Elite Special Forces Insider Warns Of Serious Civil Unrest This Summer: “Everything Is Right For Things To Go Very Wrong”

by | May 30, 2016 | Headline News | 167 comments

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    In the lead up to the Presidential election we’ve seen pockets of riotous behavior across America. Whether supporting Trump, Sanders, Hillary or Cruz, average Americans appear to be ready to go to war with their government or with each other. This sentiment, coupled with continued economic degradation and a general feeling of a populace that has for decades been marginalized by the political machine in the United States, is showing all the signs of serious civil unrest on the horizon.

    In the following interview with Infowars.com special forces commando Tim Kennedy weighs in, describing the current situation as a trench having been dug and filled with accelerants just waiting to be ignited.

    Kennedy is a continuity of government expert, which means he’s well versed in not only how the powder keg of civil unrest could potentially explode, but what The-Powers-That-Be will do once it does.

    For civil unrest to happen you have to have a bunch of little things that set up for the perfect situation. You have to have a reason.

    People are so emotionally involved in this Presidential election right now… and finally for the first time realizing there is something wrong with our country… the eyes are open… we know that something’s not right.

    Even though we have a President saying ‘I’m trying to break down borders‘ we’ve never had so much hate between different racial segments… what’s even more scary is that we know all of these things individually  are setting up the perfect opportunity for serious civil unrest… 

    Now that we’re moving into summer… we’re moving into the Presidential election… we’re sending troops into Iraq… we’re looking at groups and segments of people who are supporting specific Presidential nominees…

    We have a perfect conducive environment for some serious problems… you think riots in Missouri were bad? Just wait until July… wait until August. 

    The trench has been dug and it is full of accelerants… everything is right for things to go very wrong.

    Kennedy warns that once civil unrest happens on a nationwide scale, you’d better have taken steps to prepare, because just as we saw in Venezuela, Argentina and elsewhere during such tense periods, essential goods disappear from the shelves almost overnight.

    And while such events are often dismissed by Americans as improbable, your concerns over the possibility are not without merit.

    As an individual you have to get ready.

    Don’t care if people think that you’re crazy… don’t think that you’re being a fanatic… that you’re being a prepper.

    I’m only responsible for my family… My family is going to have food… My family is going to have water… We are going to be safe.

    And if you think I’m crazy because I want to make sure my family is protected, fine, that’s the way it is.

    But as an individual you need to look and research about ways to prepare in whatever city you live in.

    In short, should widespread civil unrest, whether this summer or at any point in the future, spread across America and be followed by military and law enforcement intervention, you absolutely cannot depend on the government to be there to provide any meaningful assistance.

    That means you need to take steps to prepare your own personal continuity plan.

    In her best-selling book The Prepper’s Blueprint, Tess Pennington succinctly summarizes the reality of the situation:

    Disasters do not discriminate. In the aftermath of the event, you will be on your own, left to provide for your family with the supplies and knowledge you have accrued. If you are prepared with the mental and spiritual foundation to overcome disaster, then you will transition into survival mode more quickly.

    …When you plan for extended disasters you must take into account that you could be on you own for up to a month or longer. To carry you through this unpredictable time, you must add additional layers to your preparedness foundation so that it incorporates essential knowledge and additional supplies.

    Excerpted from The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Survive Any Disaster

    By preparing for the possibility of a widespread civil unrest scenario you’d also be readying yourself for other potentially deadly events, thus focusing on core supplies and knowledge is key.

    • Emergency Food Supplies will be absolutely critical. Even during a snowstorm or hurricane that are often forecast well in advance we see panic in grocery stores in the lead up, often leaving store shelves razed and completely empty. Stockpiling easy-to-cook, highly nutritious meals will be critical. Such supplies can be acquired in grab-and-go buckets or family packages for multi-day or multi-week emergency scenarios.
    • Portable food supplies may come in handy should you be caught in the middle of civil unrest and riots. These come in the form of high-calorie-food bars that can be hidden in a backpack, your car, or supplement existing food storage supplies. At a whopping 3600 calories per bar, five of these are enough for a week’s worth of emergency survival nutrition.
    • Emergency Water will be essential in a scenario where city governments are overwhelmed with rioting or looting. A number of disaster scenarios could lead to water in an entire city being either too dangerous to drink or simply turned off at the source. Having a gravity water filter at home will allow you to stay hydrated during times of crisis. If you’re caught out in the open, keeping a portable water filtertration system like the Katadyn Hiker Microfilter or Micropur Water Treatment Tablets in your back pack could be a life saver.
    • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Protective Equipment is an additional safety measure, especially in riot scenarios where poisonous gases could be used by both law enforcement or rioters. Moreover, such gear is the last line of defense in the event of a serious NBC disaster that could include the release of poison gases in crowded, tightly confided spaces like subways, or in a worst case scenario, an attack on a domestic nuclear power plant.
    • Firearms, Ammunition and Body Armor will be essential. People will panic. People will become violent. And people are going to get hurt. Be armed with enough ammunition to keep your family safe and secure, and know how to use your equipment. But remember, if you have to shoot at a threat, there is a strong possibility they will be shooting back. As such, consider body armor as a means of protection in extremely volatile and potentially violent situations.
    • First Aid and Trauma Supplies will be essential to your safety. In a serious emergency there will be no hospitals and you will need to become the doctor. Collapse doctor Joe Alton has written The Survival Medicine Handbook for just this reason. You’ll want to have a first aid kit, but we also strong encourage you to consider trauma kits for serious injuries. And it’s always a good idea to have antibiotics to prevent infection in the event you can’t get to an emergency room.
    • Barter and Trade could come into play as well, especially when store shelves are empty. And while the above supply list could be used for barter, so too can silver bullion like coins and bars. Hard currency has been used in Zimbabwe, Argentina and Greece when either currencies collapsed or banks were closed down due to emergencies.

    The above supply list includes some of the very basics one should have in their preparedness supplies. For extensive supply lists and scores of disaster scenarios we encourage you to read Tess Pennington’s highly acclaimed The Prepper’s Blueprint.

    Whether it’s civil unrest this summer or as the result of an economic collapse in the future, or any number of other disaster scenarios, having at least a 30 day supply of essential necessities will mean the difference between life and death. At the very least, they will help make a very uncomfortable situation a bit more bearable.

    As Tim Kennedy has highlighted, the trenches have been dug and the accelerant has been poured.

    All we’re waiting for now is the spark.


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      1. This is why we prep.
        Hope all have done the same.
        We know not the future brings, but prepping does give one the ability to survive…

        Be well rounded and alert, things could happen quickly…

        • Hmmm….,Eppe,your “‘well rounded” phrase seems to be in use almost as much as that annoying poster’s phrase”The smalls ad…..”,nah,won’t subject the regulars to it!

          • Stay quiet Be smart

            • OOhhhh Elite Special Forces Morons. Mr expert in destabilizing whole countries and creating millions of Refugees. You Big Fuckin Hero Big shot, now going to give us advice on how to stay safe. Fuck You. And a bullet for your service is well deserved. You are the worst of the worst of Humanity, you should be wearing a big fat patch of Genocide you Fn Hero. You are a paid mercenary designed to kill for a paycheck, and the loss of our freedoms you moron. You are NO Hero in my Book But a Fat ZERO. Giving us advice, as dipstick gets a Gubberment pension paycheck for their Murder Incorporated career. Go fuck yourself here in this Memorial Weekend, brain dead. US Military = Compliant War Whores aka: the Biggest Gang of Thugs on the planet. Go read the US Constitutions you took an oath to defend.


              • We have read the US Constitution and its Amendments.
                One of the Amendments tells us to bear arms in order
                to protect ourselves from a Tyrannical government or
                invasion. It tells us that there are “Foreign” and “Domestic”
                enemies of the Constitution. You are seditious as one can get
                therefore a “Domestic” enemy of the Constitution. You’ll
                get results but probably not the way you planned. See ya.

                • Fredrick Gibson, typical Military Shill. Read the Constitution and Posse Comitatus. Yeah get off our American Streets with your Military BS. Wait until Americans start shooting at you, while you try to unroll Martial Law Tyranny. And you got the balls to call me anti-Constitution. Fuck you Soldier Boy, Traitor Punk ass. Karma’s a Bitch. You will get a bullet at you no doubt.
                  Talk that Punk ass shit in my hood.


                  • Mighty bold talk for a man with his head stuck so far up his ass, that his brain is damaged from a lack of oxygen. Your hood? You a shitskin?

              • You are the asahole your government is the one pulling the strings

            • News Link • Veterans and Veterans Affairs
              Full Century of US Troops being used as Lab Rats
              05-30-2016 • wearechange.org

              ht tp://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/197858-2016-05-30-full-century-of-us-troops-being-used-as-lab-rats.htm?From=News

              So basically Lab Rats are now giving advice to real preppers. WHO LIKES TO BE LED OFF THE CLIFF AFTER THEY CAUSED THIS CRAP?


          • Yep another broken record parrot one liner that offers no info, just dopey milktoast comments. Oh, All be well. lol

            Here is something to grab onto. Chaffing Fuels. I can say that I used these many times this last winter, to heat up foods, such as soup or stew. And within 10 minutes under these chaffing fuel containers, it was hot and ready to serve. A definite Prep to have on hand to heat your foods.

            I used to buy these for about $15 for a dozen @ Sams Club, well here is the real deal. remove the spaces ht tp://www.webstaurantstore.com/specializedpage.cfm?index=4077&utm_source=webstaurant&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email-May31-2016

            You get 72, 2 hour containers for just $26.11 at this site. Amazingly cheap, and they also sell refillable Stick lighters only about $1 each. This is a restaurant supply company. Great deals.


