Ebola-Stricken Man Takes Bus To DRC Travel Hub With 2 Million Residents

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    The Congolese health ministry announced that a pastor infected with Ebola took a bus to the city of Goma late Sunday, the first time the virus has spread to the major travel hub and home to more than two million people.

    The man, traveling from Butembo, was quickly identified and transported to an Ebola treatment center, while authorities say that they have tracked down the other 18 passengers aboard the bus and would vaccinate them on Monday, according to the Washington Post.

    “Because of the speed with which the patient was identified and isolated, and the identification of all the other bus passengers coming from Butembo, the risk of it spreading in the rest of the city of Goma is small,” the ministry said in a statement.

    The official statement was echoed by WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who said “Goma is a city of two million people, near the border with Rwanda, and is a gateway to the region and the world,” adding “We are confident in the measures we are put in place and hope that we will see no further transmission of Ebola in Goma.”

    Nevertheless, we cannot be too careful.”

    he outbreak has killed 1,665 people as of Monday, while nearly 700 have survived the virus, which causes high fevers and internal bleeding. Days with dozens of new cases are common, despite a massive public health intervention across the affected area.

    Health workers worry that some cases — if not whole transmission chains — are in places that are inaccessible because of poor infrastructure or insecurity, making the extent of the outbreak hard to fully measure.

    The area where the outbreak is taking place is also home to one of Congo’s most protracted and violent conflicts — a patchwork of ethnic militias, vigilantes and government-aligned forces.

    Fighting has at times targeted the Ebola response, hampering it and leading to spurts of new cases. Near the outbreak’s epicenter in the city of Beni on Monday, two health workers were killed by unknown assailants. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the WHO director general, said there have been almost 200 attacks on health workers, killing seven, since January. –Washington Post

    As the Post points out, the virus is now present in two cities with populations exceeding one million people – Butembo being the other. The current outbreak is the second-worst on record, after the 2013-2016 epidemic which killed 11,300 in West Africa.


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      1. More Africans swim the Rio Grande every day and we gather them up and house them at the detention center in close living conditions. It is only a matter of time. Thanks Catholic Charities for transporting them from Africa. Thanks for all the Guatemalans too.
        Madness. sheer madness.

        • Stuart, this brings out the old ‘southern baptist’ in me. There go the damn catholics again like my old pastor used to say. Catholics support policies that hurt our country.

          • Catholisism is a CULT, just like Mormonism.

          • You really need to do some research on your good old southern baptist. The southern baptist convention are the ones who paid for a new mosque to be built in the u.s.a. they are the ones who are the brownshirts who help bring in and take care of the illegal aliens, they are the ones who have millions of freemasons who bow down to another worshipful master that is not Jesus Christ the only God we should worship as our Master. so get off it and get some truth.

      2. Get them papered, and they can be proper, civic nationalists, equivalent to you, in every way, Evelyn Beatrice said.

      3. The dude is a dumb savage monkey-man, putting the whole world at risk.

        On another note, there is a song from the Vietnam era that pretty much says what a lot of us are thinking right now. It’s title is ” Walking on the fighting side of me” by Merle. Now if you don’t know who Merle is, son you ain’t Country!

        Remember to aim small/ miss small and watch out fur dem hogs. (Hat tip to Sgt. Dale)

        • 🙂 The Okie from Muskogee.

        • Seminole Wind, I grew up on country music; REAL country music from the 50s, 60s, 70s. Merle Haggard is also one of the best songwriters country music ever had. “Walking On The Fighting side Of Me” says it all for me also.

      4. Finally a post not pitching
        Gold, CBD, or some sort of silver
        as a solution to the worlds ills!
        Vaccinations and isolation from cities
        are ideas that work!

        • Kinda like going to bed with a problem on your mind and waking up with a “solution” in yer hand lol.

          • They just need some gold and silver infused CBD oil purchased with cryptocurrency!

        • Yep;

          Fleeing from the city and suburbs should be priority #1.

      5. Wunderbar mein hier! Time to shove those stupid naggers in zee oven. That will cure what ails them! Ran en den speck!

        • Give me ze gassing controls,mach schnell!

      6. Waiting for them to become a protected class, whose jobs numbers have never been better.

      7. Waiting for them to become a protected class, whose jobs numbers have never been better.

        • Some group, nation or collective is trying to destroy America. Bringing in third world scum that carry exotic and lethal third world disease’s is simply bio warfare.

      8. How do you find nineteen people in a city of over two million in a day?

      9. Let it spread. If by now these countries have not learned the importance of hygiene then there is no helping them.

        It is time to do two things:

        1) quarantine the areas where Ebola is present. If it gets out of control there, then napalm those areas

        2) Africans illegally in the US need to be clustered together and then let nature take its course

        • “2) Africans illegally in the US need to be clustered together and then let nature take its course.”

          They already are clustered together with all the other immigrants in the detention centers. There is NO effective screening for Ebola in those centers. All the detainees will eventually be released either for deportation or, most likely, to await their immigration hearing – at which point they will never be heard from again.
          I read a report the other day that there are several thousand more Africans from Ebola infected areas on the way right now.
          This shit is way beyond serious.

      10. As a physician I can say that most countries are poorly prepared. We have a handful of class 5 HEPA isolators in the USA. Do you really think all doctors and nurses show up for work when their colleagues get infected? The guy delivering gas or the pilot flying from NYC to Los Angeles. Then the energy companies and nuclear reactor workers? It’s a world ending event for our modern society if 1. It’s dpreads in s major African city and 2. Gets out of Africa in large numbers, we could see billions dead.

        • I see you’ve been reading Eaton Rapids Joe…

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