Economist: “This is Far From Over… They Know There Is a Problem Coming”

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    Well known Shadow Stats economist John Williams has warned time and again that the narrative being crafted by government statisticians, elite bankers and politicians is nothing but smoke and mirrors. With an election coming up in just a couple months, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll come out and tell us right now how fundamentally troubled our financial, economic and monetary systems really are.

    But that doesn’t change the facts. The reality, as Williams notes in a recent interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, is that the U.S. economy is in severe trouble and we may be just months away from the beginning of the next leg down, especially for the U.S. Dollar.

    If we were to go back to the levels before the recession, we would need at least 11 million new jobs.  That’s 11 million more than we have now. . . . We are in serious trouble here.

    One of the best indicators is how people on Main Street, USA feel.

    I found that those who live in the real world have a pretty good sense of what’s really going on.

    If you don’t believe in the numbers coming out of the government, you’re probably right.

    Over time… actual experience that trumps the romanticized numbers they’ve put together and we’re not seeing a recovery here. [We] haven’t had a recovery… the economy plunged into 2009… we had a financial panic… none of the issues have been resolved.

    The economy has bottomed out. The banks are still in trouble. This is far from over.

    They know there are problems coming… against this happy scenario that the economy has fully recovered and things are just bouncing along, the underlying economic reality is the economy has bottomed out and it’s turning down anew. The numbers are going to start to reflect that.

    The surprise here for the markets is that the economy has not recovered. With that surprise are all sorts of nasty side effects.

    Number one, the banks are in greater trouble than people think.

    Number two, the budget deficit is going to be lot worse than is being publicized.

    There’s some bad news that’ll be coming out… the economy not having recovered as advertised.

    Williams discusses a host of other underlying issues that we may soon see manifest, one of which is the real possibility that hyperinflation will begin at the end of this year if confidence is lost in the U.S. dollar and the overall fiscal environment.

    With the economy in shambles and geo-political tensions around the world rising, especially as they relate to Russian economic sanctions and Putin’s relationship with China, could we soon be looking at the worst case scenario described by Williams in previous reports, in which he suggests that a sell-off in the U.S. dollar could lead to mass global panic and a total collapse of our way of life here in the United States?

    There’s strong evidence that we’re going to see an intensified downturn ahead, but it won’t become a great depression until a hyper-inflation kicks in. That is because hyper-inflation will be very disruptive to the normal flow of commerce and will take you to really low levels of activity that we haven’t seen probably in the history of the Republic.

    Again, if you start to see a great depreciation of the U.S. currency or a tremendous increase in lack of confidence in the soundness of the government’s fiscal condition, there is a problem. You mentioned Greece, for example. The sovereign solvency issues there are minuscule compared to what we have with the United States, which is the elephant in the bathtub. The markets know it’s there. The central bankers know it’s there. Again, with the downturn in the economy, all the issues are going to be brought to a head. As they come to a head, there will be that effort to dump the dollar

    As the dollar breaks down, you’ll also likely see disruptions in supply chains, including shipments of food to grocery stores. People should consider maintaining stockpiles of basic goods needed for living, much as they would for a natural disaster. 

    We certainly can’t predict the outcome, but the facts suggest Williams’ analysis is not too far off. We’re going head first into the next downturn in the global economy.

    What happens next could be catastrophic, a term used by the U.S. Treasury Department just last year to describe the effects of the U.S. government running out of money to fund its operations. With Russia and China working feverishly to supplant the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the breaking point could potentially come at any time.

    And when that happens all bets are off. Will banks take money directly out of their customers’ accounts to cover their losses? Or, as Williams suggests, will the Fed be forced to print trillions more dollars, ultimately leading to Weimar Republic style hyperinflation? Whatever the case, the end result doesn’t bode well forthe majority of the population.

    If you’re one of the Americans on Main Street that’s paying attention, then you know that we are operating in an unsustainable environment. Incomes are down, jobs are gone, more people are on government assistance than ever before, and there is absolutely no plan to fix it.

    The people in charge know this. That’s why they are preparing bail-in procedures. That’s why DHS has been stockpiling billions of rounds of ammunition, riot gear, and tens of millions of Meals Ready To Eat. It’s also why the U.S. military has spent the last five years actively preparing for and simulating economic collapse scenarios and how they’ll respond to widespread civil unrest.

    It should be obvious. They are getting ready for what’s coming.

    Now is the time to prepare for it, because once it hits it’ll be too late.


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      1. The scary thing here is that John Williams may be right and if he is we are all screwed.

        Hyperinflation will eventually lead to war and mass destruction.

        • Despite what the mainstream media likes to tell us, most here know the U.S. economy is in bad shape.

          The Morning After: What Happens When a Government Destroys its Currency

          “Everyone in the country was in shock. People’s net worth had devalued more than 53% overnight.”

          “Looking back, it was so obvious. But most people ignored the warning signs following the government’s reassurances that all would be well…

          It’s human nature to want to believe that everything is going to be OK.

          Are we so different today?”

          “This is a familiar story that repeats across history. Despite obvious warning signs, people almost universally allow themselves to ignore reality.”

          • Icahn, Soros, Druckenmiller, And Now Zell: The Billionaires Are All Quietly Preparing For The Plunge

            “The stock market is at an all-time, but economic activity is not at an all-time,” explains billionaire investor Sam Zell to CNBC this morning, adding that, “every company that’s missed has missed on the revenue side, which is a reflection that there’s a demand issue; and when you got a demand issue it’s hard to imagine the stock market at an all-time high.”

            Zell said he is being very cautious adding to stocks and cutting some positions because “I don’t remember any time in my career where there have been as many wildcards floating out there that have the potential to be very significant and alter people’s thinking.”

            Zell also discussed his view on Obama’s Fed encouraging disparity and on tax inversions, but concludes, rather ominously, “this is the first time I ever remember where having cash isn’t such a terrible thing.”

            “Zell’s calls should not be shocking following George Soros. Stan Druckenmiller, and Carl Icahn’s warnings that there is trouble ahead.”


            • Thanks. You always post helpful things.

              • While the next Crash could happen at any time because the precursors are lined up like ducks in a row, the dollar will survive as it always does, for several reasons.

                First, offshore dollars are streaming into the USA at a staggering rate moving into bonds and equities. When the Crash is triggered half or more of the current stock valuations will be lost.

                This represents “destroyed dollars”. Just like the “destroyed dollars” in the last collapse of the real estate market and the loss of equity in our homes. This is DEFLATION on a grand scale, not hyperinflation. In the next Crash, housing prices will take another drop of 30 to 40%.

                Hyperinflation will not happen because the FED will not allow dollars to reach the consumers who would spend it generating hyperinflation. They have proven over the last SEVEN YEARS that they do not need a viable consumer market in the US to support the multinationals who are making and taking their profit offshore.

                During the CRISIS’ that are coming the world will run to the dollar not away from it as it always does. In that respect, this Crash will not be any different.

                Second, the USA is in the middle of an energy revolution. Oil & gas production is increasing in America and a technological boom in both solar energy efficiency and energy storage will transform the cost of energy while demand for oil & gas will continue to decline.

                This energy revolution will transform the American economy and make it a powerhouse once again … about ten years out … if we can avoid WWIII.

                Save ten dollars bills in number ten cans. They are the currency of the land and they will remain so long after this generation has passed on into the BOL on the other side. 🙂

                • The bootlicker says, “the USA is in the middle of an energy revolution. Oil & gas production is increasing in America”

                  Only problem is, it’s All dependent upon the flow of Easy Money from The Fed. Once the free flow of money is cut off, the whole she-bang falls apart. And so do the dreams of the lovers of empire.

                  Also, the bootlicker says, “a technological boom in both solar energy efficiency and energy storage will transform the cost of energy”

                  Just Never You Mind solar energy is dependent upon subsidies to break even. I guess we’ll have to wait for a promised Super Battery, the one the industry has been pursuing for, oh, FIFTY + years.

                  I suppose a lot of People want to believe what old Number 7 had to say there. Rots of ruck.

                  • Oh, I forgot to add, can you say, “Grand Illusion”?


                    I didn’t think so.
                    Dreamtime is like that, eh?

                  • helot/CLARK: The energy revolution has NOTHING to do with easy money. Its about innovation. Its also about the fact that the PTB are pursuing OUR oil & gas reserves now that Saudi Arabia is drying up.

                    BIG OIL wants to maximize the extraction of American oil & gas and thus their profits, BEFORE the energy storage revolution arrives. Get a clue.

                    You are such a dumb fuck!!! 🙂

                  • USA will exploit natural resources to dig itself out of a collapse, just like USSR did. The road along the way will be bumpy, and probably bloody. I disagree that the world will run to the dollar. I think the world will one day realize that USA is no longer ‘good for it’, and stop throwing good money after bad.

                  • I was wondering when the Establishment Kidd would chime in.

                    Once again, his sophomoric prattle is merely an attempt to run cover for the Keynesian status quo.

                    “Hyperinflation will not happen because the FED will not allow dollars to reach the consumers who would spend it generating hyperinflation.”

                    But just how is the FED going to accomplish that? The FED seems to reason that it can simply mop up all their injections of liquidity. They think they can sell the bonds and other assets later, which will withdraw liquidity from the economy. In this way, they think they can avoid serious price inflation problems in the future.

                    But there are flaws in the Keynesians reasoning exist.

                    First, the government is buying and/or guaranteeing all kinds of loans and debt paper that no one in the marketplace wants. Who will buy this shitty paper from the Fed and Treasury when they decide to re-sell it, which they will have to do if they intend to withdraw liquidity from the system later on? The re-sell argument sounds good coming from Keynesian spinners (the durango kidd), but it will play out very badly when the time comes to implement it. Shitty paper that has no buyers in 2009 will have the same lack of buyers in 2015. Time cannot turn shit into gold.

                    Second, the Keynesian spinners (the durango kidd) are ignorant of the fact that each succeeding decade in the evolution of a fiat paper money economy requires larger amounts of debt to be floated in order to maintain the same amount of economic growth. This means that more and more massive amounts of liquidity will have to be injected in the effort to stave off depression and then withdrawn from the system in order to bring about a cessation of the inflationary pressures building up. These amounts will be far larger than the spinners (the durango kidd) are anticipating. It sounds believable to say that all excess monetizations will be withdrawn later on. But it will be very difficult to mop up such massive amounts of liquidity in a smooth and practical manner. And on top of that, it will be very difficult to pull the trigger on such withdrawals.

                    Will the Fed and Congress have the courage to withdraw liquidity from the system in the midst of the most severe economic crisis since the 1930s? Are we to believe that the FED is going to raise interest rates to American consumers and businesses who are already ignoring record low rates? I doubt it. Also, who will determine what constitutes “excess liquidity”? Junkies are the world’s worst judges of whether or not they are engaging in excess, and this is who we have running Washington and Wall Street today – “liquidity junkies.”

                    There are too many political frauds and parasites, too many freeloaders on the systems life energy. The Rubicon was crossed in 1971. When Nixon closed the gold window to the world, he opened the lid to Pandora’s Box. He tore down the last prevailing bulwark of economic sanity. Let us hope the Keynesian status quo comes to and end, and soon.

                  • YMWW: “How is the FED going to accomplish that?”

                    You don’t have a clue about finance or economics do you? The FED has kept the massive replacement of banking dollars out of the hands of the consumer for SEVEN years. Where have you been?

                    Take your head out of your ass. You look really stupid. 🙂

                  • YMWW: You said:

                    “First, the government is buying and/or guaranteeing all kinds of loans and debt paper that no one in the marketplace wants. Who will buy this shitty paper from the Fed and Treasury when they decide to re-sell it, which they will have to do if they intend to withdraw liquidity from the system later on? The re-sell argument sounds good coming from Keynesian spinners (the durango kidd), but it will play out very badly when the time comes to implement it. Shitty paper that has no buyers in 2009 will have the same lack of buyers in 2015. Time cannot turn shit into gold.”

                    I never said anything about the FED reselling bad bonds. Why do you say I did? WRONG AGAIN !!! 🙂

                  • YMWW: You said:

                    “Second, the Keynesian spinners (the durango kidd) are ignorant of the fact that each succeeding decade in the evolution of a fiat paper money economy requires larger amounts of debt to be floated in order to maintain the same amount of economic growth. This means that more and more massive amounts of liquidity will have to be injected in the effort to stave off depression and then withdrawn from the system in order to bring about a cessation of the inflationary pressures building up.”

