Don’t Miss This Interview: “I Don’t Like Repeat Offenders… I Like Dead Offenders”

by | Jan 26, 2014 | Headline News | 343 comments


Editor’s Note: The following interview with Ted Nugent is a must-watch and one you’ll want to share with family and friends, especially those who don’t agree with our natural right to preserve and defend our lives. We challenge any advocate of restrictive gun legislation to put forth a logical argument to counter the natural laws highlighted by Nugent. We’re fairly certain no such argument could be made on the merits, despite the fact that the Huffington Post once referred to him and his ideas as “toxic” to the Republican Party and “like a machine gun that riddles his own troops with friendly fire” in an effort to suggest Nugent is a madman whose ideas are supported only by a minority of radical, bible toting, gun carrying fringe lunatics on the extreme right of the modern day political spectrum. 


Via The Daily Sheeple:

There are so many quotable gems in this video of the incomparable Ted Nugent that we don’t even know where to begin. Here are a few favorites:

“I don’t need a document, and I don’t need another man to explain to me, that I have a right to defend my gift of life.”

“There is an argument in America … from a whole gaggle of numbnuts who would try to tell me that they will dictate where, how, and if I can defend myself. I find that preposterous. I find it unacceptable and I will not accept it.”

“The Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights is my concealed weapons permit, period.”

“I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.”

Somehow, these statements are seen by many as outrageous.  The gun control advocates really aren’t fans of intelligence and common sense. (Remember this hysterically funny video of Cali Senator Kevin de Leon attempting dramatic effect with no facts whatsoever?) If Mr. Nugent was the one making the laws, we’re quite sure that violent crime rates in America would plummet.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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    1. Shooter

      Very well said!

      • Ordinary Average Guy

        I’d like to see the Ted meets Piers Morgan show.
        Piers might get “educated”.

        • What?

          I bet you cold find that on YouTube. There has been that interview.

          • Ordinary Average Guy

            Thanks for the tip..found a couple. Doesn’t seem that Piers will will ever wise up. But then, I expect that from people who think like him.

            • arco

              Nothing makes me sicker than some limey POS, who isn’t even welcome in his own country telling US his opinions that are in direct conflict with OUR constitutional rights.

              It just shows how skewed the LSM is. Instead of putting him on air he should be put on trial for treason.

          • JD

            If he keeps acting like this I may have to break down and listen to his music.

            • sixpack

              He should be deported and let THEM take out their own trash.

          • Gregory8

            What?: Both Ted Nugent and Jesse Ventura have had “Gun Talks” with that ‘Queen’ from England, Piers Morgan. In both interviews, each of them destroyed that crying little British sissy with facts and common sense, something obviously lacking in Europeans in general.

            • shortchanged

              I agree with your sentiments regarding Piers Morgan, please do not associate the rest of the British people with this poor excuse for a man. He is not liked in the UK, either.

        • Dave

          Wow. You missed it. He was and it was awsome.

      • OutWest

        Maybe we could get Ted Nugent and
        Piers Morgan in the ring together.

        • jerrytbg

          Not fair to turn a man on a girly man…where’s your sense of fair play…
          oh wait… never mind…it’s pewee moron we’re talking about 🙂

        • Warchild Dammit

          Actually,since ted in state with Detroit get em both out on the streets of Detroit at night in bad areas,ted armed/piers not,see how piers feels after a hour or two about firearms.I will say with Detroit down and out financially great to see folks stepping up and helping out with park maintenance,sidewalk clearing of snow ect.,Detroit could be if not screwed with a great example of how to get things done without govt.Without inspectors ect. seems folks actually putting some monies/efforts into starting small scale business there which is great but how long till the ferd steps in and screws that up!?

        • Be informed

          @ OutWest. Ted Nugent already trashed that worthless pile of sh$%. There is an you tube of this that is about 10 minutes long. I linked this video the other day to an article I like it so much.

        • Ryback


          • Anonymous

            The sheeple like dictators.

        • Hunter

          Screw that idiotic limey agent provocateur!!!

          ..We’re Americans..we HAVE a 2nd amendment (see God given right)!
          He’s a British govt sanctioned “sheep-herder”, who is obligated to bend his knee & bow down before the power of their/his CROWN-ROYALTY & pay homage/fealty to an agenda, that is against/in opposition, to the Creator’s gift of…

          …individual free will / individual self-determination!

          His mission here stateside…is to entrench/embed “British Fabian Society” ideals into our political/social discourse, under the guise that we’re (all cultures/races) are equal.

          Yeah, right!

          ..albeit, much to our misfortune…should the majority, give his screed credence/creditability.


          *Note to Mac…

          If possible, ping Piers Morgan & encourage him to debate “HUNTER” on his show…(Daisy’s got my addy).

          ..y’all like fireworks entertainment..tune in!

          ..but warn him beforehand..I’m gonna upgrade his show to the “Jerry Springer” level!!!!!!!!!!!!

          ..and I want 20% of the proceeding profit margin resulting from the network viewer-ship uptake…when my right cross impacts his mouth/teeth..followed by an axe kick to his collar bone!

          Fucking bastard has yet to be seriously “educated” a ‘son-o-the-South’ on national TV.

          ..hence, I volunteer my services!

      • Trent

        Ted Nugent is a pedophile and a Vietnam War Draft dodger. He is a scumbag, and does not represent the good gun owners.
        Google is your freind.
        Ted is a SCUMBAG who PISSED and SHIT himself to get otu of the War…
        Hosts “Hunts’ that are nothing more than slaughters..

        Now… all of a sudden he has big balls.

        You guys like him? Let your teen daighter spend a weekend at the “nuges” place. He is a lowlife scumbag and the NRA and any gun organizations should distance themselves form him like he is WORSE than the plague… cause he is.

        Predator, COWARD and SCUM.

        • wrong

          says who?

          • iceman

            Trent not feeling well, he’s got cat scratch fever!

        • wrong

          I see your proof down below.

        • hammerhead

          trent , your either a troll lookin for attention or you are REALLY misinformed .
          Do some research and come back and rant later.
          DAMN FOOL

        • Nightshiftsucks

          Yeah the Vietnam war is just like the second Iraq war,a waste of American lives and money.The corrupt US govt wasn’t in it to win.As far a anyone being pure with no skeletons in their closet,good luck finding them.I bet 75% of the elected officials in this country have done worse things than Ted.

        • 1braveheart

          Trent, unless you can furnish links to any articles concerning your allegations, I have to call BS on your comments. He’s out there standing up FOR gun owners, NOT being against us.

          • Trent

            BRAVEHART- LOOK BELOW. He is a fucking SCUMBAG! YOU yourself have family that are vets…
            this guy is a COWARD. A SCUMBAG. Read.

            A lot of people do not undertsand this, and becuas ehe talks tough, they all look UP to him.

            My family was in Korea, Nam, and both gulf wars.

            This dude is a fucking coward.

            Look at the stuff and then tell me what you think.

            He is no fucking patriot. He is a bigmouth cocksucker.

            • VRF

              No he’s not a coward , he’s awake , and not going to be a tool if this government

          • HTJ

            Bravehart he posted a LOT of links.

            The guy is dirt.

            • 0311

              Dirt is puttin it mildly, bud.
              He is lower than whale shit and it dont get any lower than that.

              If any of those girls had been my daughter, he would be talking out of forehead. And for the parents that gave him “guardianship” of the 17 year old daugher so he could marry her..dont even let me start on THEM.

              Dirt? Ha. Dirt would be way above how to describe HIM.

              My ass was in the shit when he was home. I agree with anything negative said about this POS, and then some.

        • GulfVET

          YOU are the worse kind of troll. Tell me, did mommy and daddy beat you in the head to much? Or is it you just graduated from Berkley and drank too much Koolaid? Combo of both? Ah, doesn’t matter what you say Mr. Troll because afterall, your just a troll…….

          • Trent

            Youir a vet and you look up to this cocksucker?

            You are just as fuckin pathetic then.

            I’m 0311 Iraq and Afghanistan. what the fuck did YOU do?

            • mike

              Afghanistan you mean that war you lost and are still losing an 0311 wow infantry a bullet blocker is what us marines call you oh you are a democrat right.

            • Nam Marine

              I agree with Gulfvet. Trent, you sound like a pooty to me boy !
              The Vietnam war was all about poppies not politics you moron !

        • Kulafarmer

          Yea well Id pick him over you any day

        • susie

          Ted for President!

        • mike

          you must be a democrat and calling people manes shows how uneducated and wrong you are.

        • Bryan Jacks

          Because he wouldn’t put on a costume a murder people (who never did anything to him) in southeast Asia, he is a scumbag? Please, unjam your head from your hindquarters. The above referenced action is demonstrative of bravery, not cowardice. If the world had more thinking people like Mr. Nugent, we would have many more happy, prosperous people and less monuments to dead people who decided to be used as tools for killing at the behest of rich old men.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Has anybody seen my mommy? I want my macaroni and cheese and nobody is here to make it for me.

        • 1braveheart

          Eisenturd, go starve.

        • Warchild Dammit

          Eis,you can’t whip together mac and cheese and bake it on your own?!With todays modern cooking devices,you will not last long in the brave new world by a long shot!

        • Eisenkreuz

          I did not type the above post. Its extremely rude to steal somebodys call sign.

          • slingshot


            I knew it was not you. Hahahaha!

            Steal everything.
            Give Nothing Back.

          • 1braveheart

            Eisen, I sure don’t understand anyone wanting to use YOUR name with the reputation YOU have.

      • SterlingSilver

        God Bless the Nuge!

        • Basstard

          WANG DANG SWEET POONTANG !!!!!! My mother always loved hearing that blasted out of my room. Uncle Teddy Rocks.

      • Man on the inside

        Ted is my hero and has it all figured out.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          me too, insider. seems a BUNCH of people want to shoot the messenger. willing to throw ted under the bus isn’t MY idea of a winning strategy on this gun issue. he is one of our greatest assets. BTW…ted was celebrating his 10th anniversary with his wife at a restaurant and a bunch of people were yelling obcenities and calling him a pedophile and such….they just kept on with the PEDOPHILE rant,…and it JUST RUINED his wifes 21st BIRTHDAY!,,,LOL…anyways, what do you expect from a guy who sang about SEX so much? lots of his songs were about women and sex….i gotta love ‘im!

      • The Old Coach

        The best words ever said on gun control came from Pat Buchanan, IMHO. He said “If you need a trailer hitch to move it, we’d ask you to go to the DMV and get a plate for it.” My kinda guy, even if he is a little strange on European history.

      • Faith of the fallen

        Boys and girls, off subject but relevant. I’m watching the Asian markets and futures and boy it looks bad. I think the fecal matter is going to hit the whirly bird. I think I’m going to do some adds to the gear in my truck and the old lady’s car to make sure we’re alright If we’re caught out with our pants down. Pay close attention it’s about to get real.

    2. Kevin2

      Actually US violent crime is intensively clustered in the minority arena. Once that is removed the US rated are lower than or equal to the lowest in Europe. The legacy of slavery and its generational effects is still felt.

      Most often the violent crime is criminal A killing criminal B which is known as good riddance. One need only to track demographics to determine the rate in a given area. The violent crime rate has also dropped by half in the last 25 years while the number of guns in civilian hands along with permits to carry them have dramatically increased.

      This isn’t racism but rather realism supported by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

      • guero

        You’re forgetting the Blue on White/Black crime.

        • hammerhead

          GUERO, as long as we are talkin colors.
          blue on black/white crime is most prevelant in blue states .

      • 1braveheart

        Kevin2, the only part of your comment I disagree with is concerning the legacy of slavery. Black criminals have always used slavery and segregation as excuses for their dirty deeds. There is another study put out every year by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the US Department of Justice on crime statistics that is more accurate than the FBI report.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I agree with you on this. When I arrest a white guy I get why are you arresting me. I tell them because I have a signed complaint from the guy you punched. When I arrest a person of color, I get you are just arresting me because of my color. I tell them no I hate everybody. Just like G.SGT Lee Ermey said in Full Metal Jacket.

        • Kevin2


          Under the best of conditions I wouldn’t trade places with a black man as Chris Rock pointed out in his stand up routine when he said, “You wouldn’t trade places with me and I’m rich”.

          American blacks had the deck stacked against them up until the mid 1960s. By the time things changed they got a couple of decades in before the blue collar industrial evisceration kicked into high gear. That being said prior to Johnson’s welfare they were coming up when presented with an opportunity. Let this great industrial evisceration continue lowering the standard of living to poverty levels and over time the differences between white and black crime rates will narrow as dog eat dog becomes the order of the day. The blacks just have a head start but white trash will be playing catch up pretty good.

          Common sense still dictates that its prudent to avoid minority areas as much as possible not out of hatred or even dislike but as a matter of personal safety. There was a point that Camden NJ police didn’t go to Camden.

          • The Old Coach

            Before Johnson most black folks got married to have kids.

            Before Johnson most black folks got jobs and provided for their kids without welfare.

            How is it working today, LBJ+50 years?


            Black folks get less respect today than they did in 1955, and that’s a fact. They embraced the patrone system that Johnson instituted, and have become a major drag on the national economy.

            No, not every black person, but the mean and median have shifted inexorably for the worse.

            As little as 15 years ago I used to go into Detroit for business – (manufacturing systems for auto plants). I would never do that today. Even the IT pro at our offices, who is black and an ex-Marine, would not go in town unarmed. He carried TWO Browning Hi-Powers under his coat.

            • Kevin2

              The Old Coach

              I couldn’t agree more. All that welfare did was created dependency and hooked voters on it.

              Wait until that generational welfare increases in the white community and watch that crime rate rise while personal responsibility takes a nose dive. After a couple of generations what was unacceptable becomes the norm. Its happening as we speak as the out of wedlock birth rate increases.

