Dr. Doom Marc Faber: “Global Liquidity Will Move Into Precious Metals In The Next 3 – 6 Months”

by | Jan 22, 2017 | Headline News | 166 comments

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    Economist Marc Faber, who is known in many circles as Doctor Doom for his oft gloomy forecasts, says that stock markets are overvalued, but stops short of saying that a crash is imminent. Though valuations are high and sentiment is dangerously optimistic, Faber argues in a recent interview with Fox Business that there are huge money flows still making their way into U.S. equities.

    And over the next three to six months Faber says much of that liquidity from foreign and domestic investors may start moving into precious metals and precious metals stocks:

    [There won’t be a sell off] in the near future… but if you look at the valuation of stock they’re high. If you look at the valuation of the US dollar it is high… If you look at the money flows in the last few weeks a lot of money has flown into US equities, both from domestic investors and international investors… as a contrarian this is not a particular good sign.

    However, there is a lot of liquidity in the world… the liquidity will move into precious metals and precious metals stocks… so I would be long gold shares, silver shares, platinum and the underlying physical…

    I also think that sentiment is much too optimistic about stocks and far too pessimistic about bonds…

    Full Interview:

    Faber may be on to something, as demand for gold via ETF’s is surging at levels not seen since the 2011 run up in precious metals prices, suggesting that for those on the sidelines now may be a good time to buy gold and related assets.

    As the elite meet in Davos to discuss banning cash, investors around the world are flocking to safe havens. Nowhere has this been more visible than in China, where so much money moved into BitCoin that it broke through $1000 stopping just shy of all-time highs.

    The sudden and precipitous rise of the digital currency is an indicator of what may happen with precious metals should they become the next go-to safe havens for panicked investors.

    With the strength of the US dollar today and President Trump recently warning that a strong dollar is not good for trade, it is quite possible that a policy shift with the new administration could weaken the dollar, adding further upward pressure on the gold price going forward.

    If Faber is right, there is a perfect storm brewing for gold and silver.

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      1. A very plausible scenario – especially if the Chinese start to panic buy like they did with bitcoin.

        • So what is a boom in precious metals?


          Silver goes up and down about 5% a day now. That is how rabid the silver market is.

          • Why is Madonna not in prison for making a threat to “blow up the White House”?

            • At the very least she should be on the no fly list.

            • and, BMoe, a major SNL writer threatened to be the first “home schooling shooter,” in reference to Trump’s son. Can you IMAGINE if someone said that about the Obamas????

              First, even with the Clinton’s I’ve never seen anyone say a word about the Chelsea until she was an adult. Leave the kids out of this! But not the vile left. Then, this writer was too stupid to know that Trump’s son is not home schooled. But hey! If you are a a leftist, ignorance *is* your calling card, so I guess that shoe fits.

              Funny how the left is all about protesting hate, then Trump comes in, that’s all the do is hate and violence.

              There is a silver lining here: it is precisely idiots like this that caused a slumbering America to wake up, and turn on these leftist fascists and their hate and hypocrisy… which elected Trump. In short, the more people like ignorant, high school educated, has been Mahdoona runs her mouth, the more people wake up.

            • Blackmoe, the Secret Service is investigating her threat but it’s up to the US Attorney whether to prosecute her. Go to thegatewaypundit.com and you’ll find some interesting articles on the women’s march. Some of those feminazis carried some signs calling themselves “nasty women”. They carried all kinds of vile and disgusting signs then dropped them on the ground for someone to clean up. For once, I can agree with them something. They’re worse than nasty. Just think, if Hillary had won, those are the kind of people that would’ve been running the country now. Let’s all be glad we dodged that bullet.

              • Unfortunately, many women today were raised without even the most basic understanding of hygiene and how to comport themselves. We have slovenly women in much of the Western world from the UK to America. It is no surprise they would make a mess after having their little selfish demonstration. I call it selfish because they were not protesting against the real injustices to women around the world, with the worst violator by far being Islam.

                We need a renaissance with today’s women: a restoration of elegance, of the importance of keeping a good figure for health and beauty, of how to dress like a woman, that women do have special roles in society, and that the worst abuses of women do not take place in the Western world anymore but exist in the third world.

                And to be frank, we need the government and health insurance companies to be bold enough to fire obese women from workplaces. There are plenty of beautiful, fit women who can replace them in most offices. It is disgusting entering many government workplaces these days to find so many obese and slovenly women working there.

                The best role models for women can be found in Russia, Asia and Eastern and Northern Europe. In these places, women still retain their beauty and dress with elegance. But the Greater American Land Whale?? Ugh!

                • There is a silver lining to the feminazis, who are one of the seminal (sorry for the pun) evil forces destroying this country, with their Marxist roots. And that is they have woken a LOT of people up to the leftist fascism that they started. I, myself, first became aware of all this leftist horse manure through some vile, amoral feminists I was unfortunately involved with. My wife – a philosophy major – is also deeply disgusted with the feminazi hypocrites (and where WERE they for all of Slicks 14 sex assaults, anyway). There are a LOT of people like me out there.

                  So, thanks, feminazis, for your vile, Marxist/fascist lies hubris and ignorance. Without your evil ministrations years ago, I could possibly still be a sheeple. But thanks to you, you have made a committed, articulate enemy of the evil filth you are trying to foist on the world. And you evil feminists are greating perhaps hundreds of thousands like me. So, I say, keep your hypocrisy, arrogance, H8TE and ignorance up, so you can create millions more of us.

                • I’ve rarely heard such an accurate portrayal of the state of american women, at least those of the so called ‘left.’ Go to wallmart, or as the author notes, any govmint office and the women there will gross you out. We are surely a laughing stock to the rest of the world. It add an interesting twist to the 60’s song American Women (by a Canadian group).


                • FT, spot on. To top it off, one of CNN’s talking heads ‘accidentally’ let it slip that the women’s march wasn’t even about women, it’s really about liberalism. Figures.

                • Wow! That is Fuckin A! Could not have said it better myself!

              • To be honest, as disgusting as this SNL’s writer’s “joke” was, we don’t want a police state – from either the left or right. As vile, evil and disgusting as this post is, we still need free speech, even if it is stupid, filthy and violent (but not actually doing violence, of course). I’m sure it was just a stupid, vile, lame, fascist ignorant attempt at a joke. So, yes, IMHO, while the police do have to do their due diligence, it would be inappropriate to prosecute. Even worse, on a practical level, it would just make a martyr out of her. If I were Trump, I would take the high road, and just call for an end to leftist H8TE and violence, while affirming free speech. The committed leftist idiots won’t be swayed, but a light of more middle ground people will see the hypocrisy, and eventually leave the leftist camp over stuff like this.

