England Slides Closer To Communism: Malnourished Children Fill Pockets With Food

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 40 comments

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    The heads of schools from various parts of England and Wales have described differences in the appearance of some of their pupils. Poverty stricken children are “grey and pale” and fill their pockets with food so they can have something to eat.

    And the problem is only worsening as government regulations and tax burdens continue to make it hard for everyday people to get by.  According to the BBC, on school head was quoted saying, “My children have grey skin, poor teeth, poor hair; they are thinner.” Lynn, a head teacher from a former industrial town in Cumbria, who did not want to give her full name, was one of a number of head teachers speaking to reporters at the National Education Union conference in Brighton.

    Even though the government said measures were in place to tackle poverty, much of the UK is sliding into abject poverty as the country inches closer to Communism. Children are filling their pockets with food. In some establishments that would be called stealing. We call it survival,” Lynn said.

    Jane Jenkins, a head teacher from Cardiff, said children in her school often only brought a slice of bread and margarine for lunch and that teachers supplemented this. “It’s really difficult and when people are asking you about standards, why we don’t go up the league tables?

    There’s also becoming a stark difference between the wealthy and the poor. “When you take children out to an event, maybe a sporting event, you see children of the same age from schools in an affluent area. It’s the grey skin, the pallor. It’s the pallor you really notice,” said another teacher.  “Monday morning is the worst.  There are a number of families that we target that we know are going to be coming into school hungry. By the time it’s 9:30 am they are tired.”

    The teachers are also washing the grubby clothes for the children who can’t afford to even clean the few pieces of destroyed clothing they own. “We have washing machines and we are washing the children’s clothes while they do PE,” said Lynn.  “We wouldn’t have it that these children are stigmatized because their clothes are dirty.”

    Howard Payne, a head at an inner city school in Portsmouth, said there had been a four-fold increase in the number of children with child protection issues. “Every one of these issues has had something to do with the poverty that they live in,” he said. “It’s neglect. It’s because they and their families don’t have enough money to provide food, heating or even bedding.”

    As poverty increases too, governments usually attempt to solve the problem by raising taxes, which pushes those already borderline into poverty as well, exacerbating the problem exponentially. More government is never the solution to the problems the government created in the first place.


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      1. Are the Muslim migrants with 9 children having any problems finding food, or does the Government pay for everything?

        • TZ: You hit that joint square on the head my friend! I would be willing to bet my testicles that those disgusting, vile, diseased Invading Muslims are being treated just fine, plenty of food and a nice FREE place to live and medical, etc for their worthless selves and all 9 or 10 of their crummy, ape kids. Boy, is it me or does the situation in England sound just like the good ole’ United States of America folks. Think about it, we were born here, we have been used and abused and utterly forced and required to pay taxes for everything under the sun but when times are tough for folks , what does this swell Gov’t do – they give YOUR resources and assistance that you paid for to the filthy, vile illegals, the Muslims, the Africans, the Mexicans and all of the other non-white, non-American scum. WTF is not right with that picture I ask you?? Things are so wrong & so screwed in this once great land. We should ALL just stop paying taxes period. They can’t and won’t lock us ALL up, no chance of it…Millions and millions tell the IRS and the rest of them ba$tards to pound sand!! I am so disappointed and alarmed with what this country has become. . . . . .think about it.

          • very well said….my sentiments EXACTLY!

          • They ran a program about how Obesity is the big problem for African and Muslim children. Showed them spending their days eating fried chicken and playing video games. Go figure …

          • If people stop paying taxes, the gov’ment doesn’t have to jail all of them…the gov’ment can just seize the money from paychecks, bank accounts, etc.

      2. Read Charles Dickens. Poverty in England is nothing new.

        The bankers in the city of London have robbed the English and given the city over to an invading army of Muslims.

        Communists always use the suffering poor as a means to institute Communism. It never helps the poor.


        • BCA: You are correct yet again!! England is pissing on their own good WHITE people and are much more in favor of Muslims, various other collections of nasty filthy, foreigners. This is what Progressives and Liberals do folks, please, for the love of God, we have got to allowing this garbage to continue to happen. Hold these rat ba$tards fully responsible!

