Egypt: Vigilante Groups Form to Protect Local Communities Amid Riots, Looting

by | Jan 29, 2011 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    There were some who didn’t agree with our views that you should stay home when the streets explode into violent and out of control rioting. We suggested that rather than joining protesters and rioters, it may be in the interest of your safety, as well as the safety of your family, to focus your efforts on home and self defense.

    If you want to be a part of this, have at it:

    Just remember, though, that while you’re out throwing Molotov cocktail’s and engaging military/police in confrontation, your family will be sitting at home wondering where you are and facing the real threat that the violence may spill over into your neighborhood.

    Our primary objective in any far from equilibrium event, disaster or crisis is to ensure the safety of those closest to us.

    As we saw in the aftermath of the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, and like we’re seeing in Egypt today, the breakdown of law and order happens quickly, often without warning.

    Egyptians armed with sticks and razors have formed vigilante groups to defend their homes from looters after police disappeared from the streets following days of violent protests.

    “There is no police to be found anywhere,” said Ghadeer, 23, from an upscale neighborhood. “Doormen and young boys from their neighborhoods are standing outside holding sticks, razors and other weapons to prevent people from coming in.”

    She added: “The community is working together to stop this and protect ourselves.”

    The major difference between a riot and neighborhood violence in Egypt, and what would hit the streets of America may likely be that looters and gangs will be armed with a lot more than just sticks, knives and bricks – the same goes for community vigilantes.

    Police and military will be at the center of the riot hot spots, or at home with their own families, which means that your neighborhood will be completely unprotected.

    Looters will come looking for valuables, food, water, and weapons. Even more alarming are those criminal elements who will simply be looking to harm defenseless innocents.

    Any well rounded SHTF1 Plan for riots may include, but is not limited to:

    • Having enough food on hand for at least two weeks, as the normal flow of commerce will likely come to a halt
    • Having enough water on hand for at least two weeks, just in case water utility plants are attacked (it wouldn’t take  much to make your local tap water undrinkable)
    • Close range firearms like handguns and shotguns in the event of a break-in of your home while you’re inside
    • Longer range weapons like a semi-automatic SKS or AR15 to handle perimeter defense of the outer security layer of your property or neighborhood.
    • Some sort of communication devices for neighborhood patrols (walkie talkies will do)
    • Night vision goggles or scope – if you have the ability to acquire night vision equipment, it can come in very handy. And with the advancements in technology in recent years, even Generation 1 NV can be quite effective at detecting and targeting enemies.
    • Flashlights, flood lights (including extra batteries and/or a generator) that can be used to help illuminate the outer security layer of your neighborhood if a threat is detected.
    • Discretion – Remember, today it’s a riot and the Shit is Hitting the Fan, tomorrow it could be TEOTWAWKI2. Under no circumstance should you alert your neighbors, even if you are working with them to setup perimeter defense of your neighborhood, about your reserve food, water, ammunition, gas or other preps. Don’t share your weapons if you don’t have to – because you might not get them back. If the neighborhood finds out you have reserve food and water, and if the situation goes into extra innings, there will be tens of people at your front door looking to consume your larder on a daily basis.

    1. SHTF – Shit Hits The Fan, also Shoomer Hits The Fan
    2. TEOTWAWKI – The End of the World as We Know It


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      1. Comments…..  sheepdogs? oathkeepers? oh,we are in egypt.
        they only have 2.9 guns per 1000 people, when the shtf over here, it will get weird!

      2. Comments…..   Looks like the pot is being stirred somewhat. Can riots happen here just as they are in Egypt?  it depends on what’s on Tv that night. If Idol is on, forget it.  (sarcasm)
             I would’nt want to be anywhere near a riot like the one in Egypt, if it was happening here.  First off, the rioters would have just as good of weapons as the Police.   it would take military grade weapons to slow the crowds down here.  an when the first few rioters were shot, all hell would break loose.
            The powers that be want citizens to shoot at them.  That will be all the excuse they need for total martial law.   Most assuredly, some demonstrators would be killed by “accident”.
            There aren’t any good scenerios coming.   Just one bad situation after the other.  The elites plan is in full swing.

      3. Relax. Stop and watch the video more closely. For the most part nobody is getting hurt.  There’s some clubbing going on by some stressed out police and there’s the guy shooting off his shotgun from the “Paddy wagon”, other than that not many actually being harmed. Probably a lot less than outside many of our own big city bars and clubs around closing time on a weekend.
        I’d guess that there would be more people killed and injured in traffic related deaths on a daily/nightly basis–if the cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles were running at a normal pace in Egypt.
        You folks have to get a grip. Sure, stay away from the crowds if you can, but don’t be filled with fear about a bunch of people getting together. The so-called “vigilantes” are just neighborhood folks banding together to keep looters out. I’d do exactly the same with my neighbors. That’s what neighbors are for.

