Total Failure Of Foreign Intelligence As Spy Agencies Miss Massive Al Qaeda Prison Break

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Headline News | 108 comments

They’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars to monitor the activities of every single American by turning their listening networks on purported domestic terrorists operating in the United States.

They know your underwear size. They know where you drove your car today. They know what you put up on Facebook, texted to your wife and emailed to your friends. And they’ve done it all in the supposed interest of “national security.”

If, however, you were an Al Qaeda terrorist coordinating a large-scale prison break to free senior members of your mid-east terror organization, you would have been able to operate with impunity.

As you read the following report from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq keep in mind that the National Security Agency operates under authorization from Executive Order 12333. The agency was originally tasked not with “acquiring information concerning the domestic activities of United States persons,” but with analyzing information and data of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence value.

Hundreds of convicts, including senior members of al Qaeda, broke out of Iraq’s Abu Ghraib jail as comrades launched a military-style assault to free them, authorities said on Monday.

The deadly raid on the high-security jail happened as Sunni Muslim militants are gaining momentum in their insurgency against the Shi’ite-led government that came to power after the U.S. invasion to oust Saddam Hussein.

Suicide bombers drove cars packed with explosives to the gates of the prison on the outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday night and blasted their way into the compound, while gunmen attacked guards with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades.

Other militants took up positions near the main road, fighting off security reinforcements sent from Baghdad as several militants wearing suicide vests entered the prison on foot to help free the inmates.

Ten policemen and four militants were killed in the ensuing clashes, which continued until Monday morning, when military helicopters arrived, helping to regain control.

The number of escaped inmates has reached 500, most of them were convicted senior members of al Qaeda and had received death sentences,” Hakim Al-Zamili, a senior member of the security and defense committee in parliament, told Reuters.

“The security forces arrested some of them, but the rest are still free.”

One security official told Reuters on condition of anonymity: “It’s obviously a terrorist attack carried out by al Qaeda to free convicted terrorists with al Qaeda.”


Two Words: EPIC FAIL.

While our government is supposedly preventing terrorism by searching grandma at airports, arresting kids for making jokes on the internet, deploying thousands of drones over America’s skies, and looking for lone wolves, they have failed at their absolute top priority: stopping actual terrorists from doing what terrorists do.

The fact that an unknown number of senior members of Al Qaeda, who we as a nation likely spent hundreds of millions of dollars and countless lives to capture, have been freed from prison in what can only be described as a premeditated coordinated attack is a complete failure of our foreign intelligence directives.

The challenge we now face is that senior Al Qaeda leaders who have likely been tortured and spent years in the hellhole of Abu Ghraib are now out in droves and they have one thing on their mind – to kill as many American men, women and children as they can before we catch or kill them.

Perhaps our spy agencies and the highly trained individuals monitoring domestic data streams would better serve the national security of the American people by turning their efforts back to what they were originally intended to do.

Will this be a wake up call for our Chief Executive and his security Czars to focus the attention of our signals intelligence and security community to the real threat facing America?

Or is identifying and stopping foreign terrorists no longer the priority?


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    1. FreedomFighter

      Its more about controlling us than them. Why does Obama want to free Gitmo detainees?

      • hammerhead

        how long before the first false flag event is blamed on “recent escapee’s” ?
        it wont be long before MORE laws are introduced to stop terrorism in the US .
        and just because this prison break happened in the peaceful lands of the muzzie sand dwellers it is gonna cost Americans more freedoms .i can hear Obama now saying : ” uh uh well yyyou know , alot of dangerous characters escaped from that prison. i i i think it would be best if we all had a national curfew.”

        • Stalwart

          Hammerhead has got it right.

          • OutWest

            My point has just been made —

            An unwilling 99% of the population cannot be
            enslaved or incarcerated by a 1% whose only
            concern is a paycheck to do so.

        • OnceASoldier

          I think you’re exactly correct, hammerhead. I can’t help but think this plays into the PTB’s plans – that they would allow this to happen to give a “reason” to freshen up the “war on terror” – after all, when you have a complex of organizations (DHS, NSA, Military Contractors, etc) who’s life-blood is the myth of “terrorism”, they’re going to do everything they can to make sure the fear of the myth is ever-present. I think Slavo has it wrong, however, when it comes to who “real” terrorists (as opposed to patsy terrorists) would target – if they were smart, they’d go after the power elite, not the average person – after all, who makes the decisions to kill their children on a daily basis with drones or military action? Who profits from sucking the life out of their countries? On top of that, they’d probably have the sympathy of a lot of the population who are sick of oppression at the hands of the same people. I’m always reminded of the John Malkovitch line in the movie “In The Line of Fire” with Clint Eastwood where he said (sic) “Anyone can be gotten to if you’re willing to trade your life for theirs” .. and it seems to me that the “terrorist” organizations don’t lack for people with that kind of resolve.

