Economic Survival Expert FerFAL: Understanding Societal Collapse

by | May 31, 2016 | Headline News | 153 comments

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    The following interview was originally published at Peak Prosperity


    As we write about the risks of our over-indebted economy, of our unsustainable fossil fuel-dependent energy policies, and our accelerating depletion of key resources, it’s not a far leap to start worrying about the potential for a coming degradation of our modern lifestyle — or even the possibility of full-blown societal collapse.

    Sadly, collapse is not just a theoretical worry for a growing number of people around the world. They’re living within it right now.

    This week, we catch up with Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, who began blogging during the hyperinflationary destruction of Argentina’s economy in 2001 and has since dedicated his professional career to educating the public about his experiences and observations of its lingering aftermath. He is the author of Surviving the Economic Collapse and sees many parallels between the path that led to Argentina’s decline and the similar one most countries in the West, including the U.S., are currently on. Since our 2011 interview with him “A Case Study in How An Economy Collapses“, FerFAL has successfully relocated his family to Europe.

    Given his first-hand experience with living through, and eventually escaping, economic collapse in South America, we asked him to offer his insider’s perspective on the current crisis in Venezuela, as well as the devolving situation in Brazil:

    The greatest points to keep in mind is overwhelming corruption. People get lost on what exactly went wrong in Argentina, in Venezuela, or what’s happening right now in Brazil. What they all have in common is that the people in charge had no real interest in doing things right; they really didn’t care about destroying the country. They just cared about filling their pockets as much as possible.

    Think of Venezuela this way: you have a country where water is more expensive than gasoline. What sense does that make? I mean, you had Hugo Chavez walking down the street pointing with his finger saying “Nationalize this. Nationalize that”. And when he was saying “nationalize”, he was saying “Steal this“. He didn’t have any great plans or political grandeur going on in his mind. He just wanted to steal as much as he could.

    I know for a fact that they’re slaughtering one another in the streets right now in Venezuela. For at least three years it’s been a case of out-of-control crime and corruption over there. It’s not getting better any time soon unless something changes on a deeper level.

    For the average “middle class” person in Venezuela — educated and still holding on to a good job — he needs two years of wages to buy a single plane ticket in his own currency. He needs to work for two full years to buy one single plane ticket — he’s stuck there. The problem is that he waited too long to leave. That’s something important that I write about often: You have to know when to leave. You needed to leave Venezuela at least three or four years ago; now you’re getting to the point where you’re stuck there. The official exchange rate between the USD and Bolivar is 1 to 10, but unofficially which is the real one you experience,  is more like 1 to 1,000. So they basically are starving you to death through a completely devaluated currency which is what you’re getting paid in.

    Basically need to find ways of leaving the country by any means possible. What I would do if I was in Venezuela right now is I would leave on foot. I would leave any way I could, because it’s not safe. I know people that have killed people surviving Venezuela, I actually know guys that had to do that to live. You can’t even find some land and grow your own food. You cannot do that when you have the government stealing it from you. It’s a no win situation.

    Click the play button below to listen to Chris’ interview with Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre (55m:03s).

    A heads up: the audio quality of this podcast is not at our usual standards, due to the phone conditions in Spain where we managed to contact Fernando.

    For more actionable information and more interview like this one visit Peak Prosperity

    You can visit FerFal’s web site at The Modern Survivalist. 

    For a detailed overview of how collapse happens and how to survive when it reaches your own city or neighborhood we encourage you to read his first-hand account in Surviving The Economic Collapse.


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      1. Hard to go wrong reading Ferfal and Selco sites, lots to learn…

        Screw you W…

        • I predict that every thing will be rosey, atleast until November. Things are always great in an election year! Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Would you like to have certain posters here as neighbors?
            When he gets flooded out, maybe he will rethink things…

            • Eppe, I think it would be great to be neighbors with certain posters here. Oh, the fun we could have…..

              • The best part of being neighbor with some on this site is to land each other loaded mags when needed.

                • JK,we handing each other mags I would say we are way too bunched closely together!

                • my apologies…
                  I’m a sick man, I need help.

            • You seem like a good neighbor,,,,

        • Eppe, I’m more familiar with Selco and have taken his course which I recommend to everyone. I’ll have to do some research on Ferfal.

          • Guys.
            It would be an honor for me to have you guys as neighbors!!!!! For tons of reasons.


            • Sgt, if I came across a large sum of wealth, I would get a few hundred acres, with pond, set up 30 one acre lots for homes in front, and everyone would be surviv-preppers.
              That would be the ‘compound’ to want to join. Being self sufficent…
              Hard part, everyone has a different vision and location of utopia…

              • Eppe. as long as it’s in north GA, I could probably be persuaded to join.

                • That little fat boy in JawJaa has given up so much OPSEC, I could find his fat ass in 48 Hours from Florida. Then snap him in half. Then see if he can be the first poster here daily. He will be clicking with a pencil taped to his forehead.


                  • awwwwww, what’s the matter dubyuh….are your feelings hurt ’cause YOU can’t be first?….and why do you admit you are a dimwitted know-nothing in your screen name, yet you TRY to act all smartypants?

                    • buttcrack ….me thinks you are just misreading HOW his name reads (it means, to me, Who (Who The Hell Knows Who I am?). And nothing more… My apologies if I have also misread “something” into it …nawh ….Who WHO THE F*ck Knows works for me.

                    • Sounds like my personal psychotic, paranoid cyberstalker has threatened my life (and others here) for the umpteenth time.
                      Don’t believe me, it’s in the archives…

                      And I am not fat, 6′ @ 170lb is skinny….

                    • i don’t know you, bud, so i will let this one slide….maybe you don’t know he’s a troll.

                  • Sometimes I wonder if people talk about how much stuff they have either because they’re insecure or they feel the need to brag about it.

                  • bwahhahahhaha haha … now that’s funny !

                    has he ever tried pickin up his teeth with broken fingers ?

              • eppe it seems like Bo Grits tried something like that. What ever happened to Bo. Trekker Out.