                    Depression is not going to be “staved off” as you claim. It is coming like a freight train in slow motion and balloon could pop any day. That is what I have said.

                    Is this the best you can do??? Please quote me correctly and quit putting words and analysis into my mouth that I haven’t said. Why don’t you try to refute my actual statements? If you can.

                    Thank you!!! 🙂

                  • YMWW: I am not here to defend Keynesian Economics. I do explain how the FED works, what they are doing, and what the likely outcome of their actions will be.

                    I’m guessing that you are a big fan of Austrian Economics. Tell me brainiac, what happened to Austrian Economics at the biggest bank in Austria???


                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “You don’t have a clue about finance or economics do you? The FED has kept the massive replacement of banking dollars out of the hands of the consumer for SEVEN years. Where have you been?”

                    Yeah… through pure manipulation! Not with sound economics. And YOU support such activity!! Don’t worry though DK, the Keynesian system WILL come to an end. Even now it’s in it’s death throws. You are on the wrong side of history Kidd. But I suspect you will cling to the Keynesian fraud till the bitter end. How sad, and how wrong you are.

                    “I never said anything about the FED reselling bad bonds. Why do you say I did? WRONG AGAIN !!!”

                    I NEVER said you did! Read the post again!! I explained what the FEDs so called “exit strategy” is. I did not quote you. I merely pointed out your (FanBoy) connection to Central Banking/The FED. Get over yourself DK.

                    “Is this the best you can do??? Please quote me correctly and quit putting words and analysis into my mouth that I haven’t said. Why don’t you try to refute my actual statements? If you can.”

                    Boy… You are certainly full of yourself! I NEVER, in my post “quoted” you, or attributed any “analysis to you!!! Read the post again… This time with the understanding that the FED and YOU are on the same Keynesian page. Do you get it yet???

                    “I’m guessing that you are a big fan of Austrian Economics. Tell me brainiac, what happened to Austrian Economics at the biggest bank in Austria???”

                    Are you seriously going to conflate Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International Group AG with Austrian Economics? Really?? Oh Mein God. You are not only desperate… you are pathetic!

                  • Miggy: The FED knows exactly what they are doing and what they are doing to US. They did this to the UK after WWII. Its part of their FREE TRADE agenda.

                    FREE TRADE is a euphemism for the evisceration of the Middle Class. It has been deliberate. Treason by our elected representatives. 🙁

                  • YMWW: I never said the FED was employing sound economic policy. I have just been explaining what they ARE doing and what the effects will be for people like you who are so blinded by their hatred for the system that they cannot follow the money from the FED to the Member Banks accounts at the FED.

                    Yes the Keynesian system will come to an end in a few years; just as soon as quantum computing reaches a level of sophistication that allows for digital money backed by gold, that is also controlled by the Central Bankers.

                    You don’t think they are going to allow Alt Market and local script to control money and banking do you??? LMAO!!! What do you think a “strong domestic national police force” is about??? 🙁

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “I never said the FED was employing sound economic policy.”

                    LMFAO…Rolling on the ground!

                    Back track much lately DK???

                    You have repeatedly demonstrated unwavering support for Keynesian Economics, Central Banking, and the FED!! Who are you foolin?

                    To claim you “never said the FED was employing sound economic policy” is completely disingenuous. It’s an embarrassing joke quite frankly!

                • Except hyperinflation is different than standard run of the mill inflation. Totally opposite. Hyperinflation occurs because people have lost faith in the currency and want to get their hands on anything but the currency. Obviously very dangerous.

                  Regular inflation occurs because the economy is heating up and demand is high. Something I still cannot figure out if the Fed wants (or not) seeing as many of the policies that have been made over the years has shot the American economy in the heart.

                  • Miggy says:

                    “Regular inflation occurs because the economy is heating up and demand is high.”

                    That’s called “Demand-Pull Inflation.” But that’s not what we have going on here. What we have is inflation caused by the expansion of the money supply.

                    The money supply is not just cash, but also credit, loans and mortgages. When loans are cheap, then there will be too much money chasing too few goods, creating inflation. The prices of just about everything will increase, even though neither demand nor supply has changed.

                • energy revolution?

                  And just how many jobs are being created for this revolution?

         will flow up to the few high level investors and petroleum corporations while the rest of us suck wind as always

                  ..just as as all the billions of stimulus “supposedly” jumped started the economy but when in fact went directly to the bank coffers…and trillions “supposedly”still sit in their digital balance sheets..

                  ..let us not forget the trillions of unfunded liabilities in public pensions..not that we’re concerned over the public unions welfare at all, but..

                  You have way too much”faith’ in the fed imho…

                  The last 2 crashes of 1913 and 2007/08 were all engineered and so will the next..

                  We are all collateral..

                  Everything is by design

                  Nothing is by accident

                  Enjoy the day..


                  • Posse: I never said anything about job creation: some jobs will change, but many jobs will be lost in the robotic revolution that is underway too.

                    Even short order cooks will need to find a new occupation in ten years. 🙂

                • DK, interesting perspective on the dollar, not sure i agree but good to add to the discussion. to your other two points, the shale play is going to fizzle out as it cannot be financed under $100/barrel. Over $100/barrel and the economy tanks. as for solar/wind forget it. Europe’s experiment with that has turned out badly. See stats on Spain unemployment for example.

                  • Chip: Oil & gas will linger,and natural gas will be around for a long time yet; but the real change is in alt fuel BECAUSE energy storage is making serious technological advances.

                    Take the Telsa auto for example. It has a range of about 140 miles if I remember right. New advances will allow a lithium ion battery to re-charge in 15 to 20 minutes with SEVEN times the energy density, for about 3,000 charges. That’s almost 1,000 miles before recharge and three times the range of regular autos. You will put a million miles on your car before you trade it in.

                    Cars will be vastly different in five years and this will impact the oil & gas industry: possibly aviation too. Embrace the Changes folks they are coming whether you like them or not. Adapt or die. 🙂

                • Blah blah blah. ALL of you. I no longer live in this fear-filled world you all live in. Screw it. I’m done. I have what I need and could give 2 shits if/when it hits the fan. I’m sick of this waiting game and fear mongers all over the place. Start it off already!!!

                • You are living in a fantasy land if you think the fracking boom is sustainable. At best it is giving us the last morsels of energy left before we completely run out and at worst it is poisoning the ground water and quickly rendering large areas of land uninhabitable. Plus, it is straining already strained drinking water supplies and in some cases this alone is making small towns die. We will pay a huge price in the near future for this folly.

                • “First, offshore dollars are streaming into the USA at a staggering rate moving into bonds and equities.”

                  Where’d their dollars came from? From the US in exchange for their trinkets. There’ll come a time when they have so much US bonds that the US will be having a hard time paying for the interest because US bonds cannot be zero interest or nobody will buy it. As for the US equities they bought from the market, you’re right, they’ve lost that but the capital used to buy them are in books of the seller in other words it’s still in the balance sheet of the federal reserve or in the money supply, it’s not been destroyed. Debt (paper currency) is only destroyed when it’s paid. I just don’t know how it can be repaid. Of course you’re right it will cause deflation but for not the reason that the debt is destroyed but rather businesses loses and workers will have no jobs; thus, no currency to use for exchange. So to compensate the Fed will again do QE or release what they have in books in circulation which most likely cause hyperinflation. In the law of physics if you toss a ball into the air it will fall to the ground and bounce but not as high as the first until it will just roll in the ground. The cycle of debt is the same first there is fall then deflation then inflation but it keeps getting larger until eventually it’s hyperinflation and collapse.

                  As for we have ample supply of energy in the US…I don’t know where you came up with that opinion but the US is still importing majority of our fuel use. As for solar or reusable energy, they’re unreliable and you need large and expensive batteries to act as capacitors when sun or wind dies down. Also making the batteries are more dangerous to the environment you’re trying to protect. Sunlight and wind has been around since the beginning of planet earth but no human invention can harness it efficiently. Sun energy has been simulated thru nuclear use but we are afraid to use it because of the perceived danger. So good luck with your wishful thinking.

                  • Chow: Yes, debt is not destroyed, meaning any loans, which are liabilities for the borrower and assets for the member Banks, will remain.

                    The value of stocks will drop and the value of home equity will also drop, again. This loss in value represents dollars that are destroyed, particularly when home loans go underwater resulting in foreclosure.

                    Government bonds are different. National debt will be “repaid” through lower interest rates for those bonds, allowing the US to carry more debt as the cost of debt is lower.

                    Bonds are also retired when new issues fund the call and repayment of debt at lower costs; just like refinancing your home when mortgage rates drop.

                    I am not a bond expert but I do understand the concept of refinancing and the US government refinances its debt all the time with new issues. This is why rates will remain low. That low interest rate costs stimulate borrowing for credit worthy multinationals is secondary to the refinancing of American debt that is occurring. 🙂

                  • Yes, there are other reasons for deflation with the Crash as you mention, like business losses, job losses, shrinking payrolls, declining sales, low demand, rising inventories, etc.

                    I was just trying to highlight the most obvious for those here without a financial background beyond their checkbook and to which they might closest identify, like loss of home equity. 🙂

                  • Chow: With respect to energy storage, there are dramatic new technologies using cheaper materials (like iron)and greater energy density that will make storage highly efficient and much cheaper.

                    For example adding graphene anodes to lithium batteries has been found to increase their capacity seven times. That’s cutting edge. Thus an energy REVOLUTION!!! 🙂

                  • Chow: The big problem with alt energy has been the necessity of using the energy as it is created or releasing it into the grid. The problem has been storage of excess energy for use when the sun isn’t shinning or the wind isn’t blowing. That problem has been solved and a number of competing energy storage technologies are moving along.

                    Solar cells efficiency continues to improve. Its a brave new (energy) world. Why do you think Musk is spending $% billion on a state of the art battery factory??? 🙂

            • circa 1929…Rockefeller getting his shoes shined…the ss guys says, “hey, just bought some monsanto, exon, and microsoft stock.” What a deal!

              Rockefeller to self…time to sell, the sheep need sheared.


              • Everyone gets the story wrong. It wasn’t Rockefeller. It wasn’t Bernard Baruch. It was JP Morgan. Baruch lost a lot of money in the “29 Crash. He didn’t see it coming.

                BTW, the biography of Bernard Baruch by Jim Grant is a great read for those interested in history and economics. 🙂

                • BTW, one of the reasons that Bernard Baruch didn’t lose his entire shirt in the ’29 Crash is because he owned some gold and gold miners.

                  Invest in gold. Speculate with silver. Hoard your lead. And save ten dollar bills in number ten cans. (Actually plastic coffee cans would be better.) 🙂

                  • I pay attention to how the earth works.

                    I’ll be fine.

        • Yep, the same song but a different verse. I am so glad I am up there in years and don’t have to worry about grandchildren. I have advised my kids who think I am a doom and gloomer. We’ll see, hope all this is wrong but I know it will happen.
          Wife is going to class to obtain and learn how to preserve heirloom seeds for the future because I fully expect to be a vegetarian in the not too distant future. God Bless, James

          • Excellent information for Catholics:

            Pope St. Pius X versus Modernism: The Synthesis of All Heresies


            Today is the Feast Day of Pope St. Pius X!

          • We all know what is likely coming.

            I don’t care anymore. There is nothing I can do to stop it, until it arrives at my front door.

            I am afraid we are all in the same boat, we just lost our confidence a few years before the sheep learned the truth and will pay a much higher price for it.

            • yes BUT most of us know its mostly all bullshit.
              here is my example on How stupid people are getting re the whole gold silver thing

              example 1
              skittle shittin unicorn buys 5 oz of gold at close to $700.00 per oz
              for a total of 3,500.00
              ssu holds it till its high point of almost $ 1,400.00 per oz for a total of $ 7 grand and took said money and bought into a group of AR rifles just before all the hype and took the 7 grand and turned it into almost 20 grand.

              example 2

              a friend of SSU bought the same 5 ozs of gold and still has it BUT he bought at the peak of the price climb and so far has lost only a few hundred
              But he went heavy into silver and so far has lost his shirt.

              look at the rip off companies on TV and you see all kinds of ads for silver in your IRA etc

              One even has Mining and mining discovery fees.

