Empty Shelves and Madness: A Minor Winter Storm Drove People Into “Panic Buying of Food And Basics”

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    Can you picture empty store shelves?

    Can you picture empty store shelves?

    A couple of weeks ago, in early January, there was a relatively minor storm in the South and Southeast U.S. Cold weather, threat of the power going out, snow and ice and empty store shelves.

    This wasn’t the big one. And yet it was enough to bring things to a panic.

    If this is how people react to an extreme cold spell, then what happens when something major hits?

    With about two months of winter to go, it is the kind of routine disturbance that is likely to happen again without much ado. A much more severe storm may come as well.ey

    Shortages, and ill prepared people scrambling about for the final available resources. The angry race to the checkout line probably elicited road rage, fights and arguments… the storm that is brought out in people poses perhaps an even larger threat than the natural disaster, etc. itself.

    After a few short hours ahead of a short-lived bitter cold, practically everything was gone – and nothing even happened yet. None one had gone without, and things hadn’t even gotten the chance to turn ugly.

    If this had been a true crisis, and not just extreme weather over the weekend, people would have killed and died over a cart of groceries, some bottles of water or some fuel… and they could have prepared instead.

    Vic Bishop shared these photos via Waking Times.com that were sent by a Walmart employee in a North Carolina store. He witnessed a chaotic buying spree, hopeless long lines and a people who could be brought to their knees within mere hours, and without even facing a real threat:

    As a wave of extremely cold temperatures and isolated winter storms hits the South and Southeastern parts of the United States, Americans are once again proving their tendency to panic buy food and basic provisions in the event of even the most predictable and short-term emergencies.

    The following images were sent to Waking Times on January 6th, 2017, by a Wal-Mart employee of the Cambridge Court store in Charlotte, North Carolina, who photographed empty food shelves as a severe winter storm descended upon the region. Along with the photos, this employee commented that the store had been a madhouse all afternoon and that lines were incredibly long.

    “It’s been a mess since Monday, the lines on the register look like people going to vote.” ~Wal-Mart employee, Ras Vosty


    If this type of panic buying, which can empty the shelves of a major box retailer like Wal-Mart in just a few hours, is so common place even in the event of a minor, predictable weather event, then what will happen when a serious crisis like a severe economic crash or an escalation of global conflict breaks out?

    These photos show that society is completely unprepared for ANYTHING AT ALL out of the ordinary… and if it lasts more than 12 hours, it will cause complete chaos shortly afterwards.

    The people you see on the streets, in your community, and especially in the big cities, would be lucky on average to make it three days with the back-up canned goods and last pickings stored in their cabinet and fridge.

    After 12-72 hours without ATMs and EBT debit cards working, and without food to buy at the stores, electricity and other services, people will absolutely lose it.

    There will be nothing else holding back the inner animal.

    That is when everyone you in the general population becomes a threat against you, and a liability to your survival.

    Do your friends and neighbors know that you prep and store lots of extra food, fuel and supplies?

    Will they be knocking on your door for shelter and refuge, only to eat through your carefully-stocked cache? Will their greed, ignorance and stupidity give you away, open you up to outside attacks, get your arrested or even killed?

    There will be a lot revealed about the human character the next time a rise crisis hits and something lasts longer than a weekend storm.

    Be prepared, and be on guard for signs like this – that things are not as stable as they appear on the surface:

    Becoming self-sufficient, and cutting yourself out of the loop of dependency on the system, supply chain and people around you might be a good thing to do.
    At the very least, a couple extra weeks of everything you might need in a crisis should be the minimum step to take – as political and economic unrest may well be coming, along with perhaps more than the average level of natural disasters and extreme weather events.These are not normal times.

    h/t Vic Bishop at the Waking Times.

    . . . . . . . . .

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      1. as long as i got all this stuff….PFFFTTT!
        canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots
        peanut butter
        tomatoes and tomatoe sauce
        sugar, brown sugar
        tabasco sauce
        BBQ sauce
        popcorn and seasoning
        olives, black
        canned chilli
        canned soups…my favorite, cream of mushroom
        milk, dried, evaporated, and condensed
        cake mix, 7up or sprite, and canned fruit…to make cobbler, apple or cherry is MY faves(google that)
        canned veggies
        shortening/corn oil
        soy sauce…teriyake
        beef/chicken bullion
        baking soda, baking powder, yeast
        pepper, garlic salt, chilli powder, italian seasoning, cinnamon, ketchup, mustard mayo.
        instant coffee, tea..creamer
        hard candy, chocolate
        tuna, spam(don’t stack it very high)
        well, that’s enough for now….u guys add to it and i will see if i want to add anything to MY stores…remember, this list is like a thousand lawyers chained to eachother at the bottom of the ocean……a place to START…..oh, and i wish eppe was here….don’t forget him

        • I can eat spam n rice and ramen for 15 months, that aint all though so wont have to but nice to know where MY next meal can come from if needed

          • since you mentioned the subject, and i know you hawaiians know all about spam, have you ever SEEN spam be bad because of stackin’ it too high, and causing the cans to split open? i’ve heard it happens, and i bow to the experts…..and what are some OTHER ways to enjoy spam?
            spam n cheese(cheddar) grilled sandwich
            spam n rice n corn(other veggies can be added) soy or terriyake sauce?
            spam n eggs

            • Mac & cheese with chunked up spam. Oh Yea!

              • haven’t tried that yet..gonna give it a shot.
                here’s MY mac n cheese….one or two cans of mushroom soup(don’t tell the kids!…they’ll never know), lots of sharp, or even extra-sharp cheddar cheese, some milk, and a little butter…..better than sex!(if yer not DOIN’ IT right)

                • 2nd that mac-n-cheese with cream of mushoom soup, add a can of tuna and peas, that made a lot of my dinners during my college days.

                  • i second the tuna casserole, for a change-of-pace.

                    • Within the first 2 weeks of Trumps Admin, he will nominate a New Supreme Court Justice.

                  • Ways to store eggs…

                    Freezing Eggs
                    Eggs can be mixed/fork-scrambled, then poured into ice cube trays and frozen solid. Each cube is about 1 regular egg. Once frozen, pop them out and store them in Ziploc bags in the freezer.

                    Drying Eggs
                    First, a bit of prep work. Look around in your cabinets, and get sour cream containers, mayo lids. Cut down the containers to about 1/2″, shallow enough to fit in your dehydrator trays. Put your eggs into the blender, and whip until frothy to incorporate the fatty yolk into the white.

                    Pour into the little cups, and dehydrate until they are dry and fall out of the cups. These need to be dry, and you will know after doing them a time or two. Run them through the food processor to powder them, and then put them in the freezer for 24 hours to pasteurize them. Then, vacuum seal them in jars with O2 absorbers.

                    About 1 tbsp. egg to 2 tbsp. water to reconstitute.

                  • YES,
                    ate lots of Mac&Cheese with tuna,peas, my boys liked it as well.

                • Be sure to stock some sprouts in your pantry. If there was an emergency situation and we couldn’t get to the grocery store, access to fresh fruits and vegetables would be one the first things that would not be available.

                  This would be especially important in the winter months. Our bodies need plant enzymes to help digest food.

