Dollar To Come Under Attack; American Economy Will Go Offline

by | Oct 13, 2010 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    The Federal Reserve, U.S. government and several interested parties are involved in monetary and economic warfare and it’s about to get serious, says economic analyst Max Keiser:

    “I am hearing from my sources in Europe and in the Middle East, the Hedge Funds and Big Money, they plan to attack the US dollar tomorrow in a very substantial way. They are completely fed up with Walls Fargo, J.P. Morgan and the Federal Reserve Bank, they want to take the American economy offline completely, they are sick and tired of the fraud, they are sick and tired of the Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who is a financial terrorist and they are going to push the price of gold up to 1400 dollars an ounce, possibly tomorrow, as a result of this fraud. The big money is sick of it and they are going to take American economy offline.

    A lot of big money around the world is going to drop the dollar and basically disenfranchise the US economy. This is not just a remark in passing, this means that the US economy goes belly up effectively and the dollar gets completely wiped out the face of the earth and gold goes to 1400, 1500, 1600 dollars an ounce because the big money in the world is sick of the liars, Tim Geithner, Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, they are sick of the financial terrorism, they are sick of the grand standing, and they are going to drop kick them over gold post into a sea of their own bad debts. So forget about the specifics here, we are talking about wholesale countrywide loss of their sovereign credit. The US government bond will be about as valuable as garbage.”

    Source: Press TV and  Market Ticker via Woodpile Report

    This isn’t just about the U.S. government and the powers that be “saving the system.” There is a lot more going on under the hood, and regular people like us will not know what happened until after the fact, if ever.

    At the risk of being dismissed as outlandish conspiracy theorists, we must point out to our readers that things may not be as they seem.

    We know, for a fact, that organizations like the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations work in concert to manipulate everything from monetary policy and financial markets to politics and social perceptions. This has been made crystal clear over the last decade through projects such as the global warming carbon tax,  Agenda 21, the passage of liberty restricting laws domestically and internationally, and most recently, the coordinated multi-trillion dollar bailouts of interrelated financial institutions.

    One thing that is not known by the majority of the public, and is rarely ever discussed, is that the aforementioned international cooperatives don’t always include representation from around the globe. In general, these organizations are focused more on what they can do in “the west,” in regions such as Europe and the United States, rather than intricately involving themselves with all global governments. Not everyone shares the same goals as the financial and political tycoons of the United States, England and Europe.

    Make no mistake – there are other interests that are operating against these organizations’ intended goals. We rarely, if ever, hear about the Chinese, for example. But they most certainly have their own Illuminati, for lack of a better word, which most likely do not share the same interests as those of the West. The Chinese have a long history of dynasties, and though we can’t see them overtly, they do exist and pull strings within China and the greater Asian region to promote their own agendas. The Russians, led by Mr. Vladimir Putin, do not share the same goals of “New World Order” global domination as America and Europe. In fact, it was the Russians that came under attack by Western financial institutions who at one time attacked the Ruble much like the British Pound. Russian leaders have not forgotten; they’ve also not forgotten the attack on their way of life, which eventually led to the complete collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Regardless of what is reported about international cooperation, these countries and their affiliates would love to see a total and complete collapse of Western states.

    The ultimate goal, of course, is for the U.S. dollar and the “American oligarchy” to be destroyed and they are likely actively pursuing policies and strategies to do just that. Unfortunately, any such collapse of this so-called oligarchy would lead to much pain and suffering for average people.

    Everyone – at least those who follow even basic monetary, economic and financial news – knows that the U.S. dollar is in trouble. How long it can be held up is anyone’s guess, but there is certainly a movement to destabilize the dollar completely.

    Up until this point, America has been the dominant force in the world of economics, but if players like the Chinese, Russians and others are strategically working together to crush the U.S. dollar, then we could have serious trouble in the near future. These “other interests” have, literally, trillions upon trillions of dollar equivalents in buying power and could execute an attack on the dollar and U.S. financial institutions at anytime – perhaps it’s happening already.

