EMP Commission Warns Of Year-Long Blackout And A Massive Death Toll

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    A federal EMP commission report warns that even the smallest EMP attack on our grid system would down it for about a year, if not longer.  A year-long blackout would certainly be coupled with a massive death toll that would devastate entire populations.

    The so-called EMP Commission report said that this threat is very real, jeopardizes “modern civilization,” and would set back living conditions to those last seen in the 1800s. As a result of the chaos, millions would likely die, according to the report titled “Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP),” from the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

    “The United States — and modern civilization more generally — faces a present and continuing existential threat from naturally occurring and man-made electromagnetic pulse assault and related attacks on military and critical national infrastructures. A nationwide blackout of the electric power grid and grid-dependent critical infrastructures — communications, transportation, sanitation, food and water supply — could plausibly last a year or longer. Many of the systems designed to provide renewable, stand-alone power in case of an emergency, such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and renewable energy grid components, are also vulnerable to EMP attack,” said the 27-page report.

    “A long-term outage owing to EMP could disable most critical supply chains, leaving the U.S. population living in conditions similar to centuries past, prior to the advent of electric power,” said the July 2017 report provided Secrets.

    In the 1800s, the U.S. population was less than 60 million, and those people had many skills and assets necessary for survival without today’s infrastructure. An extended blackout today could result in the death of a large fraction of the American people through the effects of societal collapse, disease, and starvation,” added the executive summary.

    Three reports on the issue of an EMP attack have been declassified by the Pentagon and seven more are awaiting clearance. Among those declassified documents, was a report from Peter Vincent Pry, who served on a prior EMP Commission and is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, spelling out the human toll of an EMP attack on the electric grid. He also advises the current commission.

    In “Life Without Electricity,” he said the results would be horrific for most, as the vast majority of Americans have virtually no survival skills. He believes the whole year would look something like this:

    • Social Disorder: Looting requires a dusk to dawn curfew for those not wanting to risk their lives. People become refugees as they flee powerless homes. The workforce becomes differently employed at scavenging for the basics, including water, food, and shelter.
    • Communications: No TV, radio, or phone service.
    • Transportation: Gas pumps will be inoperable. Failure of signal lights and street lights would impede traffic and all traffic would cease after dark, but not many would even have a functioning vehicle anyway. No mass transit metro service and all airlines will be stopped.
    • Water and Food: There will be no running water. Stoves and refrigerators will be inoperable. People will have to melt snow, boil water, and cook over open fires. Local food supplies will be exhausted. Most stores will close due to the blackout.
    • Energy: Oil and natural gas flows will stop.
    • Emergency Medical: Hospitals will have to operate in the dark. Patients on dialysis and other life support will be threatened. Medications administered and babies will be born by flashlight.
    • Death and Injury: Casualties from exposure, carbon dioxide poisoning, and house fires increase.

    All of these should be kept in mind when prepping for the worst.

    Since it’s hard to take that first step and prepare, especially for a year-long power grid failure, a handy guide we’ve often suggested is called The Prepper’s Blueprint.  Written by Tess Pennigton, it’ll walk the reader through a prepping regimen with a guide and easy to follow instructions.  It’ll give beginning preppers a foundation to build on.

    Read the entire EMP Commission report by following the link below:


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      1. on the plus side most lazy liberals would be gone.

        • Fine with me.

          • AGREED!

            • most lazy liberals would be gone.

              Gone to your house to take your shit!

              • And I’ve gone to his house to actually take a shit.

                • I’ve got weapons in several calibers to turn them away from my home, LOL.

                    • One year recovery of an EMP is a Lie. Try more like 5 years down time.

                      Below is a letter I received from the EMP SIG Chairman of this Nation Wide EMP SIG Study Group on June 5th 2012, I was part of this EMP study group membership. I left his name out for privacy issues. He says more like 5 years recovery. Read this.

                      Earlier this year, EMP SIG members contributed comments to FEMA’s work on the PPD-8 program for national preparedness. We are still looking forward to in-person meetings with FEMA officials about coordinating efforts with the EMP SIG.
                      Most relevant in the PPD-8 series of reports is the National Preparedness Report, March 30, 2012 on the FEMA website: ht tp://www.fema.gov/prepared/ppd8.shtm.
                      See the planning section on pages 5-6 discussing a “maximum of maximums” approach to disaster planning. This is a much larger than normally anticipated disaster scenario, but, still the report avoids mentioning this scenario happening across much of the nation simultaneously and similarly avoids discussing any of the “high-impact low-frequency” (HILF) scenarios that could create a widespread “maximum of maximums”. I know federal leaders from FEMA to the White House realize those HILF risks. But, in my opinion, they must be hesitant to discuss them for political and sociological reasons. So, leadership must come from local levels to make it possible for local communities to create the sustainability needed to face these scenarios and do it in a way that proves to federal officials that locals won’t panic when planning for them. Instead, these HILF scenarios along with the day-to-day” benefits of the local mitigation efforts they spawn can urge local communities to become sustainable even in tough economic times with little federal or state financial support.

