Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 29 comments

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    The weather patterns have become cruel and extreme.

    For California, it has meant outright desperation as water reserves disappear and needs for cities and farms have created a standing crisis.

    Water and rainfall remain consequential to life as we know it. Mankind is no longer leaving it up to just praying for rain and waiting for a miracle.

    Now, a company in the Los Angeles area has admitted that it was hired to seed the clouds and make it rain:

    Via Daily Mail:

    El Niño has brought some much needed rain to California in recent months, but a Los Angeles storm earlier this week may owe some credit to unnatural modifications.

    For the first time since 2002, the Department of Public Works has turned to cloud seeding, using generators to shoot silver iodide into the clouds to produce more rain.

    The county estimates that this produces roughly 15 percent more rainfall…

    Cloud seeding is a weather modification process that aims to increase the amount of rain in a particular area.

    According to the L.A. Times, this method has been used in the county to boost the amount of rain produced by clouds since the 1950s, taking a hiatus during heavy rains or periods of potential flooding from wildfire devastation.

    And so, rain has increased in California by something like 15%, and L.A. is happy to get all the water it can.

    But cloud seeding is not without its consequences – it could keep it from raining in the area downwind, or have other potentially disastrous effects:

    The company says the method has no significant environmental effects, as the amount of the seeding materials used are very small in relation to the affected area.


    It could have unintended consequences, including a change in precipitation or other environmental impact downwind of the target area, though such effects have not yet been demonstrated.

    An earlier cloud seeding contract from 2009 was terminated in L.A. after the Station Fire, which destroyed about 250 square miles of the Angeles National Forest, L.A. Times writes.

    Technology and money can make it happen, and there is reason to think much more is going on than just seeding clouds to bump the rainfall.

    When it comes to blame for the drought and the environment in general, many are quick to point to the hyped-effects of global warming and climate change, which are supposedly attributed to the every day activity of people in mass.

    But few are daring enough to look up at the sky and question the weather manipulation programs that have become common place and which are being carried out covertly on behalf of a shadowy agenda to control the weather, and the economic cloud that surrounds it.

    Researcher Peter A. Kirby explains how a secret project on the scale of the Manhattan Project may have been incubated under government research projects to engineer the weather:

    After so many years of watching airplanes produce the lines in the sky, largely without knowing of what this Project consists or why, we have recently gained an understanding. Evidence suggests that today’s chemtrail spraying operations consist of airplanes saturating our atmosphere with nano-sized particles influenced by electromagnetic energy for the purpose of weather modification.

    U.S. patent #4,686,605 “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere” shows how stratospheric and tropospheric aerosols can be manipulated using electromagnetic energy in order to modify the weather. The ground-based antennas (known as ionospheric heaters) needed to produce the appropriate electromagnetic energy exist. For a detailed discussion, please see the author’s previous article “Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection.”

    The 1996 U.S. military document “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” outlines a program using aerosols sprayed from airplanes which are then manipulated with electromagnetic energy in order to modify the weather.


    Controlling Earth’s weather would necessarily require a gigantic scientific effort. Oddly enough, when one looks for a National effort in weather modification, one finds a lot. Specifically, if one looks, one can find a history of weather control programs involving electromagnetic energy and atmospheric particles; all in a coherent chronological order.

    It is stunning to learn that there are means for manipulating aerosols with electromagnetic energy in effort to change weather patterns. But there are many scientific papers on the topic, and experiments to boot.

    Many of these agencies are likely compartmentalized and don’t understand how they fit in to the larger project… but the truth is that most don’t want to know – along with the rest of the general public.

    They don’t look up at the sky for the same reason they drag to work, and live an empty life. Most are too conditioned by fear to face the truth, whatever it proves to be.

    For now, it is enough to point out that California is admittedly altering the weather in the hopes of catching up on its lost water.

    But what are the true causes of the drought in the first place, and what other aspects of weather are being changed for the benefit of a few, and the detriment of entire populations?

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      1. Governor moonbeam hired Sister Bertrille (Sally Field from the sixties show ‘the flying nun’) to seed the clouds. Linda Ronstadt told gov jerry it was a good idea.

      2. Frank Zappa and the mama’s had the best place around till some stupid with a flare gun burnt the place to the ground. Oops, my bad, that was at Lake Geneva.

        • smoke on the water

          jam it Richie Blackmore

        • Since you mentioned Zappa and the Mamas & Papas:

          Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream
          by David McGowan
          ISBN-13: 978-1909394124

      3. If there is no clean water then why is Nestle and others draining the waters in different parts of America to sell? No doubt there’s weather tampering going on, some people can’t leave well enough alone. I don’t see how they can run ads promoting Alaskan fish, who would feel safe eating it? About as safe as sitting atop that giant plastic garbage dump island in the Pacific.