                As Margaret Thatcher said, once the left resorts to name calling, you know you have won. Gandhi said the same thing.

                I was thinking of the Chicago 7 the other day – the radical leftists form the late 1960s Chicago riots at the Democrat convention, which turned he Democrat party we see today from an American party to a fascist/communist party. Interestingly, one of their leaders, Rennie Davis abandoned the left and became somewhat conservative (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rennie_Davis )

                Non-violence, along with educating and informing, is our calling card. We ARE winning the day. We just need to hold course.

            • she needs to be in GETMO and waterboarded until she speaks .. than celled for 20 years

              its what Her candidate had in mind for people like her

              • This is true: Hillary had no truck with terrorists or those who advocated terrorism. Madonna needs to be rendered to a dark site and forced to listen to her music 24/7.

          • There is a lot of placer gold out there if you live in the West, in particular, and there are a lot of affordable ways to recover it; and refine it.

            Get your family and fire team together and get some before I get it all. “Ask Jeff Williams” (and Slim) on Youtube is a good place to educate yourself in a hurry about prospecting. He is also very entertaining.

            I recently bought a small blast furnace that will reach 2900 degrees: enough to smelt gold at 1100 F and some platinum group metals.

            Move your hiney and get some shiny. 🙂

            • Checked out the Jeff Williams vids, those are very good! I have a lot of old mines and diggins’ around my area to check out. My theory was to go into some shafts and scan the walls with my metal detector and possibly find gold just inside the walls and dig it out. The old timers didn’t have the tech and just grabbed the easy stuff, they could easily miss pockets a few inches deeper. Looks like I will have to scan the ore piles too. A sluice box is easy to build (I have no idea what happened to the one I made). Add another project to my list this summer lol. Thanks DK!

              • I do what I can. Yes, technology is a wonderful thing. Makes it all soooo much easier. Everyone should join a local prospecting club too; or start one. 🙂

      2. I’m buying some more silver.\

        • Doing the same thing. Like silver as the foundation of any physical metals position. Doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to build a sizable position in silver bars or eagles. You get three plays in one: asset backing against economic collapse, industrial play (electronics and solar), and the pure commodity play (extraction ratio is getting closer and closer to par with gold). That tells me build silver, nibble gold.

        • Sarge, check out Fox Valley Coins on Rte. 59 in Naperville. Been around 30 years, low markups. I think they are great.

        • I bought 240 ounces when silver hit $16.00 an ounce. The shop where i bought them from only charged 0.95 commission on top of the spot.

          • JS,

            That is astounding! Do they ship? Did you buy coins, bullion, Silver Eagles, or Maple Leafs? This kind of information is extremely useful. The markups have always been a bane for me.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • I use Provident Metals in TX. Buy over internet and free shipping. I find they have the tightest spreads on silver rounds and bars. Great service.

              • FF, JS,

                Thanks for your responses.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • just remember that when the stock market crashes, people sell their gold stocks to raise cash to cover their margin calls, thereby creating a buying opportunity. so when the stock market crashes, there SHOULD be a chance to get in cheaper. at least that’s the way it’s been in the past.

            • buffalo indian head silver rounds, bought from my local coin shop.

            • GainesvilleCoins dot com as low as .64 cents over spot for .999 Silver Rounds.

          • GainesvilleCoins dot com Low as .64 cents over spot for .999 Walking Liberty Rounds.

            Honestly I just can’t see paying $2 to $4 over spot price for a US Coin that is not even .999 Pure, most are warn down. Go with the Pure Silver Rounds, as your resale later on, will get you spot, especially if it is Industrial/ medical buying from you. US Coins are more sentimental Value that Content. Which is only 90-95% silver, and you can’t do anything with it, since it is not pure. Want copper and nickel in your Colloidal Silver Solution? I think Not.

            US Coins are a rip off in my opinion. And forget junk silver jewelry, since you really have no idea what it is. Fake stamps, lots of lead, brass, tin, copper in costume electroplate fake silver jewelry. Makes your fingers turn green. Junk Gold and Silver chain on a rope that comes off a spool, is not gold or Silver. Electroplate junk.

      3. Brass and lead! Backup with copper.

        • Jim: agree, ammo excellent for bartering, along with canned meats we rotate and other practical stuff. Silver and gold collapsed after y2k, so won’t be buying silver anymore. R. Ahrens: gold and silver will be outlawed if the hammer drops according to experts in globalist agenda, and debit will be the main way to buy or sell. Any useable item (tools, ammo) will be used for bartering goods and services.

          • Laura, you think they will go door to door, confiscating two ounces of gold from armed citizens? If they do that, why not confiscate your canned goods too?

            Truth is, it’s much more likely they will give you paper dollars for your AU and AG held in SLV and GLD ETFs after declaring force majeure.

            • In a real SHTF, like the Great Depression, FDR confiscated the gold (at $20), raised the price to where there was a profit incentive to mine it (at $35), bought all gold production, and put a generation of miners back to work prior to WW II.

              That COULD happen again in a real SHTF, but I don’t think so.

              I believe that market forces will be left to their own devices to determine price and supply. Digital money with quantum computers will be the “OWC” denominated in many fiat currencies.

              Move your hiney to get some shiny. 🙂

              • The move to “ban cash” was initiated abroad because it would be unConstitutional to do so in America. Not gonna happen here.

                Litigation would commence immediately. And the verdict predictable. 🙂

                • DK- “The move to “ban cash” was initiated abroad because it would be unConstitutional to do so in America.” WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  You have NO idea what you are talking about as usual. Its already been all over the press this last year, that they want to ban the $100 Bill and maybe the $50. There is nothing in the constitution that lists the Federal Reserve as the decider or that. The US President and congress decide and they can ban anything they want, including drugs to cash and guns. Even Executive Orders like JFK’s EO-11110 can make a new currency (Silver Certificates) to compete with the US Dollar as we phase it out and start banning the POS IOU Fake US Currency. The Government may even ban Gold again, but can’t ban Silver, since its importance in Industry which is about 50% of all Silver production goes for industrial, like silver and electronic components.

