Doug Casey Warns: “It’s The Next Stage Of The Greater Depression… The Economy Is Going To Be Very, Very Bad”

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    While President Obama took credit this weekend for saving the world economy from a global depression and stock markets are hovering around all-time highs, not everyone is convinced that central bank policy and government involvement in financial markets has stabilized the system. Doug Casey, one of the most well respected institutional investors in the world and someone who thrives in environments plagued with volatility and risk, joins Future Money Trends to explain exactly why the world has not avoided a Greater Depression and how things are about to get “very, very bad.”

    And by very bad he means that centrally manufactured super-bubbles and bubbles are set to wipe out trillions.

    You’ve got to remember that all of these governments and central banks all around the world have driven interest rates not just to zero, but to negative levels in some cases… and they are simultaneously printing up trillions of currency units. And even while they are desperately doing that the economy is falling apart in lots of different ways.

    …They’ve created a super-bubble in bonds, a bubble in stocks, and meanwhile commodities have collapsed and are below production costs in many cases.

    …The economy is going to be very, very bad… It’s the next stage of what I call the Greater Depression. 

    Full interview via Future Money Trends

    (Watch At Youtube)

    But as centrally manufactured bubbles burst in one sector of the economy, says Casey, capital will flow en masse to other sectors as investors panic. First to safe haven assets like gold, and then to to broader commodities which have been left for dead since the start of the decade:

    Commodities, despite the fact that the economy is going to be bad, I think are headed up at this point because they’re the only cheap thing in the world and that’s where a lot of this excess money is going to flow.

    And the excess money is going to flow rapidly. As Casey notes, while there may be panic selling in some parts of the economy, there will be panic buying elsewhere:

    I’m extremely bullish on gold because it bears emphasis… gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously somebody else’s liability and all of these paper currencies all over the world are going to go to their intrinsic value, which is essentially zero. 

    What these central banks and governments are doing is incredibly irresponsible and stupid, printing these currency units up by the trillions… so there’s going to be a panic into gold.

    As part of that you’re going to find China, maybe Russia, are going to go to a gold-backed Yuan and gold backed Ruble because they want to dethrone the U.S. dollar as the world’s premier currency… Well, the U.S. government is going to do it because of its incredibly foolish policies.

    As you might expect, Casey’s focus is on the assets no one else has been interested in during the run up in broader stock markets. And like the Chinese government he’s been acquiring major stakes in commodity producers, including one particular gold mining company:

    Yes, it is possible at this point [to invest in companies that will rise 20 to 30 times their current prices]. Because there’s going to be a panic into gold and it’s going to take gold much, much higher. The next commodity bull market is going to be led by gold and it’s going to take these stocks with them.

    …I think this is the best part of the market to be in.

    On America’s political future, Casey, a self avowed anarchist and anti-establishment proponent, says he supports Trump because he’s the only one in the field who is not a professional politician and perhaps the only one who can change the system as it exists today for the better:

    Yes, he says a lot of stupid things… but all of these people say incredibly stupid things… Regardless of the persona he’s projecting at the moment to get attention, I think he’s much more intelligent and much more responsible than any of the people running. I think he’s definitely going to be the Republican candidate unless he’s actively defrauded… and I think he’s going to win regardless of whether Hillary is the democratic candidate or not… Hopefully she’ll be indicted for one or more of her numerous crimes before that happens.

    I’m putting my money on Trump for winning the election. Not my ideal choice, but by far the best choice that we have.

    … he actually has an understanding of business… and he has common sense… and he’s not part of the political machine… pray that Trump makes it because he’s also the least war-like of all these people… he’s the person that’s least likely to involve us in World War III or something that resembles it…

    I believe politics is the problem and not the solution… I support Trump and hope he wins… Remember, we’re going into the Greater Depression… he’s certainly better than anybody else that’s out there at the moment.

    But the legendary International Man isn’t just putting all his eggs in one basket in the hopes of a Trump victory or some sort of magical solution to the problems the United States faces. Casey says you need to diversify in these times of uncertainty, and not just with your financial portfolio:

    It’s not just important to diversify investment-wise and heavily into gold at this point… It’s even more important to diversify internationally and politically and geographically… you don’t want all your eggs in North America. It’s a big world out there and most of the world is doing better than we are.

    For more interviews, breaking documentaries and financial news visit Future Money Trends. To learn what investors like Doug Casey are doing to diversify their portfolios as we enter the next stage of the Greater Depression click here.


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      1. The world HAS been in a “Depression” since 2008. The only reason it doesn’t feel like a full blown depression or not experiencing what Greece has been going through is because of……..”EBT Cards, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps and all the other soup line government handouts”. Then add all of the monopoly money thrown at the finanical problems by governments from around the world.

        Take away any or all of the above and it would feel like 1929 all over again. They have only made the problem 100X worse.

        • Agreed, and I think Casey would say the same. He recently made the point that we have been in the eye of the hurricane for the last 8 years or so… and we’re just about to hit the Hurricane’s eyewall, which will devastate everything in its path. In the interview above (well worth watching) Casey suggests the next phase of the depression is starting to happen now.

          • And what’s headed our way, no eCONomy will escape not even China with it’s fraudulent eCONomy. But I guess some think they will come out on top with all their gold purchases. I doubt that will be the case because they are too interlinked and interconnected with the IMF and the western banking system. After the chaos begins, who knows what China will look like, government wise.

            • Mac, I still have some great wine for you if you email me. Apple cherry and sovernion blanc. I don’t care what address you give as long as it will get to you. Just a thanks for this site and Mac’s day 🙂

              • Don’t buy mining stocks. They haven’t hit bottom yet. Even gold mining stocks. Especially junior miners. Nor should you buy gold ETF’s.

                When SHTF there will not be anyone to buy them from you, and no gold to redeem them; so if you cannot sell, you cannot book the “20-30” times profit.

                Buy physical gold. When it peaks, sell your basis. 🙂

            • LOL! eCONomy! What an apt term. Government has protected their interests (wall street) while letting the rest of the eCONomy go straight into the pit of hell. We just haven’t burst into flames yet. Its been smoldering and some have suffered on the edges but when this hand bansket bursts into flames, not even the government buddies in wall street will be saved.

              Can you say: “RESET”

              I can say: “Pass The Popcorn” …while we watch it burn. It will be a sight to see. All those that have robbed us for so long begging for food. They say vengeance belongs only to God but nobody said we couldn’t enjoy the show, right?

              Let it burn!

              Pass the porcorn…

          • Just another sales pitch. Tell us something we don’t know. DAMN !!!!!

          • Agree as well. Another way to say it is that our economy is nothing more than an illusion created by manipulation, distortion and simple lies of the data. The cyber dollars have been the glue to hold it all together and create the many illusions. And that of course is the source of the massive debt that can never be repaid.

            I am many times perplexed at the many people that cannot see these simple truths, because it is all so incredibly obvious and has been since 2007-08 ? Many seem to think because no real fall out that they can see or touch has occurred, that it won’t or can’t ? That is because they choose to ignore the many facts already in motion. It will all only hold together until the day it doesn’t.Chaos is approaching and it won’t be just economic issues that play out.