          • Makati1

            I agree. This was ALLOWED to happen and maybe even encouraged and supplied. Now we have 500 Bad Guys lose to be the excuse for whatever new wars we want to start, and to beef up the ‘terrorist’ security at home. Summer is warming up…

          • sixpack

            We should only be so lucky that Al-qaeda would go after their own bosses.

        • YH


          Precisely! What if it wasn’t an intelligence failure but a deliberate oversight? We know the Obama administration had been shamelessly fornicating with Al Qaeda in Libya,Syria,and Egypt on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. It seems only likely to me that they would turn the other cheek to let their friends out of jail in Afghanistan. After all, this is the new age where being bad is the new good, and hard work and honesty are demonized and punished.

          • JayJay

            What difference at this point does it make?? (sarc)


            • YH


              None what-so-ever. They could unleash World War III tomorrow and it wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans at this point. The damage is already done.

          • durango kidd

            Send in the drones!!!

            • YH

              durango kidd,

              Be careful what you wish for. With this evil administration, threats overseas seem to trigger ever increasing civil rights restrictions here on U.S. soil. If Obama sends in drones, it won’t be to Afghanistan, it will be in our own backyard to “keep us safe”. That’s why I say we need more towns to come forward with drone hunting permits. I’d buy one today!

              • durango kidd

                When the Changes cause the zombies and flash mobs to take to the streets by the tens of millions, you and everyone else in America will be screaming:

                “Send in the drones!”

                And no one will care how many of them are killed or incarcerated in the FEMA Camps.

          • jk

            I know “they” need more fighters in Syria. Maybe “they” decided these are the leaders they require there.

        • Johnnyblaze1971

          I believe it’s just another, “EVENT”. I find it funny that the title says, “Total Failure”.. Come’ Mon, It would not be this easy to break out of a Military camp in this fashion. If any, more “Right to bear arms restriction bullshit” then anything else.

          Be safe


          • hammerhead

            johnny – its not a failure and this was not a “military camp” , this was GITMO , sand dweller version .
            it was not a failure because Obama had this fake escape orchestrated . this was an on purpose operation by the intelligence community , they simply turned their heads.
            MR Obama wanted these people released because he believes the US to be unjust and unlawful . in his mind the US had no grounds to capture those terrorists in the first place. the CIA simply “used” a few jihadists to blow themselves up in the name of a false god and PRESTO!
            now we got mad dog killers on the loose .
            do you think it is just a coincidence that the muzzies were shouting for the destruction of the US just the day before from Isreal? on the first day of ramadog ?
            nope , i dont believe in chance .
            now we will see what homeland security is all about .

            • sixpack

              “Homeland” security is exactly what the name implies…another agency against the “homeland”.

            • R.T. Matte

              hammerhead I am with you that Soetoro turned the other way but it really seems to me that this is just another mechanism to keep all interested parties in the fight…No war = No War profits.

      • Chumbawamba

        He needs to make room for Americans.

        • Mr.Sandman

          They are all just Dreamers…
          only not everybody has the same dream.

      • Gregory8

        People are suckers for a good sounding story. All these federal agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) are paper tigers as I’ve said before. They sound all-knowing and are nearly invincible in books and at the movies but their actual/real selves leave a lot to desired. Snowden was a contractor who took reams of top secret data right from under their (NSA) noses. Thousands (FBI, Marshalls, ATF, DEA, and Locals) couldn’t even find one injured bombing suspect in Boston. Daily they (FEDS and Locals) make raids on the wrong homes. The hype we’ve been fed via books, movies, and the news just doesn’t match up to their real world performance. Most of these clowns couldn’t find their collective asses with two hands and a flashlight. Anybody that’s still worried about them and some NWO is one paranoid moron. You can argue with facts if you want to but that just makes you and idiot. Me, I sleep just fine.

        • Anonymous4

          Snowden was a contractor who took reams of top secret data right from under their (NSA) noses.
          Fact is, my friend in IT said people in India have administrative access to manage the networking equipment for the NSA! I asked another friend who used to work in IT and he said people in China were the ones designing the secure communications equipment for the federal agencies when he was at a major device company which has since been acquired by a major human-tracking company. I also checked with a person who worked for one of the largest banks in the USA and he said the same thing: the people in India control all the computer stuff so have total access to everything. So, your conjecture about imcompentence is just the tip of it… all the billions being spent are efficiently feeding your personal data to people in India, China, and anyone who’s willing to pay them. Simple fact.
          But not politically correct to point it out.

          • Anonymous4

            Its clear the billions being spent by our “government” has NOTHING TO DO WITH SECURITY but ALL TO DO WITH PRIVACY INVASION AND ELIMINATION. The optimistic viewpoint is they shanghai’ed our tax dollars so these companies can more efficiently sell to us; the pessimistic viewpoint is the are doing a “red scare” where they will pull up bits and pieces and slam people away with weak – but factual – cases. The latter is more probable as it has occurred many times in history. Bad. We’d better elect an American Congress and American President in the next election or America is toast.

