Economic Apocalypse Goes Mainstream: Meltdown In Two To Three Weeks; It Will Spread Everywhere; Most Serious Financial Crisis Ever; Worse Than Great Depression

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Headline News | 346 comments

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    Predictions of an economic apocalypse are no longer restricted to the realm of fringe doom and gloomers lurking in the dark corners of the internet. As we’ve previously suggested uncertainty now pervades the social consciousness, not just in America, but the world over. Every major media outlet in developed nations is now reporting on the headwinds facing the so-called recovery. The problems and threats confronting the stability of the globe can no longer be dismissed as theoretical arguments, because they are now being actualized – in real time.

    Greek strikes have nearly driven that country to a standstill, and the former deputy finance minister told CNBC a Greek default is “inevitable,” and that the only hope was for an orderly approach to dealing with the fallout.

    You’ll note that this week Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke used exactly the same word, “orderly,” when discussing the threat posed to the European and U.S. economies resulting from a Greek default, going so far as to say that if such an event were “disorderly” it would “have a very substantial impact not only on our financial system, but on our economy.”

    We now have reports that President Obama, in an attempt to distance himself from the blame which will assuredly be placed squarely on the White House once it becomes apparent that the government’s multi-trillion dollar attempts to stabilize the economy have failed, has indirectly joined with the protesters on Wall Street by pointing the finger not at himself, but the too-big-to-fail banks:

    “I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel, that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country … and yet you’re still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on the abusive practices that got us into this in the first place.”

    President Obama
    October 6, 2011

    Never mind that he happens to be the President of the United States and the executive officer of the Treasury Department and SEC, and has had three years to implement regulatory reform and perp walk those individuals responsible for defrauding the American people and investors who lost trillions of dollars due to fraudulent business practices by the very banks who donated millions of dollars to his campaign and those of other Congressional representatives.

    President Obama, the US Congress, the Federal Reserve, the European Parliament, the IMF, institutional investors, and corporate leaders know what’s coming.

    Former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce and current senior advisor to the IMF, Robert Shapiro, said today in an interview with the BBC that only a credible plan can prevent a total meltdown:

    “If they can not address [the financial crisis] in a credible way I believe within perhaps 2 to 3 weeks we will have a meltdown in sovereign debt which will produce a meltdown across the European banking system. We are not just talking about a relatively small Belgian bank, we are talking about the largest banks in the world, the largest banks in Germany, the largest banks in France, that will spread to the United Kingdom, it will spread everywhere because the global financial system is so interconnected. All those banks are counterparties to every significant bank in the United States, and in Britain, and in Japan, and around the world. This would be a crisis that would be in my view more serious than the crisis in 2008….”

    And he’s not the only one. We recently noted that financier George Soros has warned that an inability for Europe to come together would have” incalculable political consequences” and lead the world into another “great depression.” Other influential figures like former Secretary Treasury Paul Volcker, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, and economist Nouriel Roubini have all warned that what we’re facing today could be potentially worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the Long Depression of the 1870’s.

    The acting Governor of the Bank of England (the British equivalent of the U.S. Federal Reserve), Sir Mervyn King, emphasized how bad the situation has become:

    “This is the most serious financial crisis we’ve seen, at least since the 1930s, if not ever. We’re having to deal with very unusual circumstances, but to act calmly to this and to do the right thing.”

    Given that it has been almost exactly three years since the onset of the crisis in 2008, and that world leaders are once again scrambling to find last minute solutions as Secretary Henry Paulson attempted to do with backdoor deals and secret meetings at that time, we can only assume that we are on the very edge of the precipice yet again.

    We must also assume at this point that there is absolutely no credible plan to deal with the inevitable default of the Greek state, the subsequent collapse of European banks, the freezing of credit markets as was the case in 2008, or the substantial negative impact these events will have on the U.S. economy. What’s coming next will be complete and utter panic in European debt markets, the result of which will likely be a shift of capital from Europe to areas of the globe deemed “safer,” leaving, ironically, US Treasury instruments as one of the few bastions of safety as investors look to save themselves from financial annihilation. This means that money will flow back into the U.S. dollar, and we would not be at all surprised to see a strong move up against other currencies. On the flip side, this means we could potentially see a massive crash in stocks on Western exchanges. The panic may lead to unprecedented selling of stocks, commodities and even precious metals as individual investors rush for the exits.

    But all of that is just the first phase of the next leg down. After Europe goes, we in the U.S. will likely be next, with events perhaps playing out over several months or years, eventually leading to similar circumstances – collapse of our financial institutions, destruction of our currency, a complete wiping out of the U.S. middle class, political instability, riots, and the historically traditional outcome in such cases of collapsing nations – war.

    The reality of the situation has now gone mainstream. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Hat tip: The Daily Crux, Zero Hedge, Daily Bail, Drudge Report, Washington’s Blog


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      1. My head spins at the fact of how much preparing I still need to do… I really do worry about my family and friends who can’t or won’t do anything.

        • No worries. Even if it were all to start tomorrow, we’re talking about economies that are rather large. This in turn means they will have enough momentum to keep going for about a year or so before the real effects begin to take hold.

          For instance, the big housing bubble actually began to burst in 2007, but the effects didn’t really dig in until 2008, when the bigger banks got the bailout.

          Anyone who gives timelines of “two-to-three weeks” for an economic crisis to grind the whole works to a halt? There’d better be an asteroid impact involved or nuclear weapons flying – because that’s the only way you’ll get that kind of short timeline.

          Let’s say Greece cashed the checks, then told the EU to go get fscked when it comes to repayment of any loans on Monday. 2-3 weeks off from today, you wouldn’t notice much of anything from here in the US, and neither would the average EU citizen outside of Greece.

          2-3 months away, the average EU citizen would start seeing the effects, but it would take at least six months before any effects at all would be felt or seen by the typical US citizen, and initially, those effects might be positive as the world abandons the Euro for the Dollar.

          Best metaphor for an economic collapse? RMS Titanic.

          When it first struck the iceberg, most folks on board were asleep and didn’t even notice it. Of course the folks down where it hit found out, and the officers knew, but otherwise it was just an odd noise to some, and most wondered why the engine noises stopped.

          (The world economy would be the same way. Some folks near to the initial events would notice it, and quickly realize to their horror what’s about to happen in a few months or years. Everyone else would notice something odd, but not be alarmed).

          For the first hour and a half, many folks refused to go outside, let alone get in a lifeboat, because it was damned cold out there and the ship was warm and cozy. Many lifeboats left half-empty, and one (designed to hold 65 grown men) left with only 16. It took 90 minutes before you even noticed that the ship was gaining a tilt. Below decks, folks in steerage began to find out hard and fast, and began running upstairs as fast as they could.

          (same w/ the economy… as events unfold, most middle class folk won’t have a clue, some upper class folk will, but the poor will be scrambling like mad as they begin to see the low-end jobs disappearing, governmental funding cuts, etc).

          It was only in Titanic’s last hour and a half that people realized that, oh-shit, this thing is sinking. By then the lifeboats were nearly gone. Those which were left began to get mobbed.

          (Same story here… as jobs really begin to disappear and unemployment shoots up beyond 15-20% in the US, and credit becomes harder and harder to find, folks begin to realize that, oh-shit, maybe it’s time to prepare for the worst. By then things will become progressively harder to get hold of, no matter what that something is – jobs, food, property, etc.)

          To give you a comparison, the unemployment rate during The Great Depression was at around 25%. Compared to our 9.1% (this morning, as per CNN), we’re still at that stage where it will take awhile before anyone sees the bow goes under, so to speak. Some of us from the steerage compartment are scrambling for the lifeboats now, but most of us are standing around in life belts, waiting for the other ships to come and rescue, as they’ve surely seen the flares and heard the radio calls, and word has it that the Carpathia is on the way and will be here any minute now…

          • OQ, big problem with your assessment, no offense, but we’ve already hit the iceberg, the ship is quickly taking on water, and most of the passengers are still asleep! We are already in the process of collapse so the “end” may seem to have come on quickly, but we’ve already been in the slow stage for quite long time, when the passengers wake up, chaos ensues QUICKLY!!

            • “…but we’ve already hit the iceberg”

              I agree. My point is that it will take time before it gets to the point where everyone knows exactly what’s being faced.

              I figure on the Titanic timescale, we’re at somewhere around 11:15 (the ship hit at 10:55-11:00). There are kids kicking bits of ice around up front, the gents in the First Class Smoking Room have wandered outside, some of them joking demanding some of that ice for their drinks. Meanwhile on the bridge, the captain just woke up and is just about to hear the report from his Chief Engineer (incidentally, that would be Thomas Andrews, who helped design the ship). They’ve just closed the watertight bulkheads.

              Meanwhile, down in the Mail Room, everyone there already knows what’s going on, and are scrambling to get the hell out.

            • Thank you—I swore not to post today–but that is my assessment also—hell, folks are still sleeping; they haven’t even noticed the engines stopped.
              Thanks, Anon. Peace.

            • I would agree with you on that. But witnessing the world bankers arguing over the economic apocalypse is like watching 2 drunks argue over a bar bill on the titantic.
              We know we hit the iceberg.

            • time to find yourselves a lifeboat and fast, its an every man for himself kind thing so I would start packing up your gear and supplies and forget all though poor fools to stupid to wake up their on there own.

          • OQ, big problem with your assessment, no offense, but we’ve already hit the iceberg, the ship is quickly taking on water and listing, those aware have already manned the lifeboats and most of the passengers are still asleep! We are already in the process of collapse so the “end” may seem to have come on quickly, but we’ve already been in the slow stage for quite a long time, when the passengers wake up, chaos ensues QUICKLY!!

            • ^^^Agree…
              You’re assuming our national and global economies are at the beginning of the collapse. What if our “economic ice berg” was 2008 or earlier? It has been successfully argued that we’ve been propping up this problem and that we’re actually in the final stages of going under?

              What’s more dangerous, people in denial that the Titanic is going under OR those who know the end is inevitable, but claim we still have plenty of time to get in the life boat?

            • I forgot to add, the ship is listing and those aware have already manned the lifeboats and most of them in the water, there isn’t much room (time) in the lifeboats, I’d say we are closer to 11:30

          • “””””To give you a comparison, the unemployment rate during The Great Depression was at around 25%. Compared to our 9.1% (this morning, as per CNN), we’re still at that stage where it will take awhile before anyone sees the bow goes under, so to speak. Some of us from the steerage compartment are scrambling for the lifeboats now, but most of us are standing around in life belts, waiting for the other ships to come and rescue, as they’ve surely seen the flares and heard the radio calls, and word has it that the Carpathia is on the way and will be here any minute now…””””

            those unemployment numbers are way off, 15% unemployeed for hispanics,16% for blacks and who knows for whites because many of them work off the books anyway.I’d bet the real unemployment figure is about 19% and going up.

            • Just me, I agree with what u said. That 9.1 number is a huge smoke screen the government has put up to keep the sheeple at peace. If they actually posted the numbers, and I would say roughly about 15 – 20 percent, the sheeple would start getting restless. I think they are getting restless anyways, but as with the Titanic analogy, it is way too cold to step outside and see what is going on. I believe we are the ones in the first lifeboat, getting ready to cast off and calling for the sheeple to join us. A few will, but for the most part, everyone will stay and drown. Stay safe everyone, hope to see everyone on the other side of the looking glass.

            • I agree the “real unemployment” numbers are way off and have been purposefully manipulated. The 9.1% is bogus.

              So much for job creation! Nearly half of the “new jobs” that were “created” last month were when striking Verizon employees returned to work.

              Recent high school and college graduates who can’t find jobs – they are not even accounted for. Also, these numbers do not include those who are self employed can’t find work.

              Many people who are currently employed part time… would like to find full time employment.

          • A much better analogy is this:


            Comparing the interconnectedness of the current financial world with the interconnectedness described by Barbara Tuchman in “The Guns of August”. Bottom line being that it didn’t take months and months for Europe to go from the assassination of a minor royal in a peripheral state in the Balkans to full-scale war that was consuming thousands of lives and millions in materiel per hour.

