Establishment Admits: We Are “Unable to Stop” The Spread of the Coronavirus

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    One establishment government is finally admitting that the ruling class of the world is going to be unable to stop the spread of the coronavirus.  While globalists desperately attempt to craft a vaccine and save the day, other rulers think it could be too late.

    According to the Daily Mail, Thailand’s government admits it’s “unable to stop” the spread of the coronavirus.  The virus has already proven deadly and could be spreading much more rapidly than mainstream media and establishment ruling classes are willing to admit. Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul said there are too many Chinese visitors to stop the virus from spreading. At least 22,000 people from Wuhan are believed to have visited Thailand in January alone.

    With 14 confirmed cases of the disease, Thailand is the worst-affected nation outside of China. According to the Daily Mail‘s numbers, Almost 4,600 people have caught the Wuhan coronavirus around the world so far, and 106 have died in China.

    “Our target is we will be able to detect all carriers entering Thailand and we will apply necessary measures as the situation develops,” said Charnvirakul. “Of course, we expect more people to get sick but we are able to identify all of them.”

    Countries all over the world are taking extraordinary steps to stop the coronavirus reaching their shores.

    Hong Kong today said it would stop trains and ferries, Russia and Mongolia have closed land borders with China and airport screening is in place globally.

    Thailand is screening all passengers from China at its airports and has planes on standby to retrieve an estimated 64 people who are stranded in the locked-down Hubei region. –Daily Mail

    The coronavirus has been sickening people since December 31, 2019. Unfortunately, there have also been what are called “super-spreading” events in which one person can infect multiple others before they recover, speeding up the rate of transmission.

    All you can do is arm yourself with the knowledge of how to beat a pandemic.



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      1. It would be wise to dine at home, preparing food and avoiding prepared foods and raw fruits and vegetables, as a precautionary measure.

      2. Why don’t they just stop selling the beer?

      3. They’re Dead, Dave, everybody’s dead..

      4. They’re Dead, Dave, everybody’s dead..

      5. Just more revenge of the retards. Just following protocol. First 9/11, then QE, now this and The usual suspects in collusion for another attack during the election which they are suddenly “worried” about occuring with out a single shred of evidence, but are “practicing” for, Israel, U.S. government, and U.S. media.

        Yeah, we know in advance that the threats to America are not Russia, China, or Iran!

        The U.S. government and corporations are the ones that hate us for our freedoms, and they have signed tons of treasonous acts to prove it!

        They just look so fucking retarded! Stubborn and wrong! All that and a bag of shit!

      6. Put a lime in it.

        PFFFF LOL

        • Just drink Dos Equis or Pacifica beer. No lime needed.

      7. If you google pneumonia deaths in the USA since jan 01, 2020 you will be surprised. It does not mean the USA is hiding it. It is influenza season. Also, google the symptoms of those who died from the vaping illness. Many had pneumonia like symptoms. I believe it has been here for a while and the Chinese have identified it. Google pneumonia cases for Cleveland, OH and W. Virginia, ect…. the flu does not cause over 40 cases of pneumonia in clusters or, does it.

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