            • Anonymous4

              have to say the thumbs down are interesting… sure there is law, audits, and contracts saying this data and administrator passwords won’t be sent ex-USA; but, in practice these are just wink-wink. You have to understand that a dude in some other country simply is not beholden to USA law or prosecution. They have no compelling reason to obey those laws/procedures and do have reasons to do things which break them. Its simple really.

          • Mark

            Intel has a big R&D shop in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and there are many out-sourcing software developers and call centers there, some of which work for US companies.

        • Anonymous

          I agree that in the heat of the moment and regarding many important time sensitive engagements, they suck. However, given all the time in the world and data collection equipment they have, they (the PTB) can royally fuck up your life. They only need a reason and then they assimilate a life for you. Only problem is, you will appear however they need you to appear. That is the problem. Also they will know more about you than you do. Get denied for whatever it is that you are applying for, maybe they determined that you would be denied behind the scenes. I don’t believe for a second that they are all Jason Bourne, but they can ruin your life whenever they need to and the salivating media is all to eager to back them up.

          • JayJay

            ~~~They only need a reason and then they assimilate a life for you.~~~

            This I have said many times–photoshop, computer hacking, etc.
            But, if all this is true–and I believe it is–why all the expense and energy directed toward this data mining- computation-collection??
            Job creation??

        • braveheart

          Gregory8, everything you said except your last sentence I can agree with. It was CIA that got involved in narcotics trafficking back in the 50s to finance their operations and i hold them responsible for the drug problems we have today. I agree they’re no good at anything else, but this is one area where they have succeeded. By themselves, the alphabet soup agencies wouldn’t accomplish much; we have the numbers to overwhelm them. I still consider them a threat, however; that’s no different from the way they’ve been brainwashed to think of us. This same government lets us know through words and deeds every day that they have some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. As far as I’m concerned, none of us have any obligations to the feds, period! braveheart

          • Gregory8

            Braveheart: The CIA has been outted as you said as drug traffickers. And I agree that they and others are dangerous, it’s just that they aren’t nearly as smooth as books and movies make them out to be. Thanks for speaking up.

      • Rodster

        They may have missed those Al-Qaeda escapees but i’ll bet you the NSA noticed me coming to this site.

        I think I need to start wearing a turbin and setting up some rouge mosque so they can skip what I do. After all they don’t profile or listen to those turbin wearing US hate filled mosque. 😀

        • truther

          What are you talking about? All Mosques in the united states are under more surveillance than any other place of worship. Muslims are the most spied on people in America. And there is no hate filled Mosques in America. Because I go there, and no one talks hate.

          You never went there, so don’t assume my friend.

    2. Anonymous

      I’m not sure this will be posted. It seems much of my stuff is not posted here anymore. Maybe none of you will see this.

      The operation to break 500 prisoners (+/-) out of Abu Ghraib was not a “terrorist” operation. It was a military operation. We trained those guys, and they were apparently unwilling to let their comrades rot in an Iraqi prison. They did what we trained them to do (at least indirectly), which is to act decisively and suddenly to achieve a particular objective.

      How many of you are prepared to do that?

      This post should not be about furthering a fear of terrorism. Which, Mac, it frankly seems like it is about. Rather, a focus on flexible and decisive tactical surprise and operational discipline is what we should be paying attention to here. These people are committed and motivated. They have also put the work in to take on a military garrison at a major prison, and achieved a 10:4 casualty ratio. We have killed their brothers and sisters and sons and daughters. Do you really think they give a fuck if we label them?

      • Central TX Mom

        @ Anonymous: Sound thought but my first thought reading this was not a greater fear of terrorism but “Well, what “tragedy” are they going to try and blame on the escaped prisoners?” I don’t live my life in fear of terrorism, when it’s my time, it’s my time. Life is too damn short to let fear rule and I live my life the best I can and don’t fret about things I cannot control (it gives me a headache). NSA is watching us so they missed this (deliberate slip-up maybe?)- F them, IRS is watching – can’t get blood from a turnip, and the “president” seems bent on a race war. I prep best I can and have learned to appreciate the little things. Terrorists cannot stop my enjoyment of my children’s laughter, my appreciation of music, my garden growing and the pride that comes from “I did grow that”. Sorry to ramble on so, hubby says I can take a 2 minute thought and turn it into a 30 min conversation(lol). Just wanted to let you know I did not get fear from this article, just the determination to live my life on my terms because anytime it could be gone. Don’t dwell – LIVE life to the fullest.

    3. Mountain Trekker

      Live Free Or Die! We say it, but they mean it. Trekker Out

    4. GV

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the terrorist leaders were allowed to be freed by their mates so TPTB would have a new reason to very quickly tighten surveillance and security here, in the “homeland”, for “our safety.” Aren’t they wanting to roll out the TSA to all roads and public buildings?

      • Old Gringo

        Spot on. Or as they used to say, “you must have been reading my mail”.

    5. Boss Hog

      Must have missed that one, was it on inbetween the baby royal and the hispaic white guy that not only wants to be a cop now he wants to be an EMT jeeesh its hard keeping up with the important news these days. What does Kim Kardashian have to say about this? Just wondering oh I beter stop that it allways gets me in trouble.

