Elite Financier George Soros Warns Of World War III: “Not An Exaggeration”

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    soros-war2As the world economy imploded in 2008 global financier George Soros worked feverishly on a book about the crash in which he detailed the specific actions that needed to be taken by governments and banking institutions to prevent a complete global meltdown. From bailouts to energy price hikes, his recommendations came to pass, almost exactly as he described them in The Crash of 2008 and What It Means.

    To say Soros is influential within the realms of business and politics would be an understatement. He is considered by many to sit within the very inner circle of the elite. With direct ties to the White House, leading financial institutions and as gatekeeper of the financial assets of many ultra-wealthy individuals, Soros may well be one of the few who call the shots.

    His money and influence has  been responsible for the election of American Presidents, as well as the destruction of sovereign economies, not the least of which was his direct hand in the collapse of the Russian Ruble in the late 1990’s.

    So when it comes to understanding the machinations behind the scenes and their effects on global affairs, when Soros speaks, it would behoove us to pay attention.

    In his latest article for The New York Review of Books, Soros puts forth a stark warning, and one that has implications for all of mankind.

    Soros, who has previously warned of coming riots and widespread collapse in America, says time is running short for the United States and China to cooperate in political and financial spheres. Failure, says the multi-billionaire, will undoubtedly lead to a widespread conflagration within a decade.

    And we’re not just talking about a war of words or a cold conflict – we’re talking all out nuclear war.

    The US government has little to gain and much to lose by treating the relationship with China as a zero-sum game. In other words it has little bargaining power. It could, of course, obstruct China’s progress, but that would be very dangerous. President Xi Jinping has taken personal responsibility for the economy and national security. If his market-oriented reforms fail, he may foster some external conflicts to keep the country united and maintain himself in power. This could lead China to align itself with Russia not only financially but also politically and militarily. In that case, should the external conflict escalate into a military confrontation with an ally of the United States such as Japan, it is not an exaggeration to say that we would be on the threshold of a third world war.

    Indeed, military budgets are rapidly increasing both in Russia and in China, and they remain at a very high level in the United States. For China, rearmament would be a surefire way to boost domestic demand. China is already flexing its military muscle in the South China Sea, operating in a unilateral and often quite belligerent manner, which is causing justifiable concern in Washington.

    Nevertheless, it may take a decade or more until a Russian–Chinese military alliance would be ready to confront the US directly. Until then, we may expect a continuation of hybrid warfare and the proliferation of proxy wars.

    China is preparing for something big later this year. Soros touches on this in his op-ed, noting that the Chinese are ready to have their currency be included in the global SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket maintained by the IMF, giving their currency global reach and some level of reserve status. The United States opposes such a move, but by doing so, is creating more hostility between East and West.

    Whatever the case insofar as China’s currency is concerned, does anyone really believe that the United States is willing to give up its position as the world’s only super power by simply conceding economic power to the Chinese?

    Moreover, does anyone think the Chinese, or the Russians for that matter, will sit idly by while America continues to push for global hegemony on all affairs related to finance, economic, politics and military might?

    While Soros outlines his solutions, which involve a lot of political pandering and agreements, those in the upper echelons of the governing structures of the East and West have a lot to lose should they concede too much.

    We have to assume that peaceful resolutions will give way to egos, money, power and influence, just as they have throughout human history.

    This, of course, suggests that rather than finding middle-ground, there is a real danger that events will continue to escalate as the United States, China, and Russia increase military activity in proxy states like Ukraine, Iran, Syria and even North Korea.

    The scenario painted by Soros isn’t that far-fetched, and it is one that has been put forth by Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief, who noted in a recent documentary that a war with China and Russia may be inevitable. Like Soros, Skousen has suggested a timeline into the early 2020’s because China and Russia need more time to ramp up their military and technological capabilities.

    Once they’re ready, though, it will happen quickly and according to Skousen it will likely start in Asia:

    Here’s how I think it’s going down. I think there will be an attack against South Korea. The North Koreans have over two million troops… 20,000 artillery… they can level Seoul in a matter of three or four days. The only way the U.S. can stop that attack is using tactical nuclear weapons.

    And that would give China the excuse to nuke the United States. U.S. is guilty of first-use, the U.S. is the bully of the world, Russia and Chinese unite to launch against U.S. military targets. Not civilian targets per say. There will be about 12 or 15 cities that are inextricably connected with the military that are going to get hit that I mentioned in Strategic Relocation… you don’t want to be in those cities.

    You may have two days notice when that attack in Korea starts, before China launches on the United States.

    Source: The Trigger: If This Ever Happens You Know You’re Days Away From Nuclear War

    The most powerful countries in the world are actively involved in mobilizing their militaries, just as was seen during the multi-year build-up to World War I.

    The catalyst is impossible to predict, but it could be something as seemingly insignificant as the assassination of a member of the elite. Following the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in late June of 1914 all hell broke loose.

    Within six months over a million people were dead.

    And that was without nuclear weapons in their arsenals.

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      1. Sounds like Soros wants a war, I bet he has money somewhere as a bet we will go to war…

        • Why not bet on both sides?

          Easy money in that racket.

          • Soros is THE SUPREME Puppet-Master of the current Administration, I do not trust a damn things he says. it’s ALWAYS all about how much money and power HE can grab and nothing else.
            Anyone who “follows” Soros for financial advice is a traitor to the Republic of the United States. He is consistently involved in trying to manipulate country’s financial markets for his own financial gain and to enrich his political allies.

            • Soros has a history of “helping” banks, currencies and governments fall.

              Billionaire investor George Soros uses his money and influence to ‘manipulate’ markets and the media.
              Is the Soros-Sponsored ‘Agenda 21’ a Hidden Plan for World Government? (Yes, Only it is Not Hidden)

              Anti-American George Soros trying to Control US Media
              “Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many outlets he funds easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe.”

              • KY mom – Great post and links……

              • Yea he destroyed the British pound after he got the govt to take away peoples guns.

              • KY Mom, thanks for those links as always but Soros is too late on controlling MSM in the US. It’s already controlled by six corporations run by ‘the tribe’.

                • But it wasn’t soros who first invented what now is called global warming and agenda 21 swindles…That first was planned by Canadas multi billionaire kommie leftist Morise Strong…When strong was a Top honcho at the UN.

