Doug Casey On Gold: “The Potential Is Here For A Climactic Runaway Mania”

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    Legendary investor Doug Casey, who has previously warned that we’re headed into the next Great Depression and that the speed of the collapse will leave most people waking up to the danger after it has happened, says that there are steps you can take now to prepare. He’s previously recommended that people get out of major cities and position themselves in such a way that you have basic survival essentials on hand when the dollar itself becomes worthless.  As we move back into the hurricane Casey says that hard assets, namely gold and silver, will be the beneficiaries of what he refers to as panic buying when people realize that there are only a handful of assets that will preserve their wealth.

    The end-game, as he notes in his latest interview with Future Money Trends, will be the biggest precious metals bull market of modern times:

    I think the potential is here for a climactic runaway mania in junior gold stocks… In all the time I have been in this market… since the early 1970’s… these junior stocks have consistently, as a group, gone up 1000%… an unbelievable number… they have done that on the upside and then they lose 95% on the downside when the cycle starts again…

    I think this coming bull market that we’re in the early stages of is going to be the biggest of them all because the world economic situation is much more serious now… so there’s going to be a panic into gold and that’s going to flow over into these little gold stocks.

    Watch the full interview at Youtube


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      1. I’m not holding my breath….. another year of food in the bag all is well.

        • I agree with Casey here. He has been pretty damn solid over the last 20 years and I think most of us can agree that the economy is toast and some really bad shit is coming our way. I would love to see gold go to “several thousand dollars” as Doug Casey says. And triple digit silver? I would retire nicely. But several thousand dollar gold also means something really, really bad has gone down. Another big bag of food is always a good idea! Just in case….

          • Just a heads up, the ad for the free survival grenade above from apesurvival says 6.95 shipping and nothing else until you pay. Then they disclose it is a subscription for 27 bux a month AFTER you pay. Cancellable but still a really shitty way to run a business. Beware…..

            • Anon,short term the best metals will do is keep up with inflation,gets that bad you will perhaps retire due to no work but not the “easy life’.Long term to other side assuming you and the world make it the metals may do you very well,they would though be at low end of prep list/basket of goods.

            • Those are third-party ads delivered by Google. There’s not a whole lot I can do there (and also, they change on every pageview so I can’t even see that particular one!)

              Apologies for weird ads that may pop up!

              • Mac, not your fault I know, just warning peeps about it. You have way more character than to have that 🙂

                • I did order the free sample from survival based on the right side. Good honest company and fast shipping. Food is good, the only issue I have is what they consider a serving. 5 servings is really about 2 servings.

              • I don’t like the Chinese mail order bride ads–those women might eat my dogs! The Russian mail order brides could be better, but would drink all my liquor.

                Where are the Texas mail order bride ads?

                • Give it time Marty ….

                • Marty: Where are the Texas mail order bride ads you ask.

                  Just go to your local Texas Walmart, all the Tx Brides you want there, and all on sale, half price.


              • I use Adblock. Blocked 50 ads on this page.

          • This Guy is full of Crap RE: Jr Resource Gold Stocks?? Exactly No value.

            And when all these ETF Stocks come crashing down when everybody wants their Physical Gold, And they can’t deliver, you sure don’t want to be owning these stocks. Billions in lawsuit claims will bankrupt these mining stocks.

            Only thing to buy is Physical Gold and Silver you can hold in your hand. The rest is just gambling.

            ~WWTI… Why buy the Whole Mine when you can just buy the physical Gold. Or if you just want to day trade on the hype, in and out, but for long term investing is suicide with mining stocks. Stick with Physical PM’s.

          • It looks like Gold and Silver which are connected at the hip will just trade sideways, here until the election. This is all being manipulated to keep the price down, to prop up the US Dollar which is falling fast, as the world dumps the dollar and T-bills. Unless some false flag, bank implosion happens. Or when Interest rates jump up, and Wall street crashes which people will jump into a mass retail buying rally of PM’s will this start climbing. I thought for sure the rally would start this last summer. Can’t complain though Silver still up like 27% this year. $13.67 to $18.76. Also Silver could be trading at $28 to $30 by Dec if all hell implodes economically at election time. A repeat of 2008 crash times x 100.

