Doomsday Survey: 51% of Americans Believe a Financial Collapse Is Imminent; 85% Say Country Is Overwhelmingly Under-Prepared

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 252 comments

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    A recent survey of 1,007 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over suggests that most of us believe a doomsday scenario of some kind will occur in the next twenty five years.

    With three million preppers in the U.S. getting ready for widespread disaster, gun sales sky rocketing, and retail precious metals purchases at unprecedented levels, the results of the survey performed by Kelton Research on behalf of National Geographic shouldn’t be surprising.

    Among other things, the survey asked respondents to choose which natural or man-made doomsday scenarios they believed are most likely to happen in the United States.

    The result suggest that Americans are more aware of the dangers facing our fragile society today than ever before.

    National Geographic Survey via The Ready Store:

    Which of the following, if any, do you think might happen in the United States in the next 25 years?  Please choose all that apply.

    About how many years from now, if ever, do you think it’s likely that the world will experience a major catastrophe? Your best guess is fine.

    If a major catastrophe were to happen in your lifetime, do you think it would be…

    Which of the following do you think is a smarter investment?

    Which of the following, if any, have you ever done to prepare for a potential catastrophe? Please choose all that apply.

    Which of the following explain why you are not as prepared as you think you need to be for a potential catastrophe? Please choose all that apply. (Among respondents who think they are not fully prepared)

    In the event of a catastrophe, do you think that most Americans will be…

    The Doomsday Preppers Survey was conducted by Kelton Research between January 3rd and January 10th, 2012 using an email invitation and an online survey. Quotas are set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the total U.S. population ages 18 and over.

    While millions may be preparing, and over half of Americans expect a major catastrophic natural or man-made event to occur in the course of their lifetimes, at least 25% of Americans – fully 80 million – have taken no active steps to prepare themselves for disaster because they simply don’t believe it’s a possibility.

    Our guess is that these overwhelmingly under-prepared individuals will be the first ones screaming for FEMA to give them food and calling for confiscation and redistribution of the supplies of others.


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      1. First. Its all the boomers fault

        • There are people in many age groups who have or are contributing to the deteriorating condition of our country.

          • I think Kevin was being funny – at least I hope so.

            As KY Mom says it’s all age groups contributing. We’ve all become accustomed to having what we want, when we want it. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have the funds or means to get it.

            We are also guilty because many of us have given up on the process of holding the government accountable. I see this all the time at the local levels. We get busy with our lives and don’t fight it when a local developer comes in to fleece the town (even though a local politician is making out).

            We have to be accountable again. Only then will we make our government accountable.

            • Shhhhhh. I’m tryin to beat dk’s red thumb record.

            • Hooey boy it’s gonna get bad! Why do you think TPTB have been showing us disaster films for at least the last two decades? Because they know what’s coming and are trying to get the public acclimated to the thought of it. They think we won’t flip out that way. Better get on it…I feel it a comin’…

          • ANON: Fat chance! My first job was that of a garbage man. $1.50 an hour and all that I could eat. Some guys are destined for the top of the heap.

            • DK- I think I have 85 or so more to go!! LMAO!!

            • DK- I’m at 68 red thumbs. I believe the shtfprfwcb(shtf plan red finger world champion belt) will be yours to wear a little longer. I swear as almighty god is my witness, that belt will be MINE one day!!!!

          • Why am I aroused by the name “KY mom”? 😉

        • Why?

          • Really, I would like to hear the person know as Kevin’s answer. Why do you think that, I’m not trying to put you on the spot or set you up either. WHY?

            • Largely because they’re a bunch of spoiled, loud mouth brats; i.e. Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinam, et al. They have contributed nothing morally, culturally or spiritually to this country; they’ve taken more than given. They’re hypocritical tree hugging freaks and earth mother birkenstock wearing communists.

            • Aunt- see comment farther down page.

        • That’s really a retaeded comment Kevin. Nobody made anybody do anything, including purchasing homes, cars and other junk people can’t afford. If you want to blame somebody, blame it on the human condition. Some people are greedy, selfish and rude no what generation they are a part of.

          • Yep, Highspeed, people are just that. I posted something that maybe helpful to interested persons here. I’ll post again here. …Aunt T. Commie says:
            March 13, 2012 at 12:16 pm Spot on. We made the mistake of trying to include a neighbor into our survival group. 2 months later he got caught breaking into our house. Funny thing is that they guy has more money than us, he just wanted some AR’s not registered to him.
            I have a work I put together about understanding human nature and how to distinguish and size up people based on their pesonalities. Thru years of research and study physcologists and persons of very enlightened spiritual awareness have given to us a guide as to the five types of personalities that exist and the five diiferent things that “drive” them or “make them tick”. It has been very helpful to me over the past 15 years or so in understanding people I come into contact with. It helps me decide if I want to align myself with and put any amount of “trust” in them. It is amazing, because it rings true of about 95% of the people in the world, about 95% of the time. I think it is very important to know what kind of people you divulge information to about prepping and who you may consider to take on as a partner in prepping. I won’t give it out here because it is kinda long, but if anyone from this site that I feel good about wants it I’ll email it to you. Just send me a note at: [email protected] … I’ll send you what I think is very helpful info., no strings attached.

            • Don”t Tread and HighSpeed: you could not have said it better!. The thing that surprises me is the number of comments made in response to this article having NO BEARING on the article. I thought that was the purpose of the comments section to begin with. It really surprises me how people come on this site that or no more interested in the material presented. It was once said you can make mistakes out of ignorance, meaning you simply don’t have the knowledge or out of stupidity, meaning you should know better, but choose to show ignorance. It’s these people that when things “go south” the serious preppers have to be on guard for.

        • They drove the housing prices up…they got control and sold off the factories…they created massive govt. debt. Too many of them….Just on the way home I passed some boomers in an RV that costs more than my home. They are pissing their grandchildren’s future away. Also, many boomers inherited much and are not planning for the next generation. Their depression era parents are rolling over in their graves. The greatest generation spawn the worst generation. The generation that destroyed America. I enjoy watching them drop like flies now. One by one. It’s sweet.

          Spare me any of your opinions… I know what I’ve seen. Look at Obama…getting us into massive debt. Another boomer.

          Funny, now they are all starting to lose their McMansions. HA. I bought a double, rent the upstairs and live low and lean so I can save for my child’s future. Her grandparents… off fucking around in an RV from inherited wealth.

          I literally will go to their grave sites once a year.. and… FUCKING PISS ON THEM.

          • Gee….you sound just like one of the typical under-achieving slackers of your generation that I see walking around with their hand stuck out.

            I bet your mommy and daddy gave you everything you ever wanted didn’t they, you ungrateful lout.

            I’ll bet you save. Your Micky-D’s job probably pays pretty good, huh? Is that what you do when you aren’t sitting around watching Southpark and American Idol?

            • “Gee….you sound just like one of the typical under-achieving slackers of your generation that I see walking around with their hand stuck out.”

              Well, no s**t! Good observation, Walt.

              Any time we see anyone blaming an entire group for the failings of one or a few individuals, they are ALWAYS wrong. It would be just as dumb to say that we are all screwed up now because of the 20-something slackers out there. Yes, there are some of those but so what? Every group has some individuals who are less than desirable. Boomers are no different in that regard from any other group.

            • Nope. systems engineer. 3 college degrees. Also put my nephew through college when his Dad walked out. I’m the guy that looks at all your fucked up records and your sorry ass life. I bet I’m worth 10 times what you are. I am one of the boomers and I still say this lazy generation fucked it all up. I’m the boomer who are planning for the next generation. Better log off…you’ll be late for your walmart shelf stocking job. I WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER FOCKO…. I AUTOMATE GUYS LIKE YOU OUT OF A JOB.

            • Salve your conscience, much, the “slacker” thing?

          • The “greatest generation” was the generation that handed this country over, lock, stock and barrel, to the enemy within. America’s fate was sealed long before any “boomers” came of age.

            As far as coming potential disasters are concerned, I think we are more likey to see man-made ones. Yes, the 80 million who are doing nothing to prep will whine the loudest when TSHTF, and will demand you give up what you have. And many will just become violent parasites.

            • “And many will just become violent parasites.”

              Right… instead of merely being noisy parasites.

              It’s bizarre how so many people do not grasp the simple concept of “rights” and “responsibilities” being the opposite sides of the same coin. Neither can exist without the other, no matter how many people try to make it so. Whining about other people’s failures while failing miserably to address their own seems typical of such complainers.

            • Just Me: Man made disasters can be mitigated by man. With the exception of nuclear war, natural disasters are by far the greater threat to humanity.

              The LSM is not reporting the situation much, but volcanoes ALL around the Ring of Fire have been waking up over the past year or so. Costa Rica, Mexico,Guatemala, Colombia, are just the latest examples. Bulges in the NW have also been detected.

              When Etna explodes like Mt St Helens did, it will be time to bug out, the S will HTF. At the very least, these eruptions will exacerbate climate change and thus food supplies.

          • As unpopular as it is, I have to admit there is some truth to it. My own parents were never around as I was growing up as they were focusing on their own careers. My brother and I had to drop out of college because we could not qualify for financial aid due to their high incomes. I finally finished in ten years, but he never went back.

            My parents openly admit they are spending their children’s inheritance while at the same time blowing through the windfall they inherited.

            My father often criticizes me for leaving the rat race to become a stay-at-home dad and homesteader, but he will reap what he has sown when TSHTF and no one comes to save him.