                  When you state something so ridiculous, provide a link, otherwise your opinion is uninformed babble.

                  • “You have NO idea what you are talking about as usual. …..When you state something so ridiculous, provide a link, otherwise your opinion is uninformed babble.”

                    I never said the FED was the decider of whether to ban cash or not; or any specific denomination of bill. The Globalists CANNOT ban cash in the USA without approval by Congress.

                    I said that cash bans were initiated abroad because those who want to ban cash do not have the lawful authority to do so in America.

                    Where did you learn to read ??? You are illiterate. 🙂

                  • Trumpsdep: I was just given 100. and 50. $ bills at the bank other day. The gals said they haven’t heard of banning them, otherwise why would banks give them out instead of smaller bills? Banks would “pull them out” of circulation as customers brought them in for deposits if this was in the works. We need gold, silver and other commodities of value to back currency at the correct ratio. A constitutional banking system must be created under Constitutional law along with putting the system thru orderly bankruptcy re-org, creating nat. bank system of nat. credit @ 1-2%. (FRS put into receivership while protecting commercial baking functions). Outlaw derivatives. banks are over leveraged.

                • Really ? You know of any State paying it’s debts in gold ?

                  Article 1, section 10 has sure been ignored for 100 years….”[No State shall] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts” Anybody sued a State over that yet ?

                  And Congress has been ignoring it’s duty to COIN (not print) money for about as long (Art 1 Sec 8)except for debased small change.

                  They have pretty well conditioned folks to accept digital money in the form of checks/plastic, heck, even cell phones and the number of folks even carrying paper “notes” has drops more every day.

                  I think the underground economy is the only thing saving physical paper money. So much of it supports the above ground economy once it floats on out past the first transaction (Drug dealers buying Escalades for example) that killing it off with 100% traceable money would be stupid.

                  • TnAndy- That law is only in Arizona – As I see so far.

                    Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate
                    Arizona may become the second state, after Utah, to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes.

                    The Arizona Senate voted Thursday to approve SB 1439 which allows businesses and the state government to accept payments in gold or silver.
                    link: March 2013 – http://www.activistpost.com/2013/03/gold-and-silver-approved-as-legal.html

                    ****Not sure if this is actual law, or if the AZ Governor Signed this Bill.

                    But this Gold Silver Currency Bill, surely opens the door and can be used as a template for each and every state to adopt. Let me say this, that the days of the Fed Controlled Monopoly on the US Consumers payment options for all debts with PAPER FIAT Money only, will change, and we will see more alternative ways of payment, which will create competition for currency, and the American people WIN, as competition keeps everyone in the arena more honest. No More Monopoly in Currency to manipulate its value crushing the populace, like the Fed is doing to us now. Financial Oppression.

                    We need a full Gold and Silver Physical Market, and no more paper manipulation. Only $6000 on margin, is controlling $127,000 in Gold, which is Ponzi FRAUD!!.

                  • “Really ? You know of any State paying it’s debts in gold ?”

                    No, and I didn’t suggest any would. How did you read THAT into my comment???. Anyway, UTAH allows payment of debt in gold as legal tender.

                    A similar bill nearly passed in the Arizona Senate but failed. 🙁

                  • “Article 1, section 10 has sure been ignored for 100 years” Yes it has because paper currency is superior to use and much more abundant than gold and silver.

                    Carrying around pockets full of gold and silver is not practical.

                    If someone can get shot over the tennis shoes they wear, violence would be ubiquitous if everyone had physical gold in they pockets.

                    I prefer a gold card. 🙂

                • durango, not saying you’re wrong, but zero hedge ran a story last week about Washington, DC instigating the cash ban in India. No surprise there.
                  “Hmmm, how do we get 1 billion people who aren’t on the internet to ‘join’ in order to buy a 50 cent item”?

                  What could go wrong that a news blackout couldn’t fix?

                  • Im thinking that a test was run on blacking out news and such,,, very little about protests etc over the weekend, there was a little on the bishes march but really nothing like what was expected,

                  • “durango, not saying you’re wrong, but zero hedge ran a story last week about Washington, DC instigating the cash ban in India. ”

                    Exactly. Because it is unConstitutional to ban cash in the USA. Any attempt to do so anytime soon would instigate a flood of lawsuits; the out come of which is a virtual certainty.

                    The FED has powers to manage the Dollar, but not to eliminate it. 🙂

                    • OK…exacty WHAT language in the Constitution states they have to print any money ??

                    • I am assuming that when you mention “they” you are talking about the FED and not the US Treasury, as the US Treasury has the Constitutional authority to print (coin) money.

                      The FED has been given the authority by an Act of Congress to manage US Money and Banking. Acts of Congress (whether we like them or not) are Constitutional, most likely falling under the Commerce Clause. 🙂

                • With trump in, I tend to agree with you…With hitlery in there would likely be a “kristallnacht” and purge of any lawyers and/or intellectual conservatives which would be able to mount any sort of resistance.

          • gold and silver have always had value regardless of bans.

            I will continue to trade gold and silver even if they are banned.

            Outlawing gold and silver will just create a black market, which is where gold and silver will thrive the most during a crisis.

            • We Honor our outlaws..Because our leaders are CROOKS!

          • Laura Ann, I already have a NICE investment in lead and brass to protect everything else I have.

          • Laura, never barter with ammo unless you have to resort to using as it was designed to be used after the bartering goes sour. Ammo is never money.

            • Moe, my sentiments exactly.
              Trading bullets for beans would give your
              customer the ammo to take back the beans..

            • Agreed. I have said so here many times. If you must barter, barter services, skills, and time.

              In a REAL SHTF all commodities will be limited. Keep them. And keep them to yourself. 🙂

        • Three more metals to obtain,however do not overlook the comodities to dilever thoes metals.

      4. Still trying to push the worthless useless metal I see. Toxic dump Americans are so easily drawn to shiny, pretty, worthless materialistic garbage.

        • RA3%

          I don’t think this is pushing the metals. It is about where the money goes. There is the paper and digital. You have paper, which is a lot. Then digital which is even more on one side and then the debt, that some think they comprehend. Also the there is risks of derivatives. Not many can explain how much of those exist let alone explain what they are and the threat level they represent. I’m no money wizard but the way things are with a small move in interest rates and one day we may find ourselves in a REAL Mess. This is a good article for we don’t have inside information so we have to figure it all out by ourselves. Look past the advertising for the real gold nuggets called INFO.