                  Which was back around early 1960’s era.

                  Strong with several more like him, about 5-6 total, began todays global warming scams and agenda 21 crap plans as an Alternative to world war.

                  The main question at their round table was “War works very swell to rid planet of alot of people, create much destructions, which leads to massive war expenditures aka huge profits for banksters kabala cabal…And also causes more huge profits after war ends when the big Re-build begins…

                  BUT…Is there another method that can scare worlds folks into doing Our agendas?…One that is Less bloody, less destructive?…(think similar to neocons Jacobian methods here)

                  BINGO! Morise Strongs UN group concluded that only One other issue can equally affect and Scare folks of entire planet as swelll as global all out War like WWII does, and forces the global masses to Comply with whatever nefarious agendas are promoted as The “Fix”.

                  That being…Weather!…Weather affects folks worldwide. So manufacture huge Fears of “Global Ice age big Freeze!”…Oooppps! That failed after 35-40 yrs…Sooooo…Switch tactics to Overpopulation fears…No room left by year 2000! Must whack a few billion “lesser” folk eh!….Ooooppps! That too failed when much wiser and saner folk investigated strongs and his konnie broods “tactics”…

                  Soooo..Switch yet again!…Global warming! we will run dry on elec power, lose air conditioning services, while entire planet overheats so bad we all DIE!

                  Ooooppps! Just a week prior to the largest ever global warm conference in the UK a few yrs back, when a Thousand of Jet fuel burning Private planes carried the entire worlds top Kommies like strong, soros, al gore etc etc to their big global scare warming meeting…UK got over a Foot of COLD Snow…in MAY! Late May!

                  Plus a week or so prior, some online hacker discovered ten Thousands of private “scientists emails” to each other which ADMITTED that the entire global warm Myth is well a huge Myth!….

                  Ooooppps!….So now 50 years later…the entire worthelss and useless bunch of soros types, ziojew banksters, krooked shabozz goy pols, etc etc….while yet foaming at mouth rabidly for a JWO they alone rule over and Profit from like no other profits prior…Every fuckin tactic has been exposed and failed hugely…

                  What can such idiots with far too much Cash on hand, and too many hrs in a day, waste money and time on to still achive their warped agendas of Death for Us peon Goyims, and world rule by them Non goys?

                  Back to square one eh!…MORE WAR!…Bigger! More deadly! better huge profits than even WWII and its Ongoing Shoa hoax swindle cash cow by them yunowhos!

                  Only This time since usa let israeli loyalists posed as usa citizens, steal nuke plans etc as fast as nukes got invented, ship off nuke bluprints to zios at telaviv, which in turn sold said plans to China kommie breathern, and back Then still bolshevik run kommie russia…

                  And such nukes combined with every factory formerly located within the usa, along with as much spare cash loot as needed from the kabalistic bankster viper den..

                  Should provide for total fullfillment of every agenda and JWO goal ever dreamed up or contained in the worlds most devious, evil, fanatical talmudic inspired, satanic minds to ever live on this planet…Plus the combo of such vast wealth us peons cannot comprehend of the lifestyles it provides them, with totally wrong, yet by the kabals way of thinking, such inspired agendas Cannot Fail for Them!

                  For once they convinced themselves that They and they alone consist of a tiny “Subset” of folks that just happen to also be Super special, self chozenites, and such that even God almighty Himself just cannot ever Judge as wrong!

                  What could possibly go wrong?…For the tiny subset kabal that is…Once they became so self chozen in their own eyes…How can even live Nukes dammage such superior goods as they are?…For Only They are Real 100% Humans! complete with real Souls!…Which empowers them alone…To determine how many and which of You 1/2 human+1/2 animal, SoulESS type “servants” God created only to serve the Tribe, need to perish…No worries for their kabal as self chozeness carries a 100% guarentee of Fireproof status!

                  or so…They….Believe…Total out of kontrol arrogance by what constitutes only a tiny .02% of worlds population eh!….It is No wonder, once this is all understood, why it is that They the subset kabal really do believe everybody else are evil nazis lurking, awaiting a pounce oppurtunity eh….Perhaps such a mass group Pounce should be considered before its too late?

                  ps: Billions of folks as in 7-billion globally makes it too difficult….Break it all down to this instead…

                  7-billion= “7000-millions”…NEXT…

                  OF that “7000” peoples…aprox 14 to 15, are actual members of said Tribal kabal cult. Or tribe equals just a subset of 15-Million total VS “6985” of the…Remaining…”Us” Goyim Peon folk globally!

                  Why should OUR “6985” peoples ever allow Their meesely “15” to determine ANYTHING at ALL?!!

                  Especially when We now have an aprox 3500 year, that is “35” Centuries! of proven evidence that Their “15” member “subset” as some here calls it…Are the worst ever Nation Wrecker crew to ever occupy any space on planet earth…Makes some folk go…”Hmmmmm” eh.

                • Braveheart,

                  Soros knows how to play this game.

                  I have read that George Soros owns significant stock those six corporations controlling the MSM.

                  The description of Soros as the “puppet master” fits, as he is the one behind the curtain directing things.

            • Soros is a financial terrorist. Hitlery’s little girl got married in his long island mansion… He’s the ultimate spooky dude…

              • Anyone with half a brain can see that all sides are mobilizing for war, stock piling materials and ammunition, deploying new weapon systems, moving troops to forward positions, and storing massive amounts of oil & gas above ground to fuel the action.

                The NWO in control of American military power and financial clout will never be stronger versus Russia and China than it is now. The US is forcing China to choose sides now, using the carrot and stick.

                At the present time, Western Powers can defeat both in a conventional war. It can defeat China in a nuclear exchange. Both Russia and China need ten years to match American capabilities.

                The NWO is not going to allow them that luxury. Duck N Cover. 🙁

                • DK… you are so wrong(outdated) on China’s nuke arsenal. They have 3-4 times the amount of warheads protected in hardened mountain railway tunnels on hundreds of miles tracks and roads. They only lack aircraft carriers.

                  • WE have a missile defense capability and can survive a First Strike. The Chinese do not have a functional, deployed missile defense system. Our current systems are superior to theirs but they are gaining fast.