        • Ah, but they won’t take that away anytime soon. So this is FEARPORN. Maybe 5-10-20 years before things go to hell in a handbasket? Who the hell knows. Ask anyone on here what they thought about the year 2000, or 2008, or 2012, or Oct 2015, or spring 2016. We have all been wrong as hell. They seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping it together somehow.

          • If QE to infinity will work . Why don’t we print up enough paper money to give everyone a million dollars each? Everyone would go out and buy a new house a new car new everything. The economy would boom. Or go boom . That is the question?

        • There were one in five families in the United States in 2015, or 19.7 percent, in which no one in the family worked, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

          “Families are classified either as married-couple families or as families maintained by women or men without spouses present,” explains the bureau. “Families include those without children as well as those with children under age 18.”

          There were 81,410,000 families in the United States in 2015. Of those, there were 16,060,000 families in which no member was employed, or 19.7 percent of the total.

          The number has remained relatively steady since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking this data since 1995.

          That year, the percent of families in which no one had a job was 18.8 percent. The percentage hit an all-time high of 20.2 percent in 2011. It held steady at 20 percent in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, it declined to 19.9 percent and in 2015 it declined again to 19.7 percent

          Or, as Sitting Bull said about the idiot welfare state,
          “I do not wish to be shut up in a corral. All agency Indians (those on the government dole) I have seen are worthless. They are neither red warriors nor white farmers. They are neither wolf nor dog.” — Sitting Bull 1830 – 1890

        • I agree! The nation isn’t going to hell, it is already there and we don’t know it yet because the heat hasn’t been turned up yet. It is clear to see that the gate has closed behind us and soon we will realize the magnitude of what has happened.
          Pensions throughout the nation have been sacked to the point that 140 independent union pensions will be gone in less than 9 years. This is not a 1929 situation. It is a collapse of western civilization and the idea of earning ones way in life. We are rapidly approaching a “Soylent
          Green” culture. God help us!

          • CDP
            I almost agree with you. The idea of earning one’s way in life… I would amend that to… the idea of working for a big corporation to earn one’s way in life will disappear. We will survive through multiple smaller income streams and basic self-sufficiency in water, food, and shelter. We will need to be at least partially self-employed. Chasing after corporations Iis foolish. Let them go, kill their tax incentives the minute they go global, and protest TPP now.

          • Criss Cross,

            Thing is, the Republican controlled House and Senate already passed a law holding taxpayers accountable for banksters and their derivatives fraud. Boehner pushed it through with 100 percent Republican support and a couple Democrats that Obama pushed on. Obama signed it into law. Guesstimates start at $30 trillion. That was about the last thing Boehner did before he left office. I will not vote for the D/R corporate machine… go ahead and vote for your favorite rapist, be it woman card or man card. Or get a grip and join one of the existing third parties. Libertarian for me.

            • Rebecca, few people realize the actual debt that exist’s and it can never be repaid. That is why we will see some sort of RESET and it is already in motion.

              20 + trillion admitted as nat debt

              Unfunded liabilities of another 100 trillion+

              and derivatives world wide that are over 700 trillion

              this is the definition of a house of cards , not an actual free market economy.

              The elite control freaks we call our government and the corporatocracy know it is over and that is why they are doing what they do with the insane policies and actions we have seen in the last 7 years ! 2007-08 was the turning point and USA actually defaulted when H. Paulson started the first bailouts ! BHO and crew have simply put it all on steroids ever since.

              Very simple stuff actually of one is just paying attention !

              • Down to earth
                I have few illusions, darn.
                That’s why I keep telling people to pay everything off and put in a garden. I am sure gardening will be a subversive act, especially seed saving. I am no one in this world, kind of glad about that. Under the radar is good. I am trying to be a gray man… so I died my Irish red hair a medium reddish brown this morning. People still talked to me at the stores… not sure what that is about. How 5 or 6 total strangers just come up to talk to me every time I go somewhere. ?????

                • Rebecca, you apparently have something going on that attracts them to you ?

                  I too am all about self sufficiency and many forms of homesteading and Down to Earth living ! Health and fitness are key components to a happy and confident life no matter what happens !Our over all well being is a critical point to consider as well as our soul journey.

                  Without those components you have nothing to work with and little to enjoy. All at my site and more for free !

                  • Down to Earth
                    not sure what I have going on that might draw people to me, but I recently heard of gray man and like the idea of invisibility.

              • why cant the fed print 20 tril and pay off the debt?

      2. Unfortunately I’m not sure the rest of the world is doing better than we are. They are on the same money train. I support Trump not because I like him but because is HC is elected She will steal the White House Silver and the press will help her load it into the truck. Then write a glowing story about how she is redoing the White House. If Trump takes two tooth picks from the table they will report the theft and decry the destruction of the world’s forests.

        • I agree with you that the rest of the world is not doing better than us. Yes, our economy is not in good shape, and I have real concerns about it turning around anytime soon. But, how many countries are really doing any better than we are – I would say most are doing worse.

          Most (not all) have higher unemployment numbers, some have much higher taxes, and even the oil rich countries are seeing the negative effects (for them) of sustained lower oil prices. So, I would be hard-pressed to come up with more than a handful of countries doing better than we are, and that certainly is not the rest of the world.

      3. If you disagree with me on what I am about to say then fine. I am only asking all hear to think about this for a moment.

        I agree with every part of this article except one. The support for Trump. I will vote for whoever gets the Republican nomination. I always have but know that they are all in it together.

        Look at Trumps past. His interviews with media. Things he has said ten years ago. People he has supported and what he claims he used to believe. He has done a 180. Changed his opinions on all things he used to believe in. He talks a good game right now. He takes advantage of all the anger we all feel. He could be the best president we have had in a 100 years. He could also be a plant.

        Trump scares the hell out of me. Why because of the anger he takes advantage of. I think it is a set up. The whole thing. I think trump is a plant and the elites have planned this. Just as they have elections for the last 30 years.

        I think he will use our anger to further destroy the constitution and freedoms. His policies will look good in the beginning but continue to give government more and more control.

        He has my vote because I have no choice if he wins the nomination. In the end it makes no difference. That is my opinion.

        All I ask is that you all consider my thoughts for a minute on this!

        • I say, Killary will win because that’s who the Elders of the Nation, want to win. You or I don’t have a say in the election process. It’s all a mirage and has been that way for decades.

          The criminal two party system is rigged and both parties are two sides of the same coin. It’s Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi.

          My adopted slogan which was penned by an author goes like this: “Don’t Vote, It Only Encourages The Bastards”.

          • Correct. Told someone this in Sept. Trump and Hillary will be the candidates as its good TV. Before the election something will come out on Trump and Hillary will win. Pre-ordained.

            Why would anything change? Sheeple continue to accept worthless fiat. Until Sheeple learn to use a scrip with some value backing then they bow to their money-printing masters. Would you accept a gold coin for payment?

        • Every last one of these politicians are rat bass turds,,, not one of them is trustworthy.
          Hence my journey into self induced poverty,
          I would rather starve to death than continue to help fund this crap

          • wouldn’t it be better to be wealthy and just cheat on your taxes?

            • John Stiner
              The wealthy have no need to cheat on their taxes, laws are written so they have legal deductions. If your only choices are work work work to cover taxes and have little to show for yourself… then step off and create your life outside of the system. My understanding is that Kula has family land he farms and gets more self-sufficient every year. He will work it out. I don’t have family land but with 5 acres in the mountains I can be reasonably self-sufficient and generate a few income streams. I say he is smart to do what he is doing now. You believe tptb will not take your assets… I believe they will. You are about all that’s left. If you are right, more power to you, and I know I will make it through. If I am right, may God and Greyhound bless us all.

