Dr. Fauci Warns Of “Two Americas”: One For The “Vaxxed” & One For The “Un-Vaxxed”

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci and other members of the ruling class would like nothing more than to see the entire world population wearing ritualistic shame muzzles for the remainder of their lives.  In fact, Fauci is doubling down now, saying the fully “vaccinated” still need to wear face masks.

    Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, and Joe Biden’s chief medical tyrant advisor. He has changed his mind and flip-flopped so many times, in the name of “science” of course, that anyone with two brain cells to rub together doesn’t trust this guy in any way.

    Fauci is also calling the new propagandized fear-mongering “delta variant” a “great threat” to those who haven’t been “vaccinated.” He also has told the public what to expect: two different worlds for those who got the shot and those who have chosen not to. We are returning to the days of segregation, and this time, it’s not about race it’s about personal choices that don’t affect anyone else; especially if they continue to claimed the “vaccines” are “effective.”

    Fauci is “very concerned about” people who use their own brains and come to the conclusion that they don’t need an experimental gene therapy shot, he told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday night. With the more contagious Delta variant, some officials are issuing new mask guidance. “When you have such a low level of vaccination superimposed upon a variant that has a high degree of efficiency of spread, what you are going to see among under-vaccinated regions, be that states, cities or counties, you’re going to see these individual types of blips,” he said. “It’s almost like it’s going to be two Americas.”

    He is also continuing to falsely label the experimental gene therapy shots as “vaccines” as most of the media is doing. “One of the issues that’s very, very clear is that the vaccines that are used in this country, fundamentally, the mRNA vaccines, with few exceptions, are really doing quite well in protecting against any symptomatic disease, and certainly highly effective in preventing against severe disease that would lead to hospitalization or deaths,” Fauci said. And he continues to claim that it’s the unvaccinated who are at a risk for the “delta variant,” which looks to be about as real as the original COVID-19 virus.

    “It’s the concern about unvaccinated people. So, if ever there was what I would say a clarion call to people to please get vaccinated, you can protect yourself against a virus that has a better capability of spreading from person to person and that could make you more seriously ill,” Fauci said according to a report by PBS.

    “In certain countries, the Delta variant has become really quite dominant. It has pushed aside the other variants that are there. This will happen in our country, the United States, in those areas of unvaccinated people.”

    “This is entirely avoidable, entirely preventable. If you are vaccinated, you diminish dramatically your risk of getting infected and even more dramatically your risk of getting seriously ill. If you are not vaccinated, you are at considerable risk,” Fauci warned. –CNN

    Wait, so if the “vaccine” is “effective” and the vaccinated aren’t getting infected, how can they spread anything to the unvaccinated? If the unvaccinated do get the delta variant, and the “vaccine” is “effective” why are the “vaccinated” concerned?  None of this makes sense. They expect us to believe it all though and line up for this shot like a  herd of sheep.

    The definition of “effective” is: successful in producing a desired or intended result.

    So, based on the fact that we know these shots don’t work, what’s the “desired or intended result?” Perhaps they are effective…if the end result is totalitarian control and compliance.

    Keep asking the questions and using critical thinking. We are going to bombarded with propaganda about this delta variant until they try to lock us down again or until people open their eyes to the reality of our situation.


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      1. Makes sense. I mean with all his flip flopping , it’s like we also have two “Dr” Faucis and neither one has any worth at all.?

      2. I read an article somewhere which said that one of the reasons they are pushing the “variant” narrative so hard now is because it will give them yet something else to blame the inevitable jab deaths on. We all know they will never openly admit the alledged “vaccine” is killing tons of people. When the jabbed start dying quickly all at once they could just say that one of these more “contagious” and “infectious” “variants” is the cause as a way to cover their asses. I think most rational people will know the real cause is the kill shot – not any “variant”.

      3. Fauci needs to be arrested and charged with murder, crimes against humanity and genocide. Sent to Gitmo and tried for treason and sentenced via firing squad. Who even listens to this lying scum dope?

        • @TharSheBlows, I’d pay top money to witness those scenarios you suggested regarding our highly “respected” “Dr”.
          The guy is an absolute piece of garbage.I’m sure even the stuff we scrape off the bottom of our shoes has more value than this evil leprechaun.

        • Drooling pedo joe listens to this scumbag. Two peas in a pod.

        • I believe Fauci is dead–executed for treason.
          There is a look-alike passing as him to keep the country from rioting or rejoicing…you can notice the differences in older pictures.

      4. As you mentioned,none of this makes any sense.
        I think we would all be much better off if we didn’t expect common sense from a bunch of lying psychos who wouldn’t know common sense if it was injected into them at the end of a poisonous syringe.???

      5. Is anyone else tired of hearing from Dr Falsi?
        I don’t know how he does it –
        works 24/7 as an evil puppet for the elite and yet the snake somehow finds the time to spew his venom on all of us.

      6. One word for those of you paying attention: “Ivermectin”

        Prevents and cures all covid -19

      7. People are still listening to this buffoon???

      8. First off this piece of shit is not a doctor. I’ve read that Tony Fauci has never practiced a day of medicine in his life. He’s a politician and a businessman. He holds patent rights to some of the vaccines being coerced on the public.

      9. Anyone ever wonder how and when the mark of the beast would make its worldwide appearance and how people would be persuaded to accept it?

        Developing ……..

      10. Well, first of all, the only reason I got the ” vaccine ” was shut my son and daughter in law up, as they both work in the health care field. Other wise, maybe, just maybe I could have been able to with my wife of 48 yrs again. she passed 4 yrs ago of cancer. Knowing my luck, in this particular instance, I’ll probably healthy as horse and pass away of something altogether different, like a stroke, or even maybe over eating or even maybe bull sh—ing too much. Oh well, what ever

        • Sorry about your loss but that’s not a good reason to succumb to this poisonous graphene oxide, aluminum, fetal tissued experimental gene therapy shot(s). There’s plenty in the health care industry that aren’t for the shots. Unfortunately, more need to speak out but are compromised & don’t want to lose their jobs—the health care people who actually believe this insanity are not professionals; not critical thinkers. They are sheep but not just limited to the health care field but exist elsewhere—very gullible to believe the Government has our best interests at heart. Hopefully, this will come to a head where they will all be exposed & charged w/crimes against humanity.

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