      • Anonymous4

        I see that: this news tidbit on page 9 of the website in the bottom corner. “Tell me lies”. People don’t care about the News any more. Amerikants just want to live in a virtual reality because they don’t have the fortitude to live in reality.

    6. PO'd Patriot

      Didn’t we turn the prison over to Iraqi forces? Gee, let me think about that now……….Another thought, they’re too busy watching……..wait for it…….us!

    7. Hugh Mann


    8. buzzfix

      These guys are going to be our new Islamic Congress, Senate and, Governors. Welcome to the new Amerika. 😉

      • Them Guys

        Lets Hope they do a better job than the current Talmudic run congo-congress.

    9. moonlanding

      The CIA must need these guys in Syria now.

    10. possee

      Wait a minute !

      Weren’t these so called “terrorists” funded and armed by US in the first place to topple (then) Gaddafi in Libya and ultimately Assad(still) in Syria?

      At least all major and alt media claimed this over the last few years..

      And now all these well motivated and funded (once again) “terrorists”execute a perfect attack..hmm.. what a perfect plan to scare the shit out of every useful idiot across the western they are all free to spread “state sponsored” terror worldwide..

      and we will suffer the consequences by our own stasi even further..after they allowed their boys loose..

      Cripes, these ptb think of everything!


      • KY Mom


        We can expect our elected leaders to tell us we now ‘need’ increased surveillance of everyone in the U.S.

        But, we shouldn’t worry…it is only for our own protection. 🙂

        • possee

          KY Mom

          Agreed..anyone who still believes that these ALCIADA are threats..are the same folks who still believe in hope and change..

          Govts have fostered state sponsored terrorism since the days of Rome..fact.

          It’s only going to get worse..just wait til an ‘event’ happens and it will be blamed on these escapees..

          This shit is getting old..imo..


          • braveheart

            Howdy, Possee and KY Mom, the federal government is the #1 enemy are far as I’m concerned. I don’t even think about Al-Qaeda. braveheart

    11. TXRNGR

      Simple minded people in OFFICE does not have the ability to think outside the box. As were training these forces to stand on thier own, they in turn train others thus weakening our ability to track, hunt again. This is simply a SLAP at the U. S. for assistance. Simply put, we nor any other nation will EVER have the ability to change history. We cannot change the thought process of others, hence, bring our soldiers home!!!

      • Someperson

        They can’t change history, but they do their best to rewrite it for the sheeple.

      • Anonymous

        Think outside the box? Do they even have common sense? Most of them are career pukes and don’t know a damn thing about anything other than pandering to get reelected. It’s one of the main reasons I’m on the road to self sufficiency. If a way can be found to screw something up, get a politician to find it!

    12. Ordinary Average Guy

      Incompetence at all levels have led to this situation. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, with the exception of both hands are doling out taxpayer money to our enemies…who swear to destroy us. Common sense fled Washington long ago, leaving us with the current crop of politicians whos main purpose is to enrich themselves, their buddies, and care nothing for the future of our once great nation.

    13. Southern Trumpet

      The obvious answer to catching these escapees will be to air drop 10’s of thousands of gaming consoles into the middle east, that way when “the terrorists” are playing CoD or Battlefield the alphabet agencies can track them down.

    14. JRS

      Al Qaeda terrorists? Only if you still believe they took down the towers. In their country they are “freedom fighters” trying to rid their lands of occupying foreigners. The corporate DC government is the world’s largest terrorist organization.

      • mountain man 6-1

        @ JRS …..Ageed ! If the ‘BUSH’ Family hadn’t sent the Troops over there to topple a Gov’t. they didn’t like, the RagHeads were perfectly happy to KILL each other and leave us alone!! US Gov’t troops in the Mid-East are ‘INVADERS’,nobody likes invaders in their country!!! It was like Stomping on a FireAnt Hill ,then NOT expecting them to come after YOU!!……

    15. Anonymous

      Don’t we already have them chipped?

    16. GEO-LITHIC

      CAN anyone blame them for escaping that American Hell Hole! Soon to come to a community near you!

    17. Casey Jr.

      “Or is identifying and stopping foreign terrorists no longer the priority?”

      What makes you think it ever was?

    18. BigB

      Fire Starters

      1. Cardboard Egg Carton
      Dryer Lint
      Wax from leftover candles

      2. Muffin Pan
      Wax from left over candles

      Number 1 method works good but when pouring wax over lint it was like pouring butter on popcorn. Layering worked best in that pour a little wax and add lint, repeat until egg carton depression full. Works OK to start a fire but short burn time. To much wax will flood out flame.

      Number 2 method works OK, a little better as the wax is able to melt off the sides and not put out the flame. Need to use a course grind of sawdust. Too small of shaving it will not stay lit. Larger shavings produced a larger flame and hotter longer. Burned longer than lint. Also used twice as much wax in using the muffin pan.