              Forget all the BS hype including the ads run on tv and the computer silver and gold will never get you thru a disaster it just makes you a bigger target

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • If you buy your PMs the way you mentioned, you must be a “Yes we can” chanter. No one but the most unintelligent would do as you say. And we’ve all heard the old “You can’t eat gold” mantra. The point is, if there is “just” hyperinflation, PMs are an important diversification. You can’t eat bullets either. And no one says there will be a catastrophic implosion. Then what?

                The reality is that NO ONE has a crystal ball, and diversification into bean, bullets, gold and silver TOGETHER is advisable. If gold goes to 5000 or 10000, you will feel differently.

                • Test
                  re post 3218414

                  you miss the point of my post its all about timing I bought low and sold High

                  my friend bought High and still has it and cries every day about how HE got ripped off He got took etc

                  NOT its his own fault for waiting till it was at its peak in price

                  also the post is about how i saw a potential for extra profit and Bought Rifles Just before the big scare and yes i got lucky

                  i took the 20 grand and rolled it over into Land and now have 1/2 acre to build on
                  all from a 5 grand investment

                  and yes i agree with you any one who buys silver and gold from a commercial is stupid BUT there are a lot of folks out there starting the same BS from earlier about how its all going to crash etc BUY BUY BUY now save your self
                  but here is a real fact NO way no how is gold EVER !!! going to hit 5 k or 10 K per oz its impossible and if it ever did then were looking at worse problems then just feeling sorry for not buying.

                  such as the Govt being in your house 24 7 365 and watching your every move
                  Obam has too big of an ego to have the world crash while he is in office and will do what ever it takes to keep the presses rolling


                  • 20k for a half acre…Yea your a genius alright and we should all follow your advice…

              • The more I read your post, the more inane it is. I bought AU and AG, and have made 500% on each. And buying PMs and paying “mining” fees? Yes, if you are REEEEEAALY stupid, someone might do that. Better to simply buy junk silver at 3% over spot, put in a safe deposit box at your bank and use as diversification.

                And really? Readers of this site are watching TV and following some glib sales pitch? You insult this site’s readership. That is the domain of some Obama supporter.

                And ANY preps – including food, guns and ammo, and more – will make you a “bigger target.” (Your guns going to save you as you don’t sleep for two weeks straight?) And what if there ISNT a SHTF event like an EMP, but “just” a Weimar style hyperinflation? You going to use your bullets to rob people? Yes, they will hold value, but you can’t eat them. Get off the Skittles. The sugar high is affecting your judgment. For me, I have beans, bullets and gold/silver in a remote location. Your advise is unsound and quite possibly injurious for people who follow it.

                • Said ‘safe deposit box’ is for the safety of the banksters’ assets. Do you really think they’ll let you in after they close the doors? They won’t even have to break open the box, just pull out the spare key. Images of forcible entry into ‘safe deposit boxes’ tends to scare away the next sucker, er customer.

              • Oh yeah. In your example, your friend has a crystal ball, and buys everything right at the perfect time. How convenient as an example. Not reality.

              • Like all ponsi achemes the last man holding the Hot Potato gets burned. Cash is dead. Buy up asmany preps with your cash before it becomes totally worthless. One great way to end the Fed Reserve is to crash the dollar. And their printing presses also become useless relics and they disolve into thin air. Dollar crashing nay be a blessing. Spend it while you still can.

            • GC….I understand, but it is NOT that you don’t care anymore… is the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness…fear not….there is indeed help and hope there for those of US who will NEED it….
              Have Faith
              Have Sisu
              Be ready

          • Amen on the expecting to be vegetarian in the not so distant future,
            As well, i hope im wrong but things are too wonky to eventually go any other way, history has a way of repeating itself and we are overdue for a world wide upheaval.

            • Just had a vege b-fast…summer squash, tatoes, green tomatoes and eggs…with wholegrain toast and butter.

              Fueled for the day bro.

          • This is a slow, agonizing death of the middle class. The regime does not want a middle class to exist at all. They envision a society where there are only two groups of people, the elite billionaires and the working class sub culture. The dear leader is a sociopath and the puppet masters are insane, warped, greedy little minions of the devil.

            The regime lies about everything and they’re caught in these lies everyday, but there is no retribution for them, at least not now. Hanging on to the middle is getting harder all the time for many and with Osama care coming into full swing, it won’t be much longer before the backbone of the country is completely broken right in the middle.

            American citizens getting their heads cut off and what is the country more concerned about, the release of naked pictures from the vile, hollywood subculture.

            Dead end jobs, part time jobs, no jobs, ghettos getting bigger everyday, the education system in shambles, borders that are open to anyone, race bating the new norm, black on black crime at an all time high but completely ignored, horrific viruses that kill many. We are a sick country and vulnerable to just about any horrible scenario one could think of.

            • @ Swinging on a Star,

              When you said this, “American citizens getting their heads cut off and what is the country more concerned about, the release of naked pictures from the vile, hollywood subculture.”

              It reminded me of what i was thinking the other day when the “nude photos” surfaced, and that was all the talk;
              Just what will those types think when they see Christ coming in the Clouds with armies of Heavenly Angels?
              What will be on their minds and what will they have to say for themselves that have whored their bodies for wealth and fame?

              I can tell you this much, it is gonna be a sad,sad, day for those people, when they finally realize there is a God with a Son by the name of Jesus Christ.
              Especially, when they see is none too happy with their lifestyles.


              • Excellent post. Thanks

              • The hollyweird gang is only mad about leakage of nude photos because they don’t make money off of them. I think that Lawerence chick was in the X-men movie wearing only body paint for the whole movie. Kind of makes it hard to take the moral high ground over a few nude stills.

          • @James…

            I have been collecting my heirloom seeds from stock I bought last year. It is not very hard at all when you start with good stock. Dry them out in the sun for 2-3 days. Then let them rest for a few weeks. I have planted onion seeds 6 weeks after they dried and most spout fine. The hard ones are those that need to bolt like carrots. You have to plan that right in terms of the change of seasons.

        • The beast system’s supporters will all be fair game soon then.

        • Keep planning for hyperinflation……it’ll make my gloating all the sweeter when the opposite happens.

          • You don’t know what will happen, and neither do I. The only thing we know is that, according to former Treasury official undere Reagan Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, there are $222 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities in total. This can ONLY be paid off with inflation, cutting services, or raising taxes. THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS.

            So, you just keep planning for deflation. Gold will keep its relative value in this scenario. And while you plan to be gloating, you’ll be lucky to be floating – at all, above water financially. Again, diversification is key.

            • Whoops, TEST. I gave you a Thumbs Up, but I disagree with your last bit, “diversification is key”.

              According to guys like Jim Rogers, ‘the key’ is to go ‘all in’ into what you know.


              DEFLATION. This is the thing the all bankers and finance managers are terrified of. It can happen like lightening – all the more so today because all the world’s markets are interconnected on the Web.

              DEFLATION is why countries have done “bail-ins” – taking depositors money to replace “money” represented by bad loans that they had to recognize would never be paid. They will use government to steal your 410k and IRA accounts, as well.

              All you hyperinflation geeks fail to recognize one major fact – THE INFLATION HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. All this excess lending, all those credit default swaps, all this bond-selling by the Fed, IS inflation. It’s been going on for years. The swing has swung far, far to the inflation side, and cannot go much farther. It HAS TO swing back. As indeed it should, because that’s the only thing that will restabilze the world.

            • Lemme be more specific: You say that there are no other options. Wrong. The other option is default. One default begets another ten, which beget another hundred. DEFLATION, as all the notional money simply disappears in a bloodbath of defaults, possibly taking as little as 12 hours to spread worldwide.

              If they try to replace that notional money by “printing” more, i.e. selling more Treasury bonds, it i>fails. Nobody will buy the debt, because buyers will have no confidence that it’ll ever be paid off.

        • Absolute rubbish! Don’t you know everything is just rosy?

          I mean, would the POTUS spend so much time on the golf course if he hadn’t already fixed all the problems,if there was work to be done?

          You guys are just alarmists – like that bearded guy with the sign that says, “The End is Nigh!” Sheesh!!


          • the company of sorcerers and aristocrats
            the monster makers of mortal man
            aberrant beasts and ghostly hands
            abominable deeds
            and lightless lands

            absence all angels
            apocalypse and apocrypha
            adam and his giants, cain
            the hunter and the Hagiographa

            Song of songs
            Lament, repent, Lamech
            Your deeds are well and done
            And time will stand a testament
            For all the blood spilled
            under an undying sun.

            The riddle spinners
            and death dealers
            with their germs and steel
            Who arm each man against his brother
            fighting one another,
            to turn their wicked wheel

            All the mask to steal our future
            even if it means
            robbing peter to pay paul

            And did we deserve the devil
            who walks now in our midst
            what names or deals did we call
            to our causes now assist?

            Faust made a wicked pact
            But never quite as wicked as this.

            – Rothschild

          • A little sarcastic today aren’t you Aussie.

            • At least you picked it maddog, as of now 6 red thumbs suggest there are plenty who didn’t 🙂


        • Man I’m gone for 3 days and this is all I have to read is just a couple boring post. You guys need to hire more writers to talk about interesting stuff. No more relocation postings I can hardly keep my eyes open through those stories.

          On a side note. All I keep hearing about is how there is no work to be had. I see now hiring signs everywhere I go. The company I work for (glass glazing) has work for the next year plus and we just hired more guys. So I’m skeptical that there is no jobs. Are people just not looking for work? I know the pay rate is not where it should be and prices of everything is still rising but there is work out there. If you haven’t been able to find a job. I’m guessing you are sitting on your ass playing video games too much. I could literally find 2-3 jobs in one afternoon. And I’m not talking minimum wage jobs $12-20 an hour jobs. Hell there are pizza delivery jobs everywhere. I made $20-$25 an hour delivering pizzas plus they paid for my gas and I ate for free.

          • Check out the participation rate of workers and youll learn its the worst weve seen in 40 years or more.
            White House says its stabilized but even the Labor Dept says itll keep falling for another 10 years. You from the White House?

            • He’s missing the forest for the trees. My old employer is also doing very well, because they have a patented high tech product/service that every manufacturer needs to stay competitive at all. (It’s a closely held company, or I’d throw away my principles and buy stock!) That doesn’t mean that all of America is doing well – it just mean that there are small bright spots in an otherwise failing economy.

          • Home Health Care jobs are plentiful in my area. They don’t pay that much the jobs are out there. I passed the State Boards and got a CNA license just before my 60th birthday. I did the job hunt and was practically pounced on when I asked for applications at various facilities. I’m currently working at a nursing home and the only male working as a CNA at this particular place. Kind of scary. CNAs, LPNs, and CMAs are in demand in a lot of places; that’s where the jobs are anymore. Forget about retail and manufacturing.
            Those jobs are gone…. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in another field but to me, it was worth the time and money to go back to a vo-tech school and get the CNA certification.

            • Wise move, Meathead. I never worked my field (economics), and the president emeritus of my last employer never went to business school.

              A rule that my earliest mentor gave me has followed my all my life: “Maximize your options” Never get trapped in a career where you know more and more about less and less until you know absolutely everything about nothing. The very definition of an engineer.

              BTW the opposite is salesmen, who wind up knowing less and less about more and more until they know absolutely nothing about everything.

              Told to me by a purchasing manager who claimed that purchasing guys wound up knowing nothing about anything from associating with the first two groups. He suddenly became very ill, and had to quit, so I took over his job for a year. He was absolutely right.

          • Steveo’clock, Apparently it (the data point) hasn’t connected to your Mr. Obvious Node as to the Job issue? It isn’t the issue of finding a ‘Job’ it is more the issue of running on the ‘Hamster’ wheel ever faster to keep up with the out right theft of our wages via the policies of the criminal actions of the Federal Reserve Cartel and its allies.
            How’s the quality of ones life improving across this country? Yes for the 1% of the upper earners it is improving. The larger swath of the populace aka Middle Class it is being squeezed to within inches of elimination. The lower end it is life as usual so just keep running on the ‘Wheel’ Steve they love you for it.
            Personally I am done running for ‘their’ needs and am running for my own needs self sufficiency is the path and ‘they’ hate me/us for it.
            $20 per hr is baseline of ones needs to move out of the parents home and maintain a small junk to upper low end apartment. What of the other expenses? A used car, Insurances, utilities, Groceries, Gas, Clothing, Auto Maint., Retirement savings, Co-pays, Ins. Premiums, Savings, Annual vacation, to mention a few of ones expenses. With a room mate to boot!
            This is why ‘they’ want you to live in a 12×20 efficiency apartment using the public transit system. Sorry, Steve maybe this is your dream? As one of the last of the Boomers (1964) that wasn’t the Dream package I was sold. If you’re happy with your situation wonderful but, many here see the transition and don’t like it as we are the middle classes and don’t like the squeezing. Especially when the Globalist doing the squeezing isn’t even buying dinner.
            BTW if delivering Pizzas is your idea of a fulfilling career there is absolutely no means to reach your in this reply.

