Dramatic Footage Of Firefight On The High Seas: U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire On Somali Pirates

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    Following the highjacking of a cargo ship near the coast of Somalia in April of 2009, ocean transport companies began taking the threat of modern day pirates seriously. For years Somali pirates were able to easily board ships and hold their crew for ransom, at times even going so far as to torture or kill hostages until their demands were met.

    But it looks like the pirate business has gotten significantly more dangerous for maritime criminals who are often under-equipped and travelling in speed boats.

    As the following series of videos shows, U.S. security contractors are prepared to take rapid and deadly action when being pursued or engaged on the high seas:

    One guard begins by firing warning shots around the boat which can be seen landing just feet away from the speedboat.

    After firing dozens of rounds at the speedboat which crashes into the ship’s hull, one contractor can be heard shouting: ‘Where they at, what’s their position?’

    As one speedboat careers off in retreat security can be heard calling: ‘Second skip coming in.’

    A second boat races towards the starboard of the ship.

    Security guards fire dozens more rounds at the vessel which eventually retreats.Full report: The Daily Mail

    In the first video, security contractors initially fire warning shots at an approaching ship. The initial volley of firepower doesn’t seem to slow the pirates down, however, leading to a barrage of bullets:

    In the second video, shot from various angles, we see the contractors engage a second pirate vessel (skip to about 0:45 for new footage):

    According to common maritime law, a ship that is engaged in international waters may defend itself through force when confronted by armed pirates:

    Private security teams patrol the decks of around 40% of large vessels in the “high-risk area” that stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Seychelles in the south and the Maldives in the east. When pirates attack, these armed guards respond with flares or warning shots. This usually scares off assailants (or sends them in search of easier prey). If it fails, they fire at an attacking boat’s engine, before finally turning their sights on the pirates. No ship carrying armed guards has so far been hijacked.

    Should your emergency evacuation and preparedness plan involve heading to the high seas to get out of Dodge and you are ever threatened by hijackers on the open seas, shoot first and ask questions later.


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      1. How many pirate boats have been sunk? Hw many pirates killed?

        • Interesting that at about 0:34 into the video you can see what appears to be coiled concertina wire attached to the side of the ship. Another pirate deterrent?

          • Wilson, if that concertina is also RAZORWIRE, you bet your ass that’s a deterrent. You cut yourself on that shit, you’re going to stop whatever else you’re doing to deal with those wounds.

          • Wilson, That is something that should be in every preppers stock of supplies, if you have the space to store it. Atleast one roll of barbed wire, 8 wooden post 7ft. long and 8in. dia. and 20 steel t-post and a t-post driver along with a post hole digger. Depending on the size of your home, when the Shumer Hits The Fan you can put up a perimeter fence with concertina wire on the inside of the barbed wire. It would sure slow down any intruders. Trekker Out.

            • In polar bear country they take 4×8 1/2 inch plywood, an add 10 penny nails driven through in offset rows three inches apart, nails three inches apart until the board is filled. Lay sheets side by side around the entire house, nails pointing up.

              This keeps the Bears out quite well, people too!

            • Better have the right gloves for handling it. That stuff will cut you just for looking at it wrong.

            • People like you crack me up.

              The first house I’d be looting would be the one with razor wire, not just because it gives the house away as the guy with more loot than we could fit in our jeep, but because anyone dumb enough to not know to stay inconspicuous is also not combat trained.

              • Lemon it would also be the last house you would be looting, and I would have a new jeep.Thanks! Trekker Out

                • Hahaha get er’ done fella.

        • Not enough!

        • Why did they call it a fire fight when it wasn’t? I used to splash more water than that when my dad took me to the river to shoot floating tin cans with 22lr.

      2. Interesting videos. It would’ve been better if at least some of those pirates had been hit. The same principle applies for individuals wherever you are. If someone attacks you, you have the God-given right to self-defense and never let anyone try to penalize you, either.

        • Nah don’t hit them, I want them healthy enough to machete the ships that are too cowardly to defend themselves. Those unarmed ships are the true enemies of the world.

          • Good Point.

      3. In my older age I’m becoming less and less patient with the crap that’s already hit the fan. Just like the author of this article said, after being shot at, these criminals backed off, probably to find a more vulnerable target.

        Shoot the Pirates. Word will quickly get back to their fellow pirates.

        When people on the Southern border are not released, but kept in detention, the people stop coming. So, we know what works. If we can kill Afgani, Sunni, etc.; why can’t we kill the people who actually threaten our survival?? We can.


        • The Oculist Society (Google it)

          A secret society of Cabalist Free Masons

          Sodomites ? Maybe. Satanist’s ? Maybe.

          Interestingly they relayed messages as if they had broken some Masonic code. When the encoded message was published, only the Free Mason Cabal it’s understood.

