Epic Speech: Is Trump for Real? Watch As He Destroys ‘Hillary the Liar, Ruining America’

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Headline News | 71 comments

Do you LOVE America?


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    This one is for the record books.

    Seriously… there’s always heightened campaign rhetoric; but usually it is pillow fighting for two parties that are in bed together screwing the country.

    But this campaign year is different. Donald Trump absolutely unleashed on Hillary Clinton in a way that may well be historic.

    Secrecy, lies, theft, death, graft, bought-out strings from powerful donors and an absolutely criminal candidate. The accusations are well-based in decades of absurd and vicious ambition by Hillary, who clearly will stop at nothing to get power. For that price, she has handed over much to those who should have no control of the country.

    “They totally own her,” Trump charges. The special interests have likely never more fully bought out a political figure more so than they have the Clinton family.

    From theft and the politics of personal profit… he accuses Hillary of running the State Dept. like a hedge fund and taking cash from foreign governments in turn for access and favorable policies.

    “Desperately, we need those jobs.”

    But probably the biggest issue Trump strikes a chord on is trade – from international trade deals like NAFTA and the still-pending TPP, promotion of cheap manufacturing in China at the expense of American jobs, the country is in shambling and the middle class has slowly died largely due to policies from the Clinton and Bush administrations.

    Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump absolutely rails against the price that Americans have had to pay for the rise of globalism – Clinton-style and otherwise – in a way that no major candidate ever has since the age of globalism began in the latter half of the 20th Century.

    “Hillary gets rich while making you poor,” Trump charges. If Hillary gets the presidency, “We will lose our country,” he warns.

    “She should be in prison.”

    There’s much more, but this is no ordinary speech.

    In the last prize fight, Trump destroyed the Bush legacy and made a fool of Jeb! Now, he is taking on the true heavyweight usurper Hillary. Both had it coming badly. Trump could throw the fight and give her an easy crown…

    But here, Trump lays it all out. Is he for real?


    Donald Trump’s Full Anti-Hillary Clinton Speech in NYC (6-22-16)

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    Anti-Trump Riots Go Primal: “Demonstrators Smash Up a Squad Car, Punch a Donald Supporter”

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      1. Trump is for truth and really knowing that keeping your enemies close and knowing all the gossip and corruption that each politicians have on each other..

        He always listen to these people and the gossip of the insiders
        He is truth about the Government corruption.. He is our voice

        • Presidents are SELECTED, not elected (quote attributed to FDR)

          Mrs. Clinton has already been SELECTED to become the next president, like or not and nothing will revert such outcome.

          Trump is just a reality show entertainer paid to speak whatever thing comes into his mind, while keeping distracted the ignorant masses in America.

          Your vote does NOT count. End of story.

          • 100% correct.

          • You may be right about selected.But be careful about calling me ignorant,hope I meet you face to face!
            My evil twin brother is a M.F.
            Maniac –out

        • Neither of these two clowns are the answer for this Country but boy-oh-boy, this is must watch Reality TV at it’s finest.

          • Sadly, THIS reality show will have no roses given to anyone….only camps, forced employment, and/or bullets

            • If Hillary becomes Resident President, we have just lost another Generation of Good Americans to evil. As Hillary will shove Globalism down our throats, and make us slaves and make us house Syrian terrorists illegal immigrants in our homes. Refuse and you go to FEMA Camp. Far fetched? Not hardly.


      2. Maybe it is just me, but I don’t understand why no one mentions the fact that Hitler would be nothing but a figure head. This is just a way for Bill to get around the term limits and serve another 8 years. Anyone who thinks he won’t be calling a lot of the shots is just kidding themselves. They have worked as a tag team screwing over Americans their entire careers.

        • Yes, but it worked the other way around too, with Hillary calling the shots when Bill was president. He all but admitted as much back in the day.

        • True: the Obama years have been Clinton-light as he used his wife to keep tabs on Obama and influence policy of his ‘boy’. Essentially, Clinton served 8 years as Prez, 8 years as court supplicant and adviser, and is looking to be Presidential string puller for 8 more years. That’s 24 years in total in the White House!

