Entire San Francisco Police Force Will Work The Patriot Prayer Rally

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 62 comments

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    San Francisco city leaders are terrified of violence at a Patriot Prayer Rally. They have dubbed it a “rally by a far-right group” and on Saturday, the city will bring in the entire police force work that day.

    When a group that claims its intention is to promote peace, love and unity applies for government permission (a permit) to hold a prayer rally (free speech) in a national park, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi declare them “white supremacists” and a “hate group.” In fact, that was the first reaction after the city approved the permit for the Patriot Prayer Rally in the park. The second response? The city of San Fransisco is rallying their entire police force to make sure those who participate in the prayer rally stay in line.

    Patriot Prayer bills itself as a peaceful First Amendment advocacy group that appears in locations where there have been past confrontations over free speech. For example, Patriot Prayer organized the Evergreen State College protest outside Seattle where Gibson was pepper sprayed by counter-protesters. According to their Facebook page, Patriot Prayer is also dedicated to fighting government corruption. Now it makes sense that they’ve been labeled as “extremists” by the left.

    Th founder of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson explained in a video what his group is actually about, and it isn’t white supremacy.

    It sounds like Patriot Prayer is attempting to unite Americans rather than divide. It makes sense now that the government is afraid of this group. Propaganda is very powerful, and there are some very rich and very powerful politicians that rely on a divided America, as Patriot Prayer points out. Leftist groups don’t want unity, as that would be needed to squash the corruption in government. Not even Southern Poverty Law Center is as harsh on the Portland-based Patriot Prayer as the government is. SPLC described  Patriot Prayer as an “alt-right” group and has dubbed this event “Free Speech, Unity and Peace San Francisco,” billing it as “a day of freedom, spirituality, unity, peace, and patriotism!” Oh, the horror!

    “Every available officer is expected to be working on Saturday,” said San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak. “So no discretionary time off and days off have been canceled.” San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Lee had a message for those who oppose groups like Patriot Prayer. “We will be doing an alternative rally Saturday here at Civic Center,” Lee said. He is urging people to stay away from the event at Crissy Field.

    Gibson says that all he’s trying to do is inform supporters of Antifa (a broad group of left and far left leaning people) about the violent ways of the group to “bring them out of the darkness” and he says he has made converts like Tara “Bern.”

    Tara, a Bernie Sanders backer who now lives in Washington state and served in the army, uses “Bern” as her last name on Facebook to “protect my family when I get into politics.”

    Tara wrote on Gibson’s Facebook page that she marched in Seattle with Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other leftist groups because she “heard there was a Nazi rally.”

    “As we marched past the police towards the rally, my group was yelling and cussing at the officers and at that exact moment,” Tara wrote, “I felt in my heart it was wrong.”

    When she finally reached the supposed ‘Nazis,’ she found out they were actually just a free speech group.

    Speakers were preaching about love and peace, and my group wanted to rip them to shreds.  I felt in my spirit that what the Antifa were doing by calling everyone to violence, was wrong,” said Tara. –Fox News

    All police are on duty for this peaceful rally, but based on evidence, Antifa and far left groups inciting violence are the main cause for concern.


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      1. Keep the ASS HOLE Leftist away, and you won’t have one problem. Let the Bastards low life pieces of shit near them and you will have a problem.

        When the leftist get their ass handed to them, after they start something. It will be blamed on the Patriot Prayer Rally.

        I would love to be in Fag Francisco then.


        • I was born in San Francisco (am a dual US/Canadian citizen). Actually, so was Tucker Carlson. California used to be a conservative state. The fascist left has utterly destroyed it.

          The old meme is what happens on CA. extends out around the nation. Well, here’s a clue to the fascist left: What happened to me, born in CA., is that I got a clue about the ignorance, fascism, and moral and intellectual BANKRUPTCY of the left. THAT is what is spreading around the country from California – the waking up of people to the utter insanity of the idiot left.

        • SanFran – going to like hometown for ANTIFA – good majority of the professionals that keep showing up these various venues are West Coast – they spent the last few days moving from Phoenix to CA ….

          • Just cut off the Head of the Snake, Capture America’s Most Wanted Terrorist George Soros, and end the financial funding of Antifa and the BLM. What ya waiting for FBI??????

            • Land of the Godless heathens.

              • California: Land of the fruits and nuts!

            • Soros, Dead or Alive !!!

