Eerie Broadcasts In California Proclaim “Violent Times” Warnings

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 52 comments

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    Strange and creepy broadcasts have been heard in California lately.  The announcements proclaim warnings of “violent times” and have been awfully terrifying those who hear them.

    The eerie broadcasts have been heard by people in Orange County, California last week. The regular TV programming was interrupted with ominous messages suggesting the end was very near.

    “My sister recorded it on her phone and brought it over for me to hear and it was the most unsettling thing I have ever heard in my life,” one user wrote on Reddit. “I heard music playing and a man talking but his tone was scary and oddly went with the music.”

    Viewers on Cox Communications and Spectrum on Thursday, September 21 were subjected to the odd event. Their regular broadcasts, including the channels HGTV and Bravo, were replaced with a screen displaying the words “EMERGENCY ALERT”, with some panicked audio playing over the top.

    “The space programme made contact with… They are not what they claim to be,” one of the recordings said. “They have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area 51. The disasters that are coming – the military – I’m sorry the government knows about them…”

    Another recording had a voice warning that “extremely violent times will come”, with one viewer telling the Orange County Register that it “almost sounded like Hitler talking.” –IFL Science


    No one seems to know what exactly was going on to cause these broadcasts. According to IFL Science’s educated guess, however, would suggest some pranksters managed to access the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which allows authorities to take over TV and radio stations to display important emergency alerts, like severe weather warnings. If that’s the case, that’s probably not a good thing. In a Reddit thread, a couple of users said they’d called Cox to ask what the issue was, but the company was not being too responsive.

    Gizmodo also noted that the audio on both recordings was easily traceable. The first belongs to a conspiracy theory radio show called Coast to Coast AM from 1997, and the second came from a Christian radio program.


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      1. Seems the media is as safe from hackers as your digidollars 😛

        • Yes, i know what this broadcast was. I heard it, almost 20 yrs ago….maybe in 1999 around that time period. It was a caller who called in to the Art Bell show and yes he was very frantic. He sounded very real and not a fake. I even recorded it, but don’t know where that is. He said something about some event is coming and the gov knows about it, and they could be moving people off the coasts, but they WANT the people to die. He also said “what we call aliens are not from this solar system – they are extra dimensional. He also said that “they are going to triangulate on me real soon”, so Art asked him to tell us something and the above is what he said. I forget some of it, but it was very scary indeed. I am thinking of whoever put this broadcast on the tv is just trying to scare us. This mans frantic voice would scare anyone!! He certainly scared me, but it’s been almost 20 yrs and nothing has happened so i am not gonna freak over it. This is someone finding an old broadcast and trying to scare the people. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

      2. Maybe God is trying to warn us.

        • Has been for the past 5000 years. Problem is we would rather listen to His adversary

        • The Christianity Scam only works if they can keep their duped sheep minion followers living in fear and dupe them into believing that Christ is their only salvation. Its a repeated fear scam used across the Globe for centuries. The war on terrorism uses the same game plan. Create fear and only the Govnt can save you.

          Religion is such a scam. Idiots swallow the bait hook line and sinker. Just read the idiot commenters here who belive this religious crap. No God or holy spirit is saving anybody. You will all get a long dirt nap in the end.

          • Not only do religious leaders get to lord it over their followers, they also convince them to tithe a minimum of 10% (more is holier) of their income to the church.

            Imagine what 10% socked away in a good investment for 30 year could do for the average person. I suppose they will find out if they have an eternal return on investment the day they die.

          • It’s amazing how ignorant those who claim to be educated and in the dark those who claim to be enlightened can be.

            Yes, someone who doesn’t seem to comprehend what Christianity is about, please tell us more about the religion.

          • Please reconsider your position.

          • CrackSumm, how did you get to this point that Christ is a scam? Such cynicism. Look at Christ, not at religion. He is real, he loves you, he died for you. He has placed eternity in your heart. Please stop turning your face from his and truly look into his eyes. A lot of this ‘religious crap’ will fall away. God bless you with the truth my friend.

          • That is one sure thing in this life, death. But believers get everlasting life in a place void of natural disasters, pain and sickness and every other negative aspect of living on this earth, which are many (Phillipians 4:8). One can theorize, intelligize or make their own spin on the Bible-it is the word of God breathed into ordinary human beings who went to extraordinary measures to spread his word. God is a forgiving God, Paul one of his most stalwart ministers, murdered for the Roman government before his conversion. Read about his journeys to spread the good word in the Bible, that is one determined and enthusiastic God-fearing man. Yes their are idiots and crackpots posing as supposed Christian ministers as there are non-believing idiots and crackpots. Only you can have a personal relationship with God through faith, reading the Bible and prayer to the one and only God-no other man or woman can do that for you or I, or give you eternal life. Other humans lead you to believe otherwise, and be ready to open up your wallet, hand over your credit card; God ask for no renumeration, just our hearts and minds for eternal life after leaving this earth.