                • MT, last I heard about Bo Gritz, he still has a website and his radio show, “Freedom Calls”, on shortwave.

                  • Brave didn’t Bo try to start a prepper or survivalist community some where in Idaho. Seem like he called it almost heaven. Wonder what happened to that place? Trekker Out.

                    • MT, he did have something like that in Idaho but it fell through. I’ll have to research it.

                    • MT, he still has his website at His show “Freedom Call” is now online at The American Voice Radio Network.

        • So this guys entire survival recommendation is: Leave?

          You should have left 3 years ago so now your screwed?

          So much for being an expert.

          • I’ve often wondered. If they want to depopulate fast . They would do it in the summer. When the power went out . Everything in your freezer would be bad in days . Shoot a deer or a horse. You have how much time to dry it all? In the heat you need more water. The flys and mosquitoes. Would spread disease . Fires would spread faster. If your supplies are in your basement. Lay multi layers of dry wall on top . When your house burns down . The dry wall sheets . And collapsing debree . Might save your preppes to dig out later. If preppes in room or garage . Screw extra layers of dry wall to walls. Ceiling. Make a big fire safe. Water source with gas powered pump to hose down your house. Neighbors pool? Fire storms. Fire proof your preps. Even if you have to build a steel shed in the backyard.

            • 2 weeks.

              That is how long i can go without electricity from the power grid.

              I have enough gas to run the generators for two weeks. It takes 6 to 10 gallons of gas every 24 hours to run the generator I have.

              So, when the power goes out I have two weeks to solve my food storage problem.

              I have a TON of meat in the deep freeze. I figure I can use the mason jar canner to can all the meat in two weeks. That would preserve it for longer term storage. I can keep the meat frozen for two weeks while i work on canning.

              All my other food is dry food or in store bought can. Then I have food from the farm, goats, chickens and rabbits.

              • @ John…only run the generator 6 hours day for the freezer. You may want to split the hours up in half depending on your freezer efficiency.

                • i’m willing to bet you could keep stuff frozen only running one or two hours a day. a few years ago i moved into my new house and forgot to plug in freezer…3 days later i woke up in a cold sweat, ran to freezer, and it was still frozen damn near solid. someone want to experiment with how many hours a day you would have to plug in to keep it cold enough to be ok long term?….hell, i bet someone here ALREADY knows….of course, we all know what’s gonna happen when shtf and you get caught runnin’ a generator…….you MIGHT want to use it as an opportunity to share it all with your neighbors…letting them know they owe YOU, and since you just used all your food, you’ll be NEEDING that payback, very soon.(even though you got YEARS worth of food they don’t know about)….a chance to build some bridges, and throw some disinformation out there.

                • i live in the south so I MUST have the AC running 24/7!!!

                  • John, I’m further south than you and wife and I do fine w/o ac. Ceiling fans in every room help.
                    But we’re at 600’+ elevation and breezes are somewhat plentiful, although each summer we get about 7 or so nights where it’s damn near unbearable, usually when the power’s out.

                    When we lived in central Fl there were more hot days/nights, though.

                    • I used to live in California’s San Joaquin Valley. 115 degrees there feels like 85 degrees in Texas. There is so much moisture in the air it is like we are getting steam baked.

              • John:

                Start now. You can make a full meal in a jar. There are suggestions for how to do it on other web sites. Ready Nutrition and daisy Luther. If you wait until you have to do it, it will be much harder.

                • And thank you for explaining negative interest rates.

                • don’t forget LOTS of extra water if you are relying on dried stuff. i live in the desert, and DRY food won’t be worth much without the water to hydrate it.

              • John Stiner;
                Good plan. We have a long time on gen power but plan is essentially the same. Can the contents of your freezer.

              • I always worry about food for the farm animals. I have a few duks and dry grain stored for them, but when it runs out i will have to eat the duks i guess. Then what? No room to store more corn for them and can’t store it outside or in a barn cuz of mice. So storage is a big problem.

                • You can get 50 gal. Steel drums almost free at salvage yards. Scrap yards. And Industrial complexes. Line them with 50 gal leaf bags . Even if you can’t find full lid type you can rinse at car wash . And funnel in grain. Check lable for toxic ingredients .

                • And car washes sometimes give away 30 gallon drums plastic. And they usually only had soap in them.

              • why cant you start canning now we can every summer deer squirrel rabbits duck whatever we kill gets canned. tomatoes soups hamburger chicken that we buy! you can can butter now go to the magazinecountryside and there is a nother one that is great . a woman lives in Alaska and she cans everthing! she has a book out.

              • I’ve been down that yellow brick road a million times in my mind.. screwed up and bought in a development to make momma happy .. downspout to cistern, solar pump,ckicken tractor, square foot gardening, muscadines for wine, peaches, herbs, blue and black berries, 80% lowers and keepin good with neighbors.makin do.. when what I want is isolated land for all the above and some meat but realized the power problem (which really isn’t that big a deal when you get right down to it but it is nice to keep the hmeade beer cold tho)…you have to be on or near flowing water for hydro generation (which needs to be as hidden as possible) gasoline can not be counted on unless you have large underground storage and have been religiously fillin it and/or are good at hijackin tankers (in which case you can drive them right down into an underground bunker)…. good to have a team – teams need people – people are an unpredictable pain in the ass ….

            • The best time for the collapse depends on where you live. Summer would be deadly in Arizona. The fall would be the worst for the north. Winter would be right around the corner. After a long cold winter in Wisconsin a good 90% of the population would be dead.

              For big cities the time of the year doesn’t matter. The biggest problem is clean drinking water even for cities on the Great Lakes like Chicago. The Chicago metro area has 9 million people. It’s impossible for everyone to get to the lake shore to get water out of Lake Michigan to drink.

            • Should you have the bucks, it is difficult to build a better firewall than one of concrete blocks filled with sand. They reflect/absorb an amazing amount of heat (far higher in temp than even 1 inch drywall. (Or, if you can mix plaster, drywall of 1/2″ and then “the old fashioned” plastering method of a base-coat topped the next day by the “white coat or finish coat.”

