Economic Collapse? We’re Soaking In It!

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    This article has been contributed by Brandom Smith of Alt Market, an organization that facilitates networking, local community action, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas and promotes decentralization, localism, and the de-globalization of human economic systems.

    A rather unobservant or at the very least “unlucky” man strolls across a faulty bridge; weathered, termite ridden, and over-traveled. He hops and skips and jumps about like a brain damaged orangutan without a care in the world. He does this not only because he is oblivious to the fundamental physics behind the workings of the bridge, and the structural signs of a bridge that is on the verge of collapse, but also because numerous highly paid “experts” on bridges have told him it is absolutely safe to do so. The bridge, of course, crumbles right under his feet, and he falls.

    Now, if the ground was relatively close to our unfortunate freefalling dupe, the sudden collapse and the painful shock of smacking into the rocky floor would be an understandable surprise.Given only moments between the failure of the bridge and the ultimate conclusion of the spine crunching granite bottom swan dive, one could hardly ponder the situation at all. However, in this event, the ground is not close. In fact, the ravine is dark, and the fall is long. Perhaps three or four years long. In this case, a man has plenty of time to think through the circumstances of his predicament, and realize that eventually, he WILL meet the future like a warm pancake smacking cold linoleum at 200 mph.

    If such a man is unable to discern the problems he faces, or to even acknowledge the fact that the ground has given way beneath him, after such a long stretch of time, it becomes very hard to feel sorry for him. But then again, we were all like this man once…

    Since the derivatives and housing market implosion of 2008, America and the rest of the world has been spiraling down a chasm some in this country still refuse to take note of. The question has never been whether there “will be” a full scale financial disaster. The end to that chapter of this story was already written years ago. Rather, the real question has been “when” will this inevitable event culminate? Sadly, speculation on the matter has met an irreconcilable road block. The fact is, all the necessary elements are in place to bring down our fiscal shelter not in five years, not in one year, not in six months, but today. That’s right…..the economy as we know it has the potential to derail completely before you wake up for your morning poptart.

    Some skeptics might shrug off this statement as mere sensationalism for effect. I wish that were the case. Frankly, I would enjoy writing a little fiction for once. The truth is far too bizarre and disturbing lately.

    In the case of economics, traditional views and standards have gone completely out the window in a way that I and probably every other analyst in the field have never heard of or encountered. All expectations are now null and void. Manipulation of the marketplace is no longer a subversive and secretive process, but open government and central banking policy!Who could have guessed five years ago, for instance, that U.S. taxpayers would be saddled with bailouts of the EU? Who could have predicted that global stock market psychology would be dominated for over a year by the debt drama of a country as economically insignificant as Greece? And, who could have foreseen that destructive fiat stimulus policies would soon be common knowledge events amongst the citizens of various faltering nations?

    Liberty Movement analysts have been sounding the warning alarm for a long time on the possible consequences of Federal Reserve actions as well as government expansion, but to witness the scale of the fraud being unleashed and the brazen manner in which it is being implemented is something else entirely. Even now, the sheer scope of the systemic collapse is breaking into territory that may not be fully understood for decades to come.

    That said, no one with any common sense or eyes to see can deny that the bridge has indeed given way. What awaits us when we finally hit bottom is hard to say, but it doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict an unpleasant outcome.

    As the process of destabilization unfolds, the best we can do is stay attuned to political and financial shifts that often go underreported in the mainstream media. This gives us the ability to gauge the nature and speed of the crisis so that we can move to guard ourselves effectively when the time comes. Even the smallest morsel of information can have incredible significance. These holes in the fog are brief, but they reveal much. Some of this data signals a new and powerful wave of change on the horizon, a startling chapter which may be the last for the ailing economy as we know it…

    Rise Of The Asian Union

    Back at the end of 2008, a China reinventing itself as a consumer hub for the Asian-Pacific region announced a “proposal” to introduce cross border trade of the Yuan. Only a couple Western news sources covered this story, burying the information in their pages on Christmas Day. Now, cross border trade of the Yuan is launching the fiat unit towards reserve status in the Pacific and is hurtling China towards inclusion in the IMF’s new global currency; the SDR.

    A recent meeting of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has led to a predictable clash of philosophies between the U.S. and China. Make no mistake, though, this conflict is a ploy. A soap opera designed to distract us as well as prep us for a trade war to end all trade wars.

    The talks focused on progressive trade agreements and multilateral policies designed to shield Pacific nations from the poisonous debt cloud forming over the EU. These agreements rely, of course, on centralization tactics and the removal of protective export and import barriers.Both U.S. officials and Chinese officials WANT more centralization. Do not be fooled. The notion that American people have been fed, however, is that China wants a weak currency and export dominance for selfish ends. The notion the Chinese people have been fed, is that America wants to have its cake and eat it too; demanding a larger piece of the export market while at the same time expecting ultra-cheap goods from overseas. On the surface, they are both right, but go deeper, and you will find the tides of engineered globalism at work.

    Ultimately, there is no APEC, at least not one that includes the U.S. There is only the ASEAN trading bloc, which is about to become the Asian Union. That’s right…they are ready. In a barely reported announcement from China, a proposal has been announced for the formation of an ASEAN central bank, designed much like the European Central Bank (ECB), which includes South Korea and Japan as stakeholders. Remember how cross-border trade in the Yuan started as a mostly ignored “proposal” back in 2008? This is not a proposal, this is a promise:

    “The bank will also settle China-ASEAN trade in yuan, a step in China’s long campaign to make the yuan, also known as renminbi or people’s currency, a regional currency…”

    Its official, folks! The U.S. has just been replaced as China’s go-to trading partner, and a new multinational economic union is about to be formed. There is absolutely no incentive anymore for China to continue investment in U.S. debt or the dollar. Everything between the U.S. and China has been leading to this. All that is left is the spark of trade aggression from either side to seal the deal. This leaves the U.S. to flounder without a life-vest, or to be swallowed by the leviathan otherwise known as the IMF.

    Fall Of The European Union

    After endless months of hearing about Greece, finally, world markets are starting to realize that there are other more financially important countries to worry about, like Italy, for example. With the replacement of President Silvio Berlusconi, and the budgetary shortfalls of the government in the media view, attentions are beginning to wander over to the EU as a collection of nations all in their own particular brand of trouble, instead of being sidenotes or dominoes in the Greece debacle.

    The EU Growth And Stability Pact dictates that EU member states must maintain a national deficit of 3% or less, and a debt to GDP ratio of 60% or less. More than half of EU economies have far exceeded these limitations.