          “Believe it, or not.”


          • I don’t see a sales push for metals either. Bunch of reasons.

            First, the people piling into equities need to chase return in the most stable market possible, with stable being a relative term. That means US equities. Problem is they are chasing in a very toppy market. There’s always the risk of the whole thing coming down, not to mention that these shares are actually paper credits for shares, not true shares. For liquidity to come your way through this process, if the outfit you go through does not have liquidity to back your sell, they have to acquire the shares for real then sell them. That’s how you get buried in a falling market. Physical metals in your hand are the ultimate defense against such a situation.

            Then there’s the economy: it’s grinding to a halt rather quickly. It’s legs were retail and casual dining; that’s where all those so-called jobs were created. Those legs are starting to look like they’ve been used for target practice by Edson Barbosa. We are in the very early stages of massive store closures and layoffs in retail, not to mention big bankruptcies. The end-game? The retail part-timers have only their bartending/wait-staff job at the casual dining restaurant as a source of income. That vanishes when retail middle managers lose their jobs and cut out casual dining meals with the family. Many of these middle managers will also be chucked out of their homes.

            Then there’s the effort to ban cash. India was the guinea pig because the population is docile and unlikely to revolt. It was a complete disaster and India’s economy was gutted. The globalists will not get the same response were someone to attempt the same thing in the US. The likely outcome would be secessionist movements quickly growing in strength, followed by revolt, and a new country where physical metal and physical dollars are king. The bulk of key US military installations are located in solidly red states, where banning cash and garbage like SDR’s will be viewed as a direct attack on sovereign rights.

            These last two reasons, a rapidly collapsing economy and future political instability, are why I’m acquiring physical metal. Any physical assets you hold, including physical cash, should be backed up by physical metal. Contrary to what a lot of people think, physical dollars are going to be coveted dearly once this economy collapses. The US economy is roughly $17T. Depositor accounts on books at US banks are $11T. Physical US dollars in circulation world-wide are $1.4T; only $700B of that circulates within the US. Those physical dollars are going to buy one hell of a lot more, post-collapse, because you’re not going to have a functioning banking system. Those metals are going to allow you to acquire unprecedented amounts of physical assets, which would equal a seismic shift in the balance of wealth and wealth generation in the US.

            • PF

              Good post.

              • If they ban cash 90% of idiots won’t even know it. The cardtard army will just keep swiping away without a care. They claim to be for freedom and privacy but they have no clue whatsoever that they are the cause of it all. In fact they will jump on board asap to be chipped because it’s cool tech. The planet has become nothing more than a gigantic retard ranch.

                • Genius, right you are. (Except for a few of us here and a scattering elsewhere. But not enough of us, I think.)

            • AU and AG (recall, AU is gold) is of of the few assets, in a world full of frauds, fake, liars and banksters, that is not, simultaneously, some else’s liability (promise to pay).

              When the music stops, and 100 people are scrambling for 3 chairs left, people will find out, too late, the significance of what “not someone else’s promise to pay” means. Hold the AU in self directed IRA is one good way to go.

            • By the way PF, what you note is exactly what happened in Argentina. Your post was EXCELLENT, and exactly what this site need to be about – information exchange, and, essentially, our new Fourth Estate, now that CNN, PBS, MSNBC, Time Mag etc have all shown themselves to be the real fake news

              CBS Jan. 22 headline: POLLS SHOWING HILARY LEAD INCREASING TO 12% OK, just a joke… I think!!

              • That 100 people for 3 chairs is exactly what’s going to happen when we see bank runs in this country. The figure I’ve seen quoted is that they have only SIX CENTS of physical cash on hand for every $100 in depositor accounts (electronic cash). That means the first few people in line stand the best shot at pulling out physical cash, while everyone else is going to be left standing there with nothing.

          • Bottom line, if you cannot eat it or protect yourself with it, in the future it will do you no good.

        • You can always melt the solver into bullet molds and kill vampires.

          • Uh John,have seen that statement here before,not sure if you but either way lets get this right,dammit!

            You use silver bullets to kill werewolves(though why beyond me,cool critters).

            Vampires you kill with sun/stake though the heart/cut off the head/douse them in holy water/expose to UV lighting,silver bullets are for killing werewolves!

            • Better just to kill your TV since that is the only place vampires and werewolves exist.

              You could use the bullet molds instead to make frozen pork bullets for exterminating Islamic terrorists.

        • Perhaps you don’t understand what the word “fungible” means. Perhaps you don’t understand why we don’t trade cows or wheat as medium of exchange. Hint: one cow does not equal another (it might be sick, weigh less, etc; the wheat might be moldy, not dried fully, etc.) There is a reason the whole world across cultures has used AU and AG as a medium of exchange for thousands of years, and why it has always been used when world-wide economies have flourished.

          But let’s go back to my original point: Do you know what the word “fungible” means? If not, I submit that is perhaps you that is the one that lacks understanding. But, whatever. You don’t want PMs, by all means, don’t do it. Beans, bullets and bandaids certainly have their worth… but good luck trying to get a ton of beans across a border. For me, I am diversified in all of the above.

        • Ron Ahrens invests in Hate and Rant. Hows that working for ya? Putting food on the Table with that?

        • correction: PEOPLE are drawn by materialism. It is the desire for power…
          you have it too..
          so get off your high horse and stop trolling here.
          Non Americans spend Sooooo much time and energy bashing us…jealousy is the likely culprit.
          “judge not or you will be judged.” Math.7:1

      5. The warnings continue. I just read this man’s 2010 article. He suggests putting barbed wire and electric fence around your farm and dobermans.

        Dobermans only attack their masters. If you have children, this breed is as much a danger to your kids as roving bands of Walmart shoppers with cancelled EBT cards.


        • You don’t know much about dogs do you.

          • Dobermans are very loyal dogs, They will let you in but won’t let you leave. I don’t particularly like Dobermans, but they are a smart breed and have a big bite and look like they can open up a can of whoop-ass on you, if they want to. German Shepard’s you can train them to find your pot, when you forgot where you last put it. lol Find it,… Find it, Good Boy.

        • Yep dobermans suck, German shepards are much better.

        • Boerboel is a farm guard dog from South Africa. He bites.

