Emergency Medical Teams ORDERED To STAND DOWN While Kids Bled Out After Florida Shooting

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 86 comments

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    If you think like most, not much about the Parkland, Florida school shooting has added up so far. Now there are reports that the responding emergency medical teams sent in to save lives after the horrific shooting were told to “stand down” while some of the students bled out.

    Natural News said it best:

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious to every intelligent observer that someone wanted to maximize the body count from the shooting.

    Here are four irrefutable facts about the shooting that simply make it look like the body count needed to be higher.

    1. Deputy Scot Peterson stood by and refused to enter the school building even though he was armed and on-site during the entire shooting rampage. This is not in dispute.

    2. In all, four sheriff’s deputies stood down, hiding behind their cars and refusing to enter the building, according to numerous media reports including CNN’s own Jake Tapper.

    3. Their boss, Sheriff Scott Israel, is a known anti-gun Democrat who has been accused of public corruption for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to conduct “positive spin” Public Relations (propaganda) campaigns to make himself look good. He also compares himself to Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    4. Even the Coral Springs police who rushed to the scene (and rushed into the building) accused the Broward County sheriff’s deputies of “dereliction of duty.” This was reported by CNN and dozens of other sources.

    Now there are reports that medical teams were told to delay their entry into the school building to increase the number of casualties. An emergency responder told reporter Brian Entin with Fox Affiliate WSVN in Miami, “We were asking to go in… why are we all standing around? …law enforcement… would not allow medical personnel in…” (see full response in tweet, below):

    What’s clear from not just the tragic event itself but also the highly charged, heavily politicized aftermath of the tragedy (as pursued by fake news theater production companies like CNN) is that everybody was being ordered to stand down. When help was needed the most, everyone was told to do nothing.

    Natural News dared to ask a question the mainstream media can’t be bothered with: how come no one is asking why the very people we depend on to arrive on the scene of an active shooter and engage bad guys with guns were caught standing around with their guns in their holsters rather than taking out the shooter? (As a side note, this once again underscores the whole reason why dialing 911 is tantamount to suicide, proving why we need gun rights to defend ourselves from bad guys that the government refuses to engage.)

    So who ordered the medical teams to stand down? Why aren’t these kids demanding answers to the real questions instead of demanding the innocent disarm? Because it’s likely a false flag with an anti-gun agenda and rather wealthy elitists backing the entire scheme.


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      1. Everything about this situation stinks to high hell. From the highest levels of government such as the FBI to the lowest levels of law-enforcement like the Broward County sheriffs department, they all dropped the ball. As much as I hate to say something like this it seems as though it was intentional. This probably won’t happen but everyone of those bastards needs to be prosecuted and put in prison. Too much of this situation has been maneuvered into political narrative instead of focusing on protecting our kids. It makes me sick that these bastards will allow children to die just because of their anti-gun views. I hope they all rot in hell.

        • The government had mercenaries kill these kids and ordered the cops and medical personnel to stand down so it could go as planned. It is all about disarming us. I say fuck the government scum.

          • Don’t mistake stupidity and cowardice for a government conspiracy.

            Some people are just fuck ups with a badge and a gun.

            • There are a bunch of fuck up cops but that doesn’t change the fact these kids were murdered by professionals.

              • Also shows just what a bunch of yes man asslicking, just following orders, cooksucker, piles of septic scum some people are too. OBEY ORDERS NO MATTER WHAT! YOU (insert nastiest explative here). Coward faggots!

                • Yep. It is cowardice.

                  • Ya it is, the little fags wouldn’t even go in and hit him with their purses!

                    • Genius, this is only another example of what I’ve been saying all along. Law enforcement are nothing but government employees, NOT employees of we the people. They don’t care about the public. They have a total anti-public mentality and believe they, along with lawyers and judges, are above the law. They should be held accountable for allowing this tragedy to happen but I know that won’t happen. They and the FBI had numerous chances to stop the kid before he could do anything but didn’t. And they think they can still preach to the public about anything? They can all go f#$% themselves. They’re just as bogus as a 3-dollar bill. BTW, there’s no such thing as a 3-dollar bill.


                      ht tps://blockshopper.com/fl/broward-county/parkland/property/474132022370/10950-northwest-78th-place

                    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS IS EPIC! USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

                    • SEND HIM A BOX OF DOG SHIT!