                      It is also my opinion that EMP SIG members like yourself can assist local community planners to take a reasonable though urgent approach to disaster planning that can accommodate “maximum of maximums” scenarios when outside help will not be readily available.

                      See the following quote from the report below that highlights this issue.

                      National Preparedness Report
                      Catastrophic planning remains a top priority for the Nation. FEMA leads planning initiatives in different geographic areas that consider catastrophic earthquakes, hurricanes, dam failures, improvised nuclear device detonation, evacuation and sheltering, and other major events. FEMA also applies a catastrophic planning framework known as “Maximum of Maximums,” which centers on collaborative, whole community planning for worst-case scenarios that exceed government capabilities. This approach sets ambitious outcomes for whole community partners to achieve after a catastrophic event. Examples include: treating, stabilizing, and caring for 265,000 casualties; meeting the supply and materiel needs of 1.5 million disaster survivors within 72 hours; restoring basic services for an affected area of seven million people within 60 days; and recovering communities of 1.5 million disaster survivors within five years.

                      End of Messaage letter.

                      OK, so it may take up to 5 years deling with 1.5 million people. How many years do you think it will take to help 50 million people or 100 million people in a grid down. How about 340 Million people in a full grid down.

                      I can tell you this. Not one ounce of help is coming for you or me. They will use these minimal resources to help their own families in the DC area or at their government installations. Everybody else (the rest of the US Population) will have to fend for themselves. Damn right, it will be more like 5 years plus for recovery at least, and not this BS 1 year hopey, wishy scenario this article writer claims. He is clueless.

                  • DB: If your Mom finds you will be so grounded. LOL. Grow up.

          • It says in the 1800’s there were 60 million Americans who had the skills necessary to thrive/survive. I’d dare say we still do. Do the math – that’d mean around 1/4 billion liberals and other entitled people would either have to learn damned quick or just……. vacate their space. Neither path sounds all that bad.

            • Think about this. The elite won’t pull a full EMP for several reasons, Their unprepared liberal Minions will vanish because they have no survival skills. Fraudbook will cease to exist and they will throw . And then since many electronics will not work for tracking people, those with Guns and Weapons which is mostly on the RIGHT, will fight them.

              The only way in my opinion they will pull an EMP full grid down is if they can only fully disarm the right. And that surely ain’t happening anytime soon. They will die trying. They would rather us all be paying taxes and buying their useless mindless crap within their screwed up existing system, so they can continue to profit. Its a Losing strategy for them.

              Anybody with a half of brain knows what happens to the population once they are disarmed. Look at Venezuela, Look at Australia, Look at the UK, total police state, where you get arrested for carrying a potato peeler.

              If an EMP happened, we will go after those with huge revenge to even the score. Bank on that Elitists peeons cowering in your ivory towers. Your towers will burn to the ground. Stick your NWO scam, up your behind.

              • they would try an EMP in different sections of the country first, like maybe the northeast or west coast where it is mostly liberal.

        • But would the guy from India stop calling me? If so that would make it worthwhile. If I were 40 years younger I’d say “Bring it On” as it is I really don’t care.

          • I signed up on the do not call list, now I get four times the amount of calls.

            • And that whole bunch of crap about the volume of commercials not being ten times as loud as what you are watching. I’m back to turning the volume off when the commercial breaks come. Hopefully my speakers don’t get blown out.

              Once again our worthless, feckless, piece of crap, fully-dysfunctional government really came though on telling these piece of crap corporations to behave themselves for a change.


              • totally off cable/ direct TV, use Roku to stream what i want to see. No commercials , Life is good. Online news when I want.

                NO MSM

                • “Damn you. Damn you all to hell.” [sarcasm]

                  • Cable TV? Why would you pay someone, to Lie to you? Yeah people are dumb as F*ck buying cable Lie TV subscription which should only be about $20 a month, not $150. SUCKERS Buy into this mindless and slanted entertaining crapola.

                    Dump Cable TV and go buy a bicycle and go for bike rides to build up your endurance and stamina. You will need it. Your Legs are the most important parts of your body for survival after your brain. Your legs take you places and allows you to flee is you have to. If all your doo is sit on your fat A$$ al day watching the boob tube. you will be the first to die and be a statistic.