              You COULD use drywall such as is used in the building of ‘radiation rooms’ (like X-Ray at a hospital). They have a layer of lead, are incredibly heavy, but have a fire-rating of hours and hours – – then again, so does the old-style plaster, which in no way has to be troweled on ‘perfectly’ (though it is all but a no-brainer to apply, once you figure out how to use a ‘hawk and trowel’ without “wearing” the hawk-load of plaster. lol…
              Sand (three shovels) Plaster (1 or 1&1/2 shovels) and then 1/4th shovel of lime (makes it ‘sticky’ and easier to apply). Add “Cream of Tarter” to the mix to extend the life of the plaster before it starts to set up. (One ‘dash’ is all you’ll want or you’ll be waiting a week for it to just set …and dry-time turns into weeks if you use the can or even a teaspoon).
              One alternative to plaster is to cover cement blocks with any kind of inexpensive stucco (premixed or ‘mix your own’, the latter being far better. To “beef it up”, using ‘strands’ of fiberglass strings in your base-coat and the entire wall, when set up, becomes VERY formidable. (Just as strong as though you had laid the block in the “old” fashion manner, using wire lathe with each course, normally used in earthquake prone areas).

          • Moral of the story buy a boat now huh?

            Not quite sure how that works when you make landfall in Country X but hey, burn that bridge when you get to it LOL

          • Yep been 15 months out at my BOL. Come and take it Biotches. Just filled another 30 sandbags yesterday.

            Wait till Atlanta empties out all of their Darkies, 300 miles of every direction into the JawJaa small towns. They can start in Gwinette Co where the White Trash lives. The area right next to Snellville. That where they can find food from the white trash’s big mouths that blow their OPSEC. Blabber about their preps, what car their wives drives and color, kids contests, and all their contacts info and photos and oh the Cable Co his IP comes from. Frightning!!


            • wTF, you are truly an SOB.
              You blabber on about your bol like it’s the last place on earth that will be standing.
              Keep up with the sandbags. One of your neighbors will put a bullet in the back of your head when you’re looking the other way. “Just let’s see what he’s got, Martha.”
              And on and on about your “free” solar energy. But you ignored my 3 posts about how nothing in solar is free.
              Batteries need replacing, inverters don’t last forever, set-up, with cable, connectors, mounting frames, etc.
              Newsflash W: IT ISN’T FREE!
              How much have you spent on your system, honestly?
              You will not answer.

              • Ketchup, that first sentence is so true, you have no idea the crap I have put up with this jerk.
                Everything anyone does is WRONG, only the great WWTI has done everything perfect in his eyes.
                But building a small cabin 5 foot above sea level, well that takes the cake, with no wheels too.
                My personal stalker…

            • Atlanta is of a concern to us as well, but then again, knowing that their ‘native peoples” are horrendously terrified of The Mountains, woods, wild boar, “rattlers” and the like …I do believe we are situated quite nicely.
              There are a few local folks of the same tribes and they absolutely avoid “the woods” (the big bad dangerous woods). roflmao…
              Just a few days ago I was outside popping off some rounds on a new .38 +P Luger (breaking her in for the wife), and we got a phone call that a UPS truck, with two ‘colored delivery men’ were about to ring our gate “buzzer” at the same time I opened up on my targets (didn’t know they were there as I can’t see through the house from the range area)! Neighbors said they left immediately, doing about 90mph, wide-eyed and very awake.
              Gee, what have I done now? Today, a white guy came and delivered, but didn’t like my sidearms in the least, and was very fast making his delivery and getting back ‘on the road’. He commented upon on how hard it was to find our “blockade” (as he called it …never mentioned the other deliverymen). lol…

              • Bud, the Zulus in ATL, do not worry me much, the space of distance is 60 miles of suburbia between us. I worry more about the local tribe.
                Good to see another Jawjan on the plan…
                And you have a way with delivery men…

          • The economy is collapsing. Crime is 10 times or 100 times what it used to be. You can’t grow your own food because the government will steal it. If you have a garden your starving neighbors will raid it. What else can you do?

            What he said is important. There’s a time to leave. If you don’t leave or you can’t leave then apparently what you need is a number of years worth of stored food so you can survive until the economy goes back to normal.

            Once America collapses so will the entire western banking system along with all their economies. I think every developed country will have the same disaster at the same time.

        • FerFal is one of my favorite people to learn from. Selco is pretty interesting too. I think they both have authentic experience. Dimitry Orlov has some interesting observations also. (5 stages of collapse).

      2. Kick the Bankers out of the USA. Make America number 110. Our economy and that of the rest of the world needs to be free of these international criminals. If Ice Land did it, and they did, we can do it , too.

        Have a great day.

      3. As I suspected the common denominator is corruption. Fascist, communist, socialist, democracy, republic, monarchy, constitution or not; once corruption becomes accepted its insuitutalinized. The rule of law goes by the wayside, the powerful prey on the less so and like a disease kill the host.

        • Makes you wonder what type of corruption there is?

          In Texas, the only contact we ever have with authorities is when you get a speeding ticket. There is no corruption there. No cop is going to risk prison for a $50 bribe to get out of a ticket.

          I traveled to Mexico in the late 1980s from Arizona to Matazlan (about 300 miles into Mexico by car it seemed). Every ten to thirty miles there was a “fruit inspection” station with Federal Police. Every single one said, “five dollars for me and five dollars for my friend.” We paid it every time and got the hell out of Mexico as fast as we could.

          Make me wonder what kind of corruption these people are facing.

          • john stiner

            They are faced with everything from the low level bureaucrat pushing papers through local cop. Here we have it clustered at the top where it can steal the most and do the most damage. The FTC, SEC alone allow the Financial Sector to facilitate the crash of 08. See the movie “The Big Short” as an example.

            Corruption is just more expensive in the US. It prices you and I out.