                    • Genius

                      All you will achieve is a nasty headline against lawful gun owners. The battlefield of this “War” is on the soap box followed by the ballot box.

          • Truer words were never spoken!

          • The more details we see coming out, the more I am beginning to agree with Menzoberranzan.

            However, there are some in the alternative media who are theorizing that the reasons why the deputies were told to stand down was because the actual shooters inside the school didn’t want to be seen. But, then there is the female school teacher who did an interview with one of the major networks and she claims she saw what she thought was a cop in full body armor, helmet & mask – shooting with a rifle she had never seen before.

            Something smells extremely fishy about this whole event.

        • Jacknife, at some point along the time line, you have to look at all the incompetent actions and missed opportunities, and you have decide the actions were deliberate. This shooting was clearly allowed to happen. No doubt about that. None of the “law enforcement” officials involved in this event can claim ignorance. What would it have taken for these officials to act to prevent this tragedy? The end of the world.

        • “Prosecuted and put in prison.” Agree but it will never happen no matter the evidence. The reason? They are Democrats. All Democrats get a pass because they are considered right and just and, according to them, there are no legitimate opposing ideas or philosophy. They have the whole of the government media complex covering for them.

          Had this not been true, Ted Kennedy would have served a term for manslaughter. Bill and Hillary Clinton would now be serving time in a supermax. Janet Reno would have died in prison.

          Alas, nothing will happen in the current Muler investigations that should be a true witch hunt, prosecuting Hellery. They will escape and the Democrat House will impeach Trump and cowardly Republicons will convict in the senate. All because of differing political views.

          Some 40 million Hispanics will get amnesty thus cementing state Stalinist control by Demonrottens forever just like the PRI in Mexico.

        • We need to understand that the strongest LAW of the Land has already been passed. We do not allow GUNS (any) on School grounds.

      2. You know what’s worse than a corrupt cop? A cowardly group of cops who refuse to do the right thing due to political agendas. If this is all even close to true it makes me want to vomit.

        • mmmmmm……. I think that MOST of America refuse to do the right thing due to political agendas.

          If you speak out, the liberals and democrats attack, attack, attack. Their latest tactic is to call employers and tried to get people fired from their jobs for making conservative Facebook posts. The call Child Protective Services and make false reports for conservative tweets and social media posts.
          They falsely report people to the Secrete Service if they disagree with your politics.

          It is totally out of control. If you speak u, they get you and destroy you.

          And God forbid you pinched a woman on the butt 25 years ago….. you should go ahead and kill yourself.

        • You have to hand it to Broward county Sheriff Scott Israel, he has emerged as the best gun salesman in the US, since Barking Insane Obama.

          Single handedly he has shown all of America what it means when we say; “Why have a gun, because when seconds count, police are minutes, or even an hour away, even while eating a donut in their cruiser in front of your local school……”.

          Ahhh, can there ever be too much sarcasm in the world, when it’s such a good mirror to the truth.

          • SOMEtimes they are even DAYS away….

      3. This is like 9/11 all over again. Geeze everything being replayed down to the nth detail. Do they think we are all THAT stupid? I blame the group that rhymes with poo.

        • Interesting video from Hitcock 45 on Youtube. He talks about his 30 years as a school teacher and his ideas about school defense.


          • I’ve watched a lot of Hickok45’s videos and have enjoyed most of them. However, I have heard him toss out a few comments over the years that sounded suspiciously like the same kind of virtue-signaling baloney we hear being spewed by Social Justice Warrior oriented liberals.

            Hickok45, despite being an enormous wealth of knowledge about firearms and also despite being a very proficient shooter – his biggest fault is that he is not a race realist.

            The simple truth about the Second Amendment is that it is an almost exclusively ‘White male’ passion. Go to any gun show, and I will guarantee that the attendance will be no less than 90 percent White. I would also wager that, if someone could find a way to review the membership lists of the NRA and GOA – and determine the racial makeup of each of these gun rights organizations, you would find similar patterns. White men created the Second Amendment (and every other Founding document of the USA) and they are the only large segment of America’s population who will defend the Second Amendment. And, if the left and the RINOs continue to allow massive non-white immigration from the third world to flood into America – as soon as Whites are reduced to a minority, the first thing our non-white rulers will do is to abolish the Second Amendment and confiscate our firearms.

