Elite Bunker Down in “Secure, Safe Rooms Hidden in Plain Sight”… And You Can, Too

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Do you LOVE America?


    It is an age of vast inequality, and those who stand out, or stand above, are finding places to lay low.

    With any number of riots, protests and grumblings on the ground level, elites, VIPs, military commandos and foreign dignitaries are preparing to hunker down.

    With vitriol and scrutiny directed at Wall Street bankers, corrupt politicians and misdirected notoriety for celebrities and public figures, the consequences of a growing divide, discontent and general unrest seem to be serious enough for people of means to beef up security and looking for escapes and safe places.

    “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

    “I think the rich are worried and they should be worried. I mean inequality, why does it matter?” Wallis continued.

    But it’s not just elite retreats on private islands, secret getaways and remote countryside farmhouses – where many figures, fearing economic meltdown, civil unrest and more – have already been hedging second and third homes at.

    The New York Times profiled the urban chic Secure, Safe Rooms Hidden in Plain Sight that are increasingly being installed by the rich, even as they live in Manhattan penthouses and upscale homes among the populations of the largest metropolitan locations around – putting another layer of security between them and unwanted attention – just in case of, well, almost anything:

    “It looked like any old walk-in closet,” [former Senator Bob] Kerrey said of the 8-feet-by-12-feet bulletproof space inside the third-floor master bedroom (a space the former Navy SEAL said he had little use for).

    “There was nothing about it that gave it away as anything but a place to hang your clothes.”

    That is the point. For centuries, the best way for the wealthy to feel protected, or at least give the impression, was from behind a moat, a gate or an army. Such options are impractical in Manhattan, even for those who can afford them, yet a number of these property owners are finding ways to feel safe even in the event of a home invasion. When an alarm or a doorman is not enough, advances in designs and materials have made it possible to enjoy the safety of Fort Knox amid the comfort of a Four Seasons suite.


    The reality of today’s safe rooms is far cozier, and, rather than behind fake bookcases or trap doors, they tend to hide in plain sight. If there are cinder blocks, they are covered by mahogany paneling or smooth plaster, sandwiched between steel plates and Kevlar sheets. Some people fortify bathrooms or closets, others reinforce entire bedroom suites.

    With six figure plans just for a small, unassuming room inside a large apartment in a tower (or the like), many of these elites are preparing not just for a breakdown of society, a temporary emergency (like a natural disaster), but for some serious blowback.

    This upscale prepping is definitely more than just contingency for disruptions – the overtones are concern for a sharp divide with the masses, and a fear of being targeted for their status, wealth, power or privilege:

    “The world is a very scary place right now, especially for people of means; they feel cornered and threatened,” said Tom Gaffney, the president of Gaffco Ballistics, which has installed a number of safe rooms around New York City. “When you have so much to lose, and you can afford to, you put a premium on your safety.”

    Perhaps it is yet another reason to think that things are reaching a tipping point. Is a reckoning coming? And are you ready for it?

    What the preparations of the rich are telling us is that no scenario is too extreme to consider, and protect against.

    Many of the clients profiled by the NY Times were not only making accommodations for fortified doors, hidden areas and security cameras – now standard – but for bulletproof glass and guards against chemical and nuclear attack:

    The 40-foot-wide, two-story property is crisscrossed with video cameras and motion detectors, but should a threat become serious, Mr. Wilzig; his wife, Karin; and two children can retreat to the master bedroom, behind a door that weighs 1,488 pounds. Not that visitors could tell, since it pivots as smoothly as any door in the home.

    Inside the master bedroom, everything seems normal. The windows look like the typical two-pane variety, and they are, except for a transparent bulletproof polymer, which at the time was cutting edge.

    “We’re not a level three secured space, because you could get through there with an R.P.G.,” Mr. Wilzig said, referring to a rocket-propelled grenade, “but if you bring an R.P.G. into New York, you’re pretty determined.”

    With that level of guard in a city residence, one can only guess how much more hardened their actual survival bunkers must be, waiting and ready at outside locations…

    With all that said, perhaps you should be checking your preparations, too. The signs and signals of society’s swelling problems are obvious enough, and it is clear that many VIPs are not taking these risk factors lightly.

    At a much lower cost, prudent, ordinary people can fortify their own homes – or hire professionals to help if need be – for a fraction of the costs that the wealthy are shelling out.

    Customized safe rooms, door and window reinforcements and other considerations can be installed easily enough to protect against many of the scenarios, including home invasion, starving masses roaming for food and even SWAT raids.

    While a determined force cannot be kept out indefinitely, these measures can buy time and help your family and most important survival assets keep out of sight if and when they come.

    Here are just a couple of resources to check out:

    • Considerations for SHTF Living & Bug Out Locations

    • How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment
    • The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

    • Strategic Relocation Guide: How To Position Yourself To Survive A Major TEOTWAWKI Event

    • A Green Beret’s Guide To Low-Budget Home-Defense Techniques 101: “Early-Warning Systems and Fortifications”

    Survival and prepping expert Joel Skousen has written several books, including The Secure Home and Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places, both of which can give you some good information and creating your safe spaces, and your best retreat options.

    This video covers some of the most important points from both:

    Whatever you do, just be ready when and if it comes your way…


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      1. Good info…

        I’m curious, if the writings on the wall, so to speak, why does nothing ever happen?

        Btw….I’ve been reading these articles for some time now, I find it a staple of being in the know, and the banter in the comments ranges from extremely useful to down right hillarious!

          • Acid, that is people’s livelihoods you’re talking about being taken away and there’s not a damn thing funny about that. You are one sick mofo.

            • Scrubbing my comment doesn’t make the truth go away…

              This site like many others out there pride themselves on censorship when the comments don’t fit the narrative.

              No matter… I guess everyone has to make a dime in this pimped out excuse for a Republic…

              You and Alex over at PP ought to team up… Think about how much doom porn you could peddle then!!!

          • You’re a fucking prick. Id say go fuck yourself, but you fags already love that.

            • My apologies to the site moderator… I was under the assumption my previous comment had been sanitized and removed. Not so…

              As for you the Dmonic shitstain?

              For an annoying dick, you’re a pretty annoying dick.

          • its a tired, old show you put on.

            • Wait till you get a load of my encore!

          • Only a TROLL or PSYCHOPATH would find that funny

          • Interesting stuff. Never saw the “Planetary Boundaries” concepts before.

            Also add the recent, and ongoing massive aquatic dieoffs, earthquake swarms, potable aquifer loss, etc.

            So, there are “things happening”.

            The people who run all of this will be well hidden when they pull the final trigger on everyone.

        • cdub, you are dead on, the 100 or more posters make this site click.

          Mike in Va, good one, so here is one..
          Buddy of mine seyz most guys walk up to girls and stick it in…
          He seyz he sticks it in and walks up…

          • Gotta ask all, what made you start prepping?
            Originally, mine was watching Mad Max???

            • I started prepping when I moved to the States. My wife (who’s 100% American) though I was crazy when I started prepping. For me the writing was on the wall when I first stepped off the plane. I’ve lived in nine different countries and visited 45 others over the years, but this country is the only one where I’m always wary and take the most precautions.

            • ” one second after” is what opened my eyes. I started stocking up around the year 2000 just because I don’t like going to the grocery store so my pantry was pretty deep. After reading the book is when the beans, rice and band aids started to pile up. And have since moved out of an urban area to a rural.

            • I got married in 1970. 10 days later husband lost his civil service job at a navy base. Big gov cutback. Began to harvest free tomatoes and apricots in the CA fields and canned them. Shortly thereafter moved to OR, living on husbands parents farm and canning applesauce, pears, plums. We purchased many 25 lb bags of vegetables from the farm at Sauvie Island. Did beets, green beans, pickles, carrots. Used a lot of this for making baby food. Canned deer, elk, salmon, tuna. Learned to make cottage cheese and yogurt. I can remember the gasoline shortages of the 70s along with canning lid shortage. It was a real good day if you could find a couple boxes to buy. Kinda like the 22 shell shortage now. That was my beginning. Wow, have I ever expanded.

            • Mine was finding this site. I lived through Mad Max in 1966. Three friends and myself were chased down Sunset Blvd and onto the 405 Frwy by thugs. They were gaining on our vehicle, when the guy riding shotgun told me to lift my rear seat. Under it was a red brick, which I handed him. I do not understand the physics, but it went through the windshield of that vehicle, which went over the side and exploded. Taking care of myself in a fight must have been hereditary, for I usually do the right thing without thought. But the rest of prepping I learned here. If I survive three months when the food supply disappears, I will remember the folks here.

          • Poor taste Eppe

            • Wudda every one of your comments is poor taste, what happened in your life to make you such a stoopid ignorant useless eater of a person?