            • I had thought about that (among quite a few others) for awhile, and there are some bits that come really close (the brittle Austro-Hungarian empire, a massive interconnection of treaties, nations on the brink of war due to a very bad overall construct, etc). OTOH, it had some things that needed to be squared:

              * The European Powers knew up-front that something like this was only awaiting a spark, and were very busily preparing for it (evidence can be had as close as the nearest timeline of battleship/dreadnaught development, among others). The assassination was that very spark, and everything fit neatly together.

              * Most of the world was still largely isolated from each other: North America was just barely stepping on the world stage, most of Asia didn’t give a damn (or was buried in their own affairs), and South America as well as Africa were largely forgotten.

              This go ’round, we have a world that is largely going to be taken by surprise, and it is way too interconnected

              I settled on the Titanic because it seemed to fit in a way that didn’t have politics written all over it.

            • “Bottom line being that it didn’t take months and months for Europe to go from the assassination of a minor royal in a peripheral state in the Balkans to full-scale war that was consuming thousands of lives and millions in materiel per hour.”

              No, it didn’t… which makes one consider that the tinder was already laid in the hearth and people were just looking for an excuse to strike the match. The event itself was rather trivial, except for those directly involved.

          • Well said, err written. The collapse will be slow and painful, most will take it as a minor inconvience

            • I totally disagree. When the panic starts, you will be amazed at how fast chaos happens. Just do a little research on bank runs throughout history. there is nothing slow or orderly about them.
              Society is waking up to the fact that they are geting screwed totally, and the momentem for change is happening quicker with each passing day. There will also be nothing “minor” about the chaos to come. Wake up and study history. That is your best source of unbiased information.

          • Bank crashes can happen over night. As well as runs on banks as depositers become worried about the safety of their money.

            • They can, but nowadays, that can be shut off rather quickly… as quickly as it takes to shut down a series of routers.

              Most bank branches only carry a fraction of what they used to carry cash-wise, so most of them would empty out in very short order.

              Note that even if every physical penny were removed from every branch, the banks would remain happily afloat in money, since most of it would still be locked up safe, sound, and electronically… something you didn’t have back in 1929.

          • If you count all the “entitlements”. USA is above 1930s unemployment levels. Those giveaways did not exist in those days.

            • Ben—you are using my handle. My wife, Eileen, is pissed.

              unfunded entitlements and reserve notes. I agree–the ship is listing to nearly the point of no return. jekkyl
              island has lasted 98 years—the cons need a new scheme–they have wore this one out.

          • Very very good analysis Odd Questioner

          • Comparing an unemployment rate of 25% reported during the great depression to today’s reported unemployment figures is like comparing apples to oranges they changed the methodology so now they count far fewer people. You should check out for a more accurate statistics based on the old methods that were used back in the 30’s.

          • Wow! I kept reading and waiting for the notice but it never came. I wouldn’t bet that timeline being wrong but what do I know. All I can say is that if you believe our unemployment figures of 9.1%, you are truly fucked beyond hope. Get a clue Odd. The Titanic hit the iceberg a long time ago and the zinc plated ‘boat’ is about to go under taking all hands on deck with it. If you haven’t got your PMs, your guns/ammo, food/water, it is already too late. Sorry to burst your bubble but better me than some one crashing thru your front door next week looking for anything of value.

            • I’m just using official figures, since they seem to be the least subjective.

              By the way… it’s been way longer than the “two to three weeks” mentioned in the article, and Greece has only barely made it to the mainstream news. Seems like I was right indeed. 😉

        • I’m prepared for well over two yrs when it comes to food,toilet articles,cloths and laundry soap,fuel for heat, extra power,over the counter medicine ect. probably for life once we go back to pre 1950 days and make some severe changes, but all that aside, even the well prepped are worried if they have any brains, eventually, with what’s coming, everyone in the world will be either equal or dead.

          • “eventually, with what’s coming, everyone in the world will be either equal or dead.”

            …or, well, equally dead.

            I think the trick is to hold out until resources are again sufficient for the population at a lower technological level. Simple biology, really…

        • Same here brother! Same here!

        • YOU don’t need to do any preparing …..use Argentina as a model of collapse…..if and I mean IF it does collapse , life will go on….millions of argentinians didn’t die in there collapse and they are still there

          • The main difference there is scale. Argentina was not the worlds reserve currency and is not the largest economy. They also don’t have 43 million people on food stamps and another large % of the population that’s simply unwilling to do anything for themselves.

            • You are so right, there are now too many people in the wagon and less to pull it. There are many that have taken advantage of handouts and they refuse to contribute to society. Handouts were supposed to be temporary, not a multigenerational way of life. One day there will be no more handouts as it will be everyone for themselves. This day is not far off. It is wise to prepare yourself for the day where life as we have known it is no more. Pack those groceries and supplies and keep a big gun to protect your supplies!

          • Maybe you need to check out ferfal’s argentinian collapse blog. There was a lot of hardship and criminality happening

            • I didn’t say there wouldn’t be hardship, I said that life would go on and millions of argentinians didn’t die!
              There is way too much doom lately.

          • Rich, get your head out of your ass!
            (Or go communicate somewhere else)

            • well I will tell ya what ……have you ever heard of THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF ? unless you know when its going to happen then dont preach your bullshit because otherwise its nothing but SPECULATION!

          • you need to stop by ferfal’s blog if ya think it was such a grand damned time.

            • Durango Kidd……

              In the early 1930’s Ludwid Von Mises warned the Jewish people in Germany if they didn’t leave the country the National Socialists would kill them all. His fellow Jews laughed at him. He left Germany and eventually came to America. Those who laughed at him died in the death camps.

              I just finished a good book, One Second After. 90% of the population dies in that book.

          • When welfare payments stop and the dollar becomes worthless millions will starve or die in the violence. I don’t see how we can avoid losing 95% of the US population. Government at all levels will go bankrupt. Commerce will stop. And unlike Argentina, very few of us are subsistence farmers.

            • Bill S: 95% of Americans would die from a financial collapse? Thats is strictly BULLSHIT! LMAO! 🙂

              Bill, when you make that kind of asinine comment, who can take you seriously about anything? That isn’t just hysteria or hyperbole, that is complete buffoonery!

              The only way that 95% of Americans could die off would be due to a nuclear exchange or an asteroid hit.

              It ain’t gonna happen. If you think America is about to have a financial collapse, put your money when your mouth is. Its an easy $100 in your pocket. My bet is on the table. Put up or shut up!

              WTF are you smoking Bill?

            • Rick: Bill S is talking about financial collapse, ie a great depression. Mises was talking about a published plan (mein kamf) to exterminate them.

              As an intellectual Mises would have been aware, like Einstein, of the dangers of remaining in Germany.

              There is a difference between war, genocide, and financial hardship even with hunger. And hunger is not famine.

              Estimating a death ratio of 95% of Americans from a financial collapse is not only akin to shouting fire in a crowed theatre when there is no fire, but it is absolutely asinine.

            • Rick: PS, One Second After is …….


              As was War of the Worlds! 🙂

            • I’m not sure about the 95% figure you use, but I think you’re accurate as to what happens when the welfare stops. The natives will go berserk when the entitlements stop. And they WILL stop. Thousands of municipalities are dead broke now, wondering how they’re going to keep government afloat. When the bond financing structure breaks down, as it is doing now, how will any local government be able to pay for civil services? They won’t. You’ll be on your own. So everyone needs to just do a little critical thinking, and they can see the roadmap ahead. it isn’t going to be pretty. good luck.

        • How can you folks still believe these articles with titles like this: “Meltdown In Two To Three Weeks” before you remember that you’re been reading them with those same headlines for 4 years?

        • Hey, where is that meltdown?

      2. Sensational stories everywhere. Meanwhile, eurobanks are being SAVED, a somewhat permanent creditline with the ECB has been established and almost all parliaments agreed with the bigger EFSF. Greece gets money anyway. The meltdown is pre-emptively striken. Stocks rally. So what’s the problem? No Armageddon, no SHTF.

        • I hope and pray you are right.

        • What happens when Grease, in only a couple of months, burns through their next billions of dollars installment? Surely the global economy will be BOOMING by then and can withstand the trillions of dollars eviserated by Grease just like it did so well in 2008.

          • You have a good point, but you had me thinking of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John running European banking policy for some odd reason… 😉

        • You are partially right. I disagree with the 2 or 3 week assessment barring an attack by a foreign nation (Syria or Iran are only two likely enemy combatants). Obama and Bernake will successfully kick the can past 2012.

          Its interesting today to note the headline: 103,000 jobs created. I can’t find how many are lost in the article just claims are still in the 400k a week range. The main stream media will be Obama’s big can kicking ally for the next 13 months….every “ounce” of good news will be spun into a “recovery.”

          • Exactly……I’m sick of these doomers already! Its the same apocalyptic reports every day .

            • The point of this site is to be prepared, for anything. The different articles posted by Mac merely point out the info that is available. It is up to you to do what you want with it; I, for one, prepare as if TOMORROW everything I know will change. This mindset is not “doom and gloom”, it is one of self reliance (one of the factors that led to the creation of our country).

            • then why do you come here?

            • For me it was the “doomers” warnings, starting in 2004, about the coming real estate collapse and financial crisis which caused me to start buying gold and silver then and getting out of the stock market in 2007.

              The “doomers” have given me information which, after acting on it, saved me from financial ruin.

        • Johnny, what are the banks being saved with? Newly created digital currency that is not backed by anything but good faith credit? Greece is so broke they have to borrow collateral from the ECB and IMF in order to meet the loan qualifications for the ECB and IMF loans! They are borrowing collateral from the same banks that are issuing the bailout loans! It’s absolutely insane. This is why the US Constitution specifies Gold and Silver as the only constitutionally recognized forms of money because metal cannot be conjured up out of thin air.

          • thats right Joshua and its worked for years and years so what makes this IMMINENT all of a sudden?

            • Sorry Rich but it has not worked for years. We are just on the edge of the cliff. Its a forty year bubble just waiting to burst. By the way. I partly agree with you that it will not be a rapid collapse but more like a balloon with a serious leak leaving no doubt that its deflating but I dont think it will just go pop! BUT just in case i prepare.

        • Yippeee !

          We’ll all be drinking that free Bubble up and eating that rainbow stew.

        • Greece will go bankrupt. It’s only a matter of time. They can’t keep borrowing money forever. Their economy is slowing down. Their deficits are growing larger. Default is a 100% certainty. It’s only a matter of time.

          • The US is bankrupt and has been for 41 years why are the greaks bankrupt. Actually 41 years is when we didn’t have enough siver to make silver coins. The Greaks can be bankrupt for at least 40 years no one will figure it out.
            People have been getting more and more stupit since anciant Rome.

        • you are dillusional if you think a bailout is going to stop what’s coming. How many have to happen before you see they they didn’t work the first go round, and they aren’t going to work again–anywhere?
          Just remember this. No fiat currency in history has ever lasted–not one. they have all failed. You do the math. What part of never don’t you understand?

      3. In the immortal words of Ed Rooney (the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off):

        “Les jeux sont faits. Translation: The game is up. Your ass is mine!”

        In all seriousness, I think they’ll be able to kick the can down the road another time or two…but that cliff is getting closer and closer…

        • Thinking the same thing here too (see way above 🙂 ).

          There’s still time to get your preps in order, but I wouldn’t wait too long…

      4. Its true WE face an economic crisis of epic proportions. Nothing that cannot be dealt with if the GB’s choose to deal with it. I believe they will because it is in their best interest to do so.

        So NO Economic Apocalypse this month people as all of the top analysts have predicted.

        Greek default is not European financial collapse. I have $100 dollars that says there is NO European and/or Global financial collapse in October. Any takers?

        Inflation by a thousand cuts.

        • Grease will get another bail out installment this month. But no Europea, American, and/or global economic collapse within the next year, that is the question. Can you put $100 of your gambling money on that?

          • Actually I think Greece has gotten everything they are going to get.

            • Except, unfortunately, a shave and a haircut.

        • I’ll add $100 to that pot and dare anyone to match ours combined.