    Italy’s “official” debt to GDP ratio stands at around 120%, but the true size of its liabilities may never be known. Greece’s debt to GDP ratio was cited at around 142% by government officials while analysts who use total debt to GDP calculations place it closer to 200%. Germany, France, and the UK all stand at around 80% of GDP (official numbers, again):

    The situation is so bad in the EU, that some, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, want to end the current EU charter by 2012, and either shrink the number of members drastically, or restructure the agreement to allow more centralized control of member nations and their political policies:

    What this means, essentially, is that there will not be a “collapse” of the EU in the traditional sense but, as we discussed here at Alt-Market last year, there will be enough chaos to frighten still sovereign minded Europeans into giving up certain economic and social powers and freedoms. A new EU will form, on the argument that it was “state sovereignty” and a lack of cooperation that caused the crisis to begin with.

    This is total nonsense of course. Central banking policies and insane Keynesian borrow and spend strategies around the world are what caused this nightmare, some would say by design (including myself).

    So, before the end of 2011, we have seen the formation of an Asian Union, and the first steps towards a more tightly dominated European Union. What’s next?

    American Default: One City At A Time

    If you thought the derivatives debt game had leveled out in the U.S., and that the worst was over, think again. The bankruptcy of MF Global, a far larger company than Lehman Brothers, has signaled a new resurgence of bank weakness. However, the real danger behind the MF situation is not necessarily its failure, but how it has been hiding its failure.

    Not only was MF making risky bets with borrowed money without disclosure, and “window dressing” their quarterly reports to fool investors, but they have also been caught siphoning capital from client accounts to pay off the massive liabilities they have accrued:

    These kinds of activities are what we usually call “fraud”. But with a company like MF Global, whose reputation was once considered sterling, a much more important and terrifying question arises; how many other banks are doing the same exact thing?

    My guess is all of them.

    MF Global’s implosion places doubt on all major banking institutions and the legitimacy of their reported health, which means Americans have a lot of soul searching to do as far as where they actually choose to put their savings. But the return of the credit and derivatives specter only hints at the issues ahead…

    After the historic credit downgrade of the U.S. by ratings agency S&P, most investors absorbed the shock, then ignored the peril, and began throwing around cash with wild abandon yet again.What many of them have not taken into account, though, is that the downgrade is not over. S&P has stated it will extend the downgrade of the U.S. AAA rating to thousands of municipal bonds after Federal Budgetary issues are decided by the so called “Super Congress”:

    These decisions are supposed to be announced by November 23rd; only weeks away. After the 23rd, S&P will begin examining state and city debt ratings on a case by case basis. The likelihood of multiple rating downgrades of numerous U.S. cities and counties is very high.These downgrades could lead to explosive levels of municipal bankruptcies. Being that some areas of the country have already filed for bankruptcy without S&P’s help, like Harrisburgh, PA, and Jefferson County, AL, the signs are not encouraging:

    If you were wondering what the trigger would be for the next round of Federal Reserve quantitative easing, here it is; a combination of bank failure resurgence, along with city and state defaults leading to a clamoring for Federal funds just to stay in operation. Fiat injections in light of this event will dwarf previous measures. In fact, we may long for the days of TARP after the Fed has finished annihilating the dollar in order to plug thousands of ongoing municipal leaks in the hull of our sinking ship.

    Make This Time Count

    Everyone in the Liberty Movement is tired of dealing with the reality of economic disaster. Hell…I’m tired of writing about it. We know what’s coming. We know each scene of the play as if we had written and performed it before. And yet, we still at times find ourselves surprised, or even staggered, by the violent turning of events. Knowing that a train wreck is coming, and actually seeing it happen, are two very different things. Always keep this in mind…

    For many others in this country, there is no frustration, because there is no awareness. This brand of “bliss” carries with it a terrible price; shock and awe at the closing of the curtain. A crushing despair and a haze of financial and emotional trauma. I (and most others) would never wish this feeling on anyone. And so, we continue to point a light upon the dark corners in the hopes that others will see what is there, and in their horror, decide to do something about it.This is the job of every Liberty Movement activist; to share the truth, even if it hurts.

    Most will ask for solutions, and there are in fact many, far beyond the scope of this article. But the first and most important is that of dedication, and determination. This time, the time we have from the moment we wake up to the existence of the danger to the moment the danger strikes, is not a time to passively wait, a time to apathetically reflect, or a time to selfishly waste; it is a time to act. Remove your fears and frustrations from the equation and press forward, starting with the people closest to you. If you will not help them to awake to the fast approaching ground below, then who will?

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, visit Alt Market’s donate page here:


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      1. On a lighter note…

        How a financial bailout works

        It is a slow day in a damp little Irish town. The rain is beating down
        harshly, and all the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is
        in debt and everybody lives on credit.

        On this particular day a rich German tourist is driving through the town,
        stops at the local hotel and lays a €100 note on the desk, telling the
        hotel owner he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to
        spend the night.

        The owner gives him some room-keys and, as soon as the visitor has walked
        upstairs, the hotelier grabs the €100 note and runs next door to pay his
        debt to the butcher.

        The butcher takes the €100 note and rushes down the street to repay his
        debt to the pig farmer. The pig farmer takes the €100 note and heads off
        to pay his bill at the supplier of animal feed
        and fuel.

        The guy at the Farmers’ Co-op takes the €100 note and runs to pay his
        drinks bill at the friendly neighbourhood pub. The pub owner slips the
        money along to the local prostitute drinking at the bar – who, in spite of
        facing hard times, has always gladly offered him her ‘services’ on credit.

        The hooker then rushes over to the hotel and pays off her room bill to the
        hotel owner with the €100 note.

        The hotel proprietor quietly replaces the €100 note back on the counter,
        so that the rich traveller will not suspect anything. At that moment the
        traveller comes down the stairs, states that none of the rooms are
        satisfactory, picks up the €100 note, pockets it and leaves town.

        No one has produced anything. No one has earned anything. However, the
        whole town is now out of debt and looking to the future with a lot more

        • EA,
          I’m guessing you missed the Americanized version of this posted a few days ago.
          But I think it sounds better with an Irish accent.