        • Mike, good points to ponder.
          Trump could well be a plant. What I want to know is what went on between him and Bill Clinton when they played gold together a year or so ago. Planning strategies?

          • “golf”
            although gold works too!

            • i bet they played GOLD TOO!!!

          • Maybe they just played golf. Not everything is a conspiracy. Maybe Trump was seeking is knowledge on campaigning. Who the frick knows. Trump is legit. Not being bought by the cronies and both Dems and Rep hate him. Enough right there.

            • Dr Prepper
              Trumper is a shyster. You sure that is an improvement? Everyone hates him is not a recommendation. I do not advocate voting for the Hills either. I suggest getting politically active and join a third party. The D/R corporate machine is not going away if we pout and vote for shysters.

        • You get Hitlery, be prepared if you didn’t already as this is a Prep site, to pay more ammo taxes, a gun tax in six figures, more restrictions. Trump is pro 2nd Amendment. Not a RINO.

          • He’s a Progressive. He’s the same thing as Hillary. So instead of just getting stabbed in the chest, vote tRump and die the death of a thousand paper cuts. You are choosing between murder and suicide this election cycle. Have fun with that.

        • Hell Mike, they all give me a scare. They’re a bunch of damn maniacs. Best thing that could happen for us is that they find all five of them laying in a ditch somewhere (hopefully with their clothes still on).

          • Why would they need clothes?
            Just kidding. If they were found I a ditch it would not matter because they don’t matter any more than we do. Shills

        • Mike, I get the feeling you’re right about Trump. Let’s remember he’s been a VERY CLOSE friend of the Clintons for 20+ years. Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump, are best friends, live in the same part of Manhattan, and often go into Central Park together with their kids. Both families had dinner together at Christmas time. I do believe Trump is a plant and plans on doing exactly as you’ve outlined. I’ve never been a registered voter because I never saw a politician worth standing in line to wait and cast a ballot for. When Ron Paul was running I actually considered getting registered and voting for him, but we all know how that turned out. Once again, I don’t see anyone worth having so I still won’t waste any time with it. Like Joseph Stalin said, “The people who cast the ballots decide nothing. It’s the people who count the ballots who decide everything.”

          • I say what’s the alternative to trump. If we don’t stop jihad immigration we are doomed. Look what’s going on in any country that hasent Even the swedes are waking up. Who else is going to stop them ? And who else can we be sure will keep the 2nd.amendment? Do you really trust anyone else with that? If we are disarmed with jihad flooding in . To much is at stake this time to take a chance with the others?

        • here’s the email i got a couple days ago….i’m “ALL IN” for trump

          Obama is against Trump
          The Media is against Trump
          The establishment Democrats are against Trump
          The establishment Republicans are against Trump
          The Pope is against Trump
          The UN is against Trump
          The EU is against Trump
          China is against Trump
          Mexico is against Trump
          Soros is against Trump
          Black Lives Matter is against Trump
          MoveOn.Org is against Trump
          Koch Bro’s are against Trump
          Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump
          Nugent even provided a few “bonus points” for a Trump presidency as well:
          Cher says she will leave the country
          Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
          Whoopi says she will leave the country
          Rosie says she will leave the country
          Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
          Gov. Brown says California will build a wall
          Could be fun to see…Can’t be any worse than Zero and Michele in the WH.

          Black Lives Matter group might leave the USA.

          Black Lives Do Matter


          The prison population would go down by 37%,

          There would be 53% less gang members,

          Obesity percentage would drop 11%,

          Average IQ would go up 7.4 points, putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan,

          Average SAT scores would go up almost 100 points,

          Average ACT scores would go up 5.5 points.

          AIDS & HIV would go down by 65%,

          Chlamydia cases would go down 54%,

          Gonorrhea would go down 69%,

          Syphilis would go down 58%.

          The average income for Americans would go up over $20,000 a year,

          Amount of people in poverty would drop 34%,

          Homelessness would go down 57%,

          Welfare recipients would go down by 42%,


          And many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work!

          Sad to say, Black lives do matter.

          • Someone as sharp as you deserves a better name.

            • i LIKE my name….. mom musta’ liked it too……..

              • oh, and i’m not smart…..someone said “boys to men”, and i thought they were talkin’ bout a daycare center….

          • I like your numbers. I’d be interested
            to read your sources.
            If only we could get rid of liberals
            regardless of race, our land would
            truly be a paradise.

            • NOT my NUMBERS…just passin’ on an email….i’m not concerned with numbers so much as the message.

              • somebody say “passin”?

                Sorry, but i couldn’t help it. The wife and i were just talking a little while earlier, as i was stretched out on the bed watching a fishing show, as our little rat terrier was doing what he does best….napping.

                He has key words that get his attention, even from a dead sleep; like treat, squirrel, Kelly-, our closest neighbor’s little miniature Dachshund that he loves to play with when she visits everyday, and the big word for him which is “outside”.
                He has learned that “out” means the same thing, only if he is inside.

                In our conversation we were talking about helping someone “out” and his head popped up and ears at attention. He usually gets a treat after he has gone out and returned promptly.
                What a hoot.

                When we go over a live squirrel in the highway, while he is watching out the windshield, which is about 80% of the time, while standing on the console. He goes ballistic and then just stares at the floorboards. In his mind the squirrel should soon appear there, since it went under the car.

                he is a real joy and the smartest dog I have ever owned. He had a wrestling match with a big ass possum the other morning.
                I had grilled a couple fish the evening before and left the fish grill on the porch where the possum had climbed up and found it. When the pooch went for his morning piss, he ran it to the backyard where they began to tangle. He found out real quick like, that a possum has razor sharp teeth.

                Eventually the possum got tired of the nips at his backside and finally ran up a tree. The pooch got some whelps and scratches so he didn’t argue when i said it was time to come in.
                He got his regular treat and then, for a special second treat, he did a sit, lay down, a double spin around, and then an up on two legs and a beg. What a hoot.

                • good story, passin.

          • I saw your numbers regarding the SAT scores which reminded me of my most favorite joke: Q: What did the black guy get on his SAT? A: Barbecue sauce!

        • Trump should scare you, cause he calls out all the stoopid people and the stoopid things they do that is destroying out country. We all should be mad as hell and start making noise to create change. Trump is dead on with his evaluations of situations. Way more than the other alternative Dems or Repuke puppet shill pretender paid off politicians.