              Yes, Soros is responsible for the deaths and injuries of police in Louisianna and the young woman in Virginia. Soros attempts to provoke civil war and more deaths, so martial law and global plans by Rothschild crime family can be brought about in the USA.

              The FBI only investigates. Other departments track and capture criminals.


          • Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally

            ht tps://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/24/san-francisco-dog-poo-protest-patriot-prayer-rally

        • well, it is not really work when you get to shoot snowflakes in the nuts on TV

        • You cannot keep the left away in San Francisco because the ENTIRE CITY is left as is 99% of the Bay Area – ALL left wing nutballs. ALL of them.

          KQED Ch 9 the main PBS station already sent out an email this morning repeating what the mayor already said on TV, that there is a “right wing extremist” group coming to Crissy Field and KQED plans on putting TV cameras down there live the entire time to bring it to the viewers at home.

          So why would they be putting US taxpayer funded PBS TV cameras down there after the mayor, Pelosi, PBS, others have all called it “right wing extremists” if they did not expect Antifa to show up in full hooded and masked garb to incite a violent riot and then blame it on the “right wing extremists” whose sworn reason for being there exercising their 1st Amendment rights in the first place – was to say prayers for unity and peace.

          Things do not work normally in SF Bay area and the super wealthy elite who own and run SF with an iron politically correct fist are the same ones who now influence everything coming out of Sacramento, only 88 miles away.

          Thus, all of California eventually will be the same way and this is eventually then the future of the entire USA.

          SF has been a communist held colony held in secret on the west coast away from prying eyes of the rest of the country for decades now and what you are finally seeing, is the truth about it being a communist colony coming into broad daylight as the final communist insurrection in this country arises.

          Kamala Harris, from San Francisco, will be the next big fire-ball to hit DC to push for more of this agenda as she is a female Obama and will be given the same treatment by the ruling elite, right into the White House.

          By that point, the deal will be sealed and the US will become a communist nation.

          I am NOT saying this because I am in favor – I AM saying this because I have explaind for OVER A DECADE what was happening in SF and CA and NOBODY gave a flying da#n.

          It was like that with the last big war in Europe, it was bombs falling London before anyone finally woke up and realized they had to REALLY do something about Hitler.

          So nowadays, as history turns in circles, nothing new under the sun and this time with the communists making their final insurgency into the US, taking over completely, having already conquered places like SF Bay Area and Sacramento which are 99% under their total iron fisted control.

      2. Since this is a prepper site, Harvey may become a major hurricane by the time it makes landfall, any day now. possible 30 inches of rain around Houston. Harvey is nearly sitting still in the Gulf building up energy and wind speed. May God have mercy on you and yours as this thing closes in. Get inland and get everything up and away from possible water damage.

        • Well, Stiner, they’re calling for more than 22 inches of rain…

          Worried yet?

          • I live right in the path of this hurricane. Do you know what I have done to prepare?


            I am already prepared to the max.

            • Anytime a storm is on the way, I have a routine.

              I take down the porch swing and set it next to the house. I take down the bird feeders and put them in the garage. I move vehicles away from the trees. I fill up buckets of water in the bathtub for toilet flushing.

              I make extra ice, so that when the power goes off, I can take a few things out of the refrigerator and put them in a cooler. That way, I don’t have to open the refrigerator again until after the power returns. I also make sure that anything frozen that I might want to cook during a storm is in the chest freezer instead of the upright. The upright won’t be opened if the power is off, but the chest freezer could be if necessary.

              As a last-minute thing, I might go to the grocery store or Wal-Mart and just watch everyone else go nuts.

            • Ok then…I hope everyone stays safe. Good luck n’all.

        • Yea, would make me think twice before buying that beach property onnthe texas coast

        • Him:


          Vacuum seal books and papers, clothes, boxed soap, boxed and bagged food; anything you need to keep dry that is small enough.

          Make sure to have fresh bottled water, a flash light and lantern, and a can opener.

          Good luck.


          • can’t do anything else – last minute – stuff the dishwasher full and lock the door …

          • And Harvey is currently a Cat 3 hurricane and may get stronger as it sucks up warm water in the Gulf and heads very slowly towards the shore. It’s going to sit on the coast and dump rain forever.

            • Update, not a Cat.3 yet. The NHC expects 125 mph winds at landfall, probably within 24 hours. Yikes!