            Until I watched this video, I was not aware of the fact that Hickok45 spent his career working as a school teacher. He mentioned something about working in ‘private’ schools, but, didn’t say anything about having spent any time working in the public school system.

            This is significant due to the fact that the education system in America is heavily infested with liberals and Cultural Marxists and I do not believe that anyone who is a hard core conservative could spend 30 years working in an environment where they are surrounded by, and forced to rub elbows with, an infestation of liberals. I know I could not tolerate that sort of work environment. I go to extreme lengths to avoid contact or interaction with liberals.

            At any rate, now I know where Hickok45 picked up those SJW sounding comments I have heard him occasionally make in his videos. He apparently is blind to the racial nature of the Second Amendment or he notices it, but is too afraid to mention it for fear of getting booted off of youtube.

      4. It’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Investigate. Be alert people. Who wants your guns? and Why? Because they care so much about you? Nope. Once your guns are gone, then they can attempt their new Bolshevik Revolution.

        Read Alexander Solzhenitsyn

      5. Or, these guys just failed on the job.
        Incompetence requires no conspiracy, nor is it evidence of one.

        • Teacher sees a shooter wearing full armor and tactical gear. Other students see Cruz with no weapon after the shooting starts. No cops or medical people enter until it’s over. Got little hogg that doesn’t even go to school there. etc..

      6. Sickening. This is how government works. To benefit themselves at the expense of the populace. Listened to Rush while running around today. He asked a good question, how come government employees still get their pensions and rarely get fired?

        Sick and tired of the lies.

        • I have decided I am no longer going to pay income tax.

          If Amazon can make 5.9 BILLION DOLLARS and not pay ANY taxes, then fuck it, they don’y need my $15,000.

      7. Deputy Scot Peterson stood by and refused to enter the school building even though he was armed and on-site during the entire shooting rampage. This is not in dispute.

        The deputy disputes it. He says he thought the shots were coming from outside the building and did not know where they were coming from.

        Which fake news do you believe?

        • Why wouldn’t you attempt to locate the source regardless? His “strategy” was to wait until the shooter was out of ammo or an entire army arrive.

      8. four sheriff’s deputies stood down


        I think they were probably on scene too quickly and did not know where to go to .

        The Coral Springs officers that showed up a few minutes later knew where to go. Probably their 911 dispatchers gave better information than the Sheriff’s Office dispatchers?


        Why are none of the 911 calls being released?

        They ALWAYS release the 911 calls when someone famous gets into trouble…. Maybe something there.

        I want to hear the dispatcher recordings.

      9. Sheriff Scott Israel, is a known anti-gun Democrat

        Correct. He is a piece of shit. Proceed.

        • AND AS CORRUPT AS IT GETS, DRIVES A LAMBORGHINI? Bought with drug money obviously. Why don’t local dummasses ever take out these scum?

          • How the fuck can a sheriff afford to drivea Lamborghini? Why isn’t he under investigation for corruption, bribery, WTF. I’m fed up in disgust with all the rampant corruption, when are the public hangings going to commence?

        • From the get-go, I knew his eyes were too close together for there to be much a brain between his larger than average ears. Your series of posts have borne-out this foregone conclusion. I distrust and despise Democraps more vehemently than snakes and now we can truthfully refer to them as serial killers for they are complicit in these cowardly acts and one would have a fairly easy case in regarding it as a deliberately premeditated act.

      10. These cops need to publicly stripped of their uniforms, jobs and any pension. Their faces and names be placed on billboards for all to see. They should lose the right to ever hold a public job, own a firearm (for they’ve shown they are incapable of rational decisions) or be allowed to vote (because their inaction and cowardice has deprived 17 young people from ever being able to exercise their own rights). A lifetime spent of ridicule and derision should be their’s. Last, each parent of the kids shot should be allowed the chance to look these worthless excuses of humanity in the eyes and say, spit, slap at anytime they wish.

      11. Even the Coral Springs police who rushed to the scene (and rushed into the building) accused the Broward County sheriff’s deputies of “dereliction of duty.” This was reported by CNN and dozens of other sources.

        I would like to see a more reputable source than CNN. I have come to realize that CNN truly makes shit up. I had always thought the news was factual, but with a liberal spin, bit now I see that they truly falsify shit to fit their propaganda.