        • I think we will see very high inflation, but it won’t surpass the 50% per month threshold that is how hyperinflation is defined. The Dollar, even if it does lose world reserve currency status, will still be important in global trade. That should mediate the effects of what is to come, unless relatively high inflation becomes a tipping point for other nations to dump and repatriate their Dollar holdings. It will still be very painful, but I don’t see it going full on Zimbabwe or Wiemar Republic. You have to remember that those nations had serious issues that led to their currency’s demise. For Germany, it was war reparations and for Zimbabwe, it was the result of the ethnic cleansing policies of Robert Mugabe and how they destroyed the agricultural production of a nation that was once the breadbasket of Africa. Russia also went through a hyperinflation, in the 90’s, but again that was due to the collapse of the communist economic system and the chaotic capitalist restructuring of the period. I just don’t see anything near as devastating in the near future for the US.

          • Excellent post. Only one comment though. We have our own “war reparations.” As in the $20 freaking TRILLION from the socialist “war on poverty.” Not sure how that compares with Weimar, but it can’t be falling too far short!

            • Maybe, but France isn’t going to come in and annex a portion of our country because we aren’t able to pay them their due. (China on the other hand…) You have to remember that France took Germany’s Ruhr region, which was a major industrial and mining region vital to the German economy. Because of this, the German workers refused to work. The German government supported them by printing more and more Marks to hand out to them. This, and the loss of national sovereignty and a vital area key to exports are what eventually led to the hyperinflation.

          • Are you serious? You think hyperinflation in Zim was the result of the ethnic cleansing policies of Robert Mugabe and how they destroyed the agricultural production of a nation that was once the breadbasket of Africa.??? Pardon me, but That’s completely dense and full of ignorance.

            Central banks do what they want. And Not for those reasons.

            Also, any sort of hyperinflation that might have taken place in Russia wasn’t due to the collapse of the communist economic system and the chaotic [crony] capitalist restructuring of the period. It was simply what the Central banks wanted. To their advantage and those at the B.I.S..

            • Central banks have their fair share of blame, but they rarely operate in a vacuum. If you really want to understand history you have to look at all of the factors that were at play when things happened. These nations were experiencing extraordinary internal and external forces at the time of their currency collapses. To a degree the central banks may well have chosen to hyperinflate but the reasons were not purely profit driven. You also have to know who makes the political decisions at these banks. Are they independent and private like the Fed is supposed to be or are they defined as a part of the national government? If so, who runs them and what exactly is their agenda? It’s not as simplistic as you seem to want to make it.

              • I would also add that hyperinflations are usually political events sparked by a loss of public confidence in the currency. The only reason anything has any value is because human beings ascribe value to it. Currencies are no different. All have a supposed backing in value, be it gold, national resources or future labour output. If confidence in whatever is backing them decreases, then so does the perceived value of the currency. So, if a new deposit of gold was discovered that was easy to get and a was big enough to represent a significant increase in world gold supply, scarcity would go down and inflation would go up. Likewise, if a nation is experiencing mass civil unrest that creates instability in the currency because no one knows if the issuing country is even going to exist in a few months.

                This has happened in the last few months to the Ukranian Hryvnia due to the civil unrest in that country. Now you could argue that bankers used their influence to start the chaos there via their agents in the US government so they could play the margin on it, or you could say it was a purely organic movement driven by the same kind of ethnic strife that helped tear apart the USSR in 1991. Either way, it destroys the stability of the economy and thus increases the risk involved in holding Hryvnia. Thus the market devalues the currency.

                It’s human nature to want to distil fault down to easily identifiable groups rather than see the nuance that most situations involve. However, in only blaming one group you miss the totality of the situation and all the factors causing it. Of course there are always people hiding behind the curtain, but I doubt they are all on the same team. Naked self interest drives the powerful and. It is likely that there are many men behind multiple curtains fighting proxy battles against each other with the world as their chess board and world leaders as their pawns. It just seems like they are part of one entity because they are all sociopaths and we are all affected negatively by their battles.

            • Are you denying that Mugabe’s despotism destroyed the agricultural sector in Rhodesia? The principle source of foreign exchange? Which came first, the ethnic cleansing or the inflation?

              Central banks are not in existence to make money. Their directors get nothing out of it if they do. There are outside financial guys like George Soros who will destabilize a currency or a nation to make a killing, but they ain’t central bankers.

              I feel very sorry for the current crop – Yellen, Draghi, They’ve got a very hungry tiger by the tail, and if their grip slips just once they, (and we) will be eaten. Huge bank collapses, creating huge deflation which creates more bank collapses.

      2. Any NEW news???

        • Some days your the bull, some days matador…
          the Texan cowboy stopped at a restaurant in Mexico while sipping his tequila, he noticed a scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, the smell was wonderful.

          He asked the waiter, “What is that you just served?”

          The waiter replied, “Ah Senor, you have excellent taste! Those are bull’s testicles from the bull fight this morning. A delicacy!”

          The cowboy said, “What the heck, I’m on vacation! Bring me an order!”

          The waiter replied, “I am so very sorry senor. There is only one serving per day because there is only one bull fight each morning. If you come early tomorrow and place your order, we will be sure to save you this delicacy!”

          The next morning, the cowboy placed his order, and was served the one and only special delicacy of the day. After a few bites he called to the waiter and said, “These are delicious, but they are much, much smaller than the ones I saw you serve yesterday!”

          The waiter shrugged his shoulders and replied,
          “Si senor, sometimes the bull wins.”

          • i just told the little woman your joke, while she was finishing her supper….pizza.

            She was chowing down the whole time, until i got to the punch line….. she just chuckeled as she pushed her few remaining pieces away and said ‘OMG’!

        • Here’s some news…maybe he’s not telling is because this is the sleeper MS-13 and ISIS all over America..dammmit!..what a chicken shit Congress we have…a chicken shit SCOTUS. Everything this guy has done through EO’s, by passing Congress on re-bombing Iraq, committing group d troops without Congressional consent is all IMPEACHABLE!!! But Impeachment would only falsely validate that this election, twice now give legitimacy to this stolen electoral process. I call for the arrest and prosecution and public hanging of Barry Soetoro aka Barack H. Obama and all Democrats and Republican supporters of this illegal immigrant in the Peoples House..I’m looking at you John Boehner.

          Live Free or Die…when?

          • You beat me to it.

            I saw this as well, on Drudge.

            This is the stuff that makes one say — by God, every red-blooded American had better get their legs to that polling place in November and vote for every single Republican they can find on the ballot, from dog catcher on up.

            My blood is just boiling over this. These stinkin illegals have absolutely NO RIGHT to be here, let alone getting all the crap they’re getting and being hidden away by our OWN stinkin government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            We need to PROFILE, and fast.

            If this invasion crap isn’t stopped and turned around in November through the election, then have fun defending your doorstep from these lawless gangs, because that will be the next thing to happen. You mark my words…they will be issued guns and ammo and Obamaphones and let loose to wreak havoc. They are Obama’s own personal Bolsheviks.

            They are here to RAPE, KILL, LOOT, BURN AND TAKE OVER.

            Get that through your heads people, or they may just take your head and put it on a stick.

            • Republicans own the House of Representatives and are saying or doing nothing about the boarder situation.

              Personally I can’t stomach voting anymore or vote straght libertarian. The Republicans had their chance with a stacked deck and we still are in the position we are in.

              The right/left paradigm in this country is folly. The sooner everybody realizes this the better. Want Republians? Plan for even more war.

              • Because A.) Boehner is in the pay of the illegal-migrant-hiring ag sector and “hospitality” sector, and B.)what really can they do? Cut funding? The Dems will shut the Government down just like they have before, and their paid shills in the media will say it’s those wascally Wepublicans. They’ll block access to public parks and monuments, and otherwise nickle and dime the public until the Repubs give in. Although I do hope that next time will be the time when they find out what happens when they cry “wolf” once too often.

                Want justice? Take over one party or the other. Third parties never do good, mostly do harm.

            • Anon, Hate me for this but it isn’t the illegal aliens fault. For seeing glimpses of America in Advertisements and the homes the entire life we have. To them this is the life they want. If you were there in their position you would too. The issue is of course very complex and not solvable in a note. The larger answer is it is the policies, politics, greed and egos of former and current leaders. While I would agree with the criminal element being a part of the migrant crowd. One always has predators circling the sheep herd as it moves about the pasture. On a “Radical” note if it was in our power to kill them all to protect ourselves who would still be in power? The very people responsible for letting it happen in the first place. So why then draw attention to yourself with misplaced yet justified resentment? Focus on the real problem which is the systems need for wage slaves. Culprits are the Corps. Corporations run the Oligarch Govt we have (Princeton Univ. Study) Politicians don’t worry about our wishes/concerns except on election cycles. The resulting chaos is a means to lower the power of the middle class and to elevate the police state/oligarch to absolute control without need to vote. Problem solved.

          • Once again, this administration has no respect for the rule of law and only respects it’s own fiat. While not all of these illegals are criminal types, the thing that is truly scary is that we simply don’t know anything about any of them. If you ask questions you are a racist, no matter how reasonable those questions are. So call me a racist. I simply don’t care anymore as long as you answer the damn questions. This is MY country. It doesn’t belong to all the disadvantaged peoples of the world, it belongs to you, me and anyone else who is legally entitled to be here. If you want to join us, you should have to pass scrutiny to see if the rest of us want you here. It’s a limited country with limited resources. We can’t just have anyone who wants to come here competing for resources with the citizens. I don’t care if they are from the UK, Australia or Canada either. Those people can stay in their own land too unless we decide they can join us.

            • “While not all of these illegals are criminal types….”

              EXCUSE ME????

              They are, by mere virtue of being here illegally: FELONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they KNOW IT and THEY DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Furthermore, they have stolen, paid for, and used FAKE NAMES AND FAKE I.D.’S to get jobs, welfare, housing and anything else that requires identification.


              It’s naive, bleeding heart idiots like you that put the rest of us at risk!!!

              Just wait until they show up on YOUR street, going house to house.

              Get it straight: THEY ARE OBAMA AND JARRETT’S BOLSHEVIKS.

              Don’t understand or accept that they are going to be receiving guns and ammo courtesy of Obama??? Ever heard of “Fast and Furious,” the ATF fiasco?????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm??????

              Why do you think EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM sings Obama’s praises, and/or has Obama’s name and/or picture TATOO’D ON THEIR BELLIES, has memorized the very same phrases, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,???????????????????? Why do you think they are not rioting in those holding cells we have seen in the media, lining the walls shoulder-to-shoulder, and still sitting there like choir boys??????????????

              Good luck, sucker. You’re gonna need it. BIG time.

              • There is a difference between someone who is just here out of desperation and a need for legitimate work (albeit outside of US immigration, tax and labor laws) and someone who has no issue with committing violent crimes. It’s like the difference between someone smoking pot illegally and someone holding up a shop clerk at gunpoint. Both break the law, but one has a much more negative impact on society.

                As far as it goes, the bigger issue is not with those who are crossing the border, but with a government that is complicit in allowing them to do so. If you want to have hatred and anger toward someone, direct it to the politicians who do little or nothing to stop these people from coming here. In the end yes, I do feel compassion for the regular people who are desperate enough to make such a crossing. I don’t hate them. I don’t want them shot on sight. I do, however, want them deported and I do want a secure border.

        • Hah, somebody downvoted you already. Leave it to shills to try and hide the truth of nearly war in our recent (and probably long past) history.

        • On another note: Just got back from the mountains a few days ago and lo and behold! THE 4TH OF 4 BERKEY BLACK FILTERS FAILED! Thats 4 out of 4. What a POS those fookers are! Glad I have an aqua rain as backup. I think I will get some propur filters to replace the berky’s. Like I said before “Don’t ever bet your life on a berkey filter”. Just warning you all 🙂

          • How do they fail? Bypass leak? Disintegration?

          • Thank you for the information. Try Katadyn Hiker Pro. Good for almost 100 gallons if you clean it. Filters are spendy, but they also improve water taste.