                  Sprouts can be grown in 3-5 days. They are also high in vitamins and fiber. Sprouts can be stored easily, as they take up very little space.

                  There are “sprouting seed sampler” which contain different kinds of sprouts.

                  Sprout seeds expand to many times their size. You only use 2 tablespoons to make a large container of sprouts. Alfalfa seed can produce over ten times the seeds weight in sprouts, one pound of alfalfa seed produces 10-14 pounds of sprouts.

                  A 5# can of organic alfalfa sprouts is $49.95 and has a shelf life of 10 yrs. plus – unopened. Smaller sizes cost less.

                  Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds – 5 Lbs – Resealable Can – Handy Pantry Brand
                  ht tp://www.amazon.com/Organic-Alfalfa-Sprouting-Seeds-Resealable/dp/B005IG812A/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1443538357&sr=8-8&keywords=Alfalfa+Sprouting+Seeds+Organic+5+lb

                • I have most of this stuff sitting on my shelf, but splurged a bit on a few other essentials. I have several types of dried beans (cheap), but went a little deeper to get some freeze dried cheese (pizza and you cannot have mac and cheese without cheese), and some freeze dried butter. Dairy withdrawal will hit people hard and milk, butter and cheese will be precious.

                  Still looking for decent freeze dried eggs (uncooked) to make cornbread and other recipes.

                  • How to store cheese

                    The best way to store cheese long-term is, IMHO, having large chunks (not slices) and covering it in molten candlewax. When hardened, the wax provides an easy to peel off but solid barrier to anything that could spoil the cheese.

                    • Yep in the south we call it rat cheese. Cheddar cheese with a red wax rind. Or called hoop cheese. Last almost forever uncut. Prob be cheaper to do it yourself like you mentioned.

                    • Salty, it goes without saying that the surface of your cheese should be meticulously clean and dry before covering it with the wax.

              • ..and a couple of fresh eggs anyway i decide…

            • My x used to make won tons with spam,
              Believe it was spam chopped fine, water chesnuts, and green onions with a few other seasonings you would use in any won ton recipe all folded neatly into the won ton pi (the wraper) and fried,,, yummy stuff,
              My favorite and simple is fry the spam while basting with teriyaki sauce, cook a nice pot of white rice, substitute one cup of mirin gor one of the cups of water, then get a musubi press, basicly a plastic rectangle with a stomper that is the same size as the spam, press the spam into the press over enough rice to end up about 1″ thick then wrap with nori, good stuff,
              Do bangin spam n rice with an omelet too, or juliene the spam and stir fry it with veggies, usually use oyster sauce and stuff, can use cashews and sesame in it too, skys the limit, even done tacos before

            • Our favorite way to eat spam is baked with a yellow mustard/brown sugar glaze.

            • Use SPAM instead of hamburger with your Hamburger Helper

            • Best way to enjoy Spam? Why of course that would be forcing the Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and Hollywierd hypocrite leftists actually eat it instead of their caviar and lobster. Or better, serve it at one of those faux global warming rich confabs, or to George Soros.

              Just sayin….

            • Spam-dogs
              Cut one spam into 6 long pieces. Put a wood or bamboo skewer in each. Dip in thick corn-cake batter. Deep-fry until brown. Make different sauces for dipping. Honey and hot mustard is my favorite.

          • Nailbanger

            Lots of different flavors.

            Peppered, Jalapeno, Bacon, Hickory, Hot and Spicy and Turkey and Plain

            Yes sir, I am a Irish Hawaiian. All I need is potato’s.

            • anon,
              I’ve been told potatoes( red and russet’s) don’t grow very well here in Hawaii, sweet potatoes supposedly do OK but I am going to try them all.
              I stick to plain Spam. That other stuff
              is a little fancy.

              • We have potatoes growing wild here on the farm, not sure what kind but are great when pulled early, in the 1.5″ -2″ size, slice em up and fry em with bacon grease and maui onions

                • Deep fried leftist: It’s what’s for dinner.

                  • Fred

                    Plenty of beer to wash it down.

            • Its funny, ive never tried any of the new flavors,,, was looking at them in target the other day,,, just couldnt do it

          • I can eat spam n rice and ramen for 15 months, that aint all though so wont have to but nice to know where MY next meal can come from if needed

            I lived on ramen for fours years while in college. So did all the other kids working their way through college.

            • funny how times change, but remain the same….there’s a GENERATION eatin’ top ramen RIGHT NOW.

              • Pork Top Ramen was my favorite. Too bad they discontinued it.

                Pork…. the one you love.
                Pork…. the other other white meet.
                Pork…. it’s what’s for dinner.
                Pork…. too good for a Muslim

                • My God eats pork.

            • With the cases of that stuff being so cheap from Costco its hard to not look at it from a survival food standpoint, i have a case that got forgotten somehow, was from 2005, the soup base is solid but when you make it up its still decent, is another one of those cheap foods that can be doctored up to be other stuff, cook the noodles then stir fry them with veggies and meat,

            • Same here.

              It’s still my ‘go to’ food for hiking. A can of Tuna, some dehydrated vegetables soaked overnight, and one or two packs of Ramen. Salt and pepper to taste.

              Sometimes I change it around with a small can of roast beef, corned beef, or chicken.

              For breakfast, crack an egg or two, and put it in a sandwich bag, then keep the bags in a container. Then cook up your Ramen, drain, add the egg, stir and cook, it’s a good meal.

          • I ate ramen noodles with my garden veggies for 4 years, plus some fish I caught and wild foraged food to pay off my CC loans which became unaffordable when I lost my 2 jobs due to the 08 crash. I never lost a pound and gained a few. What rush to a store when you don’t have the money and have most natural resources waiting to be picked or plucked?

        • Eppe, as far as I could tell, was a follower of Jesus Christ. A redeemed Christian, one who confessed being a sinner, and who trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

          Now that’s wise prepping. We all going to die one day. Wise to prep for the life after this life.

          Foolish and stupid if you don’t.

          • i think we lost something when we lost eppe……something BIG. and i miss talking to him, and i miss his sense of humor.

            • This kind of stuff happens every year, it ain’t news and it’s damn sure no surprise. Prepare for emergencies, plan for catastrophes. There is a difference.
              Stay quiet Be smart

            • BCOD, same here about Eppe. RIP Eppe. You are missed more than you know.

            • I am so sorry to hear about Eppe. I always enjoyed and appreciated his comments. RIP and may God bless and look after his family.

          • Agreed,,,

        • Butt:

          But you left out the beans. Sacrilege! Beans, bullets, Bandaids!!!

          Adzuki beans are a little red bean which can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. I recommend you buy some and experiment with it. Mung beans are a green small bean which cooks quickly and does not require overnight soaking.

          Amazon has food grade buckets. I recommend purchasing a set of six along with multicolored gamma lids which is a separate order. Buy two sets of each. Go to Bob’s Red Mill on the Net and order these and other beans of your choice. The color lids make an easy identifier of the type of bean inside.

          Other things to have in your pantry are seeds. Chia seeds are extremely nutritious and useful as a substitute for eggs and pectin. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are nutritious and can be used with other preps such as flour, corn grits/flour. Sesame, poppy, fennel, etc. keep for a while and support health while making you a better chef. And of course, by keeping your pantry stocked, you save money, and avoid last minute shopping!!