      3. I’ve been to Grovers Mill where the aliens landed in Orsen Welles Oct. 30, 1938 radio drama.

        I also saw the water tower that was reportedly shot at by a local farmer.

        Granny, heard the radio show live as a kid, and couldn’t understand why anyone could have thought it was real. It was just like any other radio drama that had announcers, introductions, and commercials.

        The big story is how was the EBS hacked in liberal California……. I mean liberals never misbehave, I’m shocked. Next thing you know BLM, (black looters matter) will join in the fray.

        • Yes…. that message was racist because the text font was white not black.

        • CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird”. Look it up.

          So what dumbed down idiots are still subscribing to Cable Lie TV? Did you all not get the memo? Its all 3ew controlled propaganda BS programming. Have not had TV in 2.5 years and my brain has been deprogrammed. I go to a neighbors house and they have the TV on and its painful just listeming to the screaching BS mind control programming. Talk Radio is all BS too. I turn that off also and go watch nature instead.

          Trump needs to take away the NFL’s Tax Free Charity Status they have enjoyed since the 1960’s. Watch all those SOB’s Stand upnfor the Mational Anthem and Flag. The NFL makes billions of dollars Tax Free. Time to void out their charity status and make those basturds start paying taxes. F-em hell yeah Boycott the NFL and their 3ew owners who promote this taking a knee.

      4. Here in the NYC Metro area we’ve been getting TV program interruptions over the past week that scream out “Emergency Broadcast Interruption” followed by a deafening tone that is indescribable. It is so bad, loud and startling, that I have to immediately, without hesitation, turn off the volume and take a few deep breaths to calm myself down.

        If a baby or young child was asleep in our home just the two seconds it took to grab the remote and mute the volume would have surely awakened and frightened the child, it’s that bad. It could wake the dead.

        Looking at the TV screen this violent blast of sound appears to last for a full minute and then the regular show returns. I don’t know what that’s all about, but whatever it is, it’s totally unnecessary.

        • Well, if ya have the brainwashing tv on then i guess ur gonna be shocked now and then by something like this. I have not watched tv in 20 yrs. Even before that it was very rare. I never got the digital converter box and don’t have cable so i can’t watch even if i wanted to. The only thing i do watch on my SMALL 2 ft square tv is a movie i get from netflix or one i buy. I never see the news. I do look at some youtube videos. The smart tv’s i hear can see into our homes and can hear what we are saying. No thanks, that is 1984 to me. My friend even told me i should mute the speaker on my computer when i am not using it as that too can “listen in”.

        • Maybe it is time to turn the fucking thing off.

      5. Sounded like some serious fake ass shit to me

      6. I have heard that piece of audio somewhere else, but I can’t remember where.

        I wish they would give the date of the Coast to Coast AM show that the original audio came from. I have recordings of thousands of episodes, and would like to listen to the entire show.

        Here’s a link to an excerpt of the original phone call:

        ht tps://

        • All i can remember is that program was from 1998 or 1999.

        • Was a caller on the Art Bell Coast 2 Coast almost 20 years ago. Proven to be a hoax caller.

      7. This is an audio recording of a phone call to the coast to coast am show from the late 90s. I remember it clearly. Guy called in and talked to art Bell and then the line went silent.

        See here.

        • Yep,it’s an old broadcast sheesh, try to come up with something new already.

      8. For those of you interested, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel on the scame of BIG GREEN MONEY AGW: 2:38 min.

        Oh yes:

        1. Since 1970, there had been four Cat 4 hurricanes to hit the US prior to Irma; in the same number of years leading up to 1970, there were 14. You do the math.

        2. It had been 12 years since the last Cat 4 until Irma

        3. In the past, tropical storm Claudette caused 43 inches of rain to hit Houston in 24 hours. What caused Houston was the steering air currents that stalled the system. Harvey had more rain, but took more days to reach it. Record? I’d say it’s pretty much a wash (pun intended).

        4. According to Colorado State Univ. hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach, there have been years in the past where there were THREE Cat 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic. Hurricane center spokesman Dennis Feltgen said this year, before Jose petered out, was “Unusual, but not record.” Maria still did not break the record number.