            • I found something interesting today at WinCo in Gresham Oregon. They had a huge stack of Emergency Essentials #10 cans of dehydrated goods, as well as some superpails and combo buckets.

              It’ll save me some postage.

          • G: I love my Aqua Rain never had a problem in 15yrs.

            River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

            • RR, I have had my aquarain for 18 years and still using the original filters! The only reason I dont use it on a regular basis is it is kinda small and filters slow. Had the berkeys for 6 years and total failure. I can’t believe berkey hasn’t had theyre asses sued off by now. Maybe I will see what aquarain has to offer nowdays as I havent looked at them since I bought mine 18 years ago… 🙂

          • What sort of failure and are you talking about just the black cartridge failing?

            • Kula, the filter fails where it is glued to the plastic base. It only becomes obvious when it gets so bad that the water starts pouring from the filter or drips rapidly out the bottom. Do a search on youtube on how to fix this by redoing the seals. There have been many many complaints of failures. As for myself, I will just throw these pieces of crap in the trash where they belong and get a good american made filter (berkey filters are chinese manufacture). The berkey can fail slowly and you would never know until it gets worse by then youd be a sick mofo. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

            • Sal,

              Thanks for the info.

              We have plenty of water around here but it needs to be cleaned and processed before consumption. Water is so essential to survival.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • The ceramics don’t get chemical contaminants, AFIK. The whole point of the “black” is to use charcoal to strip out pesticides, heavy metals, and petroleum nasties like benzine.

              I’ve got a Berkey, but didn’t buy the black filters. (My spring doesn’t have chemicals in it.) I haven’t used it beyond an initial test. Maybe I should.

              There’s a filter used in third world countries called a “slow sand filter”. Basically just feed the water on a long trip through sand. The filter sand grows a colony of micro-organisms that actually clean out the organic pollutants. (The green slime that forms on the top is actually a good thing.) If I had an old water heater tank I might try that. A long piece of PVC drainpipe might also work. Secret apparently is to keep the water traveling slowly.

          • Granpappy has written about problems with the Berkey water filters. He now recommends the Aquarain water filters.

            If anyone has a Big Berkey water filter in their home, try the Aquarain filters. They are same size and provide better filtration.

            • Mac, I see you advertise berkey’s here Im glad you don’t take offence to negative reviews of your sponsor. IMHO I would consider dropping them as a sponsor since they dont give a crap about theyre customers health. Plenty of people love this site and a replacement sponsor should be easy. Thanks for all you do, Genius

              • Well Genius,thanks for all your input,that said,wanted to thank you by letting you know your favorite federal in 5.56 is on sale inexpensively at moment on slick guns!

                • Well Warchild, ya better stock up! Around here they ask 9 bux a box! I dont even have a 5.56 its a .223 bolt. 7.62 is the way to go anyway the .223 is my wifes 🙂 I like the .300 winmag personally..

        • I received this in an email.


          Daily Survival Kit

          Items Needed:
          Candy Kiss
          Tea Bag
          Rubber Band
          Chewing Gum
          Band Aid

          TOOTHPICK – to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others.
          *Matthew 7:1

          RUBBER BAND – to remind you to be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want, but it will work out.
          *Romans 8:28

          BAND AID – to remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else’s.
          *Colossians 3:12-14

          PENCIL – to remind you to list your blessings every day.
          *Ephesians 1:3

          ERASER – To remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay.
          *Genesis 50:15-21

          CHEWING GUM – to remind you to stick with it, and you can accomplish anything.
          *Philippians 4:13

          MINT – to remind you that you are worth a mint.
          *John 3:16-17

          CANDY KISS – to remind you that everyone needs a kiss or a hug every day.
          *John 4:7

          TEA BAG – to remind you to relax daily and go over your list of blessings.
          *1 Thessalonians 5:18

          • Hmmm….throw a used prophylactic into that pile and there would be nothing Mcgyver could not accomplish!

            • And call it Obama; for it gives you a false sense of security while you are getting screwed.

            • Sick and Nasty!

          • I was riding on a brand new Airbus plane a week or so ago. The guy in the seat next to me couldn’t get his headset to work. The plug in the arm rest was broken and the headset plug kept falling out.

            I reached into my travel bag, pulled out a rubber band and had him up and running.

            Don’t know what’s more disturbing, how prepared I am (yup lots of stuff in my travel bag), or the fact that I had to fix the aircraft I was riding in,,,,,,,,, with a rubber band!

      3. I don’t think hyper-inflation will be to much of a problem . If Ocommie and his pales succeed in their plan of destroying our country there will be nothing to purchase.

        Off topic, I understand 12 airliners have been miss-placed in Libya. Found out today Ocommie went around congress and lifted the ban on Libyan’s to attend US flight classes. Call me crazy but maybe these two things are related.

        No need to worry about foreign terrorist, we have their leader in the White House.

        • I can’t believe no one has dragged that SOB out of the white house in hand cuffs yet…

          • Not gonna happen sixpack. Their all on the same side you know that.

          • I don’t believe they’re ALL on the same side, but I suppose the few who are not, are probably powerless…I know that feeling well.

            • More like…scared shitless!

            • I also believe that there are plenty of “folks” (to use one of O’useless’ favorite terms) that are not on his side- but not on ours either. Was it written somewhere that I missed that TPTB are all on the same team? Why do you think there’s so much “teeter-tottering” going on in the world? We’ve seen FLOCKS of Black Swans flying around for years now. It seems to me, every time we’re just about to crash and burn, something (or someone) gives things just enough of a nudge to keep us running on fumes. I believe it’s at least two different factions (probably more) that are intentionally (of course) trying to collapse the works, but it either wasn’t going to work out well for the other team/s at that time.

              I agree with JW’s article, but bear in mind- according to him (and the seat of my pants agree) we NEVER LEFT the recession caused by the dot-com crashin ’00. So take those 11 million jobs we’d need to get back to pre ’08/’09 levels…and add about another 5+ million to it. I now have ~20 yrs. in IT. I don’t know about you, but dollar-to-dollar (NOT inflation adjusted) I’m making about $20k less than I was in 1999. And every single senior IT person I know is in the same boat. Scary to think if that amount were inflation adjusted what it’d be!

              • In 2000 I was making 120k + bonus and bennies (usually 10-15k yr). Now I’m lucky to find work and when it does come around it is equal to about 45% of 2000. Bonus and benefits you say, that is only a long lost memory now. Pension, come on now everyone knows that’s a swear word today and if anyone is dumb enough to sink their life savings in a 401k I won’t feel sorry for them when Ocommie puts it away for them.

                • I hear you MD- all too well. I LAUGH in the faces of people I know who have “money” socked away in 401k’s. And I know all to well about the bennies. The other day, a Tribe member and I were out on a hike. He brought up his concern about me smoking still, and how I may not be able to “keep up” during a fire fight. I laughed and told him that a)Me continuing to smoke ensure the lives of an untold number of idjuts who cross my path and b)that my left knee is so jacked up, I’ve only got about 10% lateral stability in it left (Dr.’s say it’ll take 4-6 cadaver parts to fix it, plus more work). So I replied- “RUN?! I CAN’T! I’M the guy who’s gonna be watchin everyone else’s 6 so THEY can get to cover!”. RUN! what a laugh! Medical Insurance? WTF is THAT(haven’t had it in 2+ yrs!)? Oh yeah- for everyone BUT those of us who keep this POS creaking along! O’care?! FUCK YOU!!(I will NOT submit- I’d rather crawl)

                • A co worker asked me if I had a 401k when he heard that I was leaving my job. He advised me to cash out my 401k even though I was too young to retire. He was warned by his friends who local area politicians that a crash was coming and that pensions would take a hit. This was back in the spring of ’08. I took his advice and cashed out even though I had to pay penalties and taxes. I heard about other people who lost huge amounts of money from their pensions; I don’t regret my decision to cash out. I have not invested any money in any type of retirement plan since then. I don’t keep much money in any savings or checking accounts. There will no doubt be another crash coming. People know this; we have to get ready.

        • There wont be anything to buy
          Or any funds to purchase with. Not if we have cyprus2.0
          Its coming

          • They say 6,000. So consider that an underestimate, big time. Now imagine this, 100-500 of those demons behind the wheel of a semi truck. (Nothing against truckers, my dad was one of the best.). Can you imagine the damage that could be done? If they can learn to fly a plane, they can sure as he’ll learn to drive a truck!
            I sure hope this doesn’t post multiple times, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But always standing by.

      4. Yes, nothing but smoke and mirrors… but the politicians and their carrier pigeons in the media continue to sell it and up until some sort of devastating national catastrophe occurs, or something economically occurs that will kill the confidence of middle America who simply aren’t paying any attention, this charade will continue…..

        Until then, we all prep…..

      5. “I think I swallowed a bug”……….


      6. Yes it is over for 98% with inflation assuming one is lucky to have a job that pays a decent wage but the 2% leaches of the WS are having the time of their parasitic lives. I am just sick and tired of the A$$holes in business dress either trying to sell books or just to repeat the same BS over and over.

      7. This is going to be perfect for the socialist demorats. The bottom won’t fall out UNTIL after the election, hence they can blame republicans/conservatives/tea party people to set up 2016. I don’t think the republic will last until 2016, but hey, what do I know? I say once the economy collapses we go to DEFCON 5 and just go ballistic.

        • @ Confederate,

          I don’t think the elections of either party matter anymore. TPTB have so many illuminati members in both parties, that it is impossible for them to not have a pawn gov in place.

          They have you under their ZOG thumb or you disappear.

          • Diappearing is fine as long as you take at least one one motherfucker with you. Everybody dies, not so many ever “live”.

            • I agree with both of you, WF and PITW. Voting is fruitless anymore. TPTB have already nominated and elected the next puppet.

          • Yes, both parties are as one this is true, Yes it will wait until after the election so the message can be carried it was the ‘Right’ hands fault and the idiots out in Idiot-ville can say see it is the ‘Right hands’ fault and the distraction will continue until the train comes off the tracks etc.

      8. color of law – federal criminal code

        Under “color of law”, it is a crime for one or more persons using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, state or federal), to willfully deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.


        • FM , First you have to believe that we are still a nation of laws.
          I’m not so sure sometimes.

          I for one think that they will choose to print more money , because probably 80% of the populace wont understand or care about the ramifications of it.
          Who is gonna get upset ?
          Just a bunch of right wing anti-government extremists.
          Get the picture?

          • got it. ;0)

            i though still believe in individual sovereign citizen free born law.

            And i will continue the fight till i can fight no longer.

            it’s just in my blood is all to be a sovereign FreeMan Patriot.


            • Monkey, it’s fine to fight it. Just don’t do it in the corp courts unless you KNOW better than to use the words you posted here.

              A sovereign FreeMan Patriot expecting to use Law to defend themselves is one of the easiest targets the corp can pick. Don’t be one.

            • You can’t be a sovereign citizen. You can’t accept all the free benefits of growing up in America like a free education, our rule of law, and protection by the US military and local police. Then decide that the laws of America don’t apply to you.

              • BC- that was /sarc….right? (please say yes!). Otherwise- please define “free”!!!

                • He didn’t pay taxes while he was growing up, was he?

                  Plus, once these “sovereign citizens” break the law and get arrested they DEMAND THEIR RIGHTS. What hypocrites. They have no rights. They’re not Americans anymore.

            • The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.

              ~Charles de Montesquieu

              • ..but we don’t live in a democracy…WE LIVE IN A REPUBLIC!…want democracy?..check out Egypt or any other multi-cultural pluracracies in the world..the only thing we do in a REPUBLIC is adopt democratic principles… But we have a Constitution that specificically defines the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as a REPUBLIC!
                Understand this to …
                Live Free or Die

                • The man said, “..but we don’t live in a democracy…WE LIVE IN A REPUBLIC!”

                  As. F’ing. If.

                  No. We. Don’t.

                  Take off your patriotic blinders.

                  It’s an oligarchy. …Among other vile things.