          • you forgot to add what you added last time i put out the list, and i can’t believe i didn’t put beans on there…pinto’s is what i like, and they are often 33c a pound, so for 33 bucks you can insure your family won’t die of hunger for WEEKS….GET SOME!….i got around 350 pounds of them myself….and they will keep forever, maybe longer.thanks B!

            here’s B from CA says:
            Comment ID: 3649150
            January 3, 2017 at 9:25 pm
            Spices and herbs
            Canned milk, canned full fat coconut milk
            Foreign fare
            Dried, canned dairy (butter, cheese, milk,)
            Dried Eggs
            Healthy fruit preserves
            Butter nuts canned
            Whole canned nuts
            Dried and canned meat, fish, poultry
            Variety of Salts
            Variety of Sweeteners
            Livestock (cow or goats)
            Chickens &/or Rabbits
            Hunting Dog, Rifle, Traps, fishing pole and metal box filled up
            Fruit juices, canned beverages
            Beer, Wine, Alchohol
            Bottled Water (in glass)
            Bottled Mineral Water
            Access to fresh water stream or rain water catch system in place
            __ edible trees
            Perennial garden of vegtables
            __edible shrubs and flowers
            __ herb garden
            Strawberries (make use of them as ground cover)
            Grapes (make wine)
            Blackberries as deterrent to trespassers (thorny)
            Roses work, smell good, but not edible
            Cocoa powder
            Essential oils like eucalyptus (Vicks), peppermint, lemon

            • Buttcrack;
              Laughed my ass off on the idea of blackberries around your location. We hate those damn things but you are absolutely right about them as a barricade. I would rather run into fire than blackberries.
              Also, I don’t know if it has been mentioned but canned meat is wonderful. We can chicken and game meat. Our canned chicken, we use our old stewer hens, is better than fresh chicken. In things like enchiladas it is absolutely the best. If we have a grid down situation we have a lot of generator time but we would thaw our freezers and can our meat.

              • Ive planted false orange in my premeter fence rows. also planted Hawthorn. I let the rose bushes, saw briars, blackberry, cedar and other naturally occurring stuff grow also. I never bush hog & mow closer than ten feet from my fences. I get privacy, a physical barrier, and its habitat for wildlife that could become food.

              • just so you know, that was BfromCa’s idea, the blackberries…..wish i had some around MY place right about NOW.

            • Be sure to stock up on seasalt (not the white refined table salt).

              Sea salt will provide you with all the minerals, especially trace minerals you could ever need and will make a difference.

              Try to get some harvested from a non-polluted region.

          • If I had a three or four bedroom house and my kids each had their own bedroom, if I didn’t have a large walk-in pantry, I’ld put in bunk beds and/or fix a place in another part of the house, and turn the bedroom closest to the kitchen into a super fantastic pantry. Kids are too damned spoiled for their own good. While you’re at it, teach those brats to cook.


          • i had never done a “food list” before a month or so. one day i just went to the pantry and started typing the stuff i had on hand, and there it was. i just don’t want to rely on MRE’s or dried food,….water will be VERY expensive, SOMEday….so there it is…it’s a work in progress.

            • Good job, BCOD! You have to know what you already have so when you fill out your “want” list, you will spend on what you need the most. Great start, keep up the good work!

              • thanks for your contributions, babycatcher!

        • BCOD,

          Great list!

          If you don’t have chickens, I would also add a few cans of dehydrated eggs. They are packaged for long term storage.

          They can be used in baking or add water and cooked as scrambled eggs.

          • good one, thanks mom….yer the BEST!

            • BCOD,

              I am glad you posted the lists. It is always good to recheck our pantry and try to be more prepared.

              Take care. Have a great day!

              • Rotating,,,thats the hard one, some stuff always falls through the cracks, but with animals they will eat all sorts of things, like the stale crackers or slightly soggy granola bars, the chickens think that stuff is great,,,

          • I tried the powdered eggs from Emergency Essentials some time back. I thought I was going to blow beats. Nasty stuff if you cook them like scrambled eggs. Talked with one of the reps there and he told me to try some “Ova-Easy” egg crystals. I bought a few cans from Honeyville Grain and they were pretty good. So far as Spam goes, I will eat it but I really like the small one pound cans of DAK Ham. You can get them at Walmart for about a buck or so more than Spam. It taste a hell of lot better to me but I guess if I was hungry enough I would eat whatever I could get my hands on.

            • Havent been able to get the ham,,, we are limited here and shipping is ridiculous, wanted to order a few cases from one of the suppliers that was having a sale and the shipping was more than double the cost of the cases of ham, so never did get it,
              All the canned meats ans survival foods are far far too expensive to ship here unless you buy a pallet lot and have it shipped through a consolidator, but that gets real expensive.

            • Here in Europe Spam isn’t imported but Corned Beef is well-known and I think it’s better than Spam.

        • Bread, milk, eggs…… What is it about a winter storm that makes people crave French toast?

          Seriously, this should dispel many notion of a “last minute run”

        • How many pounds of rice do you guys store ? Sugar ? Coffee ? etc. just asking. 🙂

          • Enough,,,,,

          • i got 200 or 300 pounds of rice, sugar, beans, and macaroni, and several cases of instant coffee. MOST will be sorely lacking if it all goes south someday. you will need an ARMY to survive, and very few know just how many more will show up at your place looking for help…i can almost guarantee you’ve underestimated what will be needed. and it will be too late to do anything about it.

          • I think the thing i have the most of stored is wheat, we can grow it here but its hard to dry, so needs to be done in smaller batches to be able to finish it hanging in the barn, the hard red and whit berries i have will actually sprout if you plant them, was a curious discovery, pleasant discovery for sure, locally we have 0 grain production, so once the stores are cleaned out of flour thats the end of being able to make bread, hence my stores of wheat, a hot loaf of bread can make a huge difference in a dinner of veggies,
            My significant other better half thinks im a bit nutty for storing all that stuff but also realizes she is lucky that im on it,

            It still amazes the hell out of me how little thought people put into their food, or the lack of food, they have no idea just how delicate that system is,

            Personally, i have no intention of standing in or waiting in a line for anything, ever,

            • bread…MMMM…maybe it’s time to hear from mom again
              KY Mom says:
              An easy bread recipe that is delicious and has only 4 ingredients.

              No Knead To Worry Bread
              3 c. unbleached or whole wheat flour
              1/4 tsp. yeast
              1 tsp. salt
              1 1/2 c. warm water (110 degrees F)

              Directions at Ready Nutrition dot com

              • it’s good, you don’t have to knead it, and you can make it up to a day ahead of time…super easy. i just mix it up, put in dutch oven, let sit in oven for an hour or two, then turn on oven.

        • In the freeze dried category I like:
          Powdered eggs (I luv eggs).
          Sausage crumbles.
          Powdered cheeses.
          Powdered spaghetti sauce.
          Green peppers.
          Diced tomato.
          Powdered milk.