        • @JAS…..I respectfully disagree. If elected, it WILL be ALL hillary because she craves power above ALL else and will/has used any means in order to obtain it. When billy was running, he made the remark that voters would get “two for the price of one”, but hillary is NOT about sharing the power at all. She likes to think that SHE did a great deal behind the scenes when first lady, but all she attempted to accomplish through billy were abject failures, as was her stints as a Senator and Secretary of State. I do not like trump, but I hate hillary….she is an extremely EVIL and dangerous person. I really rather doubt either will ever be President….
          Have Faith and Pray…..We are going to need it now more than ever..

        • JAS, Yes, I agree “The First Gentleman” will be calling some of the shots, and also probably controlling that which this criminal has no business overseeing. I find it hard to believe and accept that an impeached POTUS could return to the White House, AND amazingly, also grab whatever power he wants when he wants it. That’s just not right.

      3. But Satori says “she will maintain life support…just a little longer”
        He never answer the question on his support..he just bashes and shills the people’s choice…and gives the biggest cop out of all…”the Republican establishment dump Trump campaign will be his candidate…I think he’s a poser acting like a patriot but just a psyop of distraction.

        Live Free or Die…all I hear is crickets from satori

        • sorry Talon
          Trump is not the people’s choice as you put it

          Hitlery has tremendous negatives
          Trump’s are even worse
          over 70% at this time
          BIG negatives with women,blacks and Latino’s
          also BIG negatives in his own party
          at this time he is unelectable
          he starts doing things differently and damn soon

          will I vote for a candidate that the Republican party manages to drag out at the last minute ???
          probably not
          as I said
          I will probably stay home this election

          and Hitlery will keep things going awhile longer
          she is very much the status quo candidate

          and if Trump wants to get elected he damn well better come up with a more effective strategy NOW
          the Republican establishment has thrown him under the bus
          and he is only popular with a small,core group of supporters

          he HAS to win the support of the “swing voters”

          and I don’t care how much some people like him
          the man has been PROVEN to be a pathological liar
          it’s almost like he can’t help himself
          if you want any examples
          just let me know
          I am all over politics like white on rice
          A to Z
          KOS to FOX and everywhere in between

          if you or anyone else ever sees me post any info that is not factual
          then by all means point it out
          not gonna take it personal
          to make good decisions
          you HAVE to have reliable and true information

          • I do NOT know where your polls are coming from. but you are wrong. Where is Hillary massive crowds and No one in their right mind will vote for Socialism or Communism…
            And to this day, how did Clinton get the delegates votes in California , when there was no voting done on that day ?

            and do NOT call me a liar

          • More disinformation and distraction from the psyop Republican establishment representative…ever notice that the negatives he post about Trump are all establishment talking points and make believe…if he had this much passion about who really is the enemy of the people…he would actually be balanced. Love that endorsement of yours satori ” Hillary is the establishment candidate i.e. status quo”
            I see your true colors and your fooling nobody!!!

            Live Free or Die…they must be paying big time satori

            • I will coin a new term for people like satori.
              They will now be known as the REPR.. Republican Establishment Psyop Representative.

              • Naa, dont use that,
                I have an LWRC REPR (Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle)
                Thats an insult to a hell of a piece,
                I dont care who gets selected, it wont matter to me or for the country, the whole thing is a clusterfuck, let it come unglued,
                Look at the crap the stupid ass democrats in congress are doing,
                You stupid fuckers want my guns, you are going to have to kill me to get them

                • Kulafarmer, AMEN! Anyone who comes after mine will get the dirt nap instead.

            • Talon
              if you have some facts of your own to refute what I am saying
              by all means lets see them

              and Dusty
              Hitlery’s negatives are around 50-55%
              Trumps are 70% or better
              look it up
              A matter of fact,Trumps negatives went up by about 10% just in the last month or so
              doesn’t mean people won’t vote for him
              just means they might have to hold their nose while doing so
              LOL !!!

              bottom line is
              this discussion will change no one’s mind
              they are that “swing vote” group
              Trump supporters will vote for him no matter what he does or says
              just like Hillary voters will do exactly the same for her
              now I’m gonna go watch me some Netflix
              peace out…

              • First of all..I am not your “dude” and second of all…your numbers cannot be backed up with any source other than your own delusions. If this election goes to Hillary…everyone will know that fraud has taken place and it is not going to have a peaceful outcome.

                Live Free or Die…dude

          • Satori, uh, can you present some examples of Trump lying? We all know the hildebeast lies.