        • You know for this post everyone is talking about the default of the American Dollar! Hey maybe 3 weeks…maybe 3 years. Ok. But Let us look at all the aggrivated 99% protesting in Greece, Canada, Wall Street, D.C., Philly, and Hell A (LA)!
          This people are jobless, homeless, cold, and just plain old sick and TIRED. Only a matter of time before people start to riot. OR an attack is launched on the internet. OR people start doing bank runs. OR another hurricane Katrina or 911 happens, but on a little bigger scale! OR any given number of events that could happen, with everything else that is happening! So I say within a month the SHTF may very well happen! At best be very close within a month! Ya any nay sayers out there. I see you lying on your back looking up at the roof of the church! Precher tell’in the truth, and it hurts!

        • you might win your October bet, but the walls of the financial houses are starting to crumble. Every banking system is running out of ways to restore confidence to it’s system. The collapse will come, but when , is up to conjecture.
          How many times can the FED do a bailout of the too big to fails? Not many more times I think. I don’t think we have as long to wait as you think, to find out.

        • Is that $100 a $100 bill. If so, it won’t be worth much soon.

      5. same old New Weird Oder…. cant you smell whats cooking ? Lets party like its 2012!

      6. The synapses are firing, but they’re all blanks…
        I’m with you on the collapse. Slow, fast, medium speed- however it happens. And so much is still unpredictable. And the stuff happening in europe right now is downright unsettling. (ok, it actually scares the crap out of many of us!)
        But, I have a suggestion. How about casual fridays at shtfplan? One day a week where we talk about nothing but sports, tv shows and celebrity gossip. Or better yet, nothing but fishing. Just to relax the mind a bit.
        We could call it ‘Friday Mind Benders’ or ‘Crash-free Fridays’ or ‘Mental Inventory Clearance Sale.’

        How about ‘Strategic Nonparticipation Day’?

        Or ‘This Is Your Brain On Fried Eggs’

        • SmokinOkie: Casual Fridays? What do you want? I’m in my jockeys now! Isn’t that “casual” enough for you? Or is that too much information? 🙂

          Just saying.

          • Sitting on the toilet drinking coffee and reading my iPhone.

            • Doesn’t get much more casual than that. ^

          • That was a bit too much information!…carry on

          • Just finished dinnner and working on a fart in my robe. LOL

        • I’m with you SmokinOkie. I’m stuck in limbo on fishing, nothing in season, and the lake isn’t froze over yet. I do love my ice fishing! Peace. Clay

        • Ok, for this week’s casual Friday topic, I purpose something I’ve been thinking about for a while, Golden-horde camo! When it happens, you’re NOT going to want to look like you know what you’re doing…. Sure, it’s fun to dress up like you’re patrolling downtown Baghdad, but that look may make you stick out more… So what does your sheeple suit look like?

          • Oh, that’s easy: Anything from Old Navy, made suitably dirty and worn (and given the quality of the stuff in there, that won’t take much).

          • Same thrift store clothes I nomally wear. Jeans are baggy from eating better out of food storage…perfect for holster. Top that off with a neck knife and a dollar store headband…I’m good.

          • Fake $1000.00 tattoos. Fake lip piercing with simulated “infection” makeup for selected location. Rented children for each arm. Food stamp card to feed rented children. Cash stash to pay for cigs, booze, and future tattoos. Note: cash must always be removed from pocket at same time as food stamp card but never used unless buying above items. Using cash stash at anytime to buy something that can be purchased with food stamp card is a violation of OPSEC and will immediately blow your cover.

          • Great idea, Eaglescoutprepper,
            I told the wife about it. Said I wanted to look as if I’d just stumbled out of a looted home and had nothing left to steal, a real bum. She scrutinized me for a moment, buttoned one of my 3 loose buttons and then stepped back and announced “There! You’re done!”
            I think she just likes to tease me.

            • WOW!! you’re shirt HAS buttons??

          • The overalls I wear gardening, yard work etc.. The wife wont even put them in her laundry. I’ve been told to take them to the creek and beat them against a rock if I want them cleaned. They have lots of pockets and would be baggy enough to hide a surprise or two.

          • I guess I need to do my homework on what the Golden Horde/ sheeple dress like, better start watching Jersey Shore or Real Housewives for some pointers.

            • If you want to know beat a line to the welfare office don’t watch anything on TV. On TV they use actors and actresses who wouldn’t even dress like them.

        • Theres too much normalicy Bias as it is..distractions will bite you in the ass..stay on your game or lose it

        • Ditto here.

          I’m waiting for the Blazers to get moving, but BBall season is a ways off. Last year they had a habit of choking at half-time onwards, but it was fun watching them stomp the Lakers. That reminds me! The Rose Garden sells tickets in advance, and my new job won’t let me mooch off a vendor, so no more skybox seats. Gonna miss the free food and the smoking area… (*sigh*).

          BTW – did I mention that my missus was in that protest yesterday down in Portland (in spite of my warnings)? Well, her and 9,999+ other people went – about 1,000 of ’em are camped out. Unlike most places, the cops here were actually very awesome about it, and everyone got along just fine. She has her bug-out bag in the car, so I’m not too worried about her going again today. Kind of refreshing to see everyone get along. She’s smart enough to get out if things start to go sour, but aside from the unease, I’m actually proud of her. I married a liberal… sue me. At least she’s awake now.

          • You live in Portland.

            You sure as heck weren’t gonna find any Libertarians or conservatives, LOL.

            • Actually, you’d be surprised. We got a little bit of everybody up in here…

              BTW: Did you know that the Wal-Marts here now carry freeze-dried survival food cans? Veggies for around $7/can (30 servings), and meats/stews for around $15 (37-40 servings a can, depending on the contents). desserts and such are in-between. Likely not the best pricing obviously, but they taste somewhat decent, and getting a can or two each shopping trip makes sense for those of us who cannot drop $10k on a pallet of freeze-dried food.

        • I think you have been smokin too much okie, if that’s what you want to call it these days. But, what you say makes sense. After all, they can only kill us one time.

      7. Collapse is coming like a fright train….

        • dude you need to change your name and your comment is hilarious!

      8. Well now…

        I have spent the better part of 42 years being told “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

        I have been a thorn in the side(s) of those who dictate that we the people must live by law’s and policies that the rulers are immune to.

        I have been cast out from almost all circles due to my willingness to challenge that status-quo.

        It really pisses me off that no-one seemed to agree with me enough to support me publicly.

        Unlike most of you, I have been eagerly waiting for this.

        I have seen the coming “Institutionalization of America” and the failure of it’s citizens to stand-up and demand that the system change.

        Well now…

        ….is it broke yet?

        • Ol’ JShu is truthin!

        • I so agree with you, that there is not much to add actually… and to reinforce what you have said, situation in Europe in terms of liberties and personal freedom has gone down the drain long long time ago. I’m not talking about our post-soviet zone, because in here we never had anything even closely resembling personal or societal freedom. I am referring to the so called “Old Europe”, even frenchies have forgotten what it is to truly combat for what is yours. their unions are just like any union in soviet union – bought and paid for. all those “peaceful protests” are nothing more than venting valve for the “prolies”
          no one (outside such blogs and forums) seems to understand that we are actually living in Orwell’s “1984”… eternal war, controlling the past in order to control the present, thought control, constant surveillance… and if in some areas we are not there yet, we are rapidly catching up.
          I just wonder, how exactly TPTB intend to use this economic downturn/collapse in order to further their agenda…
          Durango Kid, I catch your drift, but I can tell that even if your “inflation by thousand cuts” is true, it is already in high gear and nearing fruition. it’s what I see everyday in my country (which is small, weak and a beggar too). massive unemployment, black market, police not bothering to do anything, even if you tell them that thieves are right in front of your house and robbing an empty house (not even when you tell them thieves’ car registration number) … maybe we are not there yet, but very close… not much left to destroy actually… it is maybe the retail system that is still there to rob the sheeple of what is left, but otherwise we in Lithuania are already on the very threshold of SHTF…
          Manos, I hear what is happening in Greece, and it seems the front part of S has already hit the fan… brace for last convulsions of the system…

          p.s. with the backthought about the “to kill or not to kill” article earlier –
          moral high ground in SHTF scenario is a soap bubble… don’t you people hesitate to do what is necessary, or you will be lying there on the front porch of your house, and bastards will be helping themselves to your supplies (and, God forbid, to your family members)

          • I would seriously love to quote you somewhere else… may I do so?

            • OQ, quote to your heart’s content 🙂 give credit though, cos I copyright my every thought 😀

            • p.s. uh…where will you quote me?

            • I was thinking of putting together a small book of sorts. No idea if it’ll go anywhere, though.

        • Not so sure about the “eagerly” part, but waiting for this I truly have.

          The big reason that one shouldn’t be eager for it is because there’s gonna be a whole lot of refugees out there, and a lot more violence.

      9. I’m never ready enough, still getting things in order but time is running out. I know my family and I can make it through anything as long as we are together. In the last 10 years we’ve lost our house, vehicles, moved 8 times added 2 kids, had many jobs, went to college, and survived together as a family. A little faith, family and being creative we get by but its hard to prep when you are living on almost nothing. Trading things, making it yourself, barter and being able to fix things yourself or trade those skills has gotten us more preped than most.
        Now I’ve lived at the bottom and only have up to go, depression, shtf, or teotwawki will not keep us down as long and we are strong in each other, a little faith, and ingenuity wins out over darkness. Best of luck all.

        • Know what you mean MM2,seems like there is always something more to get. I guess it is the difference between just getting by eventually and prospering during difficult times. Keep on prepping!

          • Working on it, fixing the sink at the house we rent, land lord takes it off the rent but the hardware store closed due to a possible tornado last night so I have to wait till 10 to fix it right. We try and even the kids help out with bills and learning skills. All can cook, youngest girl volunteers at a vet clinic, older two kids hunt and fish at 12 and 11. I live a blessed life. Good kids, my wife is my best friend, excellent mother, and is awake. She just left for work with my oldest girl who is volunteering at the nursing home my wife works at. I get my computer back today from the shop and another 2k primers for reloading. Life is good.

        • Admirable that you have a good home life! But please remember it isn’t Muslims that collapsed the economy and it isn’t Muslims that are looting you and me every day.

          • I just have a small problem with the religion being based on killing , conquering, or converting all who are non Islamic. I’ll chose a god of love thy neighbor vs. Kill or enslave every time. I’ve read the Koran to learn my enemy and anyone who tells you its a religion of peace is lying. Oh its peaceful to other Muslims but NOT to any other religion. Do your own homework.

            • The strange part is, Islam in and of itself isn’t that way… it’s a number of the practitioners who distort it that way that makes it look bad.

              Much like Christianity did in 1099, come to think of it.

        • I wish it were that simple. The Fed will print dollars until they’re worthless. OPEC will stop selling us oil in dollars. We import 2/3 of our oil. The government will go bankrupt. The economy will collapse. Flash mobs will raid grocery stores and head for the exits without paying. Stores will close. Nobody will have food unless they’ve stored it ahead of time. There won’t be electricity or running water. There won’t be police or fire departments. Millions will starve or die violent deaths. America will become a living hell.

          • The dollars that the Federal Reserve prints have a value?
            I thought they were worthless already.

      10. Just clear your mind of all these timelines and the dates that are given. Just clear the mind and believe me, your ass will follow. I’m getting pretty weary of the doom and gloom. I know things aren’t real good for alot of people, but don’t be Gulliver’s Travel’s Glum. The term “prepping” needs to go and something else put in its place. To me, since I can remember, I have always felt the urge or need to make sure I always had enough to eat, clothes, medical, etc. I just never felt it necessary to give it a name because it was natural. Now with all the hype its become just another chore, another worry. Will that additional worry add one more second to your life? Thanks Okie for your comments. I know what you are saying.

        • Don’t prep, stand in line for items that are gone. Act as persons acted in Katrina, waiting for the govenment to show up. But don’t come to my door step begging, I’ll have a much different attitude than your’s. I will provide for my family and protect them.

          Prepping is so much more, I’m ready for the next naturial disaster.

      11. failure of each sovereign nation is exactly what the imf wants, needs and is pushing for in concert with the other fiscal criminals of the world, like bernanke and geithner… it’s only then that their nwo can be erected and the complete stranglehold they want on all of us can be effected…

        • good post preach… ;0) well said…

          They Take in inches, what they could in Yards!

          Slowly easying the chains on us all!

          Just remember don’t shot till ya see the UN Blue of their Helmets!