          If you want protection and not worried about the kids or trespassers, your insurance, or potential law suits or even criminal charges when your dog attacks a Japanese Exchange Student who drinks too much then wonders onto your property; get a boerboel.


      6. The day they ban cash is the day I move into the Ozark National Forest.
        Is that Million Dyke March over with yet? WTF is Madonna protesting for?
        Doesn’t that wench live in a castle in France? Revoke her passport.
        If she wants to be Eurotrash then she should stay over there permanently.

        • “J”
          This is B.S.

          If the muslimes take over the world they will be stoned or beheaded for this.

          If TSHTF. The strong will be the ones to survive. and Men are naturally stronger than women.


          • <b.If the muslimes take over the world they will be stoned or beheaded for this.


            Sometimes they don’t sound to bad.

            • Trumps war machine will be focused on Radical Islamic Terrorists, as he said, needs to be wiped off the face of the planet. Good luck with that endless costly war. Unless you just Nuke the entire Middle East. But now they have spread into Germany, Denmark, Sweden and through out Europe, so Nukes won’t work on full eradication. We need to wipe out Zionism and Globalism as well. Disband NATO and the UN.

        • This march?? I can’t for the life of me figure out just what it is they think the rights are that they don’t have.

          This girlie has the same rights as any other human female. I’m fine with that.

          What more do they want???

          • Grandee,
            take minute and think about ALL of this!! why is it MOSTLY big city people who think like crappola’s, what do they do most of the time??? they watch the biggest brainwashing scam in history TV, and they did not put the flouride in the drinking water for your teeth LOL-LOL, the elites or what like to call them SCUMBAGS have been slowly doing the frog in hot water trick, by brainwashing lots of them to think like this. it is sick and the only way to really stop this crap world wide is to remove the snakes heads and that would mean about a dozen of them and then clean up the muslim scumbags. IF this doesn’t happen it will keep going down hill faster and faster.

          • They want men to have no rights.

            Why do you think every protected class of people includes EVERYBODY but white people?

          • Speaking of this march…

            Former WSJ Reporter Finds George Soros Has Ties To More Than 50 “Partners” Of The Women’s March

            ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-22/ex-wsj-reporter-finds-soros-has-ties-more-50-partners-women%E2%80%99s-march-washington

          • “G”
            Yesterday I heard one of these dizzy B#Tchs say I have a student loan and she wants the guberment to pay for it. (IE) you and I even though she is the one that made the load and signed on the line.

            Then I heard one say she ants equal pay. She wants the same pay the guys get that are lifting 75 LBS every 10 minutes in a unheated or cooled wigget factory while she is setting at a desk in an air conditioned/heated office taking orders. WTF!!!!!


            • Sarge,the reason why she does not make more money is she got a useless degree.

              I,on the other hand,with a new country full of economic opportunity will as stated before finish my decades long languishing pursuit of a collage degree in post modern/afro centric/underwater lesbian basket weaving.I know with this degree and some hard work will be on top of the game in no time!

            • For equal pay, you need to perform equal work.

              These gals think answering the phones or processing data entry or similar duties should pay the same as an electrician or manager.

          • Soros is DIRECTLY behind the “Million Woman March”. He has literally funded HUNDREDS of the “partner organizations” who have organized this rally, in an attempt to make it appear as if it is a “grass roots” backlash against TRUMP.

            Its not.

            The commies will not give up. Like all vermin they will eventually need to be eradicated: of which Planned Parenthood was doing an efficient job. They just shouldn’t receive taxpayer funds to do it.

            TRUMP needs to prosecute Hillary and others who have violated the US Constitution, while extraditing Soros to Russia as a favor to Putin.

            This could be done under Martial Law in NYC that the Left is working sooo hard to generate. It will bite them in the ass before its all over. 🙂

            • I want to see Rosie O’Donnell in a FEMA Camp.

              I said this months ago, – extraditing Soros to Russia as a favor to Putin. Putin has a bounty on him. Putin will make him talk, before he cuts his balls off.

              Oh and Hillary’s newest idea is she wants to be NY Mayor? bhwahahahahaha.. Hard to do that when living in Prison Federal Penitentiary, Cell Block D.

        • Joey, let the bitch go back to France and be a new toy for the muzzies.

        • Where were feminazis for Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, that poor junior worker abused by a workplace superior named Monica (for which you or I would have been fired), ad infinitum?

      7. No metals for me hoarding $. Think about it if metals values are based on a dollar amount then the mighty buck will always rule. There is a reason we aren’t not the gold standard anymore. The dollar will not fail its the worlds reserve currency. The financial system is too big to fail. The only way it can fail is if everyone stopped working. Pussy coward workers don’t have the balls to do this all at once. Just hard times are coming like depression. a total collapse to 1800s living just isn’t realistic. Not sayin it’s impossible but technology moves forward not backwards. We are not going back to the days of horse and buggy unless you want to.

        • Asshat,

          ‘technology moves forward’, I assume you meant ‘progress’, cause ‘technology’ itself can move in many mediums and many directions. It is true that old technology becomes obsolete very quickly but some people are still using the Abacus!

          Just saying,

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Nothing wrong with old school tech either,a abacus once learned use wise requires no batteries/plugs ect.,just a working mind and at times nimble fingers1

            • Our local Fire Extinguisher company had the contract to maintain the extinguishers in our office. One week they brought in brand new extinguishers, but miscounted by one. So the wall housing “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” in the hallway was empty for a week.

              I put a legal pad and a couple of pencils in there.

              Gotta have fun at work…

          • Asshat, DK, All,

            I was just wondering how much would my $100.00 be worth now if I had kept it in a No. 10 can when I could have bought an ounce of gold with it. Gold and silver always have value.

            Louisiana Eagle

        • The American Dollar is total shit. It is back by 20 trillion dollars of DEBT.

          There is no “full faith and credit” of the American Government.

          It is just DEBT.

          That being said, The dollar is the best currency in the WORLD.

          That means all the other currencies in the world are SHITTER that ours.

          • Very true. If the US Dollar fails, so does every other currency on the planet. That includes the Saudi Riyal, the Chinese Renmimbi, the Euro, all of it. The US economy is the engine of the world.

          • The intrinsic value of all fiat currency is zero.