                  • I thumbed you up helot…although the intent of my comment is to the essence of what should have been. You are correct to point out that we are indeed a oligarchy. I will say that the reality of this oligarchy as we see it today is a fairly recent one..mainly emerging through the Federal Reserve Act. Although he is not a favorite source to quote from. Bernie Sanders opined in a 2010 The Nation article that an “upper-crust of extremely wealthy families are hell-bent on destroying the democratic vision of a strong middle-class which has made the United States the envy of the world. In its place they are determined to create an oligarchy in which a small number of families control the economic and political life of our country.”
                    French economist Thomas Piketty states in his 2013 book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, that “the risk of a drift towards oligarchy is real and gives little reason for optimism about where the United States is headed.”
                    A civil oligarchy?..perhaps also means A soft Tyranny. A study released in April 2014 by Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University, which stated that their “analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts.” It also suggested that “Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise.”
                    Gilens and Page do not characterize the US as an “oligarchy” per se; however, they do apply the concept of “civil oligarchy” as used by Winters with respect to the US.
                    Gilens says that average citizens only get what they want if economic elites or interest groups also want it; that is, economic elites and interest groups are influential.
                    In essence helot you are correct
                    Live Free or Die in the oligarchy..until we the People can actually become a true Republic…

                • We used to have a constitution. We don’t anymore.

            • TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241

              Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). Unlike most conspiracy statutes, Section 241 does not require that one of the conspirators commit an overt act prior to the conspiracy becoming a crime.
              The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

              TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241
              If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;…
              They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

              • SO what !
                Do you believe that we are still a nation of laws?
                All this soviergn stuff wont matter under fascism.
                Just sayin, maybe some more thought is required.

                • “Ideas are far more powerful than guns.

                  We don’t let our people have guns.

                  Why should we let them have ideas?”

                  ― Joseph Stalin

                  • And thats why good ol joe didnt allow free thinkers to live to long.
                    Do you think Joseph Stalin was a fellow “traveler” ?
                    The answer would be NO!

                    Yer pretty good at copy , paste .
                    Maybe a stooge , best of luck .

                  • “Wise men speak because they have something to say;

                    Fools because they have to say something.”


                • I agree were still a nation of laws. Many, many years ago however, “our” laws and His Law, having run roughly parallel since our inception, diverged dramatically. No one in their right mind could call the law today just, fair or right. They can keep their law. I knowingly break it everyday (and most do unknowingly everyday). They can take their “law” and stuff it. I’ll continue on the path I’m on until they shoot me off of it.

                  • The POTUS and DOJ do not follow the law.
                    The “supreme” court “interprets” the law to suit the POTUS and DOJ .
                    SO, I ask again are we still a nation of law?
                    Its not lookin good .

          • The laws certainly do not apply evenly to all.
            If i am unduly targeted i will be sure and get my worth out of it,

        • Title 18 Section 242:

          Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

          • Reading these, I realize most Dems and the IRS have broken the civil rights law. Does see something say something apply here?

      9. The end should of come long ago. The Lord delays His coming to give those that being called time to get ready. You want the end to come quickly. Quit donating to missionaries and churches. Spend your money on yourself. Stockpile supplies and fear men. This will spread things up.

        • I’m ready. Both spiritually and for the collapse. I still donate to the church and to Christian causes.

      10. This is how we can spreed things up. Spend our money on supplies instead of donating to churches and missionaries. Fear men that can kill your body. The Lord delays His coming to give people who are called more time to qualify. So if we quit doing His work and and look to our own hands for deliverance the end will arrive shortly. The reason that this stuff may keep getting held up and dragging on Maybe for you and me to have a little more time to overcome.

      11. John Williams has for YEARS provided ACCURATE statistics on how the government MASSAGES the figures, lying through their teeth.

        Anyone not paying attention must quickly realize that they have lots of work to do to get ready to SURVIVE!!!!

      12. Gear Review: Under Armour Scent Control camo

        On my recent 15 mile trek, I wore Under Armour Scent Control camo.

        The scent control and antibacterial properties seem to work as I was able to get very close to several deer. The clothing claims to wick sweat away and quick dry, and it also does that effectively.

        It turns out that it is much less harmful to the environment to produce synthetic clothing than it is to use natural textiles like leather, cotton and wool.

        • AE how true, all that synthetic stuff that is made from petroleum is much more environmentally friendly than all that renewable stuff like leather, cotton and wool. You Dunce! You probably think that yellow chemical in a tub is better for you than real butter cause some medical report told you so. Boy the old guy’s sure sold you a bill of goods. Trekker Out.

      13. Can anyone recommend a pair of quality waders? I don’t want to buy something that will start leaking after one season. So much shit is poor quality these days.

        • AE ,
          That’s going to be a tough one most out door equipment and apparel is being produced in china ,
          A lot of their products with vulcanized rubber really degrade fast . I really do not know of any waiters being produced domestically. I think I would try to stick with the major outdoor retailers like Cabelas , etc that guarantee their products. It used to be you could go to your local fishing hunting store and find quality gear.
          Best bet is to do some internet review searches , I am finding there are a lot of nich small company’s that still make gear in the US and are quality product , like Kifaru, mystery ranch etc.
          As far as waiters go your guess is as good as mine.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • You can find waiters at any decent restaurant ect.,prefer a young/cute waitress meself!As for waders,well,perhaps yardsale/ask friends/family,tis the kinda of gear a lot of times bought/never/not much used,might find some old school quality out there still.

          • DO NOT get chest waders. You get in the water and fill them up, you are dead.

            Get hip waders, instead.

            • Smokey if your comment is directed to AE, maybe you better rethink that first sentence. Especially if the second sentence is correct. Ass’ed Itch, get chest waders and never use a belt! And then come on out to Wyoming I know some nice rivers with deep holes. Trekker Out.

        • Simms Gortex neoprene stocking foot waders. You will need to buy a pair of wading shoes for them. They have a waist high with a belt or chest high. If you buy a good pair of wading shoes, you can wear them without the waders in hot weather or as a back up pair of hiking boots in an emergency.

          The Simms Co. is in Bozeman, Mt.

          If you want rubber boot foot waders, Hodgeman is a good reliable brand…rubber waders need extra care for a long life.

          Red Ball used to have a lightweight wader that was very durable in both hip and chest…easily stored in a small pocket in a pack. Your hiking boots could be your wading shoes in a pinch or again get a felt soled wading shoe.


      14. If you have any doubts that banks are in trouble, any bank…

        Try and withdraw $5000.00 in cash without giving them notice. You will find most all banks now, CAN NOT accomplish this with no notice. Try it, I dare you. I don’t care if you have $10,000 or $1,000,000 in your account. Try to access it in cash right now and see what happens.

        Oh, and if you dare to say request $10,000 – your bank is REQUIRED by federal law, to ask you your intention, and file a written report to the feds. Think I am exaggerating? Try it. Ask your banker that you have known for twenty years. These are now facts folks.

        • I really wish i could test my bank.
          I really do , but……

          • But what hammer? If your anything like me rounding up 10,000 federal reserve notes just ain’t gonna happen.

            • YEP, not gonna happen,

          • Bingo! No reason to keep anything more than $100.00 in any account nowadays. When I went to purchase my motorcycle earlier this year I asked for $7000.00. What an eye opener. Took them 2 days to give me MY money. I was happy to tell them what my intention was. Going into the dealership with cash on hand to haggle for the best price. What a concept.

            Everything is done with credit cards. If you can be disciplined and have a decent credit score with the fraudsters, you can game them a bit for points and cash back. I say hey, 2% is 2%, and yes I know they still make their money.

            If things go tits up, they will be left with the bill. You can not take what is not already there. Also spending thousands a month on a points card adds up real quick, and the better offers come rolling in.

            • They only give credit to people who can prove they don’t need it…poor people like me, can’t even afford credit.

              • Sixpack-

                I totally understand that situation, as I had to claw my way out of it over a long period of time. I worked my ass off and my credit score is only fair now.

                It is very easy to carry a balance, and end up paying interest and basically negating your points, and they know this.

                Credit is essentially evil, but now that I am in the middle aged prime working years – I take advantage of it. Material things are just that – but food, water and shelter – the best investment ever!

                I would rather default on my credit card debt than have the bankers pull a Cyprus on me.

                • I’d just love to have the satisfaction of being sent credit cards, only to cut them up and send them back in pieces.

        • Townsaver is correct in every word he has written. I will go a stepn farther and dare you to walk into your bank in the afternoon and try to get $2,500.00 out in cash. Once in a while you can get lucky and another depositer has deposited and they have the cash on hand.

          But truth be I don’t know that everyone gets that treatment. I just have been with my little bank for a long time and they are used to me needing cash for day laborer’s.

          You alos can’t deposit 410,000.00 or more in cash without being reporteed to the Fed’s.


        • But Isis can walk into a bank in Mosul and walk out with 500 million DOLLARS.
          I wonder who put all that cash in one place?
          Obobo is the leader of Isis , why no plan YET..
          He has no intention of touching the next golden goose of the military complex.

        • Our credit union was out of hundred dollar bills earlier in the year when I was trying to withdraw $500.

          • Try asking for $1000 dollar bills.
            I keep all my money at home except the mortgage that gets paid by check for obvious reasons–it’s BofA!!

            100s add up and get thick–they looked at me like I had purple ears with that request!!!

            • Thousand dollar bills haven’t been printed since the 1930s. They cost about $2,000 each on eBay.

        • Actually that amount is lower than that. Try and get $3,000 from the teller and they are now required to fill out a suspicious transaction report. I told the teller never mind and I got back in line at another teller and requested $2,800 and not a word was said. What a country we live in when a person can not go and withdrawl their money without being hassled. The money you have in your bank is not yours. Your deposits are unsecured and if the bank goes belly up your money can be seized to pay off bank creditors. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. Open your eyes sheeple !!!!!!!!!!

        • You get reported for ‘aproaching’ the $10K threshold. The threshold seems to be a moving target.

      15. If you’re not prepped now its too late!

        • I don’t know about that Jim. Just buying an extra bag of rice when you go to the grocery store can put you above 95% of the rest of the people.

          Speaking of that, I finished repacking my can and dry fod preps last weekend. Came out great thoiugh I need about four more container for bulk items like flour, oats and sugar.

          One thing that really was a bonus is the collection of free spices, flavor packs etcetra anyone can pick up at any fast food place. In every container (2 weeks worth) I placed a one quart bag of a mixture from of packetts obtained when I have stopped to either buy some thing or just use the restroom at fast food places. Sure will make the rice, beans and noodles a little more tasty.


          • B,I agree,starting now late to the game but till it’s over every little bit helps,the smalls add up ect.To those new to the game/starting prepping get a move on but can be done!

        • It’s not too late. Get a 401k loan and get started while you still can.

      16. Everything’s coming up roses. More Silver please.

      17. John Williams does a lot of great work. The only correction I would make is that the economy is not bottoming out. It’s crashing. There is no growth. Most likely, double digit declines in real GDP quarter after quarter. The economy is slowing. The pace of that decline is increasing.

        • There are times that our resident kitty makes sense however not very often.

      18. Seniors and poor folks beware: More shocking Obamacare “fine print” has come to light

        Obamacare Fine Print: Beware the Medicaid and Medi-Cal Clawbacks and Liens

        “Obamacare greatly expanded Medicaid coverage, but there is a hidden gotcha that may come back and haunt your heirs for benefits you receive from age 55-64.”

        This is not new news, but few read and understand the “fine print”.

        The Seattle Times discusses the fine print in “Expanded Medicaid’s fine print holds surprise: ‘payback’ from estate after death“:

        Paul Craig Roberts chimes in with “Obamacare: The Final Payment–Raiding the Assets of Low-Income and Poor Americans.”

          • KYM – there are solutions to the healthcare issue, called “health share” plans, such as Samaritan HealthShare, Christian HealthShare, Liberty HealthShare, etc. Google them. We just went on Liberty, and are very pleased. $300/month for couple in late 50s. Can’t smoke, do drugs, etc., but of course that makes sense for the price. Worth checking out. Also, you do NOT have to support morning after pills, etc. with this plan, so if you are a person of faith, that is a double benefit.

            As I say, we are very pleased with Liberty so far.

            • TEST,

              Thank you for the information. I will pass this along.

      19. First deflation, then inflation. The govt will give taxpayers thousands of dollars in an “emergency stimulus package} due to some concocted story. This will pull us out of the deflation into inflation. Just where the bakers want us. Get your final preps then because all hell breaks loose soon after.

        • Emergency stimulus package,hmmmm….a few final purchases for readying!

        • They never give US the stimulus — the banks and big corps get it…IN OUR NAME, OF COURSE.

          It’s kinda like donating to the Humane society. They take your money and put your name on a 10 cent brick to thank you for parting with your cash.

          I guess we’re lucky they don’t throw our new autographed brick AT us.