            • JS, if you have a smartphone, there’s a feature on it to block those calls.

              • After having a cell phone since 1987, I finally shut off my smart phone back in 2014. Put it back in its brand new box. It no resides (quietly) in a desk drawer.

                “I am Free. Thank God I’m free at last.”

                • Yes, it is best to quit cold turkey when you are hooked on cell phone porn.

                • I have a smartphone. It’s a phone. I do texting with friends and family (at home–not driving), check the traffic map when necessary, snap a few pictures and occasionally make notes on it. While I can access the internet with it, I don’t because it costs too much and honestly, the screen is too small to be useful. All the apps that came with it are just taking up space and annoy me. Social media has never been appealing so essentially my phone is a phone. Don’t need the very latest model or a fancy plan which makes me a cheap customer. 😀

                  My biggest reason for having one is safety. If I need help, I can call wherever I am. It’s saved my bacon a few times.

            • I unsubscribed from the do not call list now i get eight times as many calls

      2. EMP is the thing that really scares me! After reading One Second After and meeting personally with Dr. Forstchen the author, he advised that he is now a prepper. Please read the book. If it doesn’t effect you, something is wrong in your thought process. Get tools, kitchen utensils, pre electric means of cooking and knowledge on how to survive. If God wills it, hopefully, we can come out the other side. God Bless, James

        • James, I have a copy of the One Second After but never read the sequel to it. The toughest part of One Second After was when the guy’s diabetic daughter died. I had to lay the book down and it took me quite awhile to get back to it. I’ve already been prepping for a post-EMP world for years and also hope to come out on the other side. Best wishes.

          • Excellent book; perhaps the best ‘EMP’ book out there. Yes, reality hit home (about lack of ALL meds) when the diabetic daughter died.

            I also liked the scenario of how the town came together for defense. It seemed realistic.

          • TDBh – there are 2 sequels as well. Both darned good. ‘One Year After’ & ‘The Final Day: A John Matherson Novel’.

            • Great Books !!

          • Great book, Read it many years ago, and the follow up book: One Year After is a good read as well.
            Prepared in MANY ways

          • The daughter death was near the end. Anyway, I noticed a few slight “barrowing” of themes from other, older novels.

        • i agree

        • James, I have a copy of One Second After, and it’s the real deal. I call it a theoretical science book, and that’s because the book is so good at illustrating the actual science of an EMP. More than anything else, the science of EMPs is what drew me to the book.

          EMP is something I’ve tried to educate myself on as much as possible, because the threat is real. You really do not need a big EMP to take out an entire country. All you need is one big enough to cause progressive failure of the electrical grid. Remember the 2003 Northeast Blackout? That was progressive failure of an electrical grid at work. As each successive part of the grid failed, it transferred its carrying load to another part of the grid, causing it to then fail.

          If such an event were to be caused by an EMP, the most likely way would be a small nuke in the upper atmosphere because all the voltage would be front loaded. That means it would hit before the protection systems can read the build up in voltage, then take action. The result would be progressive failure of the grid in rapid order.

          Once you get past the EMP, the real concerns are the breakdown of our supply chain infrastructure. Stores have a three day supply of goods on hand, 3/4 of which are low value post-EMP. Nothing can go from distribution center to store because there’s no fuel, no working trucks, and clogged transportation infrastructure. The stores and the distribution centers would be stripped clean in no time.

          Buying yourself some survival time depends entirely upon you being able to recognize that there was an EMP almost as soon as it happens. That means you’d be able to raid stores for high value supplies, then blow out of town before anyone figures out what just happened. That’s also why I’m never without my backpack and some light entry tools (pry bar and glass breaking tool).

        • Are you from St. Louis?

      3. I was and am concerned as to what will be the straw the breaks the back.
        EMP is a REAL and present danger. Two old ships off each coast with nukes and missles in 40′ containers – -there would be NO time to intercept and knock them down. Only the amish would ask what’s the big deal!!
        Of course – the collapse of our and the worlds economic system is way beyond critical exposure – Its going to explode – we just do not know exactly when – My guess- on or before 2020.
        Most people do not want to think let alone plan for the inevitable, of course this will only exacerbate the pain.
        GOD – GUNS – GRUB

      4. Hey, Mac. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention, but the seventeen (17) Deep State have been organizing themselves against free speech.

        Facebook, Google, Twitter, all of MSM are organizing themselves into a group effort to take down hate speech (meaning any speech originating from conservative anti-libturd groups).

        Comments sections are falling everywhere, Mac.