        • “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe .” —



      4. When the police go home to protect their own….soldiers/national guard too there won’t be anything to prop up the govt. I look for states to break away(Texas/Oklahoma) Alaska and so on. States have been distancing themselves for several years. Places like California, Illinois and other deep debt states will crumble and hopefully reset. the US is too big of an area to control. remember Afganistan?

        • Jim
          When I get to that point I will shout to the High Heavens to let you guys know TTSHHTF!!

        • Too big of an area to control he says.

          It is to chuckle my ass off.

          Afghanistan was Afghanistan because you have to come up with some high minded moralistic sounding bullshit or every other country on Earth (plus your own citizens) are going to pound your own military right back up your own asshole.

          No such constraints in a Venezuela situation encompassing the entire US.


          See that thing you turn on and water comes out of it? Yeah that thing. In your kitchen. In your bathroom.

          Where does that come from do you think? *Hint centralized location*.

          AAAAND you’re done.

          Bam right there.

          • “Where does that come from do you think? *Hint centralized location*.”

            How about the well in my back yard? Or the swamp beyond that? Or the creek a few hundred yards down the road? Or the 80,000 gallons per year of rainwater that falls on my roof?

            I even have an outhouse from the 1930s.

            • Shure i have a county line connected to my house,,, but theres also two homes with gutters and a 95,000 gallon reservoir, and last time i checked (yesterday) rain falls out of the sky

            • YOU yes.

              Your million and a half neighbors? Not so much.

              Look it’s Red Dawn, starring… like 3 guys. Mmm. Pretty fierce resistance there.

            • Same here Archivist. Have always had a well no matter were we called home, and this one is artesian that ‘runneth over’ year round. Got a nice bubbling spring not all that far from the house (close enough to easily tote water if needed), a ‘branch’ (creek) across from an older gravel road (grown in mostly) that goes up and down with the rainfall but never runs dry, and finally, an old outhouse someone built in the last century (of brick!) yet they made it easy to clean out (if and when it’s needed). ANY rainstorm and all my buckets would yield oodles of water, and in The Smokies it DOES RAIN like the dickens (summer and winter). The last storm washed out everyone’s gardens, so nobody knows where what will be coming up this year. Does it matter?

        • I think Texas will issue it’s own currency. That is why Texas has begun it’s own gold depository.

          • Seems to me that Texas would base some sort of money on “oil” …Black Gold, Texas tea?

        • The FEDS will allow for bankruptcy just like they did with Puerto Rico. Instantly wipe away the States debt, only the democratic states though, the Republican ones will be screwed.

          Why do you think the pension systems are failing? It is because they bought municipal, state and other government bonds and the bonds are not paying what they are supposed to.

      5. I’m glad he got out of Argentina; but speaking as someone living in Europe myself, and watching the various countries implode in various ways as we speak… is living in Spain going to be any improvement in the long run?
        My point is, even if you figure out when it’s time to get out, you also have to figure out where to go TO. And most countries aren’t looking so hot right now. Where’s a good place to go any more?

        • W from Italy, Don’t go anywhere. Stay in your country and form a army of patriots and do a massive cleansing of the banksters , CEO’s and top Government leaches.

        • W:

          I was thinking the exact same thing! This ‘expert’ left Argentina… to move to Spain? Talk about leaping out of the kettle and into the fire! Maybe only Greece would have been a poorer choice? LOL.


          • Ferfal originally moved from Argentina to Ireland. He does have close family in Spain, so it is not a stretch for him to be visiting there.

            • He was living in Northern Ireland (the part of Ireland that remains in the UK) and then he fell out of love with it (citing the largely gloomy weather) and moved to the south of Spain where he now lives.

              He’s a nice guy, I met him a few times, went on hikes, his wife and kids met mine, visited each other’s homes, etc., but he’s very much inflexible about certain aspects of survivalism and rejects, for example, any concerns about WW3. His whole focus seems to be on economic collapse, which means a large amount of the bigger picture is not factored in.

          • Oy Vehy! just wear a skull cap and hide in Plain Sight!

        • At least Venezuela solved it’s toilet paper problem. They can just use their own currency.

        • How about Valletta, Malta? Due South of Spain, doesn’t have any ‘tiffs’ with ANY COUNTRY on the planet …and you can always just “sail away” to another isle if you feel ‘crowded out’? Micronesia is another little-known yet pleasant (and, well it WAS, quite inexpensive. Prices went up after they built a runway to bring in people and ‘haul away’ electronics. (Made on the island). There are thousands of such islands all over the place around there …and nobody is much interested in any of them.

      6. Yes…the internationalist banksters, multi-national corporate elites, and their partners in crime (the politicians) are stealing everything. Inflation is theft. If i pay $110 dollars today for something that cost $100 last year, where did the $10 go.? It went into their pockets, because they were the 1st ones in line. They got the goods & services for $100, that you just paid $110 for. But greed knows no bounds. This time they are going for the throat. It’s a mad dash to steal what is left. Thats what happened in 2008…. The greatest theft (transfer of wealth) in human history. The coming transfer of wealth from the middle class will make 2008 look like a cakewalk. And they will use any means necessary, including a destruction of our constitution, and erosions of our privacy….all in the name of national security. You will not believe what they have in store for us, and its coming soon. The October surprise.!!!!

        • I went shopping at the grocery store today. Kraft Mac and Cheese was $1.25 a box. I remember when Kraft Mac and Cheese was 5 for $1.00.

          That sucks.

          • The new pound box is usually 13.5 ounces too.

          • i remember telling people a year or two ago to buy chilli, because it was 69c a can. now it’s on sale once in a while for 99c, but mostly 1.19…things are gettin’ dicey right HERE, right NOW.

            • Theres no inflation,, government said so,,,, must be just that brand

              • anyone that doesn’t believe the gubmint would lie to them…all you got to do is research HOW they compute the consumer price index….boy, is THAT an eye-opener….don’t EVEN get me goin’ bout the “unemployment rate”. y’all keep yer heads low, and yer chin UP.