      4. I always liked Highway Star until they put it on the plastic guitar thingy.

      5. ht tps://youtu.be/2zDyT8VQIGo

        Operation Safe Driver. Despite the name, I suspect it has less to do with safety and more to do with revenue generation.

      6. as they begin to eat their own

        i give you this

        ht tp://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lawyer-bloody-brawl-oc-courthouse-20160309-story.html

      7. the Saudis are buying up land in California drilling wells and raising their own crops to send back to their own country..why is this legal when theres such a drought?

        • Chemtrail deniers are about the stupidest breed on earth. If I shit in their face they would say it is snow. I really wish I could piss in their face and say it was rain because they are so stupid they would believe it.

      8. Cloud seeding is the only weather modification that exists. They can’t control the weather. The biggest factors with weather are solar output, the jet stream, and ocean currents. They can’t produce earthquakes either.

        • You can certainly make a region more earthquake prone by fracking. Oklahoma has gone from two magnitude 3.0 earthquakes per year (average up until 2008 according to USGS with recorded data starting in the 1970’s) to 109 in 2013, 585 in 2014, and 907 in 2015 (all stats given for mag 3.0 or greater).

          The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) directly linked 77 minor earthquakes (mag 1.0-3.0) to two specific well legs in Ohio within an 8 day window (Mar 4-12, 2014).

          “…the rate decayed once the Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued a shutdown of hydraulic fracturing at a nearby well on 10 March. Using a locally derived velocity model and double‐difference relocation, the earthquakes occurred during six stimulation stages along two horizontal well legs that were located ∼0.8  km away.”
          Source: “Earthquakes Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing in Poland Township, Ohio” by Robert J. Skoumal, Michael R. Brudzinski, and Brian S. Currie.

        • You are saying that fracking does NOT cause earthquakes? (Then I just sunk your battleship) …me sorry. Give us the ‘truth’ about that big ole bunch of dishes (above the artic circle), and tell us why they are ‘trained’ on various and specific areas (and why is it not visible via Google Earth)? What IS the composition of the contrails (which have existed since, at least, when I was a kid about 5yrs old or so, I can remember looking up at them and thinking it was just left over jet ‘vapor’ (back then, 1966, I am not aware if anyone thought the government was capable of messing with weather or not). Don’t forget about what Nicola Tesla “may” have left behind that has been figured out and used ‘for the good of evil’ (but of course). He had HIS hand into the weather …so who is there to say that has also been figured out?
          There is more than what we as a populace have been made aware of regarding what “the smarter elite” are doing to mess with The Planet Earth (which is a living ‘thing’ imho), and MAN is doing an incredible job at destroying ‘her’ to the ‘N’th degree. Something like letting ISIS take over as a ‘frontend’ to The EPA since we have no control of our own country anymore (or at least that is what they want us to think).

      9. Although people have “good intentions” messing with the weather is why LA is having drought issues in the first place. You know those chemtrails that are supposed to help planet earth – yeah not so much.

        • LA is having drought issues in the first place because the region is historically a desert. Pretty much all of California has been a desert according to the paleoclimatic evidence. The 1900’s were an incredibly unusual wet period.

          California is just going back to being California and everyone is losing their minds because yes, too many people live there for the climate to support; too much food is grown there for the traditional climate; and people have a tendency to view history on a human scale (20 years for a generation, 100 for an extremely long life) and not a geological scale.

          For more information try Dr. B. Lynn Ingram (Ph.D Geology, Stanford), she has done quite a bit of indepth work on this topic.

          But you are correct, cloud seeding is not going to solve this problem and will probably just make it worse.

          • Garden nut
            We gave control over our food, water, and shelter to corporations.
            Farming in the desert, climate control, aged nuclear power plants, and endless stupidity comes out of that. We disconnect our brains from consequences. None of our problems will be fixed unless we reconnect our brains to our food, water, and shelter and the consequences attached to obtaining them..

            • …wondering if there is a correlation between contrails and the (as of late) death rate of various ‘bee’ populations all but dying off. If so, intentionally “part of the overall plan” or “collateral-damage”. I can hardly wait to hand pollinate our gardens this year (do it with very large plastic bags, over each plant, and ‘shake’ then progress to next plant. The neighbor uses compressed air (120psi from a distance) to dislodge the pollen up and into the air, where it hopefully finds a ‘like’ plant and pollinates.

              • Equorial
                Where do you live? I’ve heard of hand pollination in some neighborhoods in Albuquerque where so much pesticide is used it is amazing that humans can live there… or in the middle of farm areas.
                Honeybee death will impact corporate monoculture most because they use massive amounts of chemicals which kills off all the pollinating insects… why they have to import bees to begin with. They regularly poison honeybees too.
                I grow a lot of food using polyculture and without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It produces more food per acre. Fertilizers are the biggest cause of acid rain on the eastern seaboard… never mentioned when the blame is put on cars.