            I have no bitterness toward my parents, but my brother rarely visits. My mother asked me once why he doesn’t comes around. All I could say is that “when you tell a little boy you would have rather had an abortion than him, he believes you.” One of the hardest things I ever had to do was explain to my little brother what an abortion was.

            • Government Guy,

              That is terrible.

              My parents were also part of the ‘Greatest Generation.’. My parents weren’t / aren’t perfect. (neither am I.). They grew up during the depression and have always been very careful with money and worked hard. They loved us (us kids) and tried to be good parents. My parents rarely took vacations as they ran a small business. My Dad is now in a wheel chair and my Mom is not in the best of health. I wish they had taken some vacations and had some fun. I wish they had enjoyed themselves more when they were younger.

            • I’m not sure how to perceive this idea. I’m on the tail end of the baby boomer range, 1964. My parents don’t ever think of themselves as entitled, and my dad is smart with his money.

              My parents taught me how to handle money and spend it wisely. My house is paid off and I’m about to get a car with cash, all with money I earned on the job. I expect no handouts from my parents or anyone else. I have no misplaced sense of entitlement and anything I get is with my own labor. I was taught this is called paying one’s own way.

              I’ve paid into Social Stupidity all my working life, and have no delusions of getting any of that money back when I’m “eligible” to collect. (I’m confident the US will be into austerity long before then.)

              So I would say I am confused at how anyone can say the baby boomer generation (meaning me I guess) is at fault for any social or monetary problems in the US. But then, maybe I am not the average boomer. Dunno, just supposing.

            • Scout…my story is much like yours. Unfortunately,when we are younger we sometimes look to blame the older generations for the world’s problems. I would think that with sites like these people would have seen by now that most of the world’s misery is caused by the people who are in power. Some are older ,some younger. How far back do we blame the American people for the corrupt corp? Act of 1877? Federal Reserve Act of 1913? FDR’s New Deal of 1933? All of these put us at a disadvantage.Perhaps we should blame Nixon for the petrodollar and all the ensuing wars. Our corrupt corp gov is behind our failing economy by globalizing to make a buck. We as a people have no say in the matter short of revolution ( unless you think your vote matters).The PTB love to divide us with arguments blaming each other. It keeps the light off of them.

            • Jrs – This subject does one other thing, It stokes the fire of thought and debate of what has happened, and what IS happening to our country now. @boomers-I was born in 1969, I publicly take the blame for what has transpired in this nation since 1988. Yeah, I failed. We have ALL failed. Some on this site know what happened to the patriot movement in the 90’s, it got smashed ruthlessly by the corp, much suffering by many. The boomers have been alive longer then me, so simple math(1+1=2) puts MORE of the blame on you. This fact CANNOT be disputed. Example- 1950 a man robs a bank, then in 1988, he robs another bank with a younger robber. Older guy=2 banks robbed. Younger guy=1 bank robbed. Who is the bigger criminal?? 1+1=2. There are some flaws in this analogy, I know this. “Keep it simple stupid”- unknown…. “to the beutiful and the wise- the mirror always lies”-Neil Peart

            • “when you tell a little boy you would have rather had an abortion than him, he believes you.” OMG…seriously they said that!!!!! I raised three kids by myself, and yeah, I’m a guy (not that my gender should matter, but even in these “enlightened” times, people are surprised by guys raising their kids).

              That attitude sums up what is truly wrong right now: the moral rot, the foulness that leads a mob to beat up and rob an unarmed man then brag about it on YouTube, or makes a parent tell a child something so filthy and awful. America deserves better than this

            • Similar situation. As a kid I was always reminded what a burden I was. My parents were kids during WWII. The “greatest generation” promised themselves a lot and contributed even less than the boomers. Plenty of blame to go arouind. The “slackers” of gen X bear less responsibility than either of the two generations before them.

          • Then what do you call me? Retired Air Force MSgt, Boeing Retiree, on social security with paid off house and car who stays out of debt and am available to help my children’s families. Born in 1945 – qualified as a boomer.

            But here is the answer: I earned it. No one gave it to me. I paid my way. I don’t think your logic is founded on solid ground. Don’t blame others for you own shortcomings. Grow up.

            • boomers: 1946-1964

            • The young kids of today need to learn a thing or two from the Boomers. Such as Pride, Discipline, Respect, Courage, Honor. How many live off of wel-fare?? How many rather make money selling dope?? How many live with Mom/Dad/Grandparents because they can’t provide a place of their own.

              The ones that have lost their jobs, this does not apply to them. Only the ones who do not want to better themselves by living off a family member/friend of tax payers money.

              So no, I personally can’t blame the Boomers. Our country will loose a lot of the morality that it was built on when they are all gone. It’s a dog-eat-dog world now a days and people are down right mean any more to one another. Even the reality shows push negativity and material obsession.

            • The young kids of today need to learn a thing or two from the Boomers. Such as Pride, Discipline, Respect, Courage, Honor.






              LIke, how to drop acid? Sleep with every hippy chick that isn’t bolted to the floor? The wonders of how pot is “just a medicinal herb”? Like, how they all hate The Man(tm) and then 15 years later they are pulling the Gordon Gecko and have switched to snorting coke of a hooker’s tits?

              Really. There’s something I need to learn from you?

              I doubt that very very much sir.

              Let us recall whose generation is the ORIGINATOR of well over 2/3 of the Leftist policies that you now so merrily and hypocritically deny after finding out the hard way that they don’t work. How many people did your generation burn through with your ideology to discover things that have been patently obvious for 5000 years?

              Respect. My ass. Hard work. What a laugh riot is that. The ones of you that didn’t end up permanently tripping and under a freeway overpass made your money by employing slaves halfway around the globe for a buck an hour or less. And you saved not one. Thin. Fucking. Dime of it. Not one. Because nothing compares to you, boy-o.

              I exclude from this anyone born in the late 40’s or early 50’s. They may be “boomer” by technical definition but the mindset was completely different.

            • Well-said, 1984MSGT.

            • @TheGuy

              Sorry that YOU grew up in that environment but not all people are as lucky as you. My Grandparents as well as my parents raised us differently, thank God. You cannot lump ALL people into one category.

              You also cannot judge the common people by the gov. nor hollywood. Hollywood lives in a glass bubble and have no idea what the real world is like. Same with politicians.

              Your outrage is very clear and I’m sorry if you’ve never experienced any thing nice in life. But don’t criticize me or my people, you don’t know me.

              As for you, you sound EXTREMELY bitter. Don’t take it out on me…

              Also, if you’ve read previous posts, the state of affairs has nothing to do with the general public as a whole. BOTH parties of the Gov. are to blame. Our fate was sealed years ago by the banksters, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Bush’s….

              The point I was trying to make was some thing as simple as saying “yes sir” “no sir” , opening a door for someone, saying THANK YOU , helping a person carry their groceries,
              stuff that some people now a days have no clue to do for other people. With out that, well we loose civility and mannerisms. Just little stuff that might make another person smile…. like you.

          • The only part of this I agree with is the outrageous price of the finer motor homes. Last year we took our 5th wheel to the RV dealership to have an A/C replaced. My husband was BS with one of the sales guys about the motor homes and he said that they can run from 1 million to 4-5 million. Even the sales rep. thought that it was ridiculous for people to blow their money on them. They instantly depreciate about $300,000 to $500,000 the minute they drive them off the lot. If you’re going to spend that much, buy a HOUSE!! And you’d still have pocket change…

            One can find a very nice used travel trailer/5th wheel/motor home for a good price and in good condition if they would just look. But then again, there are those who have to out do the “Jones'”. They’re the ones we can’t stand.

            That being said, to each their own. And if they want to blow their money instead of passing it on, that’s their business.

            • I just had a flash forward of a bunch of teens driving in teotwawki with a 5 million dollar RV they stole a month ago and have it all decked out with about 15 armed piss ant kids just making hell on earth for ALL the generations.

            • Zero Hedge

              Add Tupac’s “Killuminati” or “Only God can judge me now” blaring out LOUD through a live speaker & yeah I can see that pimped out £300K RV cruising down the highway too, driven by ex gang members with the sense to have a neat black market trade in food/ tide/anti-biotics and an onboard doctor taken hostage from da hood.

              Anyone who thinks some of “da yoof dem” aren’t considering their options in the coming years is a fool.

            • Anyone who comes my way with an RV blaring anything thinking they can roll on me and mine is much mistaken. Maybe they WILL steal their ride, but it can be handily disabled with 7.62 by 54R, some of the cheapest ammo on the planet

          • word.

          • You are an idiot. If you want to blame a generation, blame the greatest generation. They are the ones who allowed the government to get out of control, like with their voting in that idiot Reagan, and not going after the obvious lie of the JFK assassins. The same filth involved in both Kennedys deaths have drivne us to this position. The boomers were the only generation to stand up the to criminals and demand an end to war. If the greatest generation had stood behind the patriotism of the boomers, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now

          • Hard to feel sorry for people who are 65 years old and still owe 10 or 15 years on their mortgsge.

        • Sometimes a majority means that 51% of the fools are on the same side of an issue.

          No financial collapse people. The system as it exists works well for the Uber Rich, PTB, and the GB’s. Financial collapse would not serve any of them. Therefore it is totally illogical.

          However, having said that, if for any reason other than war, natural disaster or celestial event, economic collapse occurs, it would be deliberate.


          The only intent of such an event would be to further impoverish the Middle Class, destroy America, make US economic serfs, shred OUR constitution, and subvert OUR liberties by the Global Fascists in power.

          Identify those responsible, make YOUR list, check it twice,and respond accordingly. There are only Globalists and Patriots. Remember who has been naughty and who has been nice. Make them pay a price for their treason.