      4. Hmmm… seems like a good idea to be in a ‘nicer’ part of town when SHTF over here. Look around at your neighbors. Are they similar to you? Do they share your same values? Perhaps it is time to turn off the TV and start interacting with them. Knowing who your neighbors really are when SHTF will be priceless. We left suburbia a few months ago to get away from too many people who are not prepared. Now living at a dirt & dead-end road seems to be a huge plus. The best part is hearing all of my neighbors hunting and target practicing. A message to any would be looters ‘looting here = lead poisoning’

      5. take the time to watch this

      6. Comments….. Nothing wrong with preaching to the choir, because with each video and news report, it just reinforces what we all know maybe, could, happen here.  Dunno, I ain’t waiting around to find out.  The Egyptians like other people living in a dictator country, will rise up and topple the government.  It hasn’t gotten that bad here, but if Obumma keeps up his “to do list” we may very well see it sooner than later.  The only thing holding back the cocoapuffers from rioting is a welfare check.  The unemployed aka the 99’ers are already being weaned off of unemployment and onto the welfare rolls.  This is not sustainable.  So for the meanwhile pacifiers are the only thing keeping the cocoapuffers  in check.

        Beans, bullets and bandaids…..let’s roll!

      7. Sticks and razors!  Only because they are not allowed to own guns and knives!  The government took measures LONG ago to prevent people from defending themselves and protecting their property…and overthrowing their goverment,

      8. The situation in Egypt proves why martial law will fail in the US. In any SHTF scenario the police will be overwhelmed because they will be faced by a populations that has lost everything and have nothing to lose. So your local police will stay at home protecting his/her family. There is not enough military manpower to enforce martial law nationwide. Another thing is we are heavily armed and it will very bloody. I for one pray daily that a SHTF never comes because we have no idea what type of hell will go in this nation if there is no rule of law. There are milions of gang members,thousands of hate groups(White,Black,Lationo),crazies that are looking forward for to a SHTF. It will be a dream come true. These vigilante groups will be normal over here in a shtf scenario except the neighborhoods will be armed with guns,and the criminal element will have guns so it will be a nightmare. Local community militias will be the norm.Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I do not want to see a shtf or wrol type of America. This is not your grandfathers America. This America is more angry and violent,and more drugged out in illegal drugs and legal ones. When there is no rule of law it is a nightmare. If you hope for a shtf to come you are a dumb fool.

      9. SHTFPLAN said, “…it may be in the interest of your safety, as well as the safety of your family, to focus your efforts on home and self defense.”

        Such as these locals who, “…are going into the street with clubs and chains to prevent looting. Residents are trying to protect the entrance to the neighborhood with blockades.” ?

        Not a bad plan it seems.

        In many instances will it rather be a case of, “No confrontations are reported to be taking place between soldiers and protesters… Army personnel are still being greeted in a friendly manner, with some even handing roses to the soldiers.”?

        However; sometimes “it” comes to you, instead of you to it:

        “When they’re not beating people in the streets or hauling them off to be brutalized and killed, plainclothes thugs from Egypt’s Central Security Services are looting private businesses. Egyptians not employed in the coercive sector have responded by creating private anti-looting patrols. This is a wonderful illustration of the fact that government police agencies are designed to pillage, rather than protect, and the emergence of spontaneous cooperative order may be a hopeful augury for the future.”

        SHTFPLAN said, “…your family will be sitting at home wondering where you are and facing the real threat that the violence may spill over into your neighborhood.”

        In the short-term you may be better off cowering in your Scaredy Cat Bunker, but in the longer term, are you really better off if you remain quiet and let those who unjustly rule, continue to unjustly rule?
        Perhaps, in the long term, for the sake of posterity, your safety and those you care about are better served by going out into the night to effect change? ‘Spose that’s what those in 1775 said too?

        And maybe there will be more unity than division, as was the case just after 9/11 and along the lines of what these people experienced?
        ‘Muslims, Christians we are all Egyptians’

        Mardochee Augustin said, “When there is no rule of law it is a nightmare.”

        That is what we already have, now. We have arbitrary rule of men, not of  law.

        The thing to keep in mind during all of this Egyptian mayhem is, the U.S. finances their rulers, what does that tell you?

        But here I am ranting on about what the people who founded the country did before 1776 and the creation of The Articles of Confederation, how dare I discuss such, it’s considered quite un-American these days you know, why they all should’ve just stayed home and minded their own business and let the King have his way, nary a word should have been spoken against the ways of the King, and no one should’ve dared step out of line, eh? You’re better off, your family is better off, if you just continue to let the King have his way with you and yours.

        “In a little time [there will be] no middling sort. We shall have a few, and but a very few Lords, and all the rest beggars.” ~ R.L. Bushman

        Americans: Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs

      10. To tight the neighbor bonds is the best thing to do. Not only in times of turbulance, but mostly in times of peace.
        My problem is that half of my neighborhood is illegal Pakistanis. The rest of the Greeks who live in the area, are neo-liberal fanatics who support the illegals. Of course when the night comes they lock themselves inside, and eat pizza hut.
        This means that when the Egypt riots come to us, i will have to rely on my own means.
        But i will not be a sitting duck. When we see the shtf, we load the car and flee to the country. At least there i will have my cousins and uncles to rely on and of course assist them.
        My only wish is not to live the era of the uprisal. It will be a real mess. Egypt and Tunisia had different types of problems.
        When the U.S. and Europe citizens revolt, it will be like a tsunami of anger destroying everything.

