Elite Globalists Will Engineer Financial Collapse And Blame Bitcoin

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 24 comments

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    Every single financial collapse has been engineered by elitists and governments as a method of gaining the public’s support for more control over their money supply. Now one YouTuber has the guts to say it and boldly declares that those same globalists will blame bitcoin for a biblical level financial collapse.

    The Dollar Vigilante YouTube channel isn’t walking on eggshells in their video titled “The Globalist Plan To Blame Bitcoin For Biblical Level Collapse.” The video starts off with a harsh dose of reality that many won’t like:

    They won’t teach you in your government schools but every major economic and financial collapse is planned. It doesn’t happen by accident.  – Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante

    Berwick doesn’t mince words later either, and he says that the government and other globalists already have plans to collapse the economy and blame Bitcoin. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has also stated that the elitists need to control Bitcoin in order to control humanity, so look for a false flag terror attack allegedly funded by the now infamous decentralized cryptocurrency.

    “By any measure, we are not at the most extreme time in history in money, finance, banking, equities, bonds, real estate and other sectors,” says Berwick. “We’ve never seen money printing across the board like we’ve seen in the last decade. Interest rates are at record lows and even at ludicrous negative rates in some countries. They’ve never been lower in 5000 years. By any measure, the US stock market is at or past extremes.” Along with the US government’s debt doubling in the last 8 years to a whopping $21 trillion, Berwick says that this is just the symptom of a government and globalist manufactured economic collapse that will all have to “come crashing down.”

    “As always, I look for the clues directly from those who currently control the world, for the answers,” says Berwick. He then points to a Rothschild owned economic magazine that foretells in its 1988 cover image that 2018 will be the year of the global currency. “How could the globalist bankers plan 30 years ahead for a massive change in the monetary system?” Berwick asks. “Well, look no further than Bilderberg.”

    Why? “Because most of the power in the hands of the elites now rests in their control over the issuance of currency which they cannot control with Bitcoin,” Berwick continues. “Instead, what their game plan might be, is to put trillions of dollars into Bitcoin to blow it up to massive extremes.” Berwick then goes on to quote other financial an market experts, such as Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, who all say Bitcoin will cross the $60,000 -$100,000  threshold before the collapse.

    But Bewick also says that one the state gets control of the cryptocurrency, no other cryptocurrency will be allowed to coexist. The game plan is for the price of Bitcoin to crash, either by design or under its own weight so that the global elitists and governments can implement their own cryptocurrency, and again control the supply of currency. 

    Some crackpots on the internet believe Bitcoin is globalist invention. They clearly don’t understand power, control, or what Bitcoin is. If they did, they’d know that Bitcoin is the antidote to the new world order, not the gateway. -Jeff Berwick


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      1. I have land, homes, workshop, tools, animals, gardens
        and no Bitcoins. Crash away! I won’t care!

        • me neither!….until it HAPPENS…..

          • Bitcoin won’t crash until I buy it. That’s always how it works.

            • I am there with you, buddy!

        • Spoken/written by a true acolyte of the Bitcoin fairy-tale. I thought as I read the article – “get over itty-Bittycoin self”. The global collapse will come regardless. Adding the diversion of yet another fiat/unsupported currency – digital or otherwise – who gives a damn? If you build a bridge out of nothing but an idea and no steel – it is not a bridge. Ideas become substance only when they are actually made, caused to be real. To take a material form. Bitcoin has no tangible substance. Advice to all those who actually think anything digital is real is to cash in their Bit holdings and get some real-world possessions.

          • i cashed in MOST of my federal reserve notes YEARS ago, and invested in lead, and lead delivery systems……and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff…..THAT’S what you need….STUFF! there’s the NEXT big thing….

      2. to be a legitimate MONEY, wouldn’t it need to be “understood”? i been trying to understand how the hell bitcoin works for a year now, and i just don’t “get it”. it sure as hell isn’t a stable price, so how can it be considered “money”? when i see people try to explain it on the boobtube, they just don’t get it done, they can’t/WON’T.

        • Bitcoins are like cigarettes.
          They can be traded and bartered.
          They have no value to me, but some
          people will kill to get them.
          The Mining part of the Bitcoin
          is very confusing, but looks like a
          database with lots of Nodes feeding it.
          Perhaps someone can enlighten us.

          • not holding MY Breath.

          • i mine cryptos,i make $300+ a week in any denomination i choose.all day long.whats not to like?

        • bc o’doom – here’s really what it is, Bitcoin. Basically it is an encryption scheme. Coding that cannot be copied, altered or counterfeited. That perfect duplicates for comparison purposes (copies, yes; but, not additional individuals… all just like a reflection in a hall of mirrors of one single chain of “unbreakable” code). Now, the real lie – only so many of these sets/strings of code exist, have been, will be…. created. You seeing where this is headed? A supposed uncrackable, unhackable set of alpha-numeric/special characters in ultimately an ASCII code base that is so damned unique in its miraculous inception that it somehow now has worth. All the processing power to create these sanctified unstealable digits, the many servers those reflected copies reside in have “let there be money” been commanded by the Gods of digi-dom/the geek universe declared to now have a life as money. And that is Bitcoin. A gigantic pile of steaming digi-dung.

      3. They could destroy Bitcoin anytime they want, the block chain was coded by the cia with backdoors and released as some Japanese guys life work. Bitcoins have already been hacked Here and there the cia can hack it any time they want and make everyone’s money disappear.

        • Happened to a friend of mine. He lost several million dollars worth in today’s valuation.

          I told him when it made its first big run up that he should cash out….take the money and run. He didn’t listen. Somebody hacked him and stole all of it. So now he has nothing.

          Yes sir….those crypto-currencies are the way to go. You bet.

        • the bitCoin block-chain code is ‘open source’ so anyone adding further programming to the original code can see all the code written before them.

          Therefore there is not a ‘backdoor’ or if there is, everyone working on the original code are missing the backdoor which is not likely.

          • Open source or not things can be missed and those tiny openings can lead to massive holes of loss. Unless my crypto will be insured I do not think it is a sandbox worth playing in.

      4. I thought the global economic collapse was going to be blamed on Donald Trump.

      5. Code is ‘open source’ so anyone adding further programming to the original code can see all the code written before them. Therefore there is not a ‘backdoor’ or if there is, everyone working on the original code are missing it.

      6. Bitcoin going to $0.00 will not directly effect me, just as the grid going down will not effect the Amish…

      7. I used to listen to Free Talk Live (libertarian radio) in 2008 and 2009 so I remember when Bitcon was introduced and what they said about it. No, I did not bother with it back then, I regret. But I do own a small amount now.

        The globalists are parasites, and like parasites, will never accept responsibility for imploding the global economy. I have nothing bad to say about BTC.

        It is going to be an interesting year! Going to watch the video over on Utube. Not a big fan of the dollar vigilante but I am willing to take the time to see what he has to say.

        Thanks Mac! Good article.

      8. Cryptos will crash the system. You can’t mix matter and antimatter without annihilation

      9. Cryptocurrency IS NOT honest weights and measures like silver bullion in Troy ounce denominations.Or like productive farmland or a ton of heirloom seeds that are proven viable.or accesd tovpitable drinking water. Or fuels/illuminators. Think people.

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