        • I like the story E.A.. I’m no economist, but my understanding is that what we are dealing with is a corrupt federal reserve (private central bank) that controls our money supply. When they “bail out” their buddies or hand out “stimulus” money, they are doing this by increasing the money supply (printing/creating new dollars). When the fed does this, it causes the dollars already in existence to be worth less (and if they keep it up, the dollar with eventually be worthless). Note, while everyone was running around in your story, by the time the 100 note made it back to the rich German, it was actually only worth 98 (shhh…don’t tell anyone…it’s a secret).

        • whorehouse not a hotel

      2. Much will change. Even those with great foresight won’t believe their eyes. All nations will fall. New powers will arise. The Bible is not the guide you think it is. The strong will survive, the weak will perish. The rule of nature will prevail. Everything else is BS.

        • “The Bible is not the guide you think it is.”, you might actually want to read it before making such stupid statements. The Bible predicts all the things happening. Revelation predicts a man will work a day to be able to buy food for himself, not his family, but just himself.

          Isaiah 17 predicts Damascus will be completely destroyed overnight-I know it has not happened yet, but watch and see.

          Daniel and Revelation both predicts a 10 nation confederacy in the last days giving all their power to a world secular leader who promises peace-brings peace in the middle east, and financial stability-yet is actually bent on destroying mankind and the earth. It also predicts a world religious figure who control a one world religion who will force the worship of the secular leader. All of this is in our future, and maybe within our immediate future. What people would give up their soverignty to join a new world order, except those who have no choice because their economy was destroyed? Can you see the pattern?

          Psalms 83, and Ezekiel 38-39, Joel all predict muslim defeat by the creator of the universe himself.

          Whether you believe or not is irrelevant, just watch and you shall see many wonders and hopefully learn.

          • Amen!

          • Come off of it and use your head for something other than a place to mount your ears. Do you honestly think that some long bearded guys sitting in caves in the desert thousands of years ago could have accurately prophesied thousands of years of human history, muslims before there were muslims, and the (far in the future) destruction of those muslims? The bible is deliberately ambiguous and anyone can read anything they want into any of it’s passages. Hence the thousands of strains of christianity. If the prophesies are real then why not be more precise so there can be no misinterpretation therof? Such as “in the realm known thence as Germany in the era of the 20th century there will arise a mighty tool of the Lord and his name will be known as Adolf and he will smite millions of the people who have rejected my son, those known as the Jews”. That is an example of an unambiguous prophesy that anyone living thousands of years later could understand and verify.
            On the other hand, there is plenty of history and precedent for the weak perishing or being forced to serve the strong. I would much rather put my preparations into being one of the strong than put blind faith into an invisible protector who will look out for me because I chose to be weak.

            • So you think because someone believes in God, that makes one weak, you have a lot to learn, having faith in God empowers believers, God doesn’t expect those who believe, to be someone’s doormat, things that were prophesied 2,000 plus years ago have come to pass, but you want to argue because it didn’t tell what color hair someone had, or what color clothes they were wearing, give me a break,

            • The prophet Daniel accurately predicted the fall of the Babylon empire – look in the book of Daniel for this prophecy. He also predicted the fall of other empires (the Roman empire) and also how the empires of the last day would be fractured, some strong and some weak (clay mixed with iron) – again this can be found in Daniel.

              The Bible also predicted the birth of Christ and many other things.

              But, read it for yourself and come to your own conclusion. I just wanted to point these things out.

            • Here is a reference to the impossible: An entire nation reborn in a single day. This feat is impossible except in the case where a nation’s descendents were scattered to all other nations of the Earth. The Wandering Jew was a citizen of every nation but his own for 1878 years. In 70 A.D., the Roman Emperor Titus Vespasion attacked Israel, destroyed the Second Temple to God (except for the Western Wall), killed at least 500,000 Jews and initiated the Diaspora. In the Diaspora the Jew fled his own land to become a resident of all other nations for nearly 1900 years. On May 14, 1948, by United Nations decree, a nation was born, calling the Jew from every corner of the Earth back to his homeland. An amazing homecoming foretold:

              Isaiah 66:8 (KJV)

              8 Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the Earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.

            • Moon,

              This is not an either/or proposition. As a Christian with two graduate degrees, methinks you may want to do a little further reflection. You imply “weak will” among believers. Yes, as CS Lewis noted, and I found in my own life prior to becoming a Christian, there is an equal and opposite need to *disbelieve,* and which you are undoubtely aware of if you are honest with yourself. As a matter of fact, Dr. D. James Kennedy points out there are over 2,000 *specific* Bible prophesies that came true, cited at

              I would encourage you to explore this link – unless, of course, you are afraid the Bible might be true, and thus you have to deal with a God who, as Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, “is there and is not silent.”

            • That is “harsh” mistress, Count me in with a BIG DITTOS!

            • great post @tMiHM, the bible does have it’s place as a source of comfort, a guide for community ethics and harmony. Beyond that it becomes dangerous. History has shown us that!

            • If we all live long enough, the history and the precedent you follow to make your decisions, will be shown to be exactly what the Bible says will eventually happen. There is a seperation between those that believe only in their decision making ability, and those that use what the Bible has said all along, and, their decision making ability. I personally chose to use the guidance of the Bible, and it’s influence to be a guide in decision making.
              When taken in a spirit of looking at the entire scope of what the Bible says, instead of taking one single part to show ambiguity, the whole picture of the correctness of what the Bible says comes foward.
              But in the end, many will chose to ignore the Bible as a fairy tale, and that is their choice—a choice that is spoken of in the Bible. It all boils down to Faith.

            • Maybe many of us aren’t doing that—I am a christian and I ain’t sitting ’round the ranch waiting for God to expand my fishies and loaves to feed the multitudes—heck, they’re gonna be on their the sick and disabled?? Oh, yeah; but those healthy had the same visions I did(do). That;’s a rhetorical vision, not literal..

            • Moon, you have a talent for stereotyping people, and another talent for not thinking like an individual. There are many things wrong with your post.

              You want to talk “blind faith,” look at ones who come out of the government schools believing what they were taught: that they came from a puddle of slime; that homosexuality is normal and equivalent to heterosexuality (let’s see a gay couple produce a baby); that communism is good; that we need more government; and on and on. Are you one of these?

            • Moon… the answer to your first question is … YES.

              There actually is very little ambiguity in the Bible.. although there is such startling clarity that some readers choose to think that it can not possible means what it actually says and so therefore, it MUST be ambigious.

              Our opinions of what the Bible actually says does not change the facts of what it says.. it only changes the level of our shock when we actually see it happen.

            • It’s God who makes the predictions and tells them to his prophets.

              (Isa 46:10 NIV) I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.