            • start with his supposed donations to charity
              he claims that he gives “millions of dollars every year”
              when pressed for proof
              NONE was forth coming

              remember those veterans groups he said he raised 6 million for?
              months later when those groups were contacted by the media
              only about $800,000 had been given
              and then suddenly that day
              Trump starts writing checks to those groups and backdates the checks

              then there is the matter of the THOUSANDS of people he stiffed,people who had done work on his various projects
              they are still waiting for their money
              some have been forced into bankruptcy

              Vanity Fair has done a couple of good articles on Trump as has the Washington Post

              read what his own lawyer said about him
              I’ll let everyone research that little tid bit for themselves !!!

              and this can’t be proven at this time
              but it is a pretty good bet that Trump is lying about his net worth
              there are 7 BILLION people on the planet and only ONE says Trump is worth 10 billion,and that is Trump himself
              he steadfastly refuses to release his tax returns even though on NUMEROUS occasions he said he would do so
              even Mark Cuban who Trump was considering as his VP is now questioning Trump’s veracity on this and other issues

              and what I like most of all is Trump’s constantly claiming that he knows how to make good business deals

              how many times has he filed bankruptcy ?

              and then there is the time he ran his casinos into the ground
              stock value when he started was app $35 a share
              when he finished it was down to 17 cents
              he of course made out like a bandit
              his investors ???

              they got SCREWED

              bottom line is
              Trump has just as many skeletons in his closet as Hitlery does in hers

              roll the dice kids
              it’s always gonna come up snake eyes
              but then George Carlin told us that years ago

              and oh
              lest I forget
              do a little research on Trumps ties to the Mob

              • Did any ambassadors die, or guns run through Mexico to Libya, or covering up rapes by her fake husband and then intimidating the victims. Did tires get slashed or family pets murdered or children threatened by goons. Did emails of the highest security level get placed on private servers in bathrooms and information hacked or sold to the highest bidder…NONE OF THIS HAPPENED WITH TRUMP…and yet you promote such minutiae that has no relevance to the issues facing the cause of Liberty and Freedom.
                You cite ties to the mob as if that has never happened with Clinton…the head of the Dixie Mafia…you are a shameful disgusting troll filled with a mouth full of ….you fill in the blank. Keep talking satori…your an easy target to discredit!

                Live Free or Die…what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

                • Go Talon,this piece can KMA.Sat vote for Killery get what you deserve!!!F.U.
                  Maniac –out
                  Sorry Mac

          • Wait and see!Put Your knee pads back on Jeb is waiting!!
            Maniac –out

        • Trump defined it. Good vs Evil Hitlery.

          Just Like I say, keep calling out the corrupt psychopaths with the truth. And Keep Hammering at them at every turn.


      4. Love the Trump!! He needs to keep it coming and let it all hang out. Americans never grasped what Clinton (s) got up to with his (and hers) legacy: outsourcing, all the best jobs to China, pay-to-play at every level of government and diplomacy fueling global corruption, open borders, neo-con wars, financialization.

        And that doesn’t even begin on the personal behavior issues (sex island, yelling fits, etc.).

      5. I love it when the demonic and evil are unmasked. Doesn’t happen too often. But when it does I try to enjoy every minute of it.

        Have a great day, everyone!

      6. Trump did once say at a previous rally that “Hillary lies like crazy.” Can’t dispute that one. The only time she’s honest about something is when she says she wants to take our guns away. Someone attempts to take mine only at their own peril.

        • Brave. No no no. She also told the truth when she said she had experience with men who go “off the reservation “. Funny how that wasn’t racist and talked about for 6 weeks. She’s self serving bitch like the rest of them. Trump I think is our only hope. Love him or hate him he’s only one talking about jobs and drug problems. My sis was a stewardess in the 90s and on a flight were ” common folks ” going to a dinner with clintons. Nobel laureate, professor of Harvard, yaddi yaddi. These people have no idea of down to earth working people. And no more god dam lawyers in White House. That shit don’t work. It’s a shame a construction worker making 45000 a year can’t run for office. Right there is the biggest problem. Gotta b rich to run.

          • Ted, it doesn’t matter who gets ‘selected’. We’re headed toward civil war 2/revolution. Too bad we couldn’t get Ron Paul elected back in 2008, otherwise we’d be on the road to recovery. I agree on the lawyers. No other group of people has done more to hurt this country than people with law degrees.