        • I’ve changed my views on almost everything since 2008. So what if trump had too. Did we all not back the wars, did we all not back the Patriot Act? Did we all see clearly how the Reps and Dems are l in the same? Red pill swallowers we are. You don’t think Trump hasnt awaken too?
          This is are only chance to stop this Bullshit in DC. Don’t let it pass us by.
          (Yes I realize some of you were smarter than me and knew all this b4 2008)

          • Dr Prepper
            yep some of us were pitching tizzy fits over those things you were so gung ho over back then. Patriot Act? I about passed out over that busting of the Constitution. Scalia? Gave us rule by corporate money through Citizens United. Bankruptcy on behalf of the military industrial complex suited Republicans and still does. A bs wall that changes nothing and costs a fortune… oh great… and corporations will still get their illegal labor. Republicans just screwed the pooch with another bankster bailout that has already passed. Laws controlling bathrooms? Oh I know that’s gonna stop Hastert and his ilk. Trickle down didn’t float anyone’s boat but the rich… ahhhhh the Reagan savior.
            You changed your savior and will go down with this one too. I wish otherwise but it just ain’t gonna happen, buddyroe, because Republicans fall for bs everytime.
            Welfare isn’t destroying this country, the elite are destroying this country… with your help.
            Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.
            What could possibly be different action? Joining a third party and getting on the ballot… nah… too much work. Republican party has about 13 percent of registered voters per one of their officials in an interview. Time to knock that puppy in the head and move on.

        • I’d say your Spot On. I said the same thing over 6 months ago.

        • Very well thought out & stated Mike; we are indeed between the proverbial “Rock & a Hard Place” Good Luck.

        • Very well thought out & stated Mike; we are indeed between the proverbial “Rock & a Hard Place” Good Luck.

      4. Rodster

        That’s funny. You are right. Truth is I don’t think it will matter whether we vote or not. The winner is already determined.

      5. Like i said before, its going to be very, very, bad, bad, horrific.

        On another topic. I know you guys may find this crazy, but i am Prince fan. I heard and read some of the comments of ligitimate posters on this site, from phuck Prince, etc. For me, he was a bad ass rock star, and now that my research was completed. I found out the the boy was talking bad about chem trails, pissing of the cabalist rat bastards, and coupled with the fact, that what from what i read, Prince was not owned by these phucks, and they hated the fact that Prince was a real star among the people. PRINCE WAS THE SH..T AND STILL IS THE SH,…T and for you cabalist that think that your going keep getting away with killing people, keep up the bullsh…t, your days are numbered. I am not into dred lock ganstar crappy music and dred lock thugs. I am into class, and Prince was a class by his self.



        Prince forever.

        • So too was Merle Haggard. Listen to his song “What I Hate” on YouTube. And Chuck Norris just acknowledged both artists in his recent article on Geoengineering which can be found on or

          • A couple inconvenient people in Flint Michigan were just murdered. Imagine that.

          • Rodster, now you’re talking. I’ll take Merle Haggard anytime over that POS Prince.

            • Brave, how was Prince a piece of shit? From all indications inside the music industry and out, he had a stellar reputation as a kind dude who helped other artists and folks in his community. He never forgot where he came from nor whom he owed for his success. So who is the piece of shit here? Hmmmm?

              • Supposedly a Republican, too.

        • Could it have been the opioids instead ??

          • Prince wrote the sinade oconnor song since you took your love away . Or what ever it’s called . Punch up prince solo guitar . It’s a Beatles song . It was either fake or hard to believe?

        • Prince was an awesome artist. Many did not grasp the struggle these artists face. There are strong rumors he fell prey to legal pharmasuticles.

          It would be a shame if people blamed the patient for the effects of prescribed drugs, and negligent doctors.

          Virtually every mass shooting in the US was committed by someone withdrawing from, or on psychotropic medications. Liberals jump through all kinds of hoops to blame guns, discussing the drugs is never allowed.

          There are doctors who couldn’t make a living as a good doctor, who exploit patients by becoming drug dealers. Thus Micheal Jackson died before his time as well.

          • Yup, Elvis comes to mind regarding the big pharma crutch.
            I never cared to listen to Elvis or Prince. Each though, had their good sides.

        • He was a JW. That is enough right there. They guy was talented. But please JWs are lying creepers.

        • I second everything you said, Prince is the greatest rock star ever. Better than MJ and Elvis. He was so talented and unique. Not to mention very intelligent paired with a raw sex appeal. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I’m not dazzled by celebrities but he was something entirely different. Cut from a different cloth. He could play 27 different instruments and sing and engage an audience. He became a better person as he aged and was deeply religious. I respect the man.

          He wasn’t a sheep either.

          Man, he was hot.

      6. So the establishment despising Trump is all a ruse. The real change agent on the GOP side, or so he paints himself as such. I do prefer him over the rest of the charlatans, though not actually believing him completely. Would he even be there if he opposed the status quo? The elite GOP strategy of attempting to destroy his run seems oddly peculiar. Some polls indicate that Trump beats Clinton in the general election, I would be surprised because it’s glaringly obvious Clinton is the great cabal of traitors choice. On another note, I wonder if millions of Americans protested the TPP and TTIP so called trade deals, would that stop this complete corporate takeover. I didn’t think so. China is made out to be the bad guy, aren’t they controlled by worldwide central fiat banking also?

        • These stories of “the collapse is almost here” reminds me of when I dated a lesbian and she kept saying again and again “my period is almost over”.

          • That date would have lasted about five minutes for me.

            • Thats what towels are for lol….

              • LOL, not me brother. I’d rather move on.

          • What sorta excuse is that????

            • times 2 kula!

              • Haha gentlemen! I never dated a lesbian with a never-ending menstrual cycle I was merely creating an antecdote.

                • Mc, you are a rascal.
                  What does one call an open can of tuna fish at a lesbian party???

                  • Sushi or potpurri, take your pick…

                    • This was funny.
                      ht tps://

                    • Gag a maggot! Lol you guys are nuts! But we love u anyway!

                    • Great to see everyone has one of the most important shtf personality trait: A sick sense of humor.

                • “was it good for you, i asked”……”honey, that wouldn’t have been good for ANYBODY”, she said in response.

                  • The last time i had a one nighter with a woman i picked up at a country nightclub, drunk as a skunk, (1997, i think), she asked, after sex, if i was gonna hate myself in the morning.

                    I replied…I hate myself right phucking now.
                    She wasn’t as bad looking as i thought she was gonna be the next morning, so I fixed her bacon and eggs, before i took her back to her car. A gentlemanly thing to do.

                    • what a kind man you are, passin’! in my younger days i did a lot of work with un-wed mothers!

                    • i just don’t know how the hell i stayed with my last wife for almost 5 years…..that girl could drive a BISHOP to kick out a stained-glass window! she had a german shepherd. you talk about STINK….and always YAPPIN’…..but at least the DOG was clean.

        • Alamo
          I could see Clinton and Trump cooking this up over a golf game. Not to mention the media created and paid for his campaign… endless freebies.
          Millions of Americans are protesting TPP. We are being ignored. Go online and sign one of the petitions. Google TPP petition.

          • I could imagine them buying up shres of companies that stand to make billions off the turmoil
            Then playing everyone and watching it turn to pandemonium and profit for themselves laughing all the way to hell and back while patting eachother on the back at how they duped the sheeple…
            They all make me sick

            • Kulafarmer,
              You are fine and doing what you can. Never forget that they are the sick psychopaths.

          • You honestly think he would destroy his brand for some sort of Clinton game plan. Please. Use your heads people.

            • Dr Prepper
              Brand is notoriety, not good behavior.

      7. Whoever wins will be left holding one fucked up bag of smelly shit. They will also get 100% of the blame for the mess when they open the bag. Couldn’t be anything the HNIC did in the past 8 years.

      8. “Ok” We all know that the economy is going to crash and there are going to be hard times.

        So What can we do about the economy? Nothing!

        We can only prep.