                    Additionally our railguns and lasers are about to be deployed throughout the US Navy, making their new, hypersonic anti-ship missile a moot point before they can be deployed in any numbers.

                    Right now, America and the West have a DISTINCT advantage militarily over ANY adversary. Its now or never for the NWO which is why the NeoCons are pushing their agenda.:-(

            • Well, he is isn’t the only one warning about it…

              I have been glued to Paul Craig Roberts’ website for the last year and half and he is constantly warning about WW3… and things have escalated horribly, just as he predicted!

              Also, Chossudovsky (sp?) at Global Research has written books about WW3, which I would love to read, if had the money!

          • Never trust the word of anyone who’s
            name can be spelled the same backwards……

            • OutWest, Soros is not even his real name, Schwartz (“black” in German)was his given name at birth.
              Just like the Rothchilds were the “Bower/Bauer” in the early 1700’s

              And I thought paladrones were cool….

          • Never trust the word of anyone whose
            name can be spelled the same backwards ……

          • Exactly! Soros will do what is good for Soros. He is a Socialist one day and a Capitalist the next. He was kicked out of Europe and may well at this point be considering leaving the states for reasons that have yet to come to light, most likely involving the Obama regime.

            If he has mentioned a scenario where North Korea goes into South Korea you can bet he will be the guiding force behind it, again, for reasons known only to him. Our current leadership would never have the guts to use a nuke against another country unless of course Soros put him in power with that in mind. And that is not so far fetched as to be worth as moment of thought.


        • “The catalyst is impossible to predict, but it could be something as seemingly insignificant as the assassination of a member of the elite.”

          Please don’t assassinate Obola, key member of the NWO elite.

        • Eppe
          I believe he does.
          Or he is spending his money to start it.

          • One other thing to recall, when obummer was floundering around trying to get oblamocare passed Soros stepped out from behind the curtain and said that if oblamo couldn’t get the job done, he would find someone else… nothing thinly veiled there, eh?

        • Hey eppe, Mac, and everyone else here! Hope y’all are doing well. I been busy digging a hole for myself. So far, I’m 1800 feet down and now my shovel’s broke. Crap! Still, I keep digging. So far….no oil. Oh wait! I was looking for water!
          Damn, it’s dark down here. Can somebody throw me a rope? Or a lighter?…..

          • SO
            Make it wide enough and set in some plastic sheeting on all sides and you have the start of a Bomb Shelter.
            Or we can use it to put TPTB into it when we take over!
            P.S. If we are going to use it for TPTB forget the plastic.

          • Howdy Oak,

            Good to see you haven’t been abducted by a gang of zombie lot lizards.

            About soros and his prediction/heads up, comment about a Russian/Chinese attack against USSAG; he can’t/won’t, acknowledge one very important point.

            And; that is the fact that our Creator is still on the Throne, and when He allows the dominoes of the USSAG economy, and possibly, catastrophic events to the infrastructure also, then the timing could be shortened by many many years.

            They will come, eventually. They won’t succeed, ever.


            • Stop thinking that a magical sky fairy will come and save you. Those in power are using your belief in the Eschaton pattern to cover their domination. There will be no savior at the end to come rescue the faithful from the system.

              Nothing good can ever come of this world; and your god is evil for even making it if he does exist.

        • All wars are Bankster wars !

          • +1 Rodster –

            Unfortunately, it is us the people of the world that has to suffer through their sickness & wicked ways.

            “let the games begin, I want to go on a Politician killing Expedition”

            • what u waitn on go to task

        • Soros should know, he financed the Ferguson Riots with about $2 Mil dollars. The A-hole should be sitting in prison. Yes level every military mafia base in the US. All they do is waste our money and spread hate and genocide worldwide. So get as far away from any military base you can.

          Had a Buck and 2 Doe come about 30 yrds from me today. Prep, stack and pack it away folks.

          • Had a doe, and her twin fawns bedded down at the edge of the yard yesterday. We were only feet away from the newborns, as momma watched from a short distance.

            Smart momma, to keep them close to the house, where the coyotes don’t tread.

        • Being such a member of the elite, for him to declare that nuclear war is “undoubted” would mean that he knows of it being in the works–works that he himself has had a big part in devising?

          ALL U.S. “dollars” are backed–several times over–by Communist Chinese yuan. The yuan is THE global currency now. It has been for some time–especially since “our representatives” (of the elites) signed our (the people’s) “full faith and credit” (our territorial sovereignty) to the debts to bail out the failed elites, leaving us, the people, with the unrepayable debt to Communist China. China’s collection on that debt–in the form of territorial conquest–is what “Jade Helm” and now, Soros’ apparent threat of, and potential plan (?) of inflicting nuclear war are all about.

          Such devastation of America’s big cities on which so many are unwisely dependent would be just the reason for declaration of martial law (“continuity of government”) and “inviting” of Communist China in to “assist”–with conquering the U.S. for elitist world Communism. The undoing of what gives the elites their junk to throw at the people would actually be a friendly self-inflicted shot by the powers-that-be towards what keeps them in power over the people (those who are dependent on and compliant with them).

          • According to US government documents the federal government and the UN want the American people unarmed. Jade Helm will be an annual training exercise that will eventually go live but not for at least several years.

            Think about it. After several years of watching them playact, how will citizens know that real people are being removed?

            • I’d agree with that except the US doesn’t have a few years left. We have months left in my opinion.

        • What scares me is that Russia and the U.S. have been playing tit for tat for over a year (Ukraine crisis) and the latest move (I heard about) was the U.S. has installed a lot of military equipment on Russia’s borders and in response, Russia, which was very upset about it, has said they will do the same… so, you have the US on one side and Russia on the other side, with all this military stuff… so what is next? What kind of spark will set it off?

      2. Comes along at the same time as the current Pope (Petrus Romanus?) is calling for world government and the elimination of billions of people.

        The Apostacy of the Church has officially begun, things will start getting seriously difficult form this point onward and at an increasingly rapid pace (like birth pangs, coming closer together and stronger each time).

        • “Comes along at the same time as the current Pope (Petrus Romanus?) is calling for world government and the elimination of billions of people.”

          Calling Catholic John Q. Public. Are you there? The Catholic Church is a major part of the NWO, with its Agenda 21 NWO Pope Francis.