        The other three deputies were probably just playing follow the leader and did not know what to do.

      12. So….. Long story short,

        You have to be your own first responder, including medical first response.

        I already know that, along with EVERYBODY ELSE.

        Tell us something new.

        • Well damn, the school was a gun free zone so they were DISARMED JUST LIKE EVERYONE SHOULD BE! So evidently gun control is a joke? The cops saved them? The lowest form of shit on earth will have you be the students at that skool.

      13. As a practicing EMT I can say with utmost assurance that EMS personel will not enter any scene that is unsecured until it has been cleared and is safe to do so. Any competent EMS professional has this understanding. Dead, injured, or otherwise incapacitated medical personel can help no one.

        • True that!

        • Anony,
          Well stated and correct.
          I think the problem was the cops did not clear the areas where there were victims to let the EMT’s in, to do their thing, and then establish a perimeter to protect them. Then clear the rest of the school, since shooting had stopped.
          Instead they stood around whacking their Puds.

          I won’t comment on the cops that did not attempt to enter when shooting was going on, other than a couple unarmed guys without vests tried to shield kids. It is a personal thing to decide to sacrifice your life for others.

        • ell stated and correct.
          I think the problem was the cops did not clear the areas where there were victims to let the EMT’s in, to do their thing, and then establish a perimeter to protect them. Then clear the rest of the school, since shooting had stopped.
          Instead they stood around whacking their Puds.

          I won’t comment on the cops that did not attempt to enter when shooting was going on, other than a couple unarmed guys without vests tried to shield kids. It is a personal thing to decide to sacrifice your life for others.

      14. As a practicing EMT I can say with utmost assurance that EMS personel will not enter any scene that is unsecured until it has been cleared and is safe to do so. Any competent EMS professional has this understanding. Dead, injured, or otherwise incapacitated medical personel can help no one.

        • In New York State we have had courses from DHS dedicated to training EMTs to enter a active shooter scene with Law enforcement escort to extricate patients. These Emts are issued chest body armor and helmet marked as Emts. Only these trained/equipped EMS providers are allowed into a active shooter scene with Law enforcement. The rest of the EMTs wait in staging for their patients.

        • I am a member of a wildland volunteer fire and rescue unit. If I were ever called to a rescue where violence was a factor I would absolutely be packing at least 1 or more guns. It is against policy but I am NOT a yes man nutlicker, they can shove policy up their ass! If I had the opportunity to take out the perp. I would do it in a heartbeat. Fear what the dept. would do to me? HA HA HA, thats a joke! They can stick it, The public opinion in my favor would silence them!

      15. Why is that “sheriff” still employed??

        • Because the drug cartel he works for has connections in politics too.

      16. Why is that contemptible “sheriff” still employed?

        • Dragyn,
          He’s not in jail for the same reason rapist Bill Clinton walks free, the Benghazi Banshee and Uranium 1 deal maker Hillary walks free, and who me bugging elections Obama.

          Democrats have been packing the courts with partisan judges, prosecutors and intelligence top officials with party hacks for decades that just will not convict a democrat.

      17. The deputies should have ignored the sheriffs orders. A chance to save some lives and be commended for heroic actions. The entire ordeal seems highly suspicious. What about the Las Vegas shooting? Some say all of the shots came from aircraft. I mean it happened so very long ago and people have such short attention spans, probably forget about it.

      18. Homeschool.


        • Don’t have kids.

      19. If this is true then, put them on trial to validate the criminal negligence and dereliction of duty, and, aiding and abetting manslaughter on 17+ counts manslaughter. The sentence must deter all further actions such as this therefore hanging by the neck until dead is warranted.

      20. TPTB must have the goods on the actors throughout something like this from action and especially investigation. What Achilles Heel do they have? What is the flaw in their makeup that is so embarrassing to be known, so destructive of their life and their family’s that they would overtly or by omission have them help to facilitate such a monstrous act?

        The NSA isn’t watching, recording and listening to everyone for nothing.

      21. AND, they must make reparation to all affected families with the income they have earned under the false pretense of protecting the innocent. Stinking cowards and moral reprobates. Ass-sucking retard sheriff and his deadly first responders.

        • More like “non responders”.

      22. Six deputies protect deputy that wouldn’t protect the kids…….

        • Boyo

          With all do respect.