            • Cool web sire. Wonder what the shelf life is if keep in a nice cool dry place? Looks like they have ethanol gel vs methanol gel for a few bucks more. I wonder if that extra 200 BTU would buy you anything?

              • Always go with Ethanol, its nontoxic. Methanol is very toxic and should never be used inside a building. That’s the difference. Always get the Ethanol Gel Fuels.

                ~WWTI… Always do your research.

            • WWTI, relax before you blow a gasket. I don’t know bout anyone else but when articles are posted that speak of certain things, such as this one, I don’t usually comment, but if I do, its usually what I did above. I have my reasons but sometimes maybe I don’t want people to know what I know. Not trying to be egotistical but there are a lot of wannabe’s in here and I don’t want to be seen that way either. And I know how to do some stuff, I teach my kids what I can. What I don’t like is when these comment boards end up being exactly what they’re not for. And I really hate when a comment is longer than the article. But friend, if you’re gonna blow your top in here, what are you gonna do when the shit gets real? Just take it easy. It all works out

        • Test,the coywolve title has been used for decades in the US,unless transported from out west ect. all the coyotes in New England and going down south east coast all coywolves.I have never excepting rabidity ever heard of aggressive behavior from the critters.I would also say all the rabid animals I have dealt with pretty sick and slow,sadly,had to kill them.I know the right thing to do but does not make it a happy moment.

          Oh,and am kicked out of Canada permanently!

          • Taylor Mitchell was the girl killed. See http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/coyotes-kill-toronto-singer-in-cape-breton-1.779304 for one story.

            We live in the Chicago area now, in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, in the far western burbs, and coyotes are everywhere. But I haven’t been paying attention to the coywolf name, so my apologies for being Rip van Winkle here. I was out cross country skiing one night in a forest preserve in our suburban area, and they had taken down a deer and completely stripped it down to the bone. It was dark, I was alone, and here was this fresh deer skeleton. They were probably eying me, wondering how easy it would be to take these clawless, toothless, soft humans!!! 🙂

            Interestingly, where I go shooting in north central Illinois, on a private range, a man I shoot with says that the DNR has admitted to him they have cougars in the area now- when a veterinarian he knows snapped a pix of one in the area. Now, admittedly this is third hand info, so I cant vouch for it, but it sounds like it could be true, particularly if they had radio collars on it and could track where it/they are – and if it started getting around humans too much, they could dispatch it. The reason I say this is that I know for a fact in Alberta they keep pretty good track of the grizzlies in the parks (I know a guy with Search and Rescue Canada). Supposedly the cougars in IL. think is to reduce deer population, but if so, why don’t they just extend the hunting season? Nevertheless, the guy I got this info from is usually quite reliable.

            I don’t like cougars! I used to live on Vancouver Island, which is ground zero for cougars, and while yes, you ALWAYS fight back, and they pepper spray does work on them, the number of attacks have been increasing. They THINK it’s because with the limited hunting they do of them, the timid ones are treed by the dogs, and get bumped off; whereas the aggressive ones keep running, live, and pass their genes on. At least that is one train of thought. But they DO kill people, and it has been more than a few. I had one in my neighbors backyard in Nanaimo, BC, where it ate his cat.

            Probably a thousand typos in this post too… hopefully you can read past that! I like Disqus better (in the DailySheeple), as you can go back and edit.

            Sorry the Great White North gave you the boot. I always feel Canada is a bit of a bellweather for the US, in that a lot of this politically correct horsemanure rears its ugly head earlier there than in the US. But now, there whole world is infected by the vile, evil, anti-human curse of fascist leftism, so the difference between Canada and say CA. is not that great. Interestingly, the Fraser Inst. said Alberta was THE most pro-business state or province in all of North America, so there are some good points – altho now the new NDP (fascist left) premier (premier is like a governor) has taken power, that will go out the window.

            • Test,cougars making it back in New England,actually,always believed they were hiding in the deep kingdoms of New England

              I do a lot of hiking in Co.,they say,do not hike especially alone dawn and dusk in the hills.My guess is you can imagine when Warchild hikes and alone!The big thing was not to jog and look like running prey.I never saw any but sure they were watching me.

              I have a lot more issue with 2 legged critters then 4!I would say you do also living in Chiraq territory!

            • A couple of years ago, in a city just to the northwest of my own, a young mountain lion wandered into the first set of auto-opening glass doors on a bank in that city. Don’t know if the second set was not auto-opening, or if someone saw the big cat soon enough and shut them off, but it ended up being trapped between the sets of doors until the game department came and tranquilized it.

            • I live in Attica NY and a couple yrs ago the neighbors told me there was a Couger spotted a mile from my house! And a few yrs back my cousin showed me a pic of a dead couger hit by a car in my area town.

              • Putin in Russia has More American Ideals, than Obama.

                Russia Is Giving Free Land To Any Citizen Who Will Work It
                05-30-2016 • True Activist

                If you’re 1) Russian and 2) inspired to cultivate the Earth, President Vladimir Putin has the offer of a lifetime for you. According to Global Post, the Russian government is offering any citizen free land in exchange for farming it.

                (The US on the other hand, gives all the land to Mega Corporations, subsidizes them at tax payers expense, then lets the Corporations Hire Illegal Mexicans to work the fields to create the GMO Poison Foods.)

                Since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the country’s Far-East Federal District has lost about 2 million people. To boost agricultural output and repopulate the area, President Putin recently signed a law that grants any citizen 2.5 acres of land. The only stipulation is that they most prove they’ve done something to better the land after five years, primarily by agricultural means.


                Here in America, we can’t even get Congress to Rule on Safe Food Labeling telling us there is GMO Franken-food in the container. Yummm Yummm enjoy your GMO Poison foods.

                ~WWTI… Remember the MacDonalds Chicken MacNuggets, which are re-manufactured animal parts including sawdust, pressed into a bite sized nugget, breaded with flavorings to make it taste like chicken. Then wonder why Americans have so much cancer, and deformity of vital organs and mental disorders. Oh but that’s to keep the Drug companies flush with profits to fix all the harm the other arm of FDA has done. It is a Monster Killing us.


              • A bridger #5 double long spring trap is rated for lions. Can’t hurt to have a couple just in case. What I like about traps is they are always hunting in multiple locations even when you’re sleeping.

            • I drove semi truck and drove central and southern ill. And I ran at nite. And ive seen cougars with my own eyes many times. They roam the highways looking for road kill. and there is plenty of road kill lots of deer.

          • And you can add the cashless society taking hold. So the Elite get to corner the serfs like rats. A good article on Zero Hedge today relating to what can quickly transpire if the money system quickly starts to fail.

            Remove the spaces !
            Why The Next Black Swan Will Turn Into A Flock
            http : //www.zerohedge . com/news/2016-05-30/why-next-black-swan-will-turn-flock

            Excerpt: For if a “black swan” does indeed hit once again in the very near future? Once people realize just how systematically they’ve been cut off from those “assumed” resources, especially during a crisis? All hell is going to break loose in ways the academic class, as well as, the political never envisioned. For when the time comes (and there is no more important “time” than that during a crisis of confidence) where words truly matter, and everyone no longer believes? Everything changes. And I do mean: everything.

            • …we have a President saying ‘I’m trying to break down borders’…

              I think that maybe he means just BREAK – not so much to break borders down. That implies better communication, something constructive, and that’s NOT what’s been happening, nor was it intended to be. Obama has imported and invited in ILLEGAL “immigrants” – just swung the doors wide open and FORBADE the Border Patrol or any other agency to interfere with these undocumented INVADERS, many of them known criminals and gang members, illegals with diseases Americans are not used to, many or most with no marketable skills, especially in this (deliberately) depressed economy, and a GREAT many of them spies and no doubt saboteurs. Of course some are just plain, old-fashioned murderers and thieves. Obama – or at least his owners – needs an excuse to “crack down” on uncooperative Americans who do NOT want this country to become a totalitarian dictatorship (Hint: it’s much too late). All the old patriotic (and “patriotism” has now become a dirty word somehow) songs, displaying the flag, everything that helped teach our children why we love this country (or we love it as it’s supposed to be), and those children are becoming confused; so are we. How does Obama get away with totally ignoring the Constitution, ignoring ANY inconvenient law as he does? Where are all the safeguards that were supposedly in place to prevent this from happening? How is it that a few rich people who are willing to assassinate or otherwise get rid of any uncooperative Congressmen and women, reporters or anyone else who DARES show any of the old patriotism, how do they suddenly have almost total control of our government AND any safety mechanisms? Even if it IS in the wrong place, and even if it is being run in ways contrary to the Constitution, those things can be repaired – or they could be – if there wasn’t so much power and money (same thing, maybe) blocking the way. We’re being taught to shut up, do what we’re told, and ANY protest is treated as “rioting”!

              The “money” has been over-printed and given away, the gold that was supposed to back it has long since disappeared (and no one is allowed to ask how THAT happened either)… Washington D.C., in the person of this illegal, unqualified, lying and well-backed “President” is looking for an excuse to sic a well-conditioned (read “mind controlled”), military, together with massively militarized “police” who act like Third World military police whose job it is beat uncooperative citizens, maybe kill a few as examples, and to heap abuse on a public that is being informed in every way but out loud and in print that we are no longer of ANY importance in this country so we’d damned well better shut up and follow along or suffer for being uncooperative! America is being turned inside-out and backwards, and it has long since, with the help of a lot of mind control and false information, been turned into a tool of military imperialism directed against anyone at all who hasn’t the power to threaten any sort of effective resistance. As long as they can take down, preferably VIOLENTLY, small groups or individuals, and do it VERY publicly and abusively, people are increasingly afraid to gather in groups. Resistance isn’t just futile, it’s getting damned dangerous!