          • The last 44 Years the US Dollar has been backed by the US Military installing Puppets and rogue regimes to keep it alive. That game is ending DAY 1 TODAY, WITH THE TRUMPSTER.

            Trump is going to devalue the US Dollar, so watch prices jump. Buy 2 years of food now at today’s prices with your cash, because 2 years from now your dollars may only buy a few days of food for the same amount.

            Get on that. Or sleeping sheep get fleeced.

      8. SNL writer “jokes” he will become nation’s first homeschool shooter of Trump’s son.

        ZERO problem with H8TE here, of course. Man, leftists are vile. This leftist piece of horse manure should get a visit from the Secret Service, then put in Guantanamo.

        You already read about the massive amount of violence by the H8TE-filled left at the inauguration. Not enough that the left, per The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, murdered 100 million last century, now this: Katie Rich, SNL, “jokes” she will become nation’s first homeschool shooter of Trump’s son. And no, if your are on the left, you will not need to worry about being jailed for making terroristic threats. That’s only for “the little people.” http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2017/01/21/snl-writer-went-after-barron-trump-tweeted-he-would-be-the-nations-first-homeschool-shooter-n2274928?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=

        Oh yes. Rich is too ignorant to know that Trump Jr. was not homeschooled. But as you know, facts are of little consequence to the left.

        Then there was has-been “BJ for a Hilary vote” (sorry, crude, but she really said that) threatening to “blow up the White House” Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. (Crowd cheers.) …, “We must love one another or die.” I choose love. Are you with me? Say this with me: We choose love!…We choose love!…We choose love!” (Yes, apparently she is experiencing early dementia, not realizing “blowing up the White House” and “love” are not consonant. 1 min vid here: https://youtu.be/hdjebS2toK0?t=2 The disgusting BJ Youtube is here, if you can stomach it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp9EQdjTAqY (sorry, just posting for verification.)

        Nope, neither of these twits will be arrested for making terroristic threats, as you well know. In the hypocritical world of Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and zillionaire Hollywierd Learjet leftists, laws only apply – in the famed words of Leona Helmsley – to us “little people.” You can verify with this with Hilary.

        Extra credit from the leftist lamestream fake news, this time Time

        Time’s Zeke Miller reported that the bust if Martin Luther King Jr. was removed from the Oval Office. That was false.
        “This was irresponsible and reckless,” said Spicer. The reason for the omission reportedly was due to the fact that a Secret Service agent was standing in front of it obscuring it from view.

        • Test,while the writer for snl post about Bannon was very wrong and tasteless and writer should get popped in the nose,does not by any stretch promote/advocate terrorism.I would say promotes me to want to punch as aforementioned but that tis different.Free speech still the law of the land and should be,even hate speech such as that.

      9. I the Nailbanger,
        That the sun WILL come up tomorrow
        Its only
        Day away

        • Nailbanger, it will be another day for me and my prepping will continue regardless. I’ll still be against libturds too.

        • That is some seriously deep thinking…..

          Did you learn that in Kindergarten?

          • Years and years of contemplation

            • All we really need to know we learned in Kindergarten, as Bill Cosby said.

              • Wassat,, that my outy fits in her inny?

      10. There is close to 100,000,000 not working already. We have 10,000 retiring every day. Millions coming across the border every year. Most people work for the Gov. Its not hard to figure out they are just printing dollars to survive and buy other Countries mostly junk. Go USA! GO Trump! Whats good on TV today.

        • You are right, millions and millions work for the government.

          Trump is planning on cutting government jobs by 20%.

      11. One day we are going to wake up broke!

        Most of us are close to broke so it doesn.t matter.

        But in the event it does.

        Why do we have to wake up and be that way. Too many false predictions. Everyone that in the markets has an opinion on what the indications would be and when it will happen.

        Who do you Trust? To thine own self be true?

        So let’s forget what they say. What would tell you that it is about to happen and I don’t mean a Bank Holiday.

        Me? I don’t think Trump can not stop the Yuan from becoming the world reserve.

        That is why he has a lot of bankers on his team.

        • When the Soviet Union collapsed nobody really noticed in Russia because everything was shit already.

          • JS

            Good one. Hehehe.

      12. Ya know…I’ve been researching gold price futures. There are as many saying gold price doomsday prices will be at $300/oz as there are saying gold will be at $2000/oz in 2017. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure where we will be six months from now with any degree of certainty.

        • you should look at the historical index between gold and silver.

      13. A lot of money is going to flow into the stock and bond markets, too. I’ll believe in $2000 gold when I see it, like the last time when the pundits swore it was heading for $3000 and didn’t make it past $1750 or so.

        • I think gold and silver are about as low as they will go.

          Don’t forget inflation applies to gold and silver too.

          • If you look at it as a storehouse of value, things are fine. It’s just looking at the price as some kind of a moneymaker that bugs me.

            If gold is worth, say, $3000 an ounce, the price of everything else that we buy is going to be high, too. We can’t afford enough gold or silver to make up for that.

      14. Purchasing power should be a hot topic.

      15. Gold and Silver will always have value unless there is a complete worldwide financial collapse. In which case, the only things of any real value will be water, food and ammo.

        • Even in a total collapse, there will be rich and poor.

          Some people will have 100 chickens and others won’t have any.

          There will always be room for trade and creating wealth.

          Just think of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. They continued to run businesses and exchange trade for money all the way up into the deportations to the gas chambers.

        • USMC1982, those same things and other survival supplies are the only things I value myself. Keep prepping and keep all your options open.

      16. So much for a Dead Cat Bounce. Parabolic rise. Head and shoulders formation. Fibrocini (?) retracements and catching a falling Knife.

        • Fibbonacci Sequences ?

          • smokey

            Yeah, I think that’s it.


        Presentation led by Coleman at http://climateconferences.heartland.org/john-coleman-iccc9-keynote/ on the world of BIG GREEN MONEY global warming

        Oh yeah. 2014, 2015, and 2016 have not proven to be the hottest years on record (https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/01/19/noaa-data-demonstrates-that-2016-was-not-the-hottest-year-ever-in-the-usa/ ) when one looks closely at the data from satellites, balloons and ground stations. And the famed Roger Revelle, the “founder” of global warming years ago, recanted his belief in global warming before he passed away.