                • 6 Months ago or less folks here claimed shtf is soon, due to chickens got killed off anf eggs costs skyrocketed.

                  Last week here in Mich Large size box of 18 eggs was .99 cents per,,,,The Other store in town had one Dozen Large eggs at .69 cents per dozen eggs. one LB bacon at $1.99 per pound.

                  plus many canned and other foods etc prices are finally comming Down and down a fair amount too.

                  Plus weekly sales at grocery store here contains far more weekly bought items for very good prices or buy one get one half off type deals now.

                  So I rekon all them four blood moonerys and shemetiahs and space rocks events has all been wrong eh.

                  Reminds me of that frank zappa and mothers of invention bands song where he says “So I wrapped a newspaper round my head to look like I was Deep! I had that sucker Hypnotized! I spoke some mambo jambo to that Mother and knew he was fallin asleep! I told him the price of Meat has just gone UP and Your Mother has just gone Down!…So don’t lay that Jive on Me!” or words very close as its from distant memory.

          • And i remember ten yrs ago or so when sardines were four cans for a dollar! and tuna was 3 for a dollar, then 2 for a dollar and now almost a dollar a can!

        • OH GOOD CUZ I LOVE SURPRISES! Got some for them too but ain’t talking…

          You say we won’t believe what they have in store for us? Do tell! Do Tell!

          Is, um, this like the other ‘article’ that told of a “secret” something making its way through the Senate or whatever? If it is so damned secret, how did the author come to know it? Has a government clearance higher than anyone else in DC or ???? My clearance is STILL good (never was debriefed, and prolly won’t be until I’m pushing up daisies).

          And, I am sorry to disappoint anyone but there is hardly any way to destroy The Constitution, unless you also destroy every last person in America who is willing to die to uphold the standards contained therein. (And, the ones who get DUPED, by Hitlery, will, at THAT time, turn on her LIKE FIRE, ….THEN WATCH STUFF BURN, starting with everything that “smells” political in DC and in all “corrupt” capitals of states, etc.
          No matter which way they steer this lumbering ship, they’ll end up running “hard aground”, and that’s to our delightful advantage don’t cha think? I do! (So do they, or they would not STILL be trying to figure a way to disarm us …because even an EMP wouldn’t phase us in the least, and we ain’t scared in the least of blue unigrams either. You shouldn’t be iffin’ you are… (They are just as allergic to ‘shots fired’ as any other human is …save for the aliens who’ll be flying in from Niburu, and they just want more hydrogenated water to get off on…

      7. Remember Afghanistan? Who could forget seeing as how the ripoff of that country and its resources continues. Slaughter of the native Afghans, US puppet government installed, the US is never leaving. In Venezuela, who is really responsible for that shit show, I would venture the globalists are 100% responsible, like the other countries in South America. Wait and see who ends up controlling all that oil, it’s the same culprits waging war worldwide. Socialism is just the cover blame.

        • aljamo….. Very true.

        • What is being ripped of in Afghanistan, What resources? There is nothing there unless you’re a heroin addict. Their only product is poppy plants. It is a country time forgot. it is a tribal country still in the middle ages.

          • texasprepper… correct about the tribes in Afghanistan and the fact that they do live couple centuries back but beside poppy plants and major heroin export which btw is in full control of the CIA , there are huge deposits of minerals, uranium, copper etc.

            • Afghanistan is too unstable of a country to invest in any building of infrastructure. A copper mine would just get suicide bombed.

          • Texas Prepper;
            You are not far off the mark. I spent time there in 1973. It was not a terribly threatening place but you knew quickly who not to fuck with. What you heard there at that time was all they produced was drugs and weapons. I actually saw old muskets! Isn’t it a bit ironic that you see films now of US troops running out of ammo firing from 500 yards at targets they cannot see and they are taking fire from Russian 50’s>

          • Afghanistan has location as its between China and the oil rich Middle East. The Soviets hoped to control it to establish a warm water port to export oil not easily cut off as their pipeline from the Stans could be in Turkey. Post USSR breakup that Stan oil under Western control could be bottlenecked in Georgia. Bingo, the solution was once again Afghanistan. The geo-political goal is control of the resource. As Dr Strangelove Henry Kissinger was quoted saying, “Control food and you control people”, “Control oil and you control nations”. The wild card is the technological advances in oil recovery.

        • Chavez and the people of Venezuela who put him in office are responsible just like the numb nuts who voted in Obama twice here are the problem. Something for nothing wins every time until the looted wealth runs out. same thing here only somehow the country stays somewhat ahead of them mostly by hiding the problems by printing money. Being the global currency has its’ advantages. At least for awhile.

          • numb nuts who voted in Obama twice

            I voted for Obama seven times……in 2012 alone!

            • my uncle in chicago was a lifelong republican, but since he died in 1987, he’s voted straight democratic ticket.

            • I voted for him in all 6 states i apparently live in,,,,
              Hawaii, California, Newmexico, Arizona, texas, and Florida,,,, go figure,

              • LMFAO!

        • Oh, let them have their damned oil and be done with it. Horses are far more fun, crash WAY less often and go places NO ‘cars’ could think of going. Easy to find fuel too, for the greater part. Ride bareback with ‘slings’ (or whatever you may call them) for your long-gun or guns and DO NOT FIRE if that horse has never been trained around it or you’ll go flying far and flat! (I did that foolish stunt, but actually managed to land on my feet, take 45 steps to the rear THEN fell on my ass. lol….

          • i can afford to have just about any car i want….but i CAN’T afford to ride a horse.

      8. Downsize, maintain some canned food in the house, soups and Beans. You can ride almost anything out. However, we need to begin now, try skipping one day of eating every week for training.
        If it hits and you are not prepared, or have practiced, you will be hit much harder.

      9. Study suggests Planet 9 is stolen exoplanet

        h ttp://

      10. Practical thinking post shtf.

        Just a few pointers and some advice based on my own independent research, talking to soldiers who have e been to war and why I, you or i, will be in one of those graves by this year or next year..