              And THAT, my fellow Americans, is NOT my country! In fact, what was my country is now run like, ACTS LIKE, the old “communist dictatorships” used to: spying on EVERYONE, cracking down on anyone who dares tell too much of the truth too loudly, ignoring it’s own laws, and attacking anyone who dares to question the illegal “government’s” illegal actions, questioning the outright lies we’re supposed to at least PRETEND are true (or else)… It’s amazing to watch this “shadow government” and the increasingly shadowy regular government openly framing innocent people who asked the wrong questions or pointed out lies we’re supposed to believe when they’re obviously lies, imprisoning people for SAYING the “wrong things” where the press could get hold of it… “Pretend you’re still free or we’ll destroy you, we’ll destroy your entire family, and maybe your whole BLOCK just for practice!” America is, more and more, a police state, and more and more people are too afraid to point it out. And that breaks my heart. And one more small thing: It’s OUR COUNTRY! We are NOT serfs, we are NOT slaves, and we are NOT subjects! If we need to throw a fit or two, we’ll do it! Again: It’s OUR COUNTRY!! We are the reason it exists! If we want to change it, we WILL – we have every right to do so, and we have every right to boot out the lying thieves who believe it’s theirs, that they’ve “taken over”. They’d better think long and hard before acting on that. Granted, a lot of people are confused, especially the younger adults, but whatever else, we are STILL AMERICANS!

              “…should widespread civil unrest, whether this summer or at any point in the future, spread across America and be followed by military and law enforcement intervention, you absolutely cannot depend on the government to be there to provide any meaningful assistance.“

              One more question, then: If there IS “civil unrest”, first, there’s a reason for it! Second, as it is OUR COUNTRY, do we not have have the right to BE “unrestful” when our rights are denied, TAKEN FROM US ILLEGALLY!? Whence comes the “government’s” right to exercise such violence against us – FAR worse than any “unrest” we may have shown in our anger, for being rightfully angry at the usurpation, at the outright denial of our rights?? One way or another, in one direction or another, change IS coming!

              • 1000 thumbs up.

              • AGREED!!!

              • Ian,I understand your frustration. I would only add, that the federal govt is NOT as formidable as we’ve been led to believe.
                If they ever made a move to subjugate us physically, they would be over-run in a matter of WEEKS. That’s gospel. even if they got help from the UN, the national guard, local and state police forces, (Most of whom would quit before taking us on) They are STILL grossly outnumbered.
                I don’t care WHAT kind of neat little state of the art toys they bring to bear…. America would turn into one giant sniper pit overnight.
                That, and armed Americans outnumber em by over 150 to 1. I’m sorry, but thy simply will NOT prevail against odds like that. And further, I think they KNOW it. Thus, they only push incrementally instead of full throttle. They are greedy and ambitious, but they are also afraid of us. Rightly so….

                • I certainly hope your assessment of the masses standing up to the government is correct? But I think your assessment is considerably naive as we do not see but a very few actually standing up to anything and there is plenty to stand up against these days ! Most Americans are afraid of their own shadow and completely controlled by their own materialism and don’t even realize it ! Most will beg for martial law if there is a false flag !

                  And that is what should concern us all, because it is a more realistic assessment.n It is also why it is critical to be well trained out, fit and healthy with the proper mindset at all times these days !

                • First, Old Geezer and Apache 54, many thanks! AK Johnny1:

                  I agree, else they’d long since have acted. They need us as divided and scared as possible. That’s why all the poisoning (mostly neurotoxins, you’ll notice), and that’s why all the militarized cops and the military itself running around lining up on us, though the majority deny that even to themselves and will until the orders come in. The mind control practiced against our own military really angers me! These contrived emergencies that will eventually be used as an excuse to declare martial law are see-through excuses to most of us, especially ex-military. They’re destroying the infrastructure that most Americans count on to live; THAT is going to wind up causing a LOT of damage, and NONE OF IT is “accidental”! The majority in D.C should long since have been arrested and tried for treason! Instead simply expressing that belief, to TPTB, identifies “disloyal Americans”! No matter what, it’s gonna be one serious mess! We’ve ALLOWED them to spread unbelievable amounts of toxins throughout the food, the water, the air, the medicines and anything else they CAN poison! If we don’t gain control of it, eventually it will exact a HORRIBLE price!

          • Too bad, Warchild. Greeeeaaaaattt strip joints in Montreal.

            • Over,was Montreal was kicked out of!I was at the old rock club “Le Brique”I think it was spelled.I was hanging with a MC crew at time,a fight with a few off duty mountie types with city cops then thrown in,a long story,will tell you when we have time down the road!

              I never did strip clubs,like parking a Harley in me garage and saying I can’t ride it!

              • Yea, i never got that, but then again i always had girls for fwb or a girl at home

        • Whomever was looking for a way to make gunpowder, sorry for the delay (took me a bit to find what I was seeking).

          Download the Army Improvised Munitions Handbook (it is a free PDF download), and it has THE FASTEST ways to make the hardest ingredient (nitrate). (And, it works like a charm).

          As with all HE (High Explosives), think three times and do it once always in protective clothing. The book has many other ‘interesting’ items of concern too so happy reading!

          • Bud,potassium nitrate easy to order(a great stump rotting material also).I am having a hell of a time getting a working mix.I have the sulphur/potassium nitrate/charcoal ect. that have ball milled and yet still no good.I am following recipes to a tee,feel one of me ingredients may be the cause,hell,milled for 12 hours!

            • Lots to know but; I can tell you one thing, 12 hr milling likely not close to enough. Do this test, take small amount (Tablespoon) place on chunk of iron, light, stand back, does it make little “Pearls” (globs of white stuff)? If it does, it’s not mixed well enough. Will work in cannon but not smaller stuff.

        • Eppe

          My prayers are always with you my friend. I am working every day until June 13th. At least the money will be good. Our dictator and chief will send me a thank you note for all the taxes.

          • Same here, it blows me away how much we do pay in taxes for everything…
            Be well sir…

        • Hopefully, we won’t grab too many of those “…high-calorie foodbars…” offering 3600 calories in a pack of 18. That’s about two days of eating under fairly easy conditions, with several more days of constipation, since they contain no fiber of any kind…

      2. Every time I see things like this, I am *so* glad I own property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, near St. Peters. This will probably fall on deaf ears, but here are some advantages:

        1.) I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, but Americans can buy property straight up as well. If you have a bank account, the financial police will want a record if you have more than $10k. Land? Not tracked at all – essentially you have a non-reportable bank account.

        2.) Some litigious jerk wants to sue you? Going to be a LOT more difficult doing that – if they even find out you have the property (put it in a trust without your name). And while they can play games with the deed, etc., they cannot just dig the property up and ship it back somewhere.

        3.) Look at what is generally assumed to be the radius of an EMP strike over the middle of the country, which is most likely. You will notice Nova Scotia is completely outside of the affected rings. Of course, if the rest of the country is down, it won’t be Jollyville – but you’ll be a zillion time better off.

        4.) Every time I mention this, I get the whiners talking about how cold it is. First, this is a good thing, as all the easy livers will NOT want to go north. You immediately exclude all the riff-raff. Second, it is on the Gulf Stream, and is NOT that cold. Average high in January in Halifax is around freezing. That is a giant difference from, say, Edmonton, where I have been in – 50 F. in the summer, it is very temperate. As it is hilly, mosquitoes don’t like running water, and where I live on Bras d’Or Lake (Cape George Estates) in Cape Breton, this is a saline lake, so mosquitoes don’t like it. Finally, assuming some kind of govt still exists, Canadians won’t be letting any old riff-raff in – but of course, you are a land owner, so you would be different. Alexander Graham Bell lived near Baeddeck on Bras d’Or Lake – in part because during the pre-air conditioning days, it never got super hot. My contention is that if you get cold, you can always put a jacket on. If you are 100F and 100% humidity, there’s only so much you can take off. And remember, we are not talking Alberta cold here – rather highs that are close to freezing in Jan.

        5.) This area is easily accessible by boat from the east coast. A major plus is a SHTF situation. And in a non-SHTF situation, you fly to Halifax or drive up through Maine. It is also about a 3 -4 hour drive from Halifax. Far enough out from any major metro area, and Halifax, and maybe 1/2 million, is NOT a major metro area to begin with.

        6.) Muslim population is virtually non-existent, and as a terrorist target – for those few times Canada might be targeted, they would choose Toronto, or maybe Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver. They don’t even know where Halifax is, and if it was hit, it probably would be in the news for a day and forgotten. Not the media splash the Islamofascists like to make.

        6.) Let’s say nothing happens. You still have a nice property. Bras d’Or Lake I believe is where the US Yachting Assoc. has its HQ (yes, in Canada), so if the economy takes off for some reason, you know how the rich and the Learjet leftists (e.g., John Kerry) like their yachts. Last I saw, there Shell and others were doing oil exploration off the coast. If they hit paydirt, you might be in really good stead if you had a primo property in an oil patch

        Halifax is an historic city – lots of cultural attractions, big enough to have night life, a major international airport, not big enough the have 1% of the crime of Chicago or LA. Also big enough to have medical care, and two major universities. As the hub of the whole area, the city feels bigger than it actually is.