      • Ordinary Average Guy

        I like dryer lint and vaseline..easy to start, burns a reasonable amount of time…and easily portioned out to adjust for kindling type and moisture. A bit messy though.

        • armed citizen

          shredded newspaper stuffed into tp rolls and then drizzled w/ wax works great to get a fire going even with wet wood.

        • JayJay

          I like cotton balls saturated in alcohol. One burns 15 minutes.

          • JayJay

            And the ziploks have been in my BOB in the car for over two years and cotton is still moist.

            • Boss Hog

              corn chips
              hand sanitizer
              birch bark

              • eagle eye

                Strips of old tyre inner tube, Will light when wet. Stinks a bit, but works every time

      • LAG

        I use tp rolls. Fill with lint. Dip in melted candle wax. After the flame is out of

      • Pen crna

        Add shredded paper or newspaper to lint. Works great. In a pinch, cotton balls and Vaseline.

    19. Mr. Blutarsky

      They miss this but they know when we pick our nose or go to the grocery store. Classic.

      • Them Guys

        just remember, You can Pick your nose…And you can Pick your friends…..But you can’t Wipe your friends on the Couch.

    20. Be informed

      You really don’t know what to believe anymore in the “news”. There is always so much more in the news, and what is the top story? Wow, a new heir to the english throne. I mean who cares. You look at england and the total iron hand police state over there and the way citizens are treated over there, I guess the royalty crap is all they have. In the U.S. there is so much more important issues, and yes that was the top long lasting story.

      What is so disturbing about this story in Iraq and on the news all the time is the bizarro type of events that are going on. These types of news stories (events) would never have happened decades ago. A 17 trillion rapidly ballooning dollar debt, some baboon (helicopter ben) promoting printing up money to save the economy, violations of practically everyone of the Bill Of Rights on a daily basis, selling off good American jobs to the enemy (China) that has hundreds of nuclear missiles aimed and ready to be fired at the U.S., government scandal one after another that one alone a generation ago would have brought down any president, and much more that would have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN in gone by years.

      Bizarro world that the weird and totally stupid happens all the time. Really, the unexpected happens all the time. Yet only 1% of the people try to prepare for themselves and their families in a totally unstable world ready to fall like a house of cards. Welcome to the new nation and new world of retardland where the masses have totally accepted the life as a totally conforming, non questioning, obedient to the master BO and the elitists, happily dependent on the government to wipe their butts for them and feed them all their pre chewed food and do all their thinking for them “moo cows”.

      • Anonymous

        If I had a son it would look like him. Kate, I love your sister.

      • Gonetoolong

        It is disturbing that the people in the US are mesmerized by a new potential royal king. Didn’t we put up one hell of a fight to be free from that shit a couple hundred years ago? I like how the media calls the Brits “subjects”. No thanks. That new little boy is no better than any other newly minted baby. What the hell is wrong with people?

        • Boo

          Hey, I am an anglophile and am happy for mom, baby and dad that all are well, no mesmerism involved. I only hope that the fed-up people of the UK will prevail over their nanny-state and the iron grip of political correctness that allowed the grusome murder of Drummer Rigby to occur. If a stable monarchy contributes to a renewal of England we benefit. If it contributes to the status quo, than let it fail and good riddance!

      • Emily

        @BI – I agree about the royals. Turning on the channel to check the Weather Channel, and as I surf, there is Anderson Blooper is on the telly, talking with some Brit about ‘whether the diapers/nappies, will be cloth or pampers.’ Also, how Prince William looked casual but nice. I read somewhere a while back, that the masses in England are sick of the opulent, dripping wealth from the royals. That is why the royals are trying to tone it down a bit, to appease and
        ‘fit in’ with the masses. @ Boo – I admit I am an anglophile.
        I too, am not mesmerized by the royals. I also agree with 100% of what you stated. I remain a patriotic Yankee girl through and through.
        Its a slow news day/week, the Zim case is over. A couple of weeks about the new baby royal and what he will be fed.
        I wonder what the next news event will be? Glad I don’t watch the t.v. that much.

    21. TnAndy

      Yeah, but I bet they didn’t use a cellphone to pull it off…..

    22. GoodDay_2EnterIntoEternity

      Well, gives me a little more encouragement/hope if we ever end up in a camp somewhere! I don’t think it will get that far with me. I THINK I have already made my Peace with not letting it ever get that far. I would rather die honorably than submit to any more bull crap in a much more controlled environment. What complicates things is having little ones. The smallest details, will have to leave that to the Good Lord.
      Thanks ALL for all of the recent info and links to other sites/articles. This is the place I come to get a “reality check”. Very easy to “forget” or get discouraged in our “day to day” busy-ness.
      *Note: I awhile back in the 90’s, I saw a video and read a book “The Thunder of Justice”. That kind of led me to read other books (One was on the “Antichrist” by a Catholic priest, others on spirituality, and one even stories from the lead exorcist in Rome). At the time, it piqued my interest but some things did not make sense or did not seem “realistic”. Now they do.
      Peace out all, keep on praying and prepping.