          Tsk, tsk. Dem Catholics.

          • I agree in part. Catholicism in it’s twisted reverence to Father,Son, and Holy Spirit, has at it’s roots, a dedication to moral living, and biblical values.

            However; the Holy Roman Catholic church/vatican, is the epitome of an oxymoron. There isn’t much “holy” about it anymore.
            Sadly, a couple billion followers see it and the pope as figures to be worshiped and revered. Bad mistake.

            They deserve not one ounce of respect. The sin that comes out of the…… well, I digress. Wouldn’t want to get “moderated”, out of existence.

            I must make a point though. We aren’t to make a quick judgment about someone practicing any type faith/religion, because there are many determining factors, that only has consideration by our Heavenly Father.
            Such as, children. People that follow a religion that will not, under any circumstances get them into Heaven, because Jesus Christ isn’t at the center of it, may get a pass into the Millennium for their true “teaching”.

            God will not condemn his children to die in the Lake of Fire, before they have a full understanding and knowledge of His Master plan, and all about Jesus. If they still reject Him, after the 1000 years, then it’s game over.

            Much, much, better to accept now, and take part in the first resurrection at the beginning of the Millennium, rather than at the tail end. A thousand years is a long time to be unproven and live with a mortal soul.

            Better to be locked in, and partake of all the blessings Christ has in store. And btw, it ain’t gonna be that far along either. Maybe before this decade is over.

            • PWTW:

              Thank you for your post.

              Before ANYONE smugly points a finger at another poster and the congregation/church they belong to perhaps they should delve into whether their pastor/teacher/preacher is confronting their followers with the truth. If your church is a 501C3 church your pastor has been muzzled by the tax free status of the 501C3 provisions. If all you are hearing is “feel good” church you need to question what is happening to your choice of where you park your butt on Sunday.

              JQP might be Catholic; but I can assure you he does not support the fraudulent Pope who is dismantling his church.

              JQP posts MORE truth on this blog than anyone that chooses to attack him. Because he posts TRUTH people like freeslave will always play attack dog.

              Best link I was ever given to find the truth:

              biblestudysite dot com

      3. This is what nightmares are made of! Part of the reason I started my company http://www.practicaltacticalsupplies.com was to help prepare individuals to face a world that could be very different in the not so distant future. It seems we live in a very volatile era and things can change in a flash. The citizens of the US need to educate themselves on preparedness now in order to be safe later. The article is very informative and well written. Thank you!

      4. He should be tried and convicted of being an enemy of the United States!

        • More like an enemy of humanity.

      5. Its a big game of chicken however I can’t see a nuclear war as whoever fires first understands the ramifications of MAD.

        • Haven’t you heard? The military has a new nuclear war strategy. They are being trained to WAIT OUT THE ATTACK and then return fire. Gotta wonder who came up with that one. And this is not a secret so China and Russia know that they can fire and not worry about getting return fire if they do a good job of hitting all our silos.
          No game of chicken involved now. Just insanity at the helm.

          • Cara ,
            You forgot about our SLBMs we have enough to eradicate them from the face of the earth.

            Semper Fi

          • Its the subs they have to hit….that’s where our real fire power is. The HNIC has probably replaced all the sub commanders with fags.

      6. Soros = the new Rothschild.

        • Soros is but a bit player and a relatively new one at that. He is the front man to take the heat.

          Its the people out of the media eye that actually control.

          • Correct: Todays mini actor is soros…back in 1917 usa, Rothschild’s Main key front man in usa was NY bankster ziojewdeoboy Jacob Shiff…His main act was funding Trotsky so the bolsheviks Third attempt at revolution against russians whites and christians would now be a huge success…$20 Million in 24KT Pure Gold funding.

            Lennin got $10 Million more in pure gold for same revolt from german jewdeozio banksters Warburgs family.

            trotsky also recruited aprox 300 fellow tribsman in NY to follow him back to russia and act as his and lennins leadership crew…Those 300 were very eager to leave usa and begin the greatest mass murder spree the worlds has ever seen…No wonder whiteys planet wide are such a minority today eh! The “Best of Goyims” has been mass exterminated just as written to do.

            At current rates…If any historians survive to write of this era…All they will need write for entire 20th And 21st century whiteygoyim history will be…

            “Them Stooooopid Goyim”…It shall be the fastest book on history ever to read.

      7. This is like seeing Soros walking out of your house carrying an empty gas can and a lit road flare, and having him warn you your house might burn down soon – as he casually tosses the burning flare into you house.

      8. Of course the fascist filth need a war when their Corporatist controlled FEUDAL SYSTEM the GENOCIDAL money pigs set-up for themselves is collapsing in front of our eyes. Of course the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE chemically altered hybrid humans just stare at the manipulated stock market, while sucking down soda poison and shoving poisonous toxic fake food into their dumbed down bodies, and the Zombies believe the Corporatist Fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM will just keep providing them with all the cowards need, as their children’s future and health is given away to the most vile evil GENOCIDAL fascist filth the world has ever seen.

      9. A nuclear (like total destruction) would be highly unlikely. The last thing Russia and China would want is resources that can’t be used. An EMP stike would save the resources ie…people, land, forest, water, but bring the country to its knees. It will then be survival of the fitest. Within a few weeks we will then have to deal with the zombies caused by people not able to get their meds. We will be destroyed from within. Now…try to have a nice day.

        • Hope for the best; plan for the worst.

      10. Friends World War is upon us; like it or not it will come to be; very soon. This war will be like no other, it will be everyone for themselves (nation),it will start out with sides, but soon those will break down and yes it will be everyone (nation)for themselves. Absolutely every weapon known to mankind will be used on all. After the smoke clears; those who survive will inherit a waste land beyond words. Prepare to die, because we will (most of us). IMHO!

      11. He just wants to be sure he funds both sides , and of course receives proceeds from both sides

        him giving a shit about a war other than what he can get out of it is a joke

        I wouldnt put it past him to provoke a war , just so he can profit from it

      12. How else can you get a new world government. The only reason there hasn’t been a Nuke war or WW3 is because we have all of our guns. If you win a nuke exchange you need to take over the areas that weren’t nuked.

        The whole damn thing is coming down.