      11. Comments…..Muslims running through the streets with AK47s and machettes, looting and raping little girls. Hundreds killed raped and thousands injured. This isn’t about politics, its about Muslims killing Muslims and enslaving each other. Its about a cult religion whose goal is the destruction of Western civilization and that means all of you infidels who post here with your bullshit about 2.99 bread sold in muslim groceries while Target and Walmart has giant loaves of bread for 80 cents.

      12. Russia & China are laughing behind the scenes.  When I moved overseas previously I purchased a beautiful baseball bat with the receipt taped onto the handle. Don’t forget the catchers mask.  A couple of VHF marine walkie-talkies with rechargeable AAA batteries are the ideal way to go especially when you are inland. GPS private radios a step up.  

      13. Judging from the video, it looks more like a group taking some desperate, proactive measure against looting of their own neighborhoods. Many of the reports and tweets coming in over the BBC last night had a real air of fear in them, as they knew that their neighbors place was being ransacked. They started messaging that they were going to grab what weapons they could and start defending their block, and protecting their neighbors. The video looks like exactly that. A neighborhood very tense, and on guard, but not threatening to those that take the wiser course, and keep themselves moving along.

      14. Egypt is a filthy, wretched place.  I hope the people are able to change things there, but I do fear for them, as they are completely unarmed and at the mercy of the dictator’s military.  Mubarak is a bastard who should have been removed decades ago.  Even though our country is swirling around in a flushed toilet, I would still rather be here than anywhere on this planet.  Keep on preppin’, and good luck to all.

      15. If this was happening over here would we want other countries telling us that our government must listen to the people for economic & gov reform?

      16. If you live in a neighborhood that has values, and not a coco puffs area, neighbors will come together after a few days.  Although in Egypt, the gov pulled the plug on internet and cell phones.  Actually, Egypt is a county small in size, compared with the U.S.  If the gov ever pulled the pull on cell and internet in this country, we would have no idea what is going on.  The gov would take over every TV and radio station in the country.  Only news would be by shortwave radio from within and outside the U.S.   If you have your beans, bullets and bandaids, then get a shortwave radio!  Information will be key, and might save your life. 

        Also, landline telephones work just like the internet!  They would pull the plug on them also, remotely!

      17. it looks to me that in addition to evolving home-front debt/credit economic problems we are now simultaneously faced with additional  severe potential problems like the collapse of the yankee hegemony over a large part of the arab-world spelled OIL.

        this could evolve into a very nasty fast moving very massive tsunami for all of us.

        good luck and remember to save more new crisp uncirculated ten dollar bills and in addition, buy  pre-’65 dimes, quarters,half-dollars, morgan silver dollars and some 50 millilitre old no. 7 minibottles.

        good luck from your friend.


      18. It seems like the majority of Egyptians are trying to act rationally in an irrationaly situation. This article is a good blueprint on how folks can unite to protect their neighborhoods during very bad times.
        The military and civilians are working this together. I suspect it would be a similiar situation here in the U.S. if we have an event that causes massive civil unrest (Natural disaster or otherwise). I don’t worry about our military and I don’t worry about our local and state L.E.O.s during times of crisis–we’d all be working the problems together.
        We’ll help each other.
        Anyway, the Egyptians seem to be holding their own–controlling the criminal elements–working with the few “tools”  they have.

      19. @mushroomhead…“buy  pre-’65 dimes, quarters,half-dollars, morgan silver dollars”

        I’d like to believe you’ve seen the light, but I have to ask myself, is this post just a basidiomycete speaking out of both sides of his mouth or it one who has had experienced an epiphany?  Advocating junk (70%) silver now, ‘shroom?   What on earth has become of  you?  Aren’t you the fungus who says you can’t eat gold or silver?  Now you’re advising people buy some to share precious space in your #10 cans with those crispy $10 fraudulent reserve notes/TP?  Maybe you’ve been hittin’ the old #7 a little hard today.  Is it possible you’ve found the narrow road and you’ve begun your walk along the path to redemption?  There is always hope — who knows?

        GMAFB — No apologies extended, intended or implied…but I remain hopeful.

      20. Mushroom,

        You wrote:  “collapse of the yankee hegemony over a large part of the arab-world spelled OIL”
        To go one step further, there is a real danger for those countries to fall in the hands of the radical muslims of the Sharia. So just imagine a scenario in which, Maroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Emirates, join a Pakistani or Afghani like, regime.
        What will happen only time will tell, but i’m not sure it will be a good one.