        One travel magazine called Cape Breton one of the top 10 island in the world in its vacation survey, and it IS very scenic and beautiful. Just google it and click on images. Interestingly, road signs are in English and Gaelic, so you can imagine you are in for some good music… and with the ocean there, you have fishing everywhere (as well as in Bras d’Or Lake)

        You will also have a well watered area in the even of a meltdown. The more fertile areas are closer to Halifax (e.g, Truro area), but no desert or worries about water here.

        7.) The Canadian dollar, aka “the loonie” is somewhere around 76 cents to the USD. You will buy a LOT with your money, and with Canada electing the utterly incompetent Boy Wonder Justin Trudeau, it will stay down for a while. You will get a lot for your money. Most of Canada is in a housing bubble, IMHO. But the Maritime provinces never got that, so prices are still fine.

        8.) Downsides? The ever present Canadian socialism. Not that the US is that far behind these days. This whole cold thing is absurd. There ARE cold blasts that hit all of the US, outside of FL and the far southwest (e.g., record low for New Orleans is -12°C (11°F) December 23, 1989. Get a jacket. Then there are the coyotes (coywolves is the new name, as they have interbred with wolves. One young woman was killed a few years ago by them, and others have had aggressive behaviour towards people. Carry pepper spray… or a tire iron! Gun control is bad in Canada, but it’s not like guns are outlawed.

        • Sorry about the typos and solecisms – I am a HORRIBLE typist and proof reader. There’s a whole bunch in the above. Hopefully you can read past that.

      3. The good ol murderous, fascist (yes, fascist – recall that Nazi stand for National *Socialist* Workers’ Party, and adopted *explicitly* socialist planks at their very first convention in Munich, Feb. 1920.) leftists at it again.

        Per The Black Book of Communism, Stephane Courtois, et al, published by Oxford Univ. Press, leftism MURDERED 100 MILLION people last century. One hundred freaking MILLION – the most murderous movement ever in the history of mankind.

        As Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev said, “If God doesn’t exist, then man doesn’t either.” What he means is this: if man – made in the image of God, with inherent dignity predicated on that – isn’t part of our underlying assumptions, we are just animals – and WHY not murder 100mm of them??? Communists and leftist really do think this way.

        Whittaker Chambers (if you don’t know who he is – the guy who outed the vile communists years ago – google him) said it precisely: ““Man without God is a beast, and never more beastly than when he is most intelligent about his beastliness”

      4. A big thank you to Mac. As I’m feeling a big bit lazy on this sunny memorial day in Mn, i got a little push to get going again on organizing and the like. As that saying goes – there’s no rest for the wicked.

        Time for me to get a move on it. Stay save everyone. And THANK YOU Mac.

        • Mom,according to this songs chorus there is a rest!:

          You know there ain’t no rest for the wicked
          Money don’t grow on trees
          We got bills to pay, we got mouths to feed
          There ain’t nothin’ in this world for free

          I know we can’t slow down, we can’t hold back
          Though you know we wish we could
          No there ain’t no rest for the wicked
          Until we close our eyes for good

        • Isn’t it supposed to be no rest for the weary? Lol!

      5. The article is watered down a lot. Once the mother of all collapses happens there is no coming back. In fact, let’s add to teotwawki and call it teotwawki-necoba. The necoba meaning nevercomingback. If you can’t make it on your own forever then you are forever f’ed. This crap about prepper groups, prepper communities, and bartering is just a bunch of horse turds. You’ll be lucky not to kill your family or them kill you by the end of the first post-teotwawki month. This jinga house of cards is coming down soon right on top of our heads and their is no happy ending. Neither you nor I are Chuck Norris and this isn’t a Brad Pitt-less movie. Go figure, and prep accordingly. thanks

        • TDTP

          Might be a good time to oil up that old bear trap. Hehehe! The type you have to set using C clamps.

        • Yup

        • It will quickly revert to a stone age existence. And it isn’t likely to advance anytime in the next 100 years. And you don’t oil traps. critters can smell oil & rust. So you boil your traps on water that has a bit of sawdust added. and you have wax melted and floating on top. when you draw the trap out it gets covered in wax. you bury the trap and place a paper over the trip pan. sift loose dirt over the trap. hang a bait something like a feather on a string to attract whatever varmit you wish to trap.

          • Thanks Old Guy for the info on traps.

            One of those nuggets I keep talking about.

            Copied and have to get to work on mine.

      6. As long as The Ho£ocau$t actors are running the show we’ll see fear factor being used to enslave people even more.

        Cure the cancer by burning its cells.

      7. Day 2 at the BOL. I’m totally stuffed with BBQ and being lazy along with everyone else on this Memorial Day. Too bad I have to go back on Thur. I’m coming back right before the Repub convention in July. Could be a false-flag there. We’ll see.

      8. Can we not come together as citizens of the United States and overthrow our government and the globalists who are really in charge before martial law happens? For one thing, it would give a reason for this racial fighting to stop-we will have no country if we do not come together and forget our petty differences and dependence on government to solve our every problem. We should find a way into those underground bunkers-cities-loot them and expose them to the dumb asses dependent on the government for their every need. Show them that our leaders will start the war that leads to nuclear cleansing of us all-without a single look backward. We have to wake up our fellow citizens and take action now! I just think that if we wait for martial law to happen it will be too late.

      9. About 4 months ago I started commenting and writing about this summer being a replay of the summer of 1968 ! As the weather warms we will see much more violence and outrageous events take place. What is not mentioned in the article is that our own government has deliberately created all the necessary fuel for such a fire ! They have created all the racial animus as well as economic injustices to bring forth extreme reactions.

        We will see some very serious events as we get closer to the election, if one actually takes place ? Unfortunately most prepper types have been sold a bill of goods in many ways and will simply be fuel for the fire. Very few could even begin to fight their way out of a wet paper bag, much less actually defend themselves or their family. Most have all the supposed goods and guns , but could not run half a mile if they had too and most are not fit in any way or healthy. Most are completely misguided and will simply be victims out of ignorance and perhaps a bit of laziness. There is a far better way to live and think and thrive, not just survive. This article pointed out some good and necessary information.

        • DTET.

          Guess we have to wait and find out who makes it. All this could start tomorrow.

        • DTET,
          On the social side of things, since most thinking people have abandoned cites to minorities and liberals, why the hell do we care if they burn them down? I have a whole list of Democrat run cities that I could care less if they were flattened. Let them all burn and let nature take it’s course.

          • Yup, i got no problem with Honolulu getting nuked, would improve the state

            • I rather agree ! In fact it is the only hope we have when all is said and done. There will be survivors and some will thrive !

          • rellik I agree. Now lets take your assessment a step farther. I don’t care if those who don’t prep or cant defend themselves perish. That removes them from the gene pool! and from what I observe the majority of white and black folks and land wales are doomed . fat lazy part of the free stuff army. they will support hellery. I would just as soon they where gone also. The term useless eaters applies.

            • Old guy , I could not agree more. Many here seem to think they know a lot ? But few have a clue ! I would bet most have never even been in a fist fight much less a real fire fight ? Yet they have a lot of advice and ridiculous comments to those that have seen all in spades ! amazing hey ? But so it goes in our society in the age of controlled and collective insanity !

        • While what you say is true, you have to also remember that it is true of most of the unprepared as well. So, the playing field will be largely even when it comes to physical conditioning. The guns will be the deciding factor and the prepper advantage, along with not needing to struggle for basic supplies and expose ourselves to the starving masses. Plus, those among us who are a bit…ahem… fluffy… have stored calories and can last for a while with a limited caloric intake.

          Remember that guns are our advantage not because we wish to kill anyone but because they make us more difficult targets. Thus, we will not be the first people most of the starving horde goes after. This means the herd will be thinned a bit before we become the best targets of opportunity and the time that buys us will give us a chance to either go to a safer location or fortify our defenses where we are. Then again, I hope this is all just idle speculation and the summer goes fairly smoothly. I’m too fluffy to fight.

          • Winston. no doubt guns and other preparations will be important. But the most important items of all are your health, fitness and mindset. Without these your guns will be almost worthless and someone with those attributes will simply take it all from you rather easily ! The mindset is key to all of it in spades ! Your training and fitness help give the correct mindset and confidence necessary to win any conflict. This is what I teach people, because it works and I am all about results ! I do not write or speak about anything that I have not done myself in spades. There is no exception or replacement to first hand experience. Nearly all prepper type sites are all about talk and little else other tahn selling a lot of useless stuff .

            • DTET

              Interesting about Health, Fitness and Mindset.
              And then you have Age. Many here are over 50 years of age. Then a few over sixty. A couple in their seventies and I think One over eighty. Although you can exercise and eat right, time has a way of putting the hurt on you.
              It really gets to you if you think you are still a spring chicken. I set myself back by getting hurt lifting weights.
              So for the older guys that are getting into Better Shape. Ease yourself into it, Some is better than none.
              Find your physical limitations. Like how well you stand the heat or cold. How much weight you can carry or lift.
              Here is some experience to pass on.

              I have done a lot of talking about body armor and did manage to get a set of plates. Front& back and two side.
              Slid them in the carrier and I felt like I put a 50 pound bag of corn on my body. Body stress went up and mobility went down. How much endurance will I have in the heat.
              So I figure I will used the plates as only frontal protection. I do not regret buying them. Just that I have to adapt. Also If a family member joins up I will have one for him or her. “Last Stand” applications is another option.
              I’m 62 and I do not think I am going to run any marathon soon.

              Know your limitations.

              • Anon, I just turned 68 and have the body of a fit 25 year old. I am stronger and healthier with more endurance and stamina than I had in RVN in 68-69. There is a reason for that and it is not excuses ! Just saying anybody can do the same thing rather easily and I am living proof of such events ! This is what I teach people and it simply works ! see the fitness page and other pages for all the answers for FREE !I am all about results and nothing else and live accordingly.