        • Yo Prepping Preacher –

          I believe that you are 100% correct. The ‘ELITES’ have never been able to control the entire world economy ……. not yet anyway. This is their wildest wet dream.

          In order to accomplish this, they need to first destroy every country economically. They need to get things to such dire conditions for the other 99% of the people, that the people will actually beg them for the imposition of their long coveted New World/One World Order Government.

          Here in the United States, things could just be a little more difficult for them. We’ll have to wait and see. God, but we do live in interesting times! Hang on to your seats and enjoy the ride. Boys & girls, we’re about to witness and actually be participants in a spectacle, a spectacle the like of which the world won’t soon forget.

          Please gather your families and loved ones close about you. God Bless & good luck to all.

          • very well put. and in simple terms, you have explained the end game. I have my seat belt fastned, and I’m driving around running my last few prepping errands. I also think we don’t have long to see how things are going to start to play out. Rough times ahead even for the prepared, but horrible times ahead for the masses.

        • There will be a worldwide collapse that will lead to the world government prophesied in the book of Revelation.

      12. they will simply print more money till we finally have a million dollar bill in circulation. (if we have hard cash at all.)

        the collapse comes when no one wants to us dollar anymore. all other issues are compatrmentalized. small countries, like Greece, can be bailed out time and time again. the US dollar is behind the all the bailouts.

        when we lose the reserve currency standard is when it happens. the IMF will be the gunman in that. they will declare the dollar defunked. when? I don’t know.

        • As usual, death by a thousand cuts

        • Rachel: The US controls the IMF.

      13. @Mac
        I have also read about the credit line from ECB for a year. How does this affect anything? Or does it?

      14. Who knows when it will happen? All we can do is be ready for if and when it comes. My preps have actually been good for me. I clip coupons, only buy things on sale (granted in may be in bigger portions than before), I eat out maybe once every three weeks, my house is more energy efficient as I have taken care of a few things I had put off for a few years, I save everything if it can be useful, I ask friends to save certain things for me(it is amazing what I used to throw away that I find a use for now. I havent thrown away any dryer lint in months, I will be able to start numerous fires without any help if it does happen), my garden has doubled in size this year and I am working more ground up as fall has arrived. I really have put a lot of work into living without electricity as I believe that is going to be one of the major problems when the SHTF. I have a few solar panels, enough to run a heater in the winter and maybe give a little entertainment so we dont kill eachother with boredom. Grin. And to run a small fridge in the summer. That is if an EMP doesnt fry everything electric I have (also working on a faraday cage). I practice with my guns a lot more than I used to, in fact it has become a family competition once every few weeks. I am fairly ready, but always looking for holes in my preps, and always find them. The preps are talked about once a week with then family and we toss ideas around. It has actually brought us together more than we were before, and we were a tight family before. If the SHTF doesnt happen, I dont regret for a moment becoming a prepper. JUST BE PREPARED

        • how do you run a heater off of solar panels?

          • With an electric baseboard heater, or perhaps one of those smaller units.

            They do eat the electricity though… probably want to go with something that burns wood (or coal, if it’s plentiful and close by).

            • You can find coal on the side of most railroads.

          • research “Fueless Energy”… it works and runs all day 24/ 7 and you can build it yourself… ;0)tee hee

          • It is just one of those fireplace inserts that i will plug into a converter off of the batteries. I wont run it alot, just enough to take the edge off. I have propane heaters and 20 pound cylinders to help also. I just got a woodstove, but am not gonna install it because insurance company will freak out if I do. I will just wait until there isnt an insurance company. I need all these things, because it gets cold in Northern Michigan in the winter

            • If you have a site built house I’d get a permit and get it installed.Make sure you use the double walled stove pipe etc. I bought mine a few years ago and had it installed.

              Woodstoves are messy and a pain BUT unlike pellet stoves they work just fine when the power is out. When it is real cold outside nothing takes the chill out of the old bones faster than a hot cup of coffee while sitting next to a woodstove. Heck, I have one in my tent and I stay toasty warm in 15 degree weather 🙂

            • Kerosene heaters and kerosene are the best way to go. I won’t burn wood. I’m not having smoke going up my chimney that will advertise for miles around that I have heat. I can run a kerosene heater and have the flue of my fireplace open. Nobody will know I have heat.

            • Bill, thats smart thinking there, I like to think I have I thought of everything (yes I did consider the smoke issue) but not venting the kerosene heater by using fireplace flue, great advice!!

            • How about them Lions!!!!

        • Not to upset your apple cart, but…

          ” I have a few solar panels, enough to run a heater in the winter”

          Rule of thumb when utilizing one’s solar system most efficiently and effectively, never attempt to use the system to heat anything, e.g. food/water/air. (However, solar hot water panels are designed specifically for that chore, and that would certainly be the way to go).

          Unless you’ve already managed (somehow) in the past with “a few solar panels” generating power to “run an (electric) heater”, you may be in for a big surprise, just after a few weeks, or even days (I’m assuming you have batteries for night use).

          I’ve got 2400 watts of panels and 24 – 6 volt batteries and using them in an application that you are suggesting would result in their swift demise, unless I had access to the sun, 24/7, and, I was only heating one small room (maybe).

          • “enough to run a heater in the winter”, means “run the fan, thermostat and ignition” of a fueled heater. this is very doable, from 12v in an RV/Trailer, to a little heavier current into a good inverter to run the natural gas furnace that heats the house right now. The BTU’s are from fuel, unless it’s a heatpump or a person is lucky enough to have some hot springs at the bottom of the hill.

            If a person has a pellet-burning fireplace, solar and a big battery backup is a great idea. Pellet burners are very efficient per pound of fuel (go off and on pretty easy) and don’t need much fussing. Yeah, you still have to buy and store pellets, but unless you have a coal mine, ng well, or woodlot, you will need to get some kind of fuel to fight severe cold.

            In the Pacific NW, we have mid-winter that can give solar PV an effectiveness multiplier of between 0% and 20% of mid-summer noon (which is just a fraction of what one might expect in Luna NM most of the year), requiring a combination of a big battery bank and a fuel burning generator to put some charge on those batteries. If the shtf, a lot is going to depend on how stored fuel is used and managed, until the local refinery and local fuel sources can come on-line. Solar is part of this, but it’s a useful half at best.

            I wouldn’t run baseboard heating, or electric hot water, if electricity was completely free and unlimited. Within a few hours of the power being off, the house is an icy tomb in winter, and betcha the kitchen is “all-electric” too. These kind of houses were almost common in Seattle in the late 1950’s, with R-3 insulation! There are a few rental houses that still are original, chilly and expensive, but the tenant decides how warm to keep the house and if to pay the bills.


      15. I’m worn out mentally as well by all this Good news.
        Time to regroup.
        Happy preppn(Jews included).

        • The jews caused this all. Stinking bankers.

          • LOL…No fault lies w/ the progressive democrats like Barney Frank? (sniff!) The fed. gov’t threatened to pull FDIC status from the banks if they did NOT obey them and hand out risky loans like Pez dispensers.

            Careful, you’re comment could be seen as antisemitic!

            • John Q. Public says:
              October 6, 2011 at 7:43 pm
              @ anonymous 4:36pm

              What about the “dual citizens” infesting the Executive Branch that conceived and promoted their war with lies and false flag ops? Are they also “pig vomit” etc.?

              Or do they get a pass because they and their banksters are “Chosen People”?

              Here is what they believe about us:

              “…’living soul’ designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of other peoples? R[abbi] Eleazar said: ‘They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.’…’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and ‘cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth,’ to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul,” but who are as we have said.” Bereshith 47a

              “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.” Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

              Rate this comment: 3  0

              Slick says:
              October 6, 2011 at 10:45 pm
              OK John,
              First things first.
              I have never seen a Jew saw someone’s head off with a Bowie knife, with a group of Jews, all chanting God is great!
              I have not seen any Jews, strap bombs onto their body OR their childrens body. And go blow themselves to hell, killing as many people as they can.
              No John,
              I can find no common ground with that enemy, as I will always be an infidel.
              As for the banksters, if things completely break down, many of them will be in the same boat as us, and many of them have some splainin to do, this is true and I get it.
              Neither Banksters, or Jews have committed any honnor killings last I checked.
              No John,
              Those vomituos pig fuckers will always view me as an infidel, and there is nothing there to work with.
              But John,
              You caught me in a good mood tonight.
              I’m sold!
              I’m blaming it all on the Jews!
              The Jews did it! The Jews did it!
              Posting of a solid antisimitic rant and my response. Hope both come thru on the copy and paste.
              No RWM, I’m not antisimitic, but I think the seth lord John Q Public is trying to turn me.
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          • Mel Gibson? Are you drinking again?

          • Does that include your stinking Jew God Jesus?

            • OK john,
              You win again.
              There is a nice, friendly woman across the street from me (she’s Jewish).
              I shall step out side and start screaming at her for something.
              I think I shall leeds with the whole banking thing and then work my way into the whole Jews control the media thing and then I will… I….I…will just wing it from there.
              The Jews did it! The Jews did it!
              Your all a bunch of dirty filthy Jews!
              I welcome any of your suggestions that you might have to add to my rant at her.

        • I KNOW you didn’t mean anything disparaging by that…right?

      16. Guys and Gals:

        This really has the chance to snowball. Greek default leads to banks in Europe and the US to fail… Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Irish borrowing costs go thru the roof, accelerating their own doom. At that point, the contagion is world-wide because banks holding the debt of those countries go belly up… and those banks are in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and the North America. Nobody is safe. After, or during, the European capital markets collapse, you may see Japanese and US sovereign debt come under pressure, especially when the European banks are dumping bonds in order to raise cash… and so on… and so on…
        This is going to make 2008 look like child’s play.
        And it just might make the Great Depression look like a ‘temporary down-turn’.
        Oh, and the last time the globe faced economic collapse, we had a small war. So… gotta face that possibility too.

        Sorry for the gloom and doom. Kinda pessimistic today.


        • “Sorry for the gloom and doom. Kinda pessimistic today.”

          It’s hard not to be when you read the news.

        • Mal: Yes it COULD get out of hand. But I don’t think it will go that far. The GB’s will lose the most if there is a global meltdown. They lose everything and maybe their lives, too.

          They have too much to lose to let it happen. You understand that as a rule of thumb, they cut their losses short and let their gains run.

          So they will give up what they have too now to preserve the system that works for them.

        • you make some good solid points. We all need to remember, everythings connected. And if Europe catches a cold, we will get it here in the states. Besides, I think the world financial system has progressed to the point where they have run out of rabbits to pull out of the hat. There are no more tricks to pull.

      17. Crash, boom, bang.
        Some French bank called Dexia, is to be bailed out.
        The end of days? maybe, who knows.

        And a joke about the end of days:

        Noah finally has all the animals caged inside the ark.
        Rain starts falling and this goes for days and days.
        So after a while, the animals get bored and start having sex. But as they do it, the ark moves back and forth, and left to right.
        So there comes a time when sea water starts flowing in, due to the ark’s moves.
        So Noah starts shouting.
        -Stop, everybody, we are about to go to the bottom. Stop now.

        So the animals stop doing it, and Noah comes with his directives:

        – I will give you one card to each pair, and on the card i will write down, a specific day and hour, for couples to have sex. This way the ark will not move as much as it did.

        All the animals agree, so the schedule works for a while.

        One day the rabit returns to his nest and tells the whife:
        -Next Tuesday you are going to have a tough time.

        She gets scared but tries not to show her fear.

        Next day, the rabit tells the lady:

        – Next Tuesday you are going to have a tough time.

        So the lady goes to Noah to tell him her concern.
        Then Noah calls the rabit for further explanations.

        – Listen you idiot. Why are you threatening your wife?
        – I don’t threatening her boss, i’m just warning her. Last week i lost my card in a poker game. Donkey got it.