              • Remember all the hype and hysteria over Hurricane Matthew last October? Cat 4, then turned out to be a BIG nothing.

                It was Obama make it out to be worse to support the global warming narrative.

                We will see about this one. May be more fake news and a minimal storm.

                • Met an old timer at the range. When the big storm hit us he had everything “firearms” in his basement, except his favorite home defense item on his nightstand. The basement flooded with sewage contaminated water, and stayed that way for ten days with no power. He lost a lifetime of firearms, ammo, reloading etc. He was devastated.

                  When I heard this, I thought of the old phrase “never keep all your eggs in one basket”.

                  • Remember the old adage, “never keep your guns in flooded sewer basements.”

                    Now his black rifles are brown rifles.

        • I have been watching Harvey. We had Hurricane Matthew (Cat 1) pour 14 inches of rain in my neck of the woods, 125 miles inland. We had major problems. Road washouts,flooding. (See you tube videos of Fayetteville nc). Power was out for some for 10 days! So you don’t have to live on the coast to get problems. Be safe!

      3. AAAAAANNNDD No one but me can see this mimicking history of all previous Facist/Communist regimes in such a scary fashion?? No one can see the Leftist/communist/facist’s demonization of Patriots? The demonization of ALL whites regardless of whether they are racist or not?? No ONE but me can see the Left wing politicians supporting these groups, telling Police to “stand down” against the violent terrorist of Antifa and BLM??
        NO ONE can see where this is going???
        Huey Long never made a shrewder observation than his remark that “if Fascism came to the United States it would come disguised as anti-Fascism”
        I guess I’ll See all of my fellow keyboard warriors in the Gulag, or camp or whatever the communist/facist/leftist call it this time around. Best of luck because we OBVIOUSLY LEARN NOTHING FROM HISTORY AND ALLOWED IT TO REPEAT FOR ABOUT THE 8TH time!!!!!!

        • Oh plenty can see it,
          Just that theres a lot of idiots who cant see past their cellphone

        • To state that no one but you can see what is happening is not quite true. We can see it, and you can see it in some of our conversations here (posts).
          As to what can be done, not very much by just one, two or a few individuals at this point in time. But we do see it and discuss it.
          When we (as a nation) have had enough of this, then maybe we call all (well, most of us) can come together and actually do something.
          Until then, we will wait and watch and learn.

        • READ IN THIS BLOG Hard Truths and The Biggest Duty RIGHT NOW IT’S AT THE TOP

          • Sorry it in the Quayle blog

      4. Never Satisfied. It was the name above the provocatively posed woman painted on my fathers bomber during WW2. The greatest generation mostly saw through the distractions of the elite but performed their duty in spite of it. The double meaning was done on purpose and they knew it when they painted their bomber. Every generation must bleed is the Globalist creed as they instill in their warriors to also never be satisfied. And they never will be. A lesson they will learn too late.

      5. Perfect place to kick off the eradication of the left.
        You want socialism, move to a socialist country
        You want communism, move to a communist country
        You want special treatment because of your race, move to whatever country your ethnic background is from.
        You want to keep trying to change this country to suit you?
        Fu ck you and the donkey you rode in on

      6. this Gibson guy was on the front dividing line at Evergreen State College – was offering a handshake to the opposing protesters – got maced and then hit in the head with a thrown object – tires out in the parking lot were ruined with sidewall punctures ….

        SanFran won’t be handling it like Phoenix – expect another violent clash like VA …

      7. When younger and dumber I wanted hurricanes to come my way, they never really did as they nearly always went north after entering the gulf. I chased a couple back then. On Supremacists, Pelosi fits that description to the max.

      8. I dunno,,,
        Somebody once said, “Stay away from crowds”
        That kinda stuck, ill watch the crowd from afar,

        • Somebody once said, “Stay away from crowds”
          That kinda stuck, ill watch the crowd from afar,

          Like, from high-power glass

          • If theres a crowd in my AO worth watching that may the prudent method
            Most crowds here are wearing their vagina hats or T leaves

      9. The left will start something and get away with it because the police will be too focused on the right to notice it starting and do something to head it off.

        Good chance of that anyway.

        • i say the police know EXACTLY what each side is “up to”. most police forces are unionized, right?….umm, i mean LEFT(ists). the poe-leece have been complicit all along….they ARE the problem!