                The simple truth is that most people just give up past 40 or 45 and think they have no choice but to get fat and unhealthy. That is definitely not the truth or any kind of fact. We all live in many illusions and this is just one of the many !

                I was also crippled for almost 6 years and learned how to heal myself 10 years ago. That is how I learned all the secrets and what might be called a sort of fountain of youth. I am a living example of what I speak , simple as that. Anybody can do the same thing rather easily. Or don’t and suffer the consequences of poor health and a rather crappy low energy life of high blood pressure, diabetes , little sex and likely heart attacks. It is all about choices and mindset . No big deal at all.

              • Anon also, I fully realize everything you mentioned and teach people how to analyze their own starting point as a reference. Most folks are not ready to go out and do what I can do right out of the box. But that is why I emphasize personal honesty to make that first assessment. Not being a smart alec, but I do know exactly what I am doing and how to help others heal themselves of poor health and a life time of bad habits ! My photos at my site are obvious proof of my results and knowledge.

                I use my body armor as a training tool. I wear it during workouts and run up and down stairs with it on and a rifle and at least 150 rounds of ammo. 7.62X 39 not 223. This was part of my training this last winter before I went on a 3 day 50 mile hike in the wilderness in January. Anybody can do the same thing rather easily. It just takes patience and some effort and the proper mindset. Are you surprised I am older than you and a RVN vet ? Just curious.

                • DTET

                  I have done plenty of abuse to my body over the years and I can tell you I had plenty of fun. In fact I am lucky to be alive.
                  Now I have a cause and a goal. I also know I might have some setbacks, but what drives me on is anger and I do not want to be a victim. Maybe it is better that the world is going bananas. Made me shit or get off the pot.

                  DTET. I’m not going to miss what lies ahead if I can help it. No excuses and I am not running from no one.

                  BTW. Welcome Home.

                  • Trust me you are preaching to the choir brother ! I hope you will find some motivation and good usable info at my site, there is a tremendous amount there for sure . That is why it is there, to help people stand up and get their shit together ! If we don’t who will ? I too will die fighting these maniac control freaks and enjoy every second of it. I hope to rally many millions just because it needs to be done. NO need or reason to live in fear when you can do other wise. And thanks for the welcome home, never got many of those ! I too should have been dead many times so I imagine there is a reason I am still quite good to go ? If I inspired you or anybody else then it was well worth it and a good day. And good on ya my man. Live it don’t just talk it !

          • Also Winston, fluffy is not in my game plan nor do I recommend it as a plan to anyone for any reason ?

            I fully realize every part of your comment in spades and then some ! I live it all far more than anybody you likely know.

        • Guess we’ll have to wait until someone visits your website and tells us what it is you’re selling that will save us from our ignorant selves…

          • At least you admit your ignorance ? My site is all about health, fitness and common sense based on many years of first hand experience in many matters to include armed and unarmed confrontations with potential death events. I have helped many people attain their goals. But the site is not for people who are afraid to be honest with themselves. It is for the above average bears who actually want to change for the better in many ways and enjoy their confidence in every way !

            It was deliberately built with no pop ups and no board for jaw jacking ! Just straight forward issues that matter and simple solutions .

            • I stand corrected–I visited your website, and was impressed with the quality of the information that’s available free of charge. Assessments of tactical equipment, dietary, fitness and health advice, lots more that I haven’t yet gotten to. Good luck with your site! I’ll be a regular visitor!

              • Thank you Leonard! There is a lot of good usable info there for free. Especially for those that want to get healthy and fit as part of their training regimen. Some people also need a little more help and I provide that to them. I have also helped many people who were afraid of firearms. People who were borderline anti-gun freaks for most of their lives and decided it was well past time to get familiar with some serious self protection. Some of those events have been beyond humorous and great stories. I have access to a large ranch on private property of over 100,000 acres of wilderness lands in Oregon. so it makes for a great place to train people in many endeavors. Most of what I do is online or telephone after gathering all the background and base line info from a client. But some want hands on help. Interestingly many are women, and that is likely a good sign ! It means people are waking up to basic realities.

                Also many are realizing that without good health and fitness everything else is greatly diminished or fatal ? and besides there is no downside at all only upside no matter what happens, you still will benefit daily in every aspect of your life as well as confidence. I only do small groups and numbers of people at a time to give more specific help. enjoy !

      10. This is why I’m not taking a vacation this year. Don’t wanna be away from home while people are going crazy. I figure I’m gonna save about $4000 staying home with my family. I’m staying home I think this is the best plan for this summer of heated political tensions. I will say it again don’t spend any $ on anything. Keep your guns loaded and your powder dry. It’s coming soon just waiting for the false flag event to set it off. Hot weather is here and people always go into a frenzy.

        • We are leaving for 3wks on a tour through Mo, IA, IL.

          if it happens while we’re gone? it happens.

      11. This crap is getting on my nerves. There’s going to be civil unrest, rioting, bls bla bla. The PTB hope they can muster up a bunch of stupid fools to take it to the streets. They will pretend to be Patriots and go out and provoke confrontations.

        I am staying home. I predict that the summer will be beautiful with families enjoying themselves in this great Country our fathers died to leave us. Enjoy Memorial weekend.

        • Oh, one more thing.

          George Soros needs to be arrested. The Rothchild’s and their private bank need to go. We should make America number 110. Kick out the trouble making Children of the Devil and watch how quickly peace and prosperity return to America once more.

          • Iceland.
            They removed the Banksters and are much better afterwards.

          • Soros needs to be extradited. There are several countries around the world who have indictments out on him but he is a free man because he stays within countries that do not have extradition treaties with them. These countries do not have the nice prisons that you find in the US either, and he, as a foreigner that does not speak the language, would find it particularly difficult to survive in those environments. So, I say he gets arrested and deported to Malaysia, where he has been declared an economic war criminal and will face Islamic justice. I am certain he will be treated very justly by their court system.

      12. Canada sounds nice but also sounds unreachable or unobtainable for people of modest means. Stuck in a large metro area is depressing, thinking of unrest and riots of people hungry and with nothing left to lose. I read somewhere that some steel manufacturers had a contract to build over 107 thousand long train cars with over 130 sets of shackles in each, and over 6 other like contracts for other entities to build the same. The extermination of those that oppose the NWO? On another note, I read about one third through Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason written in the early 1790s, he maintained that all the churches were preaching hogwash to control mankind and their religious texts are not the word of God, but fabricated nonsense. He claimed that we all know God or the creator of the universe just from what we can see around us without the Biblical drama as written. It was interesting reading.

        • Alijamo:

          Reason and humanism are the Religion of Communism. The minute you remove one Religious philosophy another, possibly destructive philosophy i.e. Religion, will fill in the void.

          • The term god is a very generic word, almost the whole world believes in a god. But there is only one God and only one way to reach Him, and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. Trekker Out. Narrow Is The Way!

            • Yeah? Prove there is any God. Its a bunch of BS for Stoopid sheep who surrender their souls to a Fn hoax.

              -WWTI… IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!

            • Hey MT, Oh God talks to you huh? Got his cell number? When does he call you?? Every try to record him to prove he talks to you? Where do you morons think this crap up? Oh he’s my savior in the sky that watches over me, posting more stoopid comments as a human being. Just another reason America is doomed, we are full of Sheeple Gullible Morons smoking religious crack.


              • WWTI May you live a long, happy and prosperous life. Eternity may be Hell. Trekker Out. But There’s Still Time!

      13. Aah, city dwellers… can’t live with ’em,the end.

      14. Trolls Copper and Old guy might call bullshit on the special forces guy, maybe call him insane, that he might need a mental evaluation..

        Copper and old guy might be fading away soon. Let me hear you call BS on that guy..

        Once again these two Agency ass clowns trolls just their asses handed to them..


        Civil unrest and war will commense..

        • The trolls? Where? As far as the special forces guy, sure went tout on a limb. Could happen and hedging isn’t real convincing. And why do you say the government is out to get you and then believe a government trained guy? You and blow hard want attention even if you make up trolls.

          • Tunkcuf is back? HO HUM. I’m going back to sleep.

          • The only troll I know anything about is the one who lived under the bridge. He kept the goats from getting to the green grass on the far side of the river. And ole Billy Goat Gruff butted that troll into the next county.

      15. The SAD, but TRUE reality here, in the U.S. of A., (Disney World), is that OVER 50% of the pop. do NOT have a CLUE how SERIOUSLY fragile our National reality REALLY IS! So, therefore, they are not even in the SLIGHTEST Pre-pared!

        Which guarantees that ALL of your neighbors will be pounding on YOUR DOOR, if word gets out that you ARE PREPARED!


        We have a fullflegged 5 way demographic split,already developed, and just waiting to divide! [Blacks, Whites, Muslims, Asians, and finally Latinos,{esply. (“illegals”) Mexicanos].

        Then there’s the age splits: A HUGE # of “over 60″; another huge group…”UNDER 20”. And, the in between is a large group also.

        AND, a GREAT MAJORITY of that young [under 20] group, are immensely spoiled “Entitlement dependents”, (a GRAND MAJORITY being soooo accustomed to “free” stuff, that once the ATM’s stop spitting out the greenbacks, they will go insanely WILD!)

        To “Shelter-in-place” in a major Metropolitan Area WOULD be HIGHLY DANGEROUS, after the riots and pillaging begin!


        Then again, in today’s America, small rural communities are questionable, as MANY are populated by older demographics, and the “leadership” will NOT be OPEN to “immigrants” or “refugees”, fleeing the “Death Zones”, and “eaters”….