      7. I still think its a dog and pony show. Even if trump is the genuine article. Its too late for any ballot box or political fix. Its futile to keep voting for the lesser evil over and over and somehow expecting a different result. The destruction of the middle class was done on purpose. Does any one really think those who purposely W destroyed the jobs and prosperity will suddenly fix things? We are now and have been for quite some time a nation in decline. Its been a slow gradual regression. So we maybe have a choice? a continued regression under trump. Or a free fall and bringing everything to a impasse with hellery? I really don’t care who wins the election.

        • Old Guy, I agree. Voting is a total waste. I don’t care who wins either.

          • Guys that’s sad!You don’t care??
            I’m blue collar,mid 50,s adopted two boys,now young teens
            I will never have a pot to piss in,but I pass on my pride and knowledge.No I won’t give up!
            This my f%%king country
            Maniac –out!!!!!!

            • Not caring who gets elected president isn’t giving up. Its facing reality and not being a denialist. Its not wasting time even worring about futile things. Use your time & energy on things that make you self reliant. Find what can be done that’s of benefit and work to achieve independence. Try and position yourself to where the well being of you and yours is not dependent or affected by other people things or conditions. Dont give the political dog & pony free rent in your head.

        • WE have NO choice but to soldier on….everything has been placed in position over many years, and those manipulating from the shadows are very near to realizing their evil dream. I think what is to come will be far, far worse than anything we have imagined. In the midst of everything, no matter how difficult it may be, keep love and light in your heart, for that WILL be your path to life everlasting.

      8. Hillary Clinton-A True Story of Sex, Drugs, and Murder


        Vote for Trump

        Not because he is great.
        Vote against the criminal Clinton cocain cartel and foreign powers that control her.
        Vote against Sanders. He is a communist. He is also a Zionist, if there is a difference.

      9. To those of you who don’t like the idea of voting for Trump: just look at it as voting AGAINST Killery Klinton. That’ll make it easier to swallow.

      10. Trump just called Hitlery a P.O.S. Truer words have never been spoken.

        If Hitlery is elected prepare for the Second Civil War.
        I predict that there will be several states leave the union within the first 2 years. #1 Texas. That will be when the Civil war starts, when the Bitch tries to send in troops to retake the states.

        To my Texas Brothers and Sisters. Get your weapons and ammo now, and stock pile them. You will be the tip of the spear in this new Civil war. If it happens please leave me some room in a fox hole because I’m coming to fight against these Bastards. Just like in the war with Mexico for your Independence. You will get Patriots to come to help in the fight.


      11. “Off With His Head”.

        “Off With His Head”.

        Hillary Clinton, Queen of Shame.

      12. Both Hillary Clinton or Madeline Albright could make a freight train, take a dirt road.

        It might be the Women Vote that puts Hillary in the Oval Office. United States of Estrogen. Forget about the lies.

      13. I’m almost convinced Trump is a plant to get Hillary elected. He gets more and more outrageous by the day, part of the plan to isolate as many republicans/independents from voting for him, or voting at all, and putting Hillary in office.

        ‘They’ already looked ahead and knew Hillary’s negatives and baggage were so bad, they had to come up with a self destructing republican nominee to allow her to win with about 40% of the popular vote…..exactly the same as Ross Perot did for Bill Clinton in 1992 by taking 19% of the vote.

        Watch as the summer and fall go on (assuming there isn’t a coup at the republican convention)….If Trump looks more and more like a two headed green Martian, you’ll know the fix for the election is in.

        • Being willing to bet your trees are loaded with old and older Paul for President posters ….

          You think everything is a conspiracy but willing to vote for the biggest frigging nutcase prez candidate EVER …

          • And yet,somehow everything he said has turned out correct….foreign policy, monetary policy, person liberty.

            The problem with most of this country is they are scared shitless of true freedom, and the personal responsibility that goes with it.

            Mom still doing your laundry ?

        • I’m glad you mentioned this. I’ve been wondering why he’s been making some of the major goofs he’s said. I guess we will see.