        Today I’m finishing off my garden. Last year I planted tons of different types of beans. Now I have around 1 to 1 1/2 years of beans set aside for TSHTF. This year is Potatoes, sweet potatoes for the winter. Winter squash, and Carrots should last until Feb./Mar. Onions and Garlic Should last for years after I dry it and put it in oxygen free jars. Corn will be dried and stored. Going to can the crap out of the Tomatoes and Bell Peppers. And until the day comes where I can’t buy any more. I will buy it and put it away just like the good little Prepper that I am.

        Only more rifle I want, and I hope I have time to get it. A Nemo 300 Win mag. in an AR configuration. I have all the firearms I need or want. Never have enough AMMO. Still buying it and reloading.

        Water purification equipment, Neat stuff out there now. It would be a good time to stock up. Sawyer and Life Straw make get products. Time to stock while you still can.


        • Sgt.
          Awesome! I am approaching last frost date. I put in a lot of barley this year, and hope to get a good amount of dry corn. I probably have 3 years of dry beans in asserted colors, lentils in 3 colors. I will plant more with monsoon season. I want to try sun dried tomatoes this year. I planted 4 colors of potatoes b. My keeper carrots will be planted for fall harvest but have purple ones in the ground. A couple hundred onions. Broad beans. I planted a lot of split peas. I guess I can make tortillas and beans, with tomatoes, chilis, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, tomatillos, cucumber, dill, fennel, still under lights.

          • If you find some thing missing in your garden. I will have to admit it was ME. LOL.
            Good luck, It sounds like you got your head on STRAIGHT!

            P>S> May you be blessed with two green thumbs!!!!

            • Sgt Dale
              I will take two green thumbs. My gold turnips are up too, along with their green peas. I have a bloom on my strawberries, more will follow. Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Apples, peaches, Asian pears. I am a happy woman… out soaking up Vitamin D while putting a light mulch on my stuff.
              I am pretty level headed. Even though things are insane at the top, I am not insane.

              • Barley and corn? Dang we can do some tradin’ lol. Dang all that fruit too? Get some elderberries and I will be yer best fiend 🙂

                • Genius,
                  I could cut deals with a handy neighbor such as yourself. Yep, I will have barley and corn. Working on more fruits. I grow stuff! I have some apples that are cross bred for a better hard cider, they are tiny this year. My cider came out right tasty. I love the cranberry wine. Pear is good too. I will have more fruit every year. What do barley and corn make? I was thinking posole and barley bean soup. I grow medicinal herbs too. I started buffalo gourds for cooking oil and biofuel.

                • Genius
                  I put in 4 elderberry bushes last year. I will probably take cuttings and make a few more. I have a cold hardy apricot. Golden currants and wax currants when they get older.

                • Genius
                  It is a pretty new garden so I don’t have much yet.

                  • corn wheeeskie lol. and barley malt yummy!

                    • Six row barley malt’s the shiznit!

        • Sarge, spot on about Sawyer. I have their All-In-One, the Mini, and 2 of their Water Filter Bottles, all rated for 100000 gallons, at least in theory. The Bottle has a filter which can be maintained and never needs replacing. LifeStraw is only rated for 264 gallons. As an EMERGENCY filter, it will do, but for something to use on a regular basis, I use my Sawyer. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer.

        • Dont bother with the 300 win mag AR. Hard to keep them from stovepiping. Cartridge is just too long. Too much power for the upper and the barrel.
          A 300 winmag BLR is a good compromise. Its a lever gun with a magazine and you can get it in a takedown version that will fit in a backpack. There are guys who make 20rd mags for them. At 100 yards with a 22″ barrel you can put a hole thru 2″ of steel with a standard hunting round. If you have access to 308AP bullets they fire just fine and will put a 3/16″ hole thru 3″ plate.
          Corn is a crappy shtf crop to grow. For all the effort, you get little return and they suck everything out of the soil.

          • As for after the trib. Gardening. The sun will be as dark as burlap mixed with black hair and the moon will not give its light. Grow and can while you can.

          • Sarge, I agree with Ed. If ya want a 300 then get a remington 700 bolt action. Lots of upgrades and a damn good platform. Free float it and glass bed it and yer good to go. I can’t imagine a 300 AR it would knock your teeth loose! Besides the AR platform sucks (imo).

      9. Computer Virus Discovered In German Nuclear Power Plant

        “Remember when “someone” used the Stuxnet virus in an Iranian nuclear plant several years ago to freeze Iranian nuclear production, leading to a major diplomatic scandal involving the spy agencies of both the US and Israel,

        as the world learned that in the present day industrial sabotage only needed a flash drive and a computer virus to render even the most sophisticated piece of industrial machinery obsolete?

        Well, a few minutes ago, Bloomberg reported that a computer virus was discovered in a German nuclear power plant.”

        • Power plants use private networks with no connection to the outside world.

          To get Stuxnet into Iran they got world class porn, infected it with Stuxnet and made sure Russian scientists found it. They put it on thumb drives and shared it with Iranian scientists. The guys on late night shift plugged those thumb drive into the plant private network.

          When humans are involved, stuff happens.

          • Good IT guys disable USB ports wherever possible. Stuxnet was an inside job. You’re right that somebody couldn’t resist

          • Plan twice, prep once,

            So, Stuxnet appears to be a (current) virus of choice to infect nuclear power plants. Why doesn’t the computer virus protection detect this virus?

            I find this industrial sabotage very scary! Water treatment centers, nuclear power plants, etc., these concern me. They are all being monitored/controlled by computers.

            • Student was designed to use networks and suseptable data connections to infect and attack one specific type of equipment, uranium centrifuges. All it did anywhere else was try to find and move itself onto centrifuges.

              Once there all it did was remove safeties and try to make centrifuges run unbalanced, which would destroy them. The rest of the time it just hid itself very well.

              Usually to be discovered a virus must do something damaging to get noticed. Stuxnet was a very quiet, stealthy bit of code that could go unnoticed for months or even years.

      10. China says that it encourages all the citizenry to invest in some gold too. Not only holding it nationally but wanting it in people’s hands. What that tells me is that they don’t want a sudden, complete impoverishment of the man and woman on the street. They may want some surplus out there to go after too, if they feel they need it. Now, Indians are with gold as we are with guns. Pry it out of my cold, dead hands. So, the average Singh is going to be okay over there. Even though the Indian government is trying a scheme to get the physical gold away from their folks… not going to happen. NWO hates religion and tradition unless it suits their purposes.

      11. My chicks are about three times bigger than when I got them. There was an egg on the floor of the hatch but I don’t know if one of mine laid it because my neighbors chickens have been running back and forth. But one of mine was sitting on an egg on the other side. This egg watching may seem trivial but it is like a kid finding an Easter Egg.

        • B from CA
          Gotta love chickens. I have one that follows me around the garden. They are gonna be penned in more due to delicate vegetable starts. She will give me heck.

          • Until last year when we put a wire top on the chicken run, one hen would fly out and eat all my strawberries…grrr.

            • Baby catcher
              I would worry about my hawk getting my chickens, too. A hawk dove down and grabbed one of my wild rabbits right in front of my face. I found a decapitated rabbit head recently… coyote? I got critters after my stuff.