          In the end there can be only one. Vote! 🙂

          • Uh-oh…That’s 3 times now I’ve actually agreed with part of something you said…

            • Just Me: Think of them as growing pains. 🙂

          • ALERT; We just had a Hick-up!
            By the numbers, US population 312M, 15% are prepared and prepped-up, 46M, that leaves 266M starving people. How do you feed 266 million starving people in a week or so? Answer; “YOU DON’T.” And these strategic think tanks know it too. There is little doubt they have run these scenarios, that’s what they are paid to do. So what do you suppose happens? The inner cities are going to be absolute pandemonium. Killings are going to be arbitrary and frequent, in the end over food. If you extrapolate out the amount of just food 266M people will consume in a week, it’s almost incalculable. Let alone manageable or even doable. I bet the OBAMAS will be eating good and not missing a meal, not even one! (no MREs there) This will all come down to food and water, point blank! The paradigm we are facing here is NOT men fighting men for a point; this is men fighting to feed their wives and children. You can get no more basic than that. If you are prepping now look to the basics, food, water, protection. You need food and water to protect yourself and you will need to protect yourselves in order to survive. I just love how they lump in all of the extra ways this could come off. Earthquake, hurricane, terrorist attack, financial collapse, blackout, super virus, nuclear fallout. This is a penance as to what the NWO, Progressives, Eugenicist wants, it is a well-known fact through their rants that they have made public that in their belief we are over populated, we can’t feed you and there is a large amount of “ you” needs to die. Really; then get your fat ass up to the front of the line!! Something like this could only end in people being buried in a trench and covered with a bulldozer, unmarked. This would tickle the shit out of the afore mentioned astute groups. This only makes their work less tactful.
            I love the line by DRU; the lack of preparation on your part does not constitute and emergency on mine. Fucking perfect!

            • We are overpopulated and most of us will not have a choice in the dying to come. If I get the opportunity I will make sure that it is not just “useless eaters” who will be doing the dying. As far as the elites go, I don’t give a crap that they happen to believe that there are too many of us. There are too many of us; get over it! I disagree over who should die; ultimately the strongest, the fittest, and the most ruthless among us will be the ones who make it through the coming great die-off. The elites might start the ball rolling, but they will not be the ones left standing at the end. Altruism might be a nice ideal to strive for, but when people are starving and the food is gone, altruism will get you and yours killed. Ruthlessness and resourcefulness is what will keep the few alive when the many die-off.

        • kevin yells across the lake*HEY OKIE* DID YOU BRING YOUR EXTRA STRINGER, MINE IS FULL!

        • It’s no one single group’s “fault”. Our society is failing and in time, we will suffer the outcome of that failure. We’ll all wake up on Dec. 22nd, the sun will rise, it’ll probably be cold, if where you’re living is the season of winter. Mayan calendar doomsday is bullshit. Our doom will be the next big economic crisis or peak oil or an EMP attack from a fringe country such as North Korea.

      2. no it aint

        who’s running the show? thats who’s fault it is

        • Until we resolve to fix our problems instead of fixing the blame, the problems will remain. Personally, I do not give a rat’s royal red patootie who or what caused our problems. I only care that they get fixed as best we can manage. Unfortunately, that is looking less likely as time goes by. Too much time has been wasted via “can kicking” and other useless B$ type activities. Big problems are most easily solved when tackled early on. It’s a bit like deflecting a meteor from the Earth. The closer it gets to impact, the more difficult it is to deflect, until… SPLAT!

          • so just let them go? allow them to continue? no prosecutions and no hangins’? ..dam..everyone loves a good hangin’
            way to spoil the party magman

            • Hang a Banker for they are financial terrorists. We can start with Paulson, Geithner. Corzine. Jamie D, Lloyd B. and Uncle Benny; before rounding up the Red Shield clan.

        • No ne is running the show. And the lemmings or ‘sheeple’ just follow along, all of us headed for that cliff. We’re screwed, all of us.

      3. Id be willing to redistribute some lead to keep them out of FEMA camps. Good luck taking my things just cuz they didn’t prepare

        • A lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

          • It will become an emergency on your part if they’re coming after you or your family or your supplies.

            • I have no problem helping people out, try to on a daily basis. I have prepared to help others as well. When they “come” for what I have however they will leave with something else. There will be an emergency for sure and if there’s no trauma team one of us won’t make it! Aim small hit small. Take care!

            • No I really don’t think it will, if they can chip in and be an asset I’ll gladly share what I have. Now if they come in demanding and trying to take mine, then as Diesel Dan said above

            • Defend at all cost!!!!

              My sister, I hate to say, is VERY gullible when it comes to defending their stuff. I asked her if they were prepared to shoot if they had to? Unfortunately she gave me the wrong answer. She said if they wanted it that bad they could have it. And I said, yeah they will AFTER they shoot your ass. Needless to say, I might as well have been talking to the wall. Pitiful!! We tried explaining to them how lame and dangerous that way of thinking was but it was useless. What’s bad is they live in a big city.

          • Sure, I get what you’re saying, but damm, we Americans have got to stick together, even if you hate each others guts. I’m convinced that’s how we all get tru this….call me hopeful.

            • Thumbs up on the Handel as well:)

            • @ Aunt T. Commie, if post Katrina is any example of what may happen during the next crisis, you can only stick together with other like minded individuals who have prepared for the worst and that requires planning and networking before the SHTF. Even the New Orleans police threw their lot in with the looters and were caught on video committing crimes in uniform. Sticking together is great as long as you’re sticking together with others who do not pose a threat.

            • @ High Roller, great point. But I’ve also seen the masses of folks who helped out after 9/11 and Katrina too. I grew up in the 1950’s and we’ve been underminded by The Left since before I was born. I believe that they are just waiting for us to start fighting each other,and I hope to God it doesn’t come to that.

            • Well, we all know what “hope” is worth as a plan. Aside from that, not ALL of us will be getting through whatever form of SHTF we end up getting. This is why a lot of us prep for multiple problems.

              Those who do not prep have no right to complain if that then causes them problems at some point. It’s all about free will. I do not complain about those who do not prep. That is their choice and they are welcome to make it even if I do not agree with it. Once they have chosen, however, they are subject to the consequences of that choice.

              I will share what I have with my family, of course. I will also share with some of my friends and a few neighbors, particularly those who show up with some useful items of their own. Those who show up empty handed will likely leave the same way.

              Harsh? Perhaps. But then, why should those who take the time and effort and spend resources in order to prep risk the survival of their family in order to help those who did not?

            • I like the ideology of your thinking. However; the statistics and percentages are pretty accurate. Almost half of all people (teenagers and up) that are to be considered as a possible threat to someone’s livelihood, are classified as “takers”. They will use up your time,energy, and resources without ever giving back anything or near as much as you gave them. Most people of this type are sneaky and slick. If you let your guard down for a second they are already planning their next smooth move. In a normal world where it is easy to rebound from a loss, we could take a hit or two by playing nice and learn from it and move on; however, in a doomsday situation that one time could spell disaster and or death for you and yours. Keep your guard up at all times my prepping friends.

            • just be sure you you are among like minded shouting from the roof tops. otherwise you’ll be a lone voice in the wilderness.

            • There are those who say to me “I don’t have to prepare. I’ll just come over to your house.”

              Right. You expect to just mosey on over, expect me to house you and feed you, and take care of you because you failed to prepare. Don’t cover without an invitation, and you don’t have one.

              Family, perhaps a couple friends, are the only exceptions.

          • While I agree with you, the zombies to come won’t

      4. I used to be involved with my local community trying to instill in them a sence of preparedness. However as time went by the talk and actions turned mainly to making lists of who has what instead of who can help and how to help those who have the skills that the rest would need. The main plan wasent preparing to handle the problem but prepareing to take from those who had stuff and give to those who didnt have.
        I moved… Im sure I was high on the list of who had the stuff the others wanted.

        • It’s not the disaster itself I am afraid of, it’s the zombies coming for your stuff afterwards that concern me.

          • We started our little town group in 2005 and it was mostly the business people and ranchers. But when the crash happened all of a sudden the town council wanted to get involved. That is when things started to go downhill quick and the list making and note taking started happening. It was for the community of course.But Im pretty sure that if something bad did happen that these same council people would be setting themselves up as the new lords of the county. Of course with all of our belongings. Dont ever trust politicians.

            • Power Corrupts, or as the Russians say, “Near Czar, Near Death”.

            • ~Joe~

              Outstanding point!

              That’s precisely why I have the home addresses of every single member of those serving, as my county’s commissioners & those on the planning board as well……

              ….one never knows when a little “persuasive advice” may be required!!!

          • big dog and shotguns!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Beefcake,

            You are correct.

            When the SHTF, be prepared to have to defend your home and property.

            The recent tornado that hit here has been an eye opener for me. Our neighborhood stuck together. Neighbors were out checking on others just minutes after the tornado to make sure everyone was ok. Others weren’t so fortunate.

            Withen 24 hours of the tornado hitting here in KY, some people in rural areas have reported that people coming by to help (themselves) were stealing stuff from yards. One man had several storage sheds destroyed by the tornado and the belongings scattered all over his yard and field. The next day (yes in broad daylight), he caught a couple guys who pulled up to his yard and started taking things and putting them in their truck. The owner fired his gun and the thieves took off. Now, if the owner has to go to Lowes to get repair items, he makes sure a family member is guarding his property.