        Fernando’s book, get it and open a can of shtf supreme, get the taste of Latino collape….you’ ll see why being a farmer does not make you safer when they raid your ass and take out your family members..

        Most farms are not that far from most cities and it the first place that the new preppers head too.. these are the most dangerous because they are scavenging for resources.

        Hygiene protocol and ideas preventing methods:

        What most preppers need to do is to dig a good grave at a good distance from your house to put the bodies into. Get a good 30-06, and a good scope, a good size shovel and lots a disposable gloves then your good to go..go luck post not dump the dred lock, the guy across hehe street or your next door neighbor bodies into the bayou.

        Let’s be practical because we know it’s coming..Fema has built ovens at the camps for the soldiers to put us in with the fema coffins. Along. With mass Graves. But we civilians have not prepared for this.

        I cannot emphasize this enough, you will contaminate your water supply.. the bodies 2 miles from the river or a good distance. Just some sensible advice that I have read about . Residential preppers have it worst because the rotting decaying stinking bodies will be a problem in your subdivisions forcing you to be sensible in your thinking.. hope this helps. Venezuela will learn about this in a few weeks…if the military attacks then they will dispose the bodies of the civilians properly, but if they don’t, the the air will be unbreathable..



        Hope this helps.

        • “rotting decaying stinking bodies”

          There’s a handy vacant lot right across the road from me.

          • Make sure you have a sturdy shovel in your preps.

            • I was just going to put them closer to someone else’s house so they could worry about the hard work. I figure that dragging bodies around is enough work.

        • HCKS

          A good supply of gators will do it.

          • Can feed them to wild hogs too.

        • ALWAYS burn the dead, THEN bury or push dirt over whatever is left. I hope to have a bonfire for several months, if not an entire decade! 🙂 The smell should keep the smarter ones well away. Those who can’t help themselves will smolder just as well.

          Has everyone set up “trustworthy” perimeters and ‘early warning systems’? (If at all possible, as it ain’t possible for the greater part). Don’t be so danged obvious as to set trip wires as that would just tell ME that there is someone mighty close trying to defend something (if nothing more than their life). It is better to have “silent” perimeter functions that detect but do not give away your presence in any manner. I can’t stress that enough, as it has cost so MANY lives needlessly. You do NOT want to engage unless its the last leg on the ladder, nor do you want to let anyone know anybody may be around. “Look deserted and “already shambled” is a good place to start. (With signs pointing the opposite direction (with ‘strange meaningless symbols’ on them. MOST will follow the signs and never get wise to what they passed up. I speak from experience (it worked several times like clockwork). Otherwise, I doubt I’d be typing this…

      11. One thing Ferfal is very big on is that a lot of these BOLs people think they have so securely tied down will get knocked over by gangs, in a Argentinian style meltdown. Check his site out – he is very explicit about that.

        • Anybody that has ever owned a lake house or vacation home knows that they get burglarized ALL the time.

      12. Please people if you can’t spell there’s a computer program called spell check!!!

        • No shit

      13. Braveheart’s cousin has beautiful skin.

        • Well Thank You Anonymous, my Cuz must have told you that, he was just admiring my nice tan and rippling muscles this afternoon. Sure hate to see him go back to that crime infested city. I’m afraid he’ll wait until the SHTF before he tries to Bug Out of Memphis! I’m still steaming about the way that Tuntuff was bad mouthing him. On second thought about that beautiful skin,maybe you was talking about Wilmanell. Still trying to get Cuz to spend a few more days here on the Compound.

      14. Everyone check out the article at The Daily Sheeple, “Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft Align with EU ‘Hate Speech’ Laws, Vow To Remove Offensive Posts In 24 Hours”. The article says they’ll push for the same BS here in the US.

        • Then we all go on Facebook and post lots of stuff we know they don’t approve of. You can make all the new Facebook accounts you want. And you can get all the throw-away free email addresses you want for the accounts to be tied to.

          We can make them wish they’d never promised a 24-hour deadline.


            Use Trash-Mail for those fake addresses. I AM ON IT (actually, my wife is having a blast hoping to goad (sp?) them into it, as it is already “in the works” (if the source is right). This is the beginning of them cutting off Commo, so get those danged radios asap …apparently we are running out of “expected” time a bit earlier than we (may have wrongly) assumed. (Better safe than sorry). Don’t forget the portable Motorolas either as those can be wired into LARGE arrays and broadcast further than you’d think (given enough elevation and “skip” (a ‘hot’ ionosphere).

            We’ve discovered the loss of 18 EU contacts over the last “week or so” (unable to answer, or just not getting our encryptions any longer). No way to determine which from my end…
            *Time to get dirty coming right up, or at the very least this is not what I wanted to hear on June first for sure. I can just imagine what will herald in our Independence Day, can’t you?

      15. Test, you ain’t kidding.. the farms are the first place that hungry people will go to.. why do you think the United nations of Islam had the president sign those forms to take control of the farms,. They know what they are doing… they know what once people wake up, they will begin prepping so they have to collapse the economy run people our of money to reduce the chance of survival to Zero.

        Brave I think that my mouth needs to be washed out with phucking soap and water, at least that’s what my mother told me recently. My days are numbered, sheesh.. You all don’t think that they will be removing my offensive post do you all think?.


        Legitimate poster.

        • HCKS, LOL. I actually once had my mouth washed out with soap and water as a kid. It ain’t nothin’ nice, I can promise you that. The BOL where I’m at is far enough away that the family and I aren’t worried about the FSA or others from the cities coming to us. Even if they got out of the cities they wouldn’t last more than a few days if even that.

          • Braveheart1776

            ” Tiny Bubbles, in the air”

            Don Ho.

            Zest is the Best

        • If the people run to farms, what are they expecting to eat? Wheat that isn’t ripe yet? They’ll see a field of peanuts or sweet potatoes or sorghum, and won’t know what the hell they are. They might even see a tobacco field, think it’s some kind of salad greens, and poison themselves.

