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Domestic Terrorists: We Are Being Divided By Design, And Easily Manipulated

Mac Slavo
January 14th, 2021
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Read Derrick Broze’s entire article here on The Last American Vagabond. 

Those in power care only about expanding their own wealth and power while sucking ours.  If you can’t see this by now, you may never be able to do so. We are being divided and backed into corners by the elitists as they tell us it’s our own fault and label us the terrorists.

We will all soon be dybbed domestic terrorists and the government already sees us as the enemy even if you have no problem being their slave.

The first week of 2021 kicked off with chaos at the Capitol in Washington D.C. Was it a protest, a riot or an insurrection? Were there provocateurs, and if so, were they Antifa, the cops, and/or the Feds? As usual, everyone on the internet thinks they know the answer within ten minutes. Unfortunately, this genuinely leads to the spreading of unfounded theories – many based on nothing but speculation and emotion. But while the public is debating over theories and arguing amongst themselves, the newly emboldened Military Industrial Complex is eagerly anticipating the incoming Biden Administration as an opportunity to expand the War on Domestic Terror. –Derrick Broze, The Last American Vagabond

TLAV writer Whitney Webb responded to Slotkin’s comment by reminding the audience that, “before Congress, Elissa worked for the CIA and the Pentagon and helped destabilize the Middle East during the Bush and Obama admins. What she says here is essentially an open announcement that the US has moved from the ‘War on [foreign] terror’ to the ‘War on domestic terror.’”

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) also reportedly released a bulletin warning that “domestic extremists” are planning a nationwide protest to stop Joe Biden from being sworn in as President. According to ABC News:

The FBI has also received information in recent days on a group calling for “storming” state, local and federal government courthouses and administrative buildings in the event President Donald Trump is removed from office prior to Inauguration Day. The group is also planning to “storm” government offices in every state the day President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated, regardless of whether the states certified electoral votes for Biden or Trump.

As Derrick Broze points out, this report should be viewed skeptically because it has not yet been publicly released.

 However, it’s only one of many emerging reports and articles stoking the flames of civil war and internal chaos. The fact of the matter is that this is not a new attempt to demonize the American people. This current effort is simply a continuation of the effort to label Americans as terrorists that has been taking place since at least the mid-1990s following the Oklahoma City bombing false flag. These efforts were expanded further after the attacks of 9/11. In fact, as most readers know by now, it was Joe Biden who wrote the anti-terror legislation in the ’90s which became the basis for the Patriot Act after 9/11. –Derrick Broze, The Last American Vagabond

When are we going to wake up and realize the government thinks they own us? When are we going to realize that no one has a higher claim to our life and property than we do? When will we figure out that this political charade is just that? Do we need masters and slaves?

These are the questions we should all be pondering as we venture into 2021 under a tyrannical government and a totalitarian goal for the ultimate control of humanity. We are the next targets of the government, and they are telling us as much.

This is a crucial time for the American experiment. Will the American people allow themselves to be divided to the point of calling for domestic terror legislation to be used on their neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family? With the public inundated with fears of civil war, stolen elections, rampant disinformation, and general exhaustion with COVID-19 measures, it appears to be a very critical moment which may decide whether America is destined for a renewed desire for liberty, truth, and free speech, or an accelerated push towards tyranny. –Derrick Broze, TLAV

Can we move past needing masters and submitting to slavery?

Read Derrick Broze’s entire article here on The Last American Vagabond. 

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: January 14th, 2021

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    1. Scooter says:

      Wake up!
      If you still believe the 9/11 fantasy, you’ll believe anything!
      In the not too distant future, Betty Crocker will be labeled a domestic terrorist and let me tell you, once they have your cake, they’re coming for your buns! Wake up America!!!!!

    2. Wake Up!! says:

      Having the sheep masked up and enslaved apparently is not enough for our so called “leaders”.Each and every one of our freedoms are being systemically removed.They have now declared war on every single one of us.These assholes will not stop until there is absolutely nothing left of the human race.What exactly will it take for everyone to see this?!?!😠