      14. Bring in all these poor people & bust out the country.

      15. Wow that’s not a choice that’s a shit sandwich with shit flavor bread.
        Still ID vote Trump myself I’m seeing first hand what a politically correct government run by special interests can do in a very short time period. I challenge anyone if you to read up in what happened here in Alberta I know I have fellow Albertans out there that know this to be true. We had a strong all be it a bit corrupt they brought in outside money and did (the skim) price if doing business really but point is Trump might steal your money but he’ll bring the jobs Hillary will steal your money your freedom and your jobs. We here didn’t mind our PC government stole money at least we were all making our share I used to make up to 10,000 a month working full time in the oil patch who gives a shit if they flew around the world on tax dollars. I had my share now our left wing government just fuckin takes and gives nothing back so be very careful down there folks

      16. Of course it’s fixed, neither one will change anything for the better for the majority of people. Still, I like Trump far better than Killery, despise her, with her mountain of ugly thoroughly corrupt baggage, where if she climbed to the top of it she would be in outer space. I tell people about her wickedness past and present, only to be told none of that can be proven over and over. It’s like talking to a wall. Sure, Trump has some fishy past, he just may be there to present false opposition, I thought that at the beginning. I think Hagatha has dirt on all the bigwigs and was guaranteed the office after Oliars setup job. The real con psyop job set it up. I hate the pure evil bitch with unbridled passion. She is the she devil. Her serial rapist counterpart the same. She is the collapse.

      17. *Either way.

      18. Trump is just another actor like Reagan who will just let the TPTB continue doing what they do.

      19. Small group trying to sound big. Where are his crowds?

        • Possibly he’s talking to a smaller group? Is he allowed to do that? Maybe he’s getting tired of having rallies large enough that the left has to bus in people to beat up his supporters. You know… the peaceful party… the party of tolerance and love… LOL

      20. Donald J. Trump will be the next president. You liberal plants can go fuck yourselves. Some people can read between the lines. Btw, after watching this speech, fucking a well said Donald J Trump.

      21. He is telling it like it is! But,is he for REAL? We have already been teased and tormented by “The Decider” Boy George “You’re Either with us,…OR you’re with the Terrorists!”..who Also said it was time to Restore Decency and to bring Honor back to the White House after “Slick Willy and his “Willy”..
        . Then we look to a different shade of color for “Hope and Change” and placed this dark-complected guy up on a High Pedestal as some sort of Savior / SuperMan
        And now we have a Billionaire businessman that does seem to blow a TRUMPette of Truth and has
        true guts and taking a Strong Stand towards “Bettering” this Country!…… …
        Then we have a WOMAN desiring the place of a MAN and with a notorious shady past,and who’m came from the side of a man Mr. Bill,Slick Willy, ..Who obviously needs to shut up and return home!…..One thing for sure the Serpent has invaded Our Kingdom and has deceived us All!

      22. People I’ll tell ya, you all need to vote for Hillary.

        I want the Supreme Court filled with Gun Grabbers. A continuation of Obamacare and a few other, “Give Me Dat” gifts.

        Vote Hillary and let the games begin.

        • I know you are being sarcastic. however if its gonna eventually get there? And many think it will. What are we wating for? Are we waiting for more refugees & illegals. More uncounstitional laws to be implemented. Are we waiting for the national debt to get larger? Are we waiting for the NWO to become even more powerful. Are we waiting for the Middle class to lose more jobs? All Trump can do at best is stall the inevitable. Maybe voting for the greater evil would be in our best interest. Many older folks like me in 4 years will not be as effective as they would be now. And you know Trump cant really change or do anything that really counts. ive voted lesser evil for decades and it hasn’t worked too good. maybe it time to vote greater evil? I will possibly not even vote this time? You know in 4 years the NWO candidate will be –elected X I mean selected

      23. I dont care who gets stuffed into the POTUS spot,
        Im walking as far away from the system as possible, just dont care,
        4 wheeling out in the sun maybe do some fishing or something instead of working, odd jobs to cover the $ end,
        Screw it,
        Dont even think about trying to get me to comply with any more bullshit, aint going to happen, im done

        • Amen I’m headed for my cousins spread soon horses hunting Buffalo year round good hearty down to earth community I hear that

          • Sounds nice,,
            Back to basics
            KISS just makes sense

        • I hear ya
          Bout ready to sell and vanish myself

      24. I will vote for the candidate most likely to uphold the constitution in every election.

        Plain and simple, I believe our very survival now depends on it.