      21. Is the Egyptian Government Using Agents Provocateur to Justify a Crack Down On the Protesters?
        Al Jazeera reported today:
        [Al Jazeera reporter] Ayman Mohyeldin reports that eyewitnesses have said “party thugs” associated with the Egyptian regime’s Central Security Services – in plainclothes but bearing government-issued weapons – have been looting in Cairo. Ayman says the reports started off as isolated accounts but are now growing in number.
        The Telegraph reports:
        “Thugs” going around on motorcycles looting shops and houses, according to Al Jazeera. They say they are getting more and more reports of looting. More worryingly, one group of looters who were captured by citizens in the upmarket Cairo district of Heliopolis turned out to have ID cards identifying them as members of the regime security forces.
        Similarly, Egyptian newspaper Al MasryAlyoum provides several eyewitness accounts of agents provacateur:
        Thugs looting residential neighborhoods and intimidating civilians are government-hires, say eyewitnesses.
        In Nasr City, an Eastern Cairo neighborhood, residents attempting to restore security told Al-Masry Al-Youm that looters were caught yesterday.
        “They were sent by the government. The government got them out of prison and told them to rob us,” says Nameer Nashaat, a resident working alongside other youths to preserve order in the district. “When we caught them, they said that the Ministry of Interior has sent them.”
        In Masr al-Qadeema, another district, scrap metal dealer Khaled Barouma, confirmed the same account. “The government let loose convicts. They let them out of prisons. We all know them in this neighborhood,” he said, adding that the neighborhood’s youth is trying to put the place in order by patrolling its streets with batons.
        “The government wants people to believe that this is an uprising of convicts, which is not the case. The government is the one that is a criminal,” Khalil Fathy, a local journalist covering the events closely, said.

      22. Americans would NEVER riot. You people are too morbidly obese, plus its hard to protest while holding chicken McNuggets with one hand, masturbating with the other and watching American Idol at the same time.

        Lastly, rioting takes BALLS, and Americans are only good at shooting UNARMED people OVERSEAS,  NOT at people HERE who can actually shoot back.

        No my fraudulent friends, you are now up Shyt Creek with no paddle, no canoe, no lifevests and -more importantly- NO FRIENDS.

      23. You are wise & smart C.  I am waiting for the people over there to become hungary, thirsty & wanting electricity while their history is stolen.  Our politicians are balancing on the fence not sure what to say in public or confess.  No character or grit.

      24.  @ VRF
         Thanks for the video. Just finished watching it,,,, a real eye opener. Right up their with

        Knowledge Is Power

      25. Comments….. So the prisons have been opened up and prisoners are running loose.  Sounds to me like it totally anarchy and spreading to other countries fast.  What could be worse than hundreds of young males pissed off and running amuck?  I call that anarchy.

        From Mish:

        What took Obumma so long to get Americans out of there?  Another failure for the president.

      26. Goldenfoxxsaid, “I call that anarchy.”

        I wouldn’t, I would call that chaos.

        The people in those countries are still prevented by their government from using whatever means of self-defense they think is necessary, as long as that is the case, there is no anarchy, just chaos.

      27. On the terms “anarchy” and “vigilante”.

        The American media machine has many of you confused on the terms “anarchy” and “vigilante”. Because the US Government and the state governments are so desperate to make you dependent on them, they mess with your language and mis-educate you. They attempt to spread dishonor and fear where none should exist. Clark has a clue. Others do also.

        Anarchy is not a state where people are going crazy, killing, burning, etc. Anarchy is a state where there is little or no government. The US Governments make you think that if they are there to “protect you” (which also = rob you, beat you and kill you) that the bad guys will rob you, beat you and kill you. Hmm. Kind of redundant isn’t it? What you are not told is that a state of anarchy is far superior to the almost police state we have now where more people are murdered by “The Good Guys” than are by drug dealers and serial killers. Oh, sure, the drug dealers still kill people, but, they usually kill other drug dealers and the serial killers usually prey on undesireables. Unfortunately the cops are about as likely to kill children and teenagers as they are drug dealers. We’ve traded personal responsibility for government dependence and in the process have recieved something far worse than anarchy. We’ve recieved a police state. Personally, I’d prefer even chaos to that at times.

        Vigilantes are not crooks. The term is misapplied. While the term stands for violent people who often exact revenge on people who didn’t get their just due from the state justice system, the state often uses it to label people who are doing the state’s job when the state just won’t do it. These Egyptians are not “vigilantes”! They are people who have taken their security into their own hands because they knew the state would not.

        Again, anarchy is incorrectly defined and the term vigalante is incorectly applied.

        Stay safe and state hidden. Avoidance is the primary tactic.

      28. Comments….. Okay, so who is in charge?

        <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”anarchy pronunciation” /></a> /ˈænÉ™rki/ Show Spelled[an-er-kee] Show IPA

        a state of society without government or law.

        political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.

        a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.

        confusion; chaos; disorder: Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith.

      29. What’s going on, riots are around the globe?  It looks like Mubarak, Egypt president, will lose his country to SULEIMAN (the newly sworn in Vice president- that’s Mubarak’s big, big mistake), or Mohamed ELBARADEI (the Nobel peace prize winner).

        An Egyptian opposition coalition that includes the mass Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood has turned to Mohamed ELBARADEI, former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, to form a national unity government and make contact with the military.

        has urged Obama to call time on Mubarak.   “It is better for President Obama not to appear that he is the last one to say to President Mubarak, ‘It’s time for you to go,” he told CNN.