          • The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has released a recommendation to give stimulus to the masses. They know us poor 99% will spend it instead of sitting on it like the banksters. I expect it will happen, and it will be thousands per person.

          • Lucky they don’t throw brick at us,not luck but great aim as I threw brick first and burst their skull,yes,have a good throwing arm!

        • Ya know Burt, I had always thought that hyperinflation really couldn’t happen here. Because where would the cash come from?

          Your post makes me rethink that now. Very plausible. Thanks.


      20. According to Williams the real unemployment rate is 22%. So there cannot be a recovery. Anyway, if you believe the government statistics, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you….

      21. Reporter asks the President about the latest correspondent beheading, and his reply{ “I gots nothing to say as I beheadin’ to the golf course.”

      22. “My wife is the sort of woman who gives necrophilia a bad name.”

        ~Patrick Murray

        • You mean “necro-feelia”, the act of fondling corpses…? 🙂

      23. I just received notice yesterday that a good sized, unsecured, business line of credit I have had (with a bank to big to fail)for over 12 years now is being closed. Called the bank and was told that this “product is no longer available”. No other notice, no other reason. Was also told that I can “reapply” for a different type of product that would now require security (such as our home) if I choose to go through a whole new application process. I don’t think so! Makes me wonder how solvent the bank is today. Seems that they are running scared.

        • Somebody here posted a video a few months was over 2 hours long. The lady was a former commodities trader. Got out when the gettin was good. She explains bank solvency. They are ALL FUBAR.

      24. How can you tell if a man is a Male Chauvinist Pig?

        He thinks “harass” is two words.


        • Ahhh..the good old days.

      25. Something to do with the last of the garden tomtoes:

        Grandee’s CHILI MAC to Eat or Can

        2-3 lbs ground beef (or turkey)
        1 large yellow onion
        2 15oz can tomato sauce (or fresh garden equivalent)
        2 14.5oz can diced tomato (or fresh garden equivalent)
        1 Tbs. garlic powder
        2 Tbs. dried oregano
        2 tsp. dried basil
        2 dried bay leaves
        1 Tbs. chili powder
        1/2 tsp pepper
        salt to taste

        2 cups elbow macaroni-uncooked

        In large stew pot, brown ground meat, breaking up the meat as it cooks into small pieces. Cook until the meat is cooked through and there is no longer any pink. Drain or spoon off grease.

        Stir in onions. Cook and stir until the onions are translucent.

        Stir in: tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, garlic powder, oregano, basil, bay leaves, chili powder, pepper, salt.

        Bring mixture to boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to low, cover and let simmer 20 minutes. Simmer longer if using fresh garden equivalent.
        Stir occasionally.

        TO EAT NOW add 2 cups water and uncooked elbow macaroni. Cover and simmer until macaroni is tender, about 20 minutes. If too thick just add a bit more water until desired consistance. I like mine soupy. Remove bay leaves.

        While mixture is simmering, prepare jars and pressure canner.
        Fill hot prepared jars (pint or quart) with boiling mixture.
        Wipe rim, place lid and rings on jars. Finger tighten.
        Place jars in pressure canner.

        Pressure can: pints @ 11 lbs pressure for 75 minutes
        quarts @ 11 lbs pressure for 90 minutes
        adjust for altitude.

        To serve canned product- add enough water to cook macaroni. The measurement for water and macaroni is to individual tastes.

        • Right on time, grandee,thanks!

          I got a few late vines full of Cherokee Purple tomatoes coming in, and I can’t eat them all. Already canned what I wanted earlier of the Brandywines, so this sounds great.

          Also, have many boxes of elbow and shell macaroni, that is in our preps, for years, that we were talking about needing to “cycle” out.

        • I’ve been overrun with tomatoes. So far to date 21 quarts of tomato juice and cocktail have been put up along with making bruschetta. We’re cutting up some more tonight to cook up tomorrow for still more juice.

          • Thanks grandee for the recipe. I’ve still got about 40-50 pounds of ground deer in the freezer from last year’s tally. It’ll give me more options to empty the freezer and fill some jars. Need to make space, bow season comes in Friday. The walk-in box is all ready to receive.

          • I have another batch in the crock pot cooking down tonight as well Po’d…we eat a lot of bruschetta as well.

            Tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, Italian parsley and basil…all from my garden.

            No way their killing me brother…Got to much good food saved to eat.

      26. A Fracking Mess

        “After ten years of production, Shale gas in the United States is a commercial failure.

        As a finance guy, that is an astounding admission to me. Fracking is a commercial failure and that spells doom for US hopes for a growing economy.”

        “Doom For The Financial System

        This means that the United States CANNOT increase the amount of energy available to its economy, and that means that the US economy will be unable to grow. And:

        This means that – without an increase in the availability of energy – the implied promise in the stock or bond that you hold is empty. It’s an empty promise.

        I said that yesterday, and it spells doom for the US stock and bond markets. In fact, it spells doom for the entire financial system, because all the interlocking promises that keep this financial system afloat… will unravel.

        So, either they will let the financial system collapse and restart with a new and different system, or they will try to take the energy that they need from someone else.”

        Trader Who Scored $100 Million Payday Bets Shale Is Dud

        interestingly enough
        George Soros is making a major play in Argentina for fracked gas

        • SATORI , George is invested in the technology of fracking , not the results .
          Make sence now ?

        • So, why has the US just become the largest oil producer in the world? Your post doesn’t pass the reality test.

          • Dear, Mr. or Mrs. or Miss TEST,

            In answer to your query, “So, why has the US just become the largest oil producer in the world?”

            The answer is: because of the easy money from The Fed.
            The oil companies are not really making any money with this gig.
            It’s all an illusion.
            A Grand Illusion.
            A shell game.
            Reality has nothing to do with it.

            There’s posts on the internet that describe the in’s and out’s if you’re so inclined to find out.

            The more oil they produce, the more it costs them. Sooner or later The Reality of that will catch up with them.

          • Took the words right off my fingertips, TEST. Where some of these memes come from is quite beyond me. Best guess is that they are coming from somebody who benefits from having part of the population believe a certain way. e.g. Global Warmists raise money by claiming that the Arctic ice is still melting, (it’s not). Peak Oil freaks don’t want to accept that they were wrong, any more than AlGore does. Long while ago I chanced to hear an interview with the head honcho of Sierra Club. He kept repeating the phrase “advocacy industry” . And it is an industry, competing for the consumer dollar just as Apple and McDonalds do.

            Oh, sorry! I’ve left out the #1 trader in fundraising lies, the Demoncrat Partay. Lead Liar the Halfrican Dictator.

            BTW Soros is probably lining up US taxpayer assistance for his scheme, just as he did for the “oil boom” off Brazil. Anybody heard anything about that lately? Did Soros skim off a billion or two and then leave the rotting carcass for us to clean up?

      27. Just a note. A like John Williams, I read him a lot, and I think overall he is correct. *However*, I have been reading him for years, and he has been *wrong* a LOT about hyperinflation and a lot of other things. This isn’t a slam on him – he has a lot of worthwhile things to say, and if you are a day late in protecting your money, that is MUCH worse than being a year early. Still, he isn’t a prophet, or a son of a prophet. Similarly, I **really** like Gerald Celente – but again, I personally listened to him predict a crash last late spring – never happened.

        Moral of the story is that the economy is extremely complex, and it is like the blind men describing different parts of an elephant. As much as I like and respect Williams and Celente, they don’t have the whole story either. The Bible, in Proverbs, talks about dividing your portions into eight parts (I think it is 8, no Bible in front of me as I write). Wise counsel of course. And if you don’t have precious metals, don’t wait. Remember that when the music stops, everyone will be scrambling for “promises to pay,” including ETFs for gold and silver, which are only paper, and have 50 or 100 claims on each ounce. There will only be a few golden or silver chairs when the music stops (probably reserved for the socialist cronies), and if you don’t physically own it, you will never get it. Take advantage now while they are playing corrupt games to keep the prices down. While silver is more volatile, the most economical way to get a position is with “junk” (pre-1965) US silver coins. Recognizable, no one is going to counterfeit a dime, very low markup, and – in case you didn’t know this – there is LESS silver in existence than gold (silver, as an industrial metal, gets used up, such as in photography; it is also cheap enough where scrap is not worthwhile). Put stuff in a safe deposit box or somewhere safe. If you absolutely MUST have paper gold or silver, look at places like, based out of one of the channel islands in the UK, or similar, and make sure it is **allocated** to you. Again, when the game is up, there will be a hundred claims on one unit! And remember, gold, silver, platinum are *fungible* – i.e., divisible, one piece is equal to another, etc. It also doesn’t rot, etc. That is why we don’t trade a cow for a hundred bushels of wheat, or even a cow for another cow, as they are NOT divisible, one cow is not an exact equal of another cow, etc.

        One other point. Germany asked for its gold back. Never got it (except for a very tiny amount). Why? As well, price has remained suppressed. Do you REALLY, honestly think the US has the gold? If so, someone has a bridge you sell you, or an Al Gore led faux global warming scam for you to listen to.

        • Dang. Is there more than one Person writing under the name ‘TEST’?
          It seems like it.

      28. This is why we prep. Never had much faith in the info coming out from the government. If all the worlds economies are in such bad shape, how can anyone be a winner? I am thinking a one world currency will be shoved down our throats as a solution. End of days anyone?

        • Good thing I only shop at Lowes…….oh, wait…

      29. Here’s another thing to keep you awake at night…

        Report: Nearly a Dozen Commercial Airliners Missing Ahead of 9/11 Anniversary After Islamists Overrun Libyan Airport

        ht tp://

      30. 1- GET your money OUT of the bank NOW and get OUT of your retirement plans

        2- And then PUT that money into the AMERICAN EAGLE SILVER DOLLAR

        3- And STASH it away PRIVATELY in SEVERAL different places so the VALUE of your CASH is now RETAINED in Silver and INCREASED when Silver prices CLIMB!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Dr. MLK

        “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.” Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

        • just curious ,but does the silver actually get more valuable or do the dollars just actually lose value due to rampant printing? I think the silver or gold maintains its purchasing power regardless of inflation or deflation just my thoughts yes I have read GATA etc and understand the manipulation inherent from COMEX etc but I think my theory is ruffly valid

          • When silver goes from $8 to $40 and milk is still hovering around the same price at the store, silver is going up in value. It’s around $20, today. It lost half its value from the peak. When it goes from $20 back up to $40, say, and milk has also doubled along with most other things, that’s the dollar losing value.

            Unlike a dollar bill, a silver coin will always be worth something, as long as the concept of money exists.

          • The price of Silver is artificially being kept DOWN!

            If you put $500. in the bank to be your savings, when they do the haircut like they did in Greece, you will only find $78. – $122!

            BUT if you INSTEAD put that $500. into SILVER, it’s value will STILL be $500., actually MORE because there are factors that will SOON UNLEASH the value of that Silver.

            So the answer is yes, silver WILL grow in value and yes, paper dollars WILL go DOWN in value!

            Your theory is valid because it is full of TRUTH!

            – the Lone Ranger

            HI YO SILVER!!!!!!

      31. It is so simple!
        The problem is that they have pushed it up artificially that when it comes down its not going to hit the ground its going to put a 100 foot hole in the ground.

        • Speaking as an apostate economist, that’s it in a nutshell. Econ 101.

      32. The company I work for is a prepper’s heaven. Once in casual conversation with the general manager, I told him if I ever show up with a small suitcase full of 100 dollar bills and a long list of items that needs to be pulled and invoiced, it’s beyond bad. He laughed and said that would never happen.

        I have the small suitcase of 100’s and I monitor my laundry list on a daily basis to ensure it’s in stock.

      33. Just asking … this the same problem that was coming for 6 years ?

        • No, this is the first one that came up in conversation ten years ago. The one you referred to was the second one. We need to keep the timelines straight.

        • The totality of the economic crash is supposed to come in two stages. At least that’s what was said while the ’08 bust was going on. Stage 2 just around the corner apparently.

          Always liked Shadow Stats.

          • Oh so stage 2 hasn’t even started yet ……..yup like I said , we will be old people IF this happens

      34. How are you going to support the economy when the majority of people are tapped out financially? No money to spend when citizen purchases are what keeps this corporate ponzi scheme going. The officials in charge better redo the zoning laws to reflect reality and make cardboard boxes legal as housing options. The poor demand some cover and tarps to cover them. It could be worse. These dwellings can be spruced up with all manner of thrown away usable items. One mans trash is another mans treasure is spot on true.