          • England is an Islamic nation, of course they’re going to favor Muslims.

            • Anon: Exactly, W. Europe is under shar’ia law big time, the leaders are either Muslims themselves or pro Muslim, Europe has turned into a third world garbage dump and European folks are morons for sitting by and doing nothing. Can’t feel sorry for losers. Now folks: go to the: commonsenseshow.com and read about America’s invasion on today’s post.

      3. Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? A society has a limited supply of resources. Great Britain and the United States need to assess how those resources are being spent.

        • Is there no EBT? Here in America, poor people, whites included, are extremely fat unless they’re heroin addicts.

          Theodore Dalrymple has seen plenty of hungry kids in the UK, not because food is expensive but because their council-house single mothers are too busy getting wasted to cook a meal for them.


      4. I blame uncontrolled immigration into UK!

        • How about the thousands and thousands of Hispanics heading north this very moment?

          End DACA. Build the wall. Stop all immigration into the United States until the professional politicians promise to end illegal and undocumented migration into the USA.

          End the reign of the entrenched establishment: Demand term limits, mandatory term limits.

          Outlaw political dynasties like the Kennedys, Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Cuomos, Browns, etc.

          Invade Mexico, execute the entire political class. Declare open season on the drug lords. End the drug war here in the US. If people want to commit suicide with drugs, then let them.

      5. All socialism is to propose ideas contrary to survival. That’s the goal. It is never for the common good; always, it is for the good of the uppermost. The influx of Muslims in GB and Europe, the influx of south-of-the-border countries and from Asia here……… all part of the plan to impoverish the citizens and their families of the host countries. And it is working.

      6. This is nothing to do with communism. This is exactly the face of the capitalism. I grew up in the Soviet Union. Every child was happy and healthy. It was no wealthy, rich people, but also zero hungry, homeless kids. My education ( school and college ) , my medicine, all my sport activities, everything was free. Thats why Soviet Union was portrait us a bad, ugly place, just to scare you away from real good example how to live you live. You being brain washed long time ago.

        • Yeah, Sure Moron. that’s why the Soviet Union is a thriving beacon of success today and Russia (one of the largest countries in the world) has an economy smaller than New York State.

          • How typical to call people names without presenting the facts. I was talking about Soviet Union and you trying to talk about today. Even today Russia’s economy small and weak according your favorite media like cnn, but again its far from the truth. I told you being brain washed. Have a nice day.

            • Actually the Russia’s GDP today is almost the same as Texas. The GDP of North Korea is closest to Kentucky.

            • If the USSR were so great, it wouldn’t have fallen apart of its own weight! Communism never works. You steal from one end of the country, and give it to a few select individuals. What did your father do, work for the KGB? I’ll bet it wasn’t a bookkeepers job. Just sayin’.

              • The USSR fall apart only because of traitors in its own government. It was nothing like steal from one to give to another. Everybody was working, no welfare hangouts, not even unemployment benefits to those, who don’t even think to work, us it happening in the west.My both parents worked ( not for the KGB), and we have everything until soviet union collapsed. I told you, that you were brain washed. By the way, thanks to the Iron Curtain, when I grew up I had no idea about any drugs, while west was drowning in this addiction and now its even getting worse.

                • My friends wife grew up in Belarus. Certainly the overall standard of living was lower and innovation like the west has wasn’t there but no one was hungry and her father had gold teeth in a photo I seen. I asked, “Where did that come from”? Her reply, “The dentist”. As I said no innovation but also no cost. Interestingly her education of WWII acknowledged the great contribution the US/UK gave them and there were memorials with three pillars representing US / UK / USSR. Conversely I was taught little except “We, the US won the war” avoiding the 3/4 of the German Army that the Soviets took care of. Yes our media is control too. Capitalism is far preferred if its regulated. If left to itself they will devour each other; nothing exceed like excess. You can’t have “one man one vote” when that one man has 63 billion in wealth like Mark Zuckerberg.