          I talked to a man at a tire shop the other day. He was a city boy who had recently moved to the area. He said he didn’t have any idea how watermelons grew before he came here. Being my non-PC self, I wondered to myself why he wasn’t a watermelon expert, since he was a member of that group of people. He had never eaten pig’s feet or pig ears either.

          City people won’t know what to do with crops, unless they just start destroying everything out of anger. They are good at that.

        • It is funny that you have to proclaim yourself an “Established Legitimate Poster.”

          Usually people determine that after reading posts.

        • HCKS

          Everybody’s days are numbered.

        • Obama can write and sign anything he wishes. I can’t read and neither can any of you if I remember rightly. Can’t read it can’t be expected to know about it. Besides, I’ve already given my heart to another, my country.

      16. “A Case Study in How An Economy Collapses“, FerFAL has successfully relocated his family to Europe.




        So wait does this mean it’s not going to happen?

        • Ferfal is in a prime market to peddle his book.

        • Looks to me that what they were saying they’d do to FaceBook, to “slow down” ISIS and all, was another ‘fat lie’ as now the truth has been tabled, and it is IN ISIS’s favor, and a blow to our Commo “coming right up” if not already halfway through “The House” unbeknownst to us. …this is all to be expected, and proves we are correct “across the board” (much to Hitlery’s chagrin and thousands of other globalists wanting us dead, but not wanting to get up off their asses in order to get it done. THAT is to OUR advantage, so use it wisely folks!

      17. CB- Cock Blower. Or what ever your call your self, get the phuck off the site of you don’t like the grammar..


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        As if real preppers on this site gives a rats ass about my phucking grammar..

      18. How close are we to societal collapse as a nation? Just curious…

        • Fat Albert: “Mister, what time is it?”
          Mister:”It’s later than you think.

        • Society collapsed happened when Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

          Economic collapse has not happened yet.

        • Societal collapse shall ONLY occur if we, as THE people of The United States, allow those NOT from The United States, to burn it down and render everything we have asunder. Therewith, all the reasons for division, and killing, that Obama has “set before us” with NO ROOM but “one door out” (Killing them before they kill us). Now, it has become a waiting game of sorts to see who is ignorant enough to ‘strike a spark into the accelerant’, go boom, and then we get busy attending to our business at hand. First disappear and allow them to have their fun, while dying, THEN we’ll come out, one by one and take care of the remainder (one way or the tuther). Assuming we are given a choice. Otherwise, prolly the best place to sit would be just south of the border? lol..

          • Bud

            Good plan.

      19. I loved the remarks toward the end where they spoke of seeing news footage of people in Canada escaping the raging fires. The people of Canada are so conditioned to follow the rules that they were all obediently driving slow and orderly down their side of the highway, in the heavy traffic, staying in their lanes!

        Had half of them jumped to the empty oncoming traffic lanes they could have evacuated the danger area much faster. Those oncoming lanes weren’t in use because they led into the fire. Those lanes remained empty and unused.

        This is a really important point, there comes a moment when the rules change, bend, or are simply suspended. Recognizing exactly when to jump that median can mean life or death.

        I thought this the most subtle and valuable nugget in the entire audio interview.

        • It is refreshing to learn that I was not the only one who ‘saw’ that and pondering the same.

      20. Just watched a video. Sanderson 1611 why every Cristian should own a gun. You don’t hear that from many pastors.

        • Sound advice!
          ht tps://

          • Looks like that paster has about 10 people in his congregation. Looks like his youtube channel is for worldly fame, not preaching for the souls of men.

            • Ten people doesn’t look like worldly fame? Not preaching for the souls of men? He has many other videos . March to Zion . The lies of the ooos. Ww2 lies. And a lot more. Doesn’t make him popular with mass media .just like us?

      21. It makes no difference whatsoever in what you prepping for. The same for where you prepping. It only matters will we fight and then we all die. So maybe it is time to find the elders bunker’s time to be come not sheep or salmon but find were thy are going to hide. I think that bus more time rat them out shame them make them seem to be nuts turn about is fare play.

        • But we DO know where they intend to hide! Or did somebody move all that shit, mountains included?

      22. “FerFAL has successfully relocated his family to Europe.”

        Unless that is Switzerland he may have gotten out of the frying pan and into the fire…

      23. Free country my ass
        We are no more free than any other bullshit country, we are told what to do every time we turn around, and we have our pockets picked by these assholes who are autonomous agency pricks not elected, not voted on, not approved period. These dickheads screw with our cars, our fuel, our water, our food, they screw with our kids and our health, and people are so freakin asleep that they are brainwashed that its the way it is and its still way better than zimbabwe,,,,
        Im tired of the supposedly elected government being made up of a majority of wealthy assholes elected again and again and again, by stupid people who cant even see the chains that they are held by, anyone who has even a minute chance of being different or making a difference is quickly corrupted or are run over and sucked up by the rest of these assholes, they get lifelong benefits paid for by the people while the people struggle to make a go of it and keep a rosy disposision and smile on their face,,,
        Yet here we are again, arguing over a dingbat crazy socialist, a crooked as hell communist witch and an asshole millionaire who is of the most loathsome qualities,
        Free my ass, and im the crazy one according to some of the sheep in my life

        • hey kula, you stole what I said a while back and put it here…, not really, but maybe you were reading my mind….couldn’t say it better myself, good post.

      24. Kulafarmer

        I hear you, brother!

        Another problem is that we have too much shit to choose from. Shit we don’t even need. We have over 3 million hoarders that pile garbage in their homes. We take all sorts of drugs at the first sign of pain.
        What we eat is a mess. Who needs to eat a 10 pound hamburger with tons of shit stacked on it. Then wonder why we weigh 600 plus pounds. We are becoming a nation of First Class Fat Fucking Dumb Down Idiots that couldn’t get out of their own way if their life depended upon it. Whose sole purpose is to get a free Hover Round from the government and a disable parking spot at Wal-Mart.