        Give up on the super volcanos, aliens, and the “BIG ONES,” Mac. SHTF is one of the last alternative news sites left. Maybe the only one.

        You just gotta step up to the plate, Mac. You’re all that’s left. You’re all that’s standing between white males and wet kisses form Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton, Stormy Daniels, and Frederica Wilson.


        • What do expect Mac to do?
          If it were me I’d call Drudge and
          get Drudge to post SHTFplan stuff.
          If Drudge saw the stuff on this site
          it would draw traffic.

          • What are you whining about? I’m asking Mac to step up; not step down.

        • Mac is in it for the money, nothing less, nothing more. Notice all the ads, buy this, buy that crap littering this site? If he were for real one of us he would join in these conversations. Never does though.

          • CH3CH2OH : How much do you think that it takes to run this site? How much time do you think it takes per day / week to maintain this site. To be a good citizen and keep your dumb ass informed, does somebody have to take it out of their own pocket? You know, I have been reading and posting for a few years now and have never donated a penny. I do get moderated every once in a while but I don’t have to nor have I joined anything to be here. If someone comes up with a good product, isn’t it the American way to make a couple of bucks or support your family. If all of this is foreign to you, you can pony up and go start your own site. You could name it libtards-r-us. Get back to us when you take out your first paid ad. Maybe you are so smart that you can do it for free. Good luck.

            • well-said, fish!

            • You’re a trolling piece of crap, Fishy.

            • Fishandmud, damn good post.

          • Yeh, how evil he is to believe in capitalism. Nobody should make a buck for anything they believe in. (sarc)

          • Zerohedge has so much advertising and Russian bride and Filipino bride crap that the site practically collapses every time I go on it. I mean, I can see wanting to make a few bucks. But really. Talk about capitalism running amok.

            • Since I’ve been using adblock (free)I see this site and ZH without ads and it helps immensely. Not sure of it works on smartphones–

            • ZH is not even close to what it as just a few years back. Pretty well ruined, like most sites that do the click bait thing , and all manner of adverts and emails to sell you shit. Find out who actually owns ZH now and that will answer whats up.

              All of those type of sites and fear porn types are going away anyway, so no big deal.

        • I’m OK with the click bait. More please…..

          • It ain’t cow bells, John.

      5. Plant trees in your front and back yard that provide food. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Some trees survive better in certain zones or areas. Investigate which trees are self pollinating and which require a partner tree.

        You don’t have to rip out your lawn and plant corn (unless that’s what you really want to do). I think if you are moving into a new home, or having one built, that’s the best time to design a yard that will feed your spirit, as well as your body.


        • Agreed. I have apple, fig, apricot, pomegranate, and pecan.

      6. “Patients on dialysis and other life support will be threatened.”

        Thats sugarcoating reality. Don’t mince words; they will die.

        • Kevin2, it’s sad but true that ALL of the life support patients will be doomed.

        • Personally, if I had to choose between dialysis and dying, I think I’d take the latter. There are some things worse than dying. Because dialysis ain’t living.

        • in less then 3 days. Look at Katrina as an example.

          There was a movie about it called “Hours” in 2013.

      7. Do it already.

        • I know, right?

      8. You mean the government that has been wrong about literally everything it has ever told us?

        You know, Saccharine, the food pyramid, pot, Sodomites are normal, Tonkin Gulf Incident, The housing market is not overheated, WMD’s, Thalidomide, Building 7, the Warren Commission, Vioxx, Benghazi, Obamacare, Roswell, Piltdown Man, “Nobody wants to take your guns”, “I won’t c** in your mouth (err.. never mind, that was me), Accutane, Tomatoes are a vegetable, gum takes 7 years to digest, Red Dye #3, watching TV in the dark is bad for your eyes, all people are equal, LSD flashbacks, m**** will make you go blind (I’m proof that you’ll only have to wear glasses), Diversity makes us stronger, Nuclear Winter, Fen-phen, Global Warming, Lobotomies cure Schizophrenia, “You didn’t build that”, The toll is just till we get it paid for, Radium cures… lots of things,

        Would that be the government you’re talking about?

        • Stuart

          Off hand I can’t recall every getting the complete truth from government. Actually, maybe I’m getting old but I can’t recall substantive truth. The late George Carlin did standup about it and we laughed at something that really wasn’t funny.

          • Kevin2, I’ve never had any truth from govt. either. George Carlin was the only REAL comedian I ever liked and listened to. He was way ahead of his time and more honest than any govt. official or even a cop. Rest In Peace, George Carlin. We’ll never have another like him.

