Edward Snowden May Have Info That Would TAKE DOWN The Deep State

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 27 comments

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    A new report by the YouTube channel X22 Report claims that the deep state may want NSA leaker, Edward Snowden.  Apparently, Snowden may have information that could take them all down.

    Dave from the X22 Report begins by stating the obvious: big tech giants such as YouTube have been taking down news channels that don’t align with the deep state’s brand of tyranny. But he says to watch for people to dump stocks as the Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) becomes more widely accepted (the regulation of tech giants to stop censorship). Because once freedom is speech is allowed online again, all of the information can come out, and Snowden may have more that will cripple the deep state.

    Christopher Steele, who was responsible for the infamous Trump dossier, was connected with the Russian double-agent and ex-spy who was poisoned along with his daughter, with a nerve agent. (The British government is blaming Moscow for the attempted assassination. Or “wet works” as Dave put it.)

    Dave also says the media hasn’t the slightest idea of what to do with the news that Donald Trump has reached out to North Korea in an attempt to discuss denuclearization.  But Trump continues to circumvent the deep state and the mainstream media.

    “The corporate media doesn’t know what to do with all this. They’re out there saying ‘Trump is a madman, he’s gonna bring us to war. Trump is a madman, these peace talks are gonna bring us to war.’  They really don’t want to admit that we might have peace with North Korea because this is not part of their agenda. Their agenda is to go to war. That’s what they wanted all along. The thing that the corporate media doesn’t know, is that Trump has already met with Kim Jong-Un. The meeting already took place. The deal is already set. Everything is already done. How do we know this? Trump was in China at the Forbidden City. Met with Kim Jong-Un there; with China, Russia, and the rest. Already agreed that North Korea will disarm and discussed reunification.”

    But one of the biggest revelations is about NSA leaker Edward Snowden.  “CIA intelligence operatives want Snowden badly,” says Dave.

    “They know where Snowden is…if they really wanted to arrest him, they would just go in and take him…Why are the clowns, CIA intelligence agencies after Snowden? Well, most likely, I think he has evidence on the deep state; certain individuals within the deep state.  And maybe even information on 9/11. They’re saying there’s and 85% probability the Snowden has the Hillary Rodham Clinton video, the raw video. And people are speculating that this video is Hillary having sex with a child.”

    There is a lot of speculation in this particular report, but it’s important to look at things from an alternative view.  We could not verify that Trump has already made a deal with Kim Jong-Un, nor could we (obviously) verify what information Edward Snowden has that he hasn’t made public yet.

    But what we can agree with Dave on is: “We’ve been lied to all this time, and they’re still lying to us.”


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      1. Maybe Snowden is just part of the show?

        • Snowden, a part of the Deep State that is working to divert attention from the rest of it to keep it protected.

          • Why do you sites insist on giving these CIA psyops ANY coverage? Foolford, Qqagmire, Assange- they all seep from the intelligence agency Tavistock toilet. Always dangled by a cock-tease bait of forbidden, hidden fruit that delivers NOTHING, esp nothing new. Recall Assange’s tease of “Bank of America” collapse-worthy expose’? Or the FISA memo- 5 more to follow which never did. First one was a total dud, so no loss. Assange now “revealing” explosive new items on CIA in MSM.. We know this for DECADES. Or his distractions on “Vault 7” w/ riddles, clues, cryptic hints and phrases to waste your time in a puzzle leading nowhere. So w/ all these assholes claims. Q quack is the master of this! Latest shit-4-brains entry uncovered to be fake news from SORCHA FAAL 2007. Yet whenever their next turd gets dumped? Y’all rush in like they never played you before. Are websites being paid to air their feces? I dont get it. How do folks not see this after so many repeats??

        • Anyone who believes that Snowden is part of the Deep State and his actions are part of the “SHOW” probably still believes that Oswald was the lone shooter of JFK; that someone died at Sandy Hook (when the FBI has not recorded a single homicide there in their annual report); that the Las Vegas massacre was conducted by an old white guy; and that the Parkland School shooting was not a false flag, (when the evidence is overwhelming that there was a second shooter and that it was set up by the PTB to be a “drill” conducted with blanks).

          People, the American Republic and your FREEDOM is under attack by the NWO DEEP STATE. They are willing to sink so low as to actually kill innocent children in their quest for absolute power. It doesn’t get more evil tan that.

          Snowden risked everything and gave up everything, to expose their treachery to US. Few of US could sacrifice as much as he did …. as he has.

          Snowden is a Patriot of the FIRST RANK alongside Revere, Hale, and Henry. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to this man. 🙂

          • He is hiding in plain site but hope he take even greater care than he already has. That said, he knows a great deal about all the corruption in DC. Many people do and are nto saying so. It is a disgrace to this bnationand all of us. We should be angry and standing up to save us and America ….the idiots that created such corruption cannot fight all of us if we once again unite America for all the reasons we were founded; faith, freedom, the Constitution and the laws of the land. We are unique and different than anywhere in the world na dMUST shore up our military, our infrastructure, clean out the rubbish being taught in schools from beginning to college grads and get real education in there for those are the future of everything; these kids….and right now they are being indoctrinated to be communists and against everything that we were founded to be…which is horrific. If we ALL so not wake up we will lose our nation and our lives to mindless fools of evil.