            KY Mom

            • Ya know, KY Mom, we wondered how many in the storm stricken areas have lost their preps when they lost their homes. Not all have cellars/basements to put their preps in and it would be extremely depressing to loose EVERY THING that a person had been saving for a man-made catastrophe like economy collapse.

              What’s spooky is Mother Nature is not done with us. And she can be a BITCH! She can reek havoc across the nation as she passes through various states and has no conscience. I believe there is a lot more bad weather to come this year. Stay safe…

              Oh, and per Durango Kidd’s remark about the volcanoes… yep, I’ve noticed an increase too, also keeping an eye on earth quakes around the globe. Makes you wonder which to fear…Mother Nature or the Gov…. or the Gov. using Mother Natures destruction to slowly control and manipulate us. I have respect for Mother Nature but none for the other….

          • Zombe fritters, taste like chicken

            • Suddenly chicken does not seem appealing…

        • And that’s the main reason I have not attempted to inform my neighbors or organize any kind of community effort in the event of a SHTF situation.

          Most of the people in my neighborhood are either sucking at the government teat right now, or are just too plain stupid to look around and see what’s going on. Hours of watching American Idol, reality T.V. and whatever bimbo is flavor of the week will do that to you.

          What ones I have talked to, get all their news from the MSM or FOX…or believe Jesus is going to come back and save them from the boogie man. If you mention preparing for SHTF, they look at you like you’re from another planet. They have a major case of normalcy bias. It hasn’t happened here…therfore it won’t happen here.

          I don’t mind sharing with people. Especially with those who legitimately cannot afford to prep. But I swear that if someone I’ve talked to about prepping, and has blown me off about it, comes to my door wanting a handout when this all goes down, they are going to get the same treatment that a total stranger would get. I don’t suffer fools gladly. The answer they get from me will likely be, “Yeah…well…it sucks to be you. Now turn around go mooch someplace else.”

          Sorry for the rant. But if people can’t see what’s happening, then they are willfully blind.

      5. 16% of those surveyed about the inevitability of a major catastrophe drive Priuses with Obama 2012 stickers on them while sipping lattes and chatting away on their iPhones.

        • Yea, Beefcake. And as evidenced in our neighborhood, those same idiots who have their air-heads so far up osumabum’s ass, they can count his molars; have now traded in their Prius for a Chevy Volt. I laugh my ass off every time I meet them on the road.

        • I can confidently predict a time when driving a Prius or having an Obama bumper sticker will be an open invitation for a major ass-whuppin! Or a bullet between the eyes. Ownerless yuppie dogs will become a highly sought after food source. Ditto for their bags and cans of premium dog food.

      6. Seem’s that the majority of people are just starting to wake up to the possibility of a Doom’s day event. Better late than never, I guess??? The stats above truly reflects the standard civilian, yet the organizied side have been preparing for years for the just in case possibilty. Have more armorment then needed for the complete block in which all have been slowly preparing and contributing for the can happen attitude. Hope all are truly seeing the light before it extinguished…..

      7. Life is good,,,doomsday be damned,,,I want my MTV!!
        Got 100 rounds to fire before reload,,got the garden in,water and power still happening and little St.Augustine is rocking.Don’t have to unpack my Berkey water filter or break into the preps.Hell,I’ve been collecting art,precious metals,kayaking and having a great ole time.Don’t worry,be happy,,,,nullify that that don’t belong in your life,cause you’re only gonna live it once!

        • You do need to use the water filer now… Chemtrails are poising the water with barium and aluminum.

          PREP. FOR ALL TO MAKE… Get your medical shit done. Just had a colonoscopy…had to get a hemR. banded…two weeks of hell…but done and a clean bill of health.

          Get all your surgery stuff out of the way.

          Make sure you get an extra pair of eye glasses made up.

          Services will spike in prices by 2015…hyperinflation time.

          • Good point about “getting the medical shit done”. Just had my eyes ‘adjusted’. Was blind as a bat and didn’t want to rely on glasses any longer. Now there’s nothing but air between my eyeball and my scope. Sweet.


          • Amen to the getting medical needs taken care of. I bought bought an extra pair of glasses. The other item is dental care…getting that out of the way. Finding a dentist to extract a tooth or perform a root canal may not be an easy option if our world as we know it is literally turned upside down. Invested in a couple of books, “When there is no doctor” and ran off a copy of the U.S. Army’s first aid handbook (on line)

      8. I wonder how truthful most of these answers were? 80% of the people I know don’t even prepare at all, nothing, nada. Of the 20% that do, or 5% would be full prepper types that are either fully prepared for most eventuallities or on their way. BTW, Guess which group most of my friends fall in? 🙂

        • @Bud Fox, most of the people we talk to don’t even keep up with the daily news much less the real hard core stuff like failing economy, other countries with financial problems, riots, CME’s, failing banks, the fast and furious scandal, well the list goes on and on. The point is, they are NOT in the know and act like they don’t care, I guess ’cause they don’t believe any thing will happen. So needless to say, they are not preppers and think that people are crazy that do.

          Oh well, guess I’m crazy….

      9. Actually, 51% believe a collapse is coming in the next 25 years. Only 17% believe that any catastrophe will happen in less than a year. Preppers differ on why they’re preparing. We can’t know based on the data how many believe a collapse is imminent.

      10. 56% believe it’ll happen 10 years down the road, or longer, or never; bet they are hoping. Then 85% are under prepared. It doesn’t look good for the majority. A question I wished was asked ” Are you even worried concerning a catastrophe?”.

      11. Can anyone tell me why the stock market is so high, especially today with record breaking numbers. I’m sorry if I sound ignorant, but I don’t undestand how unemployment is at 22%, 47 million people on food stamps and wall street booming. Please explain like you would to a 6th grader. It’s overwhelming to me. 🙁

        • On the most basic level, the Federal Reserve has ‘printed’ trillions of dollars… only a tiny fraction of that money has trickled down to the general population. The rest of it has essentially been used to ‘rescue’ banks and related financial interests… This newly printed money has been used to buoy the entire system — trillions of it has made its way into commodity and equity investments… this extra money — monetary inflation, which means more money is chasing fewer goods — is the key reason why we have rising prices in stocks, gas, precious metals, electricity, health care, education, etc etc…

          Some refer to it as the “Meltup”.

          Here’s a one hour documentary that goes into more details:

          • China is SLOWLY getting rid of watered down treasuries because they cannot go full tilt,which would hurt them and rattle markets.Extend and Pretend baby.

          • The govt. is planning on steeling it all. Hide what you have.

            • Can’t argue with that!

            • And when they come to take it, they’ll be dealt with like any other common thief.

              Don’t submit to tyranny. Resist.

            • Exactly! It’s all about keeping the debt base expanding at all costs. Folks are fooling themselves if they think wealth distribution has anything to do with helping the poor. It’s all about keeping zombie banks and corporations afloat.

            • @ Walt,
              You’ll never see them coming, they will take thru computers and electronically. I am praying nothing else happens till next year early, I have an annuity I can’t get out of till then, and right now it is soaring. Just watch it fall in December 2012.

          • Just so you know…and maybe look into them more…the NIA are FRAUDS that seem to pump and dump…… many videos on THEM out there on you tube…. check peter shciffs

          • Mac you are right on. And inflation during a slowdown is called stagflation. It’s the scariest thing of all because there are no economic tools to deal with it. You just let it play out. Imagine a scenario where we have double or triple digit inflation and no jobs. it could happen. When savers see inflation what do they do? They take their saving and go chasing after the rather fixed store of good, services, and investments, adding an uncontrollable amount to the money supply in the process. And what happens when those euro banks go bust and have to distribute the trillions the Fed gave them for reserves. That too adds massively to the money supply. The total supply in circulation just isn’t that much right now. Increases like those i describe will stimulate inflation like Argentina, or Weimar. It’s happened before. Fiat money and an uncontrolled monetary authority.

        • I remember reading something that tried to explain how the stock market rallies were a non sequitor for gauging the health of our economy. This fallacy was explained because most of the smaller investors were cashing out of the market and putting their money in safe harbor investments and leaving the stock trading to the bigger fish who make larger tradings, thereby having a greater influence on stock market numbers.

        • Ginger: Two words. “Green shoots.”

        • Hi Ginger,

          The same thing has been happening in Zimbabwe over the past 10 – 15 years. For example shares in the local brewery were used as an informal currency.
          You take worthless currency and buy shares in companies and hope that the shares will appreciate at the rate of hyperinflation or increase of money supply (QE).

        • Ginger, another reason for the market spike is the money poured into it isn’t at the risk of the investers(i.e. banks, Fannie Mae, etc..). Because the money belongs to the tax payer (us). It is like gambling with some one elses money.
          Then if the investers intice smaller companys and individuals to buy into the market, they win twice; the small investers and the bailout money. They’ll sell high then buy low after the bottom falls out and smaller investers have lost it all. Think monopoly.

        • Also….check the volume of trading (daily) compared to what it was the last time the stock market went ballistic and then crashed….on most given days volume simply isn’t there.

        • The market is high because the GS and JPM of the world are buying and shorts are covering. Once Joe sixpack jumps in again, the big sell off starts and they sell their positions. Low volumes are in the market.

      12. Always was a Goldwater Republican, later a Regan supporter. I started as a survivalist, (I know people say Prepper today), after seeing the Movie “Red Dawn” in the early 80’s.
        With Europe and the Us Bankrupt, I’m watching for China/Russia to make their move somewhere, sometime. I don’t however think Obama will go to war over Iran.

        For those who like to read, Mark Styn’s book “After America” is worth the money.In it he predicts the almost certain crash, Civil War and break up of America.

