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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

    The NASDAQ 100 has GONE DOWN from 12,420 to 10,833 points from September 2nd to September 23rd, a -12.8% CORRECTION! During that same period, the S&P 500 has HEADED SOUTH by -10% from 3,580 points to 3,226. This is AWFULLY SIMILAR to the period of September 2018.

    Back then, the S&P 500 also hit an ALL-TIME HIGH (as it did just recently), went into a DEEP DIVE, flattened in October, and GOT BUTCHERED in December – a total decline of NEARLY 20%!

    It was also a BRUTAL PERIOD for precious metals since the backdrop for this WHOLE EPISODE was Jerome Powell’s automatic rate hikes policy.

    We have NO SUCH THING on the plate at the moment, so in my view, this was a correction WORTH BUYING and that’s what I did personally.

    We believe that the September 2nd ALL-TIME HIGH reached just three weeks ago, will stand supreme for a FULL YEAR.

    Markets, as we view them, are range-bound for the next 6-12 months…

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    There’s an ENORMOUS SHORT POSITION on the NASDAQ 100, which indicates that we’ve probably bottomed for this correction, but we also fail to conceptualize that ANIMAL SPIRITS will prevail.

    Between Covid-19, the elections, Brexit, and the already pricy stock market, we’re calling for a SIDEWAYS TRADING pattern.

    This is good for MINING STOCKS, because it shines a light, IN CONTRAST, on their growing earnings, thanks to higher commodity prices.


    The power of blindly trusting in the INTEGRITY OF LIFE was made apparent to me this year.

    Between the various propaganda tools and the hundreds of thousands of conflicting opinions and beliefs on what the right thing to do is, I found I was INCREASINGLY DISTANCING myself from the ceaseless flow of subjective information thrown at me.

    More and more, I went inside the chambers of my mind to solidify the characteristics and values that I care to embody in daily living, no matter how OUTSIDERS were behaving. I looked to reach a sense of detachment from criticism.

    A major lesson for me is to reach a LOOSENED state of mind towards any statement or action taken by a specific person, keeping a high level of tolerance towards all and a LIGHT VIBE of humor, even when an individual seeks to undermine me.

    There are GROWING DISAGREEMENTS between countries and within the country itself; the only way to be effective about it is to LET IT SLIDE, without secretly wanting to have the opposing person AGREE with us or think we’re right. We must show the other side that our way of doing things is better, BY WAY of RESULTS, and not by preaching it to existence.

    Optimism is the MAGIC FORMULA; if you can maintain your charm and A DEGREE OF PATIENCE, even when confronted by seemingly impossible conditions, you’ll have a HEALTHY OUTLOOK and I bet you’ll ENJOY LIFE, even in the midst of chaos!

    Focus on optimism, patience, tolerance, poise, and humor, even in ADVERSE SITUATIONS; you’ll be most effective.


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      1. Well, how would you explain all of the coincidences? People were nomadic, and the entire Eurasian contitinent has undergone noumerous transformations and transistions throughout both recorded history, as well as unrecorded history with archeological findings throughout. The Persian Allens travelled with the Goths, Visigoths, and Southern Russians, referred to as Greek Russians in some historical texts. The shared mythology, artifacts, names, etymology  between the entire continent, as well as the well documented blood lines of royalty can not possibly be coincidental. In fact, I am currently wondering about the similarities between the voyages of the apostle Paul, and Apollo. Maybe it is possible that there was a concerted effort to try to convince rulers that they were merely human, because they truly believed that they were immortal Gods that would live eteranally on Olympus overseeing eberyone else and establishing a worldly order well past their deaths. Maybe some people got fed up with the slavery. But, yes, the Catholic church did enslave people and used the Spaniards to do it in the Inquistion, and the Spaniards did benefit with power bestowed upon them, as 
        well as wealth. 

        You say that the article was about England. That is true in part. This article was about the need for some to dominate others, and did mention Russia and China, who ironically, are curently dominating, but forgot to point that out, as well as Germany’s fickle and two-faced complicity and back-stabbing in so many ways with Nalvany most recently. To single out England’s world domination and ignore everyone else’s is a ridiculous misrepresentation. Look at a map and you will see who is currently dominating.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Now in a twist of irony, we have the survellance state worshippers and co-creators, who are atheists and have appointed themselves as God’s even uploading their brains for all of eternity onto satellites, perhaps imposing their will on the future of humanity untill the end of civilization, which really ought to be terrifying the living daylights out of every person on earth to force them to stop it! They are the Hideous Monster Flowers of Borneo! Complete Frauds! They want everything thing, from everyone on earth, including their brains. Extremely short sighted, actually call it the blind surveillance state, they may have eyes, but no brains to be able to process the visions, and therefor blind to reality as well as the effect that their actions will have on the future generations, and the psychos also committed to deception, corruption, predation, and darkness as a lifestyle choice. Not the brightest guys in the room, obviously the most stupid!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. After Trumps 4D chess performance last night. (1st debate)
        The bears are back
        Good luck with your zin chant

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