Don’t Panic: Vanguard Just Sent This Email To Its Retail Investors: “It’s likely that this vote will have a global economic impact…”

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Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union has not only rocked the whole of the elite global order, but average citizens the world over appear to be rapidly dumping stocks.

Though equities appear to be rebounding somewhat today, markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas were heavily in the red over the preceding two trading days, which is perhaps why one of the world’s largest investment companies, with some $3 trillion in global assets, just issued the following email to retail investment account holders in an effort to avoid panic selling.

Now that U.K. citizens have held their referendum and voted that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, what’s going to happen next?

It’s likely that this vote will have a global economic impact. But because it may take time before the full impact is felt, there could be continued uncertainty in the financial markets. And that uncertainty could lead to volatility.

Focusing on what you can control

Even during times of global uncertainty, Vanguard believes in the merits of a well-diversified portfolio that includes both domestic and international assets. Making changes to your plan based on market movements could derail your efforts to reach your goals.

Although it’s difficult during times of market volatility, we recommend you stay focused on the things you can control: creating clear goals, developing an appropriate asset allocation, minimizing investing costs, and maintaining a long-term perspective.

Screen print:


The email links to a brief overview of what Vanguard thinks about all this.

Once the results were in, global markets and the British pound traded sharply lower. On the face of it, these gyrations might tempt investors to make dramatic shifts in their portfolios, especially moving away from assets perceived as riskier.

Of course, Vanguard discourages market-timing, which is so often counterproductive. The bottom line is that avoiding or reducing specific investments might not achieve the desired result. Also, much of the effects of the vote are now already priced into asset values.

In short, don’t panic. Brexit and its economic fall out have probably already been priced in.

Except that just in the last 48 hours some of the world’s most well respected economists and contrarian investors say that not only is a crisis imminent, but it’s going to be a whole lot worse than 2008.

In the off chance that Brexit is just a catalyst for something significantly more serious, perhaps now is as good a time as any to prepare for the unexpected. Because as it relates to financial markets, it’s said that he who panics first often panics best.



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    1. Anonymous

      nothing to see here.

      move along people. move along.

      • Fedort

        Fearporno courtesy of SHTF…OK stupid animals, time to buy more crap advertised on this site.

    2. Anonymous1

      There’s no way that the UK will leave. No one will trigger Article 50 and leave antichrist’s EU. You will have to wait until the end of the year of mercy for it all to unravel. Then there will be no more mercy.

    3. Anonymous

      Stock market has already settled down. Money has been made. buy low on friday and sell high on tuesday. Happens often.

    4. Sgt. Dale

      Excuses, Excuses always Excuses!!!!

      They printed to DAMN much money.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hell, i panicked in 04 when house prices were triple! i sold my house in march of 2005…and rented for 2 and a half years. then bought back a home at half price. netting me a couple hundred thousand dollars to prep with for the next 10 years. it was to be chiseled in STONE, what would happen next, after the banks lent all that money on inflated assets. it’s now a matter of WHEN. it’s been a slow-motion train-wreck ever since. and now, here we are, with the local landfill accepting HALF the normal volume of trash. everything i need to know came from my friend the dump manager…..JUST like 08…we almost DID the right thing back then, and took out those banks, and caused a depression, but we MISSED our chance, and bailed them out to the tune of MANY trillions of dollars…..this time will be SO MUCH worse. BANK ON IT! ask yourself why your house is worth double what it was worth in 2000, when we make LESS MONEY?

    5. Kulafarmer

      Ho hum,,,

    6. TEST

      As they used to say in the Twilight Zone”

      “Do NOT attempt to adjust your television set….”

      (That is, assuming anyone still watches the Orwellian leftist propaganda that passes for news, or the latest Kim Kartrashian news on the Ellen Degenerate show.

      • Ace

        Not Twilite Zone but Outer Limits….


        Never trust the biased BBC. They are pro-EU leftists traitors, the B-BBC will give an account for their anti-democratic propaganda.

    7. horse'sass

      Vanguard’s advice may have been good 20 yrs ago, but is very stale now. The fact is, there are no longer any traditional markets based on reasonable price discovery.
      But Vanguard has a history of trying to protect its investors more than the rest of the wall street shrks, to the point that they try to discourage impulse redemptions which harms the traditional saver/investor as Vanguard then in theory has to sell at a loss to raise cash for redemptions.