        • The “breakup” of America has been communist propaganda for decades. The entire idea was conceived and promoted in Russia.

          These commies like to push the idea to justify their own failed state and to generate publicity to make a buck off their books, tapes, and newsletter.

          Not gonna happen, stop spreading the lie.

          Other states like the Soviet Union failed because their satellites were captives who had been invaded, conquored, and subjugated.

          The USA is a voluntary collection of independent states currently threatened by their governing federal authority, under a commonly accepted agreement aka the US Constitution.

          As long as the Globalists in government do not push US too far, the states will not rebel.

          United WE are invincible.

          • Damn right Durango, and by God we are gonna take our holy Constitution back.

            • Not gonna happen. Too many takers having too many taker babies.

            • Lord Insidious: Damn right! But first WE are going to take control of OUR government and use those draconian laws that they have created and apply those laws against them!


          • Yes, the Communists have been trying to split us up and are pretty well doing it also. In Steyn’s book he makes the point that as debt reaches new highs and many of the Blue states go beyond bankrupt, our Federal Gov. will have to shift wealth from say Texas or North Dakota to New York or Mass to keep the bankrupt ones working. What he predicts is eventually the Red states that are not Bankrupt will tell Washington to go piss up a rope and form into smaller regional countries. Say like the old South minus parts of Virgina or most of the States west of the Mississippi which would also include 9/10’s of Minnesota as well. Hey, I don’t think any Patriot is happy about seeing the USA gone, because then Russia and China rule as superpowers.

          • Have you noticed that the new “fema battlezones” are strikingly similar to the map of a dismembered America, in the 1987 miniseries “Amerika”?

            Something to consider…

      13. I think the financial collapse will occur in next 12 months….just me.

        Which of the following, if any, have you ever done to prepare for a potential catastrophe? Please choose all that apply.

        All but raise live stock.

        In the event of a catastrophe, do you think that most Americans will be…

        I am prepared…bring it on!

        • the financial collapse will happen in the next 12 months you say? THAT has been being said now for a number of years.

          • So maybe it’s long overdue?

      14. How much longer is this going to play out. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop since 2008. I’m beginning to believe TPTB and American public (sheeple) will draw this situation out for another generation. The citizens have had many opportunities to revolt yet everything remains the same and nothing ever changes except we have less money in out pockets as each day goes by. What will it take?

        • I agree with Marc Faber who says the collapse could come tomorrow or in a thousand tomorrows. Never underestimate their ability to kick the can down the road by manipulating the system.

          If this does get drawn out till the next generation, my children will inherit a self-sufficient retreat and a map to a real buried treasure. They will spend summer vacations there learning wilderness survival skills instead of flying to some plastic resort.

          • Prepared Pastor – that’s exactly my attitude!

            Trying to pass on the skills and education my kid will need to survive. If shtf doesn’t catch me, it’ll deffo catch our kids. If we can put together the means for their survival we’ll have done our bit.(bit of land, teach em what to do with it + critical thinking skills)

            Basic skills, and I’m talking scratch cooking etc, not even metal work or more “complex stuff” are getting more dumbed down eac generation that passes. I’m not sending my kid out into the world as helpless as the day I gave birth!

            I make sure he spends a good deal of time with people in their 70s and up – those ol time skills they have will be needed once again and it’s important the young gather the knowledge before it’s gone forever.

        • The collapse of the dollar would have taken place in 2008, but the “bailout” dollars kicked the can. Everytime we get close, TPTB manipulate people and systems to print more paper $$ and kick the can again. How many times since 2008? As long as they float the debt and keep printing, everything will stay the status quo, but eventually the bubble will burst. If overseas governments decide to accept another form of currency for oil; LOOKOUT! The bubble will burst anyhow. All we can do is adjust our lives as best we can on a personal level. In other words, DOWNSIZE! Get rid of overpriced toys that won’t help you in a survival situation. Who knows when “next week or next month” will be too late.

          • The bubble is deflating slowly.

            Real inflation is near 8-10%
            “growth” is 2-3%
            Thats a net loss of roughly 7%. That is economic deflation, but price inflation.

            If the Fed raises rates anytime soon then the housing deflating will only get worse. So no equity in it.

            Food is the real kicker this summer due to oil costs. This will create more debt and defaults for the consumer since people are already living paycheck to paycheck. This in turn will force prices down leading to cheaper products (foreign). And this will lead to fewer jobs in North America. So the spiral continues.

            This will continue until the price of food competes with the price of shelter. At that point all Hell breaks loose. Food or roof. Thefts and tax evasion will be rampant. When taxes are not collected investors will not buy bonds and the bond yield will rise to the point of collapse.

            Wait for Japan. This is the shoe before the US. Most of their debt is internal debt (citizen baby boomer owned). Once those boomer’s cash in their bonds they will have to issue bonds into the world market at a much higher rate than what they are paying currently. Japan will collapse before the States. But once that chatter starts……GET OUT!!

      15. 25 years is quite a large/wide time slot. I say before elections, something that will grab msm and the sheep alike will take place whether it be man made or natural, who knows. The feeling has been in the air. Smell it? On a side note, its great to see the gals prepping as much as us men. Keep it up.

        • You know those little feelings you get deep in your gut? For the past 18 to 24 months I have thought this is going to come to a head by July 2012 and it’s all going to be over getting numbnuts reelected.

      16. if you think this is bad, just wait until the “resource wars” start..China and the US are already bickering about rare earth minerals..

      17. Well the 80 million is just about right in line with the estimates of how many will die. It really doesn’t matter whether they die of exposure, starvation or are shot trying to loot from others. Their Dirt Nap will be eternal without the possilility of resurrection.

        NatGeo’s show is really to protray Preppers as extremist and mark my words the PTB will point at it and say look at the crazies.

        There are many things I don’t prepare for because if they happen I don’t choose to live through it. Flat out if we have a nuclear event or a big astroid event just drop that baby right on my head.

        Stick with the Basics and you will be able to survive almost anything. Security, Air, Water, Food and Shelter.

        • I just hope to live long enough to become a real problem for the PTB.

          • Me too Walt.

        • What, no booze? Stick to the basics, Bourbon, Rum, Brandy, anything that you don’t need ice or a mixer for.

          • I don’t drink, but I have a good supply of booze. Booze is still cheap and has many uses besides just getting drunk. When my wife drinks tequila it makes her close fall off, kinda get my spirit up if you know what I mean. Like I said many uses.

            • @Patriot One, also makes great bartering tool if it gets down to it. And a good antiseptic. When TSHF one shouldn’t be drunk any way. I can see a bunch of people sitting around a fire drinking it up and passing out only to wake up with all their preps gone. Nah, no drink for me, thank you very much…

            • Hopefully yours do too? How can you tell if a fella is from Texas? He keeps his hat and boots on in the bath tub.

            • Patriot said “When my wife drinks tequila it makes her close fall off”! Thanks funny!!!

        • “NatGeo’s show is really to protray Preppers as extremist and mark my words the PTB will point at it and say look at the crazies.”

          I agree. However people usually stay away from crazy people. If the masses think we are all like that then maybe it will keep them at bay for a little while.

      18. This financial serade is all extend and pretend.The day SERIOUS inflation hits the shores will be intresting.Like this phoney market by uncle Ben to give him a good legacy and prop up an election.But Ben says they can deal with inflation in 15 minutes.Mean while it’s imported.Sure it’s showing up in food,gas.but that’s small compared to what’s to come.

      19. @ Mike
        Barring any number of Black Swans this year
        I think after the elections—I think at that point time will be very limited for the financial party to continue and TPTB will then push us so hard that people will just say effit and create situations which “require extreme sacrifices of Liberty” to get under control

        Just one prospect I think

        • From my cold dead hands?

          • That wont be a problem at all for them. Nice knowin ya. So many talk so much crap…

      20. Bottom Line Folks: in less than a few weeks the uss enterprise will be in the Gulf area… it is a defined target for a israeli mossad idf false-flag… 5000 us sailors and marines will be sacrificed just as the uss liberty was by puppet prez johnson after he killed jfk… trying to force ameriKa into a war with eqypt!

        Once again americans will be sacrifriced as they were at pearl harbor to give amerika an excuse to kill millions of folks weaker than them!

        All for $3 gas… guess what happens once AmeriKa finishes with killing all the brown people in the world!

        AmeriKa will be erased off the Face of the Earth! De Industrialized and Economically Destroyed by the IMF… so she can never threaten the IMF GLOBAL BANKERS again!

        Ya Buncha Silly Rabbits… stock up now , 6 months minimum.

        The Sheeiit is about to Hit The Fan!

        • Whether it plays out as a false flag or not (Curious, though it is that they are deploying the Enterprise), the fact that we will have three carrier groups in the Gulf in a few weeks is a huge blaring alarm that something serious is about to go down.

          • i was in the Navy and yes I do agree that having 3 carriers is a stand by for some type of an attack. the funny thing is the only time I ever got into trouble was when the Enterprise carrier was in virgina beach and moving about 5 knots. I was in a 30 foot boat running parallel with it and it made a perfect wave off the bow, so I cut right in front of it in a small 30 foot navy boat and got my ass chewed for that one. but that sure was a lot of fun back then. got the whole boat about 5 feet out of the water.

        • I’m still not sure if the Carriers are there to attack Iran, or prevent Isreal’s Air assets from attacking Iran? Knowing O’Bozo it could be either.

        • Sit down maroon. How do “you” know it’s going to the Gulf.