      • braveheart

        Good Day, uh, sorry to bust your bubble, but Abu Ghraib prison is under Iraqi military control these days. when the US military occupied Iraq and controlled Abu Ghraib, no escapes took place. If all those escapees were under death sentence, why were they waiting so long to carry out the sentence? If they had already carried out the sentence instead of waiting, this escape would never had taken place. Don’t be shocked if this turns out to be a CIA operation. CIA originally funded and trained these boys back in the 80s to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. They got the job done, especially after they started supplying Stingers to shoot down Soviet aircraft. Al Qaeda turned against us with a real vengeance back in the 90s. CIA is the reason we have drug problems in this country going back to the 50s. Nothing CIA does is legitimate. Anyone who allows themselves to be taken to a FEMA camp… will take a military operation to get them out of it. braveheart

        • JayJay

          but Abu Ghraib prison is under Iraqi military control these days.

          Hey, fox guarding the hen house.

    23. Be informed

      Look at this interesting statistics:

      Notice how 5% of all black people are satisified with the Zimmerman verdict. Exactly the same % of those that voted for BO. Most blacks are more racist than any race. It didn’t matter that this wannbe gangster Treyvon was juiced up on Lean that causes a psychosis state, had burglary tools in his locker at school, had pot, was into martial arts fighting that stressed punding someone’s head in, and all sorts of pictures showing him to be more criminal than a good kid. No to the blacks they only see him as a little kid age 12 that someone murdered.

      More like an adult sized thug that didn’t want to be caught later ripping off some house that Zimmerman was doing absolutely nothing wrong by trying to report this wanna be criminal to the police. Zimmerman doing exactly what ALL neighborhood watches are suppose to do, protect the neighborhood from the criminals that of course the police cannot do. Only 5% of the black people can see this, 5%. You think how pathetic this is when black people that are honest suffer all the time from black crime. 5%, one in 20 have common sense left in them and don’t see the color of Treyvon and only see criminal druggie that could hurt have attacked their families.

      • Infidels-r-us

        @Be Informed

        You can take this one fact to the bank. If the minority group (black) in this country ever get to be the majority, this country will be the most horrendous hellhole you can imagine. Look at South Africa under a black regime. Whites there are terrorized and routinely slaughtered in their homes. Look at all the majority black cities in the U.S. What condition are they in? I am glad I am old enough that I will not have to experience this madness. Facts are facts and cannot be denied. But facts are racist to the national media, who are covering up a low intensity war of black on white violence. For a real picture of facts, visit large cities local web sites. You will be shocked at the numbers and level of hate crimes against the white man. I stopped being quiet and I don’t care if wiggers call me racist.

        • braveheart

          Infidels-r-us, everything you say is true, but allow me to add 2 things to it. Although the level of black-on-white crime has been increasing since the 2008 campaign, the overall percentage is still low. Black-on-black crime is still the highest in the US. It especially galls me how the MSM and even law enforcement claim that no hate crimes take place against white people. We know better. that’s only one example of how disingenuous they are. braveheart

          • DollarstoDonuts

            And this is exactly why I don’t understand why we are being sucked in to the never ending vortex of racial discrimination directed to whites. WE are becoming so infatuated with political correctness concerning race that we are PERMITTING our own head bashing! I am so sick of it! I have NEVER been racist! I will be the first one to smile, say hello, acknowledge another human regardless of their race. But I can also be the first one to click the locks on my door, clutch my purse tighter, cross the street, etc. to AVOID possible confrontation with a two legged animal dressed in pants waist to knees, scowling faces, unnecessarily loud and irreverent. And this includes ALL races!

            It’s really ironic when you think of it, northers “started” the civil war for the freedom of blacks, but we southers are the ones today most tolerant of each other. But I swear, as time goes on, my attitude is changing. I was SICKENED to hear Oblabbers comments! Good grief, does he think his blacks were the only votes he got? I and most whites I know struggle, work so hard to make ends meet. We sure as HELL don’t get to travel the world at the expense of someone else! We sure as HELL don’t get free phones, groceries, clothes, rent!


            • DollarstoDonuts

              Oh yeah, and while I am ranting, HOW DARE MRS. OBLABBER COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WHITE HOUSE BEING A PRISON!!!!

            • REB

              Youre correct!…although I will diverge on one point…Lincoln didn’t start the war to free slaves, he started it to keep the South in the union…to him the union had to survive even if at the point of a bayonet…he said himself if he could preserve the union it didn’t matter what happened to the slaves…so to force the South to stay in this marriage of federal convenience he destroyed an entire region and way of life…same thing this second lincoln plans to do to all of us if he can!

    24. GRITS

      I turned my TV on for the first time in weeks this morning just to see the weather. That meant I had to hear all the propaganda NBC was spewing. The story was Iraq is back in a civil war and by the way the prisoners were released from the troubled Abu Ghraib. Never said Al Qaeda had anything to do with it. Imagine that. And it is going to rain AGAIN in the Sunshine State!