          One Deputy backing down Yes. But 4 more 5 more backing down I don’t think so.

          My gut tells me someone Ordered them to Stand Down. I believe that they are in fear of their lives and their families lives if they say anything. Give it time it will come out. Something just isn’t right here.


          • Sgt.,


            There is no such thing as a billion dollar coincidence.

            Four deputies on scene, two exits, perp goes missing to be easily picked up later?

            Said by one witness to be armored up….

            Sniff test says something stinks.

          • Sgt.,
            This event isn’t an Island. At the Pulse Nightclub and Los Vegas the same thing happened. Police stood down and healthcare responders were kept out for nearly an hour.

            The difference in Vegas was civilians in large numbers carried wounded out, even used their own cars to drive strangers to hospitals. Left to the government regulated first responders the death toll would have been much higher.

            For 8 years the Obama Admin has been tampering with LEO and First responder rules of engagement, training, supplying equipment, and designing and arranging drills. What we see in all recent gun free zone killings is a strict adherence to training. It’s not a coincidence. Very important question, who design the training and new rules of engagement? What are their goals? Whom do they serve?

            My advice, to any fellow prepper here, if you find yourself at one of these engineered, gun free zone, anti-2nd amendment live fire drills, wink wink; never leave wounded behind. Do your best first aid and drag them to hospitals. Be careful engaging terrorists, watch your back, police may have snipers assigned to protect the terrorists. Check the area roof lines for snipers.

            The FBI, local police and Secret Service [?] were at this school conducting mass casualty drills, reinforcing rules of engagement, the same day as a shooting attack? What a coincidence.

            During the attack police and first responder communications systems reportedly failed, the same day as a shooting attack? What a coincidence.

            During the attack communications recording equipment at police headquarters all failed? What a coincidence.

            The press have been tossing around the idea that only a fool cop would engage a shooter with an AR, it’s why AR’s must be banned. Aren’t the three sheriffs deputies in the parking lot with their cars likely had much heavier weapons and body armor in the trunks of their cars? Am I wrong on this?

            This whole thing is rotten and stinks of the deep state/ NWO. Remember folks it’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s all true!

            • There is no such thing as coincidence when you are dealing with government…..


      23. The more I learn about this shooting the more it looks like a botched False Flag! They are getting caught in so many lies, and other things like having the Kids use a script when interviewed.

        Locale Law Enforcement knew about him.
        FBI knew about him.
        School Officials knew about Him.
        The students voted him most likely to shoot up a school.
        EMS was ordered to Stand Down.
        The so called Sherriff is a well know LIBTARD. Seen too many pictures with him and all the top dog LIBTARDS.

        Any one that knows about firearms in a small area like a hall way knows that the AR 15 SUCKS unless you are well trained, and practice a lot with it. There are far more lethal weapons that could have been used. Now controlled fire the AR 15 is ok. Open field, run and gun combat out past 50 yards is what it does best.

        This is a False Flag to try and take away our AR15’s. So we can’t fight the Guberement on the same level playing field like the 2Nd Amendment to the Constitution allows us to under the Bill of Rights.

        The Demtards/Commies think they are going to win in 2018 and they are trying to get laws and bills passed, or ready to go to take away our guns. MARK MY WORDS!!!!! look what they got out of Las Vegas. The banning of Bump Stocks. I not crazy about them, but it is another Brick in the Wall.

        “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”!!!!
        “Aim Small Miss Small”

        • Same mountain of obvious lies and deciet as Vegas. I will tell you this… IF A GROUP OF ENEMIES IS KICKING DOWN YOUR DOOR A BUMPSTOCK IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Same goes for ANY close range situation where you need to throw out as much lead as possible! Also it is a great deterent for gangs because if they think you have a machine gun they are likely to run for their lives! LET THAT SINK IN what WE just lost…..

        • Sarge,respecting your opinion, I thought EMS was supposed to wait until LEO cleared the area of shooters before going in. I agree in this case it would never have happened. Anyway…how many of you people know Sheriff Israel had gone to a known CAIR linked mosque to give weapons training to Muslim men? How many do you know that his chief deputy is a regional director of CAIR? Holy shit,folks,this is getting crazy !

          • southside, if what you’re saying about this sheriff is true it’s absolutely front page news.
            Is there documentation?
            If so, Mac should put this in an article and keep it at the top of the page for a day. Sadly, it won’t happen.