                • “minchanin” welcome to this site. Many of us have similar human values. We don’t believe in the excesses of drugs (including alcohol), we think every able bodied adult should work, sticking our noses into every other country’s business is not our idea, and Hollywood is not a good representation of our lives. The American Bill of Rights reflects the values of many patriots here.

        • Then minchanin let me ask, “why are YOU here?”. If the Soviet Union is so friggin’ delightful, so perfect in its social order, such a free and open society that has no wealthy class (to which I call b.s, for there has been an upper class gaspodine since your revolution. Tell me Stalin didn’t live like an emperor!! or just how wealthy IS Putin? hmmmmm?) why ever would you live here in the USA. Tell you what, start up a ‘go fund me’ account or something and see if you can raise the cash to just get the hell out of here and go home, okay? Dosvadanya tovarich.

        • “This is nothing to do with communism.”

          Capitalists eviscerated manufacturing from the UK along with the US in a quest for the cheapest labor cost regardless of the impact to society. Its a fact that Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Mellon an the new kid Soros aren’t communists and are are far more threatening to freedom and your standard of living.

        • I may get some slack for saying this, but i remember Jane Fonda said a long time ago…”If you knew what true Communism was you would go on your knees and beg to be Communist.” I don’t know how it really is since i don’t live there. I do know and have read that Russia has underground shelters for all it’s citizens and we have….NOTHING for our own people!

      7. Please sir, I want some more.

      8. Soon to be the British Venezuela?

      9. Reads like something out of “Oliver Twist”

      10. 1st World Western country citizens starving while ILLEGALS and “refugees” are living in the lap of luxury.

        Sickening that the Brits will not revolt for their lives but instead accept forced starvation.

        • Brits like other Europeans are sissified cowards and will willingly go into bondage or executions very soon.

          • You have to pick your battles, ATM we Brits are trying to extricate ourselves from the EU. That being said Guy Fawkes had the right idea in my opinion.

        • And a young girl in Rotherham opines: “Please, sir, may I have some more Muslim c#ck!?”

          The country has long mistreated its population.

      11. I’d feed the kid pictured, mine or not.

      12. We donate food to go into backpacks that go home with hungry children in my community. In the South. In the USA. I would imagine several are taking unpaid extras in the lunch line. They are starving.

      13. Start bring the whites from Europe over here before they are executed by the massive alien masses. They would have a chance here and could protect themselves.

      14. Children whose physical needs are not being met have been a part of every society. Charles Dickens wrote about it in his works. There are consequences that affect society as a whole and they are all bad. The child in the picture is white, blonde and bluc-eyed. He was probably chosen for those reasons. Sure, some of it is the Muslim invasion. Part of it is the drug and alcohol addiction but the people who are affected by this will be society as a whole. In the end, it’ll bite us in the ass!

      15. Aging countries in Western Europe + Italy and North America and Japan are population negative. England and Germany are electing to bring in younger adult workers via immigration to help pay for the care of the aged. However, along with this comes an abrupt change in culture. Muslims marry their 1st cousins to preserve wealth and have inherited developmental problems. Their religion does not foster a work ethic (3 times a day at the mosque). Their covered dress fosters vitamin D deficiency that is involved with brain development. The pale grey skin talked about in the article is indicative of iron deficiency anemia. Muslims only eat iron-rich meat if it is Halal (specially prepared). Demographics will determine the long-term fate of aging nations. To encourage Muslims to immigrate is to take a step backwards in time to archaic practices.

        • Bill, the children with gray skin won’t be muslim, they will be white british. Immigrants, refugees & non whites get priority help.

      16. I don’t know about all Muslims, but the Arabs are prone to intermarry with cousins and are prone to hereditary genetic disorders like sickle cell anemia and beta thalassemia. The gray color in skin color can indicate too high an iron level from genetic diseases. In the Gulf states, the governments are encouraging genetic testing prior to marriage. Iron overload diseases often go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed as anemia. In some cases, the genetic diseases require phlebotomy on an ongoing basis. Some of the children could have this condition but most of it is due to malnutrition. Bill Sardi – good points! The archaic practices also include drinking camel urine for your health and child marriages (pedophilia, an abomination).

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