      2. Unleash hell, Edward.

      3. Kinda all over the place on this piece, eh Mac? Just trading on Snowden’s name if you ask me. And quoting an anonymous Youtuber? Gives “FAKE NEWS” a new perspective.

      4. Take down the deep state ? Germany couldn’t do it . With Japan and Italy . Jesus couldn’t do it. It says his second coming will. Sooner or later.

      5. The globule elite? An buch of people who inherited a bunch of money? Hardly elite? Just rich and bored. Watching the effects of their slightest whim. Basking in their delusions of grandeur. Raising the bar on every perversion.seems who’s in charge?

      6. “SPECULATING that this video has Hillary having sex…”

        Don’t get caught up in the salaciousness of here-to-fore unproven “speculations”.

        Regardless of how, many accept as fact that if in politics you’ve been caught and documented committing some type of offense for which you can be blackmailed.

        What is important stays hidden. Who are the blackmailers, and what do they want. Obviously, the deep state is sacrificing the Clintons and Mr. Soros. Who is bigger than these three? The Rothschilds, of course. And the thirteen other families who together own most of the wealth and have the power to wage wars, select presidents, depose kings, and decide who does what.

        There is already enough information out there to bring down the deep state of OZ.

        Remember Garland. Remember the all powerful little man inside the media is just as powerful or powerless as the little men of the deep state. Put your attention on them and they melt like wax figures. Soon they will be relegated to the wax museum. Then our children will be safe, finally.


        • If you always try to do the right thing, you should never be afraid of the facts. Deep State is in Deep DooDoo.

      7. Who you gonna believe? This government or this whistleblower?

        • If you dont mind.
          I will go with the Whistleblower

      8. Snowden has been out of the contemporary picture since 2013. Half a decade ago. Yeah, he might have something; but, he’s waited far too long to release anything worthwhile or what could be effective.

        • Snowden is holding some bargaining chips in an attempt to return to the United States and avoid prison. He may be coming to the conclusion he will never be allowed back and will die in some Godforsaken hole in North Russia.

          Time to play his chips.

      9. Hmmm. Maybe Trump already met with Jesus and his Annunaki alien buddies from Nibiru too. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

        • Hey….why don’t we leave the sarcasm to the liberals.

      10. I trip out every time I see a picture of Snowden.
        We look close enough to be brothers, weird.

      11. God is in charge, nobody and nothing else. Yes, He has given everyone, including evildoers, free will.

        But ultimately, He is in charge, and HE will have the final say.

        The CREEP State stands NO chance against GOD (even if they have the NSA).

        Stay in the light.

        In fact, consider saying this prayer every morning, and at other times:

        “St. Michael the Archangel,
        Defend us in battle.
        Be our protection against the wickedness
        and snares of the devil.
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
        and do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Host
        Cast into Hell Satan
        And all the evil spirits
        who prowl around the world
        seeking the ruin of souls,
        – the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer

        • The archangels answer to God. The archangels serve God.
          Anything that takes the place of god is idolatry.

        • Ditto and Amen on the St. Michael. Prayer

      12. All Christians need to research why the Name of an Egyptian god,Amen is invoked at the end of the Lord’s Prayer?
        Egyptians addressed the Greeks as”Hellenes.”O,you Hellenes,we have forgotten more knowledge that you will ever learn!”
        When the Greeks sacked and burned the libraries in Egypt,they had to take Egyptian slaves,called”tutors”to teach their heathen,illiterate children how to read the stolen texts.Think of Aristotle,Plato and others”tutored”into greatness.
        Start by seeking the truth by looking up the”Council of Nicea”in the Catholic Encyclopedia.Most Baptists have an aversion to all things Catholic,but put away your differences and learn how the Romans used Christians as the base of a state religion.
        God bless!

        • And now, a word from your jesuit sponsors.

        • And look what happened to the Roman Empire.

      13. Of course this is so. It’s why the Deep State narrates all the time to the people for them to bleat in refrain. That’s the Deep State’s (really, everyone’s) version of “democracy”–the “two wolves (innately ravenous or, sheep brainwashed to be wolves) and the (free-thinking, independent, yet minority) lamb voting on what to have for dinner”. That “well-armed lamb being able to contest the vote” is why the elites and their powers-that-be want the lambs disarmed by gun-control. Certainly, they’ve narrated Snowden to be a “traitor” and “dangerous” to “national security” (which means: the elite’s security of being in power over everyone else) because he may have (even unbeknownst to him) just the kind of evidence on them as mentioned in this article.

      14. It will take more than information to take down the Deep State. It will take people willing to act on that information. Good luck.

      15. We’ve been hearing this same stuff like its a new revelation, for a couple years now.

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