          • good one, eppe…i been a “prepper” all my life. but when the housing bubble started blowing up the price of houses in year 2002, i realized that these unsustainable prices were going to decimate our economy/system…how could we make LESS money(yes, inflation adjusted, we make LESS than we did in year 2000, the last year of “normal” house prices), but pay MORE for our houses?….low interest rates, THAT’S how(spoiler alert: when interest rates go UP, house prices go DOWN)….and those FED people aint stupid, they WANTED this to happen. NOBODY could be THAT stupid….so when i saw it was inevitable that our system would collapse, that’s when i started stackin’ food, water, gold, silver,ammo, and never leaving home without a bugout bag and a plan to get home, and a plan to get AWAY from home(whichever way it works out)…it’s BECAUSE the powers that SHOULDN’T be have manufactured this crisis, that this all has to go bye-bye….DEBT, it’s all about the DEBT, and how it can’t be paid back…and anyone that CAN’T see it, in my opinion is a threat to the gene-pool, which includes about 90% of the population….yes, bad times are coming, and pooh-poohing the writers that are warning the public just shows your ignorance….remember what mark twain said “if you don’t read the internet, you’re uninformed, if you DO read the internet, you’re MISinformed!”…..and since i’m misquoting, might as well fill in my favorite all-time quote by Lynyrd Skynyrd
            ewww that smell
            cantcha’ smell that smell?
            ewwthat smell
            the smell of DEBT surrounds youuuu

            we are going to war(s) precisely BECAUSE we owe all this money that we can’t pay back….there’s gonna be a LOT of pissed off people!

            • @buttcrack = Well said!

              • well thank you!!! ONE person “gets it”.

        • Good info?

          From the article….

          “When you have so much to lose, and you can afford to, you put a premium on your safety.”

          Safety???? Why not apply all that effort into preventing said scenario to begin with! Hiding in a fukin box ain’t gonna save yer sorry ass…

          I never can seem to wrap my head around why so many people spend so much time prepping for total Armageddon and so little time trying to prevent it.

          Think about it… You’ve had an infinite amount of time to counteract the systematic loss of your freedoms… The arbitrary taxation without representation… The assault on the environment… The removal of religion… The enormous Military Industrial Complex… The market manipulation… The bailouts… The false flags…

          The People could have stood firm, found a fukin spine and run these sorry traitors back to where ever the hell they came from… But they did not… They waivered, faltered and laid down…

          So now the answer is to prep and hide???? Hide and wait for what???? The fukin ice Cream man to come down the street and give everybody the “All’s Clear”???

          Then what??? Back to watchin football and drinkin beer???

          REALITY CHECK…

          I quit prepping a long time ago… Yup I got fire power… I got supplies… Got silver and gold… What I don’t have… As most all of you don’t, is a fukin clue as to how the shits gonna play out!

          Is it gonna be biological? Maybe Economic? Maybe Weather related? Foreign invasion?

          Ya see… If there is one thing I do know, it’s this…

          Hiding ain’t the answer… keeping “fluid” is the key. Since we’ve all pretty much givin up on savin the country… I mean lets be real… You ready to throw out the big screen and live under a bridge?

          Best thing you can do is train yerselves on how to react… That’s right… react. Fuk prepping… That’s like packing for Antarctica and dropping in over Mumbai! You think they’re gonna broadcast the meltdown on the internet? The TV? Tell you what you need to do?

          You’d better know right quick what to do cause yer gonna be alone… No blog is gonna save ya… Bout the only heads up yer gonna get is watchin whether or not yer neighbor gets hauled off or shot on his doorstep… Then what… Bug out??? LOL! Please… All these damn stories of runnin for the hills…. Fantasy… Piss yer pant’s more like it.

          My advise… Stay liquid, light and attentive… best prepping you’ll ever do. And know this… The good ol’ Capt plans to comply with the nice men at the door… until that is… He has to get liquid.

          • When you use the “f” word, it usually means that you lack a vocabulary to be able to make a point on something that you think about. Most people are turned off by the use of ignorant words that mean nothing to what your trying to get across. Usually means your too dumb to make a point anyway. Just saying…

            • Ignorant words???

              I think they add just the right amount of emphasis and a proper hint of emotion. As for being dumb??? Not hardly my man…

              Here… educate yer damn self why don’t ya!!!

              [Fuck] is a very old word, recorded in English since the 15th century (few acronyms predate the 20th century), with cognates in other Germanic languages. The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (Random House, 1994, ISBN 0-394-54427-7) cites Middle Dutch fokken = “to thrust, copulate with”; Norwegian dialect fukka = “to copulate”; and Swedish dialect focka = “to strike, push, copulate” and fock = “penis”. Although German ficken may enter the picture somehow, it is problematic in having e-grade, or umlaut, where all the others have o-grade or zero-grade of the vowel.

              Eric Partridge, in the 7th edition of Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (Macmillan, 1970), said that “fuck” “almost certainly” comes from the Indo-European root *peuk- = “to prick” (which is the source of the English words “compunction”, “expunge”, “impugn”, “poignant”, “point”, “pounce”, “pugilist”, “punctuate”, “puncture”, “pungent”, and “pygmy”). Robert Claiborne, in The Roots of English: A Reader’s Handbook of Word Origin (Times, 1989) agrees that this is “probably” the etymon. Problems with such theories include a distribution that suggests a North-Sea Germanic areal form rather than an inherited one; the murkiness of the phonetic relations; and the fact that no alleged cognate outside Germanic has sexual connotations…

              • Well fuck me , ya learn something every day

          • “I never can seem to wrap my head around why so many people spend so much time prepping for total Armageddon and so little time trying to prevent it.”
            YOUR problem is that you can’t SEE 90% of the american public is actually going to be ready to FIGHT you, sometimes LITERALLY, on your position that we got to FIX this shit before it all goes down….THEY ARE the problem! so how would you FIX a problem, when NObody will ADMIT there’s a problem in the first place….prep for one disaster, and you’ll have a BUNCH of different disasters covered. keeep yappin’ ’bout FIXIN’ the system, and all yer gonna get is eyes rollin’ into the backs of heads….don’t need to prep, indeed. PFFT!….i might BE pissin’ my pants, but i will be better off after readin’ what’s HERE than the average dumbshit!

            • Far be it from me to ever let my common sense get in the way of your stupidity. I say we press on…

        • CDUB, there is a crash and dethroning of the global reserve currency on average about once every 80 years. We are actually now overdue!

          The crashes in reality occur every 60 to 100 years plus or minus a few. You seem to be hung up on the exact count!

          It is so bizarre to hear someone defend Obama because the next crash doesn’t happen when you demand it!

          This regime is engaged in openly illegal manipulation of our markets to delay the onset of a correction. The longer they delay it the worse the correction will be. There is not an honest economist in the US that doesn’t agree with this concept. So why are you the expert we should listen too and ignore the obvious in our face evidence?

        • No built in Safe room will protect you, when we set your house on fire. Gee…. I smell bbq.

          • U r warped, sick and demented wudda.

            • These people fail to realize that in a societal collapse, the fire department may be unable to cope, and should a fire start on the upwind side of a city under the right conditions, the entire city could turn into a fire storm. Millions could die.

              No electricity means millions of candles burning! During hurricane Sandy whole city blocks burned down, because of candles. In a major collapse, or EMP event, it could be much worse!

              A bad time to play with matches.

              • the safe rooms as described in the article are helpful for home invasion scenarios. which is certainly worth planning ahead for. though ultimately:

                will the calvary (police) come riding in? when?

                will the invaders get bored & leave?

                will you break out of the safe room with guns blazing to force invaders out?

                what happens if the building containing the safe room is either set on fire, flooded or other?

                • Darren, I absolutely agree.

                  I’ve been planning to add a hardened door to the master bedroom. It gives the family a place to go. It gives them time to take stock and form a plan. It has second story windows on three side of the house, plus a fire escape ladder that will work with any window, and lots of weapons, some can reach out nearly a mile. Let me see, I can rain down hell on attackers and escape at will. Sounds like a start!

                  I do like hurricane film on windows, if you do it yourself it’s quite reasonable. It will protect your windows in a storm, which is probably the biggest risk. It may not be bulletproof, but flaming tear gas rounds we’ve seen police use to burn people out will just bounce off.

                  In a SHTF situation expect bad guys to use police tactics.

                  I really like layers of security! Adding a hardened master bed room door, creates another layer.

                  When seconds count, I’d rather control the moment and have have minutes!

                • Darren,
                  WE, are THE only Cavalry coming to our own rescue in any type of “grid-down” or WROL scenario. There’s not going to be anyone else. Might not be a good idea to be trapped in a “bunker” or “safe room” at all, then try to fight our way out.
                  Better to harden the entire living space, to give ourselves time and distance to respond, rather then reacting and fleeing to a confined area where we are stuck waiting for the end…just my personal opinion, and again, we are responsible for our own salvation and choices in our preparedness.