        Soros want a war he is a vessel of Satan. Hell he might even be the Anti-Christ. Look what he did in the pass during WW2.

        If the nukes start flying the only thing we can do is pray for each other. That is one reason I want to get out of Illinois, and move to the hills of Tennessee.

        If you don’t have the ABC gas mask get some and extra filters. If you can still get Nuke clothing get it now!


        • Should read NBC mask.

        • Sgt Dale

          Your guns have nothing to do with the prevention of a nuclear war. The massive destructive capability targeting the centers of manufacturing, education and technology puts the receiver in a pre industrial environment. China, Russia and the US would not have disposable military assets for conquest as any remaining forces will be real busy rebuilding and organizing in their respective nations. Actually a significant shift in global power may emerge from up coming industrial nations that are too insignificant to be themselves targeted. Like the post WWII two decade rise of the US after Europe and Asia were bombed out would be an example. The destruction of WWII would pale in comparison to the aftermath of a nuclear exchange.

          • K2
            I agree with small arms not stopping a Nuke war or an even an EMP war.
            What I was getting at that when the land forces landed they would have to go up against us. I my heart I don’t believe that there is any country in the world that would want to do that. In my humble opinion.

            • Sgt Dale

              No nation that was attacked with nuclear weapons will have the capacity to invade another post exchange. The US, China and Russia would be far more devastated than Japan and Germany were in late 1945. That destruction which as I said would be pale by comparison to WWIII had massive help rebuilding with both the Marshall and MacAuthor plan and that took two decades. The US, China and Russia would have no such benefactor to aid in their rebuilding and actually might be scorned by the relatively unscathed post WWIII industrial leaders. We haven’t addressed the possibility of a simultaneous biological attack which if the gloves come off is a high probability. The best physicians, dead, the hospitals, destroyed. Manufacturing reduced to a cottage industry, pharmaceuticals non existent in real numbers. Power generation a fraction of pre war with little industrial capacity to build anew and even more scarce the means to trade as the destroyed nations have nothing of value to offer for several decades and that is an optimistic prediction.

              One thing nuclear weapons do is maintain peace as even the most aggressive leader is sobered by the consequences of their use.

              The world will be rather busy tending to internal affairs.

            • Sarge, just got back in town and missed out on the last 2 articles. On this one, there will be an invasion and any and all foreigners who I spot in my rifle scope will become history and I don’t care where they come from. I feel a war coming. I don’t think we’ll even have elections next year. I’d love to think Russia, China, etc. would reconsider going up against us, but I doubt it. Just think of how many troops it would require to lockdown this nation. Only China would have those numbers, but who knows how many troops they’re willing to commit? I also question the quality of all Chinese weapons, even their small arms. Remember, still MADE IN CHINA. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

      13. Anybody else notice how the night before the TransPacific Partnership Treaty/FastTrack was to be passed by the House, another entranced-appearing (per mug shot) young white male committed mass murder, which again refocused the whole nation’s attention from Congress.

        Heard one veteran tell that when he was in boot camp, they had mandatory hypnotist shows…with the goal being to see which soldier could be hypnotized to act like something he really was not (think clucking like a chicken).

        • Hypnotizabilty andd suggestibility are two different things. One will not enter a state of hypnosis unless it is consensual. Now, individuals who are not critical thinkers and are more comfortable performing rote or mundane repetitive tasks tend to much more highly suggestible. Hence, koolaid drinkers. These same people are very successive to NLP,and speaking of NLP, Obama is a master. Google obama and nlp.

          When folks volunteer in stage shows, they are giving themselves permission to act a fool, therefore the subconscious mind willingly allows the bypass of critical factor to allow crazy suggestions to be followed. The protective mechanism remains intact and if a suggestion against a persons morals is given they can and will spontaneously exit hypnosis on their own will. I am a healthcare professional and a board certified hypnotist and I have witnessed this protective mechanism in action on many levels. Still waters run deep, because the subconscious mind is ever vigilant.

          Sorry to beat this horse to death, but misperceptions about hypnosis harms the professions, and I’ve helped many people overcome difficulties through its use.

          • I used to know a hypnotist named Dean Sterling, haven’t seen him in many many years now. Someone told me he died a while back.

            In any event, he always claimed if he could get anyone alone in his back room he could hypnotize them and make them do anything he wanted, even challenged scoffers to it on a regular basis.

            AFIK, he never failed to hypnotize anyone he wanted to hypnotize no matter whether it was willingly or not as long as they gave him permission but said it didn’t really matter whether they did or not.

            FWIW, I never let him try since I saw him succeed too many times.

            (BTW, I have no trouble using his name in the forum since he was a very public personality and gave public hypnosis demonstrations all the time.)

      14. Fun With Lang-Widge (part 22)

        And I thought I had trouble communicating.

        I was in a travel center in Salt Lake the other day. We used to call them truck stops, but that was before ‘Truck’ was a dirty word. A young woman in her early 20’s came in, looking for a gas can. Apparently she’d run out of fuel.
        To the clerk, she said “I need one of them plastic jug things.” (when I heard ‘plastic jug’ my first thought was silicone implants, but she didn’t look the type)
        The clerk, a guy about her age, with just as many tattoos, said, “You mean a big drink cup? We got those 44 ounce travel mugs over here” He walked her toward the soda machine.
        She wandered over, checked out the insulated cups and decided that wouldn’t do. “No, I think they have a thingy on top where the stuff comes out. You know? One of those wavy, bendy things so it don’t dribble on you?”
        He was totally confused, “These have a plastic straw. It’s flexible and reusable. See?” He bent the straw back and forth.
        “I don’t think these are big enough,” she said.
        “Well, we have the Super 64 insulated cup. It holds a lot more, maybe a gallon, I think…?” He looked at her, hopefully.
        “Nope, I got a hundred miles to go and this prob-lee won’t be enough. Even if I recharge and switch to electric.”
        He looked completely dumbfounded, “Dang, lady! How much Pepsi can you drink in a hundred miles?”
        She looked confused, then a bit angry. I decided to help them out. Walking over in my most stately, grandfatherly manner, I said “May I interpret?”
        Putting a hand on the clerks shoulder I gently steered him to the aisle where the fuel containers were. She followed and brightened when she spotted them. I asked her, “Chevy Volt?”
        She responded, “It’s a Leaf.”
        I picked up a red gas can and handed it to her, unscrewing the top and pulling out the inverted spout. The clerk looked like he was having an epiphany, the girl looked relieved.
        She went to the counter and paid. As she headed out the door I said, “The green pump handle thingy is diesel. Don’t use that one…”

        • NICE !
          Sounds like my kid , but she drives a f350……..scary.