            • George Carlin started off as a comedian and became a philosopher. Carlin routinely exposed in jest the flagrant dishonesty from those entrusted to be honest above reproach. We laughed at both the individual and systemic hypocrisy.

              • Ytube “George Carlin on Religion”. Now there’s some real BS there going on.
                Any religious people out there? You’ve been duped bigtime. Especially the (((chosen Aholes))). When you die You Suckers come back as swine!!!

          • I realized the government was lying to us when Chernobyl power plant disaster happened. That was my wake up.

            • I woke up when I saw what they did to my first paycheck at 15 years old
              been pissed AF ever since , and have zero trust in ANY of the dam snakes ..D-or R it dont matter they are all out to F us all

              • I too enjoyed George Carlin but, it is easy to forget that he was also slightly to the left of Bernie Sanders!

                • Frightening if one thinks about it because much of what Carlin said was the truth and by extension at least some of his left wing views have validity. Certainly the power as expressed by concentration of wealth is both politically destabilizing and threatening to a Republic.

            • 7 mile Island. And dont forget the US Govt lied to the sailors and sent their ship into the Fukashima disaster and many now have cancer.

              And remember Flouride in your drinking water is good for your teethy lie. Cause 4 out of 5 Dentists recommend it.

              Your brain becomes mush but your teethy shine and make you speak liberal.

      9. This goes beyond the power outage as the political aftermath would alter the world. If its “lights out” across the USA a year later there wouldn’t be a USA. Out of necessity power would revert back to States and newly formed alliances of groups of States. The saying, “possession is 9/10s of the law” would dominate. Given the unknown social / political dynamics, in essence a “Black Swan” event, WWIII could easily be the result. What would happen to China who has greatly industrialized? Sensing opportunity would the US attack Russia or Russia attack the US? The possibilities are endless.

        What made the Modern World “Modern”? The availability of cheap useful energy. Electricity is not just that form but its availability is the ingredient that facilitates manufacturing making the machines to use energy.

      10. It wouldn’t be that bad. No really. Just last week my cell phone battery died and I couldn’t charge it for almost 6 hours and I was fine. I was a bit worried about not being able to call my girlfriend to ask her to pick up some steaks on the way home. We got along just fine. To really drive the no-power phobia home, we used candles to surf the web on our tablets. It was kind of romantic. Sadly, my story is about as boring as the article. If we are on this site, we don’t really need the outcome of an EMP explained to us. How about how to use a VPN or other proxy server to conceal what we search for? How about the use of TOR and how it can be used (legally?) I have been on this site for years but am starting to see stale repetition… Stay safe my friends and say a prayer for our fellow Americans in harms way. GBA!!!

      11. People living in Florida need to figure out a recipe for sandspurs since they are growing everywhere. Sandspur fights as kids were very sharp and getting them out was painful. Fling one stalk of them and instant misery for who gets hit.

        • They are in NC also. When I was a child, we moved into a house that had sandspurs in the yard, as well as razor blades and empty insulin bottles. We all had to pull every sandspur we saw for several years to get rid of them permanently so we could walk barefoot in our yard.

          • Archivist, I went barefoot in the yard once at age 6 and stepped on a broken piece of glass. Hurt like hell. I never went barefoot again afterward, EXCEPT for being on a beach. There’s ALWAYS something on my feet.

        • I remember the good ole days when we had sandspur fights. We called them Cenchrus.

          if you could get one in your opponents eye, you got the maximum score.

          If you could get one stuck in their ear, the game was over.

          We would beat each other with them like a beating someone with a sock filled with oranges.

        • Sand Spurs? Stay on the walking paths in So FL. Off path you get sand spurs. Thats how to avoid them. You go off the path or trail you can get a flat tire on your bike from sand spurs. Trust me. Been there.

          7 mile Island. And dont forget the US Govt lied to the sailors and sent their ship into the Fukashima disaster and many now have cancer.

          And remember Flouride in your drinking water is good for your teethy lie. Cause 4 out of 5 Dentists recommend it.

          Your brain becomes mush and you begin to speak low IQ liberal, but your teethy sure shine.

      12. An EMP (nuclear) attack on the USA would be an ‘Act of War’ that WILL trigger WW3.

        The whole thing will be over in 24 hours!

        • I was thinking of a solar flare. Certainly an EMP is “game on”.

        • You wouldn’t know when it would be over because the clocks would stop working!

      13. Well there is nothing I can do to prevent a EMP. So I will not worry about it. And I think me and mine could survive without electricity. The world needs a great culling anyway.

        • Old Guy, that great culling will happen. I think we can all bank on it.