        • Had let a few of my hens set nests in the coop, one nest started hatching and yesterday went into coop and one hen i had left in there with the 4 who were setting had killed all the babies,,,,
          So i ejected the hen who lost the chicks and the one who killed em back into the yard with the other varmints, was so disappointing, am thinking maybe i need to just pull the chicks as they hatch and keep them away. Not really sure what to do

          • Kuala
            I cross divide the run and keep them apart. Mean old hens make great chicken and dumplings, or if she is really old… canned broth.

            • I had polish fancy chickens . Don’t lay as good but they look fancy.

            • Thats the bummer, these hens are all right about 9 months or less,,,
              I was stupid though, saw the one hen peck at a baby i shoulda rung her neck then and there, would still have those 7 babies,
              Rather learn this stuff now than when i might starve if i cant raise my chicken babies

              • The pros take every egg, view them with a light and put the fertile ones in an incubator. They take chance out of the formula.

                • I considered that,
                  Candle the eggs then incubate, just a lot more handling, but definitely takes chance out of the equasion

                  • Tip number two. Certain hens make great mothers. Keep the best surged mother close to the incubator so polts imprint on her as mom. She will teach them and protect them.

                    • Surrogate not surge.

                      I hate autocorrect!

              • Kula;
                If I read your post correctly, we keep a hen with chicks seperated for a considerable amount of time. They have to be quite developed before mixing with flock. They will still get picked on but they will make it.

        • Hello B from CA.

          This is just advice I go by. I never let my birds mingle with another flock or carry poop on my shoes from another flock into my birds area. This is how disease is spread. One sick bird can kill all your hens.

          That probably wouldn’t be a catastrophe now. If food becomes scarce, it could be important.


          I made a couple wooden eggs and put them into the nesting boxes to get the young hens laying in the boxes instead of on the floor or under a bush. I sometimes switch the wooden eggs to different boxes to get them used to laying in different boxes when one is already occupied and to mess with their little heads. Build your boxes as high as practical.


          Last year I got straight run fertile eggs from the Amish and incubated them. Previously I only had hens. The hatch was 50% cockerels. I kept one and gave the rest away. Now I will have my own fertile eggs to incubate.
          I was told to introduce new blood to the flock every three years or so if you hatch your own eggs so as to not get bad genetics from interbreeding.

          Where I live you can see what this has done to the local human population…(snort). Cue the Dueling Banjos music please.


      12. Another same old crap buy gold article. This time he hooked the buy gold bullshit on to the Trump Bandwagon.

        • He drops the name of a penny stock with big ties to Brazilian gold mines.

          Brazil has a collapsing economy that is only second worst to Venevualia.

          I’d be real careful before jumping on this stock tip.

      13. The real bottom line is that there are too many people in the world. Useless eaters, consumers of energy, drinkers of water, etc.

        Yes the World is in a depression and they are preparing to thin the herd. They do not need 90% of the people. The robots are now able to build more robots, repair robots, etc.

        The sick, evil bastards, own finance, government, military, media, pharma, etc. The transfer of wealth is over the masses have little if anything left of interest to them and they are going to exterminate us.

        I know it sounds crazy but the pieces of the puzzle have come together. There are people in the military who could stop this but they will not and when these useful tools are no longer needed they will be disposed of.

        • That sums it up pretty good.

        • Useless people.
          I know of seven by name. Thieves and lowlifes in our community that will not work for more than two days per week, if at all.

          • Just have more kids, that will help!

        • All true and the biggest bunch of useless eaters and non-contributors are Muslims. Having despoiled their desert shit-boxes, Muslims are on the move, like locusts, to suck up the resources wherever they can settle. Europe is their first target but they will go anywhere they can.

          The simple fact is this: the world’s resources are being rapidly depleted. It takes major technological and scientific breakthroughs to even keep on top of current population demands. Islam is the least enlightened faith on the planet today and Muslims read and publish the fewest number of books in the world. And how are these ‘folks’ going to handle all these human demands? They won’t: instead, they will ‘eat’ all the wealth they find, and when that’s done, they will fight with each other in a global civil war between the factions of Islam.

          The best America can hope for is to deploy killer robots and advanced science to exterminate the threat as fast as possible before it overwhelms the planet.

          • Frank Thoughts – one of the biggest useless eaters is you. The only good thing about you is that you are a feeble old man who will soon be dead.

            You still won’t verify your statement about you being frisked countless times by women in hijabs. Why? What’s it like being proven a public liar?

            Simple fact is you are a compulsive liar, racist, and a fantasist.

      14. Mclovin, please watch our language, keep that type of crap elsewhere, we have women on this board for Christ sake. Go wash out you mouth with soap and water. I may talk alot of serious crap, but dude, thats just phucking wrong.

        On topic, or off topic:

        Yes, Rebecca, we must drink the poison that they give us and we must drink it, take it and shut up. They are purposely killing people to test reaction, to guage our reaction, to see who we call, what we do, so that they can determine if we are easy to kill out. Every damn movie you see these days, keeps showing us military landing from helicopters, with military quartering men, and killing them, showing us how we just got our asses killed and how easy it was. Well when i talk to special forces, they always tell me, that civilians kill more highly trained special forces, and civilians have very little training. Yet they have the will to fight highly trained people. Low tech whips the sh..t out of high tech on the ground every day. There is no way in hell that Prince with his level of performance, healh and well being and confidence, just suddenly kicks over dropping dead in his house at 54, bullsh..t. total bullsh…t, its a heart attack gun that they used on him. You talk against the chem trail, spraying and GMO, you get your ass killed. Prince was talking crap about the NWO, all in a sudden he kicks over dead, just like that. Wtf is wrong with this picture?

        Now its the Flint lead poisoning, and all in a sudden the people stand up to the BS, and now people are just dropping dead all over the place.


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Hcks
          At what point did I tell you to put up with what is going on?
          Were you on the street protesting with Occupy Wall Street? Have you ever voted outside the D/R corporate machine? Signed a petition? Written the President in protest? Boycotted the Bigs? Put in a garden big enough to dent the global food chain? Or did you just yammer and whine and tell us women we are going to get raped while tee heeing about women needing your protection and how many you can get on the cheap? No offense buddyroe, but I am not clear how I am telling you to put up with anything. I do advise shutting up about killing folks, federal authorities might put you in jail. Friendly advice that Lavoy never believed… he thought he could shake his arse at the feds and not get shot? He thought he had a revolution and would not get shot?
          Realistically, government is always corrupt but things are way out of hand. Two people in Flint were just murdered. Have you protested and called for an investigation yet?

          • Rebecca;
            I don’t think of myself as an attacker on this site but I feel a need to make a comment. First off, your little world in, I believe N.M. sounds fine for you. A lot of gardeners and animal raisers on this web site are light years ahead of you. With all that you are planting and the animals you are raising your time to post here will undoubtedly be shortened. Please avoid starting to attack people in that time. I for one don’t enjoy the bickering on this site and since Philo was monkey hammered it has been a lot more pleasant. Hopefully it won’t return to that.

            • Skeptic
              I hear your input.
              I have never noticed you calling acid etch and others to account. I will pay more attention to your calling everyone to order. I look forward to your taming of this sire.

            • Skeptic
              I hear your input.
              I have never noticed you calling acid etch and others to account. I will pay more attention to your calling everyone to order. I look forward to your taming of this site..

        • Hcks
          thanks for the clarification. I sometimes get called on jokes too. It can be hard to tell online. Btw, I lived not far from you way back in 1971… many years ago.