          • Kurt, you are so right! This is all taking place before our eyes! It’s all exciting and scary at the same time! But I have read the back of the book and I know who wins!

            • We are living in the most exciting time in the history of his creation!

          • Baloney!!! The book of Revelation was written as an allegory of Roman suppression of Judeo-Christians during the time of John the Revelator.

            Contempory “end-time” ministries, have scared the bejesus out of gullible bible thumpers into believing that this will be mankinds future. They have lined their pockets by writing books, giving lectures, and taking donations to do the “Lords work.”

            Just another capitalist scam to separate the public from their money and get their 15 minutes of fame.

          • @Kurt- yes, in fact the End Times is right now. This is not just economic downturn but rather the pre-planned machinations of the Power elites to bring this era of humanity to a close as it was pre-planned by the creator.
            Many humans have a hard time believing that the universe is comepletely controlled by the infinite mind of the ‘God Head.’ Even the facts of science prove that some major ‘intelligent designer’ has created all things and if it were not so then eventually the universe would fly apart or collapse into large globs of inanimate matter. The Prophecies are real because God has pre-planned events of the universe beforehand- and he carries out his complex plans which are beyond comprehension to the human brain. The Prophecies are not factually specific because God wants to separate those whoc an ‘see’ from those who cannot ‘see.’ The concept patterns of all reality are pre-formulated in the mind of God before they are factually qualified.

            The Prophecies are a way for an infinite Deity to communicate with lower evolved human creatures giving them a kind of advance notice that this phase of human life is coming to an end-and then a new civilization will arise after the Apocalypse and the Armageddon battle which destroys the middle east. An Antichrist will arise next year 2012 who will force all humanity to take a ‘mark of the beast’- this economic crash is being intentionally created by the elites to prepare the world for their Antichrist Saviour to enslave all humanity into the digital ‘mark’ system of a new but temporary Android-like civilization.

            • People like you burned women as witches.

            • “Even the facts of science prove that some major ‘intelligent designer’ has created all things and if it were not so then eventually the universe would fly apart or collapse into large globs of inanimate matter.”

              What field of pseudo-science has proven this then?

          • Kurt!

            I’ve been looking for you. We need to talk.

            [email protected]

            …when you get a chance.


          • The way I butter my toast in the morning is a better predictor of things to come!

            • @ Old Fuzzy – I thought fuzzy,old Witches like you didn’t eat toast. However, biblical prophecies have proven to be more accurate than either butter or looking at tea leaves. When the Son of God returns I hope you are not caught buttering your toast.

            • Legitimizing your own ignorance and hostility by conjuring up all-powerful gods who agree with you doesn’t really help, Micah.

            • @Paul- your stupidity is showing…actually the existence of Deity can only be perceived by people with more advanced neural circuitry- it’s true that there are not too many people left at this point in time who are bright enough to recognize the real existence of an all powerful God who is bringing this era of human stupidity to an end. By the year 2015 it will be clear that most of western civilization is being destroyed by forces which are invisible to your tiny brain- at that point you will have happily taken you ‘mark of the beast’ RFID tag and you’ll be swimming in your own Godless bliss- but not long after that those of us who believe in the truth will already be in our staterooms aboard Noah’s Ark and you and your Gold and silver will be drowning in floodwater- that Gold won’t help you then and Gold doesn’t float- by then you’ll wish you had the intelligence to believe in the God that controls all of universal reality.

            • The so called ‘witches’ executed at the salem witch trials were acually good christian women framed by the witches themselves.

        • I feel sorry for you old fuzzy.

          • The truth has set me free!

      3. “Remove your fears and frustrations from the equation and press forward, starting with the people closest to you. If you will not help them to awake to the fast approaching ground below, then who will?”

        I don’t know who will help those I am closest to awake. I’ve tried my best. I’ve only been met with condescending smiles and outright ridicule. My family loves to say “In every generation we’ve had an eccentric and you’re it.” Nice huh?

        • glad to meet you..i too am one of those crazy aunties the family tries to ignore..

        • A. Lady: You know, we’ve all been there. I too am the “eccentric” in the family. We have tried to tell our grown kids about what is coming down the pike because we know it to be true. We try to tell them to be prepared and be cautious, but we have been told not to talk about it because it depresses them and now we are in conversation with only one of the children as the others have gone their own way and have choosen not to interact with us, while they live in an insulated bubble.

          Seriously, the funny thing is that we are NOT fanatic about it at all. We have approached it in a matter-of-fact way, to no avail as not one of them is prepared. Oh, they all have the latest toys and x-boxes for their children, boats, snowmobiles, but a month or two’s worth of food or the means to protect it — not.

          I can say though with a clear conscience that we have tried; however, we also have to accept that in the end we cannot be responsible for our grown loved ones’ behaviors and choices even if it might mean their demise through their own ignorance.

          • you speak a lot of truth. Your situation is very common, and can almost be repeated word for word, and applied to my family. This is just the way it is. So many people don’t want to hear anything negative, and they think that makes it go away.
            I have told my grown children that soon enough, their lives are never going to be the same again, and they just don’t get it. They think things are just going to keep rolling along as is. They will wake up one morning, and their world will be totally different, and we will wake up to that same world, wondering what took so long.

          • KB..I feel for you and have stopped warning others loooong ago; having no children, I just am amazed how those with children behaving like yours cope.
            And then I remember God closed that door on that ark, not was too heavy for him.
            The answers will come for us in time just as God closed that door to eliminate any guilt and remorse for Noah later??
            Does this make sense??

        • Believe me, I am am certain that every single person that posts here has been ridiculed at worst, smiled at and patted on the head like some stupid dog at best from those too comfortable in their ignorance. “Have you seen Lady gaga’s newest….?”

          All you can do is to try and prep for those that you love and get ready to shoot those that you don’t.

          • Sad, but probably true. We need to be ready for one extreme to the other. I’m trying to prepare myself for countless beggars, who depended on the governemnt teat for everything. And just as the cyle of life goes on, and the teats dry up, so will the teat of government freebies dry up. Prepare or die, that’s what is to come.

        • It’s nice to be surrounded here by other ‘eccentrics’! Wish you could come to the next family reunion with me. 🙂

        • Pleased to meet you, can you guess my name ?

        • You’ve done your best, be at peace with it.
          You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink, right? There is only so much you can do. And it sounds that you both have done that. Find peace in the fact that you’ve tried. That’s ALL any of us can do. The rest is up to those who you spoke to.