              The socialists are losing too many votes because of the dependent class having too high a percentage of people with felony records. Rather than set forth policies that would reduce criminality by promoting personal responsibility they’re trying to remove the prohibition of a felony record for voting.

              • sixpack

                “Rather than set forth policies that would reduce criminality by promoting personal responsibility they’re trying to remove the prohibition of a felony record for voting.”

                Initially, only land owners could vote in this country. Confining our rights by keeping it within small special interest groups has never worked, but for those in the groups.

                It’s not the felony records that keeps them from voting, it’s that they’re locked up and can’t get to the polls. Which state still bars people (who are not physically in jail) from voting because of a past felony?

                Finally, give us one rational reason why any person convicted of driving their car while suspended, (which is indeed a felony in some states) should not be allowed to vote. Keep in mind that owning the wrong kind of rifle or the wrong sized magazine is now a felony in some places. Should those people not be allowed to vote for the rest of their lives too?

                It won’t be very long before WE’RE ALL felons for something or the other…get used to it. They’re arranging it as we speak.

          • 1braveheart

            Kevin2, most people don’t know this, but during segregation, Black people were better off economically. more black people finished high school, went to college, were self-employed. During the 50s and into the 60s. the number of black-owned businesses was increasing and the economies of black communities were actually improving. This was BEFORE LBJ’s Great Society started. Where did the idea for the social programs come from? The DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE AKA THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. And of course the NAACP was the perfect tool to use to convince black people to stop being self-sufficient and get on the US government plantation; welfare, food stamps, etc. ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF WORKING PEOPLE’S TAX MONEY. It is federal policies that have destroyed the black community over the past 50 years. They do have the deck stacked against them if they want to GET OFF THE US GOVT. PLANTATION. They are in exactly the position where the Democratic Party and the NAACP want them.

            • Kevin2

              Its the welfare that destroyed them at a time when good jobs were available. Segregation with second rate schools wasn’t a recipe for success but welfare surely was for failure.

              We’re seeing something akin to the movie Trading Places today with the former middle class whites now being put in the welfare rolls. Given less and less opportunity and more handouts over a period of two or three generations in the end they will be indistinguishable from the blacks they at one time loathed.

              To a great degree your a product of your environment.

          • Paranoid

            BS Walter, Williams or William Walters; I always forget which, a black economist says: IN 1900 The Black Illegitimacy rate was LOWER than the white, black land ownership and business ownership was higher than now. drugs and violence were far lower. It’s liberal crap has ruined them. Just like it’s suining the whites.

        • Paranoid

          Yup, slavery 150 yeas ago is he problem. One timy question. Why haven’t we seen the same problems with the Irish slaves England sold, or the white slaves in N Africa, or the Chineese slaves? Or the Russian serfs OR, OR, OR. HUMMMM

      • Man on the inside

        I moved from Memphis to the Pacific Northwest due to the concentration of crime in certain areas and the demographic….. not raceism just a smart survival move…

        • Man on the inside

          Minorities have had 7-8 trillion dollars pumped into their war on poverty and all you got was a bunch of entitled, lazy folks that blame you for their ills. I have multiple friends who are BLACK and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in the south and have done very well for themselves and their families. They did not play the victim. They used hard work, ethics, and good character like I did and they made something of themselves like I did. Their ethnic background or skin color had DICK to do with it. I have been to Africa and they do not like or respect the American Black man. They find them weak, lazy, and an embarrassment to their proud race. 87 percent of kids born in this country who are BLACK don’t have a father figure. They have been given 7-8 trillion dollars and a pass in many areas for the last 50 fracking years to get it together. They have done this to themselves and they get what they get. And Chris Rock…. one of the raciest people you will ever here speak and I would not use him as a reference. You want a reference try Dr. Cosby, Will Smith, Dansiel Washington, Colin Powel, Adam West, Morgan Freeman (who I worked for), and many others.

          • Kevin2

            “And Chris Rock…. one of the raciest people you will ever here speak and I would not use him as a reference.”

            Maybe so but even with all those “advantages” would you trade places with a black man?

    3. Anonymous

      I love that…people who are Somebody, speaking out with passion.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Eh,will not really care same as I don’t about the left wing side speaking out that are famous/have money.As a public figure who is well to do does not mean you are any smarter no matter what your views,folks just seem to pay more attention,tis a sad comment on our citizenry when they listen to someone just because they are a famous public figure and not the real message which is the case most of the time.

        • hammerhead

          warchild , while i respect your comment , you may not realize that Ted has been outspoken his whole life.
          I have stood on the mich. state capital steps with him in supporting hunting rights .
          This is not a “fad” with Ted , he is just sayin what he has always said for decades.
          left wing ? I dont think so .
          And BTW , I miss the new years “whiplash bash” concerts .

          • Warchild Dammit

            Hammer,my point was whether left or right wing when it is a celeb don’t give it any more weight to the actual issue being put forth.My point is we as a society give celebs more weight then they deserve,no matter what the position.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Nuge and I are about the same age. He is a little older than I am. I listen to his music and list to him talk about how he feels.
              You are right people do give celebs more credit than they deserve, but only celebs get on the T.V. us peons don’t.
              For what I know about the Nuge is that he WALKS THE WALK AND TALKS THE TALK!

            • hammerhead

              warchild , i do agree that we give celebs too much credit when they wiegh in on issues.
              But ya gotta admit it is refreshing to see a celeb taking a stand FOR gun rights instead of against them as is so very popular nowadays.

    4. Old Vet

      Oh for judges like– Judge Roy Bean (law west of the Pecos), today; your guilty Hang him. Enough said! NEXT

      • wrong

        Old Vet

        One of my favorite movies.

    5. Kulafarmer

      Gun control, hows that workin for you Chicago, Detroit and LA

      • Libprep

        Detroit can’t be compared to Chicago and LA, in regards to gun control. We’re actually quite the opposite.

        • The Old Coach

          Michigan was pretty near as bad as NY and IL. when I mover there in 1994. It was one of few states that you had to get a purchase permit from your local LE to buy a handgun, and at least de jure you were required to register every handgun you owned with the local police. (Guess who ignored that one?) CCW was at least possible, IF you had a friend in the sheriffs office, or the local police chief. It was not “shall issue” back then. Read the Michigan law on transport of a handgun by any person not holding a CCW.

          Mich may not have been quite as bad as Chicago or NYC, put polar opposite? I don’t think so. The state was still bad enough in 2009 when I retired that I never even considered staying there.

          • NIGHT BREAKER

            Old Coach,
            It’s the same case in NJ firearms ID card required for possession separate Permit to purchase required for each Handgun, As issue for concealed carry ( more like never issue, have mine due to sensitive .GOV Job) which may change soon due to pending court case in US supreme court. Seems ALL NJ gun Laws are Unconstitutional , Firearms are deemed illegal in NJ except by permit and or narrowly Defined exemptions. The Pending court case challenges the state to clarify IN HOME possession of hand guns , current law as stands states you must have a permit to carry to possess ,EVEN IN YOUR DOMICILE, which are rarely issued . A lower Federal District court ruled due to LONGEVITY that the states ruling stands as is , longevity means the law had been if effect for so long it stands on its merits sort of like if slavery was agreed as law in the past it can be lawful now.

            If the case is heard and ruled on in the US supreme court it could have national implications.


            Semper Fi 8541

          • Libprep

            Old Coach: I haven’t researched the laws as they were 20 years ago, or 5 years ago when you left. What i’m saying is TODAY, it’s fairly easy to get a CCW (CPL) license in Michigan. I’m sure if you want to argue laws as they were two decades ago, you would probably win. I’m just speaking on what is going on today.

            I still stand by my original comment. Michigan gun laws are in fact quite the opposite from Chicago or LA, in many ways.

      • .02

        It is all the rage. The fien and the box are happy as hell with thier progress.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          two whores that couldn’t get laid if they were in JAIL!

          • sixpack

            You mean, two whores that couldn’t get laid in a men’s prison?

            • buttcrackofdoom

              i mean two whore that couldn’t get laid on a BATTLESHIP.

    6. Warchild Dammit!

      I agree with ted on his 2nd views but fuck him,he wants to lock up drug users,unless they are behind the wheel or commit an actual crime is non of my or govt.s fucking business.Those who disagree with me would then agree alcohol should again be illegal(along with tobacco) as my buds that are cops say alcohol the most trouble causing substance in regards to other crimes.ted does not believe in true freedom,that said,mean ass riff on hollow body Rickenbacker on Great White Buffalo!

      • Trent

        Warchild- Google him. I knew all about him buy google him.
        He is a draft dodger… HE Should eb frakin locked up for the 14 year olds he didled… married one with her parent permission…
        has “hunts” that are just slaughters…
        And last but not least pissed and shit himself so he could sction 8 out of the draft.. now years later he says… “I was only kidding….. rolling stone mag shoulda known I was joking..”
        He is a scumbag. COWARD.

        He is NOT a good exapmle for us.

        • Warchild Dammit

          Agree with some of his views,same as with many posters here,don’t always agree on everything.My uncle a nam vet thought folks that skipped out how ever they did the right thing,eh,he still plays a mean guitar,just will not agree with all he says/does,same as with any celebrity.

        • 1braveheart

          Trent, furnish some links to articles that will prove what you’re saying. I know how to play fair and examine the evidence myself, otherwise I call BS on what you’re saying.

          • The Old Coach

            He’s alsp been married to the same woman, (and some woman she is), for how many years?

        • Sgt. Dale

          Say good night and go to bed. You have no clue what the Nuge is about.
          The line about him messing on himself is B.S. never happened. He went to School and he didn’t have to go to the Nam.
          as far as hunting The game he kills he only take the back straps and donates the rest to food pantries. When was the last time you did that. One of my best friends from the County Sheriffs Dept. hunts with him. So I know what I’m talking about.
          He is a good EXAMPLE FOR ME.

          • HTJ

            SGT dickhead… READ…he was on the road with the band when he was “In school”….

            YOU dont know what you are talking about.

            “The Nam”….if you were not there dont call it that like you were… I had family there.

            Like the wannabes who were never in Iraq callin it the sandbox like they were there… they werent. I was. I can call it that. YOU cant. Your a fucking cop AND a civilian.

            Got it?

            It came out of your “Nuges” own mouth about pissing himself, now 40 years later he wants to say he made it up/ by the way…his deferemnt is included in one of the links I put up.

            You have not a clue.

            • Mcdave

              “The Nam”….if you were not there dont call it that like you were… I had family there.
              Like the wannabes who were never in Iraq callin it the sandbox like they were there… they werent. I was. I can call it that. YOU cant. Your a fucking cop AND a civilian.

              Got it?”

              Sounds like BS
              Also, I say and do whatever I want

              Got it?

            • mqg25

              I don’t recall Ted burning his draft card. Do you have proof he burned his draft card?
              I also was eligible for the draft during that war but my Father wanted me to go to College because he knew back then that war and future ones were all the about military industrial corporate and bank profits,not freedom or defense of this country. I am glad I listened.

              Here is what the policy makers think of you.
              “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger quoted from the book “final day” Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein

            • REB

              …your being or not being someplace doesn’t give you any power to revoke my right to speak…seems you have a “superiority” complex over the civilians …better re-read that constitution and the federalist papers then take a long hard look in the mirror…

        • Nam Marine

          Neither are you “tough guy” ! You were stupid enough to join the Military. Seems like you learned “Nothing” !

    7. Peter Pan

      The use of guns is just the last phase of deeper seated problems within a society.
      If people had no guns but sought to use hammers for the commission of crimes, would we be banning hammers?
      Even these kids that massacre schoolfriends don’t do so because of the availability of guns but because they have some really twisted issues which they cannot deal with.

      • Anonymous

        Really cool video!!! should be broadcast far and wide! : )

      • hammerhead

        Lets be clear pete , guns aint the problem .
        People are , and their cry baby self absorbed attitudes about life and what is “fair” and unjust.
        Too many kids growin up thinkin that they are sooo special and thus entitled to the good life.
        This is why so many of these kids feel they have somehow been cheated by their peers and act out.
        Sometimes an ass whoopin is a good thing .

        • 1braveheart


        • Sgt. Dale

          Thank you. VERY WELL SAID!!!!

        • jerrytbg

          Actually Hammer,

          In the last couple of decades it might very well be all the psychotropic drugs they’ve been feeding these kids…trying to treat conditions previously treated with that swift kick in the ass you referred to…fwit

      • .02

        issues = ssri

        • Them Guys

          Consider also: That many maybe most, of the many school shooters such as Kleblod and Dylan of Columbine school event, one if not Both of them two are Tribe members, as were batman joker dressed Movie theater shooter, as was also AZ us rep giffords shooter guy,(who is likley to be a cover for the True real Target at that giffords public speech event, the us Fed judge who got killed there may have been the Real Hit target if several aricles on it has any truth etc)…Anyways just like giffords crazed shooter guy, how many were raised on and taught various holy book verses to believe in such as…”Even the Best of the Gentiles should be Killed”?

          Or the many Tons of additional anti christian, and anti Jesus verses peppered throughout the talmud.

          Could such training and teachings of massive Hatred toward, and Of, Christians and Christ have anything to do with how so many columbine survivor kids reported that both shooters there were first asking kids “Are You a Christian?” and asking aslo “Do You believe in Jesus”

          Just seconds Prior to pulling the trigger and blowing the kids heads off?

          And why is it that for 4-5 days ALL we saw or heard on every msm station non stop 24/7 was about Giffords being head-shot, with constant photos of the crazed lunatic shooter guy….Untill alternate online sources began to report that the MSM’s were for some strange unexplained reasons “Forgeting” to include the Fact that giffords shooter guy was Jewish, Raised talmudic, went to same synagouge as Giffords did and he even was a ‘camp” councilor at a jewish kids only, summer yeshivah camp(is yeshivah the proper term? I think so). Is that why every msm tv news all of a sudden Dropped the giffords shooting event like a Hot Potato? Was that due to realizations by MSM tv news that the shooter was also jewish? Can’t keep labeling shooter as an “Evil Nazi ARYAN white seperatist, jew & negroe hater” type once his jewishness was revealed online everywheres eh.