        Any prepper that votes for a gun grabber like Clinton has lost their freaking mind and is suicidal.

      25. None of this matters, the free shit army, grown by millions due to illegal immigration,will vote Democrat to insure their living. Doesn’t matter who Dems run.They now outnumber us (productive citizens) De Toqvilles prophecy about what happens to democracies when people learn they can vote themselves benefits has finally come to pass. As the man said, “It’s a big shit sandwich and we all got to take a bite.”

      26. The biggest trouble is that the free shit army does try and vote for who they think will deliver the most freebees. Look they elected Obama twice? My little place has really started producing. w have cucumbers & squash. tomatoes lettuce and kale. There are a overabundance of cottontail rabbits. They are chewing my corn & beans. I don’t want to kill them as wild rabbit isn’t safe to eat in hot weather. I will try and live trap them and relocate. Maybe make sone rabbit poop tea from the tame rabbits manure and spray itin the plants. but cant do that with a acre or two of field corn. There was a raccoon that was getting chickens. It was trap wary. So I got out after dark and with a shotgun and coon squaller call. We found its eyes in a walnut tree. Blew its shit away. I could tell it was nursing babies. but ya gotta do what is necessary. Racoon will ruin lots of corn when it is in the (roasting ear) dough stage. We let the milk cow in the yard yesterday evening. Let her graze the grass. I had a grandchild watch her. He had a stick and kept her from eating the plants & shrubs. little three year old intimidating a 1000 pound cow! Man do I wish there was a viable solution. I would like nothing better than to live out the rest of my days drawing my SS Ponzi check and playing hobby farm with my heirs. However im not going to fall into a normalcy bias trap. I know some day these will be remembered as the best of times. The proverbal Good Old Days?

      27. I truly think Donald J Trump got into this thing simply because he was pissed about the rape of this republic. Now that Toby have made it personal he has decided to go all in. Sometimes a man gets his cup full of bullshit and decides to hit the nail that is sticking up. Some people on this site waffle and state that he is a fake, or that he will not win or other gutless bullshit. This is the last chance we have. Period. If that communist bitch wins the we are fucked, period. Maybe,just maybe Donald J Trump will be that person to hammer these Marxist big government fuckheads back down. He is sure as well all we have and has many more positives than the alternative. Period. In closing I would like to say this. Anybody who has the balls to hammer the liberals like he does gets my vote. And when is the last time you heard a presidential candidate talk about real issues like he is? So either stand up and put your knees in the breeze or lay down and let Hillary win. Me? My knees are in the breeze,and not for the first time.

      28. Although everything Trump stated is true about Hillary, his above quoted comments/insults were taken from various commentor’s online posts. I seriously doubt that they are Donald originals and do not believe they were his idea.

        Trump has openly admitted reading hours of news/threads and topics and social media about himself and makes note of certain posts and comments. I think he regurgitated what many others are saying and cherry picked certain posts/comments to recite (selected based upon their rating or popularity and if the tweet/post/comment was well received) telling voters exactly what they want to hear.

        On the side, Trump and the Clinton’s are long time friends. They live near each other for decades now, their daughter’s are besties with same-age children, the Clinton’s jet set with the Trumps (on one of Trumps private planes), and they are seen together because they are long time friends. It’s no secret to locals and to those close to them.

        Back in the 90’s Bill Clinton also got Trump’s sister Mary Ann Barry appointed federal judge. Even though Bill was POTUS he still had to pull a lot of strings. The Trump’s and the Clinton’s have done a lot for each other and go back a long way. Their inner circles are shared, including their social circles, as they are made up of mostly the same morally bankrupt, corrupt friends. I really think the whole charade is staged. Imho, they’re both screwed up.

      29. See, you and others like you are part of the problem with your pointless negative shit. You add nothing.. crawl in a corner, the real men will do the fighting.

        • Sig….
          Allow me to emphasize one more point about butt hurt Jules….she does not support truth and has called for me to be banned from this site…so in her mind…it s free speech for her but not for you if you disagree with her….

          Live Free or Die…here’s a lollipop for you julzzey

      30. don’t you all get it, this is all just for entertainment. if the powers that be are still in control, they have chosen. if they have lost control, this game is over. White hats will choose, possibly General Dunford.

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