        • At Manos, a couple questions. Are people really leaving any money they have in the Banks in Greece? Do you see people spending whatever money they do have just to get rid of what may be worthless paper very soon? Peace Clay

          • Clay,

            To be honest, information is changing so rapidly every day, that none can be sure of what’s happening.
            People close to me, relatives, friends, co-workers, and generally people of the middle class, don’t have savings anymore.
            My wife is an english language teacher. She used to have around 9 students. From all 9 families, one parent is unemployed now, so they couldn’t afford to pay for classes. Those people live now with one salary, and with the last money from their savings.
            Two years of austerity measures, price increases in gas and food, tax increases, and unemployment, have made any savings to dissapear.
            People used their last money, to buy food, pay for the first school expenses, and fill up with petrol their tanks for the winter.
            Speaking fo myself, some last savings which meant for my daughter’s college, will be used to buy some property near the city. At least when the shtf we won’t lose everything.
            There are people who still have savings in Greek banks, but slowly they turn that money into dollars, swiss fs, or shares in foreign stock exchange.
            As for spending, yes many people still live in some other world. They still go to cafes, excursions, restaurants, buy tv sets, fancy clothes, and other crap.
            In my opinion those people are about to wake up in a tough way.

            • @ Manos sorry to keep pestering you with questions, but I kinda see Greece as the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. Are any items being rationed yet?
              I hope things get better for you folks soon.

            • Not yet Clay.
              I believe that such a move would spur violence, because it would actually verify the real condition. so theyr are really cautious of they pass each measure after the other.
              By today more and more taxes are being implemented, and more and more cuts decrease our income.
              So there is no need to ration anything, cause the consuming power has dropped.
              There is offer; demand is the problem.
              Today we heard that the Italian and British banks were downgraded, and that their most important issue is to save the banks if the financial system faces the collapse.

            • Are the Greek people allowed to own firearms?

      18. I wonder if the Red Sox will make the playoffs next year.

        • Green Mountains Boys say “Yes”.

      19. Once in a while I have to drive in to D.C. to work from the Philly area. Normally I can make it in 2 hours. Yesterday it took me 5 to get home. Then entire time I was sitting in stopped traffic I was thinking “man, this is NORMAL, what happens if EVERYONE tried to leave?!?!” I was pinned in with no where to go. It was a very unsettling feeling knowing that you’re trapped if something should happen. This route and these cities block my bug out direction to the west and north. East of me is the ocean. South is suburban Delaware.

        I am so screwed. This is why I prep and hope that whatever happens will allow me to bug in for at least the initial waves.

        • biggest threat to a bug out plan is traffic.

          • Biggest threat to a bug out plan is being where one has to bug out.

          • The real problem is where you plan to go and what you’ll have when you get there. We have everything we need at home. We’re at least 100 miles from the nearest big city.

        • Get a motorcycle…….moped…..or some other 2-wheeled unit….that should get you out of there!

          • I second this, even a bike will get miles covered faster then walking and you can put your bob on it easily enough.

        • Sorry Charlie! They are all Union Communists and hippies.

          • Thanks, God! How would any of us know what to think without your wise declarations?

          • Gee, you know what else they are? Americans

        • The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.
          These are union organized communists and the naive are falling for their lies. They’re using an ounce of truth to push their evil agenda! We MUST fix crony capitalism, but NOT with THESE people!

          Their goal =
          Progressive take over and elimination of our Republic!

          • Judging from comments here, the banksters will succeed in dividing and conquering us.

            As for me, as much as I despise Communism and “free market” Capitalism, I will accept their help any day in crushing our oppressors.

            • I can guarantee that if you lived in the Soviet Union in the 30’s thru the 70’s you would not do anything with a communist other than kill him. Communism is simply a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government.

              Capitalism has it’s faults but allowing a man to keep the fruits of his labors is freedom. The thing that is missing from our economic system and our social system is morality. Unfortunately the folks bitching about it have also been demanding the abolition of morality.

            • Plain Old American says: “I can guarantee that if you lived in the Soviet Union in the 30′s thru the 70′s you would not do anything with a communist other than kill him. Communism is simply a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government.”

              Unfortunately, you confuse the Communist political party of a socialist socioeconomic system with communism. I imagine that 99% of the people here make this same mistake due to years of cold-war propaganda and lies.

              That’s not to say that communism is any better than capitalism (nor can I say the opposite as I honestly don’t know) – both theories have their merits, but both are just that, theories, as no human has ever witnessed either.

              To be honest, and strictly from a sustainable perspective, Engles and Marx’s theory of communism, though it lacks any type of real physical referent, holds more water _IMO_. I do envision humanity as a whole eventually reaching that level of maturity, however, I seriously doubt that my grandchildren’s grandchildren will live to see the human race at that level of advancement.

          • Dear RWMom,
            Unions came into being due to the savage nature of unfettered,unrestrained and very Unchristian Capitalism and the “robber Barons” of early part of the 20th century.Read up on Standard Oil and the great Capitalists of that time.You’ll soon see why working men fought and DIED to give many of us the standard of living that is being peeled away from us little at a time today.Can’t say how “out there” some of the protesters are,but I can say that when Soldiers who have returned home are killing themselves at the rate of 17 A DAY due to the lack of jobs,vet health care(to name just a few)things need to change.Better a alt life style “hippie” than a selfish “screw you I got mine and NOT gonna give up a dime to help anyone-else ” Banker.And lets not forget our Wall Street Uber Rich Top 5% type that “I can now lie to the stock-holders cuz the Supreme Court says I can”kind of people.
            Yet,CHANGE IS COMING
            Best to All

      20. Mac we can’t say you didn’t tell us. It looks like it is all coming to pass. We have consumed ourselves into a black hole. This is a black hole that is an effective time tunnel that will squirt us back out somewhere in the Dark Ages. I can imagine scenarios where we lose ninety percent of whole populations. This will be Malthus accelerated. Malthus predicted the population growing to the point where it outgrew the resources. But this is Malthus in the mirror: our resources will be suddenly and autonomously constrained we necessarily get an equal decline in population.

        Get ready for weeping and gnashing of teeth and be prepared to protect your family.b

      21. Know your back roads and have a printed map of your area

      22. “Free your mind, and your ass will follow” ! (Funkadelic)

        • I don’t think it’s nice, you laughin’. You see, my mule don’t like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you’re laughin’ at him. Now if you apologize, like I know you’re going to, I might convince him that you really didn’t mean it.

          • Is its name Francis?

      23. If you subscribe to Glenn Becks GBTV I highly recommend watching the show from October 6th (not the radio program, the television show). Around the 5 or 6 minute mark he starts laying our everything he thinks will unfold.

        These organized riots are the first step. He goes on to lay out 5 or 6 more steps – which end with civil war (neighbor against neighbor). He says it could all happen within a matter of 4 weeks but he believes it will be about a year – before the election. (I smell an election being postponed in 2012)

        I’m a hard core prepper but it literally brought tears to my eyes.

        BTW Glenn offers a free 2 week trial so it won’t cost you a cent to check it out. It’s worth your time. You need to know what is coming & Glenn has been very accurate so far.

        • Glenn Beck? No thanks.

          • What’s wrong with him?! I personally like the guy. He’s saying all the same things you see here.

            • Except LOUDER.

            • anyone who has been paying attention since the early 90s don’t need Beck or anyone else to tell them to get prepared for hard times, debt free, ect.Beck is talking to make money and lots of money millions a yr.

            • Glenn Beck is upside-down on Judeo-Zionism and, other than “middle management,” he is afraid to name the guilty—because they sign his paycheck.

        • I tivoed and watched Glenn Beck nearly every day that he was on Fox News. Those of you that disregard his views and predictions are very shortsighted. As a long time viewer of his, I know that a very large majority of the things he predicted over the years have come to pass. He is a very good man that has been doing his very best to educate this country on the dangers that we we face from both within the country and from the outside.

        • If you step back and look at all the predictions being made about the events to come, the only variation with most of them is the time line. Seems the vast majority of aware people know we are screwed to the hilt, and are doing what they can to get ready. With all that is going on, can there be any doubt that there are some major, life changing events coming for all of us? This will certainly be a rough 12 months ahead. Time to check your equipment, do an inventory on supplies, and lock and load. I don’t see too many alternatives to these preparations.
          by the way, I also agree that I don’t think there will be any 2012 national elections. I smell martial law just around the corner.

      24. i suggest you all buy .9999 silver and add it to your water bottles and water jugs… buy now while it’s still cheap … you can drink it , bath with it and flush out your eye’s with it… just adding the silver to your water source gives you the benefit of boosting your immune system. the romans used it for killin’ bacteria in water, milk and medical use.

        still works… ;0) tee hee

        • She’s not just talking still stuff here. I’ve been colloidal silvering for years. Amazing stuff.

        • ninaorket,

          Save any silver plated flatware! It’s not work any melt value, but the silver plating has antibiotic and immune boosting benefits. It’s believed that during historical hard times, the wealthy fared better because their eating utensils were silver.

        • Great. More Quackery! Sure, pop a silver coin in your water for a strep throat and watch your child die!!!

          • Do it before they get it to help defend from it.

          • Actually,
            I’ve used zinc tablets for years. Every time I feel a spot starting on my throat, I suck on a 30 – 50 mg. tablet. They’re disgusting, but it usually only takes 1…if I catch it early enough!

            I would be careful giving zinc to small children. They make lozenges that are only 12.5 mg each. One – two of those in a 24 hour period always helped my boys when they were little. (Never more than 100 mg. in 24 hours for an adult and 30 – 50 mg. in 24 hours for young children!)

            Stockpile zinc tablets as an EARLY alternative to SOME antibiotics! Almost anything throat, sinus, and upper respiratory can be prevented…IF caught early enough!

        • good advice for all. we all need to brush up on the uses for silver. I need to make another batch of collodial silver. thanks for the reminders.

      25. must be everyone knows it except Obama, he want to borrow more money.

      26. I’m still wondering whether the impending collapse is intentional or unintentional. Have the global elite overplayed their hand in an effort to create regional unions (European, North American,etc.) and are now watching them fall apart against their will, or does the New World Order want the New World Order to fail so that they can present a more sinister solution?

        • It’s intentional. That’s why governments in Europe, the US, and Japan are all on the verge of bankruptcy. They want to create a disaster large enough to create a one-world government. Read the book of Revelation to find out what happens next.

      27. During the ‘Great Depression’, there was 25% unemployment. If it reaches that level due to the coming meltdown, I could see riots and looting, since we live in an age when there is less respect for the rule of law.

        What I don’t get is why preppers think there won’t be food to buy, water to drink or electricity. It’s not an asteroid that’s coming.

        • In essence we already have 25% unemployment. More than 15% of Americans do not work & collect welfare. Add that to that the almost 10% unemployed and you easily get 25%.


          I read an article a couple of days ago that said households receiving welfare & govt give ways (NOT soc security or medicare) is up to 36%. The 36% includes unemployment.

          1/3 of America is not working. Some want to work but can’t find jobs but many don’t even bother looking and are too lazy to work so they just mooch off the rest of us. Or at least mooch off of our printed & borrowed money.

          • Mr. B: Most of that 36% you cite are illegals and hispanics. 45% of all hispanic households receive some form of government assistence.

            That data is two years old, so the percentage is even higher now.

            Send the illegals home and the American taxpayer will save more tha $350 billion every year and jobs will open up for the working class.

            You can’t feed 10 kids per family on 8-10 dollars an hour.

        • WillieD,
          Google Weimar Republic….

        • Who needs an asteroid???
          We’ve got Obama and his progressive minions!

          • You are wrong. Those are himroids.

        • there will be food and everything we have today except that it will be a yr or two before the dust settles and people start to barter and do some trading, also things will cost 6-7 times as much, like today if you have the money, you can buy anything. if there’s rioting and lots of damage to the intrastructure, copper robbed from the power companies ect, they may just keep power going to places like military bases, police stations ect. for a few yrs.

      28. Paul Warburg Quote: We Shall Have World Government, Whether Or Not We Like It. The Question Is Only, Whether World Government Will Be Achieved By Consent Or Conquest. My response, Good Luck With That One Paul, Fanny Muncher! Sorry Folks, Its Their Perceived Endgame, Its Up To Us to Repell This Agenda! They Make Me Laugh!

      29. Some of you guys are still saying you think it could still be a bit away from collapse,guys this thing has been coming at us for almost 11 years,I have followed it very close.I have been warning my friend since 2007 and thank god some has listened.I and my family have been preparing since 2007.Please always go by the saying better to be safe than sorry.