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Wisconsin representative Jim Sensenbrenner wrote The Patriot Act, not Joe Biden.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      This is a scam. This would be happening regardless of who was currently elected. It is all part of the plan. Just another scam brought to you by public enemy number one! It is all that they are capable of. Now after being exposed for the guilty parties of 9/11 and the scamdemic, they stage a false flag coup, organized by public enemy number one, the invisible enemy that every country on earth has declared war on. They take on human form at times, but they are not humans, because they illegally invade our lives, our property, and even our brains, which disqualifies them for being human, and qualifies them for being parasites. They have no higher brain functioning, as you can clearly see. They are simply incapable of it. Martial law has been planned by think tanks for decades! They knew that there would be a day of reckoning with all of the corruption from Wall Street’s degregulation, governments’ deregulation, and corporate deregulation, coinciding with increased regulations on individuals. This is obviously a staged coup by Inspector Cluseau, Maxwell Smart, and Inspector Gadget, as I have been saying. It is every bit as much of a hoax as 9/11 and the scamdemic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that these mentally incompetent organized crime ring thugs would attempt it. We live in a country with millions of Hitlers, Mengelas, and Goebbels on the loose and a country full of organized crime rings, so, I hate to say it, but it is to be expected. Corrupt banana republics have resorted to totalitarianism throughout history, so that they are not held accountable by the citizens for their corruption. The only difference this time is that we are the victims of their corruption and incompetency, rather than a small relatively defenseless country. This will not end well. There will be no happy ending, unfortunately. Nothing to miss about not being part of this society filled with millions of Hitlers, Mengelas, Goebbels, and organized crime rings. The sadists, nihilists, and hardcore criminals are having the time of their lives. They are sick as hell. As one of their victims of relentless torture and terrorism I am staying away. It is not revenge that I am looking for, but justice, which I have been denied, depriving me of equal protection under the law. The individuals in the organized crime rings that have illegally experimented on me without my consent, falsely diagnosed me, tortured, terrorized, hacked, broken in, vandalized, stolen, stalked, and spied on me pose grave threats to my life and property and to the the country and the world overall. It is like asking people to just love Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, the Hillside Strangler, Hitler, Mengela, and Goebbels. So if you want to say that I do not have a heart because I do not love the psychos that have tortured me, terrorized me, destroyed my life, my health, and my property, during the most vulnerable time in my life that they decided to exploit for their own opportunistic, evil, predatory, self-serving, agendas, good luck trying to convince anyone of that, but you sure as hell won’t convince me! I know what type of sadistic, evil, monsters they are. They do not have a scintilla of decency. I know that for a fact. Some of them talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk, includng in the media. 

      Proving the point, newly elected freshman Georgia QAnon candidate, Marjorie Taylor Green is already filing impeachment papers on Biden. If Hillary would have been elected and was currently president, then it probably would have been over the Clinton Foundation pay to play, or supporting BLM and antifa.  If it would have been Marco Rubio that was elected, it would have been over supporting failed raids in Venezuela and failed coup of Maduro. There is always a reason with politicians and fake activists that are actually terrorists that plan on doung things like this regardless of who is in power. There are people with real grievances, but taking all of the facts into consideration, this was staged and disingenuous, and it is totally obvious, and it has all been planned, and there is an abundance of evidence to prove it, raniging from Event 201, to Transition Integrity Project, and other “exercises” as well. They are terrorists. They attempted to prevent another Occupy Wall Street movement with the lockdowns and BLM. It is crystal clear that that was their objective. They tried to prevent a genuine populist uprising, by replacing it with numerous fake ones.

      There have also been media reports of police organizing events at state capitols on social media and participating in them. 

      There is a divide. The guilty parties want to get away with their crimes against humanity, and their victims, including me refuse to unite with corrupt psychopaths. It is not a conspiarcy theory. It is a huge organized crime conspiracy, and in organized crime by definition criminals conspires to commit crime. It is why the CIA throws the term conspiracy theory around like they do. As if everyone has never heard of organized crime, which always invloves conspiracy.