        ELBARADEI says  “U.S. Should Tell Mubarak to Give Up Power in Egypt…. ELBARADEI returned to Egypt after the protests erupted against the gov’t to join the opposition.”
          [wow, a peace prize winner!]    

        God Bless America!

      30. btw, the above info. are direct quotes from Yahoo, except the first paragraph which is my own.

      31. Dont say it cant happen here..

        maybe small but 40 people is a start…and this kind of action is going to start to piss some of us off….though we had the right to assemble? guess not if the T PAB are worried its going to get going

        if you cant simply protest something in this country…were F-ing done…….

      32. Hey, Al Falfa…..  Sorry to disappoint you, but I am hard from years of working outdoors, I don’t watch idiotic tv, and I prefer to play with women.  From your mouth, I can say with confidence that I could crush you like a bug under my combat boot.  Don’t judge all Americans by the cowardly slobs you see on the media…  there are still many, many tough resourceful people in this great country.  You could be, too, if you ever stop your nonsense.

      33. Here’s your daily dose of propaganda from the Jerusalem Times. Take that for what it’s worth. A link took me there last night, now I can’t find it. It was in regard to the fighter jets swooping over the crowd, and how ‘successful’ that has been in breaking up the crowds. Ha! Oh really now????

        It went on to say something so unbelievably stupid, that you’d swear it came from Hillary herself. Or, any news channel of your choosing, here in the states:

        “The rioters are beginning to dissipate, and business is returning to some level of normalcy, with cel phone stores and convenience stores doing a brisk business”.

        HAHAHAAHAHAHA! Well maybe they’re beginning to thin out because they need some sleep? And maybe they need phones to tell the world of their plight? And ummm…maybe they need to eat? Unbelievable. Yep, all is well in the ME. Nothin’ to see there!

        And then, we have the elite over at Davos exiting their meetings feeling MORE OPTIMISTIC of the world’s situation, economic and otherwise, than ever before! Holy cow! While the world burns down around them! To me, this is more of a clue than anything, that all is going as planned. Insurrection and uprisings will simply allow the PTB to (finally) drop the hammer. Why else would you be ‘optimistic’ about today (of all days) state of affairs?

      34. Sec State is having an electronic round table discussion with all of the U.S. Ambassadors.  I feel better…. 

      35. The price of food & clean water is going up in Egypt.  ATM/banks are down.  Aren’t you glad you have staples for your paperwork?

      36. NetRanger,
        Sometimes folks have to be called on things they say. This is your turn (Continued below your comments).
        You said, 
        “… The US Governments make you think that if they are there to “protect you” (which also = rob you, beat you and kill you) that the bad guys will rob you, beat you and kill you. Hmm. Kind of redundant isn’t it? What you are not told is that a state of anarchy is far superior to the almost police state we have now where more people are murdered by “The Good Guys” than are by drug dealers and serial killers. Oh, sure, the drug dealers still kill people, but, they usually kill other drug dealers and the serial killers usually prey on undesireables. Unfortunately the cops are about as likely to kill children and teenagers as they are drug dealers. We’ve traded personal responsibility for government dependence and in the process have recieved something far worse than anarchy. We’ve recieved a police state. Personally, I’d prefer even chaos to that at times….”

        My take on this is that you’ve got your head firmly planted up your arse. Most of the L.E.O’s and military folks that I know are good people trying to do a job. They’ve got friends, family and neighbors just like you. They not a pack of Nazi Gestapo sociopaths that you seem to want to paint them as being. Try doing what they do and dealing with the sh@t they deal with daily–with all the contraints. One real or perceived screw-up during a life threatening emergency and they can be hauled into court, lose their career–or killed.
        You might want to try living in some other countries so you can get a good comparison between our Law Enforcement folks (and our military) and what’s in other far less desirable nations. You have no freakin’ clue how bad things can be in some other countries.
        The kind of talk that you’re spewing above is what is getting some of our law enforcement killed and injured.
        There’s some bad ones in every group but by and large I’ve found that police, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and the majority of our military folks are good, solid Americans who will stand by the rule of law and our Constitution. That’s my take on it.


        Anarchy–ruled by noone; due to corrupt governments, the people choose no government is better than bad government; leads to restrictive liberties since one is always guarding property and rights and to terrorism, looting, killing…

        this then leads to the very ones who promoted anarchy to take over by request of the public which is the objective all along…..