        Therefore, PRE-collapse preps, [getting known – purchasing property, & making associations], (thus garnering invitations), are ESSENTIAL…

        AND! For your own safety and security, tell NO ONE BUT ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL!, about your capabilities, provisions, plans, finances, and “Fall Back locations”; as these are “ONLY-NEED-TO-KNOW” facts. PLUS…TRUST NO ONE! NOT EVEN YOURSELF!

        Double check ALL of, BOTH your prep options, as well as, your equipment functionability. ALWAYS, {from now on}, keep your vehicles “topped off”, and well kept up…CK ups, good tires, and “bug out Bags”, & emergency equipment in the vehicles.

        I’d say, we have to have a WORKABLE PLAN, (IN PLACE), by late June, 2016…(whether it turns out to be needed or not), as that will be the most likely time for the BEGINNING of disturbances, which will VERY quickly, and, EASILY ESCALATE into riots, and then, broaden into social upheaval, and finally, bring about social collapse. Ferguson & Baltimore City, were simply “dry runs” and minor glitches…Arizona, San Diego, and the other “conflicts between Political supporters”, are the TIP of the VOLCANOES about to erupt, through out the Nation.

        BTW…be alerted, AND aware! The LARGEST, BEST EQUIPPED, BEST TRAINED, MOST THOROUGHLY INDOCTRINATED, and BEST ARMED Militia in the States, is the “Nation of Islam”…and they’ve been training for 25+ years! They will show the “NEW BLACK PANTHERS” to be the puppies they are! Make NO MISTAKE about it!

        The other two BEST PREpared groups are the Mormons, and the Amish. Tho, neither of these groups are highly tactically trained or motivated.

        The modern & recent History of demographic splits, (Yugoslavia’s 4 way split, Ukraine’s & Syria’s present day Civil Wars), are PERFECT & EASILY RESEARCHED examples of how QUICKLY social order can degrade into chaotic confusion, and deadly series of conflicts, as EACH demographic group, (with RARE exceptions), begin to EITHER, carve out their “territory”,[Ukraine & Syria] OR WORSE, attempt to take over the City, County, State, or Region, for their “Kingdom”[i.e. ISIS in Iraq & Afghanistan].

        You DEFINITELY do NOT want to be in a MAJOR CITY much more that 24 to 48 hrs. AFTER the FIRST riots begin…it’s better to flee ignominiously, and survive, than “hang on” hopping the “System” will restore order.

        History also points out that your LAST HOPE to get out, will be lost, once the Police opt to go home to protect their own families and “Safety Zones”. YOU MUST LEAVE within 24 to 36 hrs. after the first Social disorder begins…OR…choose your side, on which you’ll fight! Exiting won’t be an option…

        • Many good points !~ especially the part about LEOs and military will fold and stay home to protect their own . There are no where near enough of them if things come unglued as it seems ready to do near this election. The worse possible place to be will be in larger cities ? anything over 250 K will be a blood bath and great chaos for many reasons in a very short period of time. Once people panic it is over ! And todays society will panic very easily.

      16. May I get you to check the calorie figures for the Datrex Emergency Bars? Your article states 3600 calories per bar, but the ad (from the link in your article) states 3600 calories PER PACK (multiple bars).

      17. Ammo is my issue now, along with NBC, although I do question how any civilians could get their hands nuclear or biological, chemicals are in every grocery store.

        TEST: Your “dual nationality” is a bullshit proposition that I don’t accept or think the US Constitution ever provided for. Nor should the Congress or Supreme Court (if applicable) ever have enacted or allowed it. Either you are an American or a Canadian. You cannot be loyal to both -Canada is far more Socialistic than the U.S., our Constitution is far stronger than theirs, the Parliamentary system is a house of cards built on quicksand waiting to go down, and Canada is in fact, a rump country. Only the first 200 miles North of the border is easily inhabited, and life beyond there gets progressively more difficult. The numbers of people you are talking about would overwhelm the entire country in days. Agriculture is very difficult beyond the “habitable zone”, and the Inuit are a Testament to the adaptability of man. 95% of Americans couldn’t cut it. Our connection to the land disappeared with large scale agricultural machinery, and is shrinking every day. I lived in Chicago for 7 years, and knew of people who had never been more than 1 mile (that’s 1.5 km for you)in their entire life !!! I was born in a small Iowa town, we had a big garden, Mom put up 500 to 700 quarts a year, we spent a lot of time on Grandpa’s farm, we know about animals enough to keep them well fed and housed. Although I am a reasonably good hunter, wildlife would become extinct in a short time, and there are not that many deciduous nut producing trees or fruit or berry bushes or nut trees to sustain millions of people. In the quick of it, we’d take you over, install a Constitution, get rid of the gun laws under which you suffocate, and reload the legal system.

        Thanks for the invite, but no thanks. I know places right here in this state that will be safer than most places in this country.

        • If someone will run from our country in her time of need they can just keep running cause we dont need em

        • DHC,
          The stuff test says is interesting. I could say similar for where I live, but I don’t want anymore company than I already have. Other than the threat the government poses, my place is about as safe as can be in today’s world. If I could just get rid of the Democrats it would be paradise.

          • Wassamatter, you dont like old Billy Kenoi going to the Korean bars with his county credit card

        • Jewish people have dual citizenship US and Israel, Naturalized Mexicans have Mexican citizenship and American. If you want to call “Bullshit”, look in the mirror when you do, pendejo!

      18. Are they trying to say that the animals are going to get lose from the zoo?

      19. Mensa, animals will go extinct because the food supply will die off from the plant life collapse..the surviving 3,000,000 humans and.?barely 5,000 women will be dealing off each other.. Organically fed survival humans will make the best protein sources and will be much better eating.. watch the movie called The Road. This is the one that my scientist friend likes to use for reference, it’s the one that Hollywood out out to show us what they plan for us..Also red One Second after and One year After. This new part two book will make you shit your pants..By 2019 most of us on the site posing including me will be dead and gone by 2020.. and so will all of the animals.. the ruling elite will be under ground for 1,000 years with plenty of food, captured women, Zero Point Nuclear modules, and lots of medicine with LET, Life Extinction Technology..

        If they cancel the elections and GreenSpan and complete has their way since they like to announce what they are about to do..i recommend prepping some more..

        You people need to listen to Economist V, the 4 star general interview… See youtube…V tells us what his source says they have planned for 2017.. a Trump in office will not make any difference and even if he is allowed to win, begin prepping some more..no politician gives a rats ass about any of us..I talked to my scientists buddy. he tells it best,

        Trump can’t stop what’s coming with the environment, the food chain, the economic collapse. Its all feel good porn to make us relax before the big event hits. Instant economic collapse when we wake up one morning.. it’s seems like a lot of fighter jets are flying over my city lately..

        Houston has a false Flag. Think this is bull, do a search and read for your self..i am still trying to get intel in this.

        Or is it MK Ultra assholes that are shooting up the city and people… gee what a great future is ahead of us..



        This shows you how they plan it and the time frame… Good luck ladies.

      20. This is a excellent article but as Taxdn2poverty states, it is watered down. Otherwise it would be overwhelming to some.
        I would hope there are many who are prepared for civil unrest and what nature can throw at you. The scary stuff is Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare and although it is against the Geneva Convention to use Chemical or Biological agents, you know terrorist will use them if they can get their hands on them. You have to deal with detection, decontamination and maybe medical issues with lots of different agents. Unless you are highly trained and do training often it will be hard on you. Still you can take steps to detect and avoid these weapons. Some will smell like chlorine. Mustard has a horseradish/mustard smell. Cyanide a almond smell.

        Like that wiff of ozone or you smell a fire or the rain is how fast you have to react to it.

        How good are the seals on your mask. The air valves work properly? Cracks or deformities/discoloration. Will your filters work.

        Can the agent be absorbed by your skin?

        You can go mad thinking about all the stuff there is out there and what equipment to buy.

        Night vision.
        Body armor.
        Gas Masks and extra filters.
        What Gun.
        What scope.
        How much ammo and what kind.

        I hope I do now scare people off but this could be the reality in the future.

        You have to pick the level of preps you think you need.

        • Spam, rice and SPF 2000 sun block

          • Children are now getting Rickets due to lack of Vit D on their skin made by the sun. The sun blocker blocks the vit D from being made. A doctor told me this.

            • Makes sense, thats the problem with most chemical concoctions that are supposed to protect us, the side effects are almost worse than the benefits

            • Marie, there are many such events that people simply are clueless about ! Bottom line, we all live in many illusions created for us and all for the purpose of controlling us.

              Sunblock is not a good idea at all for many valid reasons, but there are worse things to be sure to be aware of.

      21. Now or later, I’m not getting any younger!

      22. This one I article I believe.. there is likely going to be unrest in July/Aug due to political tensions. There is a annual biz trip I take every year; I usually take it in July/Aug. I moved it up this year to be completed before June ends. Everyone would be well advised to stick close to home this summer.. could be minor, could be localized but I see problems as being fairly certain… it is only the scope of them that is unsure.

      23. Infowars is a smoldering dumpster fire. If Alex Jones said that the sky was blue, I’d have to go outside and look.

        • I love that comment! So true…


      25. barry soetoro = communist
        klinton = communist
        sanders = communist
        congressional black caucus = communists
        congressional progressive caucus =communists
        george soros =communist AKA one of the more recognizable financiers of the SJWs BLMs

        There is a communist coup taking place in the USA.
        For decades Americans have been warned about it. Joseph McCarthy tried, but Americans called BS, now 60 years later we’ve got a federal government full of communist nwo thugs taking over. Many states and local governments have been taken over now as well.