        • good advice. many have been prepping for a while. The only disagreement now seems to be the timeline of events. No matter the timeline, our preps are the only way we’ll have to get through all this, wheneveer it happens. My guess is soon. There are so many critical events happening all at one time now. Events are in high gear. The NWO people are making their bid for an all out end game run. Hold on, it’s going to be a rough ride.

      30. Read this morning on that former Marines and other vets are now vowing to protect citizens from the onslaught of police violence at the recent events taking place around the US.To protect against foreign and or domestic!

        If this happens at a large enough scale we should see some attention focused on this soon with the mainstream news channels.

        Get ready, stay alert and support your fellow preppers as we are going to be in for a ride.

        “When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable”.

        John F. Kennedy

      31. Welcome to American Apocalypse! The reality game show for true survivors. Today’s contestants are Don from Ohio, Megan from Texas, and Lou from New York. Welcome to all three of you. Just a quick reminder of how the show works- Each of you will have 2 minutes to explain how you’re preparing for the meltdown. When you hear this sound (bzzzt) your time is up. Then, our panel of experts will score each of you, and the winner will recieve a fabulous prepper prize package! Ready?…
        All right, we’ll begin with Don. Tell us what you’re doing to survive the collapse, Don.
        Don: Well, I used to live in Cincinatti, but we moved 60 miles away, right out among the farms and well away from any big towns. Then I built a huge pantry onto the house and stocked it with 17,000 lbs of freeze dried food. I drilled a water well and power it with solar panels. Got a wood stove and 40 cords of wood. Plus I’ve taught everyone in the family to shoot and I got my wife, for our anniversary, a genuine WW2 era 50 caliber machine gun. I had a friend totally refurbish it and it works great. We tried it on the neighbors cows and we can drop ’em from 450 yards! Oh, and I dug a moat all the way around the property and put in some piranha and alligators. Plus a couple of big electric lines hooked to a switch on a 60 kilovolt transformer, so if anybody gets past the alligators and(bzzzt)
        Host: Times up Don! Sounds like you’re very well prepared!…Next let’s reset the timer and hear from Lou, our New Yorker. Ready? Begin-
        Lou: Well, to be honest, I’m not a native New Yorker. I just moved there from Iowa 4 months ago. So, uh…anyway, I figureded I’d try to meet some people and start a mutual assistance group or something. You know, just to have some friends to rely on? But every time I approach somebody on the street they either mug me, or they think I’m a mugger and they yell for the cops. Makes it hard to build friendships…So, anyway, I got a dog for protection. A pomeranian I think…no, wait, she’s a poodle. I named her (bzzzt)
        Host: Time’s up Lou! And a wasted 2 minutes it was! Sounds like you’d better hightail it back to Iowa before you get hurt! Ha Ha! …Now, we’ll reset the 2 minute clock and hear from Megan. Ready Megan? Ok. Begin-
        Megan: As a native Texan I guess I’m prepared for anything. I’ve been shooting since I was a kid. I even had an NRA bumper sticker on my tricycle. And my folks have a big ranch near Abilene. Very isolated and they’re both long time preppers so most of that stuff is taken care of. What I’ve been concentrating on most is barter items. With just a wee bit of my femine wiles I convinced my doctor last year to quadruple my zanax presription, so I have tons of that stocked up now. And, heck, I don’t even use it anymore! I can get through the whole week on just a couple quarts of Crown Royal. So, I think I’ll have plenty of ‘barter’ stuff for a long term event even if (bzzzt)
        Host: Thank you Megan! Sounds like a great strategy. Now, judges, please score each contestant from 0 to 10 points and hold up your score cards…
        And the score for Don is…26 out of a possible 30! Nice going Don. I think the piranha really helped you! Next, the score for Lou is…4 out of a possible 30! Sorry Lou, but it’s obvious you won’t survive the crash. Next the score for Megan is…30 out of 30! Congratulations, Megan! You’ve won some fantastic prizes including a 2yr subscription to Backwoods Home magazine, a pair of kevlar ear muffs, and a 12 circuit remote detonating panel from Wireless Booms, Inc. Congratulations again Megan! And, by the way, can I talk to you after the show?

        • Woot! Woot!

      32. You wackjobs been posting this crap for 3 years and the earth is still moving and will keep moving if you want to die so bad go blow your brains out

        • if we’re wackjobs, what are you?

        • U 1st.

        • Eventually they’re going to be right !

          • So one guy’s opinion versus the vast majority (including that of the Vatican) of 1.4 billion other Catholics, quite a number of whom are scientists?

            If the Holy See agrees to that premise, call me. Otherwise I’ll take that particular book with a block of salt.

        • Truth: If we are wackjobs why do you even bother to surf into this page….maybe you are an obummer plant.

        • Did Rich change handles?

        • we’re waiting for you to show us how. After that, I have some more wacky prepping to do. Please put some plastic down so we don’t have so much to clean up. Cleaning up takes away time from my wacky prepping.

      33. We are and have been in a depression.. the 9.1% is complete and utter crap. That is only the people receiving unemployment benefits. We are at least in the mid 20’s for actual unemployment… only the New Deal programs put in place after the last one is masking the real truth.

        There will be war soon… bank on it.

      34. bear in mind when comparing the great depression’s unemployment numers to todays is back then it was MEN who were the bread winners. Most of the women were housewives and took care of the home and children.

        if we suddenly went back to a one income family, like they had back then, there would be more jobs than we could fill.

        women’s lib has actually pitted husband against wife in the job markets. which also drives down the price of wages due to a flooded market.

        cut the labor pool and the primary bread winners could demand more money from thier employers.

        • But then people wouldn’t be able to live in $600,000 house, take 4 vacations a year and drive a brand new high end luxury car every 2 years! They NEED to have those things, otherwise how can they relate to others at the country club?

        • Deporting the illegals would also be a good start and it would save billions

          • Heck, just deport the numero uno illegal from Kenya and we could save trillions 😉

        • I see your point, I really do. But the problem with that is…..what happens to the women who are single parents? If they want to support their kids, they would, in that scenario, only have a choice of menial jobs, prostitution or charity.

          Women’s Lib evened the playing field just a little – it isn’t really level – there are still the Good Ole Boys clubs in nearly every industry. There is still a glass ceiling. There is still discrimination. However, it’s illegal to talk about it and companies must at least give the appearance of treating men and women employees equally. That gives women like me a fair shot at making a decent living.

          While I’d love, love, LOVE to be able to stay home with my children, it just isn’t possible.

          • single mom’s worked back then and made a good wage in all aspects of employment. factory to office work.

            the women’s lib movment did not equal the playing field and give women the same income as men. statics show women, 30 years later, still make less than men.

            the drive behind the movment was to disrupt the home life and bring in another tax source. that was a success.

            I didn’t say all the women should stay home, just if we followed the single income model there would be far more jobs.

            • Rachel: No disrespect intended, but wages were certainly not the same previously. Employers could legally and openly pay women less than men. At the time before the laws changed, women rarely had executive or management jobs, which is something that has changed drastically.

              And you are right, women still make less than men, but not as much less as they used to.

              I apologize for misunderstanding your point about women staying home.

        • Rachel: Good idea. But if We send 30 million illegals home there would be a lot less people getting food stamps and housing benefits that don’t belong to them, and there would be a lot more jobs available in America.

          • DK,
            Yet another wise response.
            If I was to categorize this website….
            Iwould say….
            You are the The Mitt Romney, of the cite.
            Clark, possibly the Perry.
            Okie, Paul and Cain combo.(speaks to me at my level).
            Rich, Barnie Frank.
            Mac, a combo of drudge, Glenn Beck, and any good commentator, or moderator.
            The Marine, and Nam vet, would be John Bolton.
            JQP, and Hammerhead…Piss off.
            What a fucken cabinet we have here!
            Oh, and Manos as U N secretary.
            And many more I have missed….
            The point is we are all preparing for something that we feel in our Bones, and none of us can shake that feeling.
            Much like the Founding Fathers, we don’t all get along on an individual bases, but we share the same goals.
            My soap box is no more.
            My apologies to anyone I may have offended except Rich, JQP, and Hammerhead.

            • A community of folks that think?

            • Slick: Romney is a bright guy and a good guy, but he believes in the FREE TRADE system of the GB’s that has bankrupted America.

              I don’t.

              It is a corruption of every American ideal. The Free Trade of the GB’s under GATT, NAFTA, and WTO is corporate fascism.

              Corporate fascism is anathama to personal liberty.

            • @Slick, The Perry? Ouch. That hurt.

              Ron Paul 2012!!!!

            • Sorry Guys,
              I new this analogy was gonna be risky at best.
              I was thinking in terms of……
              Never mind.
              Back to the drawing board.

          • statistics for thr 30 million claim? 30 million is way too high.


            there is an ESTIMASTED number of less then 7 million illegals. this is another Rebulican vs democrate non issue that is brought to your attention to distract you.

            less than 7 million is less then the number of unisured americans, less then the uneployment rate. Meaning the claim that illegals have taken all our jobs is blantly false.

            yes, there are illegals here working. many in apple fields or in the illegal drug trade. but not, taking high quailty jobs.

            deporting all 7 million illegals would be cost billions of dollars and that money can never be recouped. the illeagels are a symptom of a disease, not the cause of the problems.

            • Do you live in Minnesota?

              If anything 30 million is too low. As for your assertion that the majority are working in agriculture, that also is incorrect. The illegals have destroyed the purchasing power of American labr because they will work as carpenters, roofers, truck drivers and butchers for much less than Americans used to.

              They can do this because they are NOT immigrants. They are Mexicans taking advantage of the differences in labor prices in the US and the cost of living in Mexico. As soon as they make their nest egg they take their money and their outta here. Heck, I have a friend that employs a fella with a green card. Pays him about $10 an hour and the young guy has a ranch down in Mexico paid for.

              Either we embrace global government and all labor competes at the lowest level or we enforce our immigration laws and let labor have a stronger market.

            • Rachel: 7 million illegals is a lie. It is propaganda from the left. Don’t believe it. 18 months ago the US government ITSELF said that there was 20 million illegals in the country.

              Do you think 13 million illegals have left the country? NO WAY!

              Last spring the PEW org a liberal propaganda machine for the left, said there were 11 million illegals in the country. That was a lie.

              How can there be 7 million illegals in the country when the US government ITSELF estimates that there are six million illegal criminals associated with the gangs and drug cartels operating in the country?

              The government can’t count, is not believeable. 30 million is a conservative estimate but realistic. Some private estimates are 40 -60 million illegals in the country.

              I have a friend with a helicopter who is funded by the US government to count heads of illegals crossing a 25 mile swath of border outside of Tucson.

              He tells me that there are 1000 illegals crossing the border every day in just his sector. Thats more than 365,000 a year on only a 25 mile swath of border.

              This has been going on for 30 years. Get a clue. The USA is being overrun.


        • To be honest I never gave much thought as to how the addition of women into the workplace diminished the pricing power of labor. I have seen and written about the market distortions by illegal immigrants but not women.

          Thanks for the thought.

      35. Note: put buttons on prep list.. thanks Okie; note for Jim too.

        DK..wrong again…’death by a thousand cuts’ has become a damn paper shredder.

        Arkaden: in that situation, a BOB may get you killed???

        Texaslawman: do any worry about dying?? I worry more about being around hundreds dying and how to dispose of those bodies…this ain’t gonna be pretty, folks.

        WillieD says: What I don’t get is why preppers think there won’t be food to buy, water to drink or electricity. It’s not an asteroid that’s coming.

        This statement proves you’re NOT a prepper.
        Noticed the droughts lately or the floods?? Noticed OPEC countries not wanting our currency?? Blackouts??? Our transformers are made in another country; takes 6 months AFTER ordering to get. Electricity can and will be rationed and that decreases the water treatment plants supply. Oh, never mind; you know these things already.

        Happy federal reserve day, everyone.
        God bless my lost America.

        • JJ: Its inflation by a thousand cuts, not global financial collapse. If you don’t believe me you can make an easy $100.

      36. wish I had already moved out of suburbia by now…gonna be a lot of prozac soccer-milfs and golf club-swinging yuppie chumps walking about in a stupor if this whole thing goes down…

        • Not being sarcastic!
          I do worry about the bi-polar soccer moms without their Lithium and schizophrenics without their anti-psychotics!