          • In the final, final analysis, what you speak of is all any of us can do. we put out what we think will happen, and it’s up to whoever to accept it, and act, or reject it, and starve.

      4. Good evening all,

        I’ll tell you one thing. Is it accidental that both Greece and Italy, are now being governed by two former bankers and economists?
        Is it accidental that both Mr Papademos for Greece and Mr Monti for Italy are both members of the trilateral commission?
        Something is moving in Europe, and surely aint for the wellfare of the nations.

        • Yes, that is very interesting Manos, especially in light of Bible prophecy. Have you heard that Greece and Italy could end up being the 2 of the “3 kings” “subdued” that Daniel talks about? We’re watching to see if perhaps Spain is next.

          But that isn’t all. Also, did you know that the EU made a “7-year confirmed covenant with many” with Israel just like what Daniel 9:27 says? It’s called the European Neighborhood Policy and perfectly matches the prophecy. We are “in the midst” of it now and should see further fulfillment by the end of 2013. I’d say sooner, rather than later.

          • Have any of you here watched part I and part II of Lindsay William’s ‘The 2012 Agenda and The Fall of The New World Order’??

            Short, to the point, and positive..

            Youtube it.

            I made a funny–get it?? youtube it??

          • israel, is , has been and will continue to be out of control… these monsters(forces in israel, europe, and yes in america) will stop at nothing… i just hope if israel and europe rot in hell, the rest of us can continue on the best we can.. we simply dont need these parasitic monsters anymore.

            • Israel was always the problem.

        • Manos, good to hear from you. That movement must be bowel movement cause it has that….smell to it. Hope you and family are safe and remain that way.

        • As usual, you are spot on. Can there be any doubt of the outcome of all this???

        • Manso

          Of course not..they have deliberately destroyed your country as well as most of eu via the fwmd’s(financial weapons of mass destruction) of Goldman Sachs and the rest of the modern day plunderers.
          Then they install their own master players(unelected)to further institute the pillage and destruction of your sovereignty and will tax you to literal death.

          It is understood that your government has given all your islands as a partial this correct?

          We herein the states are in dee4per debt than is presented and actually worse than you or Italy..but!..unlike the eu..the fed continues to print fiat money to prop up the already dead financial system..which has prevented us from total. yet coming, collapse..

          Wishing you the best and continued postings here..


        • Hey Manos, Great to hear from ya. I said the same exact thing after watching the news last night. These are the same people who helped put this world in the the toilet and now we expect them to get their act together and get Greece and Italy out of trouble? Fat chance!Peace

      5. Since this SNAFU has been going on for soooo long ..well by far more so since Bush Jr got into office, one can’t help that from our common citizen perspective that is all screwed up. Well a different perspective that the real guys that “turn the keys” or unelected hidden “The Elites” want it exactly this way, and is happening pretty much the way “THEY” planned it. Yes SNAFU is not a error or mistake or oversite…it is all planned. Yes my friend ….it could be fixed…but noooooo, it is the way “THEY” want it. The next generation, the serviant, controlled, wired, taxed, disconnected, dependent, will think this is true freedom and the way it is….and has always been and always will be.

      6. Every day I hope & pray this does not happen. I have one child in college & one still in high school. They deserve a bright future.

        I hope we can smack some common sense into American citizens and into our politicians to stop this train wreck.

        How can these people be so clueless and so evil?

        • Mr Blutarsky,

          They can be evil because they just don’t care. For them, we are ants, worms, or other insects they crash on their path.
          They don’t give a shit about our prosperity or misery. Their god is money and through power they masturbate.
          It’s important for us to awake as many people as we can.
          I know it’s difficult, i know most folks won’t believe you, and in fact many will ridicule you.
          But even one soul if we manage to help, it’s worth the trouble.

          My best wishes for health. It’s the only thing left to us.

        • we went from being Land of the Free and Home of the b
          Brave to The Land of greed and entitlements w/ just a few old school thinkers…

        • These people you reference, are evil, but they aren’t clueless. Everything that is being done is by design. Never forget this. Prepare your children as best you can. Your life and theirs is about to change forever. If you prepare right, you have a better chance at getting through than 99% of the population. The choice is yours….

      7. I keep telling my wife to prep up but she thinks I am crazy for stocking up on food, silver, and ammo etc…she says look around, everything is okay our country will never be without we never have an never will in our lifetime! just keep your nose to the grindstone!! some days I think she is right but I’m an old boyscout be prepared! What could happen? answer [ anything ! ]

      8. How can large numbers of human beings with feet of clay not see that the Earth is being overpopulated by the human species? Humanity appears to be on the verge of precipitating some sort of unimaginable global ecological wreckage. Scientists readily located virtually everywhere on the surface of Earth in our time have unaccepted responsibilities to assume and unfulfilled duties to perform by speaking out loudly and clearly about whatsoever is believed to be true with regard to the incredible human-driven planetary emergency that looms so ominously in the offing. Can it be that ideological idiocy and outrageous greed of a tiny minority of self-proclaimed masters of the universe will be permitted to rule the world and bring about its ruin on our watch?

        • Is this an entry to the “Faux Foucault” contest?

      9. Starvation and exposure will go a long way towards thinning the herd. I would imagine most of the puppetmasters behind the scenes do not even suspect what the final goal is. When the plagues are unleashed on a weakened population there will undoubtedly be plenty of movers and shakers who will perish along with the hordes of unwashed masses. The hijackers on the doomed aircraft flying towards the WTC thought they were running the show probably right up to the point the aircraft impacted the towers and they realized that they were not going to survive either. We need to consider that maybe those who are herding us to our doom do not plan on surviving either; that they wish to die and are making sure they take the rest of us down with them.

        • @’harsh’- yes, you hit the nail on the head- the elites have such a great desire to depop the masses that they are willing to risk their own lives destroy themselves in the process- certainly many of them know they might get caught in the ‘cross-fire’- I imagine that some of them will be on their way to the Nuclear holocaust bunkers- and their cars will break down on their flight ( let’s hope so)then as they look through the back window of their expensive SUV’s the last thing they see is a nuclear cloud burst :)))- I believe their desire for evil and death is greater than their rational logic…or perhaps they know they too will perish but they are having so much fun at orgies, parties, and child sacrifices that they could care less that they are destroying their own world…and sacrificing their own children.

        • I disagree with the thinning of the herd by plagues or bio warfare(my input); but only because TPTB, the ‘elites, haven’t discovered what to do with the bodies,…..YET!