          They posed as eye doctors. The cataract surgical instrument, and a “light hand” or “light touch” (does anyone remember the song ‘ I want a man with a light touch…’) plus a Cat overlooking mice (cabalists overlooking the unchosen, playing with them before they die [?]).

          The main symbol is the EYE ! As seen on the Federal Reserve Note.

          German soldiers were castrated and their eyes gouged out by the Communists.

          El Douche (Mussolini) had his eye gouged out by Communists.

          An eye for an eye. This old Oculist Society paper is in German code.

          The pirate either covers one eye, or wears a glass eye.

          Eye is also wisdom and knowledge.


          • Khazarian Mafia

      4. This video is years old

      5. The closer I looked, I could have sworn one of the pirate ships had stenciled on the side” “Bankster boat, property of Goldmun Suchs”

      6. “Second SKIP coming in” ??
        NO… It’s called a “SKIFF”, you moronic excuse for a journalist.

        • I had a good laugh at that myself

      7. If you can attach razor wire to your outside doors, it reduced the temptation to try to knock it down. Of course, a battering ram would change this. How to attach it so that no one can pull it off is the problem.

        • my alarm for hallway is a bunch of aluminum cans tied together with 60 pound test fishing line. i just throw the pile in the hallway when i go to bed, and nobody’s gettin by that without makin some noise. in the mornin’, i just grab the pile and throw them in the trashcan in the corner…..actually, i think i GOT that idea from shtfplan….thanks to ALL the GOOD posers(AND the bad ones, that make U.S. THINK about the holes in our plans)….i got other plans too, but i aint tellin ALL my secrets!….i’m a light sleeper…i sleep with a light on…my brother, he’s a HARD sleeper, he sleeps with a ****on….sho do miss eppe!

          • Cans are a Good idea, but what do you do about the people who burn your house down and shoot you as you run out in your under wear?

            • bulletproof vest by bed, and at front and back doors…..guns too…..and a while back i asked the local fire extinguisher company if he had any used fire extinguishers…yup, got 13 of them, serviced fresh and 5 to ten pound(the big ones) for 10 bucks each, spread around house….aint no guarantees, but you CAN prepare for things if you THINK about them beforehand.

          • Every night, Grandma always put a light tray table in front of the doors and windows a thief might come through, then she put a half dozen bottles on the table, thin glass that would break easily. Grandpa kept a Colt 45 on the night stand.

            If someone came in it would make a lot of racket. If they persist, they’d have to walk through broken glass. Then they have to walk through the bullets from grandpa’s 45.

            Even if you have an alarm system, an extended power failure can render it useless. Consider this alternative when the SHTF.

            • don’t forget slip-on shoes next to bed, in case you got to run outside….broken glass is hard to run through barefoot…earthquakes here in so cal make that one a necessity.

        • Razor wire also makes it rather difficult to use the door yourself.

          A simple “mud room” type of entry that prevents someone from charging into the room after breaking down the main door and requires them to open a second door to the side in narrow confines where a battering ram is useless is effective and quite easily constructed if your main room is large enough to accommodate it.

          A number of ways to do this, use your imagination.

          • a piece of plywood with 8 penny nails sticking up will deter someone too….put a rug over it to disguise it if you must…..lay it at front and back doors when going to bed….by windows too, for INsurance….plant cactus outside windows, or blackberrie briars….

      8. Pretty awesome…

        Couple better placed shots and they wouldn’t have had to burn through so much ammo.

        Warning shots? WTF??

        • Yup, waste of perfectly good ammo, bigger weapon and effective fire, maybe a couple phos flares

        • all warning shots at MY place will be sent downrange, center-mass.

        • i prefer to think they were just piss-poor shots…

        • The boats and the large ship are both moving forward under power and the ocean causes movement in several directions as well. Holding on target with a rifle manually is difficult at best.

        • Warning shots? What a waste of ammo. And who in the hell would be out on the open seas banging away at pirates with a piss ant 5.56 round. How about a couple of Barret 82A1’s? One or two well placed rounds and it’s time to feed the sharks.

      9. Don’t even bother with the warning shots: just sink it there. Better to sink it since the brothas tend not to know how to swim so that makes their fate even more fun to watch.

        Basically, it is a war between people from successful civilizations and those from failed ones. Those in the successful civilizations need to man up and realize they can’t hold back on defending it. The failed people will just try and drag you down to their level. Fire and shoot to kill; warning shots are for sissies.

        • Well blood in the water, might be fun to watch the sharks?

          • Hi Gandhi;
            I made a comment on here a year or so ago about using snares for coyotes. You assaulted me over it and stated that it was cruel and that was why it was illegal. You are a stupid mf. By the way, it is not illegal to snare coyotes. I watch your posts and saw one in which you talked about living in Montana at some point. More recently, you are a gifted mathematician. Now I notice you come on here talking tough and addressing the other posters by name like you are a good buddy. Which city do you live in you rude mf. I watch your posts when I come here because you are such an asshole. I bet you have a fabulous retreat in the country.