        • IMF, you wouldn’t know a Gulf if you were playing putt putt with Daisy.

          • it’s truly ridiculous when people keep arguing about a destination that is easily researched.

            Regarding the deployment of the USS Enterprise…

            CNN: “It will be deployed in the Navy’s Sixth Fleet and Fifth Fleet areas of operations, which cover Europe, Africa and the Middle East, including current hot spots Iran and Syria.”

            HRMILITARY.COM: “This is being billed a “business-as-usual” deployment for the nation’s oldest aircraft carrier, which will lead a strike group into the perilous waters of the Middle East. ”

            NAVY.MIL: “”This Strike Group is trained and ready for the full spectrum of operations,” said Rear Adm. Ted Carter, commander, Enterprise Carrier Strike Group. “We’re ready to maintain freedom of the sea lanes, project power if directed to do so, and certainly perform a presence mission.” These skills, which will be vital as the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group travels to the 5th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR).”

            • Didn’t you say the Navy is sitting the Big E up for a false flag? A little bit harder to do if it’s not going to the Gulf. There’s no Gulf in the Med Ocean Daisy.

            • Read it again, Anonymous. S-L-O-W-L-Y.

              You’ll see that what I quoted said the Middle East – not the Mediterannean.

            • Oooops… guess I missed that on CNN. Still, I’m glad for sites like this.

            • That’s not what you stated previously. You’re all about face today. Is it the female thing again?

          • i’m pretty sure i could find ms. daisy’s very cute GRAND tetons and secret hidden valley… cause she sent me maps with full directions and a list of what a SHTF PREPPER WOMAN WANTS!

            So don’t you fret none…

            she’s good like that… ;0P pssszzt



          USS MAINE



          PEARL HARBOR

          GULF OF TONKIN

          USS LIBERTY


          ????? USS ENTERPRISE ?????

          please feel free to add what you known so american idiot sheeple folks can pull their heads out of the imf nwo.cfr fed govs ass….

          • Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

            Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli war room where he heard that pilot’s radio report. The attacking pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel.

            The pilot’s protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities. Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery. [Washington Report]

            • Thank you for pointing out this guys stupidity, lack of observance, and apathy in much the same way I would have, you saved me a bit of time , we all lack. ViVa La American Revolution II.

        • whether the USS ENTERPRISE aircraft carrier Is being stationed in the MEDITERRANEAN ocean or PERSIAN gulf … is irrelevant … the IMF NWO.CFR zionist israeli jews IDF MOSSAD will/ are going too intentionally FALSE FLAG ATTACK it! Blaming the Syrians or the Iranians!

          And Kill 1000’s of American Sailors and Marines! With the intention of sinking the USS Enterprise to the Bottom of the Sea/ Ocean!

          Thats the BOTTOM LINE!

          ya ignorant phuckin troll…

      21. Yea a financial collapse is imminent ……We hear that every year but it Never e’er less and actually our local economy is improving

        • @rich99 … your economy is not booming when the price of everything goes up by 8% annually , unemployment is sky rocketing, 54 million americans are on food stamps and growing, property taxes are increasing annually, pensions are being seized, 401k’s are defaulting, once proud home owners are now lowly renters or living by the river under a bridge and last but not least!

          the united socialistic states of fascist amerika IMF NWO.CFR ZIONIST CIA ILLEGAL.ALIEN PUPPET PREZ barry soetoro aka obsama barrack obama and his capital hill insider trading mafia gang the u.s. congress are SO SCARED SHEEIITLESS OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS THEY ARE burning the U.S. CONSTITUTION , torching the AMERICAN FLAG and hiding behind the UN FAGGY BLUE FLAG! claiming they have mystic imperial powers under the power of the united nations IMF WORLD BANK to DECLARE WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and the known world!

          yeah… the economy is looking just peachy if your name is LORD ROTHCHILDS, CARNEGIE, SOROS, BUSHS, CLINTONS, GORE, GATES, BAUCUS, etc etc

        • @Rich, that’s great if your area is doing well. How ever, a majority of the country can’t say the same. Being in the retail business and we travel to different states, the economy is not so great. Unfortunately, life is not as rosie and cheerful as Obummer and his people would like you to think.

          And yet at the same time, some of the responsibilities also falls onto the consumers for mis-judging their income vs. their monthly bills. In other words, what can they realistically afford. Sadly, a lot chew off more than they can handle. And now it’s come back to bite them in the ass.

          • Look for some kind of work. It’s people who won’t look for other work

      22. This is going to sound terribly pessimistic, but those numbers seem kind of high to me.

        If I were to talk to 100 random people I know, the percentages would be nowhere near the percentages here.

        I find it difficult to believe that 33% of people have a bug-out bag ready.

        • @Daisy:

          You need to remember that “being prepared” for the average person means having an extra couple cans of Spaghettios in the pantry and a 24 oz bottle of water in their car.


          • Mal, you made me laugh out loud! GREAT COMMENT

        • its 3 million have a bug out bag or about 1%

        • ~Daisy~

          Ditto baby!

          I’d say around these parts, its closer to 3.3%!!!!!

          • I had a chat the other day with the local ex mayor who is also a Mormon. He is involved with the church activities and local politics as well. Our conversation was quite deep but the gist of the matter when I asked him about preps and the local congregation; he stunned me with his reply. He said that if the rest of the congregation is like him, and he believes they are, most are not prepared as the church teaches them to be. Now this is a group of people that are taught to be prepared yet most are not.

            When I read the numbers above, I have to believe they are skewed and inflated. Maybe not by NatGeo, but by the respondents to the questions. I do not believe most in this country are anywhere near prepared for any type of SHTF scenario, be it personal or nationwide or global.

            I do not believe that asking 1000+ people will give you an accurate reading as to who is doing what either. And why is it I never get called for these polls? Oh that’s right, I’m on the watch list!

        • With all the “prepper” shows and such going on I wont be suprised to see being prepared become a
          cool”fad…kinda like being “born again” became a fad for awhile…so dont be too shocked to hear that almost everyone is prepping from average people buying extra BBs to rich bankers prepping with a new bulletproof Rolls Royce Phantom…just sayin…

      23. Dollar collapses…my bus. closes, job loss. Lose the home.
        I’ll take the silver stash…go see a scum bag banker….turn over the
        silver for an old farm with forest and field. Well water.

        At worst, raw land and build a mud hut.

        I’ve been prepping tools to build my doomstead if I need to.

        I hope it all collapses. It will be a grand adventure that I’m ready for.
        I live like a spartan warrior for a reason…I am ready for whatever comes.
        If I had to eat worms…I could do it and survive.

        NWO boys….no quarter for ya. 000-urah!

        • scenario,,,,,the dreamer,,,whatsamatter aren’t getting laid so now you want to flee to the woods and live like a beaver.As long as the power is on I can dodge the nwo and mama can go shopping and be happy.

      24. N word.
        I hope I don’t mean the Next president. ha

      25. I think the next major occurrence will be another false flag like 9/11.

      26. Am I a schmuck for reading Steve Quayle?

        • No. Read everything. Analyze what you can. Evaluate the pros and cons. Apply the “smell test”. Follow the money flows. See who benefits.

          Go within. Listen with your heart.

        • Actually, some of his stuff is rather fascinating, and he has been right about some things over the years. But, sometimes it’s hard to believe his take on some issues.

          Schmuck? No.

          All available information is worth a scan, if even one sentence of what he says about a particular issue is true, it was worth it.

        • Not at all,Steve Quayle does his part putting together interesting, informative,news articles. It’s how i found this sight.

      27. That’s because 99 percent of us are doing nothing about it except, complain and protest. Protesting is not a solution.

        Wake up people – Don’t be Afraid!


        U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        Non U.S. Citizens
        Read “The OsiXs Plan” at ( )

        “Spread the News”

        • MM: Communism is not the answer. It doesn’t work.

          • Communism is the problem

            • Communism is a wonderous and beautiful thing. Long live the “bolshevick wisdom” of U S A-MERIKA. As was done in the USSR, so shall it continue in the ashes of the USA. Better RED than Dead. Happy Hanukkah…COMRADES.

              Oh, you don’t like this “version of the truth”. Then finally accept and admit what “power/influence” is steering the course of this country and loading the burden of never ending war on ‘OUR’ backs. Openly confront and condemn it. Otherwise, enjoy your morning jog (Trotsky) around the block.

              Half-past-time to speak TRUTH to LIES!

              DISCLAIMER ONE: This comment may be blatant sarcasm.
              DISCLAIMER TWO: This comment may be prophecy.
              DISCLAIMER THREE: This comment may be “the real deal”.

              YOU decide, and enjoy your “take-on-it”. I know that I shall try.

            • ummm
              I’m thinking
              corporate oligarchy is THE problem

            • ~Yental~

              Dammit boy!!! That was a cool post!!! Nice play on words intermixed w/ irrefutable truth……….

              Unfortunately, I can only give you “ONE” thumbs-up.


              Your mentioning the Bolsheviks got me to thinking about modern Amerikan politics……& suddenly it hit me!!!

              Referencing Russia circa 1917-1918, where multiple factions slugged it out for power/political dominance & fast forwarding to 2012(USA)…….

              The Democrat party = (the) Bolsheviks(communists)…

              The Republican party = (the) Mensheviks(nationalist/socialists)…

              ……..they were deadly competitors. The Bolsheviks won, of course!

              The old adage going…”history repeats itself”…bodes ill for our future, as a unified sovereign nation!

              Attention & Salute…!!!

            • My wife grew up under Soviet rule. Belive me, you don’t want it!