          One must assume that if we are to believe the MSM’s-TV News shows that tell us what is taught in the islamic Koran holy book, IS what causes or creates alquaida whacko terrorists type killers, ( which I agree must have some cause and effect at least on a portion of muslims), then by all means MSM’s should be also questioning in the same ways, with the same atten directed at what is Taught by the tribes Talmud holy books, for a truly “Fair and balanced” tv show…Right?

          I’d say if we are to believe that like MSM tv tells us koran verses such as “Kill infidels” etc etc are to Blame for current crop of terrorists that are Muslims…

          Well the same Must hold true when close to the Exact Same is taught by the Talmudic verses to jewish youth…

          Talmudic verses such as “Kill even the Best of the Gentile Goyims”…In fact from comparisons between both the Koran “bad” verses, VS. the Talmudic “Bad” verses, and by Bad I mean bad for NON members of each sect, islamics and jewish talmudics, especially bad for Christians….

          From all I have so far seen or heard of both religions holy books verses, it would appear that perhaps all MSM tv news shows etc are NOT ever nameing nor mentioning Anything related to said Talmudic verses, since the talmudic ones are far worse, far more demeaning, and overall negative about christians and Christ, and by far way Out-number the total Koran “bad” verses by a long country mile.

          However I do believe if the MSM tv shows are going to expose koranic evils or make such claims that “kill infidels” causes terrorists etc…Then Yes at least the same amount of air time need be granted to doing Talmudic evil Expose’s also….

          After all…When ANY religion teaches its members to Kill Me or You and the Vast majority of usa folks population, numbers wise, it seems to me that Equality should definatly be applied to advance warn Us folks of ALL potential Deadly enemys…Like for example a majority of school shooters, batman movie shooter, az giffords shooter, at least since back to Columbine high school era Two Decades ago eh…

          I care Not which religion teaches its mebers to Kill me or You, just for being ourselves by luck of Birth!

          I do care when for some “coincidence” even after 20 years now zero tv news shows has yet to alert us about Talmudic “evil/bad” teachings…What good is it if msm tv warns us to “Look out for islamics over there”….And neglects to warn us of talmudic trained from birth potential killers over Here!…Nice to know ALl who want to Kill ya no?

          I rekon for Now folks will need do their own research on the talmudic teachings issues…The Life You save may be Your Own! Especially if a Christian person.

      • Shootit

        You can’t buy a baseball bat in Germany. They have already reached that place.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          what about those damned POINTY KNIVES in yer kitchen!? shouldn’t we BAN those too? hell, they kill more people than ar15’s in america! we could legislate the requirement to have ALL FOOD SLICED before we buy it. no more need for pointy knives anymore! where does this IDIOCY stop??

        • Them Guys

          In Germany, along with aprox 55 more nations, including Canada…You cannot question ANYTHING jews claim regarding the HolyHoax, six million jews, gas chambers(proven false) etc etc etc…

          Its an automatic guilty as charged offence to even question any of their claims. Even proven Fraud numbers or statements lke Eli Da Weazel has made in every book hes written and swindled folks out of tens of millions of $$$$!!.

          in Fact…Even several Lawyers apointed BY EU german courts to defend an accused holyhoax “deniar”(really only a questioner or one demanding actual Proof etc, not denying it occured)…Several defense lawyers also are IN prison for useing Proof that proves various jew fantasy Lies!….

          NO other Historic events in ALL of recorded known history, are treated that way. NO other historic events or claims etc have any Laws that Mandate either You all Believe whatever some jew swindler says to believe, even when more Recent evidence has surfaced, such as the 50 yr old LIES that the KATYN Forest Massacre of about 26,000 Polish(gentiles all of them) mass murdered was done by Nazis….After KGB archives were opened in 1990, when soviet fell apart….revealed that the real true mass murderers were Jewish Russian Bolshevik kommies who mass murdered those polish cops and officials etc!

          BUT! In every nation, 56 total i think it is now, if You question Katyn Forest jew claims of “nazis” did it?…YOU are convicted of holyhoax denial, sent to Prison for 3-15 yrs!…Your defense attorny goes to jail also for 3+ yrs if he presents more recent proof of Katyn mass killings were done BY jewish Kommie Bastards!

          Many orgs, and peoples in Europe already knew of that massive jewish perpetrated LIE…But here in america it was totally suppressed knowledge untill after 1999, when kgb open files could no longer be Hidden for usa citizens view.

          But Hey! thats just Par for the course…The Talmudic teachung course, which says jews should consider it a huge Virtue of greatness for jews to Lie to goyim gentiles…

          As well as rob and murder even the Best of the goyim(herd animals like cattle or sheep) gentiles.

          And furthermore if Your sunday pastor never speaks about these issues? Perhaps its time to Dump that pastor and find an honest one who will do as Christ commands and Speak truth!…Fear of the jews is NO excuse any longer, in fact it Never was an acceptable excuse as per your new testement bibles verses eh!

      • lonelonmum

        peter pan – in London it’s knives, hammers, dogs or even their bare hands and feet. A killer will find a way to maim and murder, no matter what the law.

        All that varies is the tools available to the lil’ ol’ lady to defend herself when confronted by a murderous thug.

    8. Doofus

      It is the court system, not the guns. Most of these people have ‘rap’ sheets pages in length. And then they are let loose to do it again. The only good thing of shtf is that vigilantes may roost the world again….

      • Warchild Dammit

        Given the plethora of laws passed daily that make no sense soon we will all be criminals,perhaps that is what the govt. wants,ah well,criminal it be!

        • sd mule

          Warchild Dammit,
          What you are saying is actually correct. If there are laws against everything and everything is illegal, then you can be locked up at the convenience of those in power. Say the something those in power don’t like, off to jail you go!! Do something those in power don’t like, off to jail you go!! While it may seem to make no sense, everything at this level has a purpose. Selective enforcement happens every day in America. It is illegal to be in America without the proper documents, but there are millions here without the proper documents and millions (without the proper documents)were given amnesty by Ron Reagan in the 80’s. Nothing is random at this level!!

          • Warchild Dammit

            Well,the regan amnesty was a fiasco(remember,no amnesty again promised?!)yet here we go again,tis why we prep,will hit the fan am sure but also as always believe like the might Phoenix will arise from the ashes of our self immolation(you folks tired of that line yet?!),till then and beyond,live for today,prepare for tomorrow!

            • jerrytbg

              I remember my Dad talking about “operation wetback”, under Eisenhower…


            • The Old Coach

              Reagan was fool to trust Ted Kennedy, but then so was Mary Jo Kopechne.

              • Them Guys

                But Ted Kennedy’s Mentor and the us senator dem from New York, whom started all this “Immigration Law reforms” BS crap back in 1965, was U.S.Senator Jacob Javitz, Dem-NY and Tribal synagogue of satan member.

                He IS the Main Major public official that deserves the Most contempt as it was he who sponcered, and non stop constantly for 2+ years promoted, his immigration law reform bills till it finally got passed in 1965.

                Jacob Javitz’s famous words to the MSM Press, when asked how he now felt at having His bill/laws passed? Were…

                “Open the Flood Gates!” and “Let em ALL In”!!

                What began as the original Bolshevik Jewdeo-Kommies Plans to destroy White Americans, back in 1912 with Javitz’s fellow kommie Tribe traveler cohort’s Book in 1912 called,

                A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Was finally Realized in 1965 with sen jacob javitz’s immigration reform laws…Look how it coincides with israel cohens book from, 1912…

                ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

                “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

                Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

                Can’t call That a hoax or “forgery” eh since its recorded in the us congressional records!

                Communisim equals, Talmudisim for non jewish goyim gentiles….

      • 1braveheart

        Doofus, AMEN to your comments. The biggest part of the problem goes beyond the gun control lobby. It’s the libturd judges and civil rights activists who keep perpetuating the problem. The biggest irony is that most of the black criminals’ victims ARE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. there’s no telling how many good black people suffered at their hands first before they ever targeted any white people. Black-on-black crime is still the highest of any group of people in the entire US. Although black-on-white crime has seen some increase since 2008, it is still relatively low. But it’s still a fact that black males are more likely than any other group of people in this nation to commit serious and violent crimes. Go ahead, red thumb me, I don’t care. I stand by my statement and it is a fact. Look it up in the website for yourself under Bureau of Justice Statistics. Braveheart is not original with the statement. HE IS ONLY QUOTING FROM AN OFFICIAL US GOVERNMENT STUDY!

        • 1braveheart

          Doofus, BTW, find a better name to post under. You don’t sound like a ‘doofus’ to me. You sound like you live in the real world.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        drugs, people….google it. MOST of the mass shooters are ON mood-altering drugs. or coming OFF of them! simple, really.

    9. aljamo

      “I don’t like repeat offenders… I like dead offenders.” Me too, mostly the evil bastards and bitches at the top whose ongoing evil deeds threaten humanity on every level.

      • 1braveheart

        Aljamo, AMEN to your comments. that should apply to common criminals, politicians, banksters, etc.

    10. pioneer

      “SPEED LOADER”–Make a tube feed 22 cal rifle speed loader–CHEAP…cost $1.98 from Lowe’s. I used a 3/8″ plastic tube that is used for running cold water to toilet water closet. Could not find 1/4″ diameter. Makes several.
      Lay end to end 15/22’s. I cut tubing to 18″ long. Blocked one end with plastic pen tip cover and glued. Used plastic pen cover to plug other end.
      Remove tube from rifle, removed cap from 3/8 tubing, poured 22’s in magazine and replace 22 rifle compression tube. Works with 22 cal pistol.
      See NO reason with not work with larger caliber ammo.
      Try and see, I believe you will be very pleased… and I know that I LIKE THE PRICE.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Eh,not seeing it work with 5.56 but may be envisioning wrong the system,either way glad you have a working system down.

      • The Old Coach

        That’s for tube feed .22 rimfire rifles. Idea has been around for 80+ years. used to be you could buy tube loaders, but I haven’t seen one in years. BTW I use hard brass tubing from the K&S rack at the hardware store. Comes in three foot lengths. Cut it to 12 inches, or the thing becomes clumsy to carry.

        I do not know of any centerfire that you can load that way, however.

        • Dead reckoning

          Blakesley box for the Spencer. Dates back to the War of Northern Aggression. Ten tubes, 7 rounds each.
          Semper Fi

    11. Trailer Park Investor

      Always Loved Ted Nugent
      Saw him play a very small hall near Flint Michigan and I was sold on Ted every since.
      Little Miss Dangerous is my favorite and he’s a hell of guitar player and a hell of a man to boot.
      Rock On Ted and keep telling the TRUTH AS ALWAYS.
      Ted Nugent For President!!!

      • Warchild Dammit

        Little Miss Dangerous one hell of a song also,forgot that one!

        • Nightshiftsucks

          Stranglehold is my favorite.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            stranglehold is MY themesong nightynight! you got good taste in music!

        • arco

          I gotta go back a little further to the Amboy Dukes and ‘Migration’.

          • Warchild Dammit

            Arc,knowing ted played with dukes won me tix and backstage passes to a AC/DC concert with local radio station then based in Worcester Ma.Was night before show and they put out the contest/questions,won hands down but had made a deal with opponent on radio would split winnings if he was willing,he said yes,I won and he hung up phone(fool!),was a great gig,watched Johnson screaming at top of lungs before he hit stage with Angus just tooling around on fretboard before show which he hit stage rocking like no tomorrow!The best part was saw em with Brian backing upo the Who in the 70’s,now that man was a singer/leader of a band!

    12. Maudy Frickett

      Most homicides are committed by males with IQ’s below 90. Over 50% of those are committed by a demographic that comprises only 3% of the US population. Young, black males. There is no gun crime crisis. There is a black crime crisis. It won’t ever be addressed, so it will never be solved. Besides, it’s the excuse they use to disarm us.

      • 1braveheart

        Maudy, someone will take your weapons ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. I understand it’s your decision to make what to do for yourself. As for me, I’m not giving up squat. Anyone who comes to my place with bad intentions toward me is committing suicide, plain and simple.

      • The Old Coach

        Yep. Back out black-on-black murder from the stats, and the USA has the same murder rates as most countries in western Europe. Which are getting worse as their demographics are shiftedby black, south asian, and islamic immigration.

    13. Trailer Park Investor

      Yea repeat offender, BREAK into Ted’s house with him at home in bed and see what you get. he he he
      At the end of a barrel.
      Ten Nugent 4 PRESIDENT

      • Them Guys

        What Maudy says is absolute truth IE: ZERO gun problem, 100% Negroe Black crime problem is reality.

        However the current ongoing largest obstacle to makeing much needed changes, is from within the vast Majority of white folks. Due to lifelong brainwashing propagandas, that vast white majority are loaded up with Guilt.

        The beginnings of needed changes are to Publically Speak out on the facts that “IF” antigun liberals were truely serious on ending violent crimes in america? They would speak in promotion of booting out troublesome negroes and sending them packing to, say for example, Africa on a One Way Boat or plane ride…

        For Proof I am correct that white majority guilt is the Main obstacle holding true crime reform back…Just print up flyers outlining the actual Crime Stats as Braveheart mentioned, and passing out those stats flyers nameing african black perps as Problem number ONE! to: Tea Party folks at the next major tea party rally…

        Check your watch when passing out first flyer, see just how many minits it takes for most tea party folks to begin yelling and calling you Racist! and demanding you to Exit Pronto bubba!…You be lucky to last 5 minits at best…

        And that attitude is a direct consequence of whitey guilt mixed with abject Fear of being called a rayssis….

        Not untill the vast majority of whites wake up and Ditch that guilt driven Fear, will any hope for proper changes being ever discussed occure. Hence without mass discussion publically of said negroe trouble issues, dem liberals, pro blacks to gain 95% black votes, will continue as the Normal trend.