        All because Americans are socially engineered dumbed down soft lazy and stupid holding onto the bread and circuses.

        • Agree on all points, especially “All because Americans are socially engineered dumbed down soft lazy and stupid holding onto the bread and circuses.”

          Not many will speak such truth, so I commend you for your honesty ! I do the same quite often and sometimes even a bit more clear or harsh ? But the truth is what it is, now isn’t it ? Most are clueless and afraid of their own shadows.

      26. Forget about guns. Your weapon should be your wallet and not spending $. The corporatocracy needs to go. They are hoping we will all stock up on guns ammo supplies and kill achother when they are the enemy. If we destroy them there is no need for banks. We gotta stop feeding the corporatocracy our $. We need to take a sledge hammer to the corporate culture. Nobody talks about this. We need to generate conversation about this. My thinking is we starve them of the $ they need to be legitimate organizations. We have free will to spend our $ how we see fit forget the fancy new cars tablets phones they need our embrace of technology to use it against us. This is unacceptable. Your hum drum life will get worst if something isn’t done about greedy scumbag corporations. as Ron would say do you wanna be a boot licker just keep supporting corporations and turn your kids over to them too. Then you will realize hell on earth.

        • I agree on many of the points in this post. But when all the free3 shit is not readily available I strongly suggest you have the ability to protect yourself by any means possible . And that will include a gun ?

      27. There is a dangerous and growing group in America that hates the nation and its people, and wants to destroy both. They are a potpourri of Hard Left groups that have one goal and that is to destroy America. One of these goals is to physically divide America by uniting parts, such as California or the Southwest, with Mexico. This is called Aztlán or reconquista and I watched them attacking this Donald Trump meeting in California. If you see the Mexican Flag flying at a protest, then most likely the are reconquistas. They refer to America as Aztlan, the land of the Aztecs. These are but a sample of the people that are at work to destroy America. These people remind me of the Brown Shirts.

        • Hammer meet nail. You’re right on the money Diana.

          The communists that have captured the federal, some states, and many local governments are flooding the United States with illegals to use them as their army against the American public.

          Useing our taxes against us to support and fund their reconquista army of illegal aliens.

      28. “average Americans appear to be ready to go to war with their government or with each other”?
        If so, o’bama smiles. o’bama would LOVE for everybody to fight one another, destroy the country, and give him the excuse to declare Martial Law and bring in UN troops to “save” us (so when he runs the UN, he’ll be back to running the US and later the New World Order)

      29. I feel it’s already collapsed there is no confidence in any institutions or administrations. People are still eating when that stops then the blaming and violent eruptions will happen. It’s hard to predict when we will get to ugly. I feel the attitudes of the general population will see a significant decline when they change and the people becomes hostile to each other or blame a group of people for their problems it will be ugly. The black population of the inner city is hosltile to whites and blame them for their poverty. Anger has to be directed at some group perceived as keeping them down. Come shtf blacks will be very dangerous because they know they will be more likely to get away with attacking whites. Obama is setting up the white genocide.

      30. Their president has told them its the whites mans fault and they deserve some pay back…

      31. I think it would be a gas, if someone could crash the EBT system for a few months. I’d like to see the fat Walmart women have to pawn the thousands in gold bracelets and chains, and see the $60,000 diesel 4wd crew cabs get re-possessed. I can live with empty grocery store shelves for a very long time. Can them city folk?
        Burn baby burn!

        • Hawaii, highest per capita EBT sucking sound of ALL US states

        • You wouldn’t make them pawn their gold teef, would you?

        • Spam Alert. Spam Alert.

          Wal-Mart has run out of Spam.

          • can still get it on line. $2.77 a can+

          • There are three things a store can NEVER run out of;
            Spam, Saimin, and rice. Riots would ensue.
            Luckily for prepping purposes these items store
            Dinner – Saimin, fried Spam, Dashi( from powder), and green onions( from garden).

            Breakfast – Spam, Rice, eggs (from your chickens), and gravy( from powder) to make Loco Moco.

            You could live forever on this stuff.

      32. Nothing this guy said is a surprise to anyone that is paying attention.

      33. Stevor, not sure who the phuck you are, but you are on the money, in fact that’s exactly what is expected by October November time frame. I hope your prepped to the ass.. no telling what type of cluster phuckup is on the horizon… Welcome to the board..

        Ouch, I would hate to be in your position.. your concern is a legitimate one, damn..you better ask for a schedule change asap.

        My cop friends told me that they have nothing on that shoot out false flag in Houston.. still waiting on intel..i have a few more I need to contact to let you all know what I hear…


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        Threat Matrix, 100%.

      34. Are we there yet?

      35. I thought this was supposed to happen in Dec 2009?

      36. anybody who thinks Trump is some sort of saviour
        might want to rethink that ???

        Republicans Stunned After Trump Reveals That His Presidential Campaign Is Broke

        h ttp://www.politicususa.com/2016/05/28/republicans-stunned-trump-reveals-presidential-campaign-broke.html

        • Hes better than hitlery but he is an asshole

        • Hey Satori, Are you aware now that Trump is the GOP Nominee he gets to use the RNC treasury money to run his campaign against the Dems nominee. Trump is not broke, maybe his campaign budget is maxed out for the primaries.

          Do you see Hillary self funded, using her own foreign bribe money to run her campaign?

          Its propaganda, to get the GOP on board to win.


      37. Get out of Philly the week of the Democrat convention, get out of Cleveland the week of the Republican convention. If you are in another big city with a minority population, make sure you have extra food and water during the Republican convention. Stock up on ammo and hit the range the week before. I expect protests and riots and burning and looting – but not any true SHTF scenarios outside those two cities. Shelter in place should work — getting caught at night, alone in your car, in a minority neighborhood. Not so much!

      38. The govt has a gas now that is literally canned hate. It creates violent anger in the subject exposed and it lasts in the air over several miles and is effective. They can create a mass riot on whimsy. B%rnie met with Obama at the white house. obama has stated he is not leaving DC. Most likely Obama will take out Hillary over the Email issue leaving the field wide open for Bernie. As pay back Bernie will make Obama some kind of special czar in a new agency with vast power to change America for ever. Trump is the wild card most likely he will b5e taken out by assasination creating chaos in the republican party Riots will be created by canned hate. the riots will require an enabling act to stop them with force. Bernie and Ob5ama will rule with an iron fist.

      39. One recent film gave the best representation of what will happen and what is coming: it is World War Z. Brad Pitt and his wife get regular heads up from the elite and this film is bathed in this knowledge.

        The film portrays how quickly things fall apart and how useless the police will be; very quickly over-whelmed. In the aftermath as the city police forces fall apart, the continuity of government regime will be in force. This will be the military and executive level government and politicians retreated to critical infrastructure, DUMBS, aircraft carriers and warships. From this position, they will monitor the social breakdown and civilian population die-off, and, when it is safe to do so, will then move back into the urban areas and clean up for the big Re-boot. We are looking at an epic population die-off in the hundreds of millions. On the plus side, this will pretty well take care of all the EBT people, the welfare folks – the US will be able to re-populate with a better class of people, smarter, better genetics.

      40. What if there are bank bail-ins, or a devaluation of the dollar or the government steals your 401k? We’d have civil unrest immediately.

        • Actually you wouldn’t. 401Ks dropped like a rock and simultaneously uncounted thousands got laid off due to a falling economy, free trade or both creating significant homelessness. People who worked and saved, the bedrock of America complain but are overwhelming law abiding. The underclass on the other hand, accustomed to lawlessness, kill each other over $5.

          As long as there is food, there is order. Skip a few meals and let the masses believe that help is not promptly coming and you have anarchy.

      41. If the Trump campaign is broke then he will have to spend his own money if he actually has any. Great, the choice is between a madman and a mad whatever Killery is, the choices keep getting worse. Logically whoever followed Bush was going to be far worse, likewise this fixed debacle coming up. Who best protects the treason, why its the murderous cackling hag. It and its sidekick, the serial rapist and evil monster in his own right were shown walking together in a Memorial day event, they were surrounded by what looked like 30 or more SS guards with few people watching the event. One would think with tens of millions of Americans opposing these fake choice elections that a few million could organize to present a rebuttal that could grow into a hellstorm of rebuke at the entire charade. Neutered in that respect also, the voice has to be loud enough to not be ignored. I’m not talking about violence either. The American people are just going to go down without any worthy objection? Hey, wheel of fortune is on.

      42. If the people of the USA are fighting the US Government & the US Government are fighting the people as well as many foreign governments who are supporting teams members?

      43. Once again I see the sentiment that city folks cannot survive. This cannot be further from the truth. City folks are more in tune to the human condition. They see people suffering begging stealing. Country folks are sheltered like homeschooled children. There is this huge fear by rural folks of the city. I feel it’s harder to make it survival wise in the city. The competition will be stiffer for what little is left in the city. Country folks are generally more helpful to eachother.of course I’d rather be in the rural parts when the ballon goes up. It is not a fair assessment to to say city folks are doomed. Around here people have a fuck you attitude in general. In the projects and the poorer neighborhoods there are already gangs that hate each other and fight for drug dealing turf. The young people are like thug soldiers. They get violent far more than country folks ever do. When it comes down to it thugs will kill they already do now. Don’t discount city folks they are battle hardened. They will more likely resort to killing and stealing to meet their needs. If your sheltered in the woods your better off staying there building your fortifications. City thugs will not fear the rural farmer one bit. What will you do when 2or 3 SUVs show up and a dozen gangbanging thugs armed to the teeth step out and don’t take no for an answer. Your not a thug these guys shake people down daily. id put $ on them killing you and your family. These guys are violent criminals your a scared person clinging to your gun. Only thing you’ve killed is deer and hogs. Good luck. Police aren’t coming to help you.