      38. So much for the whirl wind of speeches before holding office and Nobel Peace Prize.  Libya must not have the net.

      39. Gloomers & Doomers:  Watched “Prophets of Doom” on History Channel this weekend.  If this dont make you wanna prep.  Make a Mushroom seek darker place.  Here is link to read about it:
        Ole Boy Scout motto:  Be Prepared

      40. If they push the red internet kill switch here, how am I going to be able to day-trade speculate for $7/transaction?

      41. I do what I can.  I too, have seen situations which could degenerate into chaos if TSHTF.  In many cases, especially in less desireable neighborhoods, the sheer lack of consideration for others may prove enough.  Then to take from each other…
        Some scenarios I avoid like the plague.  I would like carrying a gun in your car,  could get me arrested…that sort of thing.   I never have less than half a tank in my vehicle.  I have over time discreetly stashed a hundred ounces of silver rounds and Eagles, not interested in paper silver, a years supply of food, hundreds of gallons of water, medications, propane, cash, guns, ammo, etc.  A long list.
        I expect many to be caught short, a whole new experience for them.   Watch the tantrums begin.  Even though I’m closing in sixty, I spent most of my life working outdoors, with my hands, and feel quite capable of defending myself should the need arise.  My forty-five is like my right hand.
        I would greatly prefer to simply remain below the radar, working with like minded souls for our mutual benefit and defense.   I seek no conflicts.   But a certain weakness, I live in the sticks, I must travel to the city regularly, for my wife is being treated for cancer, a vulnerability I am very much aware of.  And may one day cost us our lives…but I will never abandon her..regardless of the cost to me.
        I have no trust in government, little in the economy…..I wait for the house of cards to catch a stiff breeze…..

      42. Hey, Kent…..  I wish you were my neighbor!  I would be proud and happy to share what I have with you and your wife. 

      43. NWFisher said, “They not a pack of Nazi Gestapo sociopaths…”

        And We, Like Sheep…

        “From this perspective, when the Sheepdogs get a little rough with their charges — say, body-slamming a woman face-first into a restaurant floor, leaving an innocent young man in a coma after body-checking him head-first into a wall, or putting a 12-year-old girl skateboarder in a chokehold — this isn’t abuse; it’s an outgrowth of their irrepressible “yearning for an honest battle.”

        …Why do police increasingly behave like an occupying army, rather than civilian peace officers?

        “…this demonstrates the prevalence of a certain type of sociopathic personality in both crime and law enforcement, since “the characteristics of `supercops’ [are] similar and perhaps even interchangeable with those of habitual criminals.” Among the salient traits of both groups are “a disposition toward control, aggressiveness, vigilance, rebelliousness, high energy level … high self-esteem, feelings of uniqueness … and a tendency to avoid blame.”

        …police work tends to select for potential and latent sociopathic personalities, since it “offers unlimited opportunities for corruption and deceit” coupled with a very tribal professional culture.

        …The problem is that many, perhaps most, of those employed in law enforcement do not see “protecting and serving” as their primary duty, but rather as one incidental to their fraternal responsibilities to each other and their obligations to the state that employs them.

        …Sheep, on the other hand, are suitable only to be herded, sheared, and butchered — and one purpose of Sheepdogs, after all, is to keep the flock together on the way to the slaughterhouse.”

        NWFisher said, “…One real or perceived screw-up during a life threatening emergency and they can be hauled into court, lose their career–or killed.”

        The Thin Blue Whine: Who Mourns the Murdered Mundanes?

        “We are told that 2009 was a year fraught with peril for the police because 47 officers were killed by gunfire. During the same time frame, however, at least 56 people suffered “Taser-related” deaths at the hands of police. It’s difficult to find out how many others were killed by police — in shootings, beatings, or mistreatment in jail or prison. The chances are pretty good, however, that the body count is much higher than the 117 police deaths that occurred during the past year.”

        “We’re Fighting A War”: Civilian Disarmament and the Martial Law Mindset

        “…as we’ve seen on numerous occasions, contemporary law enforcement officers are on a war footing, which means that their default setting is “overkill.”

        About that “War on Cops”….

        “If they have it, they will use it; if it’s been deployed by the military abroad, it will be employed by the paramilitary police at home; once it’s been tested against criminal suspects, it will become part of the standard arsenal of social regimentation. At this point it appears that the only thing that will cause the machinery of repression to grind to a stop would be a fully realized economic collapse…”

        NWFisher said, “…good, solid Americans who will stand by the rule of law and our Constitution.”

        Stealing Camp Zoe: The Federal “Forfeiture” Gang Strikes  

        “The federalization and militarization of “local” police is almost entirely an outgrowth of the War on Drugs, which now poses a potentially lethal threat to the very concept of due process and property rights.”

        No Law? No Warrant? No Problem!

        “It’s hardly an exaggeration to characterize the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) as the local “Gestapo.””

        Sometimes folks have to be called on things they say.

      44. Clark,
        Whoever wrote this shit you posted hopefully won’t get a quick response when they call 911:
        “…police work tends to select for potential and latent sociopathic personalities, since it “offers unlimited opportunities for corruption and deceit” coupled with a very tribal professional culture.
        …The problem is that many, perhaps most, of those employed in law enforcement do not see “protecting and serving” as their primary duty, but rather as one incidental to their fraternal responsibilities to each other and their obligations to the state that employs them….”