          Instead of ready made mac and cheese have the stuff to make it, like the above list. The mac and tomato sauce is spaghetti. Eggs are great but tiring alone, add stuff to make it an omelette or a quiche. With some flour and yeast a little sugar and salt you can make Italian bread dough, make rolls for egg sandwiches. With the dough and other stuff you can make pizza. There are several varieties of soup you can make from just the above.

          Don’t waste the space with freeze dried pasta dishes. Have the ingredients to make them. Keep and rotate a good supply of pasta.

          Have some good spices. Keep some olive oil in your freezer, extra spices in freezer, powdered gravy. Vacuum pack small bags of flour as well as other items not in sealed containers when freezing them. This is all stuff that will last a year or two, but frozen that expiration window doesn’t start until it’s defrosted. Rotate these supplies through regular use. Even in a castrophic power failure defrosting these things just means their life span just started. By using the freezer their total life window is expanded and allows larger quantities to be kept on hand without having to waste them or have them get nasty from critters like worms, bugs, mold.

          Whenever I freeze anything, I mark it with the date frozen and the remaining time to its use by date. Then mark the date defrosted.

          • I buy pasta sauces etc on sale at safeway, they always look at me funny when i am buying a cart full of pasta sauce and pasta, usually say kids party and just smile,,,like the classico tomato basil and the classico four cheese alfredo, super easy, long shelf life, never lasts that long but good stuff.

            • Same here, when that stuff goes on sale I fill the cart.

              In the basement I added a big steel cabinet like offices use for supplies. I found one with very tight doors and duct taped fine screen over the vent holes. It’s vented, but impervious to insects like roaches as well as rodents. Anything in a package that critters would desire and can get into, goes in the cabinet. Items in cans and bottles goes on a shelf unit.

              Make a wood tray whose ends overlap the shelf front and back of the shelf to lock it in, add dividers for bottled items. Never had a serious quake here, but I’d still hate to see all that bottled food broken on the floor.

              • The last time i did it i was able to save over half the cost with the club card, huge savings when you consider it was over 50 bottles of sauces and maybe 60+ boxes of noodles, its really nice to just grab a bottle out of the pantry whenever i need to make a dinner, can go and dig around in there and find all sorts of stuff,

                A note on pasta,
                I try to stick it in the freezer, like grains and such, then vacuum pack it, got the shock a few years back when i pulled out a box of linguini and discovered it was full of these little black beetles, still ate it, but its a bi tch skimming the beetles off the boiling noodles,

                Been vacuum packing coffee beans too, buy the Starbucks French roast from costco, snip a cut in the top of the bag then vacuum pack the whole thing with a small oxygen absorber, just used one that got misplaced that the use by date was in 2015, still tasted fine, not as oily but still good,
                Gots ta have coffee,,, that would be the end of the world if the coffee ran out, nobody would survive!

                • I hear ya Nail! I have seen green coffee beans in #10 cans that are supposed to last many years (roast them yourself). I have bought whole beans in bags and used them several years later and it was still good. I like the vac pac idea!

        • Saratoga Farms has semi-sweet chocolate morsels in #10 cans (57 oz) with a 20 year shelf life. Those should be worth their weight in gold about 6 weeks into a crisis. Never underestimate the madness of a choco-holic.

        • dont forget the lemon pepper and olive oil for your popcorn

          • my kids LOVE lemon pepper, but never tried it on popcorn, THANKS!….guess i got to do the olive oil too…..i LOOOOVE butter!

            • Try coconut oil too, very tasty and satisfying. You can purchase Virgin Coconut Oil which retains the odor and taste of coconut, or bland without the flavor.

              • tanks.



          • Actually, I think that was all bs. I just ordered a butt-ton of amoxicillin from my source in CA , and its shipping without a hitch…without any request to produce a “veterinary certificate”. Anybody else have any commentary on this?

            • I’m seeing places still sell fish antibiotics, my guess is if it’s already on their shelf they can sell it, but once that stock is gone that’s it.

              • I have a lot of fish antibiotics but I didn’t buy enough bird biotin. (Doxycycline) and now you can’t get it in the capsules anymore…can only get if for humans with a scrip. There is a shortage. My hubby takes it when he gets lyme disease.

        • Look at the Silver manipulation today. As soon as it gets to the NY NYMEX it is hammered. There is no Law enforcement of Wallstreet right now, they are running rim shod on the markets. Manipulation Bigtime. Time for Trump to tweet, “SEC Investigations Day 1, Count on it.” “I have no problem Jailing Bankers”


          Take advantage of this Dip in Metals, as it will be game over for the Manipulative Paper Shorters after Friday.

        • No storm needed to empty the shelves. Just socialism.

          Don’t believe me? Ask the Venezuelans, the Zimbabweans, the old Soviet citizen.

          “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.”
          – Polish proverb in the days of communist leader Jaruzelski

        • Yup Sooo Sooo Sooo many people will Die because most people can barely tie their shoes let alone survive without the grocery store , electricity, gas for their car, TV, Cell phone, the ones that live and depend on the convenient world will go quickly, It’s really sad to think that humanity has been so dumbed down, but it’s good for us that can/will survive.

        • Your list is far too specialized. All you need is a few basics, if you need all of that extra crap like bullion, baking powder, syrup, ketchup, etc. your not planning for survival.

      2. BCOD, most of what you mentioned on that list are already part of my preps all the time. In Memphis, you can have just a little dusting of snow and the local sheeple go berserk and gang up on the supermarkets. But I’ll admit it’s never gotten to the level of all the shelves getting emptied, at least not yet. But I know that day will be coming. I’m still at the BOL til’ I know for sure that Trump becomes safely inaugurated. Meanwhile, most of my supplies are already here and I’m in damn good shape. But my prepping will NOT stop just because of Trump. Anybody who doesn’t prep is inept and SOL [SHIT OUT OF LUCK].

        • failing to PLAN is planning to FAIL!

      3. Where I live, we just had two weeks of -13f. to -22f. Our panic involved people starting their vehicles a few minutes before driving.

        • Brrrr

      4. Don’t now, but most folks I know don’t have the extra cash to prep. They’ve drawn down what they usually keep on hand. Here in the rural ‘Sip folks have been hit hard. Around here prepping is just country Livin.

        On a lighter note finally dtarting a job that’s not 2 hours from home. And will only be working 3 days a week. Will be going full steam on the path of going Galt. We’ve been working ourselves crazy already.

        • most folks don’t have the money to NOT prep…corn, green beans 38c a can…chilli 99c, rice 30c, beans 33c, oranges 4lb/1$, wieners 99c, . just an example of the last couple weeks things on sale, so you buy a few, and once you get into it, you’ll save a BUNCH of dough. instead of buying that pizza tonight, MAKE something….you just need to get started. how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

          • How do you eat an elephant?
            With lots of gravy!

            • BBQ sauce, i include that in my preps so those rats and cockroaches……and elephants….will taste better.

          • I pick wild lambs quarters, berries, wild grapes, dandelions, wild cherries, cattail stems, young birch leaves, sumac seeds, wild mushrooms, prepare and preserve them. I fish and caught turtles, crayfish, for meat for the freezer or pickled for my preps, not to mention my garden veggies. I hunt as well without all the frills and claimed fresh road kill deer in winter.