        • SmokinOkie, welcome back and another damn good joke. Keep them coming.

      15. Kids today
        All that money for and education and they DON’T KNOW S##T!!!!

        • How you been, Sgt? Hope all is well at your place.
          Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the riots to start in Charleston…..

          • S.O.
            Been great! Garden doing GREAT. God Lords watching it. Working more hours than a retired guy should be, but it helps me add to my preps.

            Just add a 91/30 Nagant, and an AR15 pistol, 750 Watt inverter to add to my batteries off of my Solar panel when the time comes. Been hitting rummage sale and picking up Propane tanks for cheap (around $5.00) and trading them in for full ones a Wally World. (around $17.00 for a full one.) The wife and I have been hitting the silver dealers, and buying more storable food.

            Been seeing a lot of high tec. equipment going out to the National Guard, that I have never seen before.

            Where I’m living we got over 8″ of rain in less than five days Lots of flooding in the area.

            I’ve been waiting for the S#$T to hit the fan in Chiraq (new name for Shitcago) More people killed and wounded there than in Iraq.

            The Wife is in Tennessee look at property. I want to get out of Illinois before TSHTF and get set up.

            I hope everything is going well for you and Yours!

            Thanks for asking.

            • You bring up a good point, about lives lost in Shitcago.

              Odrama doesn’t seem to care about the blacks getting killed each weekend, in the dozens, in the big Windy.

              But let a crazed whitey commit a mass execution, and it’s “turn in your weapons, no not just the ones we have on our NWO lists, I mean everyone”.

              Gungrabbers then come out of the woodwork. Why are they not marching for guns to be grabbed in shitcago, every weekend?
              Why does Al sharptongue show up at every event in the nation, of blacks getting killed…..except shitcago?

              Is shitcago off limits for some reason? It doesn’t make sense.

            • Sgt, I’m so glad im out of CT. My stress level has gone down significantly, even thoug I have a lot to do to get my MS property up to snuff. My good wishes to you my friend. Watch your six.

              • NPPH, how are you and how is it going with the property? I’ve got another supply run scheduled to the BOL in July but that could turn out to be the bugout trip if things are serious enough at that time.

                • It will be your last trip… for sure. If you are smart…you’ll stay there. Anyone that has traveled in a third world shithole, knows your odds of getting out of mogumephis is slim to none. I really hope you will gain some sense and stay.

      16. Great article. Soroso is right on the money. He is also one of the most evil bastards on the face of the planet and a sworn enemy of the American people. Still, he probably knows what he is talking about on these issues.

        • I disagree, Soros is also a propagandist , he wants to win the long game.
          He knows that if he can beat down positive attitudes and make people feel that there are no options and no hope , his work is easy . Right outta the socialist playbook.

          Nope , i dont trust a word he says.
          Its about time for his dirt nap .

      17. China and Russia have many things in common, but the one thing that stands out is there purity of culture and it is for this reason that TPTB need WWIII. Europe and America are already under attack and have been for a long time, America has been sold as a melting pot but we now see what can only be called cultural coagulation that creates strife, and on top of it all we’re forced to except it and called racist if we don’t.
        From a strategic standpoint America has troops deployed in every country separating Russia and Europe, from a military point of view it’s supposed to look like we’re protecting Europe when the truth is we are keeping Russia at bay so Africa, the Middle East, India and Pakistan can continue their invasion of Europe unabated from Russian Nationalism.

        The same is happening in America under the guise of humanitarianism, and the price we’re paying is rape, murder and disease. I call it cultural bleed/blend, TPTB is and has been at war with the common man for a long time, we just didn’t know it.
        Color lines are being blurred, and a race war is being fomented as part of their war plan, the question now is how the stable intelligent people stop the spread of this unnatural plan?

        • China is a refreshing place to visit: a dynamic culture and economically vibrant. And some seriously hot women thrown in for good measure.

          Russia is a crazy, scary place with some seriously hot women thrown in for good measure. Seriously hot women: I have to say that twice because Russian women are just so damn beautiful.

          We do not want war with either of them: we should instead do more business with them and party, party hard with them because most people just want to enjoy life. As for Europe, it needs to grow some nuts and control its borders: there is nothing wrong with preserving white European civilization: one of the most beautiful cultures in the world with the most beautiful women (apart from Asia that is).

          • From the hot woman point of view you’re correct. My point is that color and ethnicity is being blended in an unnatural way and China and Russia will be the last two super powers that will fight it for decades to maintain purity and nationalism. There was a time when Americans and newly arriving immigrants pressured/pressured themselves to integrate, now that no longer happens and it’s created a divide in the US that is natural on one hand and unnatural from a foundational point.

            The American experiment is dead, even the past article proves we have NO confidence in the system and that of course was by design.

            When conducting a science experiment the outcome should occur naturally, but we’re being manipulated and the outcome under that condition can only be war.

            • “The American experiment is dead, ”
              Nope , not by a long shot.
              The left wing propaganda machine would have you believe this and just give up and stay silent.
              The truth is that the socialist left that wants us to believe that the United States is over ,is a small but very vocal minority.
              Nope , stay the course , the republic is still very much alive in flyover country, and thats all that matters.

              • Yeah Hammer, I think your right. The red states may condense in size.. But they get REDDER. I think in the long run We the People will end up in “Like minded” states. I’m thinking like the American Redoubt. I’ll be there. Hope we will all stand together.

                • I hope you’re both right, but the old patterns of man say something bad is coming our way and based on the mind set of our youth the ideas that we hold dear will be seen as old fashioned and out dated. So the sooner the better for the survival of all that is wholesome otherwise start reproducing and teach your children well because if one more generation goes by with the current mind set we’re gone and what comes out the other end will be unrecignizable.