    25. NavyVet

      @ GRITS…It always rains here in the Sunshine state, it’s summer…lol Off topic, What’s y’alls thoughts on the HUD “fair housing”? Sounds a little like some Agenda 21 crap to me.

      • GRITS

        Exactly. Besides they have all these houses vacant…might as well give them to some poor soul that never worked a day in their life. Why should they be punished for being stupid and lazy?

        • Them Guys

          HUD Issue? I recall reading a few articles, a couple yrs or longer ago. Basically about how Hillery, as a senator once she got elected, was ginning up support for dems to pass new housing laws. Laws to Require, Force, new home builders to include One home per whatever total number of homes their laws will require, lets say “One home in every Dozen” new built homes to be Priced at affordable prices for welfare ghetto “Minorities”(Read: blacks and hispanics, maybe a couple whigger women if their kids are 1/2 breeds).

          The main examples in the articles mentioned homes priced from $250,000 to $500,000 bracket housing suburban developments. But did also mention it must include more costly homes, even million dollar plus homes.

          That example proposed that welfare ghetto minorities should get Hud backed Low or NO down paymt, zero closing costs, provided housing at a price closer to $60,000, and that it will be up to either Builders to absorb Losses, or area Taxes to make up differences, or Both!

          Since those articles a few yrs ago, we see Fanny-freddie HUD now owns or controls aprox 95% of all usa mortgages, latest story from yesterday says Hud tracking Diversity-Intergration of every neighborhood nationwide.

          Sounds like just maybe Hillerys plans or a similar plan in about ready to be mass msm promoted soon.

          If so, look close at Fine-Print, for exceptions to allowing forced minority occupancy in “certain” neighborhoods…Areas with elected officials, yiddish speaking folks, wall st bankster types, etc. To be exempted from forced inclusion of low life ghetto dweller housings in “Their” Pristine housing gated communities.

          Look for 99.9% of such new housing plans to operate in White middle to Upper middle class areas Only.

          This will be Hillery and her liberal kommie pals method or answers to former “White Flight” to avoid Forced Busing and Forced Integrations.

          Another Proof: George Wallace was Correct! “The onlyest answer to forced bussings and forced integrations, is, to Keep Us and Them Seperate…Seperate today, seperate tomorrow, seperate for all time.”

          If this is actually whats behind current HUD BS, it just may be played this way to thwart whiteys from deciding Who to reside with or next door to. New fed laws to force builders and sellers(real estate co’s) to sell one home CHEEP to welfare queen minorities, for every eleven(or Less!) normal priced homes. Forced-Integration.

          As was first heard at age 10yrs old back in Detroit, 1963 era…”There Goes the…..Neighborhood!” Indeed.

    26. Barn Cat

      Who says they failed? It sounds like an inside job to me. Same thing as when security was kept lax at an Afghan air force base and $200 million in jets were destroyed.

    27. emptyhandkiller

      500 demented killers???? Now, just HOW did that happen. Of course I don’t trust our government in this little matter. Another crisis to be used against us. I have never seen and felt how corrupt and downright evil our government is today. I hope all you loyal Mac readers have all your survival and emergency plans and supplies in place. Good luck to all.

    28. Butterknife

      Think the State gives a damn ?
      Just more people with a grudge to attack the US, and that gives the Statist more reason for total control of the herd.

    29. AL-CIA-DUH ;0p

      it’s a cia mossad false-fag inside job …

      AL.QUEDA = AL-CIA-DUH = ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. CIA AND ISRAEHELL ZIO-JEW MOSSAD supported financed trained fake terrorists / agents .


    30. Be informed

      This is a black guy that sees what BO and the MSM is all about, completely destroying the Constitution and ALL of everyone’s freedoms. Excellent reading here, a feel good article that some black people are still awake:

    31. De Oppresso Liber

      Unfortunately Iraq and Afghanistan both will return to their natural roots once the US leaves. Nations can be changed but it takes a couple of cycles of children growing up to be adults to break the oppression imposed by a government or religion. Real change in Germany and Japan after WWII – but think of the commitment in time for that to occur. Many lives lost in places currently, the hearts of our troops on the ground in the right place but the hearts of our political leaders . . . not so much.

      What can’t continue won’t continue. We soon will not be able to maintain the influence in other countries as in the past. I think at some level of national debt other nations will start to pull away from the US dollar and debt. It has started but will gain steam. Right now it is a game – to see which government can best position for the eventual admittance that the emperor is butt ass naked. Eventually you would get tired of playing poker with someone who can make there own chips wouldn’t you?

      Our government is much akin to a comedy act of someone holding a bucket full of water with more holes in it than they have fingers to plug them. Scandal after scandal, debt, – democrats and republicans – no checks and balances from the legislative branch or the judicial. They justify decisions not based on the constitution but based on their best interests – and some of them I believe make decisions under duress. Then they try to sell it by saying it makes us safer.

