Empty Store Shelves by 2015

by | Jul 15, 2010 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The National Inflation Association discusses the possibility of hyperinflation and what effects it might have on the nation’s just-in-time food delivery systems and transportation.

    In addition to the NIA’s video below, we direct our readers to a couple of articles that provide practical tips for surviving the initial crunch of a hyperinflationary meltdown, as well as the recovery period to follow:

    What is Money When the System Collapses?

    Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon

    If you’re wondering what your local grocery store might look like in the event of a serious natural disaster or extended catastrophe, we recommend you take a look at some of our recent articles dealing with these scenarios:

    Snowpocalypse: Why Being Prepared is a Good Idea

    Winter Panic in UK: Store Shelves Stripped

    Is it Looting? Victims Search for Food, Water, Gas, Emergency Supplies, Ingredients for Bread

    Supermarket, Gas Lines as Pacific Rim Braces for Tsunami

    If the worst happens, do you really want to be in a grocery store fighting for scraps?

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      1. I love these NIA videos… I’ve seen a lot of them over the past few months and find them incredibally informative as well as entertaining.  The only person who know’s I’m stocking up on provisions is my mom.  Infact… less than an hour ago as I write this I was just talking with her about this very same subject. 

        There’s a store chain called Deals where I live where everything is $5.00 or less.  I went there today and priced water… 1 gallon is $1.00 and a case of 24 9 oz bottles is $3.00.  I’m also going to be purchasing a portable water filter for my bug out bag in the very near future.  I’m also building up a non-GMO seed stock as well. 

      2. NIA is a scam. Type into Youtube “Nia fraud” “Nia scam”!

      3. CO, if you haven’t decided on a portable filter model, might I recommend the Katadyn Combi?…. I’ve got one… $150 – $180 and filters 13,000 gallons (depending on the water you’re filtering, of course) on a single cartridge, plus you can add activated carbon for the heavy duty stuff if necessary.

        Bob, I think regardless of what one thinks of the NIA, taking some time to consider the possibilities of hyperinflation is a good idea. They generally promote the purchase of precious metals, though in the particular video they did mention seeds as a hedge, as well. I’m a big fan of seeds… The reserve food stores will only go so far.. Sustainable living should be the real goal in any preparedness plan that takes collapse scenarios into account.

      4. I can buy drinking water for $.50 a gallon at the supermarket in Phoenix. One dollar doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me.   Just saying ….

      5. C.O.
        You should consider buying multiple blue 7 gal. stackable jugs w spigot Coleman jugs @ Wal-Mart in the RV/auto section and get your water for pennies/gal. from your tap.  If your serious, consider a  Katadyn filter pump for on the go and a British Berkey ss w 9 inch silver inpreg filter for home. 

      6. FOR MAC…Also get some NYLON STOCKINGS for your filter !!!  When you are in cluttered water with water plants and slime the nylons will keep your  filter a lot cleaner. put your Filter all the way down into the foot of the nylon and secure it with a rubber band.  Finaly I don’t think its going to take until 2015 , 2012 is more like it.

      7. Airbourne71- Excellent advice on using nylon stockings. They are a good thing to own. They keep your legs warmer in the cold, filter water and can be cut to size and put over your scope or binoculars to reduce reflected light.

      8. At the rate business’ are failing and homes and CRE  are being foreclosed,  no one will have any money to loose in a hyper-inflationary blowout.
        The best I can hope for,  is that I still owe that debt, when hyper inflation happens.   I will love to pay the banksters off, with  $100,000  Obama notes.
        I have one of those $100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars,  just to remind me.

      9. Comments…..Our national storrage of foods and fuels is currently at it’s lowest levels since it began. So if there is a bad year for crops we have nothing to use to fill the gap. Bad planning or strategic planning? Depends on what your goals are…

      10. My fiance & I had been in the water filtration business. We sold whole home units. We had a test kit with us all the time. Please take this warning very seriously, DO NOT TRUST bottles water to be safe. We tested many brands & they are not what they claim to be.  An RO unit is they way to go. But also take into consideration that this water is empty and supplement the diet with minerals.

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