for the burning.

      14. I recall talking with one of my professors while doing my graduate work, Dr. McMurray at Univ. of Illinois. Upon finding out that I was a Christian and a conservative/libertarian, he blurted out how frustrated he was that all his best and brightest students seemed to be conservative and/or Christian.

        Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it. And you are correct: he apparently hadn’t reflected on WHY this was the case.

        Not meant as an insult, but these people noted above are either intellectually dishonest, or – if they are concerned about ignorance – ought to try looking in the mirror.

        And they also might try showing an iota of intelligence by reading Dr. Arthur Brooks (Syracuse University) seminal book, Who Really Cares. Then, after finishing that, they can come back and tell me who, exactly, is “stupid.”

      15. This accusation is stupid.

        Whoever said Trump can’t read is retarded themselves.

        Trump read the prompter in front of the whole country night after night, day after day, along the campaign trail.

        Then he put up his hands and interjected a comment off the cuff. Trump is many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.


        • B from CA, Happy New Year and welcome back. Agreed about Trump. Plus he doesn’t really need a teleprompter to speak like a previous POTUS we all know of, LOL! [NOD NOD WINK WINK]

        • B from CA: You promised to leave; keep your word and go away – back to your hideous old hag.

      16. The media keeps trying different things hoping whatever they sling some of it will stick. Most people are onto it and the libs believe everything the media puts out. the media like Hollywood are becoming irrelavent.

        • Jim in VA, remember when everyone called Reagan “The Teflon President”? Nothing could stick to him? Trump is the same way and the libturds can’t see it.

      17. Scarborough sits around gossiping about another dude. That’s something adolescent females do. Grow up dude.

      18. So he calls the Bible the “wrong book”? That’s part of what’s wrong with him right there.

        BTW, it’s “toe the line,” not “tow the line.”

      19. Morning Gossip with Joe.

      20. Trump is not illiterate. That’s not what they meant. He has severe reading comprehension problems which is why he had stated he never read a book in his life. His former friend Tony Schwartz wrote the Art of the Deal. Trump spoke, Tony wrote. Trump has openly admitted to never reading books and his first ex-wife verified that statement. He openly admitted that. He also bragged about never going to classes in college, never once taking notes, never writing his own term papers. He had said it was a waste of time.

        On his first day in Office he requested all documents be condensed, in bullets with no more than ten words per line. He said he has reading comprehension issues. That’s where this “illiterate” rumor started. He can’t read lots of text, if it’s more than a paragraph, such as a document, he can’t comprehend what he is reading. Reading comprehension. He said so himself. But that doesn’t mean he’s illiterate.

      21. How many Americans read as part of their daily lives? How many books has the average American read in 2017? I’m sure there is enough documents crossing his desk that it would take ten times the time that he has to actually read it. It is possible that he might be dyslexic but that would be public knowledge. If you’re the POTUS, you have people who would read for you and condense it down.

      22. Waiting for the AMA to chime in. About those members diagnosing Trump from afar. Violated ethics and probably got paid for writing and lecturing about it.

      23. I don’t like Trump, do not like the Clintons, repulsed by Obama and G W Bush, Reagan a big joke. Poppy Bush is an evil demon, what did you expect from that Nazi and his offspring shrubs? They all suck and are all major criminals. All work against the American people at every opportunity. Name one thing to like about any of them. They all play the public as dumb asses. Like one or the other, they gotcha playing the fools game enough to only benefit their ilk. That game plays out like golden clockwork. They could not care less about the peon populations opinion. Freedom slips away while they make out like bandits while this nation crumbles.

      24. “He doesn’t read. He didn’t read. I remember one time in a, uh, let’s just say a tense, uh, uh, uh, meeting with Donald Trump, I actually after, I think it was the, uh, right after the first debate, I said, uh — and of course we disagreed on his performance. I thought it was horrible. He thought it was the greatest debate performance ever.”
        The libtard should go to speech therapy he can’t even flow a smooth sentence without stammering and choking…….FLUSH

      25. The idiots never give up, do they? The masses are not as dumb as they would like to think.

      26. The more I read or hear about this type of leftist, deepstate, socilist, communist, liberal, BS the more I like Trump !!

        I love the smell of melting snowflakes in the morning.

        It just proves to me Trump is STILL doing EXACTLY what I voted for !!

        • ???

        • Trump is going to welch on his promise to reform immigration.

          Under Trump the run away H1B Visa program will continue.

          Under Trump this country will continue taking in more “refugees, migrants, unescorted children, boat people, asylum seekers, you name it” than any other nation on the planet. The crisis here in the U.S. eclipses anything Europe is seeing. The MSM just covers everything up. The NYT actually bragged about how many the U.S. was taking in.

          Trump is going to cave to the libtards who won’t even use the words “illegal” or “un-documented” and want to make the whole country a sanctuary.