          • @jj what are the chem-trails then and why is the snowcaps of the rocky mountains full of aliminum and other heavey metals and the ground soil is becomeing so heavey metal poisoned by aircraft spraying that the acid levels are skyrocketing so plants simply can’t grow and the runoff from rain is concentrating the acids in ponds killing fish and other aqua life and fauna… last but not least MONSANTO is now selling GMO ALUMINUM seeds to be grown in poisoned earth/ lands!

            I disagree @jj… they will control us all in the end through food!

      10. the economical collapse will be slooooooow…the u.s. will keep printing money to keep us floating along….thats why everyone still needs to prep. My grandma lived through the great depression and as a result she always prepped after that…i remember stacks of toilet paper to the ceiling, fire wood outside but no fire place and lived in the city.

        • Ha! That’s me! I’ve got over two years of firewood stacked, but when I saw a stack of oak “slabs” there for the taking at a local sawmill, you can just bet I went home, hooked up the trailer, ran back and scooped ’em all up. Another 2-3 months of home heat for nothing but the labor and the gas.

          • Coach ….thats the way to do it.
            I asked her(grandma)why she kept so many old news papers and she said “u never know when u will need them”

            • Both TOC and C&B – you and your grandma sound a lot like mine and me. Hope that makes sense lol.

          • In the future, circumstances will remind us over and over, there is no substitute for thinking, and acting for yourself. Instead of waiting for someone to give you something, or do something for you–(99%) of the population, you plan and act in advance of a problem. That’s good thinking. If more would prep, and think ahead, the severity of what’s coming wouldn’t be so bad. Hats off to you.

        • What coming can be sl—-ow to happen, or can happen overnight. That’s why we all need to prep as best we can. The boyscout in you is going to be very helpfull.
          I’m one that thinks will happen and the collapse will come very quick. Perhaps overnight. Collapse has happened many times before in history everywhere. There are examples of many types to study. But in the end, there can be no doubt of the eventual collapse.

      11. If you have not prepared your family for what is to come, you will experience that bridge collapsing around you and yours.

        This collapse will not be the end for some of us. It will be the beginning of a new era. Hopefully, most of us have a plan that will help us build a new and better way of life. And that this new life will take wing and encourage our community to reach for something better.

        But there will, also, be those that collapse with the bridge and fail to get up and try. For they will be stuck in the past. A past that is dead an gone.

        When the collapse happens, do not look to the past at what you have lost. Please! Look to the future and what is there with in your reach if you would just grasp on it.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Mona,

          You said: “When the collapse happens, do not look to the past at what you have lost. Please! Look to the future and what is there with in your reach if you would just grasp on it”.

          It’s the best advice to give nowadays.

          Best regards.

      12. Yet another article about some nonsense that’s COMING ! talk about kicking a can down the road .

        • keep kicking the Prepper Bee Hive @rich99 an eventually you’ll get stung!

        • You’re #1!

        • RICH99:

          Please enlighten us. How does everything work out in the end? Give me your solution to the debt crisis, for example.

          I’d like to hear something besides sniping, unless that’s all you can do.


      13. “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

        The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the Blood of Tyrants and Patriots from tine to time!

        • I agree with your sentiment but disagree that it is possible. If we were to: A) rewrite the constitution or B)revolt and take it to the streets The result will be that we lose everything. We will either correct this politically or we will destroy it. I simply see no good coming from straying from the rule of law. We need good and honest people in congress, an intelligent, conservative real leader in the presidency and nine believers in the constitution in the Supreme court. What we have is corrupt politicians and Marxists in congress, a fool for a president and 5 left leaning empty suits in the Supreme Court. THAT is what we need to change.

          • WTW-

            That is the route we all would like to take, a non-violent one. However, when your own government has become the enemy, voting is done by coercion and threats, the economic engine is being starved, and 46 million Americans(more than the 11 Western States) are on welfare. With that number rising on a daily basis….we maybe left little choice. I took an oath and plan to stand by that oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States. Not phony politicians or the Government, but the instrument of my freedom!

            • I didn’t say it would be easy or even that it would happen. What I am saying is a revolt, fighting in the streets or cival war will end badly and probably destroy our democratic republic. One scenario would be to elect good leaders who believe in the constitution and over time these leaders would replace our anti-constitution judges. That would certainly be a safer and more peaceful way to change our direction.

          • The fools we have for leaders are just a reflection of those whom elected them. The problem goes far deeper than who is currently in office. Those who are working to destroy the country have had generations to work over the educational system and delegitimize the values of the founding fathers, and by doing this they have allowed the subverting of the Constitution through eliminating the informed voters necessary for a democratic republic to function. It has taken generations to get to the point we are at and each successive generation is farther removed from the freedom and limited government our Founders intended.

            • @TMoonHM says,
              I had to laugh when I saw your post that came up while I was pecking mine out. It’s obvious we agree on what our “ejookayshunell” system is.

              If it was American I do believe Ron Paul would not be running for president. He would simply be an ex-president.

            • Ayn Rand pegged this society:
              When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed…

          • Your a good dreamer …..if you think your gonna vote a moral person into power then you deserve this perpetual fucking ! The only way out is to be the bouncer at the bar and forcefully remove the scumbags because they won’t leave willingly.

          • More than that we need to correct 3 or 4 generations of brainwashing performed at local government indoctrination centers. IOW, the masses are so stupid as to be worth more as fertilizer than contributors to the dialogue of a free and independent citizenry. Have you watched any of the numerous videos of the “occupy” protesters articulating what they are protesting against and how they would like to see things changed? It boggles the mind that some of these folks could possibly breed.

            I agree that we’re in the midst of the greatest event in history subsequent to the crucifixion of Christ and it is an honor to be aware of this fact. I believe that on the other side we will want nothing more than that which our parents and grandparents wanted after the end of WW2. The difference this time is that we have no excuse to listen to the evil siren song of the socialist promising cradle to grave entitlements and security for nothing.

            Those bastards we are going to have to kill.

          • You are forgetting that the rule of law has been corrupted so bad, that following that course is probaly not going to work. I agree that that would be best, but during Americas’ long sleep these last decades, the people we depend on to use that law, have all been corrupted, and now, we are way past the time to correct that situation using the law. Now, as a nation, the will of the people will have to be done, no matter what it takes.