            Cost is as cheap as it gets for someone without the money, it’s just a little work and a learning experience.

          • BCOD, Yep food is cheap right now if you know how to shop. Build your own can rotating shelf (similar to the several hundred dollar ones) with sizes for #10 and small cans. With a tall shelf you could store a LOT of cans and inventory would be a breeze. A couple of years ago I got 1000lbs. of non gmo wheat in double bagged 50 lb. bags for 5 bux a bag! Craigslist has some extremely good deals sometimes on storage food. Earlier this year I got 72 #10 cans of FREEZE DRIED 6 year old, kept cool food for 400 bux! Just go to craigslist and search “freeze dried” or survival and see what you find.

            • fukin’ GENIUS!…and thanks for all you contribute to shtfplan.

        • One can at a time. One edible producing tree or bush at a time…

          One coffee pot grounds into the soil at a time…

          The sooner the better. We may be running out of time.

      5. Does anyone care about the people who don’t prep. I don’t. Only that they become a threat. Get real. Half the nation are “Losers” plus illegals and want to cut our throats.

        • half?…..PFFFTTTT! more like 90%.

          • Over here more like 95%

        • Anon, amen to that. I don’t care about them; only about myself and my own. I don’t owe a damn thing to anyone else.

      6. Most stores could be emptied of milk and eggs by just 50 people.

        It’s like the .22 ammo shortage. A handful of guys could buy up most of the .22 ammo in your area in a few hours.

        I’d like to be able to stockpile eggs and milk, but it spoils. Can’t do it, unless I raise chickens and a milk cow.

        • Gossner milk comes in quart boxes..it is packed in a way that does not require refrigeration. Mosy best buy dates are a year out, it is still useable two to three years after that. Taste is a little different but not spoiled. I use the “expired” stuff for cooking.
          i buy at dollar tree, you can order online any quantity and pick it up at your local store. free shipping..or it was..

          • that reminds me, you can heat up SPOILED milk, and use it…i take the milk that’s going bad and make clam chowder with it. it really does work, but not in all circumstances, i don’t remember all the particulars…google it and i bet you can find it easily.

            • You can’t be serious. Spoiled milk, if it is really spoiled rather than gone sour, has an awful taste not to mention it’s not fit for human consumption and can (will) make you sick. Heating it won’t get rid of the taste either.

              OTOH you can use milk which has gone sour, as long as it doesn’t taste or smell bad and the fermentation has gone right.

          • I’M with you there.I happen to be using a box right now. only about 14 months expired.. somehow didn’t get rotated but its Still fine. I would also recommend red feather butter. it’s canned and can be used for weeks without refrigeration.

        • Canned milk, powdered milk, and powdered eggs. Most of the milk is fat free and isn’t to great, BUT, look in the Mexican food section of your store, or where the powdered milk is. You might find a powdered whole milk from Mexico. The Kinder +1 would be whole milk, sorry I cannot remember the brand name. The can is probably 12 inches tall, and 7 inches in diameter.

          • it has been said that milk goes bad after a few months if it’s whole. the fat in it turns rancid, so nonfat milk may be better to store long-term. milk will be PRICELESS….maybe even more expensive, when the excrement contacts the rotating mass of twisted metal.

          • Wilson,
            It’s called Nido, comes in two different sizes. I have several cans stored. I have heard you can also make butter from it. I haven’t tried yet but plan to soon.

            • I often wondered if you could use that carnation canned milk for making butter,,,

              • not sure, I might have to try and see if it would work.

        • Many different places sell the powdered eggs and milk. They are packaged for long term storage.

          They can be purchased online at Amazon, Sam’s club, Costco, Walmart and many other places.

          Mountain House, Emergency Essentials (www.beprepared.com), Thrive, Augason Farms, are a few common brands.

          The LDS site is the cheapest place to buy powdered milk. At LDS, online, milk is sold only by the case and is packaged in foil containers.

          Walmart also sells powdered buttermilk in small 12 oz containers, with a 4 year shelf life.

          • I have found prices on the LDS website are the LOWEST on many basic items.

            ANYONE can order from here.

            Basic food items include hard red wheat, white wheat, flour, rice, quick oats, regular oats, pinto beans, white beans, black beans, refried beans, macaroni, apple slices, carrots, onions, sugar, potato flakes, nonfat dry milk, and spaghetti bites.

            Most food items are in #10 cans and sold (online) by the case. (There are 6 #10 cans in each case.)

            *The dry milk comes in a case of 12 – 28oz. pouches. Each case weighs 24lbs. Each pouch makes 1.8 gallons of milk.

            They also sell oxygen absorbers, dry pak pouches, water filtration bottles, water filters, and some other basic items.

            ht tps://store.lds.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category3_715839595_10557_3074457345616706370_-1_N_image_0

              • If you are lucky enough to be close (like I am) the cost are much less than those on line. I think they price it with shipping cost included if I remember right. Not much of a selection but half the price or less compared to EE, Honeyville, MRE Depot, etc. The web site has an incorrect address for the Dallas area. The store is in Carrollton, Texas. BTW, if you are looking for canned meat that is excellent, try these guys, http://www.grabillmeats.com/. Way better than anything that you can get at Walmart. Ground beef made excellent tacos, beef check great stew, chicken made good chicken salad sandwiches, and the pork chunks with a little BBQ sauce on them was a big hit. No turkey for me. I hate the stuff. Pleasant Hill Grain has a sampler pack for about $30. Cheaper at the factory however for cases. Shelf life is way out there.

        • I have dairy animals and bantam chickens. We freeze eggs during the spring when the bantams are laying excessively. you break them in a bowl (we use 6 of the small bantam eggs) stir just enough the mix the whites & yolks put in a small zip lock and freeze. makes great scrambled eggs in the winter. We are looking into the possibility of making hard cheese to store milk?

          • cheese freezes well too….but it makes it crumbly.

            • I once bought a box of Great Value mash potato flakes and since we always used regular potatoes I just stuck this box aside and forgot about it, and then one day I decided to check them out, they were 3 years past the “best by date” and when I opened the box I was surprised to see that they weren’t even in a package like cereal comes in,just the cardboard box, so I figured they wouldn’t be any good but I thought I would try them out and to my suprise they were still quite tasty. So if they had been vacuum packed they would probably be good for many many years. I guess powdered milk and powdered egg would be the same way. I got a new vacuum sealer for Christmas but haven’t used it yet. Don’t know if I should just seal the packages or take all the air out, any advice would be appreciated. Trekker Out

              • A few yrs back the pd potatoes did have a plastic bag. Then they discontinued it and now just the plain box. I think they did it to save money, but the bag was so much better.

          • We freeze cheese by first grating it, then packing it into freezer bags in serving size amounts or amounts that would be used in various recipes. We vacuum pack the bags using a straw, and it freezes very well, no loss of flavor or texture.

            • i noticed that at our local store all the shredded cheese disappeared from the shelves…evidently donald trump really IS going to make america grate again.

              • grate tips here y’all ha ha ha!

        • Make yogurt or buttermilk out of the milk. All you need is a culture starter from the source like making sourdough from yeast. Those enzymes with cultured bacteria make milk last longer as a treat for eating, drinking and baked goods.