      2. The Bush family bought land in Paraguay or Uruguay. I’m going to hunker down in my bathroom. Nobody but a hazmat team would survive that.

        • All this underscores the most important prep: We must be ready for our turn at the Judgment Seat.

          • We can’t stand by and watch our future being flushed away.

          • “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”

            Hebrews 9:27

            Each of us will, like it or not, stand before a righteous God.

        • Lol!!!!!

        • Better lay in a huge supply of courtesy matches…..

      3. It’s hard to believe that the “elite” would hunker down in fear, but a lot of them brought it upon themselves. The so called “Elite” can’t live forever in a closet, sooner or later they will emerge and hopefully they will get what’s coming to them.

        • They’re only going to be there long enough for the police or their guards to come over and kill whomever is threatening them.

          Sorta like a tornado shelter, you don’t live in it you just stay in it till the storm is over.

        • OH, they’ll get what’s coming to them alright. Just wait till the entire planet goes Baltimore.

          • Where I grew up they call it “goin straight monkey!”

      4. Trans-Pacific Partnership got enough votes to pass it through last Friday, though there is very little to no coverage of news about it. Iduno, maybe not enough people realize the true dangers of this unConstitutional order.
        The TPP is huge news, and will make things like NAFTA and GATT a minor incident, yet not a peep about it.

        • Yup, there’s so much speculation about the ramifications of what it will and can allow. I know there’s some back door evil in it. Just remember those sorry-ass repubs that voted for this treaty.

          • PO’d,

            The last time there was a secret BILL that we had to pass to find out what is in it, it didn’t work out so good for America.

            Obama lied, it turned out to be several orders of magnitude more expensive, more personally invasive than anyone guessed, and has had far reaching implication in business and unemployment.

            Not even sure why you defend this Obama Shiit hole we are in! Likely you are just a gov troll.

        • I have had discussions with hard core Democrats that put the Free Trade Agreements squarely on the back of, “Those Damn Republicans”. They refuse to believe that Clinton and now Obama are as guilty as any.

          The body politic in general formulates their opinions based on sound bite words and is too damn busy worshipping the sphere and following Dancing With The Stars.

          The Democrats are as guilty as the Republicans, possibly a tad more so as they hide their true intentions. We have one party, the ComFascist party where the very top is fascist and the slice of the economic pie they allocate to placate the masses is socialist distributed. The loyalists of both party’s arguer over the distribution not the process.

          • Do you not understand the Republicans and Democrats are the same thing with two names?

            They want the same thing, the same end result, they just argue about who gets to do it and how.

            • Republicans and democrats are both the parties of big business and the rich!

              Our republic is done, stick a fork in it!

        • Tony,
          remember WHO owns the main stream media, THATS why you won’t see much, they are part of the problem and will be dealt with when the SHTF,and more and more poeple are seeing that happening ( the beginning) sept. oct. this year, and YES been hearing this crap for many years but this appears to be the real deal this time!time will tell!

        • Wait! The Republicans will save us! Oh…um…they are helping push it through. If you have’nt read some of the fine print of TPP, you might want to.

          The infestation that rules Dc only recognizes The Constitution, if it’s useful for them…

          • There’s a big difference between Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc. and Mitch McConnell and Lisa Murkowski. Or didn’t you notice?

            On the left, the only difference is between Mao and Pol Pot

        • Yes, the TPP (the Toilet Paper Pact) is disgusting. The Republican party does have its share of Grima Wormwoods.

          What to do? Get involved LOCALLY. I am a precinct committeeman, and they are CRYING for them! Yet no one gets involved. Basically, you are the lowest level – the hoplites if you will. BUT, if enough people did this, we could change history. Alas… coulda, shoulda, woulda… and how many will actually even look into it?

      5. Some good ideas if you can afford it. We keep things simple here:)

      6. I wonder how well those safe rooms do when the rest of the structure burns completely. I bet it gets hot and I bet it’s hard to breathe too.

        • Or if it’s underground just park an old car on top of the door lol.

          • Yep, I hope the scum elite die in their holes, terrified.

        • @Zero….

          I was wondering the same thing.

          I still maintain that the only kind of retreat that offers any hope of providing safe haven is something in a remote location, nearly inaccessible, that is completely underground with a camouflaged entrance. And by camouflaged, I mean not even a foot trail nearby…no evidence of any kind of human activity near the location. If I had the means…that’s what I would have. Anything short of that will be soon discovered and any defense you could mount would be overcome eventually. And if they can’t get into it, they will just make sure you will never get out of it. Gen. George Patton said, “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.”

          Safe room in an urban apartment? They’ll just burn down the building with you in it. Such a safe room would simply become an oven.

          • I rather fight than bake.

          • I was chukar hunting in the Mojave, and I spotted a Jewish group having a party at what was obviously a survival complex located in a short box canyon. Israeli flag flying, P.A. system blaring, children playing. Before their banquet, the men hauled boxes of supplies out of a large truck, and placed them on a conveyor into the main bunker. I guess they had no IDF vets to site the place, since it can be interdicted from the boulder strewn hill above. The lack of OPSEC was striking. The unskilled will die no matter what they have. The skilled will take it from them.

            • Someone gets it…

      7. I only need a tape measure to find your safe room

      8. “fear of being targeted for their status, wealth, power or privilege”

        They have nothing to fear from me if they grew their wealth with hard work, honesty and fairness. After all we live in a capitalist state.

        Of course some don’t see it that way. They feel if someone has to much than they have a right to take some or all by any means.

        If they became wealthy with backstabbing, corruption, ruining other life’s and dishonesty, well that’s a whole different story. But, what type of people would do something like that?

        • Lawyers, bankers, and politicians. Oh, your question was rhetorical. That was my bad.

      9. “You may have issues with the federal government. You may have issues with the administration. So be it,” Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lastoria said, pointing for emphasis at his US Army dress. “But this institution right here has been with you for over 240 years. Period.”

        ok? mr Lastoria .. than WTF are you sitting around on your hands as DC destroys this once Free Nation? huh? whats your answer to that? mr 240 years!


        ht tp://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2015/05/25/divided-america-theories-military-takeover-texas-find-legitimacy-political-mainstream/KSScgClOewjIXXisqkF5IM/story.html

        • You’re calling for a coup, martial law, and the establishment of a Military Dictatorship?

          Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

          • I personally am not calling for anything .. they were the ones who took the Oath to defend against all enemies foreign or domestic , and yet they do squat

            and if you havent been paying attention were already at war , and all ready a police sate, and already somewhat of a dictatorship ..so do we just sit and watch it play out ? or do we put the responsibility back on those who signed up for it?

      10. Tony M. , now that they have passed it I wonder if they will tell us whats in it.

        • Very interesting point, now that it passed in the US Senate, and is legally part of the congressional record, is it still top secret?

          Me thinks you are a genius!

          fU Obama!

      11. I was at a home that had a safe room in it. It might stand up to a storm but a fire would be another thing.

        A bunker is what you make it. You might want it to stay warm and dry in. or to stay in it for a while until things cool down. The big problem is that if you are in the bunker you don’t know what is going on around you.

        If I was to build a bunker it would be for storms, and to be used like a hospital or a place to stay worm and dry in. It would only used for a short time.

        • Sarge, That is why I installed an outside camera and an antenna (both hidden) so I can know whats happening. I have posted links to the equipment here several times. For less than 100 bux you can setup a camera and 7 inch monitor system. Install a scanner antenna in the wall and have a scanner and a am/fm/sw radio battery powered also. Use a sealed battery to power led lights and your gear. All of this stuff is cheap and great to have. Look into a wireless video system too for large area surviellance.

          • “G”
            Thanks I will!!!

          • Hey Genius…please don’t stop posting links re: your expertise in security cameras, etc. People are waking up more each day and will appreciate the information. I wish you would do a long post on this with pictures…and simple explanations (for me). 🙂


            • PKLL, I have 3 posts in moderation with your links.

              • Thanks Genius…just getting back to this post today 🙂

            • PKLauLau, welcome back. Long time no hear from. How’ve you been?

              • Hi Brave….doing good….the world is a very scary place these days. Hope all is well with you!


            • Pkll, good to see you, oops, hear from ya…
              Bless all here…

              • Hey Epster…I see you are still being trolled by a certain someone. Good grief…
                Looking forward to a few jokes! 🙂

            • If u dont have the brains to set up a camera system, we are in trouble!

              • vtfree: Lol….sorry, no electronics experience here…brains I got. I keep forgetting that some of you were born knowing everything and never had to learn a thing…awesome.