          • Frank….Damn.. don’t you ever post without mentioning sex. You need to get some pussy, and I don’t mean just a blow job, but some serious snatch pounding like a jack hammer for a few hours. Then you could concentrate on the topic. Everytime I read your comments, I have to convince the wife that its payday again….if you know what I mean.

        • the question now is how the stable intelligent people stop the spread of this unnatural plan?

          Answer#1…They Must finally stop existing in state of abject Denial of…The Worlds Foremost Problem group.

          Good luck on that eh!

      18. I don’t believe that obama has the balls to nuke China. I believe China will first invade Taiwan since the Chinese claim it as their own anyway. From there they will do a Hitler and invade the smaller country’s around them until the event begins. As this unfolds, Russia will start to expand their borders and start doing what China is doing and then you have the Gog and Magog scenario that the Bible speaks of. Oh what “fun” times we live.

      19. Soros? That old turtle? ! Just for fun, on a hot afternoon, I thought I would look up what he may—or may not— pay in income taxes. Well, turns out, not a lot. Not yearly anyway. This is a recent article by Miles Weiss entitled “George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill.”

        ht tp://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-30/george-soros-s-tax-bill

        • The article should be titled “George Soros Plans World War 3”. He is not guessing when anything will happen. He is conspiring to make it happen.

      20. Follow who will make the most money. Money won’t be made if we are ashes. For right now I see the security industries making the most. Tracking cameras, biometric research etc… when that money is run out,then I guess we will be in a shooting war. Then the old school weapons companies will continue to cash in.

      21. It’s fitting that the evil, Satanist, reptilian-faced Soros is warning of war. For over a year he’s been the Rothschild agent in charge of stirring up trouble in the Ukraine.

      22. Fuck their over seas adventures.As for the defence of this country,willing to fight enemies from abroad or within.

      23. I would think our muslim-in-cheif obomber would really want ww3 to happen and let the infidels destroy themselves and create a power vaccuum for himself and his jihadist buddies to fill. It just looks like the plan thats forming…..

        • If hobammys such a huge muslim?…Why did chicagos Richest Multi Billionaire Woman, whom is also Very Jewish, along with several more of her very jewish friends who basically control Ill state fund and promote him from his early state senate days as well as into his installment as residnt HNIC prez?

          This is sounding as crazed as victoria neuland, also very jewish, as No2 us state dept honcho funded $5 billion To Ukraines Neo Nazis so to kill off other ukrainians which are mostly christian russian whites!

          So to sum up here we are to believe all these wealthy and high placed jewish persons are funding Negroe muslims as well as neo Nazis!

          Meanwhile daily on tv’s hitler aka history channel shows we get bombarded with daily 24/7 rants of how evil nazis were and how 75 yrs later the shoa hoax must go on, and on and on eh.

          So which Is it really?

          I bet this is reason that after close to 15 yrs of alciada and now isis terrorists…Israel and jewish folks as yet has NOT been attacked right.

          Ok back to fox tv for more proper info that we can trust!

      24. Murders in S.C. church by a young man reportedly taking psychotropic drugs.

        Obama hits gun control theme in reaction to church shootings

        Obama, “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”


        Obama must have forgotten about the mass killing near Oslo in Norway.
        Remember this…
        Man disguised as a cop opens fire at youth summer camp near Oslo – 84 dead

        Rahm Emanuel:
        “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

        • “No gun” zones are viewed by those wishing to harm others as rich target areas.

          • KY Mom, I predict the African virus will make a final all-out push for a gun ban now in light of the Charleston incident. While I can agree the massacre should never have happened and the killer should get the death penalty, that is NO EXCUSE to target law-abiding gun owners who NEVER commit any such crimes. Everyone fasten your seat belts; full scale attack on the 2A is coming.

            • Braveheart,

              I agree this is not an excuse to push for more gun control.

              They don’t need a reason, just an opportunity to push to further their agenda.

            • We have two choices:

              1 We can live in a free society.

              2 We can live in a society that raises its (mostly male) children on psychiatric drugs.

              We cannot have both.

              Why we chose #2 is beyond me.

        • For that matter he also forgot things like Charlie Hebdo and such.

          And to think he was just lamenting that he hadn’t achieved more in the way of climate regulations and gun control, how convenient this seems to be.

          (I imagine the climate regulations are going to be in that TPP stuff he and the Republicans are pushing through)

      25. There will not be a WW3 !!! due to mass awakening to wars

      26. Almost completely packed. My husband has decided to go to MS now rather than wait even though the house is not sold yet. He’s antsy to get out of CT. I’m hoping all the fruit tress and berry bushes and grape vines help the place sell. Also the rhubarb, horseradish and asparagus bed. Maybe there’s an urban homesteader out there somewhere who wants this house. Yall say a prayer.

        • “NP”
          Your husband is a smart man. I would get out of Ct. ASAP also. I want to get out of Illinois ASAP myself but haven’t found anything yet. (We did but got out bid by $1,000.00).
          I’ll keep you and yours in my prays. Please keep me and mine in yours. That we find and place and get it ready in Tennessee, before TSHTF.

          • See my post to yours above. I think he’s missed me the 4 weeks I’ve been gone, it’s gonna be a little like green acres with him learning to really farm. I’m sure my daddy will be smiling down on him.

            • NPPH, the BOL in GA I’m going to is a homestead. Most of my family in that region are homesteaders, having been raised on farms, so they grow crops in their sleep. They all live within a 20-square mile area. the BOL sits on 30 acres and borders on a year-round creek on one side. Great-tasting water from the creek and the well. Garden out behind the cabin and game everywhere along with a lifetime supply of wood for the wood stove. Also a long way from any urban areas. Once I bugout to it, I’ll be bugging in. That is where I’ll spend the rest of my days.

      27. Fuck Soro’s that pOS facist!
        The world would be a better place if he fell into a woodchipper or his plane crashed!
        FUCK Soro’s!!!

      28. Looks like I have to bag more sand.

      29. One more foot note about George, Soros is NOT his real name… the family was Hungarian Jew and his father hated Jews, and during WW 2, George was helping Nazi troops load furniture into trucks from Jewish homes. About 4-5 yrs ago in an interview, he called that time in his life, the most exciting… sick bastard eh?

        • Damn straight , sick bastard.