          • It’s not that “Communism” doesn’t work. It does. They ALL work. But it comes down to who is participating and who isn’t. If everyone’s heart and mind is into “making” it work, then it will work. But, they don’t take into account the nature of the weak mind, the mind that is dependent on others, i.e. “CO DEPENDENCY”. It’s those individuals, raised in families where weak minded parents pass down weak minded values to their children, that foster dependency on others which is the Seed for socialism and communism to grow from.

            Communism in it’s ideal form is the perfect system. But for it to truly achieve its ideals, the participants must be filled with maximum inner love and service as to not be concerned about the fruits of their actions. Otherwise, the collective will ultimately turn on itself. There has to be a spiritual base for the system to work. Without it, over time, selfishness and greed will set in as the “have nots”, the “wanna be’s”, based on their codependent upbringing, will bring the system down.

            • Communism may actually work for many Amerikans. They are already drones.

            • Margaret Thatcher said it best…

              “Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money”

            • “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” does not work!

            • I would prefer anarchy,a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.

      28. “Those that did not prepare will expect FEMA to confiscate supplies from those that did prepare and redistribute it”. Good luck with that! Want charity? Eat grass, or lead!

        • Anyone that expects rhe Gov to be that well perpaired is dreaming. FEMA will take care of FEMA

          • Specifically, anyone that thinks the Federals will fix anything to the benefit of the citizenry simply isn’t prepared to participate in any intelligent discussion.

            While, it may not originate within their selves to be part of the problem, they are not, most likely, going to be part of the solution, either.

            It is time, now:

            -To awaken and encourage all that you can
            -To keep a “low profile”
            -Find your own balance between the preceeding depending upon you own situation

      29. In my neck of the woods, folks don’t want to wake up. This is an established fact and I’ve been told as much. A conversation with a family member who seemed to be actually be listening and engaged said in closing “Do you really want to live in a world gone completely SHTF”? My answer – “No, I absolutely do not want to ‘survive’ in 3rd world, zombie ridden conditions. I am 50+ and very conditioned to A/C, running hot & cold water, anniversary trips to beautiful state parks, convenience of sugar, flour, and other food stuffs currently available (and thank my particular power that be – the Lord for such). I like my washer / dryer chores done with little effort. I really like hanging-out with my comrades on the WWW. I seriously don’t look forward to a life my grand-folks had to pound out. I’m quite sure I’m made of that fabric, but equally sure I’ll tear much quicker. What I do know after my years among the general population – given the choice – it’s our innate human instinct is to just that – survive. So with that possibility, I wish to be as prepared to make that choice if it’s mine to make. ’nuff said, conversation ended with a ‘hummm’, buzzbuzzzbuz, text msg, gotta go, see ya later aunt’. >>head, fist, desk<>Sigh<< rant off /
        I gotta go take advantage of weird weather that blessed me / confused my known facts of 'Spring planting'.
        ;)Thanks, Mac. Your site is better than professionally therapy.

        • I gather your neck of the woods is not actually in the woods. People here are already self-sufficient.

      30. Doesn’t TEOTW, mean TEOTW? Its funny to me how many people think they can survive an Apocalypse. Me, I’m already chillin’ at the resturant at the end of the universe.
        So long and thanks for all the fish.

        • You’re not a Dolphin!

        • The phrase ‘end of the world’ originates from the Bible where the Greek word Kosmos is translated ‘world,’ but the primary definition is ‘an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government.’ That is why sometimes we read it as TEOTWOWKI (the end of the world as we know it).

          Apocalypse comes from the Greek word Apokalupsis which means a ‘lifting of the veil’ or ‘revelation.’ Even in the Book of Revelation the earth does not end. It is changed.

          • so your not a new earth and a new heaven guy pastor?

      31. Does anyone how or where to get antiobiotics that are for people (not animals please). I’ve heard about Survival Healthy’s website. Has anyone had any experience with them?

        • Ginger,
          Here is what I have done, sounds kinda sick but it works for me. Once in a while I see my doc and complain of an ingrown toenail that I dug out. She wants to take a look, she isn’t a foot doc. She says ughhhh, thats nasty, and gives me a script. I have three bottles so far. Maybe your doc might just be willing to write you a script for your concerns, who knows?

        • Ginger: I have been ordering meds from overseas. Beware, there is a bill,

          “H.R. 4095, the Online Pharmacy Safety Act (OPSA), threatens American
          access to affordable medicine from legitimate Canadian and other…”

          So, big pharma and scum sucking PTB are closing fast on this last option we have to get meds w/o Rx’s. I use I have also used a pharmacy out of Bangkok. In general, the Indian pharmnacies are legitimate and actually very good. Better hurry before govt shuts this down.

          In addition, I would add the following to your holdings:
          Augmentin (for human and animal bites)
          And, yes the domestically available “fish” antibiotics are the same thing as for humans. Especially the Zithromax. You can never have enough Zithromax.

      32. Your site is great and I read it daily! If I could have one wish for this site … Put the thumbs up further apart from thumbs down…I have large thumbs and have hit the down when I really want THUMBS UP! Thank you for hearing me!

      33. Taking these percentages of persons and putting them in context with a complete collapse of the system and a run-out of food with marshal law invoked; anyone living near big cities and at a location that would cause droves of people coming your way to get to rural and mountainous areas; you had better be prepared to defend what little or large you have stored. I hope I never have to face this kind of scenario, but only God knows and He has my back. It won’t take long before people living nearby will start scavagening and sneaking around. Good honest people will turn mean when that little button between the backbone and the stomach gets pushed. It sends a signal to the brain: Work; if there is no work for food. The next signal is: Beg, Borrow,or Steal. God forbid it gets to the next signal.

      34. What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. – Blackfoot

        When I step outside during the night time, I listen to the wind, I hear the birds getting comfortable in the trees, I look towards the stars and get lost in the wonderment that I am privileged to witness. The animals and plants, the stars and the planets, the ground and the water, these are all things that go on each and every moment without any thought of the end of the world. That is how I want to live my fleeting moment in time on this beautiful earth.

      35. which one of you knucklehead moms on here were on doomsday preppers ??? maybe next year the shit will hit the fan but if not we always have 2014 to look forward to and on and on

      36. I always wonder about these “polls” since I’m never polled by these pollsters. Is this “data” real? Did someone get polled here? Or, is this information fabricated based on someone’s agenda? I don’t trust “National Geographic”, a company that’s owned and operated by News Corporation, aka Murdock aka one of TPTB. And, I did some research on this “Kelton Research” company. A “sister” company called Omnibus Company does their “polling” for them. I think both companies are “questionable”. Made Up, Fabricated and their data is made up, a front.

        Do your own research. Look up both companies, see what you come up with. Their sites are very strange and misleading. Very little information provided with their client lists and case studies, at least I couldn’t retrieve much information, i.e. Hard Data.

        Has the data been prefabricated? The question IS, why would they make it up? What’s their agenda?

        And who are these “1007 Nationally representative Americans” that were supposedly polled? Who determines who is “representative”? Were you polled?

        Could it be that “they” are trying to ferret out “those” who might be considered counter productive to the status quo, aka Terrorists within?

        Sorry, but I don’t buy into this one. No questions about the fascist government.

        These sister companies are part of a PsyOps. I’d say they are owned by the Government. Be on your toes, folks.

        • ~EA~

          Very thought provoking post, sir!

          ….and for some odd reason, it caused me to recall an incident that occurred on my front porch, a few years back…..(reference the last govt census)

          You see, I refused to fill the whole thing out.
          Gave my name, address & marital status & nothing else!!!!!!!! Then mailed it back to the ZOG!

          …….sure enough, about 4 weeks later, some 20 something blond college hottie shows up in my driveway in a brand new Ford…….out she comes all perky w/ valley speak & sporting an official “CENSUS WORKER” ID badge…..smiling & mouthing govt gibberish talk, as she starts up the porch steps.

          ————(picture this scene, folks!!!)———–

          I’m in the process of cleaning a disassembled FN-FAL (built on a STG-58 w/ an Embel receiver & a genuine STANAG scope)***)……………

          ……..all I hear is…babble-babble-babble……”OHHH”!!!! Ummmmm… name is (such-n-such)…and I’m….ahhhh….here to ask…ummm…you some questions….(numerous rapid glances between the FAL on the table & me, sitting in a chair)!!!!!!!!!!!

          I politely gave her my name, confirmed the address & verified that I’m married….

          …I also refused to answer any additional questions!

          She pressed the issue a bit & I simply told her that according to the Constitution, the “CENSUS” is merely a head count & that is all the govt is getting from me and if they don’t like my answers….make an appointment at my abode & I’ll enlighten them (smiling)!!!!!!!!!!!

          …her nervous response was….”No, you’re fine! Have a good day!

          ——Here it is…years later…& they’ve yet to call & make that appointment——!!!!!!!

          Do I worry about being on a list????? Not really!!!
          As I’m amid GOOD company.
          I & others here, will be EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


          Earlier, ~YENTAL~ posted some sound advice when he advised us to “openly confront & condemn……”

          Folks, he’s talking about courage!!!

          Never be afraid to look tyranny in the eye & say…”F*ck You…..come get all you can stand!!!!!”


          The Founding Fathers’ of this country had the balls to do such…………& now we’re on deck & its the bottom of the 9th……….choose wisely!!!!!!!

          • “Never be afraid to look tyranny in the eye & say…”F*ck You…..come get all you can stand!!!!!””

            Gunsmith, that has gotta be the quote of the day. Well said!