            • many people, like ME, post here to help awaken america(ns) from their stupor…the reason we keep saying the same things over and over isn’t because we’re crazy, it’s because we hope more/different are tuning in for an education. i personally have woken a few people up who are now preppin’…that’s one reason why i miss the thumbs, it lets you know who’s payin’ ATTENTION, ….and lets OTHERS know you’re paying attention to them….i mean, BESIDES the NSA, who pays attention to EVERYone…awww, aint it nice to know you got people from the gub-mint LISTENING to yuh?….waving hi……hell, maybe some of THEM are even waking up NOW!

          • “G”
            Thanks for the INFO. I will look into it.

            • 6 More earthquakes in SE nevada! Same area as the previous 30 or so. 3.0 is the largest reported. Go to intellicast .com and use the interactive map and click on layers, click earthquakes and check it out! Some serious shit there in 1 small area the last 4 days. The old ones are scrubbed so just the last 24 hours will be visible.

              • Make that 10 earthquakes!

                • probly blastin’ them tunnels through to lost-wagess!

          • Thanks. This is what the site should be about. Good post, G.

          • And that camera will be perfectly fine until it is discovered. Once it’s discovered, it’s no trick to take it out with a .22 rifle from a concealed position at 50 yards.

            The reality is….once your bunker or safe-room is discovered, it is no trick to defeat it.

            A safe-room is fine if you are dealing with a home invasion while we still have some semblance of “rule of law”. Once it really hits the fan however, a safe-room is only “safe” until it’s discovered. Then it becomes a deathtrap.

        • A road flare through a first floor window trumps any safe room in a floor above. A ground floor safe room with a long escape tunnel would be best.

          • Realist,

            I’ve been thinking of picking up a flare gun and ammo, to add to preps. Even far inland it has it’s uses!

            • I’ve seen flares that can be fired from a 12 ga. shotgun.

              Handy to have I would think.

              • Dragons Breath.

                Do NOT use them indoors, even firing through a window to the outside unless the barrel is stuck completely outside the house when you fire.

                One of those exotic loads that actually does what it is claimed to do, and legal to own in most places.

          • Yep road flares and gasoline. The great equalizer. Fire doubles in size every minute.

            Want to know how much wattage an electrical device will suck off your solar power banks system. Take Volts x Amps =Watts. Any device used to heat like a coffee maker 850 watts will drain your power in minutes. Throw those devives out. Heat water in a tea kettle using propane to make coffee.

          • Realist. Take a brace hand drill, about an inch and a half hole through an outside wall, siphon a few gallons of gas into the house, then the road flare. Run like hell. For entertainment purposes only, Post SHTF.

            • Propane’s better.

            • U r a sick mofo, wudda

      12. The far left extremists that support Obama are creating hero’s and martyrs and targets for their Marxist revolution…its no joke or embellishment…Obama is a communist …he taught it in college in Chicago and was raised by communists…he has no intention of giving up power…the Democrat Party has been high jacked by progressive/communists…they and the far left media are on a mission to discredit law enforcement so that Obama can create a national police force and disarm local police…he is using the politically correct thugs of the militant LGBT movement to suppress free speech and the media to divide and promote racial hate and chaos…so that Obama will have an excuse to declare martial law and take further control over all…they are tactics that are straight from Saul Alinskys communist textbook on American revolution and how to destroy America …Obama knew him…and taught his theories …Hitler used thugs and media to take power in Germany using all the same tactics we are seeing every day

        • Obama’s worshipers and other assorted Communists, as well as Communist dupes and sympathizers, plus closet Communists — taken all together (notice not “collectively”) are, in reality, just an excessively vocal MINORITY that receives far, far too much publicity and attention in the media, courtesy of leftist media facilitators. Notice that Moochelle told graduates in a speech that they need to run for office, volunteer at political party offices, get involved in public organizations, and generally “shape the revolution.” That’s the last thing we need in this country, so be diligent about voting in conservatives for everything from dog catcher on up.

          Pray for our cops. They truly are the thin blue line and right now, they are the ones on the front line keeping these radical anarchists/Communists/Bolsheviks from burning every major city in America. Support them and help them if necessary — report out today that a cop was attacked by a crowd while making an arrest. Unbelievable, but the situation around the country is deteriorating while Obama and his Communist buddies gleefully rub their hands together with delight. Everything so far is going according to their plan. Something will pop, sooner or later, and this Communist nonsense will face head on the ire of true and good America.

          Saw a uniformed cop just today leaving a retailer carrying what LOOKED like about a dozen or so boxes of ammo — obviously for personal use.

          And, the U.S. military needs to knock off this crap of using Soviet terms, such as “comrades.” Saw on TV recently a high ranking officer referring to fellow soldiers as “comrades.” Made me want to puke. Call out people you encounter who use Soviet terms, like “comrade” and “collectively.” Don’t let’em get by with it…ask’em if they’ve recently immigrated from Putin’s Russia…and do it with a straight and sincere face.

          Young adults today do not know what it was like in this country when Communism was our sworn, mortal enemy, but it really was not that long ago — less than 25 years. They need to understand what Communism means, because right now they are increasingly living it and must not be indoctrinated into accepting it as normal. They need to understand that under full-blown Communism, they will lose everything and will live like a dirt peasant because only a handful of the Communist elite live well under a Communist society and regime. Once Communists gain power, they act swiftly and effectively to consolidate full control over their turf. Naive young people today will lose their phones, their freedom, their jobs, their privacy, their dreams, and their creature comforts if they lazily stand by and let Communists take over. Realistically, I don’t think it will ever come to that, but right now it’s getting far too close for comfort.

          Sure would be nice, as well, if these extreme conspiracy websites would knock off the stupid, unsourced stories that serve only to generate clicks and ads. They are as destructive as the Communists, and just as self-servingly greedy. Best thing for the rest of us to do is just not access their websites — ignore them. Get your news from well-run, reputable, well-balanced sources and sift it for opinion-based reporting rather than fact-based reporting…it’s tough, I know, but you gotta do it. If you read or listen to something long enough, no matter how far out it is, it eventually will affect your thinking…so just stay away from it.

          Keep it simple, people, and keep it true.

          • Very well said

          • Anon, excellent post I totally agree with. My late wife came here from Cuba in 1967 after losing some of her family to Castro’s butchers and her surviving family had already escaped. She told me stories about her life under Castro that just blew my ass away.

        • EOS, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that Obama is a communist. What do people think a “community organizer” does? Valerie Jarret. His Trotsky.

          • He isn’t a Communist, he is a Neo-Fascist.

            He doesn’t want State ownership of everything, he wants a “public private partnership” to own and dictate everything to everyone, a coalition of government and ultra rich private interests unified in a sort of dictatorial government.

            • Same diff, anonymous. Google “Nazi (National Socialist) political planks” for yourself.

              Or, per good ol’ Adolf:

              “There is more that binds us to Boshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.”

              Hitler said “I am not merely the vanquisher of Marxism, I am its implementer… The whole of National Socialism is contained in Marxism… the industrial cells, the mass demonstrations, the propaganda material.”

              Richard Vetterli and Willam Fort in The Socialist Revolution: “The collectivist systems of Communism and Fascism belong not on the opposite extremes … their characteristics demand that they share a position side by side on the left” and that Nazism and Communism, in their totalitarianism and collectivism, share “close proximity.” (p.2 – 3)

              G.B. Shaw, who was a Fabian socialist:
              Italian fascism was collectivist in nature, and the fascists were “well aware of the fact that Communism springs from the same collectivist stem as their own system.”
              Ludwig von Mises on socialism and Nazis (N.B.: von Mises fled from the Nazis to Switz n 1934, and then to the US in 1940). His Ph.D was from U. of Vienna, and he taught as several US universities.

              “… Mussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxian position. Nobody could surpass Mussolini in Marxian zeal… the programme of the Fascist, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anticapitalistic… fascism was not… an original product of the Italian mind. It began as a split within the ranks of Marxian socialism.” (p. 525f, The Socialist Revolution).

              -Mussolini himself – a “co-founder” of fascism summed up his philosophy with the motto: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

              “The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labour Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anticapitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.” Von Mises, p. 528f

            • @Anonymous…..

              EXCELLENT point!

              What they are trying to implement is what I call neo-feudalism.

              They want to return us to the same kind of system that the world endured through the dark ages. Autocracies….governed by the few elites. Everyone else is merely a serf…a vassal…..property of the “lords”.

              The following is the best summation of what TPTB want that I have ever seen. And I believe it to be prophetic.


        • Its noy LGBT anymore, its LGBTPNAF. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pedophile, Necrophile, and Animal @$#!er

          • Callinbs, there’s one simple NON-PC word for them; SODOMITES!

          • What the HELL does that have to do with the subject of this particular discussion?

      13. Let ’em dive into their spidey holes. They’ll all be together in one mass grave. There ain’t no safe place…just only decent positions to fire from and then they don’t last long either. Might be alright for a tornado or something. Too many people watchin’ that dumbass movie, “The Purge”.