        • But wait, the FED says the economy is recovering slowly because WE are hoarding cash. The FED said that inflation should have increased 33% per year at the rate they pumped. I don’t think they’ve been grocery shopping lately…

          • Oh, so now it’s all the preppers with $20 bills buried in #10 cans?

            We’ve lost Joan Rivers, but the comedy keeps coming.

        • aljamo asked, “How are you going to support the economy when the majority of people are tapped out financially?”

          You missed the serious article about how the Central Banks of the world should just hand out money directly to People?

          Somehow, they think that’s a good idea.

          Really, they do.

      35. I think before it all tanks, there will be false flag event(s) to psychologically paralyze most of the populace. This will catch the sheeple unaware and unprepared. Chaos will break out and lives will be lost. Those here will see it for what it is…the beginning of the sorrows. No one will be untouched by what comes about. Make sure to give the evil their money’s worth. Take as many down as you can before you dee-dee or fall.

      36. On another topic, rather off topic, I read on Political Vel Craft today that the Muslim faith was the founding faith of America back when the immigrants arrived, what we were taught were the Puritan Christians. The Mayflower Compact was written by these Muslims and America was to be their new Caliphate. If this is true the words have been changed and those supposed words have been kept from us. I checked the words of the Mayflower Compact where this assumption was not given. However, could it be true since Obama is a muslim and wants to bring large numbers of his faith into America. Also as That Guy previously pointed out that sharia law concerning beheadings was put into U.S. law over 20 years ago. If these things are true, woe to America. Can this be disproven?

        • Just another leftie whack job putting out propaganda for the ignorant masses. They will never fact check it.

        • You seriously cannot be serious, can you? I know the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters are utterly stupid, but even they cannot be THAT stupid.

          Can they?

        • If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?

          Utter and complete fabrication, out of thin air. The Puritans were Christians to the bone.

          The first Koran in the country was owned by Thomas Jefferson, obtained before the Barbary Pirate wars. He wanted to read up on the bastards, first. He thought the Koran was a great fraud upon mankind.

        • That’s a bizarre comment, aljamo.
          You made soo much sense in your last post, and now this?

          • I don’t think he subscribes to any of that BS, helot, but was looking for evidence to refute it. Or did I read it wrong?

      37. Well, my gf and I broke up and she moved out so my 6 month supply of food just turned into 1 year. =D

        • There’s always a bright side.

        • that’s one way to “increase” your preps !

      38. A error in my last post stated it was That Guy who stated the sharia law beheadings in America. I believe it was ThemGuys that made that post. Confusing which guys it was.

        • Aljamo: No, what I said is that their grand scheme plans are for an eventual “NOAHIDE LAW” to become the NWO Global same laws for All Non jweish Goyims aka gentiles.

          It will be Two seperate law systems. One system of Talmudic jew law for jews, and the jew fable invention their rabbis calls Noahide Laws for all the rest of world society.

          Also I stated that acording to the rabinical invented jewish fantasy They call noahide law, that for every offence of any/all such noahide laws the ONLY sentence is the Death penalty, BY Beheading. Their first of listed noahide law violations is a christian beliefe in Jesus Christ, which the rabbis consider “Idol Worship” that is totally forbidden under Noahide law. Ergo, either a person must reject and denounce Christ or be handed a death by beheading sentence.

          Keep in mind that all of this so called Noahide law stuff is a fabled fantasy that never ever existed anywheres, at any time or era, except of course within the warped, evil, lunatic, skitzopathic minds of said jewish talmudic pharisee rabbis….These same skitzo whackjob rabbis main goals are for a NWO that is a J wo aka one world govnt owned and run BY zionist bolshevik jewry.

          However look for a near future awakening to occure when the tipping point is reached on the Truth-Scales, and we see a Majority of folks wake up to the Facts and truth that these satanic human devils who call themselves jews today are actually Esaus Edomite Khazars and none has any DNA-Blood-Family lines etc etc to ancient true Israel tribes. Once enough people in usa and globally awaken to the truth and massive swindle they have been scammed by, into believing the worlds Greatest Hoax these satanic self chozens has perpatrated upon the world it will be as they say…”the Jigs up!” and so too shall their time in their own created limelight as khazar fraud jews.

          Read what Jesus and Apostle John said about these Imposters! READ: Rev.2:9 & Rev.3:9, and also John. 8:44 for starters of who we are really dealing with.

          I can also provide a couple great website Links you can research that painstakingly, and in Very long written articles due to the nature of all this subject entails and the myrid of many facts both Biblically and secularily that exist, and which are necessary to include and deeply explain in order for it all to be fully comprehended as to the True factual truths. Expose what can only be called the Greatest Hoax a vast majority of the worlds populations has fallen for in the entire 20th century…perhaps even greatset Hoax ever perpetrated wordlwide in All of recorded history! IE: the Factual Truths Biblically and secularily that totaly expose in vast massive detail this hoax and also Whom really Are the true modern day decendants of ancient Israel tribes. Because once awakened and jewized-Up, you will never again fall for it being these satanic khazar self chozens aka the Imposters who call themselves jews, but are really the Synagouge of Satan as Christ called them.

          I Guarentee ya though! Once you do the research, and get yourself jewized-Up, and fully understand what the real true past 3500 year history from Babylonian era, right up untill Todays era is and how/where these satanic human devils fit into it all…You will Never ever again be the same.

          Its akin to once a person is awakened to the many examples they see daily under their very noses as they observe tv news shows, tv sit coms, even older “Turner classics” type movies and most every tv ad or commercial as seen on tv(talmudvision) today.

          And the person is shown the ways they are being programmed by massive 24/7 propaganda which is designed to Bash whites, especially white Males, and at same time Raise or lift up african savage males and sub human apelike males into lofty positions of educated leaders, wise beyond their years Nobel Savages etc…The persons new awakened reply is usually a Loss for words!

          They always reject it all as hokum and conspiricy crap, untill another wide awake person Shows that other one by actual viewing of said tv show and tv ads material and scripts spoken by the actors. Once seen in slow mo or frame by frame how the deciet and propagandas are perpetrated in every such tv ad or tv show and news shows, it then becomes so crystal clear the newly awake person marvels at “Gee how did I never notice all this stuff before you came along to show me it”?

          And that now wide awake to the overall scam and swindle of cultural marxist propagandas used the past 60 years in America, to totally subvert and kommieize an entire nations peoples as Has been acomplished….Will Never ever watch ANY TV or Hollywood productions the same way again!

          Once awake, once jewized-Up, they will finally SEE the subversions, scams, antiwhite crap, anti america crap, and total marxist kommie crap that prior was occuring right before their eyes every time they watched anything on their Talmudvision Set, aka Satans helper in their living room, and yet they never realized it at all!

          Now wized up they are going to never miss even a tiny amount of the same type propaganda and swindles. It will be They who join Us types and try alerting dumbed down Kwans, and duped jewdeo-christians, and recieve the exact same vile name calls, and disbelief Deer in Headlites stares as they used to give Us when we tried to awaken them to it all.

          Many folks simply are unable to ever accept these facts and truths…They are too stuborn, or too scared of the need to RE-Think most all they were ever told or taught to believe…This holds true for infos on WWI-WWII-Banksters-jews-zionist policy-False pastor teachers-Fake public education-Kommie subverted Universities and kommie professors-TV aka talmudvision-HollyJewood-and especially the worlds worst most crooked ever fed Govnt to ever exist on earth since that original Babylonian Empire 3500 years ago, where modern day talmudic judaic jewry fisrt learned and then coppied from, their evil satanic Pharisee rabinical systems they call Judaism today.

          And if you are like most folks are…The deeper you go into that learing curve, the more knowledge of it all you will Crave!…let me know if you want or need such info website links….Hopefully I can Post it up without it going into LONG Moderation, then many times instead of being Posted up on SHTF here my replys simply Vanish into thin air….Thats the Main reason I have not been posting replies for awhile now…Too often my entire posting vanishes, and of those that do get posted up After Long moderations, its sometimes Two Days later it gets posted for folks to be able to read my reply!

          Its very difficult to carry on discussions or debates etc when your replies takes as long as Two days time to finally get posted eh….or worser yet my replies simply Vanish totally!

          Not certain why its happening all a sudden?…Been adding replies here at SHTF for aprox Two years or longer now, never before had such troubles in replying…Them Guys

          • OK, you got $0.50 a word from your Nazi-Arab handlers for that screed, so you are supplied with drugs for a week or so. Will you leave us alone for a while, please?

      39. Hmmmmm… Is there a problem my post, Mac.? “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” does not bode well.. But then again, it’s your message board to do with it as you will.

      40. OK,time for at least one story with a happy ending,hope the little dude keeps improving: ht tp:// ,as always,space in http to avoid the moderation game show,we need a little good news now!

      41.’s not going to get better, that’s been a foregone concluion for ome time.

        “Laniakea”, Hawaiin…meaning “Immeasureable Heaven”

        We spend a large amount of time caught up in the little ‘tell-tale’s’ upon which we try to steer oursleves through the mess at hand, as well, the one enroute. As such then perhaps we need – from time to time – to fall back and seek a different perspective …perhaps one that humbles us, places it ALL into a Grander frame. Might interest some here to view this vid over at YouTube,

        We are so very, very small in the greater scheme and yet still we are. The structure shown there is a massive aggregation of all the Galaxy’s around us, spanning 500 Million light-years…itself a part of something larger – by far – yet. Consider that.

        • MayBeSo;
          I have been playing catch up on the last few articles. Your recent posts have stood out in regards to your mention of an old friend of this site.

          Please pass along the message, that he is missed here and I hope all is well and that he is in good health and spirits.

          And I caught the recommendation of the BOL. Interesting. I will add this to my collection.

          Ghost Rider

          • Hello Sir,

            There are MANY here who ‘he’ remebers fondly, do not think that my fauilre to mention anyone particular by name is a slight…only a poor memory.

            THAT one pent an incredible amount of effort in locating a variety of ‘potentials’; it was VERY important that that one place be ppublicized here for the sake of ‘old friends’. An addendum to what has already been set forth here is this: in Google Earth – not Google maps! – look down the canal about 80 miles, US side…that is inexplicable, as well one of those ‘TB’s mentioned. Be Well, BE Safe…

      42. The Seven Year Cycle of Economic Crashes that Everyone is Talking About

        Economic Collapse blog

      43. Invest in sandbags.

        • Eh,too heavy to lug around,just take over a bagged position and move in.

      44. If you have waited until now, your to late.

      45. @ Hammerhead (Comment ID: 3218372). By your definition I’d have to agree- we’re No LONGER a nation of “law”, even by our own pathetic definition of it. We are, after-all, being “led” (from behind) by what MANY have called a Lawless Man.

      46. I do not typically leave posts on open forums. However, I want to share what I have learned. I have been doing some research on deep underground military bases. They are real, and they are connected by an underground road system, as confirmed by truckers with whom I have talked about this. I have been told by truckers that the gov’t is stockpiling various things underground in these facilities, presumable in preparation for upcoming collapse scenarios.

      47. I never thought the kickcanistan economics would have lasted this long? However they just keep propping up the economy with money created out of thin air! The trillions of debt are not actual paper cash money. Now the actual paper cash money don’t exist. The mint has been printing 24X7 for decades. However paper money wears out. The mint burns truck loads of worn money every day. The mint don’t print anything larger than a $100 bill. that’s why we aren’t awash in cash. If the mint starts printing money in larger denominations then look out! We will be like pre WWII Germany. The germans where printing 10,000 frank notes.

      48. I’ve been waiting for the collapse but the government and the federal reserve are so resilient and have lost hope of collapse ever happening. The Russian and Chinese on the other hand are more than happy to take US debt (currencies) in exchange for their goods and services along with the rest of the world; they have no other way to turn to but to continue taking the debt or loss it all if US collapse. They accumulate gold and PM’s but they’re afraid to use them as money or back their currencies with them for the same reason. So this charade will continue for a long long time.

      49. There is absolutely no doubt to me that our economy is not getting better. I recently visited a job fair where the line of unemployed, or people that were employed but only part time, was several thousand strong. The line wrapped the parking lot of the large hotel several times and then went into the parking lot of the neighboring business. At the end of the day people were still in line, and had to be turned away. Unemployment is not falling. People are just running out of benefits, or have given up. There is another video describing the reason for this economic catastrophe here ->

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