Dr. Rashid Buttar CENSORED For Stating FACTS About COVID-19

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Dr. Rashid Buttar, YouTube screenshot

    Doctors everywhere are coming out with the truth about the coronavirus pandemic and the panic-induced insanity we have all been witnessing lately.  Many are declaring there is no reason to lock down anyone, other than global tyranny.

    As these doctors stand up for their rights to speak the truth and the rights of those being enslaved by politicians, they are censored and bullied by the mainstream media and their totalitarian handlers. Dr. Rashid Buttar is one of those doctors.

    After posting a video to YouTube, which Buttar says garnered 9.1 million views on the video he has done with Next News Network. But the information he provided, isn’t allowed to be seen because he blows holes in the plandemic’s official narrative. As Buttar explains in the video below, “why would anybody be concerned about taking that video down? My question is, ‘why is there a need to censor any type of information?'”

    We all know the answer now, or we should.  We are supposed to be willful slaves to the ruling class, and too many people are waking up the government’s lies and the mainstream media’s cover-ups of those lies.  That means they will pull out all the stops in an effort to push tyranny on the people.  Any information dangerous to the government’s century of enslavement will be removed, and we all know that.  We have been lied to, but good people everywhere are standing up and taking their basic human rights back.

    Dr. Buttar hits the nail on the head:

    “The only reason to take [the video] down was that it was a threat in some way. Now, I didn’t threaten anyone. I just brought the facts out. And of course, when you shine the light on cockroaches, what do they don? They scurry to the dark recesses, and that’s exactly what happened.”

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    The false narrative so many believed for so on (that a handful of people have the right to control your life, steal from you, and rule you as they see fit) is crumbling away.  Freedom and liberty are not only being demanded by people by simply taken back by the refusal to acquiescence to power.

    Wake up, and realize YOU have the power, not the tyrants barking commands. Tyranny ends when we stop complying with it.

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      1. So lets get this straight, over 95% of the countries in the world locked down their people, threatened their economies with potential economic collapse over a hoax???


        • It was deliberate and well coordinated worldwide.

          Ant the people overwhelmingly fell for it, actually welcoming it as it takes place (it still is taking place).

          But who did the coordinating, and who gave them their orders?

          You’ll never find that out, The Senior Partners aren’t stupid enough to be visible, and no one even knows they are the ones calling the shots.

      2. Is it Lost on you that China Communist CCP unleashed a Biological weapon of WAR, upon the world?
        China CCP unleashed a bioweapon for economic Warfare.
        No calls for Accountability?
        What is wrong with you people?

        You allow criminal politicians to flush your human rights down a sewer of fear.
        You allow media to make you act strange and fearful. Everyone now going around in masks like the third world communist wear, as they murder the locals in made up civil wars.
        Now you allow the criminal politicians to force vacinate you like owned cattle?
        Guess like cattle, you will go to the camps like docile domesticated livestock to be slaughtered? You will do ANYTHING and Believe ANYTHING a communist controlled Mass Media talking head or criminal power drunk Politician tells you? Gullible docile sheep to be vacinated tracked with a chip and slaughtered?
        What happened to your courage?
        What happened to your critical thinking?
        Why can’t you see what is really going on?
        Are you Livestock or Human beings?
        You better decide quick.
        You damn well better push back HARD. before you loose everything that matters.


      4. Yes, the whole world got together, allied and axis, and just decided to pull a massive April fool’s prank. You idiots…

        A. Covid-19 is real, if you had friends in medicine (We’re not going to count 2-bit quacks like Shiva & Buttar) you would *know* how real it is.

        B. Q-anon is a fake, and not even a convincing one. If you believe that the Clintons, Bushes, Podesta, Oprah, etc get together in the basement of Comet Ping Pong in DC to touch kids and eat babies, you need to be removed from society, as you are a danger to yourself and others. (protip: Comet doesn’t even HAVE a basement)

        C. This President is an abject FAILURE, by any metric. He is also quite possibly a traitor. If you voted for him, you should accept those political truths, learn something, and try to do better next time.

        • c3vink, your bias & assumptions against the Trump legions are unjustified.
          A. – very few people believe Covid-19 is not a real health issue. The major issue is with draconian measures taken by multiple levels of govt. to stomp on CITIZENS’ natural rights.
          B. – the conservative distaste for the Demonrats you listed stems from the complete disregard by the “left’s Heros” for the founding documents, individual freedom, & capitalist fundamentals.
          C. – quit watching MSLSD, CNN, & CBS. Their narrative you have parroted has no basis in fact. Do your homework before trying to disparage those that have done theirs.

          I suggest multiple courses on the founding documents & history by Heritage College (Larry Arne).

        • Hillsdale College & Larry Arnn.

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