        • I can survive without electricity, but I have 10kW of solar panels in my shop right now. Most my neighbors have 7-8 kW Solar on line and operating. I also have about 2 cords of wood. and lots of trees.
          Prepare for the worst. and hope for the best.

          • I don;t know where you live, but I burn about 5 chord of oak a winter, and i live in Texas.

            • JS,
              We just cook with wood.
              No need for heating.
              In my memory the coldest
              it has ever been at my home
              is the mid 50’s

          • Hey Rellik, Did you get the panels from Santan Solar?

            Also, put some broadband ferrite chokes on the wires where they come out of the junction box of each solar panel. Dr. Arthur Bradley says they should protect your panels from EMP. I have them on all my panels, combiner box, charge controllers and inverters.

            • I did get them from Santan. They are “obsolete” panels 60 cell but excellent price and world class manufacturer. Big deal for me is shipping and Santan saved me thousands of dollars. Were it not for this site I would have never had found them. I’m now working on getting my batteries as I start to put up my solar array. I’m leaning towards Simplify LiFePo4 batteries.

      14. An EMP could be an act of war….but who pulled the trigger? Would you declare war on Russia, if it turned out to be Russian lone-wolf hackers (not state sponsored)? Maybe a terrorist group like ISIS.? Would we even know for sure who or what state may be behind it? Remember 911 was Saudi Nationals. But did the Kingdom finance or sponsor the attack, or were they lone wolves? Perhaps we’ll never know. Yes, an incoming ICBM could do it, but we would know the source; and obliterate the culprit.
        It would not matter…..it would be Armageddon. Retaliation would pointless. Very few Americans would be left; and the few that did survive would likely wish they hadn’t. The real key is to not let this happen in the first place. You see “in an electric/electronic world, an EMP itself is the enemy”. The threat could be eliminated if we spent a fraction of what we spend on the military, and hardened the grid with protective relays & shielding, de-centralized the system, and have high-voltage transformers in reserve storage.

        • you left out our own government EMP’ing us

          they are very adapt at False Flags ..probably all our wars fought were started by a FF and more then likely started by this bunch of pukes that have been an Enemy Force in Occupation of our true Republic

      15. Kevin2, once again you hit it right out of the ball park. Post-EMP will be more ‘interesting’ than any of us would like, I’m afraid.

      16. Everyone should read “One Second After”

        • I tried to get a copy of that book, “One Second After” but I was too late!

          • By one second, right?

            • To get it you need to create an account.

          • You can get it on Amazon…its a few years old now.

      17. Didn’t we miss a bad solar flare by a week just in the last year or two.

        • Also, didn’t we miss the end of the world dooms day prophesy too?

          • “Doomsday” is one word. Just saying. I mean, this is a SHTF site. There are basics to be adhered to. [Sarcasm. In case you missed it.]

            • touché

      18. Its amazing reading these posts. There is a difference between preparing for the worst to happen, and to literally prepare for events that are highly unlikely. An emp would destroy everything electronic with the exception of our military apparatus as our military is geared against such threats and the bad guys know this. . This wouldnt even be a mutually assured destruction in retaliation. This would be a self assired destruction to the perpetrator, hence the reason it would bever happen. If prepare, do so for events that are more probable and quit the paranoia. Btw, one second after is a great book, but fiction non the less

        • So? Your point? During WW II, The German military (with their secret weapons and all), was prepared for all kinds of stuff. That didn’t stop the allies from bombing civilians 24/7.

      19. Bring it already,,,,,

        • It will probably happen right after the alarm clock goes off. It won’t have the decency to go off before the alarm.

      20. The smoke from the wood fire will bring bums like moths to a flame , I burn wood also , but I hope to be at my other location that is mostly set up now . Can I get there ? Maybe , retirement looms close . Anyway you slice it , it will be an epic mess . Being part of a small remote community is key , building relationships and owning property will make or brake you.

      21. Not going to happen.

      22. Call me old fashioned, but don’t you need an atomic device to generate an EMP? In which case, aren’t you going to be a trifle busy dealing with the force of a 20 mega-ton blast; a 12-million degree blast wave; radiation and fallout? Going with electricity would seem like camping.

        • You would have a nuke device go off at 300 miles up and it would take out the grid in most of the states and some of Canada. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

      23. Nuclear power plants have pools of cooled water to store spent reactor rods. How do those pools stay cool? -The grid. How do you keep them cool without the grid? -Generators. How do you keep them cool without generators? -you don’t. Do you have a plan to help keep those generators running, to ensure the nuclear technicians keep doing their job? -No, you don’t. Can you say Fukushima times 100? Are you going to flee areas of nuclear contamination? Are you going to stay underground until the radiation goes away? Do all other considerations seem moot? I’m not preparing for EMP. I am preparing for the power to go out, but not due to EMP. If a Carrington type event, or man made EMP happens, it will likely be a ELE.