      Andrea Iravani

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Apparently, the FBI yet again, encouraged yet another terrorist to operate as a manchurian candidate for them, which is really pisding me off! Jacob Chanley, aka QAnon Shaman told the FBI that he would really love to attend the capitol protests. Did he call them before he decided to go, just out of the blue to tell them that? What does the FBI do with individuals that they target to be manchurian candidates on their behalf that never end up committing crimes? Just keep terrorizing them until they kill themselves, lose everything, or die? That reeks like hell! The FBI has an extremely lengthy record of inciting people to commit terrorisism! That makes the FBI terrorists! How can they fail to realize that? Not patriotic law abiding citizens in any context, just terrorist thugs! Jake also apparently planned on capturing and assassinating members of congress. Pelosi thanked the cop that intervened and said, oh, what a brave man, he’s a national hero that saved our republic, and then the cop committed suicide. Nancy Pelosi thinks that congress is the republic. The vanity is really disgusting! She didn’t say, what a brave man that saved my life, but the republic. I know that they are from the many times that they have hung up on me for reporting the acts of terrorism and organized crime committed against me! Why in the hell do we have to pay for these good for nothing low life thugs that consider themselves to be above the law? If QAnon or Trump really wanted to expose the pedophiles, he would have prosecuted the police for running for profit bitcoin childporn websites! Trump does not want to expose pedophiles! He wants to protect them! If anyone else tried doing anything like running a bitcoin child porn website, they would have been arrested, and the police be too!

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Obviously, Slotkin has figured out that there are more people that have disassociated themselves from both parties with independents being the largest percentage of the popuation. They have figure out that they are in the minority. That is a start. I wonder if they will ever figure out that in order to get into the majority, they will have to be populists rather than elitists. That means doing things like respecting the rights of the citizens, prosecuting corruption, and stop lying, in addition to a system that accomodates individuals rather than terrorizing them and violating their rights and property.

      Andrea Iravani

    6. The left and the MSM need to be crushed if America is to survive as a Free Republic

    7. Freeman Steed says:

      So if we are now terrorist. does that mean we are going to get free weapons and munitions from the US military like ISIS?

    8. Darth Skippy says:

      Health Ranger and Pieczenik say that martial law is good, depending on the intention, and to wait four more months, for a Trump presidency:


      Regardless, the podium, desk, and then not really holding the area, gave you no leverage, so were not literal strategies, to accomplish anything you can put your finger on.

      Crisis actors get id’ed, repeatedly, and were probably used as an excuse to call very-bland people, terrorists.

    9. It’s very easy to get caught up in the moment. So much frustration out there. There are three avenues here. 1) We can whine and complain and wave picket signs until we’re heard – as if we haven’t been doing that incessantly for decades to no avail and it starts to seem as if whining and complaining becomes an end unto itself. This option is not for me. 2) A physical rebellion – like the Boston tea party – but such would have to be an extended asymmetrical war, guerrilla style, because they have helicopters, missiles and tanks and we don’t. And we would have to get over our fear of being called terrorists, because they will call us that. It is a mind control word meant to keep people passive. But such will require money, impeccable secrecy, and superb organization all at once. Difficult when we are barred from the internet. And it would cost lives regardless. Like option 1, it’s not my preference either. 3) We can break all of them without any whining and complaining, and without lifting a single weapon. Something of a “submitted for your approval” thing for this twilight zone we find ourselves in. But there would be a cost of sorts and a risk I suspect:

      3) Its not too difficult to see where this country is going. The future is not bright. Not even for those who are expecting one. I see only darkness. Politicians who betray their voter base; a SCOTUS that is altogether a club if bums, pig tech censorship; and now major corporations strong-arming our more considerate reps to accept the fraud we have seen with our own eyes. They have all thrown us under the bus. This is our country now. But not a country I have any desire to preserve.

      A thought has occurred to me. We do have the power to remedy this – without threats, without violence, without anything illegal whatsoever. All it would take is unity. I’m talking boycott. But not just a few things. Boycott everything. Everything that one can do without for a while. Just stop buying. Especially on the holidays. Especially Christmas. Maybe even cancel things like cable or wireless contracts. With a bit of determination, I can forgo most everything except food and fuel for an extended period of time. With unity, we can harness the awesome power of the consumer and bring an economic dark winter upon this tyranny. It would impact every one of them. And China as well. And best of all, there is absolutely nothing they could do to stop it. I considered this idea once before, but people were not angry enough then. Are they now ? I know the covid economy is already a mess. People want to get back to the good living again. But I have to wonder – what will we be getting back to when we and our ideals are no longer welcome ? It is said; there is no one more free than the one who has nothing left to lose. Elections will not save us anymore. So we have nothing to gain from the future. And therefore nothing to lose. Think about it.

    10. Anonymous says:

      As far as Antifa being there as provocateurs, that’s entirely possible. I saw a lot of protestors dressed in all black. Coulda been anarchists, too.

      Or it coulda been the Proud Boys. Three days before the protest, Enrique Tarrio (head of the PB) announced they would be going in small groups and dressed in all black with no PB insignia. So who knowz?