Doug Casey on COVID Brainwashing: “Look, Hysteria Is The Problem; Not The Flu Itself”

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Commodities, Headline News, Precious Metals | 2 comments

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    Recently, gold bug and investor Doug Casey sat down with Kenneth Ameduri of Crush the Street. Casey jumped right in saying the breakdown of the United States under the boot of tyranny is “actually predictable.”

    Casey says Western civilization peaked around World War 1, just after the Federal Reserve took over the monetary supply. Yet at the same time, technology improved. So in some ways, things have gotten better, but in the ways that matter, things have gotten worse. Now, people are easily programmed to believe what the TV tells them to, thanks to technological advancement. Yet, both global warming and COVID are “phony” as far as Casey is concerned.

    Casey then discusses more in detail the COVID hoax.  When Ameduri asks about the cases going up, but fatalities going down, Casey says the case numbers are meaningless. He says we should focus on the deaths, which are being “greatly overreported.” In fact, we showed documents from the government back in April that prove they need the death toll to be as high as possible to exact tyranny on people through fear. “Look, hysteria is the problem; not the flu itself.” He adds, “this is hysteria comparable to the witch trials of the late 17th century.”

    Casey says this whole situation was done as a form of “people control.” The government, who will issue your immunity passport, will decide what you can and cannot do based on whether or not you’ve gotten the mandatory vaccine. He says it’s possible to experience even more tyranny as the vaccine is rolled out. “The worst people, not the best people, get into government.” It’s all predictable he says.

    We’ve all heard the saying: “power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.” That saying has always been true.

    The best way to protect yourself is by buying physical gold or silver. Casey is betting on economic and financial chaos more than inflation or deflation.  The whole system is set to absolutely self-destruct.

    Casey says that there’s a good chance the Democrats will win the White House in 2020. He says there are two reasons. One, Democrats are promising a lot more free stuff. And two, they are much better at stuffing the ballot boxes. I personally, disagree with Casey on this one. I think the winner will be whoever the New World Order, aka, the International Banking Cartel, chooses to win. Presidents are selected, not elected, especially now when we have no semblance of a government “by the people.”

    “Look, it’s gonna end very badly,” Casey says of the government’s management of the economy.


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      1. “I think the winner will be whoever the New World Order, aka, the International Banking Cartel, chooses to win.”

        In Bible prophecy, is a wealthy, whorish, mercantile nation, military hammer over all the Earth (whichever country that is.)

        She rides a red beast, covered in blasphemies (our ostensible labor colonies), who hate, turn on us, burn, and consume us, within a single hour — leaving the ships at sea with nowhere to sell.

        Actually, reminded me of a news story, in which they wait at sea.
        h ttps://

        How does that story go. Mark of the Beast or Mark of the Harlot.

        Faucci has been accused of funding this science project and obtaining patents, using Canadian materials.

      2. It never ceases to amaze me that some preppers are willing to worry about anything… that is, until an actual deadly threat is around. Then, they’re happy to say that there is no deadly threat, that threat isn’t deadly at all.

        Actually, this disease is deadly, and definitely around 10 times more deadly than the flu if you have access to a well-resourced hospital. If not (and let’s face it, in the USA that depends on what kind of insurance you have, plus whether hospitals are already overwhelmed where you are) then it’s closer to 100 times more deadly. So definitely something to worry about.

        The reason fatalities haven’t gone up yet is… drumroll… people take time to die! Really! It’s like saying that a nuke isn’t deadly because radiation poisoning didn’t kill you in the first hour. You just wait.

        And on this second spike, cases are being detected earlier. In the first spike, they were testing somebody for coronavirus because they were already breathless. This time around, people are going to get tested as soon as they have the first suspicious symptoms. So, unsurprisingly, that is adding about a week to the lag between cases and fatalities. Plus, the first time around tests were taking ages to process, now they are being processed faster. So that is adding about another week.

        Do people do the math? Do preppers think two weeks ahead? Oh, that would be… I don’t know… being prepared, or something crazy like that?

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