      It is not just influence outside the continental US, we won’t be able to continue a middle class standard of living here either. SS is a joke – even if we as individuals draw some SS – the todays dollars that are put into SS (and then squandered on something useless) are worth less in the future when we collect it to spend. Just think if folks in the 60s had just kept their silver coinage rather than have it confiscated into SS.

      The difference between Detroit and the US is that Detroit can not print money. Our country is in serious decline – morally, economically and politically. Other cities next –

      The oppression and tyranny today is far greater than the British imposed on early colonist (my opinion). Even then only a small minority opposed – it will be similar in our day. We are bullied by the IRS, TSA, NSA, I could go on . . . is it a truth or a lie? Are American citizens bullied by the Federal Government? Many here would agree – but how many folks that get food stamps, work for the government or are in a union would agree? I ask those that ignore the oppression is this the future you want for your children? Is it? Grow up, I die every time I hear the most important thing right now is for government to assist in job creation. I call bull shit – but it is spewed endlessly by both parties – it is simple redistribution of taxes. They make it worse, they create nothing and less dollars are available to the private sector. Government workers don’t pay taxes they simply give back a little money that was produced by people who, who, who . . . PRODUCE. We need some limited government – interstates are good and a military that protects the common good of the states. What else?

      Things that are out of balance self destruct. Machinery, people – governments. What can not continue will not continue.

      I hope I am wrong and just paranoid.

      If not – I took an oath that I for one will honor to the best of my ability.

      De Oppresso Liber

    32. Frank Thoughts

      This wasn’t an accident: think of it like this: the Kelly Placement Services for terrorists just got a new bunch of contract killer newbies.

      I am sure these guys will be on a C17 Globemaster to somewhere – hmmm?, maybe Syria – within hours.

      Get them on the aircraft, then each one gets a little cardboard box with a sandwich (halal), a drinking juice box with straw, an apple and a banana, and a stick of chewing gum.

      Then its ‘buckle up gentlemen! I am Gunnie Officer Williams. I am your crew boss for this flight. We have an hour, so I will be quick. Weapons: you will get AKs on arrival. Ammo: we can only give you 500 rounds each right now but Congress is due to vote on more ammunition soon, blessed be Allah. We have body armor for half of you I am afraid. Now, listen close: we will regroup in two clicks from the runway with alpha team SAS and Seals. Do not, I repeat, do not turn on your geolocators until we regroup. We are going in dark and will not have air cover until the regroup. Is that understood!!’

      ‘Yes, Missa Marine!!’

      ‘Good!!! Take this bird to Syria!’

    33. aljamo

      It seems obvious these prisoners were released with u.s. government complicity to cover up the shitload of scandals washing over the criminals at the top of the takedown of the American people and economy. Good articles on today on what is behind this collapse, the destruction of our economy, the stealth of our jobs, and the theft of our social security. All as a result of unbelievable greed by the Fed and the bankers.

    34. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      just showing may age, but do ya’ll think the AQ were playing any Thin Lizzy while they busted their buddies out?…..(all you young bucks won’t get this)

      • Mongo Confused

        When I fight the Commies in our streets, I will be playing Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”. Good inspirational martial music. Yeah, I am an old buck.

    35. VRF

      Its going to be real fun when the party starts isn’t it? all these inept so called “agencies” couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions on how to do so was written on the bottom of the heel.

    36. JayJay

      You know little Johnny has a plastic knife in his lunchbox but you POS’s missed this??

    37. thefulishbastid

      Sorry, I thought this was about the royal baby. Wasn’t Irag like so 2003?

    38. Mongo Confused

      Is it not obvious that this break was the work of the spy agencies? Al-Qaeda is failing in Syria. Israel wants Syria dismembered so it can steal more land and water. The Zionist bankers want it out of the way so they can seize the resources of Iran, one of the last nations not under IMF banking domination. This was a recruiting operation, to free up jihadis to fight in Syria.

    39. Infidels-r-us

      The American military-industrial forces have made their trillions off of war related materials in Iraq. They have the oil in their clenches. Has anyone heard where the oil is going now? And to whom? I didn’t think so.

      The American so-called government doesn’t much care what happens there now. Their work is done there. They are busy picking the next fight so the money flow will not be slowed. We will continue to pay the bills and suffer the dead soldiers and broken families with one parent. It is all about money.

      Foreign aid is another leg on the chair. They give away billions and get back millions under the table to selected members of congress. We are so severely screwed.

    40. iceman

      Obozo had to get these guys out in time for them to be declared legal u.s. citizens under the new immigrant act as it will help push his agenda. Plus this is all fluff, we all know the big story today is the royal baby, now let’s get with it, got to go, entertainment tonight is on!

    41. Frank Thoughts

      As far as I can tell, everything is going to plan: bases are all over the place, China and Russia are boxed in and can’t act, and Syria is slowly crumbling. America will rule the world by the end of 2013.

    42. Jeff

      My lack of faith with TPTB and our senior leadership, has once again, been confirmed. They want to mirco-manage and control the smallest detail of our lives, but they can NOT do their job. Epic Fail is an understatement. If there is some way to make matters worse, they will find a new way to do it.

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