        • More like humans vs subhumans!

          • Savage worthless, muslim coons!!! Deep-6 that mess.

      10. Grunty, damn straight. Like my firearms instructor back in the 70s told me, NO WARNING SHOTS EVER! While those guys made a good, successful effort to defend that ship, they need some range time. It would’ve definitely been better to sink those pirate boats. If those boats had been loaded with liberals…..

        • BH don’t forget everything is constantly moving up and down, side to side and forward. It would be most difficult for a standing rifleman to hit his target with any rifle. Especially far out.

          • Menzo, you’re right. I stand corrected. I didn’t even think about how ships move in the water.

            • I’m glad to be back on land again!

      11. Correction: My last post was intended for Frank Thoughts but I also agree with Grunty McPherson. Forget warning shots and just do what you have to.

        • The believe he most prudent thing to do is first disable the boat. That makes them pay a price for the effort as engines do not come easy and the survivors spread the word. Death to a few of them is not as great of a loss as the vessel. Life is cheap there.

      12. One of those boats made contact with the ship. How did they know those weren’t jihadists on a suicide mission to sink the ship? I’d have a 300 yard rule. Anything inside that would be sunk.

        • Jihadists aren’t a problem there, pirates are.

          Pirates don’t want to sink a ship, they want to capture it for its cargo and hold it for ransom.

          • Thank you, I know that. But it doesn’t hurt to assume the worst in hostile situations. Ya never know what they might be up to.

      13. My initial impression of this footage begs the question: Why in the hell are these security guards only using AR-15s? I would not hire myself out, nor I as the owner or insurer of the ship or cargo hire any security that wasn’t armed at least with Barrett 82 -A1, caliber 50 BMG AP, which can be purchased by any civilian (except in California I’ve heard. )

        Nice observation re the concertina wire.

        • Horse, how many people can handle the recoil from a .50? I hear the recoil from one of those is the most unforgiving. I would say .308. Recoil not so bad, has more range, and a better chance of sinking the damn boat.

          • Recoil is not too bad if you are holding it into your shoulder nice and snug. I put a towel between the butt plate and my shoulder. Takes the bite out of the recoil. Give it too much slack and you will pay. I would argue the range on the .50 vs the 7.62, but then a well place 7.62 round would do the job as well.

        • Last I heard, you could still purchase a Daisy BB gun in California.

        • They have to be carrying weapons they will be allowed to have on board when they reach their port of destination.

      14. Dudes need a barret or a Dillon mini

        • Hell, go to the sure kills with a CIWS Phalanx. There would be nothing left of the islamic savages.

      15. Take notes my friends on the private security forces, coming soon to a town near you.

        • Nofilter78, I heard a report on that from somewhere a few years back. Don’t remember the name of the site.

      16. That’s what I was taught if you used deadly force do you very best to make it deadly. Ive thought about it. Maybe there could be exceptions. Say a mob of 100 persons are coming your way. you only have a 30 round clip. Ya cant kill them all. So you shoot select ones in the Gut or Butt. their screams will possibly unnerve the remainder and you pepper their asses as they run away.

        • I would prefer a M1A with one of those X Products 50 round drum magazines.

          • Hell yeah!

          • If I was told to do warning shots, I would miss and hit them in the eye. They would think it was an accident because it would be too great of a shot for mere mortals.

          • R.L.
            The M1A a rifle after my own heart. That is why I have TWO!

        • Magazine, not Clip

      17. You get a choice from the security teams. AK’S or AR 15s generally. If your ship is running into Bab AL Mandab up the Red Sea the Egyptians will take your guns if you wish to transit the Canal. It was simpler to throw them over board if you had to transit the canal. You have to be careful depending on who’s waters you are in. I had an associate that shot and killed a pirate in Brazil. The pirate even though he had boarded the vessel became an “innocent fisherman” and the guy could never return to Brazilian waters, so he lost his job as that was the vessels steady run. I did the Somalia run for many years…it sucks.

        • Savage apes get what those damn muslim monkeys more than deserve. These foolish liberal gov’ts just never get it through their retarded, messed up ridiculous minds.

      18. Years ago Singapore had a problem with local pirates. Their navy hunted them, ran them down at sea, machine gunned the survivors. No evidence left, and pirates simply left their villages and were never seen again. Soon no more piracy in the area.

        • Like any of this stuff, your first mistake is to follow international law. Disappear the creeps just like they would do with you if they ever caught you. No fuss, no muss: waste them at sea, pick em up off the street in the night, but do not try and be ‘nice’. Warning shots are a moment to sight your shot wasted. The first shot should be a sink shot, then go for a kill shot. Why? Because that could be a boat with a suicide bomber on board. By the time you do two warning shots, they have detonated on you.