      14. I guess Joel can put the fear of God in you if you listen to him closely. If people build bunkers by HONEST means and not the SWEAT and HARDSHIPS of others, I say good for them. Those that have done otherwise I have a problem with. Maybe the Rich and Famous have something to be worried about in their future.
        You will know them by their soft and unweathered hands and faces. Well groomed. Clean clothes and latest equipment. Most of all they will not have the eyes of those who had gone through an ordeal of trying to survive. They will be well fed. In conversation they will have no tales to tell for they have none.
        Beware for once it is safe for them to come out, they will soon be amongst you and that may be dangerous for you and your family.

        • Yep…see if they got any dirt under their nails.

        • Slingshot, the article lost some credibility when Joel Skousen’s name was mentioned. Otherwise, spot on article. I’ll be above ground and not in some stinking bunker.

          • You got that right, Brave.

            Especially for the low lying areas, like the Dallas/Houston Texas areas.

            Imagine a bunker that costs 10,000 bucks and it is setting out there with another 5,000 bucks worth of preps inside.
            There is no going back and forth to work cause there is three feet of water in your home, and then it dawns on you….

            Hey, I got a shtf plan bunker out back with all kinds of preps in it.
            Problem is, the access door has five feet of water over it, and the whole damn thing is full of muddy, stinking, bacteria laden, flood water.

            Time to rethink the bunker thing.

            • Oicu812, damn straight. Life is a chance anyway, so no bunkers for Braveheart, ever.

              • Cuz you need to get out of Memphis and come on home to North Georgia, cause when TSHTF and you ain’t got no bunker, you know who’s going to rule where your at now. It’ll be burn baby burn, and Cuz you won’t be able to get out.

            • OICU12 – Thank you for stating the obvious.

              In the big North East Hurricane the number one cause of death was drowning in ones own basement. Not even a bunker.

              A bunker is not a bad idea, but isn’t the phrase “location, location, location”?

          • Yep Bible Thumping Thieves duping and fleecing the gullible stoopid sheep. Televangelist voodoo ponsi cult crap should be banned. People are so fn stupid to believe that crap.

            • You are an idiot, Wudda, but that is known on this site.

        • “The SWEAT and HARDSHIPS of others” usually means someone gets to work and earn a living instead of being on welfare.

          Did you build the home you’re living in or was it done by “the SWEAT and HARDSHIPS of others”?

          There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring work you can’t or don’t know how to do yourself, all economies since the beginning of Man have been bases on this (with occasional substitution of slaves, but even that is really the same thing since they earn their keep that way even if they don’t have much say in it).

      15. Those that do this in Manhattan are in trouble unless they have enough preps to survive for a few months. In a previous post Kulafarmer and Outwest discussed how big bucks save there Racks. I posted back but it was days later.

        I have a little humor for all. It is Eppe’s job normally and I cannot compete with his jokes but here goes.

        An old buck and a young buck get to the top of a hill. They look down and see a bunch of does. The young buck says to the old buck ” Let’s run down and screw one of those doe’s “. The old buck says to the young buck ” No let’s walk down and screw them all “

      16. Genius, what were those links again, I missed them…

      17. Sooner or later they have to stick their heads out if nothing more than curiosity. You guessed it some poor little man will have survived and bang one between their the running lights. Pay back will be and is a BITCH!!!!

      18. Now as to the content of the article. Depending on where you live and whether you have friendly neighbors or not. There are other things to do.

        1 – Walk the entire area of yours and your neighbors property. Decide how it could be defended best. An old platoon sergeant taught me early to always take the high ground.
        2 – Consider a place of an listening and observation post for early warning if you have enough people to have guards. This should be totally hidden.
        3 – Have firefighting equipment ready. You can buy fire extinguishers that use compressed air and water that can be reused. Also get some of the dry chemical ones.
        4 – Pot’s, pans, and cans. I had an old world war 1 vet that lived next to me when I was a kid. He always used a small table placed against his doors at night. If you opened the door the pans would fall and make a heck of a noise. You can tie string to cans then attach them to the windows. IF the windows open it picks up the cans which should have small rocks in them. Also works if you tie the string to a stack of pots pans and cans.
        5 – Dogs are a wonderful early warning system.
        6 – Solar motion sensor lights are farelely cheep. There is very little area around my home that will not light up when you are around it. One thing to consider is if you are planning on defending against and intruder the lights also light up you.
        7 – Small wireless cameras are very cheep right now. You can get wireless cameras and baby monitors. Works great. That is as long as technology does not go down.
        8 – If you have a crawl space then you can create an access to it from inside your home. Set up fighting positions inside the crawl space.
        9 – Sandbags are great for setting up fighting positions.
        10 – For burglars motion sensor halloween decorations can be set up at entrances. Put a baby monitor with them. ( I thought of this because of a 6 foot motion activated mummy we have. My uncle who is jumpy anyway was bringing us deer meat. He walked in what we call the breezeway. My wife and I were watching tv. I heard someone scream out. I asked my wife what the hell was that. My uncle saw the mummy after he set the cooler down and thought it was a man. It was not even plugged up. lol My son plugged it up and I came home from working night shift. I walked in and it was dark. The damn thing went off and I almost fell through the storm door. lol What comes around goes around.
        11 – Use your imagination. Study how past battles were fought and what people used. All wars throughout history can give you some ways to form defenses without any modern technology.
        12 – If you have the means keep a gun hidden in every room. Also have a backup plan. A hatchet is wonderful if you have no other choice. Can be used for things other than defense too.
        13 – Notice in all rooms what can be used as weapens, or barricades. Bee spray, keys, knives, baseball bats, wooden broom handles, pepper spray, chairs, paper weights ect.
        Remember space gives you time and time gives you options. Turned over tables in front of intruders, chairs, throwing lamps, throwing plates, pots, and pans, anything to buy time and give space. This is for burglars or any situation. Even walking to your car.
        `14 – Trust your gut. Practice getting in touch with your gut or six sense. Whatever you call it. Trust it. If you feel uncomfortable or something is wrong then it is. We have the same defense mechanism as animals we as humans just are not used to using it much. We are designed with the same fight or flight sense as animals. Train yourself to listen to that sixth sense.
        15 – Never ever quit or give up. Understand that you may have just been hit or cut. Think about that. In a fight if that happens be mentally prepared for that and keep fighting. Fight violently and dirty too. There is no such thing as a fair fight. Win at all cost.

        • Mike, Great ideas! May I add a couple more.
          Strategically place furniture (full bookcases, dressers, etc.) in places that you can use them as cover for a firefight.
          Have a remote controlled light or lamp that you can turn on from another room to illuminate the entry area (suprise element and lights up your target.)
          Install security window film to prevent breaking or things being thrown through the glass.

          • One more important thing, NEVER CALL THE COPS unless you absolutely have too. You will be inviting a shitload more problems doing so. Unless you have tens of thousands for legal shit or someone witnesses you.

          • Genius

            Thanks. You are always welcome to add ideas. It helped me and others as well.

            • one more thing, i been saving all my aluminum cans…got a roll of 60 pound test fishing line to ty them all together and when i go to bed i plan to throw it in the hall. no way to get past that without making a ruckuss!…put them outside windows too.

        • Great advise Mike, the older I get the more 14 seems to really kick in these days! Thanks.

          • Momma

            You are right. 14 has been kicking me so hard I thought I might be the first pregnent male in history.

            • thanks mike!

              • buttcrackofdoom

                You are welcome. Hope you are having a great day. We all spend time thinking about things. Trying to figure out how to help our families. Then I realized I could try to help all several years ago. I hope I save one person. If I do that then the feeling it would give me would be unbelievable.
                Most likely I will never know.

                I just know in my heart that I should try to help. Whether I agree or disagree with beliefs. We all want the same thing. The freedom to live our lives as we choose.

                There is no reason to thank me for doing what I should be doing.

                • au contraire!…i got a call today from a friend that i sent my bugout list to(very extensive, worked on it for 5 years now). she said she made copies and handed them to her co-workers. she tells me they all went out and bought a whole bunch of stuff on MY list…i can’t tell you how proud i was when i heard that thanks to me, several people were “waking up”…we need to feel appreciated, to get re-energized every once in awhile, so, again, thanks for helping to make shtfplan the best preppin’ site.

        • Wasp spray doesn’t really work, and is illegal to use during normal WROL (with rule of law) times. Use pepper spray.

        • 16. a rake .. used laying on the ground with the fingers up.. once stepped on the handle hits your face pretty good, fair warning where the intruder is

      19. I tried that pots and pans thing in front of the door. When my ex wife walked in, she threw the fry pan at me and left to stay with her mom…

        It WORKS.