          So many in society are being kept chemically “balanced” the reality of them not having their prescriptions is very scary!

          • Hey, Rightwingmom…may be the best thing ever happening to them!!!!Face reality with a clear mind.
            Welcome to reality, baby!

      37. Re-read Revelation 18. Pay special attention for the words “one hour”.

        hint#1: Babylon = Mystery Babylon ie: the world financial system

        hint#2: “come out of her” = prepping

      38. How much longer do we have.

        • What is it that you have?

        • Don’t know. The whole financial system around the world could crash over a period of just a few weeks. Or the US creates $10 trillion out of thin air and makes the banks around the world solvent. Uh Oh. The dollar just lost 75% of its value by doing that but you can’t have everything. So it could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

      39. Alright, first off. Has anyone seen how violent the kids are getting in wall street? Not to mention the brooklyn bridge incident. This is all backed by George Soros(funding it all the way). Also, I have noticed a lot of divorces the past few years, a lot of the time divorces are cause by… financial problems! Oh are we about to see a lot of stuff go down. I dont see the US crashing anytime soon due to the government trying to slow it down with whatever schemes they have. Just lookout and watch whats going on around you. Be observant and with a very watchful eye. This hasnt been a republic since the 1900’s. Hopefully something good can come out of this, or you know the NWO(hopefully this wont happen anytime soon). A war? Seriously I think a lot of people would go up in arms against our own government before they even get to drafting…

      40. If my grandfather was still alive he would probably say “What’s all the whooie about Prepping or Preppers? It’s just common sense to grow a garden, can or freeze what ya grow, raise a few chickens or a pig, keep extra food in the house and save for what ya want, pay cash” I guess someone had to create a term for what we all should be doing. I must admit being away from a farm for so long, it has taken me near 30 years to remember my grandparents way of life. I guess you all could say I am prepping, but I have to say i’ve come to my senses.

        • At least you still remembered ‘ol boy.

      41. I’d like to make a friendly suggestion to those SHTF readers who can afford it….you might want to pull a few hundred (or thousand) dollars out of your bank and keep them handy just in case the economy does crash…I’m sure that ATMs and credit cards will be disabled and our local boyz in blue will be guarding the lobbies of the banks when people start to panic.

        With some cash in hand, you might just get the jump on the merchants to be able to buy what you need before they start raising their prices and limiting public access to preserve inventory.

        Within a day or two of limited bank withdrawls, inventory not being resupplied at stores and markets, the cops putting-down angry citizens in your neighborhood and on TV, and other shenanigans you can bet your sweet ass that the time to buy your vital supplies has definitely passed.

        • I concur. I keep a “stash o cash” on hand. Been debating about possibly doubling it..

          I also keep other fiat currencies, just in case. Not much, but enough. Euros, Brazilian, Canadian, Mexican and Chinese. Heck.. you never know..

          • I decided to double my cash reserves… good thing I know all the people at the bank. You should have seen their faces when I ask for my relatively large withdraw “in 20’s please”. 😉

            • Be glad your balance is that high, Sam. No one would bat an eye if I did that with my account – you could count the $20s on your hands in my tiny little account!!!

            • Same here… and Then the bank manager had the nerve to ask me why I was withdrawing my money. I replied “I have to tell YOU why I want MY money?’ she blushed and told me my cash would be in the next day. Work on your squid eye, Ladies, it can help you fend off those Nosey- Nellies.

        • with as many banks that they have built with our money,, there aint enough cops to be in all of them..and is that cop there to pull his money out too?

          screw them cops..its not like were stealing or robbing the bank..its our property..we have the papers to show it, cough it up!
          maybe they should think about what thier moms are doing to get their money out , so that ‘ol flatfoot doesnt have to support her in a SHTF day.

          I love how the crooked banks use our tax paid servants to over rule our right to our property

          and they wonder why there is such a thing as a run on the banks, or people who dont trust em..yeah i ment the banks and the cops

          • VRF: It’s sad you have such a hate obsession for cops, not all cops or former cops are bad, bankers I can agree with that! Got to tell ya though some cops I worked definitely needed a major ass whooping, I guess maybe that’s why stabbed me in the back, they knew I would be the one!

        • I have a thousand 90% silver coins. I expect coins like that to become an alternative currency during hyperinflation.

          • They will peak at some point during hyper inflation and then likely decline heavily….

          • it will, and you made a good decision when you bought them. good luck.

      42. 1870s – Long Depression
        1930s – Great Depression
        2010s – ULTIMATE Depression

        • Where’s my chocolate!?! 😉

          • I ate it. Sorry Mom…..

          • I have pounds of it stored away in every form possible. 😀 Come on over – I’ll share!

            • Daisy: I want some. Can I have some? 🙂

            • Cocoa powder, dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

            • Daisy: I little bit of everything works for me!

            • Kids… get a room… sheesh 😉

            • Same here! I even vacuum sealed some mini choc. bars in 64 oz. Mason jars….need to put
              “Break in Case of Emergency” sign on them!
              LOL 🙂

          • RWM – I got these HUGE five pound bars of dark chocolate – apparently they are to be grated into recipes, or on top of them. My daughter was rolling her eyes because I got 10 of them.

            Yep, I have 50 pounds of dark chocolate stashed away. 😀

            • Daisy: Is that your “dowry”?

      43. Riots and looting I get. Arson, too, by the more bloody minded of the rioters. And they might even come around rich people’s houses to see what they can steal. That all makes sense. Societal breakdown brought on by economic meltdown could get very ugly.

        But the maintenance of water and electricity supplies would be a number 1 priority and there’s no plausible scenario I can envisage where that would break down.

        Hey, it’ll be bad enough. No need to make it worse. Today, the Governor of the Bank of England (UK Ben Bernanke equivalent) more or less said it could get worse than the 30s and was unknown territory. And that’s a man who is very circumspect with his pronouncements. Made me worry, but I’m known to be a bit of a worrier.

        • Electricity will fail during hyperinflation. When an electric bill goes from $200 to $20,000 no one will be able to afford electricity. The same goes for water. I believe we’ll see a complete collapse of government and the economy.

          • Theoretically we have an agreement that our cost of electricity is based upon the cost to produce it and deliver it. (BPA, Pacific Northwest)

            While there are some private hydo generating facilities owned by Portland General Electric and Pacific Power & Light we also have the big producers at Grand Coulee, McNary, John Day, The Dalles and Bonneville operated by the US Army Corp of Engineers. I believe the Army Corp will produce power as long as the US government is stable. The main threat is going to be attacks on the infrastructure of the grid.

            That is why I have it all planned out. I’m gonna take my rig and a trailer to Bonneville and get me a truck & trailer load of them kilowatts. I know they’ll come in handy…;)

          • Read EO 10995 through 10999 and the 11051. find out what Fema is all about. One stroke of the presidents pen can inact this orders. And I forgot the consttution nolonger is in affect along with congress can not discussies for six months. But we do need one of four things to happen. Don’t take my word google it!

      44. to Death N Taxes: I agreee, not only is it wise to keep spare cash around, at least enough to purchase quick items you may have forgotten if disaster strikes and pay basic bills. But also if you have say several thousand in a savings account, you get a whopping .01% interest plus the bank gets to loan 9 times your balance at 5 to 9%.

      45. I say bullshit to this article ……any bets ????? Too many false predictions throughout the years !! I am willing to take some bets on this unless your a COWARD !!

        • Rich, what kind of time frame are you putting on this? If hte government keeps pouring useless money into the system, and as long as people are buying it, then it could last for a few more years. This is one of those way to broad subjects to place on bet on. I will bet you 10 bucks it happens in the next 5 years. I cant lose either way. Grin

        • RICH99….to you everything on this blog is bullshit..maybe it won’t happen when and exactly how they’re analyzing it…but you probably would rather not have to face it alone if it does go down.

        • Rich, Rich, Rich. I know what you’re saying ‘ol boy and I kinda halfway agree with you…..BUT there is something in the milk that just ain’t clean. It’s that slight nagging feeling I’ve actually been feeling for years now. I’m gonna keep on keeping on like I’ve always done, I’m always going to hedge my bets. I do know that there has been a lot of “cry’in wolf” as of late and so what. I’m gonna put a smile on my face and go in ACME supermarket tomorrow morning and hit the Campbell chicken noddle and tomatoe soup that going on sale for 50 cents a can. Then I’m going over to another isle and pick up several bags of Dominoe sugar thats on sale for 2.99 (5 lb. bag). Gonna grab ten bags. If we wake up tomorrow and everything is gtg I’ll take it all down to the community center and give to them to give to some needy family, because I can. But you know what? All in all you will NEVER OUTGIVE GOD. NO WAY, NO SHAPE, NO HOW, NEVER!

          • I bet one day, when “Rich” walks into a store and there is nothing on the shelves.. he says ” This is bullshit”.
            I bet if his power permanently goes off, he’ll say ” This is bullshit”. I bet if the commies / socialist / anarchist that are currently the PTB ever tell Rich “dude, you got to give 99% of your income to help this bozo who has always refused to even try to get a job”.. what do you bet ? Rich will say “this is bullshit”

            And you know what, he’ll be right.. for once.. 🙂

            • Sam not sam, ya had me up until you wrote, “anarchist that are currently the PTB” Pstf, as if… check this article out, the title is:

              What Is Anarchy?

              “But to condemn a philosophic viewpoint because a few wish to corrupt its meaning for their narrow advantage is no more justifiable than condemning Christianity because a man murders his family and defends his acts on the grounds “God told me to do it!”…” – Butler Shaffer

        • RICH99

          I’ll bet you don’t say bullshit when you’re told to buy insurance before you can register your auto or get a mortgage on a house? Isn’t buying insurance bullshit when you haven’t had an accident yet or your house hasn’t caught on fire and you have to pay it every yr til you no longer have a car or a house.

          buying some extra,food and other items for hard times is the same thing as buying insurance except you get to keep the insurance, the preps don’t go to some company off shore at the end of the yr so you can start paying again every yr.It’s your insurance to keep, the more insurance you buy, the longer you’ll survive.

        • Rich99

          You to be a little clueless, but let me ask you this Mr.Smart guy.

          When did Noah build the ark?


          • Before the flood. What do I win? 🙂

        • ‘your’?

        • I always get a kick out of someone who makes a wise crack about preppers being foolish and stupid for doing what they do. The funny thing is, if I’m wrong, it’s no big deal. I have some extra stuff that I’ve bought at a lower price, in advance of inflationary price increases. But if you ‘re wrong, you’re screwed.
          now who’s the dumbass? And yes, Ill take a bet on how things will turn out anyday. I’ve already bet my hard earned money by buying supplies in advance of any problem. This is a bet I’ll make anytime, because it makes common sense.

      46. WillieD

        I have been pondering the thought of are things getting out of hand beyond the intentions of the power elite which in essence facilitated policies through governments that put us in this position. It’s very understandable that the collapse of the existing order would create a void that can be filled by a new order to the liking of the power elite. The question is are things going as THEY planned or are things out of hand with the potential of chaos. Very easily all of this can take a life of it’s own and despite of the intentions and direction of those that started this course it can become something that they neither wanted or foreseen. In the end real true rule “Of The People, by The People and for The People” may establish more or less worldwide. That is certainly not to the liking of the power elite however a potentially more likely possibility is a Dictatorship beyond the reach and control of the very people that laid the groundwork for the mess the world is in. In essence the outcome could go “Our Way” (unlikely), “Their Way” (probable) or who knows what way (probable to likely).

        If the power elite wanted it this way they damn sure are playing a very dangerous game. Who knows what comes out of chaos and controlled chaos is very unlikely to sustain over time and time would be needed.

      47. Good question. Does anybody have suggestions for a specific brand/model of vest? Something that can carry several mags, perhaps even conceal a carbine, yet not be eye-catching military?

        (P.S. I haven’t posted anything in a day. Why am I getting a “You’re posting too quickly” message?)

        • Check out for a real good vest. I’ve got their vest and some of their shingles along with some Monkey Stompers from SKD. Very good kit!