          Getting street scum embroiled in the police is just what they want; little vacation in prison and they are back out doing it again. They can’t do it again if they are disabled for life or dead. The problem these days is there are just so many of them now and they are laughing at the legal system because they know it protects them, not the victims.

      19. Agree – I have a finely tuned national match M1A with great optics. Still looking for the 50 round mag though.

      20. they have a couple of key defensive points that are sandbagged – just crappy wood pallets leaning against the handrails elsewhere …. if it’s a potential firing point – it needs sandbags – poor prep for guys that are supposedly professionals ….

        • I thought so too. There are a lot of lazy slobs these days calling themselves security ‘experts’. You see these videos where they are firing at everything but the target: like a small child with a toy machine gun.

          If I was defending such a ship, I would have at least one 50 cal for sinking ships. I would also have solid firing positions for the simple reason pirates can fire back. And my protocol would be no warning shots on any speed boat. If it is speeding towards the ship, then you fire to kill.

          Same goes for so-called ‘migrants’ who are really invaders.

          • Definitely INVADERS folks, please wake up & see what these disease ridden mutts are doing to civil society. These 3rd world scum have no business in civil society…nope sorry not good at all.

      21. Old Video

      22. Different topic, now this is crazy:
        NY Times is reporting armed civilian gangs have talked to the streets to support the president in Venezuela!


        Really, they are armed organized gangs, in a country where all firearms were confiscated from civilians a decade ago, guns and ammunition are simply not for sale, and possession of a firearm carries draconian punishment, and these Civillians(?) are openly brandishing and just shooting at anti government protestors. Has the NY Times gone totally out of their minds with fake news reporting.

        I read this article and it left me screaming at the computer screen. The only way these gangs could exist, is if they were organized and sanctioned secret government assassination squads, likely police or military in civilian dress.


        • Plan,I also wondered where these folks got their firearms,OK,I knew!

        • They’re Maduro’s people, he is openly training and supplying arms to them.

          This isn’t a secret, he has openly made public statements about it and the numbers of them he wants on the streets.

      23. RRRR5RR Those 223 hurt like hell.

        To Davy Jones locker yee go!

        At east the shark will have something to eat The won’t get much off those skinnies!!!!


      24. I’ve got a question for the AR fans on this forum. I was at a gun show earlier today to pick up more ammo and saw some good deals on some AR-15s. I’m now considering an AR-15 for my next weapon purchase. What’s the best brand I can get?

        • You gotta figure out exactly what conditions and situations you want it for before you can get a realistic answer about that.

          If just for everyday use and limited shooting (say less than a thousand rounds a year over a number of shooting sessions) any plain Jane AR using standard mil spec parts will work fine, or you can just buy parts and assemble your own (which is actually easy to do and takes virtually no real gunsmith type skills).

          Depending on where you are, will run you anywhere from around 500 to 750 dollars.

          Beyond that use, there are all kinds of more expensive options, but they will not actually improve the gun much unless you need them for some special purpose or conditions. A mil spec receiver is what is most important, none of that billet stuff people like to pretend is better, and you can always upgrade the various parts as time goes by if you feel the need to improve it.

      25. Missing the point.

        Piracy these days is retribution for global corporations and the World Bank & IMF raping lesser countries’ assets and natural resources who promised trickle down which never happened, hence perpetual poverty.

        This is nothing more than insurance for those banksters & global corporations.

        • Piracy is an honorable trade for Muslims. Mohammed was a their and a pirate among other things.

          • Mohammad was a no good baby rapist, what a truly disgusting, typical muslim cunt!!

      26. While I am no fan of the warlords/pirates ect. given that the world has used that part of the ocean as a toxic/nuclear waste dump for decades thus largely killing off the fishing there I to might decide being a pirate the thing to do,countries/companies world wide destroyed the fishing grounds there that to a large degree fed the people there.

        • YES! Was about to post this is an OLD story.

      27. Remember the “land shark” comedy skits from Laugh-in? These Somali pirates, as predators, remind me of “land sharks”. They kidnap young Somali boys and force them to serve on those boats. Boko Haram and other Muslim terrorist groups are doing the same to recruit soldiers. It’s disgusting! They wonder why there so many “Islamophobes” around. Count me as one!

      28. And that is how to deal with such ruthless muslim black trash scum balls folks!! We should employ such tactics on dry land when necessary as well……

      29. @BH –
        The best AR you can get is one you can afford. A LWRC DI will start at $1500. You can find Rugers on sale now for $499. Do you homework and follow your budget. Stop buying ammo at Wally world and the gun shows. Try sgammo.com in OK.

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