        • One method for the reactor is to use the steam generated to exclusively power the turbines for water supply. As the heat decays less steam is generated and the system just cycles down. Cooling water for spent rods? Beats me.

      24. Atomic blast would probably be high altitude for max EMP effect. There is no dirt etc. to make fallout. Radiation, blast, heat would minimal.
        Ground atomic blasts are a completely different scenario.

      25. It is possible to build a device that generates an EMP. Of the ones that I have seen, they are very limited. Could a device be built small enough and mobile enough to damage selected points on the grid? I don’t know the answer but a full-time terrorist could do a lot of damage before being caught if it is possible. The answer is probably no since no one has done it up to now. (

      26. My biggest fear is we are EMPd but some other country like China has their infrastructure. They then move in why we are caught with our pants down.

        Survival would be bad enough, but to fight off foreign invaders at the same time…..some of you are seasoned, but I think you’d all agree we’d be FUCKED if foreign armies moved in.

        If an EMP does happen, I hope it’s world wide to even the playing field.

        • One would assume that with 800 US military bases spanning the globe that the US would retain the most military power regardless where it hit.

      27. Aliens will nuke the power grids from their bases on planet X, and the market will collapse as a result. Starbucks across the nation will burn.

        That about cover it?

        • Faux Nailed it. This is Important stuff to know.

          You see ever since the 1950’s and earlier, those in Power used the “COMMNISM” threat to retain power over their minions, Then since 9-11 they Used “TERRORISM” as THE NEW THREAT AND BOOGIE MAN, to take away all your liberties and freedoms. But as we all know we all caught onto that most Terrorism Attacks are set up false flags, like where the shooters just happen to drop their passports at the scene. They used that threat to scam us out of our freedoms with Fear. But we know they are causing the terrorism like with ISIS, paid boogie men.

          The Next big Boogie Man will be “SPACE ALIENS”. Like what else is bigger and more unknown and scary than space aliens?? So this is why our Government has kept all of these space alien crap locked up in area 51 as they plot and use this information as their next device to scam the public. They will create an event false flag attack and blame it on “Space Aliens” and say we all have to be under the NWO globally to protect our planet from these hoax Space Aliens. Its all a fraud.

          So watch in the MSM, more repeated reporting of Artificial Intelligence and Space creature attacking us, as to pollute the masse’s and minds into believing all of this next big Hoax of “Space Aliens attacking planet Earth.” They can use Holograms lights and lasers in the sky’s to create the illusion we are being invaded by unknown space craft armies. Its just more Hocus Pocus to dupe us. So watch for their fake Magic tricks and more space aliens and space craft sightings to jack up their next fraud hoax.

      28. There is no evidence that and EMP attack would work or do anything. Based on one incident long ago in Hawaii when electricity went down on only one residential block after an a-bomb test.

      29. Only a year. That is manageable. Will be ruff but I’m ready for something like that.

        • In a year (less actually), there will be so many people dead our normal supply infrastructure couldn’t be replaced in a generation. Think about how many other people MOST people depend on to go do their jobs so they can live….the farmer, the water guy, the truck driver, it numbers in the hundreds if not the thousands.

          Don’t even make it complex….think of a simple wood pencil. The wood comes from a cedar tree in the northwest (now think about all the support and labor that goes into logging). The graphite from a mine. The tin for the eraser holder from another mine (like in Bolivia). The rubber for the eraser from a tree in Malaysia or someplace. Think of all the labor, transportation, energy that goes into just making a dead simple pencil !! Then extrapolate that to really complex things with lots of parts….and all the folks needed to make them.

          What happens when a good percentage of those folks are dead…..Which they will be from starvation, cold, violence, disease, heck, you name it. YOU might be prepped for a year….but 99.9% of the public ain’t.

          This is a HIGH impact, but low probability event….but make no mistake….if it happens, man made or solar made, you’ll likely never see anything like ‘normal’ again in your life.

          Got canning lids for 20 years ? (or any one of a few hundred other things ?)

          • But as I said…..High impact, but low probability.

            More likely is a High Impact, High Probability (like almost a certainty) economic collapse. That, IMHO, is what we ought to spend time prepping for (and in some areas, preps would overlap).

          • Tn,
            I agree with your assessment but only in regards to large cities.
            There are a lot of people in rural America that are better situated
            to survive. It is the city people that are totally dependent on the infrastructure that will suffer and die, but what do I need from them? Most all of the things I need from the outside world are not produced in big cities.

