Drager CEO: No public healthcare for the unvaccinated

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mary Villareal at Natural News. 

    The CEO of German medical and safety technology manufacturer Drager suggested that those who do not want to get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) should not be allowed to have publicly funded hospital treatment. Drager CEO Stefan Drager also said these individuals should be “automatically considered” to have forfeited their right to obtain COVID-19 treatment in public hospitals.

    “Anyone who refuses vaccination must forgo treatment in the hospital,” Drager said. “If he refuses, this is automatically considered a patient decree that if he falls ill with the virus, he will not be treated in hospital at the expense of the general public.”

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    While the statement is sure to draw criticism, he said this should be the case to avoid overburdening hospitals and staff. However, he is not sold on mandatory vaccinations, either, saying that when the state makes the decision for the people, it relieves them of their own responsibility.

    Furthermore, he believes that a large, silent majority is suffering from the “unrepentant minority.” According to Drager, he meant this “suffering” in a medical sense as well, because treatment for other illnesses or operations is likely to be postponed.

    European counties in recent days have moved to rescind many COVID-19 rules, such as the need for vaccine passports due to the falling cases. However, countries like Germany and Austria have opted to implement more restrictions instead.

    The German government, for instance, is reportedly considering a general vaccine mandate for all residents 18 and older. Chancellor Olaf Scholz told news outlets in January that he supports this idea, saying he’s convinced that without compulsory vaccination, the country won’t be able to get their vaccination rates up to the level that is necessary to get them out of the pandemic.

    The Austrian Parliament also passed a similar measure signed into law earlier in February, where harsh fines amounting to thousands of euros could be levied several times per year for those who refuse to comply. (Related: Austria implements mandatory covid vaccination for EVERYONE.)

    A top German court rejected a legal challenge to temporarily block the implementation of a vaccination mandate for healthcare workers, which was supposed to be enforced in March. The move was welcomed by the German government, with Scholz indicating that he and health officials believe the cases will rise in the autumn and winter of 2022. This means that it is especially necessary to make vaccines compulsory.

    Scholz also reiterated his stance during a speech to parliament. He said that the next fall and winter will see a rise in infections again, so vaccine mandates also make sense.

    Singapore no longer covers medical bills of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients

    Singapore has already done what Drager wanted to do. The Southeast Asian nation stopped covering the medical bills of those “unvaccinated by choice” beginning December 8 last year, with the country’s Ministry of Health citing the strain that the unvaccinated are putting on the nation’s health care system.

    “Unvaccinated persons make up a sizeable majority of those who require intensive inpatient care, and disproportionately contribute to the strain on our healthcare resources,” the ministry said in a statement.

    The Singaporean government had been covering the cost of COVID-19 care for all of its citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders, excluding those who tested positive after returning from overseas. The ministry explained that it was supposed to avoid financial considerations adding to public uncertainty and concern when the virus was emergent and unfamiliar.

    However, the system will continue to apply to the majority who are vaccinated until the situation becomes more stable. The policy change meant that the government started charging those unvaccinated COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals and treatment facilities since December 8. However, the patient can still use their regular health care financing arrangements to pay bills where applicable.

    Those who are not eligible for vaccination like children under 12 and people with medical exemptions will still have their bills covered. (Related: Fully vaccinated individuals make up the majority of COVID cases and hospitalizations in NSW.)

    Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said hospitals really prefer not to bill the patients at all, but they have to send an important signal to urge everyone to get vaccinated if they are eligible.

    Watch the video below about the globalists threatening the unvaccinated.


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      1. “Anyone who refuses vaccination must forgo treatment in the hospital,”

        Gee, no treatment from a
        hospital – what will I ever
        do now? Oh I know, remain
        perfectly healthy and alive!!

      2. Personally, I avoid hospitals
        like the plague. Perhaps
        that’s why I’m still around.

      3. What? No PUBLICLY funded healthcare? I have privately funded healthcare so? No COVID treatment? Big fkkn deal. In fact thats a good thing, you might have a lot better chances of leaving the hospital alive!

      4. Hospitals make a lot of money killing people and saying it was covid. Ventilators, remdesevir (however it’s spelled) have probably killed at least a million people and man did the hospitals rake it in! NEVER go to a hospital unless you absolutely have too!

        Got run over by a bus? It was covid!
        Commit suicide? It was covid!
        Had a heart attack? It was covid!
        Died of cancer? It was covid!
        On and on and on! These fkkrs made billions doing this shit!
        They made sure they died with “the protocol”

      5. Burn in hell.

      6. This is about MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – for which this little Drager CEO and all like him, will be EXECUTED DEAD.

        • Really? When are you going to do it? Hurry up cowboy, get the posse movin’. Oh yer waiting for someone else I see. Well wake me up when you get it going ok….

          • He is correct this is what HAS to happen for our survival and are YUO doing anything other than chastising this guy for telling the truth? OH wait your just another libtard troll? or are you a AMRICAN citizen turned sheeple like most other in this country!
            Either stand up and try to help get the ball rolling or sit down and be a keyboard coward! LOL

            • Well get out there and do it then. I’m not going to be a martyr for a bunch of retards. Well, get going cowboy…

              • What’s happened to poster “Jakartaman”?
                Always enjoyed reading his comments but noticed he hasn’t posted on the board in months.
                Hopefully everything is alright and he just decided to take a break from the board.

            • Stand up?
              Where were the “desk jockeys” and “keyboard cowboys” back in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s???????
              The time to “stand up” was back in the 60’s and 70’s before the situation began to escalate in the early 80’s and reached the point of no return by the mid 1990’s.
              No point growing a pair now.
              The damage has long been done and it’s permanent.

      7. Bring on the reset dims.

      8. Not just public healthcare: private health insurers will meddle in your lifestyle way more than public healthcare does.

        They will make you sign a statement that you don’t smoke, take exercise and eat properly. The days of being able to smoke cigars, get really fat, and eat like Orson Welles are over.

      9. I don’t think that the unvaccinated should have to pay into a service, which has shunned them.

        Also, I don’t see how anyone besides a radicalized, leftist demographic will be able to get formal, medical training — who I wouldn’t trust with a houseplant.

      10. How about no public healthcare for the vax damaged?

      11. I wonder if they’re including their “refugees” and migrants in that?

      12. No Jab, take my healthcare away! I ll gladly save 300 a month in premiums if this happens in the USSA. I will be downgrading my ClotterPermante insurance at enrollment in June. The commies won’t let you change your coverage for a year. What a scam!

        • I don’t think they want to take your premiums away, just the healthcare you get for paying them.

          You’ll still be required to carry the healthcare, you just won’t get anything for it.

      13. What’s next for the control freaks…no healthcare for you since you are eating too much and are overweight and need treatment ,,,no health care for drinking too much, sick or overweight and need medical attention… on too many drugs and need medical treatment…. driving over the speed limit and injured in a car wreck and denied medical treatment because you didn’t OBEY and act acceptably?? …..The list can go on ….

      14. This is EXCELLENT! Fuck all you Covid-denying, anti-vax shitheads. Your stupid lives are the reason for Covid. I hope Covid continues to thin the herd of you fucking dolts. If you don’t care enough to end this pandemic by taking care of your fellow man and getting vaccinated, then you deserve to die. Let’s Go Covid!

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