        Wake up Whiteys! is a good start eh.

    14. Anonymous

      As a young girl, I was abused by white men, black men and a Hispanic man. Ignorance is not confined to a specific group/race. To think otherwise, is the heighth of ignorance/stupidity.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Anon,you were not abused by men but scum/assholes,trust me,I was abused as a child but would not call him a man/just a scum/asshole who happened to have a dick.

      • Trent

        You can find many more of your own if oyu like, but here is s atrt on that SCUM of the earth, Ted… who I actually saw in concert in about 1975.
        Draft dodging coward…..

        My brother JOINED with a few of his freinds so SCUM like this could continue, to this day, to spout off their BULLSHIT.

        He is a PUSSY.

        • Nightshiftsucks

          You’re a dumbass Trent,Courtney Love….really.Tell me Trent,what was the Vietnam war all about ?

          • TRENT

            Good deflection. What was the war about is not the question. Nugent was a pussy who ran like a COWARD.
            Our Countyr calls, we go. Period.
            He pissed and shit himself instead. Fucking pussy that he is.
            ANd courteny IS a whore… Ill gve oyu that. But she volunteered to have him sue her for slander an said she would describe his body parts down to a T…

            If that was not true, or any of it for that matter…mt TOUGH GUY NUGE would have had lawsuits going on all over the place. He challenged NONE of it legally.

            ONLY with his big fucking mouth.

            UNtrue? Tke it to court. Look, all the shit came out of hos own fucking that it is years later he wants to denie it all.
            How fucking convenient.

            He is a scumbag and oyu are a little ted nugent groupie.

            did he diddle YOU too when you were little?

            • 1braveheart

              Trent, I have checked out all of your links on Nugent and I owe you an apology. OK, I’m sold on Nugent being a POS. I understand you were misled into serving in Vietnam. the vets in my family were all misled into thinking they were doing something good and honorable when in reality they were really serving ‘special interests’ connected to the us government. All of you were misled. I’m going to make a confession of my own. In March of 1975 when I turned 18, technically I was supposed to report to the Selective Service Board myself. At the time, the war in Southeast Asia was winding down and there was no way the country was going to war over anything again anytime soon. I never reported for it and I never heard from anyone concerning it. I had already received advise from all the vets in my family to stay out of the military, saying it’s not what they were led to believe. If I had kids I would’ve also discouraged them from joining the military. The military just uses people. then after they leave the service, look at how the government treats veterans , especially these days. VA is the biggest example I can think of. All the vets in my family have had trouble with the VA in the past and refuse to deal with them at all now. It’s not worth the effort a veteran has to go through and then they don’t really care about the vets like they claim to. On top of that, you have scumbucket agencies like DHS claiming that returning veterans are a menace to society. THIS IS COMING FROM THE SAME GOVERNMENT THEY SERVED. THEY GO OUT AND SERVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS THEIR COUNTRY AND LOOK AT HOW THE GOVERNMENT TREATS THEM AFTER THEY HAVE LEFT THE SERVICE! THERE’S NO LEGITIMATE EXCUSE FOR IT! I know I’m ranting about this and I never even served. I just believe it’s all wrong. Trent, you ever had any trouble with the VA? Then you know at least part of what I mean. Plus, I’m not sure the military can be trusted by the people anymore, considering what they’re being brainwashed in basic these days. Did you know there’s already some precedent for the military being used against the people? The so-called “Civil War” is the best example. plus, google something called ‘the bonus army’. I lost a relative in that tragedy.

              • TRENT

                Bravehart, I thankned you below. Wanted ot be sure you see it.
                Maybe will catch you on another post.

            • Nigthtshiftsucks

              I used to be a fucking stupid sheep just like you Trent,then I started paying attention.I would die for my country if the cause was just,Vietnam was not a just war.The North used to put anti aircraft guns in the rice fields because they knew we wouldn’t bomb them,how many US lives did that cost.We should have bombed their crops and shut down their ports but the criminal politicians were running the show and didn’t want to win,I wouldn’t have put my life on the line for that shit show either.Watch this, Poor kid,just like the poor kids that went to Vietnam.FUCK YOU trent,from the bottom of my heart.

              • Nigthtshiftsucks

                I forgot to mention that he died from the war,just not in it,look it up.This shit has to stop,why were we in Iraq the second time ? Why were we in Vietnam ?

          • The Old Coach

            The original intent of the Vietnam war was to prevent Communist domination of all southeast Asia. A noble goal. A communist SE Asia would have threatened Australia and Japan. But after Johnson took over it became an exercise to make Johnson’s family and political supporters rich. By 1968 it was so bad that I’d have been a draft dodger, too. The more I read, the more I am convinced that Johnson was the most outrageously corrupt President of all time, the Halfrican Dictator included. Grant was a naive fool who went along with trainloads of self-serving advice from his “friends”. Obama is too stupid and paranoid for that. But Johnson knew exactly what he was doing from day one, and he did it without mercy.

            • The Old Coach

              Just in case I didn’t make myself clear: “If your country calls you go?” What of your country is being ordered to go to war by a corrupt dictator, or a paranoid maniac.




              IN THAT ORDER.

          • 1braveheart

            Nightshiftsucks, I’ve already looked at the links Trent posted so I’m convinced Nugent is no good. trent is right and he proved me wrong. That’s fair enough and I can live with it. Trent is NOT a dumbass.

            • TRENT

              Thank you. Comong from you or BI that means something. I cannot beleive how people here can be.
              PS- it was not ME in Nam, it was my closest brother.
              Again, Thanks. It is disheartening tobe called a troll and other things when you just try to stand in defense of your Country, right or wrong. We dont get to pick what Wars we go into. We are jst theones who go. ( the young)
              Ted is not a patriot, and he is just talk.

              Thanks again for looking, and for being the one of two who were open to what I posted.

              Ted just rings my damn bell the wrong way and I hate people like him. The first to run.

        • Cellar Spider


          I used to have feelings somewhat along those lines which you are stating. However, over time, my feelings have changed.

          For example, if the NWO drafted me to implement their roundups, I would do everything I could to avoid being part of their evil scheme simply because of my beliefs.

          To those NWO lovers, I would be considered a draft dodger. To those of us like minded thinkers, I might be considered as a stand up guy.

          Tough decision to judge unless your in the moment.

        • rednek101

          I work with some vets. They were not given M4s. One a SCBA the other a spatula. There’s a reason some folks are not given weapons when they join. Now ole Ted shoot and shoots but he’s a bit on the wild side. Maybe he wouldn’t have been given a gun either. Maybe he knows this. Maybe not. Walk a mile……before you pass judgement. Just a thought.

        • mqg25

          Trent..”My brother JOINED with a few of his freinds so SCUM like this could continue, to this day, to spout off their BULLSHIT.”
          Really? You may want to crack a modern day history book. First, these soldiers were sold out by our leaders and “policy makers.” Second, we lost that war or did you not know? So how could your brother have an effect on what Ted is saying?

      • Maudy Frickett

        Anon, people like you have an inability to read and comprehend factual info. The stats I posted didn’t exclude any ethnic group, but merely pointed out a particularly troubling demographic that no one will even identify. And then you come along and actually try to defend the criminals by saying, that other people commit crimes too.

        • Warchild Dammit

          Maude,not saying you are wrong(hell,greened you)just would like to see facts/numbers ect. to back your statement,not saying you don’t have them,but we as a society should back all our statements unless say religion( we will never win that no matter what side on!).Anyhow,some backup a good thing but also agree to give opportunity to supply it and not just attack a position.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Sorry that happened to you. Those where not men those where animals. They should have been put down like the sick animal they are.

      • Wasp

        Wow Anon, did they make you take drugs too?

      • Them Guys

        ANONAMOUS: We aint speaking of “Ignorance” here..What ever occured to You by whomever of each “Race” has ZERO to do with, nor does it change the FACTS, that YES the US Justice dept & FBI Annual crime stats numbers Proves year after year since they began tallying crime stats aprox 45 yrs ago, that YES when adding every crime from every city or local, it is every time in all of aprox 12 different catagories of violent crimes, a vast majority of on avg 85+% of perps commiting every catagory violent crimes are BLACK MALES! ages 14-15 uo tp 24 yrs old.

        And when one adds in the actual stats demographically and accounts for blacks equals only aprox 12% total Population compared to whites are aprox 68-70% total pop, then it comes out to a Fact that a white person is about 50-TIMES More likly to get Raped, or Murdered BY a Black Male, as compared to by a white perp!!

        Thats NOT racist, nor ignorance, its simply actual stat facts from crimes committed and court prosecuted and collected from EVERY-USA-Jurisdiction nationwide, which is somewheres around 100,000 total cities and towns etc if I recall it rightly.

        PS If by chance You are a whitey girl/women? READ My Other related postings regarding white guilt and abject fear of being called racist, due to lifelong lib kommie brainwashings aimed squarely At white folks as part of the overall plans to destroy whiteys.

    15. Anonymous

      Obama is a bummer… so was Bush. The difference between the two is that Obama is an intelligent black man. Bush was so stupid, he was embarrassing for our country!

      • Warchild Dammit

        Disagree,they are both stupid puppets with strings of gold.

        • 1braveheart

          Warchild, I agree. Since anon called Obama intelligent, she sounds like an Obama supporter, so I can’t feel sorry for her.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Hey anonymous, I think you and I could hook up sometime.

        • 1braveheart

          eisenturd, I don’t think she’s desperate.

        • ass in idaho


        • buttcrackofdoom

          hey, eisenkrat, why don’t you try the self esteem support group in your town, i hear those girls are an easy lay(sarcasm off)…we KNOW you aint even reached puberty yet, so GIT OFF MOMMY’S KEYBOARD for CHRISESAKES! get outa that basement and start enjoying LIFE!

    16. Doofus

      What happened to the comet Ison?

      Off track–can a person store packets chili powder along with beans together in a 5 gal bucket using oxygen absorbers?

      • JayJay

        ***can a person store packets chili powder along with beans together***

        Yep–those packets are as good as mylar bags.

      • country girl

        I think you probably can if the chili packets are paper they are oxygen permiable and the o2 absorbers should remove the oxygen from them as well as the beans

        Country girl

      • Sgt. Dale

        Yes you can just put them in a Zip lock back by themselves.
        Please change your handle. You make some very good commits and ask great questions.

      • Kulafarmer

        Buy the chili powder in bulk and seal a meal your own with dessicant and O2 packs in each one,

    17. cpt. kikazz

      Uncle Ted for president!

    18. Warchild Dammit

      Doof,if bagged should be OK,could always if beans not bagged use the diatomaceous earth in layers with the beans,folks posted about using this as a layer of protection a few articles back.

      • Doofus

        When bagged are you saying mylar for the 5 gallons? I am thinking of putting beans in the 5 gallon bucket, all by itself, and sealed with 2-3 oxygen absorbers. Along with that enough chili powder for the 5 gallons of beans. Then, once in awhile, set the 5 gallon bucket outside when temps are well below 32F to fry any bug….

        • Hammerun

          Hey Doofus, here’s a good tip.
          Those oxygen absorbers. Go down to Walmart and get those cheap hand warmers,(Hot hands 2 in a 4 pack) they are nothing but monster oxygen absorbers.

          • JayJay

            Or just not use anything in a 5 gallon bucket!!

          • Paranoid

            True, Remember you need to activate them. you need to poke a small hole or two in the plastic or they won’t work.

        • hammerhead

          doof , use mylar bags , important !

          • JayJay

            Yeah, so important. What are you preppers gonna do when you open those and can’t reseal because you have no absorbers??

            • JayJay

              Ask all the preppers from the 80s how they prepped without mylar and absorbers.

          • lower40

            i agree ,use the mylar ,its not that much extra money ,you never know the qaulity of the buckets no matter what the marking on the bottom says ,there all made from poly vinyl cloride ,so why take any chances of having anything leach into your food ,to answer jayjay ,if your prepping like you should be you’d already have a cache of extra O2 obsorbers ,i dont plan to reseal many of my 5gal buckets ,when ive opened that bucket to start using it ,ill transfer that food into ball jars (cheap $6.50 a case at wally world)but i have let the maylar run wild on my bags so i am able to seal them back a few times ,having said that ,if all i had was 5gal buckets and had no ability to get mylar ,i would use the buckets ,better to have anything that nothing ,i havent done any mylar or buckets for a few years ,i have now changed to buying #10 can’s from the LDS cannery ,and had i known ,thats probly where i would have started ,but when i started it was all new to me ,not many video’s ,so it was a true trial and error ,i bought a lot of usless stuff in the beganing ,wasent a big deal i just ate ,or helped out family ,i have hone it down ,as not to create any waste now, Doofus anything you do is a positive ,if all you have is 10 lbs of beans your probaly 10 lbs ahead of 80% of the population

          • 1happycountrymom

            You have to use Mylar bags when storing whole wheat berries.
            I know from first hand experience, that the extra barrier is necessary.
            (I ran out of bags and the bucket that didn’t contain a bag went bad)

            Ya’ll keep preppin’

        • Warchild Dammit

          Doof,am not the guy to talk with(nothing personal,just not a lot of experience),and last thing I want to do is steer in wrong direction.I buy in smaller plastic bags,freeze 24 hours then just put in buckets.I have recently started adding the earth in case new creepy crawlies somehow get in,kick em in the ass before they get to product is my hope.I as live in New England in the north lands agree with the outdoors deep freeze,so far has worked as I rotate stock,would check with a post during the day though as many here more experienced then me on this stuff,read whole article on earth here,just not the title,hopefully helpful ,good luck with food storage!

          • JayJay

            What warchild said. Save that money for all that crap you are ‘supposed’ to use.
            Say, when you open that bucket and don’t have mylar, absorbers, then whatcha gonna do?? HUH??
            Just put it in the bucket with a little DE and seal those suckers.
            Mine’s been good for 5 years; what did they use BEFORE these were introduced?? Yep–nothing.