      30. i wish soros would kick it off!

        ww3 would be the perfect time to take care of Amerika’s zionist aipac problem on the domestic home front.


      31. Soros…Puppet speaking puppet words.

        Serfs of the Anglo-Zionist Empire you are.

        Your elected pigs know you are lazy and impotent and most will not act.

        .gov pigs hate freemen.

        Time to jelly up some more petrol.

      32. I have been watching the news about the shooting in Charleston. Of course Obama had to bring up gun control as an issue with this shooting. What people do not realize is that a killer will kill. The gun is just the mechanism the killer happen to choose. If guns were not accessible, killers will just find another way. knives. bombs. poison. Hell, anyone could make a bomb from house-hold products right now. Gun control will not stop the killing. It will just make law abiding citizen unable to protect themselves. Seriously, since when do criminals follow the law?

      33. If Soros thinks there will be WW3 then he is trying to push it along,blowing the embers to get the flame going. I hope he where a nuke drops.

      34. Sarge, come on down! No state income tax!

      35. He has admitted to undermining countries, currencies, and wants to do the same to the United States. If he’s an American citizen, he’s a traitor. If he’s not, he’s a foreign invader.

        Why hasn’t someone put a bullet in this bastards head?

      36. I hate Soros and alike, But to doubt him on this issue might be a mistake as it is him that likely has a hand in it. I don’t remember where I herd this but it was said that the global elite tell the people their intentions prior to acting. It’s part of their rules. Kind of hard to believe they play by any rules.

      37. Soros is EVIL. Puppetmaster.

          a 85-year old man who is about to meet the Creator still so obsessed with his New World Order craze they will go any lenghs to persue thier plans….
          God must interfere to prevent the psychopaths from obliterating the earth

      38. Said it before, say it again. You can’t do that.

        I mean you can’t do that. Just you can’t, all the nuke plants go tits up and the world’s radioactive.

        Don’t you think everyone knows this?

        Why you think Iran wants a doomsday device masquerading as a power plant?

      39. Zog Vampires are Real

        george soros and the rest of the nwo oligarchy are true vampires. they will live to be 100+ years old as they ‘life extend’ by harvesting and transplanting fresh clean youthful human organs into themselves on a regular basis.

      40. Don’t forget that Soros is part of the ELITE (NWO builder) those who are building a New World Order and control FED and ECB.
        Soros is authorized for controlled leaks of the ELITE prospects in respects of the world. Why? Very simple: First, Soros comes forward with his dire predictions, something that appears little feasible at the moment the prediction is made with Soros making his comments as to why this would happen. When the predictions come true, everyone would recall that the “GREAT HARBINGER” had once stood out to predict this, so once he was able to foresee the occurrence taking place in the future so were his estimates in respect of who to blame equally credible.
        What Soros declares is nothing short of purported disinformation, a partial leak of the ELITE intentions designed to shape up the belief that it will not be “democracy-minded” USA but rather totalitarian Russia and China to blame for the military conflict to come. So when the BIG comes, everyone is well aware who is to blame, needless to say – China+Russia.
        Just take a look at who is ACTUALLY terrorizing the world these days starting from the 9/11 inside job and extending hostilities towards independent countries either directly or by proxy utilizing pretesting moods of people. Whose military budged equals that of ten other largest military budgets all combined, so you can easily come up with an understanding of who is really after the military conflict to come….The hegemony of US Dollar being primary world reserve currency is at mortal danger by Yuan, so the war is imminent… Neither China not Russia need any war because they are on the way to dominate the world financially in the near future, the only country benefitting from all-out war being the USA….

      41. Soros may have a bunker he can run to but there will be no one left to grovel to his ego. I guess he realises that he is going to die soon and wants to take us all with him.

      42. Decades ago, I read that the “plan” is to flood this country with anti-Americans and go to war with Russia and/or China. Then our government, lead by the usual suspects, will surrender. So far, a lot of what was written back then has come true.

        • Prophet:

          The best blueprint for 3 world wars can be found just by googling Albert Pike. Everything he stated for the 2 world wars happened; and the blueprint for the third is right in line with what he stated would lead up to it.

          No more guessing what the plan is….read what he has to say and then ask yourself if WW1 and WW2 happened just as he wrote.

          And a quick look at his life story shows you he was no “buffoon”. The truth is encapsulated in his remarks.

          Soro’s is not alone in his desire to ruin America and the world. He has many evil helping hands…..

        • When the government surrenders is when the real war starts.

          That is the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

          An armed population is not easily conquered.

      43. The one that instigates these things will certainly know what is coming in America, and globally! Soros has planned and funded all these racially and economically charged situations! Clearly the last snag is America, so he will do everything in his power to bring it down to implement the One World Order!

      44. Why doesn’t somebody make him stop?

        • He has lots and lots of money.

      45. This is News?!

        Yea?! We needed Soros (an “Expert”) to tell us this!!!

        Russia has a score to settle (Or a few)!
        If anyone thinks that the Slavs will EVER forget the “Soros” betrayal with Bin Laden, sanctions (Pansies) etc…… I’ve got a bridge over the river Kwai to sell you!!!!

        Mushroom’s were a forgone conclusion about 1 Winter Olympics and 2 sanctions ago!!!!
        And who could blame Putin?! I’d have pushed that button when a bunch of homo’s showed up for my games!!!!!

      46. Doesn’t this guy PAY people to have an outcome now? To me, that is NO prediction at all!

        You call that a BRIBE!

      47. RECOVERY??? The world supply of industrial metals for the most part are at 5 year lows, there is no industrial demand, and prices of most industrial metals are also at 5 year lows. Looking for the Baltic Dry Index to flat line down to world war lows into Sleptember. Spot price for aluminum is 0.74, some recycling centers are now offering only .25 per pound!!

      48. There is NOTHING elite about this satanic POS Soros !


        “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
        — Gutle Schnaper. Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife(Jew)

        Were I a leader of a nation, to avert war, I would institute a defense policy stating that regardless what nation attacked my country, the first salvo of nuclear weapons would be directed at the major cities, military installations and critical economic resources of Israel, to be quickly followed by another launch at the nation that was the attacker.

        Such a united policy among nations would convert the war mongering for profit Jew[Z] into desperate and terrified peace mongering twits for survival.

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