          You can also buy evaporated or powdered milk without the fat, but I also have canned Carnation evaporated milk that lasts for 6 months or more.

          You can coat your fresh eggs with mineral oils that will block oxygen from spoiling the eggs up to a year. Another way to preserve them is cook them and freeze them.

          • You don’t need a starter culture. You need fresh, uncooked milk. Just open the bottle for a few minutes, close it again, shake it gently, leave the bottle in a place which is not too hot and not too cool, and wait for a couple of days.

            You should get sour milk, better and more natural than the yoghurt you buy from the store.

        • I’ll take the Ammo, when I have that, I can TAKE what ever else I want. milk & Eggs will spoil way to fast to hoard it, Eggs will last up to 6 months in refrigerated, I don’t drink Milk, turn Meat into Jerked Meat, can goods will last years, Rice and Beans will last a few years, I know where the fish are. In my Hidden cabin in the mountains I won’t have to worry about intruders. I’ll be fine, Ive got a great spring and my solar works great, 18+ acres of wooded mountains and plenty more around me for firewood, a great garden area, plenty of Rabbits, birds, deer. I’m happy

          • Mark you got just the kinda place I want. When the SHTF Me and my Cuz will TAKE it from you!

      7. redeep reeedeeep reeedeep
        System Clear

      8. My phone spazzes out for a couple days every time that Cliff High comes around…. Lol

        Spraying Bot-B-Gon ?psssstttttt::::::::::..


      9. Bet the shovels and ice melt are wiped out too.

      10. Canned peaches are canned GOLD! Very trade worthy item right there, buy extra for that purpose.

        Also, a thought about the lefties now beginning preps reported here the other day. I was thinking that is a whole new line of jokes.
        What do you call a ______? Think about it, it could be fun!

        Yard chickens are simply the best. Not a tick on any of the dogs in years. Keeps the grass and plant beds well tilled and bug free. The chickens truly earn there keep. They are inexpensive and very smart. Chickens are also good at signally alerts. Each has its own personality. They are very worthwhile for more than just eggs and inexpensive.
        Can’t talk family into “lets get a cow” though.

        • Also check out “Miniature Turkeys”, it is an official breed. They are bigger and tougher than chickens and can fight off many predators, but they are smaller than the Frankenstein Turkeys they sell at the grocery store.

          They can self procreate, lay nice sized eggs, and become quite tame. They will follow their owner around all day.

          I know a guy who switched to them after his chickens were picked off by foxes.

        • peaches and pears can be had at 99c store for 99c for 28 ounces often…just gotta keep lookin’….it’s VERY important to have fruit too, to round out your diet….and you don’t need water to eat them, not even to wash dishes, eat them out of the can…also cherry pie filling at 99c store.

        • Im ordering some electric poultry netting to try with my chickens, want to split up my flock, that way i can have one for brooding and one for eggs, the one for eggs i figure i can let roam the garden, maybe not the whole garden but definitely part of it, good for the ground and they eat the small weeds, is a salad for them,,,

        • I think stocking up on coffee is much better than stocking up on canned peaches.

          In a post-SHTF scenario, canned peached might be a luxury item but what do you think coffee will be ?

          Especially if it is vacuum-packed.

      11. It’s very disturbing that the local Walmart is so poorly stocked that the shelves will be empty shortly after a crisis is announced. My local Walmart is never well stocked, so I can’t imagine what it will be like during a disruptive event. Pathetic!! If only people would wake up and think ahead!

        • Definitely a concern,,, sodly most people are too concerned with stuff that is so far out of their control ar so totally useless that they dont even pay attention to here and now,
          A little common sense would go a long way

      12. Got Twinkies?

        Same ones that were found in King Tut’s tomb, still in perfectly edible (if you can use the term “edible” and Twinkies in the same sentence)

        • twinkies in Tut’s tomb? then never mind I’ll have the beer and pretzels he left behind lol

        • King Tut had Twinkies ?

      13. That confirms my suspicion about people being wound up tight. It has to be the chemicals, (most likely in half those foods they hoarded).

        I grew up on a farm. I eat right, buying foods from farmers markets. I avoid soda. I always filter my water, which the township sources from a well. I avoid all products with Aluminum (deodorants and soaps, etc). I also use Florine/Flouride free toothpaste. I’m rarely tired, many times doing fine with 5 hours sleep.

        If I have to do any raiding, it’ll be the local library for books :).

        • Hello everyone. Hope your Library is better than ours. I couldn’t even find a gardening, wild plant, or tree book at mine. Paper is becoming a thing of the past so if you need something in a book you’d better order it now.

          • I download tons of gardening and survival books on my kindle and have a couple of solar chargers. You can keep hundreds and hundreds of books on a kindle.

      14. When I was living in the Carolinas a ice storm was approaching. I went to the store to get ingredients for chili. I went into a major grocery store and the shelves were pretty bare. I wasn’t prepping at the time, but that was the beginning. I say all that to say I can see where people would get crazy in an extended amount of time!!

      15. I noticed in the article, there was still
        stuff on the shelves. If the shelves still
        have food on them, how can you you say they
        are empty? If you are a city guy, and the leftover
        food on shelves is old or crap, your Dogs still
        need to eat.

      16. Dry powdered milk is easy to dry can using your seal a meal. I use quart glass canning jars and use the special vacuum caps for either large or small mouth jars. Be sure to wipe the rims very carefully as any of the milk powder remaining will spoil the seal.

        I use the half pint jelly jars and reseal powdered eggs into smaller batches as they will not stay fresh long once opened.

        Don’t forget that you can find dried shortening, butter, and cheeses from freeze dry suppliers. Just repack into smaller batches to preserve freshness.

      17. Two separate issues here. First us the lack of preparation on the part of the public. If you’re running around like an idiot to buy eggs and milk, knowing that you’re going to lose power, you get what you deserve. No reason not to have, at a bare minimum, a month’s worth of long shelf life canned food, along with hydration, in your house for this type of weather event. There’s a lot of quality product out there that you can buy for around a buck a unit.

        Then there’s the mind-blowing incompetence of state and local governments. They’re not smart enough to have snow removal equipment, along with salt/ice melt, on hand. Nor are they smart enough to have enough line crews in position to deal with power outages; this is a huge issue because a significant part of the South heats with electric, meaning prolonged power outages due to no one having a real game plan for getting power restored equals mini-catastrophe.

        Always operate on the principle that your state and local governments are not up to the job, and that it will be up to you to help yourself.

        • Governments aren’t incompetent. They just don’t give a shit about you. At the federal level, they’ve packed away gobs of everything they think they’ll need to bribe their minions. Anything else they need, they plan on taking from YOU.