            • JayJay

              Save your money and NOT for all that crap…

        • country girl


          They oxygen absorbers will kill any eggs or larvae as well as help preserve the beans from degradation from exposure to oxygen. I use the heavy 1 gal size, (sold by LDS) and put my beans in with absorbers to be able to pull a package out one at a time, as well as provide additional barrier to oxygen and moisture. If you are using sufficent size o2 absorbers the bags will often “suck up” like a vacuum sealed bag. The o2 absorber is not removing air per se, but is removing OXYGEN that is present in the air. Is this a lot of work? Not to me, I set up a work station in the kitchen and work on a particular commodity for the day. Beans one day, flour or rice another. Store what you eat, eat what you store and DATE EVERYTHING . I rotate everything just like a store, first in first out that way. I also try to remember to put a price and initials for where I bought the item for price tracking over time. Let me tell you, there is inflation– some hidden, because of shrinking package sizes. Packing yourself save alot of money. Get your buckets for free– many bakeries will give them away if you ask. Also restaurants have pickle buckets. Bleach those and wash with baking soda to remove pickle smell. dry and allow to air out. I buy rice at Rulers and Aldis, and pour in the mylar bags. Rulers has good prices on dry beans and they have loose bulk pinto beans @ .50 cents a pound.

          Good luck

          Country girl

          • JayJay

            Doofus–save that money for rice and beans.
            Preppers in the 80s never heard of a mylar or absorber.
            From someone opening sealed buckets of 5 years and they are fine.

            • Doofus

              Thanks preppers. I took notes..

          • jerrytbg

            You can also increase the effectiveness of the oxy absorbers by throwing a chunk of dry ice in before you close the lid tight, let it sit for a few min then finally snap the lid…
            co2 displaces the oxy… 🙂

            • jerrytbg

              Also…forgot to mention…
              If anybody does tig…you can use the Argon too!

              • The Old Coach

                If you can afford it!

                • jerrytbg

                  Very true Coach…but after grid down, not a bad alternative to O2 absorbers if you’ve got a tank and want to help preserve some of this years harvest… I believe telling everyone ALL the options is certainly a good thing, no?

                • Paranoid

                  Remember people; O2 absorbers are iron filings and sea salt. Thats all. They are not high tech. Steel wool and sea salt will make all you can ever want. Use sea salt as it does not pour when it rains because it takes in water and that starts the rusting (O2 absorption)

    19. Anonymous

      About the issue of gun control.. women have a need of a gun even more so than a man, IMO, because a man confronted by another man has more of a chance of surviving. Women have very little chance of surviving an attack by a man, because of their inherit size and strength. To take away the right of a woman to own a gun is despicable!

      • Warchild Dammit

        Anon,though agree in general men on average have more strength you train with some of the women I did in martial arts you will realize all can be strong/kick ass fighters/survivors!You ever get to know some of the women I dated you will be surprised to see I am even alive to post on a forum!I believe all should be armed if need be but there are more ways then just a gun and ways that can’t be taken/disarmed.On a side note,in gun law/anti constitution towns look into a karrambit,with a little training /practice will make one a very tough person to victimize.

    20. Doofus

      I wonder if Ted has ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ for Diane or Nancy?

      • Eisenkreuz


    21. Arizona Fred

      Intense spraying today…all day
      This is the most I’ve ever seen..
      Hang on …get your money out of bank..
      Get some metals…lead for sure…
      God bless….

      Radex 1212 Geiger going off all day at .30…

      • JayJay

        Here too—awful even as late as 5 pm.

        • 1braveheart

          The skies over Memphis this morning looked like tic-tac-toe.

      • PKLauLau


        We live in the same city. Might want to get in touch?


    22. Hammerun

      I just love these whiney foo foo la la anti gunners. Sniveling about how wonderful the world would be if there was no guns. That would solve the problem huh?
      UNTIL. Hypothetically or not, some day some bad guy or guys are kicking in your front door looking to take anything you have, kill you, rape and kill your wife and kids. It could never happen to you, could it?
      I wonder what you would pay for a gun at that point?
      Would you be so anti gun then?
      How would you feel seeing one of them sticking a blade up your wife’s solar plexus into her heart and slitting your kids throats?
      How anti gun are you?
      But then again there are some people that are so self preservationist that they freeze, scared out of their wits, horrified at what they see and letting their love ones die hoping he won’t be next and he can live. Who will know the difference?
      To summarize the last statement, you’re a gutless fuck wonder!
      If you ever find yourself in this situation, do this. Go to the kitchen open the knife drawer and get a steak knife and the phone and quietly herd your loved ones into a back closet and if you are able and not quivering to much, punch in 911 and describe to the idiot 911 operator what is going on and what their description is. Just hope and pray they don’t find you and yours.
      But take this to heart;
      When seconds count, law enforcement is just minutes away.
      Otherwise, the Coroner will be there in a couple of hours along with command and evidence techs lifting, cataloging and photographing any of the 25 pieces of evidence left at ALL homicides. (FBI statistic)
      Do you know how much tax money it takes to respond, investigate, arrest, prosecute, incarcerate, captured offenders? If their caught and if not who will also have to pay for your poor self serving moral judgment. If you just had the balls to want to protect your family and face the fact there are BAD people in this world and sometimes YOU will have to deal with them. Or, maybe you could just go and hide.
      A TIP. There’s a sound that ALL know and ALL fear.
      The sound of a round being racked into a chamber of a $300 shotgun. This sound is an indication of something bad is about to happen they haven’t planed on and it’s coming their way real quick and it’s going to hurt or be fatal. What do they do?
      They run like a mother.
      Think of all of the tax money we could save not having to chase down the animals that murdered you and your lovely family if you just had the BALLS to stand up with a tiny bit of gut and defend your family.
      You people are PATHETIC!!!

      • Warchild Dammit

        Those that would enforce anti gun laws,well…..would be armed!Hence,supporting anti gun laws is supporting a specific armed group of people!

      • rednek101

        Hammer totally agree. Just to clarify the “you people are pathetic” was aimed at the anti gunn tree huggin’ liberal dumbasses. Correct?

        • Warchild Dammit

          Red have to say love my firearms but also hugged a tree(beech and could not get my arms half way around trunk even being tall and long limbed!),am a armed anarchist/capitalist but still hug trees,am I just confused?!

          • rednek101

            Your not confused. I think everyone should hug a tree….just before they cut it down for firewood.

            • Warchild Dammit

              Red,not this one,a keeper,trust me!I did get some of the nuts before the rodents and am trying to get it propagated and flourishing(the rodents don’t know but will be to their grandchildren s benefit!)Seriously,these trees out of a Tolkien/Lewis story,would have loved to tip a few with those authors.

              • MXLord327

                The best tasting venison comes from deer that feed on beech nuts! Way better than those old swamp bucks.

            • rednek101

              I’m actually middle of the road with this type of stuff. Balance need with conservation/preservation. There’s plenty of resources if you do it right.

          • Farmer's Daughter

            Warchild…like you, I love my guns, martial arts, throwing knives, etc. but I also hug my fruit trees and once even my raspberry bush. Ouch!! Hahaha

          • Paranoid

            It’s OK to hug trees. Some of us have moved on to Girls but, such is life.

      • What?

        You should go on Piers Morgan’s show!

      • arco

        Little off topic bit $300 shotgun? I’ve been looking at the H&R pardner with an 18 1/2″ barrel on sale at most sporting goods for $200. I got a nice Winchester 1300 I use for hunting but want to get something for around the house.

        Anybody got any experience with it?

        • Sgt. Dale

          If you are only wanting to spend around $200 to $300 on a shotgun. Go with a Mossberg 500 or 590. Get a slug barrel for it and use that. You need more than one shot, because more than like if someone breaks into you house there will be more than one person. Mossberg are used by the US. Military.
          I use an Remington 870, and my wife uses a Saiga. 12Ga.

          • Warchild Dammit

            Agree with Mossy 500,pump action.That said,you do not like the kick of said shotgun/bothers shoulder ect. get a recoil stock,amazing the diff. it makes.That said,figure your own needs and if 12 gauge use oo buck or slugs,the rest is to stop birds.Arguments will be made about a rifle/shotgun as far as someone grabbing it,home defense/go with rifle /shotgun,and pull the trigger.

          • 1braveheart

            Good evening, Sarge, but when was the last time you saw ANY Mossbergs priced in the $200-$300 range? All the ones I’ve seen over the last 6 months have been in $500-$700 range. At the time I checked out Bertha, I saw a Mossberg 500 I would have loved to get, but I didn’t have $600 to get it, so I had to settle for the Stevens Model 320 I bought. It was made by Savage Arms and they’ve been around since 1864, so they’ve been doing something right. While not exactly popular, I think it will serve me well enough as long as I take good care of it. I might still get a Mossberg when the funding is available.

            • The Old Coach

              Used Rem 870s around here go for $300 – $350. A bit more with a slug barrel. I’d take an 870 over any single-shot. Now trolling fun shows looking for a short home defense barrel for it.

              Mossberg a close 2nd choice.

              BUT, the switch-barrel single shot is a good concept – a 12 gauge barrel, a .22 Hornet barrel, and a .30-30 barrel will cover almost anything you will ever hunt, short of grizzlies, and do it for mush less money that buying three separate guns.

              A few years ago I picked up a Savage 219 (first model) with 20 ga and .30-30 barrels for about $300. Generally better made than the H&R, IMHO. The later models of 219, not so much, however.

              Modern Stevens brand is the “no-frills” Savage line, and are perfectly good guns. My Stevens 200 bolt gun (.223) is the same action and barrel as a Savage, and is as accurate as most rifles costing 3 times as much. The plastic stock is no handicap when it’s a .223. The magazine needed tweaking, but that cost me nothing.

            • KySSG


              I have that same model Stevens, and so far it’s been great. Ran a bunch of double ought through it, different brands, and it gobbles them all, no problem.

              Borrowed from another site:

              Now I lay me down to sleep,
              Beside my bed a Glock I keep,
              If I should wake and find you inside,
              A coroner’s van will be your last ride.

              KySSG . . . out.

              • 1braveheart

                Good morning, Ky SSG. I fell out of my chair laughing at that poem, that’s a good one. I’ll adopt it, with one change made to it. Now I lay me down to sleep, Beside my bed my “Bertha” I keep, If I should wake and find a POS inside, A coroner’s van will be his last ride.

            • Shootit

              Gun Broker 5 minutes ago.

              Mossberg Crown Grade Trophy Slugster 12 ga.$279.00
              Mossberg 500 cruiser 18.5 inch 12 gauge $275.00

            • Sgt. Dale

              Look on Gunbroker Used 500 Mossy run from around $150.00 and up. My brother just picked up one the other day. He wanted one just to b e set up for deer hunting. (slug barrel). Gun shop last week end I saw several used ones for $250.00.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            mossberg is the choice if you want a 300$ shotgun. they can be had with 7 shot capacity too. BUT, the slide release is on the wrong side of the gun AND i don’t like the safety on TOP…the 870 is a PROVEN gun for many more years and the safety AND the slide release are placed WHERE THEY SHOULD BE…or, said another way, they are where one would EXPECT them to BE.naturally.. you might not understand these statements unless you’ve shot BOTH guns.. but most 870’s come with 3 or remove the plug for 5 shots capable…although there IS a magazine extention available….bottom line 870 is a MUCH better gun for a little higher price. I OWN SEVERAL OF BOTH….MY 2 cents…one more thing whatever shotgun you get, make sure it’s a PUMP if you want to depend on it to save yer life!…and DON’T GO OUTSIDE with it…a perp from 200 yards away will WIN THAT gunfight….you step outside you better have a RIFLE…semi-auto….even a 22lr would be better than a shotgun outside. but what do i know, i rewind videos in a video store for a livin’?

        • arco

          I appreciate the input. All I’m looking for is something to stash in the coat closet. I keep a 9 next to the bed and have a .380 stashed in the living room that I also use as a carry. (I HAD more of an arsenal if it wasn’t for that stupid boating accident when I had most of my gun collection with me 😉

          I just want something with a little more firepower handy nearby, not looking to get into a firefight with it. I read a lot of good reviews on it. And its NOT a single shot, but a pump action with 5 round cap.

          I see a lot of mossberg fans here, but I have to tell you, I had a friend who had a 500 and it was a piece of crap. But that was about 12 or 15 years ago, so maybe they’ve improved. Love the 870’s, but like I said, I got a nice Winchester 1300 that I use as an all purpose hunting gun. Dropped a lot whitetails and cotton tails with it, but the 26″ barrel makes it a little awkward to maneuver in the house.

      • 1braveheart

        Hammerun, I was going to make a similar post. You took my thunder, but that’s OK, there’s nothing in it I can dispute, but I will add that these morons who are against the idea of individual self-defense and believe someone else should be responsible for the well-being of them and their families don’t deserve to live. I’ll keep saying myself, let any gun grabbers suffer a home invasion, lose some valuables, lose some family members to the same kind of scum we have to deal with, and see what kind of song they sing afterwards. That is, IF they live to talk about their experience. I’ll even say they’re WORSE THAN PATHETIC. THEY DESERVE TO DIE JUST AS MUCH AS THE SCUM THEY STAND UP FOR.

        • Hammerun

          Agreed, hands down!!

    23. rednek101

      “I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.”
      Yep Ted is right.

      I think we’ll find that as the economy continues to fall this mentality will take hold. There’s gonna be a lot less tolerance for BS.

      “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”- Robert A. Heinlein

    24. stacy peck

      I’d vote for ted for anything we should all try to be that good

    25. Caliber

      I wonder how the stock market is going to be tomorrow..