        5. In terms of deaths, Katrina lost, if I recall, around 1,200 or so, and the 1900 Galveston hurricane (Cat 4) killed between 6,000-12,000 in 1900. ABC reported 31 dead in the US a day ago. Every life lost is a tragedy, no record for Irma there.

        6. Photos of Buffalo Bayou in Dec 1935 had water levels measured at 54.5 feet. Last report I had showed 38 feet at the same location, though that wasn’t final and total was probably higher. Houston’s population has grown 10x since the 1920s, much of it now covered in parking lots, bldgs., etc. that don’t allow water to percolate down. Again, really bad, but no record

        7. Dr. Roy Spencer, who did his Ph.D on hurricanes, said the 1935 Labour Day hurricane that hit the Keys had the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded, with 185 MPH winds. Sorry, no blue ribbon for Irma with that either.

        8. For Harvey, per Dr. Roy Spencer – who did his PhD on hurricanes – said since 1870, just over 20 hurricanes have hit TX. Half of hurricanes hitting TX were when water was COOLER than normal, half when warmer than normal. Harvey rain was due to it stalling due to steering currents weakening, not unusual Al Gore warming.

      9. Ho hum…time for a nap.

        • Maybe a return of the old radio feature…”The Shadow”.

      10. I have heard that before, years ago. That incident from what I know is a real incident, the guy got killed and everything he said in it is real. What he said is what was planned, and it will begin to role out starting in 5 days, once we enter October, 2017-2025. I saw the previous attack on me on a previous from the trolls. Now look what just surfaced again. That guy had contacted Art Bell. You all may or may not have noticed that Art Bell from coasttocoastam left the country years ago because of what he was told.


        Presidents change, policies do not.

        Edward Snowden.

        • HCKS, I used to listen to Art Bell way back in the day. Last I heard he’s in the Phillipines now.

        • I think also that Art may have been threatened too, and yes he did leave, but i heard he returned. He married a very young 20 yr old Korean girl, brought her here and they had a baby girl. The girl must be around age ten by now. He did live away out of the country for awhile, but he did return here. They don’t mention him at all on Coast anymore and i wonder why. About a year ago they said he was very sick and in the hospital, but they never gave any more updates, so i don’t know if he’s alive. He did give up a thriving and very good radio program and i always wondered why. He was at the very top then and he suddenly quits? Yeah, something was up. So what is coming? I’m thinking something earth shattering, planet x? Earth dying? Ozone going? What? All i know is that the Elites have been digging underground cities for the last 50 yrs so i think it’s something to do with the earth and nature and not necessarily a war.

          • Or maybe it was a Philipine girl….i can’t remember…something like that.

          • I heard Art Bell talk on 40 meters band Armature Radio five years ago.

      11. A little early for Halloween trick or treats.

      12. Yeah I heard that too a couple times on Art Bell way back at least a decade ago.

      13. Eerie Broadcasts In California Proclaim “Violent Times” Warnings


      14. Surprises me MAC would post such BS.

      15. Nothing here

      16. ditto on the
        who phucking cares!!!!

      17. Art Bell is back in Pahrump NV. Contact him about it

      18. Lol. It’s form a tool song form years ago. Faaip de Oaid was the name of it. Now I feel old

      19. This is audio from a Tool song…

      20. It was also on a tool cd

      21. I’ve often thought that if countries are spending $billions to put man into space, why? It’s not to collect rocks from the moon, or take pictures of Mars surface or even crash an $billion space probe into a sun so far away that it’s taken 25 years to get there. Why? Only ONE reason and that’s to see if there is LIFE on other planets etc. I came across this video and you have to ask if this is just an elaborate hoax or is it real? If it’s a hoax, its pretty darn convincing. It’s called. UNACKNOWLEDGED.

      22. Heh, heh! THIS site calling Coast to Coast AM a “conspiracy site”.

        Will irony ever cease?

        Hackers have done this sort of thing before. It’s quite possible to take over a satellite transmitter if you have the right equipment.

      23. Just wait till they start telling us that little rocket man has just struck the US.
        The Guberment knows who they are. Papblowsy, Frankenstien, Durbshit, Obola, Hitlery, and the rest of the reptilian libtards.


      24. Kalifornia is a state where there are some normal people who surrounded by fucking weirdos and criminals that control everything.

      25. I predict violent times too. Every morning the first 5 minutes I sit on the shitter, and I have never been wrong yet.

      26. Bla bla bla
        Bring it already
        Jeeze WTF are they waiting for

      27. Wow, what a cluster of shit it all is…

      28. I Can’t believe this was even posted…………….

      29. This was a call that came into the Art Bell show almost twenty years ago, and was a hoax caller.

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