        Like I said, there’s always a few bad ones in every group. Some of you critics REALLY ought to try living in some other country where they REALLY have some bad cops and military.
        You would be much more appreciative of most of the good cops and military folks we’ve got in this country.
        I stand by everything I said. You don’t know shit apparently. You really should get to know some people in Law Enforcement and TRY to get a grasp of what they’re dealing with on a daily basis. You try dealing with people hellbent on harming or killing you (sometimes in a matter of a few confusing seconds) and we’ll see how well you do. Then repeat that every shift…

      45. Comments…..I was in Haiti during the last rioting because of the election results, we woke to the sound of sporadic gunfire and the main roads were blocked and tires burning. We were in a guesthouse and could not leave for 3 days all of our flights were canceled, we finally caught a bus to the Dominican Republic and flew back to the states from Santa Domingo. A very helpless feeling to say the least you dont want to be on the streets when this happens.

      46. Comments…..Hey Al Falfa, you grossly underestimate the American people…think about all the military veterans, like myself, out there from our too many military conflicts since the 60’s…think about 80+million gun owners packing 300+million firearms…think about how quickly the Tea Party movement came about…you’ve smoked too much alfalfa!

      47. Al Falfa: We don’t need no stinking friends. We got US! That has been sufficient to defeat the British at the top of their game; the Germans at the top of their game; the Japanese at the top of their game; and the Soviets at the top of theirs. Bring it on we’ll get it on.

        We don’t need to riot. We just need to reorganize, throw the assholes out of office that are ruining the country and replace them with Patriots. Americans have the mechanisms to demand their rights.

        The Egyptians want theirs.

      48. Al Falfa…….dream on punk!

      49. Yes, if it ever gets that bad, you should probably stay at home.  The 3rd and 2nd world countries will continue to get hit hard before it ever touches us in the US.  I’m not saying it can’t/won’t happen here, but it would take nothing short of a total shut-down in commerce to spark unrest on this level here. Now, an EMP attack, something like that, I can see it happening, but political unrest, nah, everyone’s too complacent and happy where they are.  Myself included. 

      50. NWFisher, I suggest it is you that is not up to speed on things. The quotes you posted were from a study.

        The author who wrote about those quotes certainly will not be dialing 911, as he implores many times that no one else should either, he has a few reason why:

        NEVER Ask the Police for “Help,” Continued

        Once Again: NEVER Call the Police for “Help”

        More “Shocking” Taser Abuse by a Friendly Neighborhood Policeman

        ‘They’re Cops; They’re Going to Beat You’

        Yet Again: DON’T Call 911, And DON’T “Help” the Police

        Again: NEVER Call the Police for “Help”

        Character, Guns, and Criminals
        “The cowardly, the ignorant, and educated fools, ignore history and believe that law enforcement can protect all from harm, even though the police are only minutes away when help is needed immediately. The book, Dial 911 and Die, is a detailed, accurate history of those who believed in the fairy tale of protection by LE and died learning the terrible truth.”

        “Then repeat that every shift…”???

        “get a grasp of what they’re dealing with on a daily basis”???

        Colorado Deputies Subject Child to Electro-Shock Torture

        Support Your Local Sexual Predator

        RAND Corporation Blueprint for Militarized “Stability Police Force”

        “…critics of the UN have anticipated the day when foreign “peacekeepers” would be assigned to police American streets and, if necessary, confiscate privately owned firearms.

        While the monstrosity headquartered on the East River  is a proper target of our scorn and hostility, the new RAND study underscores the fact that if “peacekeepers” end up patrolling American streets, they probably won’t be foreigners in blue berets, but homegrown jackboots commanded by Washington.”

      51. Guess what would have changed if everyone had stayed home holed in their basement clutching their gun and eating MREs?


        Without resisters on the street there is no resistance.  They sent tanks.  They sent U.S. built war planes.  They could have ordered a slaughter, and the military would have compiled.

        Do you think that the U.S. military wouldn’t comply and slaughter U.S. citizens by the 10’s of thousands?  Oh they would not only do it, they would enjoy it.  “Wie were just following sie orders.”  Killers kill and standing armies always destroy freedom.

        If you aren’t willing to stand up for what you believe in, if all you’re willing to do is look after yourself and your family, then you are irrelevant in the face of history.  You are like a piece of algae floating in the ocean – external forces will decide your fate.

        You’re either willing to fight and die on your feet or you are willing to submit and live on your knees.  These people in Egypt don’t have nearly the weaponry, resources, or knowledge/training that the American people have – and still they were willing to stand up against the seemingly irresistible force of their government.

        And they won.

        So shall we win.  Humanity will never be enslaved by the New World Order.

      52. I regret my post above. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been a shithead–Mom and Dad always told me I was but then I’d show them articles and studies to try proving them wrong.
        I thought Cut & Paste was a form of original thought and a good way to argue a point and express ideas.
        Now I realize I’m short on real world experience and I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I’m sorry for perpetuating someone else’s screwed up ideas (like my previous post). I’m sorry for slandering all those good law enforcement officers who try to do their best every day. Oh well, live and learn.
        I’m going out today to try to get to know some of them–to let them know I totally support their efforts to make my community safe!
        I’m turning over a new leaf. 🙂 It feels good to start making personal changes and begin thinking for myself! No more Cut & Paste for me!