            • Ain’t that the truth.

      10. I thought so.

        It made a ton of sense. Then I totally forgot that I thought this.

        Well hell why not you know?

      11. Desperate for rain, can not hardly blame them for trying to help their situation.

        • Trying? Who the hell are you kidding? They have manipulated every drought and flood for the last decade at least! They aren’t here to help you in case you didn’t notice Butch!

          • Genius, you may as well be talking to a rock within your BOL. After numerous, (too many to count I should think, and far more than should have been necessary), posts stating precisely what you just indicated by saying, “They aren’t here to help you…” //hell, POTUS and his cronies ARE THE DAMNED DOMESTIC ENEMIES (but I guess that since he’s the president and the other’s are in congress or wherever, then I must be a frigging ‘loon’ (spaced-out ex-combat veteran ya know? tic, tic, twitch, tic-tic,).
            1. No, the president isn’t from Kenya and MOST CERTAINLY is not “out to tear America down to the ground …lower if possible).
            2. All federal ABC agencies are here for THE GOOD OF WE, THE PEOPLE (it is a lie that they are extant only in the event that “usual” government gets blindsided …that’s when these agencies are supposed to take up the slack until the feds have recovered. Not a damn thing constitutional about that, and nothing about it benefits We, the people …but nobody cares. (for example: About the only reason I can ‘swallow’ for outfitting abc agency employees with ‘zillions of weapons and ammo-out-the-ahole is that they TOO – fully intend to fire upon Americans (or does everyone feel that The IRS was armed “in case” ISIS attacks …to protect we, the people?
            3. It IS A FRIGGING LIE that the federal government openly infringes upon we, the people and our gun rights. They “only” wish to make it “much safer” for we, the people by bringing us to our senses and realizing that we should do PRECISELY as every other ‘peoples’ who have give up their weapons (voluntarily) have done for centuries. Never mind that in each case ‘outright slaughter’ of the masses ensued, but this is America and NONE of our seated People In Power would dream of disarming us.
            4. It is also a lie (directly from Hell) that America’s Foreign Policies (let’s say, the ones from about 5 “presidents-past” to the present) are not for the greater good of all of mankind.

            The cold, hard truth is that this country, in varying degrees dependent upon your locality, is “Under Siege” (No different than the movie “Under Siege” with Steven Segal and Erica …oh my she is HOT!) The president and all of his allies are “in their designated places” with “vacancies” being made as needed (Justice Scalia can tell you how that worked for him, AND Obama).
            The mainstream media will NEVER tell you that we are at war (and the powers that be damned sure are NOT going to tell you their only intentions are to destroy every semblance of infrastructure, drinkable water, food growth resources, farms, jobs, ‘common-law rights'(all of them).

            So Genius, being that (seemingly) so very few are even aware of what they are truly facing (like, what is it with those who WANT to vote for Hillery?) I can only assume they’ll be the first-to-fall …which just happens to be what “they” know will happen.
            …and now you’ve gotten ME on the warpath again (as if I ever leave it). 🙂 Cheers man!

      12. If California didn’t have about 10 million recent immigrants they wouldn’t be short of water. California would have to build 1 new school every week to keep up with the increase in population. California went from the number one education system in the US, to the bottom. What changed? Garbage in, garbage out.

        • You don’t think that the daily, illegal watering of about 5 million acres of ‘sand-rooted lawn-grasses and ornamentals’ for the past 30 years had anything to do with it prior to the infiltration of illegals huh? Just saying… (THEY, the residents, in all their glory “exhausted” their most precious resource in favor of being fashionable). We are in trouble when WATER in on the edge of becoming a commodity! (Clean water – – what IS that)?

          • When did California have #1 education system? Even growing up in Oregon 50 years ago it was behind Washington and Oregon… and going downhill. I’ll give California one thing… they once had free college. My mom got her degree when we lived there.

      13. Folks with kiddos are just going to have to ‘back up’ and home-school their kids …period. Even though the feds are doing all they can to make it illegal to do so, they are overreaching once again – – and so we must make a stand (and it will stick like glue). If we do not, then Common Core will take over, Muslim oriented ‘everything’ and ‘prayer call’ will become the new schooling. Hell, this crap is already leaking out of every seam within the USA’s Educational System (to include ‘top-drawer’ colleges). To go with my (above post), Education is just another ‘item’ on a long list of things that is under “full frontal attack” …and absolutely NONE of these things are going to cease until we hit the “point of no return” …I guess.

      14. L.A is the shit hole of the world who care let them suffer and dry up to nothing blow away in the wind and return to the way it was before they ruined the land and over run with the human scum they lives there need earth quake soon

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