        Double oh yeah – Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace: “I am a skeptic on climate change. I know the climate is changing, and it always has been. I’ve studied this intensively over many years. I started what I call the Carbon Project here in British Columbia back in 1989 in order to bring everybody together to discuss this subject and figure out the facts behind it. Since then, I have watched as hysteria has grown, as if the whole world is going to come to an end and civilization is going to die because of humans causing this climate change. I don’t buy that, and I certainly know we don’t have any proof of it. I’m not denying that we might be playing some role, but the natural factors that have always caused climate change have not suddenly disappeared. I’m very skeptical of the alarmist nature of climate campaigning.” – http://www.theenergyreport.com/pub/na/11079

        • That guy is the only person who has been telling the truth about the global warming scam. The democrats have crucified him for it too.

      18. If I had an ounce of silver in my pocket and I thought the price of silver was going to drop…….I’d try to get you to buy it. If I thought the price of silver was going to increase….I’d wait. I know this is terribly simplistic, but the Ag market is so manipulated.

      19. I am hopeful that most on here can muster up some critical thinking skills ’bout “money”…be it precious or fiat.

        ALL money is a proxy for energy. In the old days money was traded for physical energy (labor). Today, it’s traded for hydrocarbons (petrodollar).

        Truth be it, if you think closely about it, precious is an energy sink. It requires physical labor and hydrocarbons to mine and refine, yet gives nothing back.

        The petro dollar represents raw energy in the form of hydrocarbons. Every BTU derived from this source returns energy back to the economy in the form of heat and engine combustion to power today’s world.

        When cheap oil is gone, precious will be worth nothing. It will be root hawg or die. No one will want yer shiny. They will want fuel.

        Stop deluding yourself.

        • JRS
          With electric cars coming of age i think the petro age is coming to an end within a couple of decades. 100 years ago we used whale oil for our lamps. 100 years from now: we “used” crude products for transportation.

          • Redneck101, they still have all kinds of issues with the electric car and still can’t make it feasible. That’s libturds for you. They keep doing the same thing over and over still expecting the same result.

            • Brave,
              There’s always going to be some issues with new tech. The biggest problem they seem to have run into is the self driving thing. Battery life is the biggest issue. Especially when going on a road trip. Charge time is quite long. There are some new batteries (graphene) coming of age that I think have potential to solve this issue.

          • If you want to really aggravate an environmentalist, just tell them that fossil fuels are the only thing that saved the whales from extinction.

            Certainly helps to find out if they’re honest.

          • There is a problem with electric cars. The battery technology is based on lithium, and there is not enough with all the worlds known resources to replace even a small percent of the cars in the US Europe and Asia.

            Lithium is a rare earth metal and it is incredibly energy inefficient and terribly polluting to recover. Mostly it is mined in third world countries using near slave labor. Lithium battery technology also requires cobalt another rare earth metal.

            If not for China making this stuff using slaves, and near giving it away, a lithium cell phone battery would cost $100 more than we now pay.

            • This is true: the Tesla cars being made by Elon Musk are pure virtue signalling vehicles and are not a solution to transport in the 21st century. In fact, fossil fuels will continue to be the most effective fuel for transport, though we will see vehicles become more energy efficient.

              Because of air pollution levels in urban areas (as more and more people are packed into Agenda 21/2030 cities) demonstrations and unrest will force many vehicles off the road. The future of transport will be public transport, walking/cycling. Public transport also makes it easier to control people and their movements. Just place detectors at entrances and block anyone who is a criminal or dirtbag from using the system.

              It will become impossible for governments to not take responsibility for who they allow to travel. The days of black thugs or violent migrants moving around freely will come to an end. The new technologies make this certain.

              • FT, excellent points, but agenda 21 won’t be carried out if the globalists lose.

      20. JRS

        O.K. I give you that gold and silver at not going to be worth NOTHING.
        In your opinion. Then it will be when oil is totally consumed? Hubbert’s Peak oil is the driving force for the death of the petrol dollar and metals.


        The problem with peak oil is that they continue to find more oil fields.

        • And in 2048, the world will be reconsidering the current ban on developing Antarctica’s resources, which include coal and oil.

        • Like the Apache find in West Texas estimated 15 billion barrels of oil and billions of cubic feet natural gas. That is YUGE!

        • Someone said here YEARS ago that the world was AWASH in Oil & Gas with many, many elephants to be discovered and developed. Who was that Masked Man ???

          Yes, of course, it’s in the archives. 🙂

      21. The only time I care about the dollar value of silver and gold is when I buy them. Since I don’t really expect to ever trade them back in for paper, I won’t care what the paper value is. All I’ll care about later is that silver and gold have always been worth about the same thing compared to various commodities: a silver dime for a loaf of bread, or an ounce of gold for a good dress suit. The only thing that may change in the future is that silver may increase in value because there isn’t as much mined, and it keeps being used up in industry.

        Also, I’m still collecting other metals just in case, such as nickel, copper, and lead. I have other metals, such as sheet steel and aluminum for future construction projects.

      22. It is raining still in Southern California. Divine Intervention. Without this miraculous end to drought, there most certainly would have been many more criminals causing mayhem. Thank God, the sky is falling.


        • When it stops raining in SoCal it will be a good time to look for fresh gold washed down from the mountains.

          Move your hiney to get some shiny. 🙂

        • Next we will be reading about mud slides

      23. Hubbert dealt with conventional oil only. US peaked in the early seventies.

        World conventional oil peaked in or about 2005.

        World total liquids peaked in 2015. We are now in a plateau of total liquids including crude oil, condensate and biofuel. It is downhill from here.

        This is why the Middle East wars have been ramped up. This is why Russia is being demonized. They have the most economically retrievable hydrocarbons left. The Empire wants them.

        When cheap oil runs out, industrial civilization collapses. It’s coming soon.

        Precious can’t run the trucks and trains or ships or produce electricity or grow food. Without oil, it all stops.

        • Lots and lots of “conventional oil & gas” left in Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia.

          Lots and lots and lots. 🙂

      24. Just look at history and borders today, and you will see why you should own a little bit of gold and silver. There are few substitutes for getting through a Nazi checkpoint, or for paying a smuggler to sneak you across the border.

      25. If there is enough liquid hydrocarbons for the next, lets say 25 years. I know I won’t live that long. So if the oil runs out what is the new wealth. Can it be subsistence living? Old time trade skills? Coal? Salt?
        Still it is the same old question. When will it happen.
        Gold to $5000. The Sun goes SuperNova. Bullets the new currency.