            Also keep in mind the last big rally in silver happened all within 6 Months. Where silver jumped from $16 July 2010 to $48 in 6 months Feb 2011. So get you seat on the Silver train and party like its Feb 2011 all over again.


          • What about the possibility that the gov will ban possession of PM’s after the FRN’s are toast?

            I’m concerned that PM’s would only be useful on the black market and therefore might only be accepted for trade at a mere fraction of what they are really worth. Maybe I’m way off base, who knows?

            Anyway, I don’t have any other than some sterling silverware.

      2. San Diego they just found a bomb outside the stadium where San Diego is playing. Qualcomm stadium. Breaking now

        • Thanks for the heads up here.

          San Diego PD says all clear:

          “SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE UPDATE:The package was determined to be safe & NOT a device.QualcommStadium Trolley is ALL CLEAR & open”

          • Thank you Mac

      3. Who the heck would buy gold stocks! I want pieces in my hand.

      4. If you want to make a book that doesn’t degrade, make it out of plastic.

        Dr. Duke has written some fine books.

        “J*wish Supremacism”, “The Secret Behind Communism”, and “My Awakening”.

        I would start a publishing company, if I had the money, and print books on a paper like plastic that would not require the care of traditional paper books. Look at kiddy books. They are printed on plastic and the don’t degrade so easily.

        It takes money to make money. I have ideas. But ideas without the knowledge to put them into reality die quickly.

        __. O yes; buy gold. But if you can’t hold it and you can’t protect it, it isn’t yours. Not original, but true.


        • B from Ca,can you make a woman out of plastic?!I mean think about it,she doesn’t degrade/age,just the same beauty as the day you met her!

          • War child:

            A little piece of useless trivia: in order to protect his troops from VD, Hitler commissioned the creation of the first plastic sex doll. But that never entered my mind until you suggested it. Lol


          • WD,

            They’ve got better ones than that now, a little pricey though. I don’t know how many ounces of gold you would have to dole out but they claim it is better than the real thing, that’s hard to believe. You can adjust all the particulars that please you most and it is an equal opportunity companion. I understand that it will not withstand an EMP attack unless you are hiding in a Faraday Cage at the time of the attack. Just thought you might be interested, a word of caution to the wise prepper,

            Old Goat

      5. I’d wait to see the out cum of the election. It could go either way at this point. I wouldn’t go hog wild getting metals. It’s still a form of manipulated currency.

      6. I’m still more interested in food storage over silver. Yes I have some silver. Yes I feel that you should be storing silver. But if you don’t have your food covered yet don’t even think about it.

        • Food, water, personal hygene, sanitation, protection,
          Not necessarily in that order

      7. Having trouble keeping the “gold” colored brass on shotshells from turning rusty.
        Ammo can with oxygen absorbers inside? And add a desiccant canister?
        Ideas welcomed.

        • Ketchupondemand

          Bad seal on can. Did you place the ammo in the can with HIGH Humidity/Rain?

          Have had military ammo cans pull a vacuum many a time.

          • anon, I was actually asking if that’s how I should be storing them.
            I had the same problem in the pacific northwest due to humidity but it took years to develop.
            These current shells have started to degrade in about a year. It’s not a problem yet because only a few were stored in an od green mil. ammo pouch and the rest are stored in original boxes and an ammo can and they are fine so far.
            And they’re a brand I’ve never heard of and I think they’re cheap..ever heard of Rio? Pretty much all that’s available here.
            The joy of living in a humid environment!
            One more thing to keep an eye on I guess.

            • Ketchupondemand

              Another thing is that the composition of the metal is a cheaper grade. Not all brass. Everything is gone cheap, nothing lasts.