      15. Our broker has taken a VERY conservative position with the current market trends. We had already moved to a pretty conservative approach over the last year or so as I approach retirement, but he has now taken a pretty large percentage as cash and says the charts now are so similar to the mortgage bubble collapse that it is frightening. His company doesn’t believe the government stance that the markets are strong and moving up. The current spike is likely short term and the upcoming downside has the potential to be huge.

      16. Saudi prince unveils sweeping reform plan for economy

        ht tp://

        this statement in particular bothers me

        “I think by 2020, if oil stops we can survive,” Prince Mohammed said. “We need it, we need it, but I think in 2020 we can live without oil.”

        if the oil stops by 2020 ???

        the world runs on oil
        cheap oil

        Last Light by Scarrow

        ht tps://

        • Satori, it’s probably nothing, but then again…

          Maybe they are running out of oil and that’s why we are getting chummy with Iran?

        • Thanks Satori.

          They have been infill drilling and injecting CO2 for a few years now. They have not discovered any new fields the size of Gahwar. They are running out of cheap easy oil IMO.

      17. No dog in this fight , I’m out
        I will just further my lack of existence

        I know what’s coming so I sit and wait for my turn

      18. As far as my comment. Any soldier coming into this country and any one chi-coms that are here to do harm
        To the citizens of this country I can legal say that I will fire on them an kill them. Authorities will not be putting me into jail.. for saying that because breaking the laws and having us invaded including Russian nationals who like corner female friends of mine and who like to come up into my face in this city acting bad bullying me around and demanding to know who post led what in which site will meet a severe response..this is invasion and to the senarios that I am taking about. I for one do not get scared as easily..its in my right to talk like that about the enemy.. two jihadist was were arrested less than two miles from my work was in the news, the other one that was arrested was not in the news. If jihadist come to me, they better be ready I will certainly shoot and Kill them and scatter their brians in the side walk of my office depends on who I am threatening..and besides a lot of cops know me and tell me and others to keep on top of what’s going on nd they do agree that we are within our right to talk like that about the enemy and put that enemy 6 ft under..not talking and staying silent will not spare me from the 250,000 Cubans when they deploy on our gulf states and when the chinese cross over from Mexico into Texas.. and since a cop told me about what Mexico plans to do, and they h things he had heard from his sources I can honestly say they I will blow those chinese soldiers the phuck away right in Texas soil. I am within my freedom speech and exercising my first amendment legally.


        Gee I am so scared to express my opinions.

      19. What should happen is,who ever wins the presidential election,if they don’t do what they say, in the first 60 days, you get thrown out of the white house.

      20. THE WRECK OF THE HIL’RAY FITZGERALD (Sung to the tune of… oh, never mind!)

        The legend lives on, from the Chippewa on down, of the big fake they call Hil’ray Gumi;
        Hil’ray’s emails, it is said, were a-bound to be shred, when transparency turns tot’lly gloomy.

        With her load of BS ore, 26 thousand emails or more, the Hil’ray server was emptied;

        The public and the truth were a bone to be chewed, when the lies of November came early;

        Hil’ray’s server was the pride of the of the Communist side, coming back from fund raisers in Wisconsin;

        As big liars go, she was bigger than most, with her fibs and deceits well-seasoned.

        Including some terms shaking down firms, for money from LA to Cleveland;

        then later that night when the BS bells rang outta sight, could it be yet more lies we’d been feelin’?

        Her lies in the newswires made a tattle-tale sound, as her techs did their email a-slashin’;

        When afternoon came, Hil’ray was fibbing again, with the force of a hurricane west wind.

        When suppertime came the IT guy came on deck, sayin’ fellas there’s more lies to feed ya;

        at 7 PM Hil’ray’s main campaign caved in, he said fellas is been good to know ya.

        Hil’ray’s spin meisters wired in, they had water comin’ in, and her tissue of lies was in peril.
        And later that night, when her lights went out of sight, came the wreck of the Hil’ray Fitzgerald.

        Does anyone know where the love of truth goes, when her lies turn our faces so dour? The bloggers all say, Hil’ray’d be raking in political hay, if she’dput 15 more bald lies behind her.

        Th’server might have split up or it might have capsized; but it sure rolled deep and took water;

        And all that remains are the blank emails and the games of Hil’ray and her Wall Streeter bankers

        Old Bill Clinton rolls and Hil’ray flings, in the rooms of her ice water mansions. Harry Reid steams an old liars dreams, and Pelosi’s pronouncements ring hollow;

        And further below, the lamestream media all know, they take in what the leftists can send them.

        But as the big liars go, the public now knows, Hil’ray will lie in November.

        In a musty old hall in DC we prayed, for the restoration of the Constitution;

        the church bell chimed, it rang 29,000 times for each email “lost” on the Hil’ray Fitzgerald

        • Hi Test
          wow! You got wired up there. Never forget that Hillary is not important, merely useful in the moment to tptb. Who’s behind the curtain? If you are too easily diverted by the puppets, you miss the puppetmasters.
          Keep the songs coming 😉


        • Mexican tap water
        • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
        • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
        • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
        • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
        • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
        • Brian Williams memory
        • Michelle Obama staying at a Motel 8
        • Visiting the capitals of all 57 states Obama thinks exists
        • Pinocchio
        • The Boy that cried Wolf
        • The Cleveland Browns going to the Super Bowl
        • A Nigerian inheritance email
        • An unconscious pilot alone in the cockpit
        • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
        • An IM from Anthony Weiner
        • Anything Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered
        • A factory packed parachute
        • A kiss from Judas
        • An Afghan wearing a backpack
        • Whatever Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” is
        • If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
        • A North Korean trial
        • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
        • A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days

      22. Let’s just divide the country into into 3 parties,and put a wall up to keep the opposing party out.

      23. If we were like them we would do the same thing. Secretly eliminate the enemy. Eliminate the most public with natural causes. Scalia and Prince were both cremated? That means their families are in fear of their children’s lives? Only a higher power can defeat this evil? And that is maybe what we must wait for? Or is waiting letting evil get even stronger? Keep prepping til the SHTF ? We’ve been warned. It seems to be coming? Semper fi ?

      24. I guess the afghans have no tanks jets or helocopters . Just pickup trucks . And we have plenty of them. Plus more IED know how. IEDs might be key thus MRABS? We need homemade RPGs. If we are invaded by a foreign military. Somebody work on that? Hell on earth just as prophesied ? And theirs no way to stop or avoid it. It says 7 weeks but every one says it means 7 years? I would think that 7 weeks almost 2 months of devastation plus the aftermath would be enough to wipe out most of the population. And miracles as in the days of Moses. To help the ones who heeded the warnings? Saw the signs and filled their lamps? Why else would we be warned?

      25. HCKS… I hear you brother. Freedom of speech is an American tradition and human right backed by law. It won’t be a right that can easily be taken away. The right to defend ourselves goes hand in hand with the right to speak our minds. Nobody can deny natural human rights.

        • aljamo, sorry my friend, they have been doing it for years now….

      26. This article looses it’s credibility when they push people to buy a worthless penny stock.

        These penny stock scams are very common. The scammer buy a bunch of the worthless stock, pushes a “credible video” then sells the stock as more suckers come to it.

        After about 1 week the stock will be worth less than it started at.