            • Check out Pam Gellers blog. She has all the info on this

          • Southside
            I didn’t know this. Thanks for the INFO.

            EMS has a lot of great people in it. Yes they are to wait, but you have some that don’t care and will go in just to save lives. I have worked with these folks that are right at my side when going into SHIT STORMS. GREAT PEOPLE!

          • Mr. Israel needs to eat a bullet and die.

      24. FBI agents need to go,sheriff needs to go,deputy needs to go,politicians need to go. Ineptitude at all levels and 17 kids die for it. Who gave the orders? Who failed to investigate? Who failed to act during incident? Get rid of them all! The swamp is also at the state level…make somebody accountable!

        • Florida IS A SWAMP lol. Where else would these creatures live?

          • “Where else would these creatures live?”

            They’re all over. Florida is no saintly state but it certainly has rivals like Louisiana, New Jersey just to name two. Of the places that I’m aware of Delaware at the State level was the most up and up. In the end their all government. The Founding Fathers warned us.

            • K2, that was sarcasm lol 😛 I know your swamp filled, bug infested, gator and snake infested, humid as hell, corrupt, dope depot isn’t any better than a lot of states 😀

              • Actually here on the west coast there are almost no misquotes. Its very surprising. Property taxes are low. NJ was the worst in both regards. Delaware has the most honest law enforcement. NJ……well its NJ, what can you expect.

      25. The Sheriff simply needed a big body count. This whole thing smells as bad as the Vegas shooting. In fact, look at the similarities between the local responses in the two incidents. Both scripts came from the same writer.

      26. According to ZeroHedge – Google is now desiring the murder of Americans……Read what these treasonous, hypocritical, lying bastards have done now.


        Google has become complicit in the murder of 17 high school students, along with Democratic party cowards, fascists, and those who are of the anti-American, anti-Constitution ilk. AJ was absolutely correct all along. FIGHT FOR AMERICA!!!!!

      27. Could the arrogance of power be creating delusions of grandeur in these government employees? And how far will they go? Seems they must have a secret all powerful weapon. Or they are insane?

      28. Obey orders in this short life,Amd live for eternity with the consequences?

      29. Obey orders in this short life, And live for eternity with the consequences?

      30. ALLEGEDLY, PLEASE! Everything repeated from the fake news “sources” is ALLEGEDLY, UNTIL proven otherwise. Like with autopsy reports which are illegal to falsify. Lawsuits will bring out the truth if false autopsies are filed.

        Please include the photos that prove the “tragedy” actually happened. Yes, I want to see the evidence if it truly exists, and everybody else does too!

      31. Off topic…I remember during the Rodney King riot there was a truck driver forcibly pulled from his truck at an intersection and beaten to within an inch of his life by multiple thugs while the cops stood by and watched because they were ordered to stand down by the mayor..All of this was caught on video..I’ll never forget that coward piece of shit that ran up to the driver after he had already been beaten,and instead of helping,he kicked the driver in the head and fled the scene..

      32. Today the Florida legislature has introduced a bill raising the leagal age to purchase a gun to 21. and they also included a measure to allow teachers to conceal carry on campus. one black guy is already claiming allowing teachers to be armed is racist. That the LOL

      33. The problems with tax-supported public education far exceed just the shootings. The shootings are rare and get far more publicity than they merit. Drug dealers, criminal gangs, pedophiles, human traffickers, etc. are out there and ready to prey on the weak and vulnerable. The inner-city schools are the worst but its not limited to them. Parents are voting with their feet. If they can afford it, private schools. If they can’t, home schooling. For every child that dies in a shooting, there are far more who die from getting involved in drugs or street gangs. Get some perspective and treat the whole of the problems and not just exploit the shootings for political advantage!

      34. The County EMS Dispatch call center and 9/11 operators are all controlled by the COUNTY SHERIFF’s DEPARTMENT, they control the central storage and communications centers for MOST EMS PROGRAMS in the nation. Meaning if the recordings of the dispatch radio calls and logs are MISSING they were DELIBERATELY DESTROYED.

        If EMS was ORDERED to NOT do something, it came from 9/11 central dispatch (I.E. .the SHERIFF).

        This is how you know the entire narrative presented is ALL FAKE and supporting a particular weapons confiscation agenda.

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