              Never heard of RIO.

        • The oil from your hands will turn brass also. Re-loader here. Dont handle the brass and keep it dry.

        • I use military ammo cans with dessicants that have a window to view color to see if they need to be baked and then reused.

          They are rectangular, about 3x6x1/4″ and have an aluminum casing.

          I put three in each can of 1,000 of my reloads, I live in the Midwest with moderate humidity. I keep them in a cool, dark area and I use air conditioning, but even then, it’s still too humid indoors for me to open a jug of powder. I do my loading only on low humidity days.

          I hope this helps…

          Also, I bought bunch of General Dynamics 5.56 new brass in bulk and it pitted and went bad REAL fast. It was stored in it’s box right next to some other brass – out side the ammo box and only the GD brass went bad. I guess everything is cheaper these days. Must have been a bad run and what I got were seconds – or thirds…

      8. Ketchup:

        I don’t know squat about that 2nd Amendment, but pennies keep pretty good in a jar with the air removed by a gadget that comes with Seal-a-meal. Also sometimes keep rings and necklaces in air_tight plastic bags from Seal-a-meal.

        __. Don’t knock the cook. There’s a fine line between love and hate. And one man’s meat…


      9. Another infomercial for GOLD?

        • Yep more Mining Propaganda Pump and Dump. Mining stocks with 600 P/E’s remind me of the tech bubble. POP!!! Tech Stocks that rode to over $100 a share were soon deflated back to $5. I seen it with my own 2 eyeballs.


      10. According to some the dollar dies on 27 Sept 2016. Not sure why. We keep on adding to our pile. Hope for the best.

      11. But loyal fans of this site are skint because they kept buying gold here four years ago and the price crashed so we’re are dry when it comes to any spare money so thanks for the advise.

        Yes and the end of the earth is coming but you might have to wait a few billion yesrs or so.

        • skint? ??
          Must say I’ve never heard that word.

          • Ketchupondemand – Skint = boracic lint = broke. It’s British, (Cockney rhyming slang) see the web site below for an explanation as to its etymology. A septic tank (Yank) like you should know things like this!:


            • Mr. Smith,

              I surely can identify with you. I too am skint! Thanks Mr Debunker for the lesson in Cockney English.

        • I may be worse off. I quit buying in 2011 at the peak. All I have now is some way overpriced shiny metal that needs an expensive deep sea salvage company to retrieve…

      12. Be ready all

        Shît is going to hit the fan today , it pretty much did last night !!!

        There will be more and more and more bombing now. The green light was given. Stay armed and to hell with their little laws.

        Think like Dexter. Be quiet and methodical.

        • Thanks AA. It was a very interesting article.

      13. 1Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.2Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. 3Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. 4Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

        • Caribou Sue,

          Wapiti Sue, how are you? We are all skint now from all the preps, gold, and silver that we have been accumulating on a poor man’s wages. Please don’t begrudge us one of the few pleasures we have left. Nature will surely devour all of us and what little treasures we have managed to frugally put aside sooner or later, since none of us can live forever. Most of us are not the exploiters, landlords, industrialists, and bankers, but are the exploited proletariat like Charlie’s grandparents.

          I just love the ring of your name, Caribou Sue! I look forward to hearing more from you!

          Old Goat

      14. AP reports

        1 in 5 bombs explode.

        N.J train station

        And away we Go!
        Jackie Gleason.

        • Luckily so far these bombers seem like rank newbies.I hope it stays that way or they just blow themselves up without hurting others.Still,even placed bombs that don’t work do cause a lot of disruption/fear for some,so to a degree they are doing their job.