      18. Around here the liquor store shelves look like that if a storm is heading in. ?

      19. These libtard POS fookers are idiots,
        What they think, that true patriots are just going to keep putting up with their BS?
        When the time comes and the rubber hits the road there wont be any going back or redos,
        If you stupid liberal turds want to test this out keep it up, we number in the millions even at just 3%, we outnumber LEO and ALL fed law enforcement 6-1, the funny thing is many many of these guys are on OUR side, so go ahead, the purge wont be what you think, and it will not be like your hollywierd producers belch out, in the real world people DONT get back up, in the real world yall are just a tiny fraction of the whole and many are growing tired of your BS,,,
        So by all means go ahead,,,,,,,

      20. The end draws near.

        • It wont be pretty either,,,if nothing happens great, but i would almost bet a months wages that theres going to be a total explosion of violence, i for one wont sit and honk my horn if theres a bunch of sign waving pricks blocking the road, that 6.7 and BFG rubber will grind some libtards to shreds

      21. I’ve been watching all the Libtards on the news. I was going to slow down on my prepping.

        After watching and hearing how the Libtards are acting I have made up my mind to double up on things. I am waiting to see what happens on Friday, If there is a lot of trouble then, with in a few weeks it will be 10 times worse. (Keep the Locked and Loaded, and your preps and you group ready).

        A small list.
        #1 Dried Foods, #2 Water Purification,#3 Medical, #4 Mags, #5 Ammo, #6 Night Vision, #7 Tools, #8 Reloading equipment, #9 Fuel #10 Solar, #11 Communication, #12 Signaling devices (booby traps), #13 Knives (large and small). This is just some of the equipment I’m doubling up on in the very near future. (Like yesterday) Notice I didn’t say firearms. Right now I can arm 25 people with a rifle or shotgun and pistol. Got that area covered.

        I have the feeling and it keeps growing that things are worse now than the were under Obullshit, because his libtard followers are going to get so stupid that we are going to have to start taking them out. (ie) a Civil War. The South Will Rise Again.


        • If it comes to a civil war, I think it will be east/west this time. Mississippi River the divide.

          West will be from Rockies to Miss River.

          There’s my 2017 new yrs prediction.

          • the MAKERS against the TAKERS….and it will be damned hard to tell who’s who.

            • Sadly, your uniform will be your skin, to start out with.

              • it CAN’T be that way.

                • BCOD

                  Smokey has it right. Then it will move to, Where you live and what is your occupation.

                  • i hope to hell it won’t be that way for ALL of U.S.

        • These incidents explode the myth of “In 3 days the stores will be empty”. Anything much worth having will be gone in hours. Outlawing cash will speed up the mayhem considerably. How many sheeple will patiently wait for the electronic payments system to come back up?

        • Sgt. The South will rise again? Is that why you live up North yet in IL? lol

        • Sarge, I have another question for you. Is your red dot a model TRS-25 with the 3moa dot? Thanks.

      22. This “minor winter storm” was an ice storm in my area, with crashing trees, power outages, and slick roads. I didn’t get my truck uncovered until Wednesday. Schools were closed until Thursday because not all the road were cleared.

        I knew about the storm days in advance, so I wasn’t worried at all. We got out our biggest pot and made vegetable beef soup. It took us several days to go through that. We only lost power for a few hours.

        • The entire “OMG, I have to get to the store because a storm is coming”, is because parents who may still have to get to work, must have food for children who are unexpectedly home from school and need to be fed.

          When I was a child, we always had a few cans of soup, dry soup mixes, left overs, and canned ravioli for lunch in the pantry as well as frozen bread, powdered milk etc. When the storm hit, we were home from school, and it became an object lesson in survival. Mom pulled out the Sterno stove and made us make our own meal by ourselves, as though there was no power and the stove didn’t work. We were like seven or eight years old and used matches to light the Sterno and heat our food under her direction.

          We never had to run to stores when a storm was coming, and never saw empty shelves. There was always a couple weeks food in the pantry. It’s how you lived!

          • Let me add, I have a relative that we help out now and again. Every fall I make sure she is set up with a SAMs club 8 pack of Ravioli, soups, and a couple other items, with the instructions that this is for the days the school is shut down and the kids are home with nothing to eat.

            Invariably she uses it all up, even before the first big storm hits, so she can divert the grocery money that normally feeds her kids, for God knows what?

            So now we split it up and give it to her in small batches through the winter season.

            Incredible how many times she has been burned by her own stupidity, and still won’t change her ways. Soon her children will be 18, on their own, and the well will go dry.

          • a dutch oven and some firewood would be a MUST for ME.

      23. I guess all the fluoride in the water isn’t doing its job of creating calm, (like the Nazi used on prisoners).

        People are easily agitated and extremely impatient, and just don’t think before they act.

        I see it in traffic and anywhere there are long lines. I have folks cut me off being stupid. I’ve see folks get mad in store lines and they wanna share their experience with everyone, expecting agreement and confirmation. These folks can settle down, (unless they’re looking at their cell phones or the TV – it’s like drug them). Is this what the programing is? I eat healthy foods, avoid chemicals and don’t watch TV and limit my phone usage.

        The protests have already started in DC. We may not have to wait until Friday to see it get interesting.

        Time to get some sleep.

      24. One time about 40 years ago When I was about 25. I was driving a ten wheeler dump truck. It was in little rock Ar. And I was sent down on 6th street on a warm day. Other truck where on the same asphault haul. And the chatter on the CB let me know what was going on. Shure enough I turned the corner and the street was full of abogorninies walking really slow. I downshifted and mashed the pedal to the floor. That 6V 92 Detroit had dual straight stacks and I had set the fuel and RPM up. Roaring and billowing black smoke Here I came. They where looking and I was thinking they wanna play chicken hell I aint skeert. And when they realized I wasn’t slowing down they dove for the sidewalks. Some actually scrambled over the top of others. The Driver behind me yakked on the CB and the trucks owner came and fired me. He was ahead in another truck.

        • Old Guy:

          Eugenics started in 1906 in a formal way in California and picked up speed twenty years later. The low IQ institutionalize do feeble minded,mental patients, criminals, tramps, and other low life’s were sterilized. The California Scientists went to Germany and taught the Germans.

          So in the fifties and sixties people in America really were smarter. In 1964 the program was ended. What replaced it was abortion and advances in contraceptives. This of course gave rise to more births by low IQ morons and less high IQ people. The stupidity is only overshadowed by the hypocracy. How on earth can we condemn Germany or anybody.

          Even Bill Gates’ vaccine sterilization in Africa takes on a different tone when you learn that the South African Blacks killing white farmers have an average IQ of 70. What are they going to do when they kill off the whites or the whites just pack up and go. They are literally retarded. They will starve and turn back into cannibals like they were before whitey started opressing them with Science and Technology.


          • Now that’s a great post! And very true! Intelligent people don’t usually breed out of control but the low IQ morons breed like rats. Given time, we have achieved idiocracy…

      25. __
        ••••••••••••• Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day away.


      26. Wish there was a way of getting knowledge direct from the poor oppressed folk of North Korea.
        They’ve been forced into eating many items that we, well fed people would turn our noses up at.
        Real hardship is something many of us are still thankfully ignorant of.
        Eat, drink and be merry… for tomorrow we die!

      27. Well, here in the Maritimes, the big thing is ‘Stormchips’:

        ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/storm-chips-covered-bridge-flurry-of-flavours-1.3322602


      28. Got beer

      29. During weather as described here, a person can used their stored prepps. Weather like this is a test of what could come.

        It really is…

        Of what works and what don’t.