      • Kulafarmer

        I hope it dives to the bottom,
        Lets get this over with

    26. Idaho Bill

      How do I condense this…….I hear all the time people complaining about all the laws being written. The problem is NOT the politician, the problem is WE THE PEOPLE. Now that I have your attention…How many times do you hear people complaining they have to serve on a jury and try everything to get out of serving. A little history in “our system of checks and balances”. Serving on a jury is our last check on bad laws. WE have the last vote. That vote is called NOT GUILTY. We must first judge weather the law is just or unjust compared to our founding documents. If this is an unjust law ie “People must not wear purple underwear” (I know it’s a stupid example) you must vote NOT GUILTY. Not weather the plaintiff was guilty of violating this law. Mind you the jury selection just wants rubber stamp jurors. So act like a sheeple. Once you get in, be the foreman. You now have a captive audience to educate. Go to for more info. Stay Free

      • Warchild Dammit

        Bill,believe jury nullification is what you are after,along with any citizens ready to end the nonsense,and… if purple underwear is the motive,so be it!

      • MXLord327

        Great post about jury’s and unconstitutional laws Idaho Bill, you should have over 100 green thumbs for that one, dead on balls accurate!

    27. slingshot

      Bring on the collapse and we will see who gives a shit about gun control.

      Very simple, really.

      • Warchild Dammit

        Gun control simple,hit what you aim and shoot at.

    28. Jim in Va.

      Nugent is da man! Short and to the point!

    29. Ted Kennedy

      Ted for President…

      • Warchild Dammit

        Hey,easy on ted,he has been sober over 4 years now!

        • Sgt. Dale

          You mean dead for 4 years. I guess he is sober. You know that they didn’t embalm him, because he was all ready pickled
          PS. I’m bad I should be talking about the dead like that.

          • Warchild Dammit

            Eh,no problem with jokes,my mums Vineyard house is next to the “bridge”!She actually has parts of original bridge landscaping property with pro and anti ted humor!

    30. NC joe

      If Mr. Nugent was the one making the laws,

      So, you are in favor of a Nugent dictatorship. That sounds like a good recipe for liberty.

      BTW, everyone on this site has likely run afoul of the law at one point just not been caught. I guess you are OK with you being executed also for your misdeeds. You people really are idiots who will end up fighting each other if SHTF.

      • slingshot


        Like the judge says.

        I don’t blame you for doing the crime.

        I blame you for getting caught.

      • 1braveheart

        ncjoe, I’m not going to be mean to you this time. Let me ask you this? You’re at home asleep with your wife and kids. It’s 4M. One of your kids is awakened by some glass being shattered. someone has invaded your home for the purpose of burglary, rape, etc. You are against guns and have no guns in your home. how do you react to the situation? Are you just going to try and talk your way out of the situation or do the right thing and grab a baseball bat, butcher knife, anything that can be used as a weapon and at least ATTEMPT to protect yourself and your family? How do you feel about common criminals, ncjoe? How do you feel about the overall situation in this nation? Sincerely, I, for one, would like to know.

    31. Sgt. Dale

      Ted for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      God I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I agree with Ted 1000% I am sick and tire of dealing with Repeat offenders. The thugs beat and rape women, and do all sorts of thing to the week.

      Boy do I have some stories, but I can’t tell them to you.

      Believe me I have seen people do thing to another human that would make a Vultures PUCK! They get a slap on the hand and they are out on the streets in 2 or 3 years. Doing the same damn thing. In the old days they would have found a tall tree and short rope for them. (men and women)

      Like I have said a thousand time I’m for a person to carry a weapon, any where they want to.

      Just the other day you had a clown with a shotgun kill two people. Once he shot that girl the guy that was there should have dropped him in his tracks. But wait those IDIOTS that he works for won’t let him carry a weapon. To me that is BULL SHIT.
      The way I see it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

      • 1braveheart

        Good evening, Sarge. The libturd judges and juries who turn these animals loose time and again live in a fantasy world. they don’t live in the same world you and I live in. Let one of these judges have a home invasion and see what happens. You mentioned tall trees and short ropes. We used to do that here in the South until the black civil rights crap got started back in the 1960s.

        • Eisenkreuz

          RACIST BIGOT

          • Sgt. Dale

            With my comment. Where in the hell do you see anything to do with race?
            Typical Lib response to the truth!!!

            • Eisenkreuz

              SGT SHITMEISTER



    32. Ugly

      The days are changing.

    33. Trent

      NUgent is a scumbag. I posted a LOT of links. If you think differnet why didnt teddy sue anyone for slander? Well, mostly becase most of the shit cme out of his own mouth…doin 12 year old girls….pissing and shitting himself to get out of Vietnam, having hunts that were nothing more than slaughters…

      He is a COWARD and a PUSSY. My Family has JOINED in times of war, not ran away like this little fucking coward.

      He is NO SPOKESMAN for me, or for the gun owing community. He is a bufoon and a moron…an idiot and a COWARD.

      • VRF

        you were used, wake up to that fact

        Nudge woke up you may never

      • MXLord327

        Yet Trent, we get it, you think Ted is a coward and scumbag. You have made your point, multiple times, it is getting old. There are more people that agree with his views here than disagree with them, you aren’t going to change any minds by repeating the same shit 100 times. Time to move on.

    34. Shifty

      Off topic, but China halted all bank transfers as of 4 hours ago. Google to find a Forbe’s article.

      • dmitry_systema


        Its positive, china halted all bank transfers.

        • Ugly

          So what saying is to not open a deposit at Bank of China?

          • Shifty

            The final quote from the Forbe’s article

            “Banks are evidently scrambling for cash. They have, in the past, resorted to desperate maneuvers at the ends of calendar quarters to meet regulatory requirements. The current crunch is even more alarming because it cannot be occurring for quarter-end reasons.

            Something is very wrong in China at the moment. Banks’ apparent need to conserve cash, coming just weeks after the last incident, looks ominous.”

            No bueno.

      • rednek101

        Yepper. Looks like the Asian markets are losing ground. Japan and Hong Kong are off 2.7%. I bet that rolls right into the EU then jumps the pond tomorrow. The contagion that it is…..

        • wormdirt

          Sure looks that way. India is now selling off as well….

          • rednek101

            Looks like Japan and HK have leveled off at -2%. About what the US did Friday. We’re supposed to have a 10% correction the first quarter. So -4% last week means another 6% to go? I should start my own economics school. Rednek U. $50 a semester. Any takers?

            • Shifty

              Interesting. Zero Hedge is now stating that the Forbe’s article is inaccurate.

      • Nopittypartyhere

        I tried a few hours ago to find running Asian stock charts so I could follow the market. Nothing comes up on google showing any Monday trades. Only last Fridays closing data

        • rednek101

        • Sgt. Dale

          Try Major world indices-yahoo!

      • Nopittypartyhere

        From Forbes dot com.

        In short, there will be a three-day suspension of domestic renminbi transfers. There will also be a suspension, spanning nine calendar days, of conversions of renminbi to foreign currency.

        The specific reason given—“system maintenance” at the central bank—is preposterous. It is not credible that during the highest usage period in the year—the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday beginning January 31—the central bank would schedule an upgrade and shut down cash transfers.

        I find particularly interesting the foreign currency exchange. Anyone who trades/shorts currency may get ska-rewed

        • Shifty

          Final quotes from the Forbe’s article …..sorry for the repost.

          “Banks are evidently scrambling for cash. They have, in the past, resorted to desperate maneuvers at the ends of calendar quarters to meet regulatory requirements. The current crunch is even more alarming because it cannot be occurring for quarter-end reasons.

          Something is very wrong in China at the moment. Banks’ apparent need to conserve cash, coming just weeks after the last incident, looks ominous.”

      • The Old Coach

        Can’t find a link that says that China has halted all bank transfers, just one bank in China will do that, due an anticipated default by a major coal miner who borrowed a huge amount from a fund managed by that bank at loan-shark rates of interest. That will put the find, but not the whole bank, into default. If they declare a “holiday” it is to forestall a panic on the parent bank. Not a happy circumstance for anybody dumb enough to have been in a Chinese bank to begin with….

        BTW HSBC is also limiting withdrawals, but that’s old news.

        On topic closer to home, I did find this:

    35. Npgh

      Off topic again…but if the market tanks again tomorrow and tbis is IT, what would you all run out and buy before a crash? I keep playing with this idea in my head and I keeppp coming up with food, water…I got alot but what else before the rest of folks figure it out. Ideas?

      • Caliber

        dog food. I have 2 large dogs (great danes). and I don’t want to feed them the human food I have stocked.. so I would buy 5 or 6 large bags so they can keep their regular diet for another few months.
        one is an old man, I don’t want to change his diet, I want to keep him comfortable til hes gone.

        • Npgh

          @cal: yep. I got two german sheps that I love to bits. Good advice. @slingshot: I aways got those. ..wink, wink.

        • Warchild Dammit

          Dog and cat food,my mums got 5 months of that at a time,hell,more then she has at times for herself till my prepping comes along,that said,her family covered.

        • MM2Nuke

          Have 3 Danes And one is due with a litter any time. We feed raw (meat and bone) and have 400# of beef scraps alone. Lasts about 3 months and is 20 cents a pound… plus road kill deer we get for free…

      • slingshot


        Beer and smokes.

        • 1happycountrymom

          Items for the kitchen ….more hand whisks, raisins, sesame seeds, raw pumpkin seeds,
          Powdered protein drink mix, crystallized Ginger …….

      • Warchild Dammit

        I actually have it covered excepting whiskey,hell with it,one final bash there!Till then have one handle,perhaps should grab a few for final days party!

        • Dave in ID

          Wine ) and a bunch of rental movies like the 3 stooges and Blazing Saddles.

          • Kulafarmer

            History of the world!

      • JayJay

        You’re not a prepper, are you??
        Food, water?? 🙁

      • Christian Man

        Buy up all the preps I can using the Plastic CC with a 10,000 limit, why the hell not? But lots of non GMO seeds, and some other things I have been saving for.

      • Kulafarmer

        Im not going anywhere,
        Will sit tight and watch everything come unglued

    36. Warchild Dammit

      Ted Nugent for potus,no thanks,just a right wing dictator,had enuff of them in this country(along with left).

      • Shootit

        He would be a good replacement for Holder.

    37. Eisenkreuz




      • 1braveheart

        Eisen, any links to articles to support what you’re saying? I know how to play fair and I’m willing to examine any evidence for myself before making any final judgment. Otherwise, I call BS on your comments.

        • Eisenkreuz



      • Kevin2

        I’ll give you this. He ain’t no Charlton Heston.

      • Kulafarmer

        Did you go to VN?

      • rednek101


        I work with some vets. They were not given M4s/M16s. One a SCBA the other a spatula. There’s a reason some folks are not given weapons when they join. Now ole Ted shoot and shoots but he’s a bit on the wild side. Maybe he wouldn’t have been given a gun either. Maybe he knows this. Maybe not. Walk a mile……before you pass judgement. Just a thought.

      • John_Allen

        I don’t get it. Everyone on here claims to be a staunch constitutionalist. All in favor of self-reliance and freedom.

        The central brick in freedom’s wall is: I own I. And the fruits of my honest labor. You own you. And the fruits of your honest labor.

        Power an individual does not have, such as picking your pocket, he cannot delegate to others. No matter whether there are ten or ten million others. I can’t delegate a right or a power i don’t have. And neither can anyone else.

        Someone putting on a funny hat, or a robe, or preening from a job title (legislator, judge) is just another human being like you or me.

        Government begins and sustains itself from coercion, theft and murder. You own you. You are not their slave. You don’t owe it to anyone to die for their F ing lies. If the banksters and their Ivy League mollycoddle brain trusters want all those wars, let the assholes fight it themselves. Why are you so eager to die for their lies?

        And don’t give me that “thank a soldier for our freedom” shit. Government, any and all, is the biggest threat to our freedom. The soldier is the tyrant’s muscle. Or have you been asleep all your life?

        VN was a mistake. For 1100 years VN has been fighting to free itself from imperial occupation. For about a thousand years by the Chinese. Between 1885 and 1954, with a six year sojourn from the Japanese, occupied by the French. From about 1962 to 1975 by the US. Who says so? The late Robert Mc Namara, Secretary of Defense under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Wiki for the VN history.

        I don’t get it. Why do people who consider themselves patriots “Lexington and Concord … yay for us … our battle for independence” not get it when OTHER PEOPLE fight for their independence? Because WalMart didn’t want you, the Green Machine did, so you swallowed the indoctrination when you were 19 and you’re still bought and paid for decades later?

        To be blunt, because you went into the war machine ignorant kids, swallowed the brain washing whole, and HAVE NEVER read any history that wasn’t imperial bullshit designed to keep its cannon fodder tractible.

        HCM was primarily a history professor. Giap was not a professional soldier. Never attended a military academy. “But they were …. R–R–R–Reds,” the statist cannon fodder whine, even today.

        Look, fool, when 3% of our population, led by a few hundred aristocrats, actively worked for our independence against the most powerful military of its day we didn’t do it alone.

        We got help from (everyone knows this one) France. Also Spain, And Peter the Great’s Russia. Because for reasons of their own, having to do with European turf wars, they had no love lost for Britain.

        HCM asked DC for assistance and was ignored. He was primarily a Vietnamese nationalist. Leading a war of national liberation. He got his material assistance where he could find it.

        So spare me the ignorant, lackey of the empire, warmonger bullshit, OK?

        What did those 58,000 American service members (they weren’t all men) die for?

        Absolutely F ing nothing. And because there are a never ending supply of ignorant cannon fodder wannabes who know nothing of their own history, or anyone elses,

        the same small group of people keep enriching themselves, while destroying our liberty, and filling the cemeteries with our brainwashed cannon fodder.

        Sir, yessir, WalMart didn’t want me so tell me who you want me to murder and I’ll go there and murder them for you, Sir.

        If the power eliters want somebody killed don’t be so eager to be their junk yard dog.

        There’s no honor in a free man or woman being so servile to his imperialist bankster masters.