        • Put a Bump Fire on your AR-15 or AK-47 and a few mags and you can persuade them to get the hell off the property.

      44. Yep. In the prisons system summer time was always riot time.

        It’s here folks.

      45. The only way you will see civil unrest in fascist Police State hell on earth collapsing America is if you take away the booze, buffets, mindless entertainment, and sports from the dumbed down obese boot licking toxic dump cowards, and even then it will just be the fat obese keyboard cowards pecking away feverishly demanding Big Daddy Gov give them what they need.

        • Some what accurate. But what happens when the free shit is not readily available ?

      46. Frank, you are correct ots WWZ, and this is what the end result will be.. people can dream all hey want because America will not be great again, this is all fantasy.. I know Trump is trying to stop it going ape shit.. but let’s be realistic because when I am talking to Fema contacts, scientist friend and my agency contact. They’re laughing when they come in his site and see me putting out the truth and getting trolled, they say to me that these people no brains.. not talking about the real prepper, just the dumbass trolls. Frank you have seen it first hand yet people believe that the Hispanics in 3 Rd world counties are obligated to jump to the sound to pick our food and veges to sure that the pregnant women with babies have it’s of food to buy from the local grocery store. They will pay a heavy piece along wight the idiotic men who continue to breed them, destroying their life and risking the life of the infants that will have to live in this nightmare on the horizon..and get his stand no chance in hell of survival because the parents are not prepped..

        Ever go to people for help when your so desperate.. I have, and I was ignored even when I almost passed on on the Streets of Houston.. this stand in chance on hell of ebr happen if it me again.. I am a negative pessimist, I prep and strore my food an water supply. Because experience has taught me a brutal lesson in survival that you will literally fucking die..

        If this can happen to me in personal collapse then try city wide shtf like Venezuela.. cats and dogs for food then people are next.. you know what, maybe it’s just my imagination I need a mental evaluation..

        Venezuela is just a fantasy, the videos are fake, it’s not real. Greenspan didn’t just tell us that we are next, HCKS is just a babling nut job who need mental help eh. Government loves me and so does the Russians and chi-coms when they get here, hey to the Cubans, they love me too..and to the jihadist. They love us too..


        Try this for breakfast..a day will come when no eggs and beacon will be on your table.. your phucked.. Good luck. Your ass won’t eating sh..t in the very near future..

        • Sniffing Airplane Model Glue again eh Houston?

          Glue sniffers what ya gonna do?

          Glue sniffers whatcha gonna do when your upper Lip gets glued stuck to your lower nostrils eh?

      47. Perhaps Frank,but will only be a better world when the powers that want to be ect. are also killed off,you know,when they come in and attempt to mop up.I see 4th gen for many decades/generations.

      48. Everyday I wake up and ask, can it get any worse. Sure enough, it does in leaps and bounds.

        I do not think our country can be saved. I do not think we are Americans. Our foundation is weak and a our structures are hollow and can be blown down with the slightest wind.

      49. HCKS… I’m sure the entire medical establishment is working on declaring the majority of the population mentally ill and in need of a serious drugging and stomping down, if not only to defend and protect their widespread fraudulent business model of increasing sickness and the pill solution. Who knew in the past, besides the few, that they are in cahoots with the AMA and the FDA to build their billions off the peoples suffering, prolonging illness to add to their bottom line. The death merchants march forward without any actual concern for humanity. This is what capitalism has created and thrives on. Rotten from the get go. The biggest income of TV, and newsprint is derived from this evil cabal called healthcare. Their lengthy ads and commercials are heavy in numbers, with the side effects themselves horrific and presented as not worrisome, just tell your doctor if you experience any of them. What doctor? He will replace that drug with one equally as dangerous. I refuse to ingest any pills, even over the counter types.

        • Excellent comment. We all live in many illusions created for us to control us ! Most folks are clueless to any of it.

      50. Now Trumps campaign is now broke so he is paying the way for a hillary to get sworn in, or is this some type of set up and he is really a cabalist? You have got to kidding me. I could have sworn that he said that he is financing his own campaigns with the rental income he is busy cleaning our of tenants??. We just be getting our asses to handed to us..

        Now need for a signature..i am well know here.

      51. I think it will be WWZ if there is a massive systemic breakdown; if not, then they will go for the drugs and circuses model to keep the masses distracted and dumbed down.

        If you think about it, all those obese black women you see out there, would not take much to push them over the edge. Little extra sucrose in their daily pill regime and they are tipped over into Type 2 Diabetes and then it is the surgery for the limb amputations and then Big Mamma has a stroke or a heart attack and she won’t be around to cry over the photographs of Junior who caught a bullet dealing Crystal Meth back in 2010.

        Then you move in the slim and super-smart, sexy Asian ladies and we are ready to build a new nation!

        • The reason that the brother and sister crowd is in the cities was twofold, first, big voting block for democrats, now they don’t need them anymore. There will be a huge kill off of blacks, yeah BLM…my ass…LBJ said in 1965 that we’ll have these n*****s voting democratic for the next 200 years…Then, they’ll clean up the cities and continue with the Agenda21 portion of the plan. 11 megacities with 11 million people in them…Once they’ve finished off ALL the whites, they’ll keep working the “Agenda”.

          • Last time I checked, the smart, slim, sexy Asians weren’t too keen on paying a million dollars for an apartment only to be surrounded by gang bangers and low-IQ types. The low-IQ people will need to be moved out of the cities, from London to New York to LA: all will need to be cleaned up.

            Right now, vast sums are being spent to sustain the low-IQ population, to pay for their housing, food, healthcare etc. People will lose patience with this and will demand they be moved out of the cities and the cities cleaned up so nobody has to look at these people.

      52. Trump has a visit with Adelson and Kissinger and now he is broke.

      53. Trump is Clearly a Zionist Puppet: at veteranstoday.com, you know what, he clearly is just that, as were all the candidates put forth this campaign cycle. Why vote for either of the same thing? This country and freedom are finished, just waiting as the final solution is close to completion.

      54. Is this now the LAW in Colorado? When did the state legislature vote to pass this?

        States Make it Harder to Skip Vaccines
        “Less than 87 percent of Colorado kindergarteners are vaccinated against MMR, the lowest rate in the country for that vaccine, according to CDC data.”

        “But it’s about to get harder for parents to exempt their children from regular vaccines in Colorado.

        New rules issued by the state Board of Health that take effect in July will require parents to apply for an exemption every time their children are due for a vaccine, rather than filing one exemption for an entire childhood.”

        ht tp://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2016/05/25/to-combat-disease-states-make-it-harder-to-skip-vaccines

        News: New immunization rules approved by Board of Health
        April 15, 2015
        DENVER – “The Board of Health today passed new immunization rules to strengthen school immunization exemption policy and improve access to immunization information.

        The rules require parents to obtain non-medical exemptions from school and child care immunization requirements more frequently.

        Currently, parents who wish to sign a non-medical exemption do so just once, and it is carried through the student’s academic career. The new frequency requirement begins in July 2016.”

        ht tps://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/new-immunization-rules-boh

      55. what is it with the homeschooling crap. The women at church treat my wife like she’s stupid for sending my son to public school. I don’t get the big deal it’s a basic k thru 12 education. Mommy is not an educator. The teachers at the school are. It’s their specialty teaching. My son does well in school they always say he is one of their best students year after year. What makes a parent think they are better at teaching than a teacher with a degree. Seems to me a sheltering tactic to shield kids from the reality of life. I personally don’t think your doing your kid any favors homeschooling him. I know people that went to public school and community college and are nurses in hospitals making $44 hr. Leav the teaching to teachers.

        • ass hat is full of shit. public schools are nothing more than liberal brainwashing facilities. Many home schooled children excel at every kind of test. Its easy to home school via the internet. and the country rural folks will fare much better in any SHTF event.

          • Yep old guy , our society is full of ass hats and that is why we are seeing our country fall apart and be destroyed by maniacs ! No doubt congress has betrayed us, but the ass hats are at least 1/2 of the problem we all face !

      56. Things are ready let it come.

        They come into my location pulling their shit there will be a target rich area.

        BOL#1 is ready and set to go. BOL#2 that I just came back from on Sunday is ready if needed. If not my family down south will have some where to go. Good to see them and work along side of them.

        A.S.M.S. T.T.


      57. Sarge, your now in the 3% of the shtf survivors..i hope you have some big phucking scopes. One red neck cop I know was bragging to me that he can take out insurgent/ dred lock etc at 2 miles with his semi-auto . 50 cal. His house is in the middle of bum phuck nowhere..


        Yep, we at phucked by some of us have a BOL..me I am still phucked…

      58. Government isn’t “assistance”. Government is the reason anyone needs (their OWN) “assistance”. The way Americans are dependent on and only controlled by someone else’ government over them, without that government by someone else, it will be back to tribalism and the localized warfare that accompanies that–only, on a household scale for some, and on a strictly personal scale for many. Though there’s really no reason for anyone to be uncivilized come SHTF, it will be Americans’ first choice of behavior, given how they already act on the roadways and in business in this day and age.

      59. Kmart Has Large sized Tubes of Airplane model GLUE on Sale houston!!!…its a twofer one sale!

        Better get stocked up big on sniffin Glue eh!

        and stocked on small size brown paper bags to put glue into for sniffing it too I rekon!

        Dream BIG! but Dream much Bigger and in Full Color Via use of glue sniffing! Most Scientists agree!

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