          • Ive given up on using pencils pretty much anyways. The ink pen rules and if you make a mistake use white out strips. Duh. However, will Buggy Whips make a comback with a full grid down for years??

            You better have a good set of Cast Iron Cookware to cook over campfires. Hunger sucks.

        • The author is clueless. More like 2 to 5 years downtime. There is a 2 year leadtime just to start building a transformer, which is not built in the US. I was on a National EMP Study Group. So read the document and state the real facts, not this 1 yr down BS clueless article rant. So yeah stock up on at least 3 years of food as a prepper goal to shoot for. You will need lots of calories to fight off the bad guys.

          • In good times with they thing functioning it takes a long time. If an EMP / Solar Flare caused hard failures like transformers, windings burnt out circuitry across the US its years.

      30. Seems that there are not many of these super vital ,long time to make new ones ,mega transformers? And a lot of Muslims with RPGs?

      31. The government does have test facilities for researching the effects of EMPs. Solar activity can generate EMPs which affect the areas of Earth that the EMP strikes. We’ve had near misses in recent history. Ottawa was struck by an EMP which disabled their grid. The EMP that would be generated by a weapon would be far worse that the EMP from the sun, generally. The Solar EMP is less likely to destroy electronics that are not plugged into the grid.

      32. EMP Commission Warns Of Year-Long Blackout And A Massive Death Toll…

        One can dream I suppose…

      33. You guys talking so glibly of millions dead in our cities, some of you are even rooting for an EMP. All I can say is beware of what you ask for because you just might get it. How many of you have seen real war, or actually seen a man die, and we are talking about millions of our countrymen. Anyone rooting for such a thing is a fool. It would unleash a hell on this earth such as been never seen and if you ARE lucky enough to survive it you might find yourself wishing you hadn’t. I pray to God this never occurs or at least waits until I am no longer here to see it. If not I will try and survive and protect me and mine but I pray every day that it not be so.

        • Bigbluedrew – this site is infested with keyboard commandos. You can instantly tell who they are by their comments: “Bring it on” or incessantly bragging that their Mossberg is better than an AR15 ad infinitum. They’re children.

          I’d venture that very few posters here have experienced actual combat or, for that matter, an actual civilian shooting. And even fewer will have had to deal with a comrade with a gut shot. Or dealt with the aftermath of an IED. “There are no atheists in foxholes” is a truism.

          Most people here who call themselves “preppers” will be totally unprepared for the demise of civilization. Look at the preoccupation for continuing their electricity supplies! Or stocking up on tinned goods. Go back as recently as 70 or 80 years ago, most of rural America didn’t have electricity – that’s how soft the American male has become, air con and cable!

          American man has grown effete.

          • I find it hard to believe anyone would have a problem will killing the enemy?You would think most can’t wait? And watching a close friend die while trying? The supreme sacrifice?Not a meaningless existence?

            • Traitor Hator – And your point is? Your reply makes no sense…have you ever killed someone? Have you ever watched someone die from a gunshot wound?

              The world we inhabit is not a video game. Neither is it an extension of the matrix. For better or worse we’re stuck in a world ruled by psychotic individuals who will lie, cheat and then some. Why? Maybe to fulfill a perverted vision that normal humanity cannot, and does not want to comprehend. Who knows how the minds of madmen work?




      35. Ive already the book. Its pretty good, the second and third, ehh…not so much.

      36. This whole EMP thing is a bunch of crap. Tell me. How is it that the hundreds of nuke tests in the Nevada desert never caused even local emp events? How about when the largest nuclear bomb in history was detonated in Russia? No widespread emp event either. It’s a farce. Just like all the other scare tactics msm uses to keep people in constant fear. The idea of suitcase emp generators is purely hollywood creation, just like the msm. Emp=fantasy.

      37. Last night,May 12,the lights went out for a few minutes. Nothing but complete silence and darkness,which was actually nice for a change. Until I realized that my candles and flashlight were stored with my preps in storage! Talk about embarrassing myself !! ?

      38. Jericho nailed it years ago.

      39. I look at it this way, I’m 66 now and my life span is maybe 15 more years. I have enough food/water to last 90 days or more. I’m not buying anymore than that. If the SHTF and we get knocked out by an EMP, I’ll go old school as long as I can. I’m done spending money and resources for an event that most likely will never happen anyway.

        You know who’s getting rich? All the companies hyping the end of the world and selling us survival items. We’re prepper sheeples! I’ve got bug out bags, get home bags, bug in equipment, survival supplies, portable solar panels, communication supplies, etc. etc. I’m done, bring it on, let’s see what really happens!

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