Environmentalists ‘SCARED STIFF’ As Pruitt Plans To Reveal ‘Secret Science’ Tyranny

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 35 comments

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    Some of the most expansive regulatory initiatives have been undertaken in the name of “secret science”: scientific research unavailable to the public the regulations inhibit. But Scott Pruit now has environmentalists scared stiff as he plans to expose this “science” ending the EPA’s reign on environmental tyranny.

    A proposed rule announced a week ago by Scott Pruitt the of the Environmental Protection Agency, and blasted by the mainstream media, is intended to bring much-needed transparency to agency rule-making. The environmental lobby is terrified about the proposal, even though it aligns perfectly with its long-held commitment to the public’s “right to know” principle.  Basically, the EPA writes rules and regulations the public is forced to adhere to based on “science” that the public is also not allowed to see.  Pruitt plans to change that.

    The proposed regulation would require the EPA to ensure that the scientific data and research models “pivotal” to significant regulation are “publicly available in a manner sufficient for validation and analysis.” 

    Many mainstream media outlets claim that this new rule would “undermine” climate science.  But that only happens if the science used to enforce new regulations and taxes is junk science (in which case, it should be undermined), so what is there to worry about? Plenty if your religion is climate change:

    Despite existing rules on government use of scientific research, federal agencies routinely mask politically driven regulations as scientifically-based imperatives. The supposed science underlying these rules is often hidden from the general public and unavailable for vetting by experts. But credible science and transparency are necessary elements of sound policy.

    The opposition from greens and much of the media greeting Pruitt’s announcement is, frankly, hypocritical in the extreme. Opponents claim that the EPA’s regulatory power would be unduly restricted if the agency is forced to reveal the scientific data and research methodologies used in rule-making.

    But that is precisely the point. The EPA should no longer enjoy free rein to impose major regulations based on studies that are unavailable for public scrutiny.Heritage.org

    Despite the “science” used to declare climate change such a human problem that taxes and job debilitating regulations be enforced already much-known as “junk,” Pruitt intends to let everyone know that they’ve been duped in order to be treated like cash cows and government slaves.

    Some claim that research subjects’ privacy would be violated, but that is disingenuous and completely groundless. Researchers routinely scrub identifying information when aggregating data for analysis and personal information is not even relevant in agency rule-making.

    The proposed rule is not radical, in fact, it’s taking a bite from totalitarianism, yet you’ve got a huge population of sleeping sheep who would simply rather be told what to do than actually read any kind of research (or lack thereof) that leads to their own oppression.


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      1. MGM Las Vegas Shooting. Read this below: Coincidence??? NOT.

        BREAKING: Soros’s Record $40 Million Short Sale Of MGM Stock 2 Weeks Before Vegas Massacre … But That’s Not All

        Link: ht tps://www.conservativearmy.org/2017/11/03/soross-record-short-sale-mgm/

        This POS Soros Parasite needs to be eliminated.

        • Have you paid your Global Warming Carbon Tax today ??? 🙂

      2. Sure, the pseudo science used to justify today’s “environmentalism” has been co-opted by the Kool-Aid drinking snowflakes in their move toward communism/socialism. This movement attempts to justify their acquisition of power to deny property & individual rights. Those that do not know history do not understand the errors in their thinking. Look at the recent denial of parental rights to a couple with a severely ill child in the United Kingdom. For what reason would you deny the parents (individual rights) to seek alternative health care somewhere else? For those that did not follow the story, the Vatican offered a free flight and alternative health care in Vatican City.

        • cranerigger, perfect example of an out of control bureaucracy that can commit murder of a child for no valid reason excel;t their own fallacies and incompetence. UK is completely fucked up ! USA not far behind.

      3. Instead of going through the legal process, you get it regulated into existence or through judicial decisions. The regulators with their own agendas are the Federal employees that you wish would follow the stereotype that they do nothing.

      4. CO2 is plant food. Photosynthesis!

        • Smaller government now:

          You are correct. Trees need CO2 like we need oxygen.


          • No…..Plants need oxygen for respiration just as animals do, but, animals cannot manufacture food like plants can. Plants need the CO2 to react with water and sunlight to miraculously produce food in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, etc.

            • Wrong. Plant PRODUCE oxygen as a natural byproduct of the photosynthesis process. And they do no produce food in the form of proteins they produce cellulose C6H12O6…

              • 6CO2 + 6H2O + SUNLIGHT —> C6H12O6 + 6O2

              • my bad, C6H12O6 is glucose that plants use for energy and growth…

        • The ecofreaks don’t want people to know that basic information. Sheer idiocy.

          Volcanoes put out far more toxic gasses and particulates than puny humans.

      5. The libtards aren’t going to like this infringement on Big Government’s power to regulate what we’re allowed to do with a puddle on what was once considered ‘our’ property.

      6. This explains the accusations against Pruitt by the left.

      7. oh we got a global environmental crisis all right. It is called ‘Fukushima’. Thing is that there’s really not much anyone is doing about it. It makes Chernobyl look like a lady-finger firecracker versus Tsar Bomba. The earth has been hot, cold, in-between; but, it has never experienced the levels of radiation and subsequent effects like it doing right now from those power plants’ run-off since its earliest years of formation. We can bicker all we want about global warming/cooling/change all we want; meanwhile, the Pacific is turning into a zone of swirling plastic and mutation. Time we all got real and considered what most of us grew up with – that picture taken from the moon of this planet. For now, it’s all we got. …. unless you count a Tesla heading to Mars.