        Maybe not in our lifetime.

        • There are enough liquid hydrocarbons left for HUNDREDS of years at the current rate of consumption.

          Truth be told, new propulsion technologies will make current engines economically obsolete within 25 years; fighter aircraft using jet fuel, maybe a little longer.

          Hydrocarbons ??? Sell ’em if you got ’em. 🙂

        • It will depend on a few things,
          If some event happens that derails life as we know it and plunges everything back a hundred years or so getting oil isnt going to be high on everybodys list,, if theres war, natural disaster, cosmic event,,, the likelyhood that we continue going straight ahead is pretty slim,

      26. The (((globalists))) want to have total power. The very words for electricity and gas are power. What does that tell you.

        Tesla, was opposed to the pursuit of nuclear. Instead, he wanted to use the electromagnetic energy around the globe.

        Rothschild, through his frontman, Morgan, stopped him. Why?? Because once up, the whole world would get electricity free. Now some scientists say Tesla couldn’t do it. What people say is not always truthful.

        The water powered car was real. But the inventor is dead. Hydrogen power is like free electricity, the (((globalists))) can’t make money and rule over us.

        There will be a showdown some day, maybe soon. The (((globalists))) will either agree to relinquish power and allow for true progress in science, technology, and governments; or they will either be killed by the majority humans or the (((globalists))) will kill the majority of mankind, who they consider nothing.

        I do not agree that killing twelve (((globalists))) would solve everything. There may be certain individuals in the highest positions, but they each have hundreds of men capable of taking there place. You would have to know who they are and kill all of them before they released a pandemic or a counter attack of some kind.

        I’m not saying it is hopeless, I am saying, it would take more than knocking off ten or twelve George Soroses.

        IMHO our best bet is to see what Trump does while remaining vigilant. Keep practicing your shooting skills and martial arts skills. You may have to serve your Country one way or another.


      27. I believe in striving for being ‘well rounded’ in preparations for a catastrophic/emergency event. It comprises many items including PM’s. Each item will out value other preps according to events/situations and needs. I also look at items that my wife or children wish to discard and ask myself what can I repurpose that into that will still be of use. Now don’t get me wrong, I still discard items and my property doesn’t look like Fred Sanford’s.

        • BTW, Midway USA has the MarPat(Marine Pattern) Assault pack (Grade 1- New/Unissued) at 59.99, 40% off reg price. These are great one day packs for a “get home” pack. I purchased a couple of them some years ago one to keep in the vehicle and one to attach to my ILBE Main pack. They are tough. I am not affiliated in any way with Midway other than being a consumer.

      28. I’m buying more bitcoin. Selling all my real estate… buying even more bitcoin. If everything tanks, silver/gold not in your control will never become under your control. Gold/silver IN your control makes you a HUGE target. Bitcoin in your control can’t be confiscated. (They can, however, coerce you to giving up your wallet password, if you’re weak willed AND captured.) If US calls… bitcoin is everywhere and can be spent in other countries. Do you think you’d be able to move even $100k worth of silver or gold to another country? Or spend it?
        There are different levels of SHTF, one level “oh it’s bad… but society still exists” gold/silver/bitcoin are all still good
        Another level “USA just went TITS up, but there are still some countries to flee to” gold/silver will still have value… but you just won’t be able to get it away from the gov, as they will confiscate it. But bitcoin will follow you anywhere, invisible, and weighs nothing.
        3rd level: Nothing’s left, internet ceases to exist. At this level, nothing has value except Food, shelter, safety, and medicine (And the skills needed to obtain these)

        • Bitcoin weighs nothing because it is nothing and is backed by nothing.

          • You say that as if Dollars is backed by something… FYI, it hasn’t been in a LONG time.

            • Do not be silly M. I said nothing about the dollar. If anything you should have assumed that if I was talking about something much better than bitcoin it would be precious metals. And I do not need any of your trivial information about the dollar.

      29. Wise men invest in lead,brass,coal,sulphur,salt peter. Fools invest in gold and silver.

        If history is any indication nothing is going to happen, just like every time you say everything is going to skyrocket or collapse so buy gold and silver. I for one am not stupid and will not be bying what your selling, this is a advertisement disguised as a news story. This is the main reason i stopped listening to alex jones

      30. Society these days is just awful
        Foul mouthed classless garbage,
        And whats worse, the most foul seem to be the ones everyone wants to emulate,
        We need a reset

        • Totally agree: sadly, people emulate the worst ghetto garbage. This has only worsened during the Obama years as this has become a way to show you are down with the underclass – by having no class yourself.

          This slobby approach to life is actually a drag on the US economy. Who wants to do business with people who can’t even be bothered to stay in shape and dress nicely?

          With respect to Michael and Barrack, they both dressed nicely during their time in the Whitehouse: it was their supporters who failed to follow their example.

          Hopefully, Trump and his beautiful wife will auger in a new great age of American decorum and style.

      31. Seems like I hear this same old thing every 3 to 6 months….

      32. The Home for survival site. Read this excellent article.

        “If you’ve stopped prepping, it could be the biggest mistake of your life” – Prepper Website*

        Can’t pull the link up. Has a terrific video also.

      33. If Hillary Clinton looked like Donald Trump’s wife or daughter, she would have been elected. They make other women uncomfortable. Frankly, they have Jackie Kennedy beat and that is saying something. If only Jackie hadn’t gotten involve with Ari Onasi

        I can’t believe that there are people trying to prognosticate 0 or 30 years in the future. I’d settle for the day after tomorrow and that is stretching it!

      34. After watching the riot of PINK;
        Sky Blue is the new pink.

        Those sick hags can not hold a candle to REAL Women who just LOVE REAL MEN, their Children, Home, God and Country.

        The 1st Lady was gorgeous in her sky blue! Refreshing

        Thank Guys for everything that Real Men do. Real Women do appreciate you!

        Fake News & Fake Women. Detestable!
        Keep it REAL!

      35. Precious Metals. Just exactly what metals should we really be worried about?

        “Sooner of later, in any foolproof system, the fools are going to exceed the proofs.”

        -Arnie Gundersen, speaking on Fukushima Radiation. Cancers are just the tip of the Iceberg.

      36. Anybody still believe anything Slavo says. He has been preaching gloom and doom for how long now and a stock market collapse. Don’t believe a thing he says. Do the opposite.

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