      14. The author is an cheerleader that does not have a clue. Like a whole slew of these bloggers like Quinn. They say the same crap over and over like they are fixing something. There are two kinds of people out there people who have their eyes open and are preparing for whatever, and the people who are digging in deeper. Liberty Movement hahahahahahah

        • The author you refer to is Brandon Smith, who by the way has done more for the Liberty Movement than you can ever dream to accomplish. Jay, may I ask “what the f-ck have you done lately?”

          • Aye to that. Brandon is truly one of the leading liberty thinkers of our time.

      15. I have often wondered about why Government officials have acted so blatantly disrespectful to the peoples wishes. Acting like they know something that we do not. Ignoring every thing that we ask them to do. Almost like we are to stupid to understand. I really think that they do understand what is going on though, and we, “most” do not. It seems to me, IMHO, They know this collapse is coming! They seem to be snapping up every little piece of any and every thing they can while it last. “GOTTA GET MINE BEFORE IT’S GONE” mentality. Almost like prepping, but in a “financial” way. Most of us are prepping essentials, guns, ammo, food, etc. They are making financial grabs, after all to the elites, thats is what it is all about right?. In the mean time ensuring us that all is well, we’ll be OK. I do not know any other reason for such greedy representation that we have in elected offices from cities, to states, to Washington, AND, it never stops. Campaign promise’s; “they will change this”, and “I’m the watchdog of that”, “not on my watch of this”, and “that will stop when I’m elected”. IT NEVER CHANGES!!! In fact IT GETS WORSE WHEN THEY GET IN THAN IT WAS BEFORE!!!! What else do you need to see to know, IT”S COMING DOWN. I try and talk with people about this and it’s they same ole thing, No Way, America is too big to fail. Man I give up, if there is one thing I have learned from our Government is, “Do not worry about any one else but your self! Sounds bad I know, tell people wht your thoughts are, and if they do not listen or “Heed” the warning than what can you do. I’m just saying……

        • you pretty much summed it up correctly. Just try to prep as best you can, because you know what’s coming.

      16. Let me send you a joke to lighten a bit:

        There goes daddy to say goodnight to his son. As he enters the room he listens to the boy’s prayer:

        – Please, keep safe dad, mom, grandma, and say hello to grandpa.
        The father doesn’t pay any attention, but the next morning grandma calls and tells that grandpa died last night. So this give daddy the creeps.
        The following night he goes to the boy’s room again and hears:
        – Please keep safe my dad, mom, and say hello to grandma.
        The next day, some doctor calls and says that grandma died during the night. Now, the father has shit his pants and is totally out of order.
        The following night he hears:
        – Please keep momy safe, and say hello to dad.
        Holly shit, the father thinks. I’m done, finito, capout.
        The next day he goes to work, and stays till late at night. It’s already 22.00 and he is still alive. He returns home happy, and his wife is waiting at the door.

        Wife: What happened to you?

        Husband: I had a very busy and weird day. I cannot handle it.

        Wife: You had a weird day? Let me tell you about my weird day. Your cousin died in front of our doorstep.

        • Now that’s funny

      17. While we study Greece and Italy it seems we have forgotten about Japan. I don’t mean the Tsunami post Nuclear Japan but the 10 to 15 year “stagnant” Japan. That is the most optimistic position our politico’s can achieve and its what they strive for. Why we hear about $1.2 trillion in “cuts” over 10 years – my God that is $120 billion a year out of a $3.6 trillion a year budget. It is 3.33%. Its not going to have an impact its suppose to maintain the status stagnant quo.

        Who knows; my they know “SHTF” is just a matter of time and they are trying to buy time – I just wish they’d help the masses use that time wisely.

        • Japan is a “best case”. Don’t forget Argentina.

      18. Not exactly! Although I did really like your little story and chuckled at your wit, you left out the most important point. Instead of a German tourist substitute a corrupt politician who passed laws that allows him to take money from the productive (taxes) and that is where the $100 note came from. If it had been a private citizens money and they had spent it of their own free will then the story would be different.

      19. Love the bridge analogy. The farther out the idiot goes, the greater the drop. Not that it matters anymore. We’ve already gone past the point where the drop will be fatal. How much deader can we be?

      20. Yes we’re soaking in it. The real problem is most of us aren’t doing anything about it.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

      21. From what I can find out so far, the founding fathers talked about term limits, but discounted them because who in their right mine would be away from their family and their work for more than one term, work long hours for no pay. Well they are rolling over in their graves. We need citizen legislators and no lawyers, then maybe we would have 3 or 4 page bills and laws we could understand.

      22. Incidentally, perhaps the most striking of the Bible’s predictions was that fishermen would spread their nets out on the rocks from Tyre. Was never fulfilled. That is, until later after the skeptics had their cynical heyday. Dr. Kennedy actually witnessed, live and in person, fishermen spreading their nets out on the rocks. The audio CD of this sermon is at

        I am NOT saying the Bible has predicted this downturn, nor do I know if this is the last days. However, there is one generic prediction the Bible does make, and is certainly coming true in regards to my corrupt (in general, with many exceptions) corrupt Baby Boom generation – you will reap what you sow. Sow to the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

        I repeat my comment to Moon: There is an equal and opposite (and, if might add, very desperate) need to *disbelieve* the gospel by people, as it would require such horrible things as repentance, change, etc.

        The US become the most successful country ever, predicated on the Bible. If you need any “predictions,” simply look at what has happened in the time we have largely abandoned the Bible.

      23. Slavo,
        You haven’t finished writing about it and you will not only get tired of it but you will be outright exhausted.
        This process of bankrupcy will take time, say another 4 to 5 years. Just when everybody will start to think that it will not happen because everybody has been talking about it for so long, that is when it will hit us.
        At this point the best thing to do is prepping and only hope that this catastrophy will not be a geophysical type.

      24. Here is a funny story for you all. I think many here can relate.

        Once upon a time, I woke up from my slumber and realized I had been fooled into believing I was living freely when I had actually been lied to about my freedom. So with my newfound wide open eyes, I set about to learn everything I could. I nearly shit myself when I saw what was coming down the pike. So I did everything I could to prepare myself for what appears to be the eventual downfall.

        At that time, I reached out to a friend, encouraging him to wake up and do what he could for his family. He listened intently and then told me with a smirk he was “sure things will be fine and work out okay in the end (because) we live in the united states of america”. So he did nothing and I moved far away.

        Fast forward to a small dinner back in that same town(many years later) where I met my old friend for some coffee and a chat.We lost contact for a long time. It was only by chance that I saw him back in that town. He is currently unemployed, can’t find work, is about to lose his house, his wife is thinking of divorce (she has work but can’t make all of their huge DEBT payments), and he “just doesn’t know how it came to this so fast”.