        I hope the day of reckoning is coming and we do need a reset or we will continue along this path till the whole nation is screaming, “Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

        • My .02
          It will just continue, mis information, dis information, grandiose showmanship,
          Were living in a cross between Ayan Rands Atlas Shrugged and The Hunger Games, most just dont realize it nor will they ever. I know too many people who are so totally brain washed by the system and so worried about losing all that they have that they will and would never buck the system no matter what. I hope they are happy and that they end up seeing when its far far too late, serve them right. Stupid sheep deserve to get slaughtered just like a stupid sheep.

          • I’m living in the “Atlas Shrugged” part where I don’t work to make money for anyone else.

            I work on the side a little bit for money, or for barter (such as home-made cookies and candy I got last year), or even for free if necessary, but never to make money for someone else to get a cut out of.

        • Is that why you don’t have the balls to use your real name there anon? Yeppers, sure is. We know your kind and you are at the WRONG site. Next time you are in pain just let any of us know and we will QUICKLY relief you from your suffering. No charge either.

          • Bud.


            You’re all right there, Bud. You are new here and do not recognize me.

            Really. I had the same complaint as you have now.

            There is a method to my madness. What is in a name?

            State your disagreement and I will answer you.

      25. KulaFarmer, pull it together and keep it there. You have worked as long and hard as everyone else has to be entitled to this country UNFETTERED. No way in hell shall we “bow down” to whatever is thrown at us. Yeah, some will die, but certainly not all of us. No Way! Our entire military could not defeat VietNam therefore how would ANYONE fair against The United States, 51 million pissed off Veterans and “millions” of pissed of Patriots? heheh… Don’t allow them to get into your head with thoughts of, “it is too late” or “it is over” or “how much longer do I have before they behead me” or any other damned lie effected to (hopefully) curtail your plans.
        Does everyone with a license to carry concealed remember those little law books you were given? Well, only be concerned with “SAFE HANDLING OF WEAPONS” ….rip out the laws and shit and use it for starting fires (or wiping your ass if your TP is already depleted). 🙂 As has been pointed out, clearly and intelligently just a ways above this post, the time has come to leave behind the old “trained, sheeple ways” and return to an earlier time and frame of mind. SURVIVAL. You WILL NOT SURVIVE if you allow them to dictate your next move. YOU dictate all of your future moves and fuck anyone else’s grandiose ideas as to what “is better for us.” How the hell would they know what is better for us since we’ve already figured that much out? lol…

        Okay, NOW “lock and load”, get the last of your affairs in order, double-check absolutely everything , don’t believe a THING you hear on the media or from anyone (trust no-one including your own blood …I realize this has many variances, but you get the drift I pray).

        Canadians will start pouring in “at the precise time” (that’s ONE thing to be looking for as it will be the onset of the tip of the iceberg getting closer and larger (but it will be melted and rendered harmless (and I sincerely doubt it will take 10 years or longer) …NO MATTER WHO MAKES POTUS. (I’m still wagering that Obama has no intentions of leaving his present seat, and this is why he’s purchased some Washington Real Estate (heavily insure it for specifically what will happen to it (reaping zillions he hopes), then order it to be blown to hell, along with DC, in hopes of destabilization of The Country. But, that too will fail and work to our advantage. We do not need buildings in order to keep this country alive and floating. Just the desire and love of our country is FAR more than enough.
        Venezuelans are LEAVING their country. (No weapons to fight with). And, of course, we’d meet the same fate without OUR weapons. THIS is why we must toss out the rulebooks “as prescribed” and a take a more militaristic approach to Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (just like The ARMY’s SERE School, who many of you may have had the grueling pleasure of attending)? Didn’t exist when I was active duty, yet I’m comfy with what I did get for training and have passed on as much of it as possible (when asked).

        AS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW …STFU on any questions placed towards you by ‘strangers or the like’ (play dumber than hell and they’ll assume you are, as it’s human nature to think you are superior to all you speak with). Even Chumlee has enough brains to have arranged a ‘plea bargain’ and he’s brainless (well, he has two cells. One keeps him breathing, the other gives him the bare essentials of life-giving bodily functions).

        Do you prep?
        What’s that? You mean use lotion before my electric razor? Yeah, I do! How’d ya know that? 🙂
        Oh …nevermind. Have a good day sir.

        SOMEBODY must have something to further extend this post as it is intended to be? Go for it.. (please!)

        • Do you prep?
          “what’s that mean?”
          “I use sunblock when I’m preparing to go out in the sun…?”

      26. It is WIDELY thought, yet seldom mentioned, that TPTB are intending to “fight us with all they have” from deep within their armored mountains, caves, hidden bases (all from which they CAN command scores of drones and such), yet as fast as they’ll be falling topside they’ll soon lose all control and NOT be “allowed” to leave their safety ‘rooms’. heheh…
        THAT is the basis for all of their “better than thou’ attitudes while shitting on OUR Constitution. Sorry, nobody does that and gets away with it …including Hitlery.

        2nd thought. It would be best to leave Facebook alone. Don’t want to give anyone any reason to kick down our doors when we are law-abiding citizens right? Damn right. Our time is later …damn, I almost fell for it! See how it works? Extremely effective even when you are fully aware of it (talking of subliminal suggestion which is used 24/7 against us), and getting worse by the day, as has been planned for a long time (and we’ve been prepping (and thinking) a long time. End result is that they lose to their own disorganization and failure to see themselves as fallible. This countries problems are not those caused by the people, but by the peoples government. (Well, they are NO GOVERNMENT OF OURS, nor are they Constitutional but instead anti-American everything here to destroy).

        Whom destroys whom remains to be seen, doesn’t it. I’m a believer they’ll self-destruct due to ‘infighting’ and “plants” (as exist in ANY ‘war’, for lack of a better term).

      27. Moderation for the word ‘Zulu’???

        • Yea, been getting sent to the penalty box lately too,,,

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