          We need to stop all immigration until we get our own house in order. We cannot feed, educate, clothe, house, care for, employ out own citizens, yet I have to wait behind Somalians at the bank who never saw an ATM until they got here.

      27. I have seen this pig Joe Scarborough and his cheap trick Mika babble stupidities a few times. Can’t stomach to see these two bumbling idiots try to pretend to be half way civilized. No one watches or believes their garbage other than scrounges like Scarborough and his tramp.

      28. Trump is as smart as the jew handlers allow him to be.

      29. Your commenting policy statement is a lie. You cull comments based on words used, irregardless of offensiveness. You cover for the ones ruling us and many of us know it.

      30. If true, inability to read puts him down there with most federal judges, who cannot read the Constitution.

      31. I am 72 years old and I have never seen anything like this in my life. I fear our republic is at risk. If so a lot of us are going to die. To Mr. Trump I say keep their hand in the fire for we are at a crucial moment in our history.

      32. Enjoy it MSM..libtards. We had 8 years of it.
        Your turn!!!

      33. Just for the record. President Donald Trump went to the University of Pennsylvania, one of the Ivy-est of the Ivy League schools. You really have to have you sh*t together to get in there.

        Pretty sure you got to have your reading and writing down pat to get in there. Star student. Top of your class. All that “stuff.” That means Trump is literate not illiterate.

        Not only that, but Trump went to the Wharton School, perhaps the finest business school in the world, known to graduate the biggest meanest bunch of business b*tches and bast*rds ever. That means Trump’s math skills have to be above par, too.

        Ivanka is a graduate of Penn and Wharton, too. Same with Donald, Jr. These people are no slouches.

        • “You really have to have your s * * t together to get in there.” Hahaha. Nope. Wrong.

          Not if you paid your way in.

          Trumps father Fred, who was worth almost half a billion at the time, donated a huge amount of cash to the University so Wharton would rethink their decision and accept Trump. A known fact.

          Then Trump still didn’t get in, he still didn’t get accepted Wharton after high school. He only got into Fordham and was finally accepted as a 3rd year transfer student and only after his father made a second donation to Wharton. Fordham, a school which at that time was known as a dumping ground for all those not accepted by the Ivy’s. Another known fact back then. Two years ago he changed history with one sentence.

          Trump was finally able to transfer into Wharton in his 3rd year. He only spent the last two years there, thanks to his father’s TWO hefty donations, well, sort of spent two years there, as he often and openly bragged back then about how they gave him his degree after his father donated more money to the University of Pennsylvania, when he never attended classes, never took notes, never studied and rarely ever attended classes. He said so himself. Many times. Long ago. Before you ever heard of him. Hahaha. He had admitted and even bragged about it long before running for POTUS at which time he changed his story. The one that you all bought into. LMAO.

          Oh, yeah, he’s a genius alright. sarcasm) LMAO. Not too many people could pull that off. I’ll give him that.

          Well, except for Ivanka. EXACT same story. Ivanka was also denied admission, not accepted, wound up at Fordham for 2 years, Daddy Donald donated large sums, then she too was accepted in her 3rd year as a transfer student, and no one saw her on campus. She didn’t attend classes either. He bought her her degree as well.

          Hahaha he’s got you all believing lies when he had already admitted the truth many times, and even openly bragged about it long before he ran for POTUS. Still LMAO.

          Some of his professors came forward a few yrs ago and said Trump was the worst student they ever had. They were angry. Two even stated that they hated him. Fact. Same for Ivanka. They were pissed at the University Officials. His degree was bought. Just like her degree. Haha, he has more than half of you gullibles here fooled. Haha. Still LMAO.

          In that way I guess maybe he is a genius.

          Hey look, if I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains or deep rural south, or the desert, far, far away from NYC pre-internet, I’d believe his lies too. But I didn’t. That’s why I am still LMAO.

      34. Once again, funny people talking.
        The quote that was typed above was NOT what was said. It’s in tape stupid !!!
        There was no…uh…uh…
        He didn’t ask if he COULD read. He asked if he DID read.
        Trumps professors all have said in the record on tape that he was an idiot and barely passed.
        He’s a moron.
        And soon to be out….money laundering big time.
        Kushner might have him best though as his current loan is $245.

      35. I bet he can read “My Pet Goat” without stumbling …….

      36. once again,here we go with wasting,time effort and intelligence on stupid gossip and hateful hearsay. is it any wonder the u.s. is doomed?

      37. And just how many of them can “read” a set of construction blue prints ?? It is not quite the same as reading from a teleprompter. If Trump can put up buildings and hotels, I am quite sure he can read prints, so why would anyone in their right mind say he could not read.

      38. Trump has some smart folks in his circle. I am hoping Mattis and Kelly are in that group. He is getting better advice than he was with Bannon and Priebus. Nixon was surrounded by nazi/new-born neocons such as Erlichman, Haldeman, Mitchell which eventually
        helped to cause his downfall.

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