        • Kulafarmer

          Some day these soldiers will be ordered to kill people like you and i, maybe then people will wake up.

        • JayJay

          To those who legislate war with anyone not attacking our country……’s your rifle!! 🙂

        • Be informed

          @ John_Allen. I wonder how many people would support a draft in which the U.S. went over to fight for the natural gas pipeline that is wanted so desperately by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to go through Syria to Turkey and then to Europe. This to bypass Russia’s natural gas monopoly to Europe. It almost happened last year. Another stupid f’en war over someone else’s money. I wonder how many people would support a draft, and condemn draft evaders, in which the U.S. would be fighting for Saudi Arabia and Qatar getting richer.

        • VRF

          Thank you John Allen

      • The Old Coach

        Well, first of all it’s Gawker, which ain’t exactly an authoritative source. Second, how do you know that he actually did that? In those days (I was there) everybody was imitating Hunter Thompson. Gonzo was the New Normal. Did Arlo Guthrie really so what he said he did to avoid the draft?

    38. rednek101

      Yep. It looks like a lot of liberal websites are pushing this. I hardly believe everything on the web. Given they are doing this back when Romney was running for pres and Mr. Nugent had just endorsed him, it does seem a bit divisive. Rock stars are prone to party hard however. More “solid” evidence please….

      • MXLord327

        Ted Nugent doesn’t drink or do drugs. He is in the minority of entertainment “celebrities.” I tend to believe him more than most.

    39. 0311

      Ted Nugent is an asshat. Anyone who doesn’t know this cannot read evidently.
      I went. He didn’t.
      He wouldn’t have lasted a week. They didn’t cage the VC in to shoot at like fish in a bowl.

      • Kulafarmer

        At least he stands out there in front of everyone and tells it like it is,,,

        • Them Guys

          Seems some folks have not yet figured out that the USA and its entire Military Branches are basically Israels/AIPACS—BITCH!

          Because Every war since WWI, and WWII both up to current latest wars or conflicts as some calls them, the ONLY ones who profited or benifited were/are Israel and Banksters, along with aipac which is their Main lobbyist org in america….

          All that “we gotta go fight em over THERE cause its better than fighting them HERE….” is All BUNK Propaganda.

          Propaganda bunk promoted by israel and aipac more than any others period.

          Even their Israel and Mossad state slogan is “Thru Deception You shall cause WARS!” Its even written in hebrew over mossads main entrance doorway!

          Wars for jewish israel don’t equal a fight for Our freedoms etc…Wakey wakey!

    40. Ugly

      I wonder if there is any way out of this mess? First we joke, then we cry. Reality is only days away. Pesos, pennies, dollars, or rubals? Only if one knows. Gold or silver? Bunkers or front lines? If only one would know….

      • Shifty

        Use what you have, be confident in your abilities, and trust your instincts.

    41. Be informed

      I know I am going to open a can of worms with this, but what the hell. First how was Vietnam a national security threat to the U.S.? This was another foreign war in which the U.S. wasted American lives, lots of resources and got absolutely nothing for it. The U.S. was not invaded, nor any territories. Yet 48,000 American just like a few number in Iraq died for no good purpose. Lots of money spent and nothing gained. So how did Ted Nugent if he decided to not support more American Imperialism do anything wrong?

      There are people that choose to fight for American’s bankers and corrupt political leaders in Vietnam and Iraq. This is their choice. A draft to fight someone else’s war, not protected the U.S. homeland is wrong. I believe in the Constitution and under the 13th. Amendment it states no one under slavery or involuntary servitude. This means choice to fight or not. Veterens always need to be respect, but those that choose to not fight someone else’s war also needs that same respect. We were not talking about the U.S. being in danger from Vietnam. This is why they could not force someone to be drafted unless they agreed to it, involuntary servitude.

      The pedophile issue I don’t know about it with Ted Nugent. I can’t stand anyone that goes after underage children. Kids are defenseless to the most part. This is what I can’t stand about Duck Dynasty and the wicked muslims that think having sex with children is okay. It is pure evil. This is the huge issue I have with so many of these homosexuals that molest innocent children on a rampant level and it goes hidden for years and decades. Then the stupid MSM makes these evil queers out to be the victims that also engage in bestaility with innocent animals that are often stolen people’s pets like over in Germany. I truly hope that Ted Nugent, such a pro 2nd Amendment advocate has not put himself into that category with young girls.

      I just hear the message right now that the defenseless don’t have to be defenseless and this rings too true. I want people to be as pro 2nd Amendment as possible and realize that the anti-gunners in the government is the real enemy that are not only trying to take away our firearms, but ALL forms of self defense like in england, greece and other hell hole police states that the people are second fiddle to the criminal.

      • dub

        Well said

      • Eisenkreuz

        I thumbed you up.

      • Them Guys

        BI Muslims do not think child sex is ok…Thats what the jewish Talmud teaches is OKAY for jews though.

        Talmud says a jew man CAN have sex with Gentile girls UP to age of 3yrs old but not if shes a day older than 3yrs old! and jew men and women Can have sex with gentile Boys UP to age 9 yrs old but NOT one day older than 9 yrs old…Talmud says its NO crime nor is it Any sin and no jews should ever be prosecuted for it!

        I never as yet heard of any Koran verses even remotely close to that of talmud child sex is A-OK…

        Perhaps You need do a little talmudic and jewish/israel research BI, as you always seem to portray Muslims=Evil while jewish israel equals “Poor innocent Victims”

        You have it Backwards in most cases BI. Just ask any Palestinian folks whos the true victims in israel.

        PS dont rely on ANY MSM TV news or Jewspapers like jewyork times in jewyork for that research unless you desire a very pro jew pro israel biased reporting.

        • Eisenkreuz


        • Anonymous

          Lots of Jew bashing here.

          Refresh my memory, if you would.

          Did Jews fly planes into the World Trade Center?

          Did Jews fly planes into the Pentagon?

          (sits back waiting for conspiracy theory bullshit)

          • JayJay

            But how could Israel disable NORAD and disrupt American air defenses?

            ANSWER: Ptech Software systems – computer control backdoor access.

            The computerized national-security systems that should have automatically scrambled jets in the event of a national emergency like 9/11 were running on Ptech software, an Israeli company.

            Michael S. Goff, Ptech’s Jewish marketing manager, also worked for Israeli database company Guardium (whose director is Israeli Jew Amit Yoran). Guardium has all the characteristics of a Mossad front company.

            …and the MITRE corporation (computer software)

            MITRE is a major defense contracting organization headed by former Director of Central Intelligence.
            James Schlesinger.

            Ptech and the MITRE corporation shared an office in the basement of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) during the two years prior to 9/11, where they worked on “inter-operability issues” between the FAA, NORAD and the US Air Force.

            Ptech and the MITRE software was installed on the computer systems of most U.S. government agencies, including the armed forces.

            Nuff said. Lesson over.

            • JayJay


        • Be informed

          @ Them Guys. I don’t care which religion or belief it is that justifies child abuse and child rape, it is evil. I just know how islam treats women and children, like sh$%. In 125 degree heat you force women to be covered from head to toe because their faces are not allowed being seen in public, this is evil. People being beaten to death for speaking out against the koran, this is devil evil and happens all the time. When millions of muslims kill and riot because of a cartoon of the prophet muhammad wearing a pig mask shows just how totally nuts this religion is. Children are routinely beaten, as some other religions, for not being obedient. Have a muslim dating an infidel and many times the father will torture or kill the daughter as this pops up in the news all the time.

          Islam has been waging a war against innocent Christians that have done absolutely nothing to anyone. I don’t see Christians going after muslims and murdering them and burning down their places of worship. The Jewish people nopt affiliated with the MSM, bankers, or anything else are not going out and killing little muslim children like the arabs do to Christian children all over Africa and the Middle East, and even old Soviet muslim states. I only see what is actually happening to real live people regardless of race, religion, or other belief. IF you are not muslim to islam, then you are an infidel deserving over one punishment, DEATH.

          • Them Guys

            BI: While I agree 100% all the evils you stated with islamics etc…

            Its the typical reply you always render. YOU First mentioned muslims has child sex…I said what jewish Talmud Teaches is OKAY for jews to engage in Pedophile child sex…PER their OWN talmudic verses and rabinical teachings.

            Then as usual you 100% avoid the orig issue and go off with all that other issues stuff.

            YOU made it a sex with kiddies issue BI. Yet all you wrote in a reply 100% ignored That issue!

            Check talmud child sex verses etc…Then if koran has any similar Okay’s for muslim child sex teachings? Alert me to it please as I never yet heard of ANY such koran verses or teachings.

            Just because I mentioned this stuff does NOT mean I like nor agree with any Koran teachings, as i DO NOT agree at all with it.

            I do think its a good idea to also discuss or mention what jewish talmudic beliefs are. Since so many folks are very UNaware of it thnaks to 50+ yrs of most pastors and priests fully ignoring the…Jewish Problems.

            As well as how ALL USA and european Jew owned/run MSM sources also totally ignore any jewish talmudic religious issues…When BOTH main sources are where folks get most such infos from, MSM and Pastors, are so derliect in their Duty to properly inform, then its up to reg avg folks like us to do so….Otherwise things that are radically Wrong are going to continue and get worse yet.

            I am tired of less than 2% of usa pop haveing total political-media-tv-hollywood-newspapers, and more, control over daily life in america.

            And its not due to jew hatred its simply due to they LIE on all issues constantly…as their talmudic beliefs teach them to do…How can usa folks make good honest decisions, when zero truth is told them? They Cannot!

            Thanks in advance if you post up a few koran verses similar to jew talmudic verses that says child sex is A-OK! If any do exist? I’d think those israel/jew Firsters at Faux TV news shows be the first to report on that…

      • VRF

        Thanks BI
        I couldn’t have said it better, and I think the whole pedo thing pushed out there on the Nudge is just to shut him up, its not of his character , Ive met the man , and I have a very good sense of first impression character, I think the shit that is spewed out there is to deflect and make him out to something he is not..Gee how many times has the US government done that to people they don’t like or agree with? too many times if you ask me, its such an old tactic that im surprised people fall for it.

        I was awake to the BS wars this countries Government has been involved in since I was a very young man, I wouldn’t allow them to draft me for their nefarious means either, I am NOT their property, I am NOT their slave, and will NOT “serve” them in a murderous role to push their agenda. That war and every war after it and more than likely before it were nothing but lies, so many people got suckered into it, and some have a really hard time owning up to that.

        • Be informed

          @ VRF. Ted Nugent is talking about something that is so easy to understand, yet so difficult to get into the heads of these anti-gunners, self defense. The police cannot be everywhere and the seconds, most of the time minutes to respond is life and death between a good citizen that contributes to society and a bad person that is a total liability to everything around them, including themselves. This could be Ted Nugent or some other pro self defense person, it is common sense and what is fair to defend ourselves against criminal scum. yet the anti-gunners put the criminal maniac as more vlauable than an innocent victim because society has made the criminal the way they are. Bizarro world in which the bad guys have the rights in the zombie minds of anyone that even comtemplates taking away our self defense.

          • Kulafarmer

            minutes to respond,,, try on average about 20-40 minutes here where I live,,,,

            • VRF

              Yep, I call em Glorified Janitors

              or Chalk line late comers

              either there to push you around , or show up late for the murder and assume every one they see is guilty and treat them as such

    42. dub

      Your right. I believe that about 17000 draftees were killed in Vietnam. These were young men that were forced to go give their lives by a so called free country. And for nothing. We talk about government control and fighting them if necessary yet we look down on someone who doesn’t accept the draft from a tyrannical govt.

    43. Nigthtshiftsucks

      I used to believe the politicians and MSM hook,line and sinker.When I look at the country now I realize that they are the ones who destroyed the American dream.I watched this video and knew that could have been me at that age.I can envision a young man being interviewed in Vietnam saying that he is protecting his family at home from comunist,but we know the truth.Look up LCPL Wold and see how he died,his story really upset me.I posted this above but I think it’s really important that people watch this and question why we were there.

      • JayJay

        Like I said above, those that legislate war on countries not attacking us..
        here’s your rifle!!

    44. the glimmer man

      Very educated and well posted comments. I am proud of you guys and girls! Being African American, I applaud the intelligence of the many posters. Ted Nugent is right on with his comments and I wish there were many others like him.

      Feinstein and the rest of the government cronies show complete ignorance in their comments and feelings toward defending ourselves. What is so ironic is the fact that these same morons have armed security details protecting them 24/7. Now why do you suppose that is? Simple; FEAR!

      If I had one or all of these individuals in front of me especially Obama, I would say this; DON’T INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE AND I WON’T INSULT YOURS! However, I would be a complete idiot to think they would understand. These people have a myopic view of the world and the people that inhabit it. What a shame! What great accomplishments the human race could achieve if our so called leaders would let go of the elitist attitude and realize the true potential of man.

    45. Mountain Trekker

      What in the world is all this talk about the end is here. And the stock market ends today. I must have missed something some where along the line. In other crashes when the market was much lower than 16,000 we had swings of 400 or 500 points every few days. Some days there were bigger loses than there was all of last week. A 300 point drop with a 16,000 point market ain’t no doomsday. We may see a crash, but I think you still have time to prep. Guess we’ll know in a few hours. Trekker Out.

      • Them Guys

        Last nite, sunday, I watched some of the new tv news Al Jerzera channel report. It had a 1/2 hr special on interviews of Davos world economic leaders annual meeting.

        Every corprate ceo interviewed on meeting details discussed said worlds economy is expected to RISE. To Rise 2.5% in USA—3.5 in some asian markets and even more in a couple locations like india etc.

        CYSCO Internet CEO guy says entire Worlds overal GDP is going to RISE at least by $20-TRILLION globally next year (I think he said next year as in 2014 do not quote me as i cant recall for sure) just due to Chips and internet medical devices soon to be reality.