        I did not say much, just listened. I did tell him my family is hurting too (though we are not) and that I gave up prepping and wished I had not. (Yes, it was a lie, but think OPSEC here people.) I encouraged him to ask his wife if she would be willing to get counseling from their pastor to work on their marriage.

        What is there to say? I do not think telling him, “I warned you this was going to happen years ago and I see you’re not laughing now” is not going to fix anything. He does not know where I live anymore and he does not know I am prepped. Moral of the story: It is good to be the “weird aunt” or the “odd relative”, but sometimes it is better to be unknown.

      25. Has anyone else noticed Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke is going around Pressing the Hands of the Military Top Brass at Military Bases across Amerika!

        Why is a “Private” Banker of a “Private” Company , The Fed Reserve – doing that? hmmmmm

        The Fed is getting geared up to make it’s move…

      26. To fix things…. have the banks lower all interest rates to zero for 5 years. Let us get out of debt. Citi bank…after hounding them lowered my credit card to 4.99. I paid it all off in 3 years. Now has a zero bal..and I cut up the card. Now I have cash to buy food.

        Screw you bankers…we’re all done with you.
        TO ALL PEOPLE…

        i never defaulted on anything and these guys hit me with 15%. scum.
        I just fired all the bankers.
        Starve bastards.

        • We purged ours spring/summer of 2010…under the hardship law(no jobs,etc) and paid only 1/3 of the balances..
          I mentioned to my neighbor(not a friend)with a .32% interest rate card to do the same..her reply..
          “I need that card”.

          I really think she is one abusing it for junk, and thinks when TSHTF, it will be a ‘forgiven’ debt.

          I am the responsible one of the family; I am in charge now; dh has dementia.

          If I need an online pruchase, I deposit in bank, purchase using debit card, and end of story. It’s called ‘personal responsibility’.

          Credit cards helped get this country in this mess–I told dh over 30 years ago with our first cc; arent’ we just running on air if noone gets real money by using this cc??

          Yep–finally caught up with us.

      27. If all this does collapse, food will be the main concern. I am a prepper and ready. But is there not a Central American country where one might go unnoticed with a small acre or 2 in the mountains, or is that as crazy as staying here? Or is every country on this planet going to collapse? Mac?? Opinion?

        • Assuming this is directed by the power elite one must wonder how a US in anarchy fits into their plans. If the US does not have some political stability the US cannot supply and maintain it’s mighty military machine which is vitally necessary for the power elite to project it’s influence when the traditional methods don’t work.

          We’re dropping our standard of living but mass starvation? That would bring the war machine down. Expect a late 1930s lifestyle; basic food, clothing, shelter and nothing more.

          Fortunately we have indigenous energy and food. That is a lot more then most nations possess.

        • Ixquick…..Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty! Top Five Places Not To Be

          Short and to the point–You’ll be surprised!!

          I sent to all my contacts.

      28. ~~~Not only was MF making risky bets with borrowed money without disclosure, and “window dressing” their quarterly reports to fool investors, but they have also been caught siphoning capital from client accounts to pay off the massive liabilities they have accrued~~~~

        Lessons from our congress???

        • The bigger story than the MF debacle, is that now, it’s coming to light that they aren’t the only ones who have used investors funds to gable with. I think it’s going to come out that they were just the first ones to get caught. You can surmise the rest of the story. Huuuuum.

      29. I am very familiar with the Ayn Rand quote posted above, and it is truly one of my favorites.

        My experience also tells me that all of it is 100% true in its representation of the current times.

        As a result, we must heed natural law, as described in the Declaration of Independence.

        The current government is a ruthless Tyranny, and it must be abolished. It is an utter Travesty.

        It is infested with politician criminals who make blood money through insider trading, which is considered legal for them alone.

        The idiots of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements are too benign and silly, truly, to make any difference.

        They will never succeed at allowing individual countries to reestablish their autonomy from the federal monster.

        As a result, all one can say is, “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” This alone stands the test of time.

        Good luck. It’s up to you.

      30. So what happens with credit card debt if we go into default?

        • uhhhhhh, how have you come to the conclusion that those coming to a website about societal shit hitting the fan are in denial???? just because you have just woken up you assume everyone else is still asleep?

        • OK. Read the article. I agree with every point except for #10. Firebombing a Taco Bell because the chalupa had too little meat is perfectly acceptable. Have you ever had a chalupa? You gotta get the meat just right or it’s just another taco with a fancy name.


      31. manos..sorry for the name misspell.

      32. As a Christian I have faith. As a professional, I can see the hand writing on the wall. As a person brought up to be self sufficient I am always putting up and preparing goods.

        I beieve in an omnipotent creator that has given us certain rights, like our fore fathers.

        Further more I have the opinion that the bankers, politicians, all the powers that be are corrupt, they are milking the system and have been for a long time. They are just milking it faster as the time may be getting short. You can be sure that their preps are far larger, deeper, secop’d to the Nth degree and when they bug out, they will be sitting pretty.

        I also believe that the good Lord and creator gives us the ability to take care of our selves. We prep, we live.
        We take knowledge and deal with whatever is coming and the aftermath. I can grow, hunt, make food from practically nothing, the city is my home but I’m equally at home in a swamp, desert, snow blown -40, 110 degree, jungle, deep woods, salt marsh and others, there is not a animal I am afraid of, (except Griz cuz he will hunt us as we hunt him) with another exception of the two legged animals, not talking Humans as there is a difference….I can make clean water, distill ethanol to antiseptic, fuel grade, and for barter to others in a crisis. I know how to tan leather, make a knife out of a rock…may daughter is always amazed by that…

        I advocate self reliance and community’s of immediate like minded folks being prepared. If your interested in multi-purpose distillation units or simple snares made by someone who knows how to use them, you may conatct me through
        Ignore the paypal stuff and contact me by phone or through the site email. I’ll be happy to help anyone with questions, can point you in the right direction as far as reading and resources for the above mentioned and can educate you in simple animal trapping for anyone, as well as other matters.

        I’m in East Texas, but will serve outside of this area and if your from the Big thicket area and not a thief or a meth head, I’d love to hear from you.


      33. someone told me Noah spent six hundred years warning people and only six believed him?

        • now that’s faith!!

      34. Mac… this was an extremely well written article.. unusually well written. Thanks for posting it..

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