      10. I have a funny feeling that Saturday in San Fag Frisco, it will be very interesting out there! As usual BLM and Antifa and all of those Left winged 1/2 wits will attack the peaceful white folk on the Right…Stand strong my fellow patriots of the RIGHT.

      11. San Francisco has a police force? Oh wait, you mean those guys dressed like the Village
        People? Oh. THAT’S THE S.F. POLICE.

        • Ya, picture the cop in the movie Wild Hogs,,,

      12. My guess is the leftist city govt. will have the police stand down and blame any problem on the marchers.

      13. Since San-Fran-Sicko is a leftist’s crap of of a city, anything right of center is considered extreme. San Fran is a toilet that needs to be flushed soon.

      14. Why are they Antifa. They are worse that fascist.

        They are Fascist, Commies, and Anarchist rolled into one.

        Why are they not AntiAm. “Anti American”.


        • This is because they are “paid for”.

      15. This proves my point I have been making videos about for YEARS the real battle is with the spirit of the antichrist

      16. The young man in the video is not white. A prayer rally. They used to call that “going to church”. If this is a multi-racial religious parade with LGBTQ, it will probably be peaceful. Anti-facist (anti-American) only picks on white persons, regardless of political persuasion.


      17. Why isn’t anyone getting sued for slander? Why don’t they call antifa marxists stalinist killers?

      18. The left is now planning on planting dog poo over the entire area where the prayer meeting is going to be. Real nice ANTIFA,real classy.

      19. Patriot prayer rally? All things good are called bad, And all things perverse are called good? The wheat and the Tares are being separated? We all know what happens next?

      20. I hope they get to wear their new Stasi uniform given to them by East Germany

      21. This guy was here in Portland a while back. They were all pretty cool and respectful to everyone. Then of course the antifa people showed up. I think Portland was in national news for the next week after that….

      22. I live in San Francisco, a few blocks from the Civic Center.

        You can count on me being NO WHERE NEAR either one of these events.

        That’s the smart play.

        A pox on both their houses.

        • How to distinguish the wheat from the Tares? Ask the soddomites?or join them and see..

      23. Do you really think these cops don’t know what’s happening.? They are all waiting for the chance to clean house. Inside and outside. We all need that trigger event.?

      24. Hey we’re the Silent Majority, remember a week or so ago when they had the free speech rally in Boston, 50 free speechers showed up and 10,000 left wing protesters showed up. Again I say we’re the Silent Majority, we sit home where no one can hear us and bitch! Trekker Out

      25. Ed Lee lee is a chi-com communist party stooge. You have a message for Patriots you fucking chi-com. What? busy drug dealing and coordinating troop transfer of chi-com soldiers to the base that the Bush/clinton administration gave to you fuckers 20 years ago. Is that base the military staging area to attack the American people in California, and with a 5th column army? Just shut your fucking mouth you piece of communist piece of shit ass mayor, fuck you.

        Look at who they are allowing to take over that state, 100% CUMMUNIST CHINESE. I bet his buddy senator lee land lee will be getting a pardon soon. Lee land lee is the senator that the White Hats FBI caught smuggling in AK 47’s, rocket launchers to take down South West Air lines, the same senator communist plant, planted in the US by the Zi jing ping-COMMUNIST TYRANICAL PIECE OF STINKING SHIT, government. Now theses assholes are telling the US how they have thousands of Chinese spies all over the United States. You fucking Chinese soldiers that are over here in the US, you ass is literally skating on thin ice. NO CHINESE MEN SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO BE A GOVERNOR, SENATOR OR MAYOR OF ANY MAJOR CITY IN THIS COUNTRY. THIS IS COMMON SENSE. They have sold off the ports and lands of the US to Chinese government, claiming imminent domain in the middle of the United States Mainland. This is a literal threat to the American people.


        Yes I support President Donald Trump.

      26. Check the voter registries in democratic strongholds for voters that are dead or bit qualified to vote. Dismantle tht political machines.

      27. San Francisco is a perfect example of how the Constitution is trampled when leftists take over education, the legal system, and local government. Beware Americans, this communist takeover plan has a long time horizon.

      28. Maybe the po lice will herd the prayer folks directly into the antifa? Like in VA?

      29. All Antifa thugs Must have their Black Masks ripped off their Hateful faces – be Photographed – Violently Beaten & Continually Harassed & Killed if necessary.

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