      15. If we go into a deflationary phase gold & silver will plummet. Don’t listen to those who profit from selling PM’s…

      16. Had a party here over the weekend with folks roaming around the premises. Nobody found any of our ca ches, and at present they are not hidden well- but they are out of sight. These are folks who would have asked me about them if they seen them.
        It would be nice for us if silver rose- but it’s comforting to have some beans and rice put away.
        Just for what it’s worth- HSN, the tv ce tv shopping channel is selling their origami storage shelves today. They come pretty much preassembled and roll on casters. They aren’t dinky either. I bought one for the garage because I like to roll things out when I clean the floor out there. I keep bags of gravel, gardening soil, tools and buckets on that thing and it is a real nice piece of storage equipment. You can get a really nice corner unit and add two wing units to it and easily store a huge quantity of food. Keep it out where you can rotate stocks or wheel them into a hiding place.

      17. So a few little bombs explode and the American people wet their pants in terror. God, you really are a nation of weak kneed wimps!

        You bomb everywhere else (at long range) and cry foul when someone tries to hit back at you…and no, I’m not supporting or defending any particular faction here. I simply abhor indiscriminate and senseless terrorist violence, whether by a nut case group or a nation state, as I have had personal experience of it (terrorism)!

        How about the many misguided Americans who actively and willingly funded terrorism in Northern Ireland and mainland UK (via NORAID) in the 1970’s through a warped and totally unrealistic romantic understanding of history?

        The IRA bombing campaign was ruthless, bloody, and, like ALL bombing campaigns, totally indiscriminate in its choice of victims

        The Northern Ireland side of my family lost 2 members to IRA thugs who were funded by stupid Americans who believed that Hollywood nonsense was the truth, so please, don’t whine because I bring up this inconvenient truth.

        America has been bombing women and children in Syria in the hope of provoking another war. Another inconvenient truth.

        So stop whining and face the reality of living in a world largely of America’s making (ergo yours).

        In the last 50 years or so SHTF for millions whenever America has intervened! You people are living in la la land!

        Whatever happened to the goodness and generosity America give to the world? You are now the pariahs and bully boys of the world.

        • Debunker,

          Sadly, there is some bit of truth to your rant. I am sorry for the loss you and your family incurred. You paint awfully broad strokes about a people you obviously know nothing about. You obviously are not pro-Brexit and are probably one of those wildly cheering on (to your own demise)the invasion of your most esteemed Island by the Muslim Hoards from the Middle-East and Africa. Is there some history that we are missing as to why so many of these so called ‘immigrants’ feel like they have a rightful place in your blessed Isle? Do the British and the other old Colonialists owe them something? Hmmm! Baaah!

          Old Goat

      18. Mac, ck out article on Dave Hodge,UWEX 16 ,9\18—EMAILS!!
        Maniac –Out

      19. Debunk,have always said when we look to folks to blame for our state of affairs look in the mirror first,we may not have started different atrocities but what have we done to stop them.

      20. First Debunk F.U. I didn’t have any thing to do with that,don’t blame me for what other people do!
        Yall hear Kerry preaching to Russia about not stopping Syria from bombing the bad guys (our ISIS) Yet we just killed 60 ,wounded another 100.We took out their troops (oops) Let ISIS take the high ground over their airport!! Hmmm! Yea Kerry preach to Russia about a ceasefire!!!
        Damn how stupid are these politicians!!
        Debunk did know a (black knight) didn’t get it!
        Maniac –out

      21. LaManiac – did I blame you personally? My, you are a sensitive little girl, aren’t you…

        Have you ever heard of collective responsibility? Although I’ve yet to meet an American who understands that concept, or for that matter any concept of self blame…it’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it?

        The rest of your rant was incomprehensible garbled nonsense. Learn to express yourself verbally before committing yourself to print. You came across like a petulant 5 year old trailer trash child who had learnt a new swear word. Go away and grow up before mixing with the big boys.

        • Debunker,

          Lousiana(la)Maniac is more of a real gentleman and definitely more intelligent than you. Read your history and keep up with current events. Do look at yourself in a mirror or look into the pond before you start slinging mud across the Atlantic. Better yet, perhaps you should go join the hoards in Germany!

          Old Goat

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