        Medical devices such as Braclet or Ring to be worn to monitor patients conditions after surgery, or for various other med diseases etc so doctors and hospitals will be able to monitor patients from their Homes and save tons of costs for lesser hosp stays etc and less actual doc office visits as is now the norm.

        Overall they all seemed very Jubiliant about a Global recovery including real estate lie home sales and prices better etc.

        I see zero good reasons for them ceo types to lie about it all….Afterall they too have alot invested in their own co stocks right. Good or bad economy will effect everybody including fat cat ceos like cysco’s or Intel chip makers right.

        These aint polititions either so they gain nor lose by lying to the general public.

        Maybe all the doom and gloom is not so doomy or gloomy just yet eh.

        PS I think Al Jerzera tv news also archives those episodes like does RT tv news so You can view it again online and see what them ceos at davos said.

        • Calgacus

          These ceo types as you put it happen to be in the 1% club. Until the world gets so bad that they aint got no one they can buy, whats the problem w/ making money hand over fist the corrupt way? Wall Street is the biggest money funnel known to man. Govt is the second.
          You might want to rethink a few things and ask what the end goal is for those ceo types.

        • Eisenkreuz




        • Ugly

          Them Guys.

          The world’s economic GDP will grow at least 3%. The average worker will lose work or lose about 5% in value or about $396,000,000,000 billion dollars (.99% x 80 million workers x $5,000 loss for each worker) = -$396B.

          Now the top dogs will get an average $30,000,000 raise from corporate earnings. Thus, (.01% x 80,000,000 workers x $3,000,000) = $2.4T

          Now $2.7T – $396B = $2T in economic growth.

          Yes, We The Sheep will help them grow another $2T

        • Mclovin

          Them Guys, learn to type without sounding like a ghetto 7-year-old if you want your intelligence reports to be taken seriously. Just Saying.

    46. newbee

      Off Topic Question. I made my first batch of colloidal silver last night. I can see little specs of silver floating in the water is this normal. I used 12gauge .9999 silver rods.

    47. slingshot



    48. Wolfbay

      No one should be president for life. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    49. KY Mom

      Bundesbank’s Stunner To Broke Eurozone Nations: First “Bail In” Your Rich Citizens

      “…the Bundesbank said on Monday that countries about to go bankrupt should draw on the private wealth of their citizens through a one-off capital levy before asking other states for help.

      As Reuters reports, the Bundesbank states, “(A capital levy) corresponds to the principle of national responsibility, according to which tax payers are responsible for their government’s obligations before solidarity of other states is required.”

      However, they note that they will not support an implementation of a recurrent wealth tax in Germany, saying it would harm growth.”


    50. KY Mom

      We’re Living Within A Money Bubble Of Epic Proportions

      “James Turk believes the time we live in now will be studied by future historians for generations to come. Just as we today marvel at the collective madness that resulted in the South Sea and Dutch tulip manias, our age will be known as the era when society lost sight of what money really is.”

      “Wealth comes in two forms. It comes in financial assets, bonds, and T-Bills, and things of that nature, and it also comes in tangible assets: real estate, oil wells, timberland, farmland, houses and things that are tangible.”

      “We’re talking here about fiat currencies throughout the world because nobody’s tied to gold anymore. No country’s currency is tied to gold anymore. So this is going to be the bubble, I think, that generations from now, hundreds of years from now people are going to be talking about just like we talk today about the South Sea Bubble or the Mississippi Bubble, from those episodes in history a couple hundred years ago.”


    51. Be informed

      Them Guys brought up something about the MSM skewing the news and this is true. The political correctness plague is amazing how damaging it is. It is now forbidden to talk about islam’s evils on any MSM except for Fox News. It is now forbidden to talk about homosexual pedophiles that are quite prevalent now and always because it is not politically correct to address this, even with the safety of young children. It is forbidden to talk about anything deemed offensive.

      I see now parents being handicapped whom they choose their children being around. This is my main issue. That a child can’t even discuss some weirdo queer that is coming on to them because they are so afraid that they will be called a bigot against gays, because this is just the way they are. The political correctness has this engrained in the public. A parent that tries to get some pedophile faggot criminally charged also runs the risk of being called for discrimination against homos. This is the real issue, that political correctness is giving a free ride to those queer pedophiles that are very substantial in the population to molest kids.

      Same goes true for muslims, to a lesser extent because the public stills sees muslims as someone with an explosive belt loaded with ball bearings ready to detonate in a crowd. Still the truth about islam is not being allowed to be discussed because again, political correctness. We are being forced to not talk about anything offensive to anyone, and this gives evil a free rein to strenghten itself hidden behind a cloak. It is never okay to demonize anyone that has not done anything. In the same token it is never okay to hide evil such as queer pedophiles and muslim atrocities that are still as horribly widespread as ever, much worse in fact, because someone MIGHT get labeled as discriminating against a group.

      • slingshot


        Since the country is so fucked up maybe we are doing more of a dis-service in trying to warn others to what we see. I mean, why don’t we let them do what they want and live in bliss. I have not seen any change that Matters in the Big Picture.
        So tomorrow night we get to listen to more bullshit

        It Never Ends!

      • Eisenkreuz


      • Them Guys

        And that goes Double for speaking out of what even some honest jewish folks and historians has stated. That being there is NO worse amounts of mass murdered innocent folks that historically ever occured worse than what the russian jewdeo kommie bolsheviks did.

        Jewdeo-Communisim IS responsible for at least 250 Million to as many as 350 Million dead whites and christian folks Just during 1918 up till 1990 era…

        And deaths more horrible, with terrible tortures included prior to deaths, than ANY other time in recorded history.

        ONLY the Roman Arena situation with early first century christians even comes somewhat close in comparrison.

        But as far as total number deaths…NO events come remotely close to deaths caused BY jewdeo commie bolsheviks…..This is Not ever taught in usa schools.

        Never spoken of by MSM TV. History channel episodes etc…

        Yet schools now have mandatory holyhoax classes from young grade school till high school grad class.

        Not a week passes without several tv shows on wwii nazi evils, hitlers evils, holyhoax jews issues etc…

        Perhaps John Q Publisc info is correct…IE: That talmudic jews are trying to replace the death of Christ as the main central Point in all of history, as the Most Important event etc….With the wwii holyhoax events.

        it seems more correct each week that passes to me.

        Why else is all we hear in all msm sources always about ‘six million ” jews? what about that Other NON jewish bunch during nazi events?…Or that prior mentioned 250-350 MILLION dead due to jewish communisim?

        Maybe goyim deaths mean nothing to talmudic jews…But one would think the rest of 7 BILLION folks or 300+ million in usa whould consider goyim gentile deaths as important no?

        yet most folks are so brainwashed with pro israel and pro jew or jews are only victims that matter crapola, that these same folks who have zero problem admitting to black crime perps numbers, islamic atrocities, even fellow white or american wrongs(slavery etc)…Go absolute blue faced with vastly bulging neck viens when one makes any mention of anything jews did wrong.

        Those same folks today scream at others to toss their tv sets out the window since ALL MSM sources, like all govnt sources Lie Lie lie!

        Yet tell me please…Just Where did the vast majority of info regarding jews as always “victims” come from?

        It came from the exact very same MSM and fed govnt sources. Or thats who reports it as truth always.

        So I assume these folks who unquestionably defend all issues jewish or israel, reject everything told by msm or govnt sources…EXCEPT of course jewish issues as Thats the Only truth ever told by same msm or govnt sources?

        And as for what BI wrote on PC correctness issues etc…Do the research, follow the $$$$$ trails, and Conect those Dots…And at end of research You too will have to, if honest, admit most Everything we consider wrong, kommie, evil, etc has More jewish influences, jewish Cash, jewish profiteerings, than ANY other non-jewish perpetrators combined.

        Its same as blacks and crime stats..Jews make up about 13.5 million total persons worldwide as per jewish own numbers/stats….Yet like blacks and crime stats, these other wrongs and destructive issues have a Huge massive disproportionate percentage of jews involved, and usually at Every level.

        Yet if one states this about any other group besides jews…Its usually ok but for a few who fear name calls etc…but name the jews brings fury!

        Whoever cannot see whats radically wrong in that type thinking process….There is no hope for them.

        For those who agree msm or govnt cannot be trusted at all, even with jewish issues infos…Check out Prof kevin McDonalds website, as well as Michael Hoffmans site…

        They fully notate and document all they write or state for 100% proof it is factual truthfull info.

        Or keep telling us all to not trust any MSM’s…Unless of course its the stuff we was told to believe since WWII ended regards jewish issues.

    52. slingshot

      The whole damn world was in the red and the minute it hits the States, everything is fine.

    53. Kulafarmer

      My guess is that the trolls dissing TN for his past possible indiscressions are just trying to discredit him, they are most likely of the anti gun lobby, we have ALL done stuff that others dont like, free country, too bad so sad, fact of the matter is TN is a strong voice for the second, he can also rip,,, i have known lots of people who didnt want to go to VN, some of them still dont live in the states, i have also known lots of guys who at 19,20, even 25 boinking 17 and 18 year old girls, some younger,,, so what? Not like they were 50 and doing that, some of these guys you couldnt tell they were any older than 17 themselves even though they were 25,,,
      These attempts to cast a down light on TN are feeble,
      Most of us can make up our own minds and dont really care what the trolls say,,,

      • Be informed

        @ Kulafarmer. ANYONE trying to tell the basic truth about our most basic right as life forms, the right to self protection is attacked. The pestilence of anti self defense vermin is so widespread. It is a miracle that anyone could even believe what that piles morgan advocates, yet you have a huge segment of the U.S. population that doesn’t want to just get rid of firearms, but EVERY form of self defense that might traumatize the poor serial criminal. This is what it is all about, attacking those that speak out against the anti-gunners and anti-self defense psychos.

      • Archivist

        18 is an arbitrary number only chosen in recent history. My great-grandmother was 14 when she got married in 1903. 12 used to be the age of accountability. They’ve already raised the drinking age to 21, and now consider 26-year-olds as children for insurance coverage.

        • Be informed

          @ Archivist. Children are very trusting of adults and need guidance and protection from those predators that ONLY want sex from someone. In some places they allow children to marry at age 14. Someone much older is 95-99% of the time only interested in someone that young for bed, and the child is spiritually damaged by this. I call it soul rape. The helpless always need people to be in their corner protecting them. Just look at the devil like child sex slave trade that is going around the entire world for both heterosexuals and homosexuals and bisexuals. There is even tri-sexual trade with animals that is widespread. Bestaility is the ultimate evil.

          We need God so much, and these a$$holes are trying to trash God in the MSM and the governments everyday. It sure fears like the last days doesn’t it?

          • JayJay

            ***We need God so much***

            He’s still right where He’s always been.

    54. PKLauLau

      Off Topic:

      Has anyone seen the article/information on February 26, 2014 Fema (dang it what do they call it????) test, dry run….help me out here….anyway….it’s pretty scary if it’s for real.

      KY mom, can you find it?


      • KY Mom


        Is this what you were looking for? I searched this date and this is what came up. This is SCARY!

        FEMA to Conduct Chemical Contamination Operation on Food Supply

        “On February 26 FEMA will be conducting a virtual exercise that involves a chemical incident scenario that contaminates the food supply. Weeks before the exercise the government in partnership with the Resource & Resources in Food Protection will hold a Webinar on assessing the potential adverse effects of contamination of the drinking water distribution system.”

        “Not much is known about the chemical-food exercise outside the exercise design team and participants. What we do know is that it part of a comprehensive 2014 exercise schedule that includes radiation, pandemic, wildfires, and environmental issues”.

        www dot nonaiswa dot org

        Imminent False Flag? FEMA To Contaminate World Food Supply (Video)

        “Was the poisoning of West Virginia’s water supply a “leak?” An accident? A test run? Or could it have been a false flag?

        The question is the first thing that popped into my head after seeing the beginning of the video below, based on an upcoming FEMA “chemical food” exercise, scheduled for February 26, 2014, and will include scenarios including “radiation, pandemic, wildfires, and environmental issues.”

        Another scenario is a “chemical incident” that contaminates the food supply.”

        Before Its News dot com

    55. Be informed

      Eisencrap come out of the closet. Stop torturing yourself. That is really none of my business, and I sure don’t want to make it my business. My concern is protecting those that cannot, children, the elderly, the handicapped, and whomever else needs help for self dfense against the rampant evil all around us.

      Back to your old ways are we eisencrude. I did not refer to your lunatic self at all. I stated a fact that child pedophiles are wicked beyond words. I stated this about what muslims and other cults do to all children. Yes, there are plenty of queers that attack children, not all of them by any means. I did not state this. You ONLY see that I said that some of these homos attack kids. To you all fags are pure and this is exactly what is allowing the dangers that innocent chidlren will face that society won’t listen to them about some of the pedophiles that endanger their lives. This is because you don’t like someone calling YOU a name. Come out of the closet butt jockey.

      I want everyone to know that you are a psycho. In reference to calling Mountain Trekker a moron in comment# 2919488 you said “I say what I think”. Then you tried to pull off your psycho rantings as nothing but bluster about ALL people that are boomers need to die so the world will be a better place. Again and again I see these wishing good people would die on this site. You say what you think. What you think is you want, good people over a certain age to die. Anyone can reference these maniac wishing of you that many need to die that have done nothing but get older than you are. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO CHECK INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL BEFORE YOU GIVE THE ANTI-GUNNERS MORE GARBAGE ABOUT DISARMING THE PUBLIC TO STAND ON THAT WE NEED TO LOSE OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

    56. NC joe

      Is this the same Teddy boy who stated emphatically that if Obama were re-elected, he would be in jail or dead? Well, Teddy boy is neither. It seems Teddy boy is either an attention whore or not a man of his word. Therefore, he cannot be trusted.

      • Smokey

        Says the attention whore himself. Peddle it somewhere else, Joe, your tripe doesn’t sell here.

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