        • Heart: You are right – that mess in Japan is a MASSIVE killer Disaster and what do we hear about it? Pretty much Crickets is what we get!! It is a massive mess and nearly impossible to really do anything with and so all of that poisoned water in and out into the ocean every single day folks…think about it, it will completely destroy the oceans and most of the sea life. And when something major happens and they are pretty quiet about it, well, you know it is bad, so bad they won’t even discuss the mess. Gov’t is so worthless and incompetent.

      8. Can anybody provide an example of this “secret science”? Doesn’t this stuff appear in journals?

      9. “The supposed science underlying these rules is often hidden from the general public and unavailable for vetting by experts.”

        As a matter of human nature being so contentious, most people see themselves as experts, in all things, always, to determine what is credible.

        The Christians, here, will recognize it as the Jezebel complex.

        The paranoid an privative, here, will try to avoid their voyeuristic, nosy neighbors.

        To the best of my understanding, the learned and accomplished “they” have a way of hiding things in plain sight:

        1. “They” change the entire data set, within an order of magnitude. (Still leaving an overall pattern intact.)
        2.”They” give an alternative explanation, for a real event, or a real purpose. It’s like speaking in euphemism or double entendre. Some might say, code.

        “They” communicate through ordinary media channels.

        I think that the 99% have *not learned everything they need to know in kindergarten, and, when you teach numbers, or the operation of a machine, or about Malthusian survival needs, the perennial pissing contest ensues.

        You’re in a debate about global warming, but that was a red herring.

      10. Being duped by government liars is America’s longest enduring contagion, without lies those calling the shots would be speechless.

        • Aljamo: You got that right!! Gov’t is a bunch of over-paid, over-ego buffoons…

      11. This country makes me sick.

        In grade school they said within 20 years the corn belt would move into Canada due to the lie of global warming.

        At 8 years old I had the common sense to question how that was possible. And I didn’t believe the lies spewed as the reason why in response.

        The filthy socialist riddled EU is cutting back on coal usage in order to ‘reduce emissions’.

        The US has swung in like Tarzan to rescue the poor pitiful EU.

        American forests are being destroyed, cut to the ground in order to make PELLETS to take the place of coal in the EU.

        The US news media is totally silent of course, they have to support the Socialist/Communist filth across the pond.

        European Imports of Wood Pellets for “Green Energy” Devastating US ..

        U.S. pellet exports boom as Europe mixes wood with coal to reduce …

        • I heard about that. The leftists are insane.

          As for the ecofreaks, I realized it was a BS years ago. I don’t recycle, either. Some of these ecofreaks are absolutely obssessed with trash! I don’t wash out my tin cans and sort my trash into piles. I put everything into one bin and it is taken away once a week (at my expense, of course). People seem shocked if I tell them this as so many have been indoctrinated into this recycling nonsense. Nothing but virtue signaling.

          • Same here, I don’t recycle either, it’s total nonsense providing free labor for a failed cause.

        • You were ahead of your time…

      12. More good news.



      13. You can tell a leftist immediately when they decry the use of information in any way. Their MO is to lie, always, and conceal the fact that they are lying. Remember that to a leftist, telling lies is more important that anyones’ life. To them, it’s always the “Greater Good”, even if it’s evil and murders people.

        • Ever notice that the “greater good” is never clearly defined?

      14. I may not know everything, but I have an opinion on everything!!!

      15. “sheep who would rather be told what to do than actually read…”

        Yes, this is a problem. Many here were taught to read by the “see Jane, see Spot” method of memorization, rather than phonics.

        Add to this TV watching of soap operas, idiotic sitcoms, degraded and destructive movies, inane garbage called news. Then send kids to indoctrination schools where they are lied to and taught a false reality; then expect them to have the motivation let alone the ability to read research papers.

        But read they must, and so too all of us. We must do our homework or be slaves, plain and simple. We have free will. We have choice. Choose freedom. The psychos are betting against us. The psychos are betting that we are too stupid and too lazy to do the study, to do the work of unraveling the yarn, and unmasking them.

        “It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.”

        Do your homework.



        • I taught my offspring phonics as I was taught many a year back. He was able to read before entering school. Hope he did the same for the grandkids (have to ask) but think it’s likely since he explains how things work to them. Actually, he’s a great teacher (not how he makes his living though); he explains real history to them and helps them sort through the “stuff” they learn at school.

      16. Great, now I hope Detroit brings back real cars and quits producing these plastic go karts they have been making.

      17. Why should msm care if not for having an agenda and being totally in bed with liberals. Once again fake news !!!!!!!

      18. Scientific researchers want repeat business. Corporations and government agencies want scientific research that supports what they want to do or market. The researchers can easily figure out what conclusions are needed to ensure that they get repeat business. The corporations and government agencies know which scientific researchers to go to to get favorable results. Yes, some scientists have the professional integrity to do legitimate research but the system works against them.

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