      But Vanguard has to get with the program and admit that the markets are rigged and that the stodgy old advice of yesteryear to “income average, stay the course, and diversify” , like “if you want to get ahead in life you need to invest in a college degree” no longer cut it.

    8. Diane

      For decades Vanguard spoke like this and it was good advice. Stock traders and high-load, high-cost, management-heavy funds despised them.

      That was before the fall of the Republic. The globalists and bankers will go for one more big pay day. Sheep will once again pay with their money and blood.

      • Rebecca

        truth hurts

        • stolz Vorfahren


      • laeagle

        Thanks for the article. Frightening to think of but it appears we are increasinly headed in the direction of the carceral state. It may all be just a matter of degrees and perception and the truth is that we are living in a ‘police state’ already. On the one side are the judge-jury-executioner class and on the other side the citizenry/sheeple class. Thus, “citizens don’t need those guns!” A lot to chew on.

        Loouisiana Eagle – Live free or die!

    9. Minute Man

      Hey, at least they can blame all the worlds problems on the exit. Funny, the country (UK) is the same size with just as many people as when they were *in* the EU, It’s even the same place as before the vote, so why all the bru-ha-ha about this?

      There *must* always be a crisis, so we can fix something.

      There are only two options here; things that need fixing and things that will need fixing once we are through with them.

      The sky is falling. – C. Little.

    10. Ever Vigilant

      Timing is everything…….Closed the Vangaurd account last week…!

    11. Crash and burn

      Yeah i predicted in an earlier topic a few days ago that the markets wont crash…..and they never will because the 1% control it all. You will know its close when the markets are at all time highs and there is rioting in the major u.s. cities….keep prepping my friends its coming but the signs wont be gold or stock markets.

    12. 2isone

      Vanguard. “We don’t know where to stick ourselves, but don’t worry-we’ve got your backs”. Wink, wink.

      Haven’t talked about it much, but have been in the process of moving my daughter and her family out of Katy. There was a bidding war for her house. She got a job near Austin on the periphery. Her husband is waiting for deployment overseas… Kuwait they say, but I have my doubts. Though we wanted them closer to us, their future location is better strategically than ours as they are closer to the family farm, and the area is riddled with back roads. Their area is sparsely populated. Just really glad to get them out of the middle of town, as this year is going to be crazy if only for the election volatility.

      I think we still have a few months to plan, stock up and get ready. Now is the time to consider strategic relocation with the interest rates kept low as per Yellen’s reaction to Brexit news. We have a window of opportunity right now… things could change in the wink of an eye.

    13. lena


      I took some money out of vanguard a month ago and shorted the market friday afternoon, has worked well and i have no doubt in another week or two; it’s going to work even better.

    14. B from CA

      My advice, if you have money to invest, get out of the stock market all together. Invest that money in good solid American made toenail clippers.

      I’ve noticed that 90.995%of women between the ages of 13years old to 93years old go to have their toes lathered, massaged, cut, shaped, and painted. And of those 89.999% have never seen a toe nail clipper let alone used one.???

    15. La.Maniac

      B from Ca
      Love it!What price for 1000? Print a pamphlet,how to for dummies.Another can of beans,show you how to use them.That’s great!!Needed a laugh.
      Maniac –out

    16. AR Sheep Dog

      “Focusing on what you ‘can’ control.”
      Too funny.

    17. Mr Smith

      The BREXIT vote is looking like one big scan and our media is working overtime to pump out propaganda and are putting anyone on air that’s not happy with the outcome of the vote.

      It’s so one sided that my TV fell of it’s stand and Article 50 needs to be executed now and just like we voted and won for.

      left-wing protestors need to understand this thing called democracy and are geting violent to try to get their own way and false flag race crimes are being reported all over the place and might become more real if the general public are not allowed out of the EU

    18. Bean Dip

      I’m not panicking. My 401(k) is with Vanguard, and my funds are in a money market mutual fund. I await the next large market decline, and then I will switch my funds to the Vanguard 500 Index mutual fund for a nice gain.

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