      27. Aljamo and Genius right on the money…people come on here all the time trying to intimidate me.. I have not lied about anything that happened to me and have had bad, very bad things that have happened to people around me and to my ex girlfriend.. and my personal bad experiences, yet people come on here calling me a liar, calling names judging me..jumping to conclusions.i post to five women advice for their safety, then other women come on here calling bullsh..t in me telling me is have problems with women, when one is living with me sleeping with
        In my bed.. phucking people. Let me tell you..I don’t sit around lecturing my woman everyday about preps and other crap..but when all the crap that’s been happening starts, you should see how far she comes around to my way of thinking..
        Women can’t be as intense in prepping like us men, and I already know that, so I must keep it balanced.. something is wrong in this country and that’s what triggered the prepper movement…prepping and being over concerned and acting, taking action makes me responsible, and does not make me a bad person..or woman hater.

        This is not a site for positive news and beside I have no good news, just bad news and it’s and injustice to hold back info and not tell the I am being told that I have not done a damn thing because I am not messing with this or that and not doing crap as if doing what Rebecca is telling me will make any difference at this point..I am no dumbass, doing what she does is not for me, I don’t mess with crap like that. I can tell that the situation is beyond repair, it’s now time to focus on survival..

        Why me, who then phuck am i?.

        My job here is to help people and that’s what I do. Preppers on this site saved my life literally and had I not follow what they had recommend I probably would have lost my life one week…i don’t think Mac may even realize the impact that this site has and it’s positive effects on the future of people and their survival..I am sure Mac knows because had he not out this site up I would have starved to death in the streets of Houston. My preps and my preparations is fortified, I followed Geniuses advice, heat sealed the bags, and the torrential HAARP WEATHER WARFARE Flooded out the inside of my car compartment again. Genius just saved me $200.00 in damages, and people come in here taking crap about Genius. Now my peers are on to the sealing up of bug our bag contents, and now they read this site. Mac, internationally known, locally respected..



        The rights of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed..

        Molon Labe Baby.

        • Thats good! My wife is as much if not more prepper minded than me! We are a match made in prepper heaven. She likes shine too lol. Glad you took my advice HCKS, thats what were here for, to share knowledge…. Prep on.

          • Oh and as far as anyone baggin on me just remember NONE of them have ever refuted me OR ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS. Pissin talks big but has a million unanswered questions and is a hypocrite and a liar so dispose of him. When I am wrong I admit it unlike some. I can handle my own just fine as I speak the truth and the truth is not refuteable. I never have to remember what I said like liars do because the truth is my bible and I know it by heart….

            • So which Evil Dick Tater died, and left you in charge to troll Christians. Uh…..??? maybe your counterpart wwti has blown smoke up your ass so long that you believe you can save yourself when the Day of the Lord comes?

              I don’t have to explain myself, or answer questions for anyone on a friggin’ internet site.

              i do explain certain things, when i want to to rational thinking and acting people, but; not to burned out idiots with an ego problem.

              99.9999% of the people on this site don’t give a rats ass about you or your unanswered questions. You are sounding exactly like wwti/swamp rat. Why do you atheists always speak out of both sides of your mouths and want to be confrontational with Christians?

              Uh…maybe it’s because you have unclean spirits within your soul. Maybe you have been actually overtaken by a demonic spirit. Many have and don’t even know it. Jesus can help with that, but you have to want it first. Secondly, you have to step down off that high horse and humble yourself. Thirdly…..oh hell, what’s the use.

              • Passin
                lt is not possible for an Xtian to convert anyone to Christianity.

              • “I don’t have to explain myself, or answer questions for anyone on a friggin’ internet site.”

                Of course you don’t, because you can’t lol. Whats so pathetic is you don’t even see what an ass you make of yourself by dodging questions and making up things to avoid them. The truth will set you free….. 🙂

                • Pissin, maybe truth just aint yer game…. I know, lets play 20 questions! Nyuk nyuk nyuk 😛

        • Hcks
          Part of the problem is how few people have been willing to stand up inside the system and call these criminals out. If enough of us would do that, others would not have to start a bloody revolution. I do my part. I am not exactly warrior material, and it hasn’t gotten to that yet, anyway. Considering I can feed myself and others, I have value now and later. Learning herbal medicinal also. Can even make a credible fruit wine thanks to Genius.
          I will continue prepping, but also fighting inside the system to try to stop the nonsense. Boys howdy I would like a little help.

      28. The Asian markets are all in the red now. I expect the Dow will go down again also. There are a lot of corporate earnings reports due tomorrow, and I think a lot of them will be lower than expected.

        • Archivist,

          I agree about the corporate earning to be lower. I also expect the DOW to go down again.

      29. British Home Stores (BHS) looks like it’s going bust and they keep telling us that the economy is on the mend but i know of no one hardy that produces goods that are sold abroad and the corruption in London from insurance and banking is falling to bits.

        Every one just about has become a pen pusher working in many cases for the local council or NHS and immigrants are far over represented in this area already so it’s a case of being a street warden or costing the country less money by going on the dole.

      30. GOOD

        LET DO IT.






      31. I’m waiting for this fascist shit hole to collapse. Gonna vote for hitlery of Bernie to help excelerate the collapse if it’s as bad as people say then this should do the trick. Free shit to useless eaters keeps me working. The gov has to take care of its children. Either way I’m prepared for whatever goes down. I prefer this all collapses ASAP.

      32. Damn, I am staying out of this pissing Match going on between you two guys. At the end of the day we need to prep and get ready because something big is getting ready to happen and I sure you guys have been reading my post..i even decided to not even say too much about what I am being told.. all I can say is that the scientist told me tell Everyone that the laughing and BS stops by October, November time frame. Planet X is real and it’s already affecting the planet and will kick into higher gear soon, it’s effects will be either minor or severe.

        James Wesley Rawles
        Did and interview with Alex Jones about the October 2016 time frame, from survival and I can tell you he is right on the money..i highly recommend his books.. some of them will make a. Man sh…t his pants.. just hard core facts getting rest to Bitch slap us in the face. Only time will tell if I am getting wrong info or right info..yes see how it turns out..i don’t belive that Donald Trump even if he gets in will be able to off set what’s planned for this planet. it will literally take divine intervention by God almighty himself to stop what’s coming on this earth.



        God does not role dice..

        Albert Einstein.

      33. Self professed anarchist?

        I think not.

        If Mr. Casey was an anarchist he wouldn’t be expressing his support for any candidate.

      34. Major UK Pension Fund Slashes Benefits As Funding Crisis Spreads

        “One of the largest educator pension funds in the U.K., the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) is implementing significant changes to the plan benefits as it becomes increasingly under-funded, just like its peers in the United States.

        The changes are drastic, and are meant to keep the fund solvent in order to at least pay some benefits rather than none over time.

        Additionally, the plan, which represents 330,000 members, will transition from defined benefit to defined contribution leaving members at the mercy of the performance of the money managers handling their investments.”

        • At least they were upfront and called it a “Scheme.”

      35. I think silver and gold are the only things you should invest in. I bought over $5000 worth of silver on April 16 just before it went up a $1 an ounce. I used to have half of my savings in cash but now it’s done to about a quarter.

      36. I worry about the They will throw there silver and gold in the streets thing ? Like only food is worth anything?

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