        • LMFAO!

      20. A safe room in an apartment or any big city dwelling is temporary at best, how long are those yuppies going to hide? Little good it will do them if the building burns down around them. I guess when one has that kind of cash, you can fortify your apartment and have a retreat somewhere else. But do they have the know how to survive or did they just buy all the stuff?

      21. IRS Hacked: Government Admits 100,000 Taxpayers’ Data Stolen

        “In an unprecedented move against a government agency, which we are just waiting to hear blamed on Russia, The IRS has admitted that its data has ben compromised…


        One wonders if they found Lois Lerner’s emails while they were in there?”


        • Ha ha ha, steal my identity and you will be sadly dissapointed lol.

        • I bet we get more internet regulation as a direct result of “Russia’s” attack on the IRS in 3, 2, 1. Of course, that will only be done to protect us.

        • no, those emails are hidden where obeyme’s drivers liscence and college transcripts are….very close to where the pictures of pregnant with child moochelle, the appocalypse COW are hidden….sure would like to see the pictures of mooshell….no,…..wait….never mind!…..what about all the GIRLS our dear leader dated in his younger life?….where’s the pics of THEM?….better shut up. afore the PC police git me!

      22. Kalufarmer?
        Where is he? Haven’t seen a post from him in a while. I Pray that he is OK.

        • Probably busy and weary of the tripe. Hope you and yours are well.

      23. What you gonna do when they find your fresh air intake/exhaust pipe on your bunker and back up their diesel truck and attach a hose to it, close the other one off and put the pedal to the metal. Yeah, they might not get your “stuff” but neither will you. Nighty-night. Shame the children down inside were begat by dumbass parents.

        • Po’d. lol thats a good one. I would hide my intake and outdraft pipes well. Away from the bunker and under rocks or tree stump etc. Have shut off valves and a spare oxygen tank inside.

          • Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick.

        • Hi guys I’ve been reading all your posts for a while now! And would like to weigh in on this one, I’ve thought long and hard on this one for a while and found a very simple cheap way’s to counter that very thing!! Most people have bunkers near wooded areas, 2 simple PVC pipes underground to a smaller pine tree, paint the pipe to blend into the pine, blend the branches with the pipe with flat colored wire and put an 180 degree elbow on the end’s with pest screens on the opening’s that should do the job well!!! And if you worry about someone finding that, let’s not forget the lessons learned in NAM!!!! Some well placed punji sticks, punji leg dead falls Etc!!! While not hi-tech VERY effective!!! Works for back doors and under windows too!!! IMO

      24. Fukushima May Be At Risk Of Imminent “Hydrogen Explosion”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-26/fukushima-may-be-risk-imminent-hydrogen-explosion

        Fukushima is gonna be in the news for decades to come

        • No it wont, under the rug like the gulf

          • yes it will….you caint hide THIS muhfuggguh forever!(that’s how long it would TAKE!)

      25. Off topic but worth posting

        A number of respected sites like “The National Interest” have been running stories on a possible dust up between The U.S. and China in the South China Sea.

        If you look at our history, we’ve fought two proxy wars with China within the last 65 years, Korea & Vietnam. For those of us who took part, they were bloody.

        China now is very strong, and we are weak due to Obam-communism.

        Chances are we are looking at a third war!

        Watch out fur them hogs

        • Hogs – VN was NOT a war against China, but the USSR. In fact, right after the war, somewhere in the mid/late 1970s, China and Vietnam fought a border war. Further, in the late 1960s, not only did the Soviets and Chinese clash on their border around the Ussuri River but reports I think are credible state that Brezhnev contacted Nixon, trying to feel him out what the US would do if the USSR nuked China.

        • And speaking of Brezhnev, in the USSR, under Leonid Brezhnev in the 1970s, his ancient grandmother – born in the 1800s – once came to visit. He proudly showed her all around his Soviet commander-in-chief office, including polished mahogany desk, gold plated desk handles, Italian marble private bathroom, as well as showing her all his personal Zil limousines, luxury dachas, etc.

          Finally, the end of the day came, and all his aides, assistants, helpers, support staff etc. etc. left. His grandmother looked around very, VERY carefully, to make sure absolutely utterly EVERYONE was gone. When finally satisfied, she sidled over as close as physically possible to her grandson, and whispered as quietly as she possibly could:

          “This is all very well, Leonid – BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME???”

          This is the same question we might ask today, e.g., of the Holllywierd Learjet leftists, Martha’s Vineyard liberals, about Michelle Obama’s monthly uber-luxe vacations or perhaps any of the assorted rich Obama cronies.

        • Wolverines

        • Russia as well waiting in the wings, with a huge military exercise starting soon there.
          FWIW, Drudge today has a link about a repeating EMP cruise missle, apparently already deployed. Knocks out everything as it sails along.
          I have bought two different EMP bags- from EMP Cover and TechProtect. Both rated Milspec, TechProtect are tougher and cost more. From thier sales reciept: “After the event of an EMP, experts agree that a second EMP will occur 7-10 days after the first EMP. Please keep your products protected until after the second EMP.”
          What a prediction, eh?
          They also say ‘other countries have developed the ability to cause a Super EMP much stronger than a normal EMP/HEMP.’
          I guess a normal EMP wasn’t good enough. They are clear about the need to double bag and nest shield everything.

          BTW, it seems LED things, Red Dot sights, NVscopes, and even plug in power adapters that you count on should be EMP protected too.

      26. “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid” – John Wayne

      27. We need to remember history. Hitler had a bunker and safe rooms….fat lot of good it did for him.
        Those who choose to cower behind locked doors and wait for the police to arrive, better hope they can hold their breath for longer than three minutes. That’s all the time they will have. Emotional cripples who refuse to defend themselves and their loved ones, out of some sense of faux-moral outrage at the “thought”, pretty much deserve the fate they have selected for themselves. Their family members and loved ones may not feel the same way however.

        • hitler died in argentina and his bunker wasn’t in Berlin. No bodies or evidence to prove the berlin theory. There is documented evidence on his residence in argentina. Look it up. A bunker is fine if it is remote, concrete, underground, remote air/exhaust supply and very well camo. cost is minimal if you do all the work. The naysayers are just lazy asses who punch the commando keyboard when they should be setting block and rebar.

          • Sorry friend, I DID “look it up” in credible sources.
            If you wish to believe where you allege that Hitler died, so be it.
            “Safe rooms” and “bunkers” are NOT a positive static defense strategy at all, as history has proven.

            • TP… History has proven safe houses and bunkers that are Hidden well, Have been a excellent strategy. A Whole lot of Jews, Japs and our Troops have lived to tell about it. A bunker/root cellar or old mine shaft is good for more than just a spider hole if it is well hidden. You cam believe what ever you want and prepare the way you want.

              • Yes you CAN indeed prepare anyway you want. My post was in response to your incorrect assertion that “Hitler died in South America”, which history and documented factual evidence has proved FALSE.
                If someone wants a safe room, knock yourself out. Safe rooms are not a strategic or tactical “strategy” for long-term defense. Never have been.
                If you are or want to discuss, hidden locations deep within a forest, mountains or similar land structure, that is entirely different.
                I’ve no problem with anyone preparing “their way”, I only have a problem with people making false assertions about documented historical facts.
                WE, are each responsible for our own preparedness salvation and choices/decisions.

      28. US: H5N2 back in Minnesota with six new outbreaks

        ht tp://crofsblogs.typepad.com/h5n1/2015/05/us-h5n2-back-in-minnesota-with-six-new-outbreaks.html

        authorities had been hopeful that H5N2 was fading out
        with the onset of warm weather

        apparently not

      29. The corrupt elite and everyone else who doesn’t repent of their sins, but would rather serve evil and the will of satan, can run and hide all they want. Let them run to the deepest corners of the earth; but the following passage will be their cry of despair:

        15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

        16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

        17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? (Revelation 6:15-17)

        There’s nothing they can do when God comes for them with his wrath. They will reap what they’ve sown.

        • The universe is karma based. Bad karma= bad next life. Until you redeem your karma you will repeat it until you do. There is no one time judgement, this is like school and ascention. Can you prove me wrong? Can you prove yourself right? Good karma brings higher ascention. A man written book designed by men to subjugate others is not a good place to look for answers.

          • G. Need to get on the email list…

          • If I may beg to differ, there is a law of sowing and reaping. However, there is a higher law called “grace.” And if your monistic karma approach were true, no one would ever “make it,” for the people that are most sinless are the very first to tell you how far short of perfection they fall.