      48. Good point on having a good stash of cash on hand. If things do get ugly the runs on the banks & the stores could be swift. The big issue is if there are power interuptions. Ever been at WallyWorld shopping & they have a power blip. It takes them about a hour to get everything back on line. Even if you have the cash in your pocket…..there are no prices on anything….so they can’t scan the bar codes & tell you what the bill is. At least if you are at the 99 cents store……you just count the total # of items times $.999 cents add tax & you are done. I think I’m going to stop on my way home from Houston this afternoon & pull the majority of my account out in cash. will just leave the bare minimum to keep the account open…..since I get paid by direct deposit. It looks like a good weekend to work on some more prepping…as the temperatures are coming down.
        Montgomery County Texas

      49. Check out the Drudgereport, near the bottom.. a story about thieves hitting community gardens and stealing the produce..

        And this ain’t a depression ?

        • Where’s this Drudgereport at?

          • drudgereport DOT com

        • Is happening here in Holland all the time. All my leek was stolen 2 weeks back.

          Poor people: in the supermarket it would have costed them maybe 20 euro’s.

      50. “I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel, that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country … and yet you’re still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on the abusive practices that got us into this in the first place.”

        *ahhemmm* The Washington establishment…both of the stinking parties…

      51. Time of Jacobs trouble is coming

        Remember the sttory about the women w/oil for their lamps. Kinda reminds me of prepping.

      52. If we experience an economic collapse of the kind described in the article and video we precious metals investors will suffer terrible losses just as stock market investors and others. We thought we would invest for the long haul and we thought that p.m’s would be safe and would protect us but we could be devastated quickly if we did not act to unload our metals before we find ourselves in such an environment. How many small pm investors could withstand an economic meldown and come out the other side in a recovery? It could take years. Might it not be wise to consider selling our metals now, using the proceeds to purchase all the things we are going to need in the anticipated difficult period as we wait for a recovery ? I realize that profering the idea of selling metals is anathema and tantamount to heresy to gold and silver investors and therefore would be genuinely interested in other readers comments on this proposal. Thank You

        • Gold and silver will skyrocket during a collapse. Everyone will get out of the stock market and buy precious metals. Hold on to your seat. We could see gold going up hundreds of dollars every day.

          • I got mine.

        • I have been thinking the same thing myself. Other global money will seek the dollar which will drive PM’s down even more. I keep thinking I should have dumped in the 40’s and wait for the next deflationary period to near it’s end and then buy again as soon as inflation really kicks in due to shortages on goods. This would allow us to deversify what we do have and afford us more purcheing power for our preps.

          • You sell there is no guarantee you can replace. In my area physical is very tight to non existant.Regards, James

        • My two cents of advice. I also own some PM’s. There will be a time to sell, but that isn’t now. just have patience, and wait. The coming hard times, when the economy collapses, will have people searching for anything of value to do commerce with. This commerce will definitely include the use of Pm’s. The powers that be are constantly trying to convince us that investment in pm’s is foolish. Don’t listen. just wait, and your time will come. Just read up on silver news, and educate yourself. that is your best weapon to fight the coming problems.

      53. You will have mass chaos and major death in most bigger cities. Multicultual amerika is an abortion. This country is full of idiots that can’t think beyond the next twelve hours. I’d get heavily armed if you aren’t already. This reminds me, I need more ammo.

      54. Plain Old American says: October 7, 2011 at 7:35 pm

        I can guarantee that if you lived in the Soviet Union in the 30′s thru the 70′s you would not do anything with a communist other than kill him. Communism is simply a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government. ”

        Hat off to you !

        You’re born and raised as American, in America, yet you truely know what it’s like living in a f’ cking communist regime. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people living in that regime don’t have a clue about that.

        I know it because I was from one those remaining communist countries.

        Damm it!

        • I cannot explain why but I was interested in learning about communism as a kid in the early sixties. The best book I have ever read on it is “the Black Book of Communism.”

          I am of the opinion that far too many folks in America really do not comprehend or appreciate the form of government that was bequeathed to us. Self government requires insight, education, fealty to the constitution, pragmatism, honesty, morality and participation.

          Maybe next time, huh?

      55. What really frightens me isn’t the gloom and doom predictions on this blog, its the gun toting racist bible thumping morons who are coming out of the walls like cockroaches. Its the fucking assholes that post here that is causing the government to set up the FEMA camps. If you think your IP addresses haven’t already been logged and tracked,if you think your ammo and gun purchases haven’t been tracked, then be very worried that there is a bunkbed with your name and SS waiting for you at one of the FEMA camps.

        • What really frightens me is the stupidity of people that post on a blog like this when they obviously cannot think for themselves.

        • Why Carry a Gun?

          My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and
          usually it’s when he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin.’

          I don’t carry a gun to kill people.
          I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

          I don’t carry a gun to scare people.
          I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m paranoid.
          I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil.
          I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.

          I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government.
          I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry.
          I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

          I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone.
          I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m a cowboy.
          I carry a gun because, when I die and go to heaven, I want to be a cowboy.

          I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man.
          I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

          I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate.
          I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

          I don’t carry a gun because I love it.
          I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.

          Police protection is an oxymoron.
          Free citizens must protect themselves.
          Police do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

          Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin’… unknown (but obviously brilliant)


          In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          In 1911, Turkey established gun control. >From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

          China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
          —- ————- ————-

          Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

          You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

          Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

          Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

          The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

          With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’.

          During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

          If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun- control message to all of your friends.

          The purpose of fighting is to win.
          There is no possible victory in defense.
          The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either.
          The final weapon is the brain.
          All else is supplemental.


          IT’S A NO BRAINER!

          I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment!
          If you are too, please forward.

            • WOW Thats cool thanks kymom

            • DPS,

              You are welcome! 🙂

        • I consider you a cockroach. If you got a problem with white American christians you can fuck off. I got a FMJ with your name on it.

        • if it scares you, why do you hang around? To me, it’s the idiots who do nothing, and believe everything the government tells them who better worry. They will be the first ones to be led off to “summer camp”. They will be told they have won an all expenses paid trip to “la-la” land, and will be happy to go, and take you with them.

        • cash transactions are not tracked..

      56. Greek strikes have nearly driven that country to a standstill, and the former deputy finance minister told CNBC a Greek default is “inevitable,” and that the only hope was for an orderly approach to dealing with the fallout.

        This collapse will be rapid due to the debt instruments that were created, (Derivatives), that tie all of the nations together. The globalists are very tricky in their wording in that it makes them seem like they are concerned in warning us. This is simply not the case. Power structures are in place that are designed to heard the masses toward world government. A huge chess game that has entrapped our politicians and our very way of life and liberties. Orderly for some but for the rest of us, it will seem like a tsunami of repression. What we need the most, is a strong Executive branch of government. Is this what will be the brave new America?

      57. “Collapse in three weeks”, ok, got it.

      58. I would advise everyone to read “One Second After”. If and when the economies fall, which should of happen by all accounts right now, are stil being kept afloat by the ones with power. Remember, war is their only means to inflate to better economic times, but this time around it will not be so easy. Every news headline you read has clues as to what is unfolding right before the worlds eyes. the double talk, back peddling , and full blown in your face innuendo is like being kicked in the face by a steel toed boot! The leaders have failed to grasp any reality, except for the checks keep coming in at all cost. The ego of America has risen about as far as it can get until gravity sets in. No one will be untouched by the intentional destruction that lies in wait. Having countries being spent into oblivion with no real means of crawling up from the dark economic abyss by all means will fail. Remember, do not fall for the rhetoric spoken of daily that speak of savior or good times are ahead, because those are the same who lead the world into collapse.

        • And we should all remember the topic that Mac posted regarding the clay pot refrigerator. I won’t give anything away from the book; but that could’ve saved some sorrow.

          • Sam, that’s EXACTLY what I thought about when I was reading about those clay pots.

            • Just made one last week!!!

      59. Just read this on Drudge Report


      60. yada…yada…yada. Every week, it’s the same headline.

        • So don’t read it. Why are the Anti preppers so angry? In the 1970’s I was worried about inflation going real bad; so I bought some Silver dollares for $3,50 each. I was wrong. Oh well.(Still got them) Two years ago I was concerned about food prices going up so I bought P-Nut butter for 99C a jar, It’s only two bucks now, so I was wrong. Still eats. All you people that think prepers are wrong. Fine. Laugh at us, I’m a big kid I can take it. But if we are right: You might wish to remember what the Giant in Jack and The BeanStalk said about the Englishman

          • you are so right. If you’re wrong, no big deal. You have some supplies you bought in the past, at a much cheaper price. but if an anti-prepper is wrong, they are totally screwed. I think I’ll do some more prepping.

      61. If any breathing person in this country needs to hear any more about the community organizer’s complete failure, then honestly, go commit suicide, because you are an idiot. If this guy is not removed now, we’re finished here. We can’t wait 13 months to remove him. It has to happen sooner. Please .

      62. BBC does again. If these sorts of interviews are going mainstream, this means that we are already in deep problem.

      63. I have been saying this for over a year…with much ridicule, and loss of friends.

        Collapse is here….

      64. 2001, Steve Jobs, Jonny Cash and Bob Hope are sitting in a hotel having a party!!! What a difference 10 years makes!!! 2011 …. No Jobs, no Cash, no Hope!!!

      65. “I have been saying this for over a year…with much ridicule, and loss of friends”

        TC…they WEREN’T your friends!!!

      66. No money= Starve – the people.
        Freeze – the people.
        Anger – the people.
        Control – the people.
        Kill – the people.

      67. Remember what the prophets wrote about these days we are living many years ago.

        It will not be a wonderful world when the system that wants to kill us all is in total control and power.


      68. We’re ALL gonna die! We’re ALL gonna die!

        It’s total chaos out there, kats & dawgs living together absurd!

        Who cares. Not me. I’m set for life…I’m oneof the 1%’ers

      69. prepare – it will give one some time – perhaps enough to cross the bridge from chaos to a semblance of order – I have read that the first 3 – 4 days are often a critical time – many panic during that period – so prepping can make a difference pellet stoves will run on a small generator if power goes out – about 400 watts for start up and 100 watts at steady state – pellets can be stored in the garage – it will keep you and yours warm – installs like a dryer – just need an outside wall to vent –

      70. To those who make fun of the people who are setting aside a few useful things in case of adversity: Remember the old parable of the grasshopper and the ants. The grasshopper spent the golden days of summer and early autumn enjoying himself and partaking of Earth’s bounty while laughing at the colony of ants as they busily stored away provisions and reinforced their shelter in anticipation of winter. When winter came the grasshopper had nothing, but the ants were safe and well provisioned. The grasshopper died. So laugh while you can, foolish grasshoppers –then freeze and starve in the dark if things go horribly wrong. To those who think that they can arm themselves and proceed, in a worst-case scenario, to engage in armed robbery and home invasion: Preparedness-minded people have guns, too, and they know how to use them.

      71. Marc

        Look forward to your follow up in 2-3’s now over a week later..

        Question is..will you do a follow up on this dire prediction?

        • More than likely there will be some sort of followup…let’s hope it’s the “they were wrong” variety…

      72. Marc

        Been following the likes of Gerald Celente for years now..he’s been preaching this as well..question is..will it be a quick and decisive crash or the steady slippage as we are now experiencing..and one day we all wake up and realize it’s here?

        • In effect, what we’re seeing now, in my opinion, is a steady decline – the slippage…. But looking at things like our debt liabilities, food stamps , etc, it looks like many aspects of the economy/monetary/fiscal policy are going parabolic, which suggests maybe we’ll see a waterfall type event at some point that happens very quickly…. The problem with forecasting or predicting things like this is that there are, as Celente has mentioned on occasion, lots of variables, many of which we may ot even know exist due to our point of reference…

      73. Marc

        Thanx for your response..your site is amongst the best and amongst the first I link to everyday..

        the market and msm headlines of late point to a recovery..yet we know that is 100% false..

        Keep up the great work..


      74. A tipping point will be hit and things will unravel quickly. Many say that we are right on the edge of that tipping point.

      75. Ya, i agreed the economy has collapsed, due to the 15 trillions debt, what important point is the government cannot put their face down in front of the public

      76. if its really going to end why are your prepper adds trying to sell there wares for currency instead of seeds and chickens. And in turn your taking there money to advertise. It makes me wonder if you truly believe what you preach or if its just another money making scheme.

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