        And that there are people who say they have prepped a detailed cache and have not.

        So, no one who has been coming to this site should find themselves in the situation pictured above unless they themselves are a direct victim of a tornado or another natural disaster(earthquake).

        That is harsh, but best to find out what product/garment doesn’t meet the manufacturers specs now and not when it can’t be replaced.

        Like a military training exercise.

      30. Mmmmmm beeeeer

      31. A year ago in an area in Indiana north of Louisville we had a small accumulation of snow which had everyone running to the stores. I was stocked but just wanted to check for myself as to the condition of the stores. Went to a JayC store (Kroger subsidiary) and it looked like the pics noted above. Ditto Wal-Mart. Went to a GFS. I was the only shopper and the shelves were crammed full. I asked the manager where everyone was and he laughed…said, “We’re the best kept secret”. I went ahead and picked up some stuff anyhow. SO, check your GFS before hitting the regular outlets…you may be able to get some goods IF you haven’t already stocked up….

      32. Hey Guys:

        The very best item to store in quantity is: LIQUOR !

        With that to barter, you can get ANYTHING you want !

      33. It is raining in Southern California.

      34. After seeing what cnn..just said, I have decided to stay home today, and my girlfriend is here with me. We are not going to work today..when you have news networks calling for the assassination of Trump, then telling the public that another president will be appointed then this is telling us that something bad is being planned tomorrow.. seeing shit like that really fucking pisses me off. I am not saying that it will be allowed to happen, but i know what the cabal is hiding, and that reptilian alien presence will not be able to hide much longer..

        If you guys think this is bullshit see infowars.com it’s obvious what they mean indirectly. I was going to go into work today, and I am not going after I saw that article, now fucking way in hell not with the diversity of my neighborhood..


        • HCKS

          “diversity of my neighborhood”.

          Oh Yeah, I know what you mean.

      35. In a SHTF situation, you’ll hear the word “Share”. Someone will propose putting aside a supply of food for the kids in the neighborhood(they’ll want to administer it). They may even be sincere. Pretty soon, people won’t bother to answer the door. It is a very short step from banging on the door when no one answers to trying to knock the door down. I do have two by fours with the hardware to attach it to the doorframe. I even have lots of razor wire. I’d like to attach some of the razor wire to the outside of my door to keep people from putting their shoulder to my door. How is the best way to securely attach it? Thanks.

      36. I finished drilling out my compression boards and made ready the thru bolts. Performed small stuff that tied up loose ends. Will review the War checklist later today.

        Have any of you seen protests on the news? Not much coverage.

        Those of you that live near or in questionable neighborhoods, I hope you got it all together and need not have to venture out in those danger zones.

        Hell if things start to go bad this evening I may be out getting things set in the dark, while others sleep.

      37. Biggest cause of empty shelves is empty brains.

      38. How predictable. Show pictures of empty store shelves and you get comments galore.
        Good one.

      39. Marxism. The enemy of all people. Stop it now.

      40. The American Holocaust and Chemical Culling will be cranked up like never before under Orange Satan and his Corporatist FASCIST Military Junta Death Squad:

        “Bayer CEO Werner Baumann and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant had a “productive meeting with President-elect Trump and his team to share their views on the future of the agriculture industry and its need for innovation,” according to a statement issued by both companies”

      41. This is off Topic, but I believe I hav e to say it. and I will repeat it on the next topic that comes up today.

        Why you ask? Well all he would have to do is tell his leftest Turds to go to the igauration and most of them would go. tell his leftest turds not to riot and most of them would sit home and bitch about Trump, and not cause a problem. Hells Bells we woul;d set at home and bitch if Hitlery would have won, but we wouldn’t be olanning the things they are planning. We did after Obullshit won. (twice).

        Bottom line alls Oama has to do it say don’t riot, and burn things down or hurt people, and Congress get you lazy asses to the ingauragtion.

        So when they start their Purge, and there is counter Purge it is Obama’s fault, because he could have at least stopped most of it. I know who should be at the top of the list for a Purge, and you have our list.

        Aim Small Miss Small, Two to the chest and One to the head.


      42. I have been reading this site for years and over the years turned on a couple of buds to this site as well. The articles are good and the comments are Great! Some comments are just fun, funny, informative and honest.
        Just wanted to Thank everyone here for your input!

        Before O and Co. I would have never never thought in a million years about the necessity of preps. This site and a couple of others have made me feel better in that the comments confirmed what I have been thinking when watching what was going on in OUR Country. It was a great relief to know just how many Americans out there Love this Country as I do and are willing to stand ground.
        So again, Thank You Everyone!

      43. if Trump is assinated or any action done that prevents A Trump presidency. They get their desired WWIII. Putin will not hesitate. The Nukes will fly. He will make a first strike. Hit the left and right coasts. Turn them into glass. That would make America Great Again. Those hellery NWO folks better watch what they wish for. They are just liable to get it.

      44. Look at Venezuela! People stand in lines to get the necessities. Sometimes they don’t know what the line is for or if any if left when they get there. They cross the border with Columbia to buy food even though it is illegal. What if things were global?

        • i hear subway is making inchlongs in venezuela now.

      45. With the possibility of power going out, I guess they plan on eating all those refrigerated items first?


        Ananamouse says:
        Comment ID: 3654764
        January 19, 2017 at 7:53 am

        Hey Guys:

        The very best item to store in quantity is: LIQUOR !

        With that to barter, you can get ANYTHING you want !
        Liquor? I store LEAD. Morals will be none existent in a SHTF scenario, there will be animals not interested in bartering!

      46. We vacuum seal book matches and stock up on beeswax tea lights. They throw a lot of light and no toxic fumes. Staying in good health is primary importance for us. When booze goes on sale we get small bottles and put them away….good for trade, and will not go bad. I make soap and put in 5 gallon buckets…also surplus good for trade. Canned butter and cheese and canned BACON! Bulk spices, broken down and vacuum sealed. We also freeze yeast for bread baking.

        • Tewshooz,

          Keep your eye on the evaporation level of your bottles.
          I don’t store the mini bottles because over the years of sitting, you’ll see it start dropping. 🙁

          I’m running a test on my bigger bottles now. We wrap the tops in Parafilm. (got mine from amazon) It’s a medical lab stretch tape. The wiskey guys use it to protect their bottles.

          Unless you store something like Makers Mark which covers the tops with wax, the corks will start to dry out and evaporate faster. I’ve learned the hard way with some of my collectable’s. 🙁

          I don’t want to cover my stuff with wax. Because, I want to keep it’s value as is. Yea, I’m talking like 21 year old Glenlivet and Tailisker 18. 🙂

          Y’all play nice now. 🙂

        • Dang I tried to stock booze but I always end up drinking it.

      47. I call BS. Those pictures are from hurricane Matthew back in October. Everyone was hoarding for that one. I live in Myrtle Beach, 3 hour drive, and January 6 was a nothing burger compared to the hurricane. Bullshit posting.

      48. If you have electricity; a good toaster oven can double as a heater. Just leave the little door opened so the heat can escape. It is surprisingly efficient.


      49. Any advice on storing food for infants? My three month old granddaughter still is on breast milk but will need something more soon.

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