            But more importantly, you allude to a “man written” book, by which I presume you mean the New Testament. You ask to be proven wrong – which is good, you are asking, in logic, for a “point of falsification” (if something has no point at which it can be proven false, it can never be proven true.) There are two points to be made here, which I graciously ask you to consider:

            a) I assume you are one of those that claim Christ was a “good teacher.” But of course, as CS Lewis noted, ““I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God. That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

            b.) You ask for proof. Well… the person who was one of the primary implementers for what constitute rules of evidence in this country was a Jewish man, Simon Greenleaf. Someone had the temerity to ask him to consider the evidence for the resurrection of Christ. Long story short, Greeleaf – a non-Christian Jew, and the man who was instrumental putting in place what is and is not valid evidence – ended up becoming a Christian, penning The Testimony of the Evangelists. Lee Strobel, award winning legal editor for the Chicago Tribune, and law graduate of Yale, was presented the same challenge… and ended up writing The Case for Christ.

            I would think intellectual honesty would lead you to read Strobel or similar?

          • Genius.

            Next you will have me chanting and doing Transendential Meditation.

            Where are the Hare Krishna’s? ;0)

            • Surrounding George Harrison (rip)

          • Genius:

            As you know I am a “fan” of your posts.

            However, your “Karma Theory” is certainly questionable. When you ask if one could prove you right/wrong please post how you convinced yourself you are right.

            It sounds like reincarnation theory. If so, how do you prove that?

            • Test and Pog, I cannot prove anything but niether can anyone else. But the law of karma makes more sense to me than to worship an entity or I will go to hell. It seems way more logical that we are here for an experience and to shed or gain karma. We are spirits having a human experience not the other way around. It makes sense that we need to go through a lot of different things in order to ascend to a higher being. What about the billions and billions of people who never heard of jesus? Are they in hell? What kind of creator demands to be worshipped? How is the bible any more credible than any other religions book? Religion was the first form of government, it kept the flock in line or they were put to death. The whole religion thing is so convoluted and senseless it baffles me why so many people seem to never question it. Fossilized customs I suppose.

        • Spot on. Good post.

      30. bottom line: those who prepare properly will have a greater chance to survive.

        those who are concerned for home security should look at what white folks in south africa are doing to protect themselves from two legged wolf packs.

        they’ve turn their homes into real fortresses with micro screen covered glass and steel reinforced doors and windows.

        those who really know how to survive are the ones who lived through it.

      31. For those of you interested (I have ZERO involvement with them, other than having bought a parcel of property from them in Nova Scotia), check out http://www.dignam.com. They sell rural Canadian property across the country. I was very pleased with what I bought. They are 100 yrs old, so no fly by night operation. The nice thing about Canadian property is that, if you are American (I am a dual citizen), you can buy it no hassle, similar legal rights, but most importantly, you don’t have to declare it like a bank account if you aren’t making an income off it. One caveat tho: Much of Canada is in a housing bubble. My suggestion would be, if you do buy, look in the Maritimes. Prince Edward Island is lovely, but very anti-business, so look at New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Newfoundland is too far to get to cheaply, or in an emergency. And these provinces are just off the Gulf Stream, so temps are somewhat like Boston.

        Remember: There is no poor weather, only poor clothing!

        • true on the weather and clothing. The remote land is a good idea regardless if in the USA or Canada as the treaties with Canada allows pursuit of wanted citizens across borders. Canada has oppressive hand gun laws, mooselimbs, crime, housing bubble, same laws/corruption/cops as us and a bad GNP/debt ratio as the rest of the World. There is no country that will not be affected by a dollar collapse.

      32. Ok,I know it is childish and all,but WHEN it collapses,hope to see a few of the folks I warned who didn’t listen and say”See,I fucking told ya’s!”I have gotten some on board with basics prep wise,sure,not a Grizzly Adams upbringing with a few special ops tours thrown in but anything may make the difference.To those who listened told to stay low till ready to fight,hope I never see them unless it is to save my sorry ass!I may be breaking the seal on that quart of #7 sooner then I thought,will though stay sealed till it hits!

        • WC, what the hell are you talking about? You will be with me on the deck having homemade cocktails and watching it unfold! Eating popcorn and fresh game and listening to the shortwave. Looking over the valley and saying “damn man, this is great!”

        • WD.

          I have had the same thoughts but it would be better off if you do not see them. Less trouble. The ability to build a bunker is way out of reach for many prepper’s.
          I believe home fortification or at your bug out location is more sensible. Hiding material in plain site as yard
          planters or pave stove walks. Elevated stone walls/platforms with dirt centers make good flower beds.
          Filled sands stored in a dry cool place. Cinder blocks filled with sand between plywood 1/4th in. facing. Pre-dug foxholes with 55 gal. drums to line the hole, with removable lids for concealed defensive positions. Like the ones used in the streets Hanoi for protection against the bombings.

          All this preposition earthworks will be muscle ache for sure. When to start moving it and how much time I have to complete the project is critical.

      33. Charleton Heston on corrupting media/Why libs hate the internet

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

      34. Yeah Genius LOL, we’ll be sitting on the deck
        sipping pina coladas watching the glorious
        sunset over the valley, then we will realize
        it is morning and that sunset in the west is
        actually a nuclear detonation.
        Quick Genius, pour me another! Make it a double.

        • One genius colada comin up!

      35. I am all for elite bunkers and secure safe rooms.

        But the SAFEST ” bunker” or “securest room” is the one called your SOUL.

        And as long as you get right with God each and every day, express true remorse, and ask for forgiveness, then you will keep your Soul clean, so that if ANY evil doers succeed in taking your life, Our Lord and His Blessed Mother will see to it that Satan does not take your Soul to Hell (for eternity, because Hell is forever.)

        This presumes, of course, that we all follow the Ten Commandments, etc.

        “…and forgive us our trespasses
        as we forgive others
        and lead us not into temptation,
        but DELIVER us from EVIL,

        – the Lone Ranger

        • So how does that differ from the universal law of karma?

          • Karma is a chameleon, it comes and goes!

      36. Time to refresh:
        copperhead says:
        October 27, 2012 at 8:10 pm
        How to make hardtack
        It’s dead simple. Take white flour and mix with just enough water to
        make a stiff paste. Knead well and make rectangular cakes about one-half
        inch thick. You can poke holes in with a fork if you like. Bake until
        light brown. Turn down oven heat to about two hundred degrees and
        dessicate until they’re hard enough to beat a hole in the wall with.
        That’s hard tack.
        No salt, no seasoning, no fats, no sugar. No taste.
        You eat hard tack by soaking in water until soft enough to chew or steaming
        it until soft. Served with melted butter it’s not too God-awful bad.
        Tastes better when you’ve been in the field for at least three days.
        The sole virtue of the stuff is that if kept dry and free of insects it’ll
        last practically forever.
        Adding most anything to the dough will shorten it’s storage life.
        Remember how to dry eggs and milk…and you can use old picture frames to make your own drying racks for vegies and meat….most will have no knowledge in the World to come….what you KNOW is far more important than what you have

      37. Got a basement it’s better than nothing but I’m not gonna retreat to there anyway. I will drop whoever forces their way into my home. Lately I’ve been into bludgeoning more than guns I’d rather cave an intruders head it with heavy piece of round bar. I feel I could smash their ass pretty fast as I’m not little and I’m fast. I used to be into throwing people you know like through a door or window or ramming their head through a studded wall. I love that kind of shit just brutality. It sucks to say this but if they want you out they just throw a Molotov through your window burning you out you will leave.

      38. That’s why I call this time period THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON. WE ARE Literally serfing near the butttcrackofdoom’s. Hold on to your seats shtf- effers. Guys, it’s getting close. I called the scientist friend this past weekend, and we are having and shtf meeting, need to get info on jade helm 15, more on Nibiru, etc..info on the oceans, etc..and things that will make and interesting topic. And this is real, I literally am friends with this scientist..he told me that we are probably going to get bitch slapped with and EMP event..by years end and that the rat bastards just murdered 38,000,000 chickens, if they can do this to chickens then what will they do to us.?

        • Are we going on a vacation?

        • Hout/Katy are you from Georgia, maybe your Bravehearts Cuz! Murdered 38,000,000 chickens? Are you putting chickens on a higher plane than us? You say if they can do this to chickens what will they do to us. I might be an Idiots Cousin, but this site has some real kooks!

      39. bottom line: those who prepare properly will have a greater chance to survive.

        those who are concerned for home security should look at what white folks in south africa are doing to protect themselves from two legged wolf packs.

        they’ve turn their homes into real fortresses with micro screen covered glass and steel reinforced doors and windows.

        those who really know how to survive are the ones who lived through it!!!

      40. israel is now ‘nuke’ bombing Yemen in the middle east!!!

        that is something you all should take note of!

        israel has nukes and isn’t afraid to use them against an inferior force.!!!

        • @Duke….

          Source please.

          • I do believe that tidbit was pulled straight from his own rectum.

        • A “nuke” is used against a superior or at least equal force, not an inferior one.