      53. NWFisher,

        I’ve been accused of having my head of my ass for years. Problem is, I have a fat ass and I can fit a laptop in here to see the news and what is going on. You say there are always a few bad apples is like saying that there are a few radical islamists that are violent. If you study cops and y ou study islam, you realize they’re all violent. …and the case of cops, they ALL think they are better than the people they are supposed to server. Never found one that wasn’t. How many cops do you know?

        Have you not been seeing what is going on? We don’t have a police force, we have pirates that are WAY more interested in collecting revenue for their county/state/federal corporations.

        My words have nothing to do with cops getting shot. They don’t need my help. The murders and mayhem they inflict up on the people certainly will get them shot, eventually. Most people cow under their authority because they don’t know how to deal with corporate goon squads. I pray that you never have to understand what I understand about the cops and their goals. My head may indeed be up my ass. Your head, however, is in the sand. Are you running for sheople supreme? Sure, they have families, however, they also have the state behind them and they think they are invincible becaue their violence is backed and condoned by the state for profit.

        …thanks for bringing it up!

      54. @NetRangerFebruary 1st, 2011 at 3:22 pm
        You saidHave you not been seeing what is going on? We don’t have a police force, we have pirates that are WAY more interested in collecting revenue for their county/state/federal corporations.“ 

        It couldn’t have been said any better.  Most people believe the police are here to protect and serve, safeguard their liberties and enforce the laws and protect their Constitutional rights, but  the truth is their job is to enforce and collect.
        The truth is cops have no constitutional obligation to protect individuals from private individuals. The Supreme Court decided on on June 27, 2005 in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the Supreme Court found that Jessica Gonzales did not have a constitutional right to police protection, even in the presence of a restraining order.
        By a vote of 7-to-2, the Supreme Court ruled that Gonzales has no right to sue her local police department for failing to protect her and her children from her estranged husband.
        Another reason to have a home defense system readily available.  Of course a LEO is going to tell me that he hopes I don’t get a prompt response from 911 — and I will tell you I’m prepared to dispatch the problem before you get here…you can bag and tag.
        GMAFB – no apologies, yadayadayada…you know

      55. Well guys…like the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.“. You must have some less than stellar cops where you come from or you’ve got such an ingrained nasty attitude and distrust toward them that you automatically see the bad. (mistrust of authority figures?)
        My experiences have usually been good with LEO’s. I’ve worked with some, had some save my ass and help out during major accidents, consider some to be friends and neighbors.
        On the other hand I’ve lived in other countries (not visited during a vacation) and seen how the cops in other nations are. Some aren’t worth a shit, corrupt and nasty. By comparison American cops are the salt of the earth–most of them. That’s my opinion and experience and I’m standing by it. You guys can stand by your opinions.

        If the stuff hits the fan I’d rather stand side by side with some good cops, military and former military (as long as we’re on the right side of the law and our Constitution) than take a chance on some weak, shakey  little poodle dog type of individual.

      56. Anyone counting on the cops to help them out in time of a major emergency (like Katrina, the NE power outages, etc) is an idiot.  The police are your enemy.  Here in the PNW, there have been a spate of killings by the police lately.  The woodcarver is the best known.  Half-deaf Native American (drunkard) woodcarver “armed” with a folded-up 3 inch pocket knife was shot by police officer (3 in the chest and ! to the side of the head).  The woodcarver presented no threat, and the witness statements from civilians at the scene directly contradict the “officer”.  This “officer” is well on his way to being found “innocent” in the latest proceedings.  It’s a virtual repeat of the SF Bart shooting in which a cop executed a hog-tied teen by shooting the hog-tied victim in the back (filmed by at least five civilians) and that cop walked with what amounts to a misdemeanor conviction.  In other news, a man was tasered to death by cops in another NW city.  Multiple others have had their homes ransacked by “good cops” on wrongful search warrants.

        In time of emergency, the last people to trust are the “good cops”.

      57. Any SHTF scenario here will indeed result in martial law. Problem is, martial law may be successful for a short period, but it will ultimately fail.

      58. My first impostor, wow, don’t have any facts to counter with huh?

        You really should read the links, and try to understand, it’s more than a few bad apples, it’s official policy.

        Try this on for size:

        From Jack D. Douglas, professor emeritus of sociology at UCSD.

        Egypt, Like Its U.S. Model, Is a Totalitarian Secret and Indirect Police State

        Seriously, if you don’t at least read that link, you have no ground to stand on to discuss the issue.

      59. I never thought I would join any of those radical “prepper” groups or forums….augh, but I finally succumbed.  I think, now, that I may be a little late starting to forage for supplies.  I know things are really going to get bad but do people really think stockpiling for is necessary?  I ask because I think I want to do that.  And water too, am I crazy, or am I crazy that I just started.  I found these water storage bags, my place is small-ish and I can stash them here and there:
        I found it at the preparedness forum I joined (I’m still a little embarrassed to admit it.  Any advice?  The water storage bags seem like e decent deal.  I thought about 2 liter bottles but I don’t really drink soda.  What foods should I buy first?  Something like PopTarts and granols bars?


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