Ebola Outbreak In DRC Continues To Worsen: “It Is Absolutely Vital That We Are Prepared”

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The recent outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the second worst in recorded history.  So far, 743 people have been infected with the virus and 461 of those have died.

    In just one day, the DRC recorded 7 new cases of Ebola. There are now 174 cases remain under investigation, which is up from 161 yesterday. Four of the new cases were reported in Katwa, the latest hot spot in the outbreak that has swept across North Kivu and Ituri provinces in the DRC during the past 6 months. According to the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, one of the two deaths confirmed today was a community death in Katwa. Community deaths, which take place outside of a hospital or Ebola treatment center, raise the risk of Ebola transmission.

    The World Health Organization says that approximately two-thirds of patients in the current outbreak are women; historically, infections are split evenly among men and women. But in the eastern DRC, women are more likely than men to attend funerals and care for sick relatives. In an effort to stop the spread of this disease, the WHO said some women have been trained in outbreak response and Ebola education and have gone door to door in outbreak zones to inform residents about the deadly disease. “Local women have taken a leadership role in explaining the disease, and learning how to stop its spread,” the WHO said.

    South Sudan has now begun using Merck’s unlicensed and trial vaccine on people as they fear the spread of the virus. The vaccination efforts began on Monday, according to ABC News. Health workers and other front-line responders are being vaccinated with the trial vaccine against Ebola amid fears the deadly disease could spread across the border.

     The risk of a regional spread of this deadly virus is on the rise.  South Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda could all experience outbreaks should containment measures fail. “It is absolutely vital that we are prepared for any potential case of Ebola spreading beyond the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa, said in a statement. “WHO is investing a huge amount of resources into preventing Ebola from spreading outside DRC and helping governments ramp up their readiness to respond should any country have a positive case of Ebola.”


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        • There is no Lord as you say. If there were why would non satanists be slaughtered? Why would children be brutally raped, killed and tortured? Keep believing in something that isn’t there.

          • You have a Creator and he loves you very much, we know that. You are correct somewhat, because Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is your Creator in the flesh IS NOT HERE ON THIS LOWEST PHYSICAL REALM OF EARTH, he was here and walked on this earth as the ONLY perfect human being….Our Lord was slain for your sins, but his Holy Spirit is NOW here to help you through this hell on earth controlled COMPLETELY by Lucifer aka Satan and the Fallen Ones, with millions of demons on their side to torment humans, so take his hand it is always out for you.

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          • The ‘why there is evil in the world’ question.

      2. Ron; is that you?

        • Yes it is, I forgot to type in my name, early morning and old age

      3. Ebola has the potential to be really serious, but so far it seems to hit only primitive areas without any real sanitary or public health awareness and systems.

        The way the people in those areas treat Ebola outbreaks seems to be more of a problem than just the Ebola by itself.

        • That’s what happens when you live and breed like roaches…

          • Just stay away from monkeys and street apes and you’ll be fine.

      4. Ebola is spread by contact with the body fluids of an infected person. Ebola is going to spread among blacks in the white Countries,same as AIDS.


      5. Sure, this Ebola just popped up from out of nowhere. And vaccinations containing mercury are good for you, even little babies.

      6. Fear porn. You gotta be a sick puppy to get off on being scared (or doing the scaring).

      7. 752. Bats are more likely the animal host for the ebola virus. A recent traveler whom tested positive has sparked an emergency response to a province 300+ miles north of the hot zone. Maybe instead of China execute Crisper scientist He Jianku, they should send him over to the DRC to edit genes in an attempt to track and end this RNA virus.

      8. Primitive ignorant people make stupid decisions when confronted by contagion.

        • That is not ethnic specific. Ebola doesn’t care what ethnicity you are. In some cases, certain genes do result in worse medical outcomes. Stupidity and lack of preparedness likewise results in poor medical outcomes.

          At a time when there is an immense amount of medical information available, the average person is mostly ignorant about medicine. This is a conundrum as there is no excuse.

          It is very bizarre for preppers who praise and know ancestral skills to be ignorant of medicine and herbs. There would be no medicine without ancestral skills.

          • A genuine prepper, who admires ancestral skills, is apt to become, more and more like a shaman.

            A shaman was skilled in ancestral skills, so thus knew hunting,fishing, trapping, history, culture, spirituality, customs, language, storytelling, herbalism, craft, healing, wild edibles, cultivation, a herdmen, fighting with and without weapons, tactics, and strategy.

            Many of those led to healing and prevention, then medicine.

            A shaman could not advise the chief and the people, nor be a counselor, nor persuade without all of the above. He did not have to be an expert in all of those ancestral skills, but had to know them very well just to communicate.

      9. 769

      10. 774. There are a lot of reasons that people should be paying attention to what is going on. There are so many angles to this outbreak that are an emergency preparedness drill staged-event dream.(These are done to prepare for future events-I’m not in any way talking about false flags) Not to mention the science side of it all. I find it fascinating.

      11. 785

      12. ht tp://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2019/02/drc-ebola-cases-surge-785

        “The authors of the commentary said cases have more than tripled since then, with illnesses detected in 18 health zones and less than 20% of cases coming from known contact lists. They also said a widening outbreak could destabilize the region, especially in South Sudan, where tenuous peace is haunted by continued violence and predicted famine”

        This is the important medical bit. When someone get Ebola, a team of epidemiologists then has the cumbersome task of tracking everyone that came in contact with that person. Now with 1,000 known and suspected Ebola cases, that list is around 30,000 people.

        Well than 20% are coming from that contact list. See the problem? Where are the other 80% getting the Ebola contagion ie what is the reservoir??? What is the vector of transmission???

        Don’t fear the unknown…make it known and look at the clues and troubleshoot it.

        A homesteader/prepper should be entirely comfortable in the dark woods and neither fear uselessly nor be afraid. Fear is normal as the fight or flight response.

        The old dirty mneumonic in humans in behavioral neuroscience (when it was called psychobiology) was the four Fs: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual intercourse. That actually was in a textbook!I kid you not.

        Fear is normal as a rational response to perceived danger based upon a logical assessment of the intensity of danger. Ebola is NOT in the USA so far except when a numbskull ships an infected person to a US medical center for treatment.

        This means there is little cause to fear it. But if you lived in the DRC where there are 81 million citizens and only 70,000 innoculated with experimental vaccine ie probably of dubious quality, then YEAH, fear would be called for.

        Doom porn is about being AFRAID. Being afraid is debilitating. The brain senses something to fear and does so perpetually and this stimulates adreneline. If that persists, it is exhausting and then cortisol is released. That is very damaging to the immune system and possibly why those who are “worrywarts” get very sick easily.

        You never want the squad to be afraid but you do want them to have a healthy respect for their sense of fear that is based upon valid sensory input.

        • 789! I feel more concerned about the measles outbreaks occurring in the U.S. among the non-vaccinated. This outbreak is blurring lines of “epidemic”/”endemic” categorizations, which exposes a lot of political agendas.

      13. 800

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