          There’s no need to waste them against an inferior force and it wouldn’t make sense to anyway – too expensive and attract too much attention.

      41. H/c/K/s If they can murder 60,000,000 babies, whats 38,000,000 chickens, you ever eat at KFC. Trekker Out. Don’t Be A Bird Brain!

      42. FEMA has plans to build fallout shelters I think it’s a PDF file you can get the materials at a Home Depot or lowes it is to be installed in basements or where ever I think. I remember stumbling on this info I think if you google safe room plans it will come up. Check it out guys. Atlas makes a nice safe room that is expandable supposedly comes to you freight on a skid and you bolt it together and anchor it to a cement slab you could put a bench inside it and stash your preps in it too. I think they start in price around $4000 and you can expand as you get mor$ or need more space. I know it’s a lot of $ but seems heavy duty.

      43. I have never understand why so many so-called elite and wealthy people buy these expensive apartments in Manhattan etc. What are they thinking? The wisest thing would be to stay in a hotel room when you need to attend business meetings in the Big Smoke but keep your hide-away residences very far away from the main urban centres.

        If they want a ‘stake’ in the bubbly property market, then get a stake in a hotel or an office building not a penthouse apartment in Manhattan that will be over-run by marauding hordes. That stuff is for scaredy-cat Chinese investors who have no choice when expatriating their wealth from the Chi-Coms.

        I would say the wisest thing to do is to keep very fit and mobile. When entering the major urban area be alert to the situation and have the ability to get out quickly. Most urban areas can be walked out of in a couple hours tops if it comes to that. Leave all the losers to fight it out in the traffic jams. With the right minimum supplies, you can go for 3 days with what’s on your back, and get to a safe space outside the metropolis, then re-group, take stock and make your next moves.

        Basically, depending on the severity of the situation, the following would happen in a few days anyway:

        1) State and Federal forces would be mobilized on a vast scale and would flood into urban areas to restore order.

        2) If it truly is the mega-shtf Skousan warns about, then you will be in a good situation outside the city to assess your next moves. This could include leaving the US for a safer country.

        3) Anything in the middle of these extremes would be easy to weather since you would not have much of a stake in the city and you could just take it or leave it. Think of all the people in New York during the hurricane aftermath who lamely wandered around in a daze trying to get wi-fi. They only did this because they were so dependent on wealth and work with the city they couldn’t leave. You must be in the position to be able to leave for at least 6 months and not dependent on a ‘boss’.

      44. Prepare Your Homes And Neighborhoods For The Violence That Is Going To Sweep America

        ht tp://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/prepare-your-homes-and-neighborhoods-for-the-violence-that-is-going-to-sweep-america

        hyperbole or reality ???

      45. I specialize in providing affordable “tactical “doors
        Go check out the Gibraltdoor

      46. A safe place in Manhattan is an oxymoron. And for all the other places, remember that folks will be safe only until the bad guys find your ventilation supply.

      47. As someone earlier stated a safe room will not save you if your home burns. The crusader,s castles where great strong holds. the moors decided to lay seiege. they made shelters called turtles that enabled them to get up to the castle walls and avoid the arrows and boiling oil. tunnelled under. they cut all the trees except for the olives. and stacked the wood under the crusader castles. lit it on fire and slow roasted the Christian invaders. not one crusader castle survived. Put trap doors in the floor and dig a escape tunnel.

      48. Guys Jesazz Koverist. I was mearly describing the fact that i believe that the bird flu was a bio weapon on out food supply. I am not calling chicken our equals. Listen to Gorilla economist V, with the inteview with the 4 start general. The elites consider us lower lifeforms, like animals. So the 38 million chickens, will cause the price of chicken to possible got to $15.00 a dozen. I consider the attachk on chickens of that magnitude, chickendocide. What will they do next, hit the deer and elk population so that when shtf commense, after the EMP, ELE event, we suddenly find out that not even animals of the land are avaible. Trust me fellows, constuctive thinking at work here. Now we may to eat people. Then you add that to fukshima, kill the oceans. If you kill the oceans on a planet, you kill the entire planet, because most of the air that we breathe, come form the green algae in the oceans, quotes my scientist friend. This is a scientist fact about our planets oxygen and nitrogen production.

        • Cluck cluck what the fuck!

      49. Any fortified home or BOL needs to both not look like it and your plans to repel attackers should never alert or engage them too far away that you are even there, where they can then easily escape to regroup and attack more effectively. If they didn’t pass you by and instead approach with obvious evil intent, you want to silently allow, and by ground preparation draw/direct them into, surprise ambush fire zone, in the open, that will best allow you to destroy them all. Any verbal warnings, signage, and warning shots beforehand only work against you to alert them to then regroup and attack in a manor both with less exposure to them and likely more deadly risks to you and yours.

      50. why?

      51. I live and work in Manhattan, the posh UES specifically. I’m new to this site and have learned a lot in just the past few weeks reading posts here… really appreciate the life-saving information, helpful tips and the truth.

        I work with very wealthy people, some billionaires, between Manhattan and also lived and worked in Silicon Valley, CA as well, amongst the wealthy elite there.

        They WILL NOT make it in a SHTF scenario.

        Problem is, they don’t know that – and we can’t address or fix something we aren’t aware of. Instead of listening and believing the truth they make up their own reality to suit their self-absorbed lives and ridiculously lavish lifestyles. There’s both physical prepping and mental prepping, neither of which they are concerned with.

        Plus, they back-stab each other because they have no conscience — as in all of the time. So, as far as the bunkers and safe places, well that may provide them an extra day or so on Earth, at best. In the long run it won’t mean shit. They are used to being pampered, catered to and waited on. Most of them have never even used their high-end $10,000 kitchen appliances and don’t know how they work. Most of their food is delivered by the concierge.

        The high-rise buildings they live and work in will become death traps, that they die in. These buildings will become the world’s largest vertical coffins because the elevators need power to work. Hiking it down 20+ flights of stairs and not knowing what the hell awaits below doesn’t seem to phase or concern them. They think preppers have very “overactive imaginations”, ironically this is coming from those who have no imagination.

        Many (not all, but most) of them are Sociopaths, meaning they do not have a conscience and lack genuine remorse. They have high IQ’s, but no damn common sense or sound judgement. This means that in a catastrophic event/major crisis they’ll still have no conscience, remorse or common sense. They live for power, money and control, and will continue to fight for power, even when the power goes out, if you get what I mean, the parallel I am drawing here.

        Put a bunch of them into a forced situation where they are confined to a bunker or “safe place” (now “safe place”, ha, that’s a real joke right there) and it will be bloodshed. Without conscience one lacks compassion. They will eventually (and sooner than later) kill each other.

        I work and live amongst the wealthy (I am upper middle-class, not wealthy) and know they will kill each other fighting for the power they are used to having. You can’t put a group of power-hungry, egotistical, megalomaniacs in a bunker and expect it to work. It’s unrealistic.

        Knowing them, I give them 3 days at best, and all hell will literally break lose. CommonCents says, if they didn’t have a conscience before the event, they sure won’t have one afterwards….when the SHTF.

        They have no ability to compromise and form cohesive groups based upon trust and common values (and of course let’s not forget the morals that they lack) essential for survival. They are used to controlling everything and everyone and won’t be able to give that up — all Chiefs and no Indians… it will never work. They are too arrogant and dense to realize that they are doomed.

        They’ll even turn simple bartering, essential to survival, into a game that they must win at the expense of others. Believe me, they will be among the first to go. And I don’t care. I say “Good Riddance.”

        They are infected with the social disease, I call ‘the arrogance disease’, and are too full of themselves to get that. Instead of preparing they are walking around, nose up in the air, or driving their BMW or Mercedes or being chauffered around in their black Caddy SUV’s, as if it’s just another day in the neighborhood.

        Instead of prepping and at least stocking up on essentials the men are buying up high-end real estate for investment properties and the stupid, mindless, wealthy women on the UES are busy outdoing each other; purchasing dozens of shoes with $1,000 price-tags and $20,000 ladies purses, on a regular basis when they never have more than 2-days worth of food in their $3.5 – $35 million dollar Penthouse Apartments that will become death traps if the SHTF.

        They spend their days mostly trying to outdo each other. They even get into fights for the best tutors to tutor their preschool toddlers and pay upwards of $500 per-hour for the tutor, instead of just reading the child books and playing puzzles, etc, and yet they’ve made no preparation for a SHTF scenario. They mock people who prep.

        Just thought I’d unload and also share some insights as to what’s going on up in my ‘neck of the woods’, so to speak.

        Thanks for listening and thanks again to all here for your helpful information and suggestions. I am working on getting out of here and moving to the country and preparing as best as I can. Looking forward to it in fact.

        Keep the posts coming. I can never have too much prep information. God bless all — CC.

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