            • ~Daisy~


              Thank you madam!!! The respect is mutual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Brother from another mother…I will gladly take you at my 12, 6, 9, or 3 o’clock position. Increments inbetween at your discretion. TIME has become the ultimate enemy. None of us know how much “sand” remains in the “current top of the hour glass”.

            My guess…it has already runout and the “propaganda complex” is still adding “granular sugar” to maintain the illusion. A sweet/sandy mix that is about to reveal the true nature of the “mix”. SANDY is the taste I fully expect. But I continue to be encouraged by what appears to be a rapidly increasing contigency of the AWAKE.

            If only TIME were on OUR side.

            • ~Yental~

              Copy that, bro’.

              Would be “HONORED” to have your six, any day!!!!


              Yes….”TIME” is the real enemy vs. good/evil—truth/lies—honor/cowardice!!!

              But, we are mere honorable men/humans & thus, we are fallible individuals fighting/resisting a corrupt/wicked system, that most, either ignore or are oblivious to & hence categorize us as ……extremists/racists/anti-semites/fill-in-the-blank-ites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              …Yet, since “THEY” control the “lexicon”(language/definitions/verbal-written boundaries) of the debate….we’re 1/2 defeated if/when…..we adhere to their….”RULES of ENGAGEMENT.”

              …that’s where time becomes a major issue!!!

              Thinking outside “their” box/boundaries….takes time(& inborn intelligence/data)…..this is the race that matters!!!!


              …..remember, in WAR….”TRUTH” is always the first casualty!!!!!

              …..and if it survives the initial MASH* unit therapy/procedures……it undergoes 3 stages of transformation!!!!!!

              1st) It is ridiculed…

              2nd) It is violently opposed…

              3rd) It is eventually accepted as being self-evident…!!!

          • I had a DSA FAL just like that as well. It got “Taken” from my car after going to the range…so I don’t know where it is…and I have a Police Report to prove that it’s gone. “Oh where oh where is my little FAL?”

            • ~ATC~

              You have good knowledge of great weaponry…kudos to you!!!

              But…damn! Your luck is terrible!!!!! Be sure to hang onto that report, dude.

      37. Just a passing thought…
        What if PTB manage to keep their status by semi starving/impoverishing the rest of us by any means necessary?I doubt they care about anyone else BUT their fellow UBER-RICH folks(and perhaps not even them).By slowly lowering the “extra” funds we all have(except them)they can keep a tight rein to control the rest of us.
        Just thinking the “END” might be delayed a decade or two.Think Argentina over the last ten years.
        I noticed the Chem Trails on a clear sunny day a few days ago.If not poisoning our air/water,then WTF?

        Best to All

        • GFG: Its nano particle iridium to turn US all into living antennae for subliminal messages from Big Brother.

          Put on your tin foil hat if you go outdoors. If you do not have one, you are entitled to a free one.

          As DoD for a surplus one in the Pentagon basement that are left over from Project Blue Book,or check your local peace Surplus Store.

          If you still can’t find them, Google “tin foil hat” and “Sedona” together. You should find a source.

          • ~DK~

            Dammit DK!!!

            You were supposed to be ambiguous concerning the “MARKETING” of personal protection cranium attire!!??!!

            ….the tin-foil hat is sooooooooo…..passe!!!!!

            My new Telly-tubby propeller beanie is the -SHIT-!!!!

            …in fact, its warranted not to rust, bust, bend, fray or crack around the edges for 6 months & its mfged by RONCO!!!!!!!

            ———–cash & credit cards accepted————

            • Gunsmith: Why pay for the milk if the cow is free? Call your local recruiter for the inside scoop!

      38. Funny responses since “nuclear fallout” is ALREADY HAPPENING in Los Angeles.

        And it got 14%…

        I don’t know if this so much speaks to the respondent’s AWARENESS as much as it does to “which disaster movie have I seen lately and what was it about”.

      39. Boy the way Glen Miller played
        Songs that made the hit parade
        Guys like us we had it made
        Those were the days

        And you knew who you were then
        Girls wre girls and men were men
        Mister we could use a ma like Herbert Hoover again

        Didn’t need no welfare state
        Eveybody pulled his weight
        Gee our old Lassalle ran great
        Those were the days

      40. Have you thought about the logistics of supplying a third carrier in the Gulf Daisey. Think, think, you should try S L O W L Y. That will probably work better for you. Try it!

        slow (sl)
        adj. slow·er, slow·est
        a. Not moving or able to move quickly; proceeding at a low speed: a slow canuc; slow thinker.
        b. Marked by a retarded tempo: a slow flower.
        a. Taking or requiring a long time: the slow job of making thought.
        b. Taking more time than is usual: a slow worker; slow progress in the peace negotiations.
        3. Allowing movement or action only at a low speed: a slow track; a slow infield.
        4. Registering a time or rate behind or below the correct one: a slow female.
        5. Lacking in promptness or willingness; not precipitate: They were slow to accept our invitation.
        6. Having to tell your gender along side picture of self.
        7. Lacking liveliness or interest; boring: a slow party.
        8. Not having or exhibiting intellectual or mental quickness: a slow learner.
        9. Only moderately warm; low: a slow oven.
        adv. slower, slowest
        1. So as to fall behind the correct time or rate: Can’t decide which country to call oneself.
        2. At a low speed: Go slow!
        v. slowed, slow·ing, slows
        1. To make slow or slower.
        2. To delay; retard.
        To become slow or slower.

        • That’s funny!

      41. Maybe only 1% of the population is prepping or even awake, but I work at Cabela’s in Nebraska and in one weekend we sold over 250 firearms, about 40% of our stock of ammunition, most of our freeze dried stocks and more camping and hunting equipment than we did in several previous months. Not everyone is waking up but some are. On the bright side it’s job security and i can keep tabs on the prepping peoples (finding like minded people) and see what the general attitude is.
        Luck all

        • Tom Emmer, who ran for Gov of MN in 2010 now has a morning radio show. On more than one occasion he has spoken about all the survivalist “towns” he visited out in the rual areas. Yes, whole small farm towns. He also has told about how retreat sites along the MN Border with Canada are being snapped up by “Wallstreet Types” as survival locations.

      42. we were unprepared for Pearl Harbor too, but within a few months we turned the tide when everyone got together.

      43. O/T

        6.8 in Japan last night.

        ring of fire is very active


        • Thanks Kevin — thanks for all the good work keeping us all up to date ….

      45. HEY GUYS- Search ‘ CME europe vacates registration as a derivitives organization, pryor to greek cds payout” We might be in deep $hit!!!! My link is taking forever to clear. When the banksters start running I get scared. “when you see a group of animals all running in one direction, start running with them”-unknown

        • kevin..

          forwarded this to few in the know..



        • Careful, Kevin, those may be lemmings. Know where you are going if you are gonna double time to get there.

          • DK-Bankers leaving the sinking ship perhaps? The caribou herds were alot more exciting then the movie titanic, thats for sure.

      46. During my two weeks total bed rest, painkillers, no TV, computer or news, it was easy to see the world as la la la la la, nothing is wrong, birds are singing, sky is blue kinda thing.

        It was only when I was able to sit up and get back to the news, that my stress level zoomed. Oh, then I remembered nothing had changed in the world and that I wasn’t nuts for prepping and why does that nurse keep hiding my tin foil hat?!

      47. I have a plan, it’s called spend it! and quickly.

      48. “Then, inexplicably, at 2 p.m., unmarked Israeli aircraft began attacking the ship.” [Ledger Enquirer]

        Israel attacked the USS Liberty using UNMARKED AIRCRAFT. This is the single fact which proves Israel knew exactly who they were attacking. Israel’s story is that they thought USS Liberty was an Egyptian ship and therefore a legitimate target of war. Were that true, there would be no reason to attack a supposedly Egyptian ship with unmarked aircraft. The only possible reason to use unmarked aircraft to attack the ship is that Israel knew it was an American ship and intended to sink it, then to blame the attack on Egypt.

        Moorer, who as top legal council to the official investigation is in a position to know, agrees that Israel intended to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt for it, thus dragging the United States into a war on Israel’s behalf. This seems to be a common trick of Israel. Starting with the Lavon affair, through the USS Liberty, to the fake radio transmitter that tricked Reagan into attacking Libya, to potentially 9-11 itself, Israel’s game is to frame Arabs and set them up as targets for the United States.

        The official US investigation is discredited. And with it, every claim of innocence for Israel that relied on the official investigation as a source.

        The real question facing the American people is why the US Government seems more concerned with protecting Israel after they are caught playing these dirty tricks, rather than doing something to convince Israel not to kill any more Americans.
        “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.” — US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

      49. “at least 25% of Americans – fully 80 million – have taken no active steps to prepare themselves for disaster because they simply don’t believe it’s a possibility.”

        Yep. This is what’s called the “normalcy bias”

        In short it means THEY’RE SCREWED and preppers ain’t.
        We can’t all make it and nature favors the prepared and informed…

        As for “next 25 years”, yeah…forget anything beyond the next 24 months. This crisis is here now not some far off vision. If you don’t get that then go sit with the normalcy bias group.
        The sky is blue, everything’s ok…

      50. Forced boomer organ donation. They don’t need that extra kidney!

      51. This is why I don’t care that I gave up my home, I can be better prepared with far less by being highly mobile and preping with smaller thing such as water cleaning pills, seeds, small dual use tools/weapoms to make other weapons. The rest can be stolen from all the dumbasses that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Then I can come back and the moron out, not that the laws of nature give him the right to survival, but I can’t see anyone suffer.

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