    Remember, they are the creditors, not the debtors. And while we may have the ability to default on our debt, or devalue our currency to pay the debt in inflated dollars, they are the ones who can cut off our credit flow. When an individual person defaults on a loan, a bank may foreclose on your home, or come after other assets. If the same were to happen with the United States, it may lead to something much worse.

    For now, we really don’t know exactly what is occurring behind the scenes, who will win, or where the average American will end up.

    But if Max Keiser is right, then we can expect things to get much more volatile, perhaps even quite violent, before all is said and done.

    Countries and conglomerates have regularly created crises and wars throughout history with the goals being, in part, power and control of natural resources. What makes today any different?

    From an individual standpoint it may already be too late to alter our course by protests and elections – the avalanche may be inevitable at this point. The best advice we could give if this is true, is that each individual should be operating from the standpoint that the United States and other Western powers are engaged in a global war. The battlefield, for now, is monetary and economic. If history is any guide, however, this may very well go “hot,” and then all hell breaks loose. In the end, as has always been the case, regular people like you and I are the ones that suffer.


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      1. Comments….. All I can say, if we go to war, it better not be under Obumma because we will surely be screwed.  That mutt can’t manage anything, even his cabinet is bailing on him.  For the first time in my life, I am fearful of what is to come and what will be.

      2. Yea, things are pretty scary now days.  I still can’t believe the number of people that just don’t have a clue.   It amazes me.

      3. This would an EXCELLENT time to make sure your preps are topped off…..get that extra fuel, make sure the foods like cooking oil that have a shorter shelf live than many things are well stocked, and so on.

        Look around, what have you been meaning to get put aside, but haven’t ?

        My gut says time could well be getting to the point you won’t have the chance to get it later.

        Might be an interesting Christmas.

      4. Comments…..When the natives get restless, all you need to foster comradeship is a common enemy. They are destroying our way of life through economic warfare. “They” become the common enemy.

        We have been conditioned from shortly after birth to listen to the voice of authority and submit to them. Authority figures, due to thier unique perspective, know more than the common man. We are conditioned to follow these Pipe Pipers.

        We don’t wanna pay the bill, so … , well you know the story.
        So where do we go from here? Look for the US to get cut off from credit. First the recriminations. Then wage and price controls with attendant rationing. All exports will be paid in FRNs and US Bonds. Imports will only exist when the currency is in tangibles.
        The shortages will be massive due to the loss of the manufacturing sector to overseas outsourcing. Anything of tangible value will vanish from the open market and reappear inthe black-market. Unfortunately, tax revenues will really dry up. This will only prolong the misery.
        If we are lucky, the gov’t will realize the road taken must be retraced and we have to return to manufacturing and resource development. Service industry is just a fancy name for taking in one another’s laundry.
        Once the international community let’s us return to the grown-up’s table, we will find a much different reserve currency. The US will have lost it all for a sack of magic beans.
        You might wanna look at the myriad of laws about foreign ownership disclosure of supposed US assets such as land, corporations and resources. S’pose there might be a reason? I state supposed US assets due to just who owns it? LA21 claims everything is community assets whenever the community deems it so.

        This tenders the question, “Will our government defend property rights at the risks of international monetary blackmail?” We used the dollar to get our way internationally and now so will “They.” The reality is far worse that it appears. They can afford to spend it all, we can’t afford to spend squat.

        Keep this in mind, if the PTB can fix it, why haven’t they? If the experts fail, are they really experts? Can it be done? Is there a national will do do what must be done or will Congress look after thier jobs first?
        Never forget, the Constitution requires  Congress “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign coin … .” Isn’t it a bit presumptuous to scream when other countries do the same?
        Want an easy fix? Decertify the Federal Reserve. Make all debts owed to it null and void. And most of all, refuse to take on new international debt and pay down the balance. Phase out all entitlement programs and send the curious non-producers currently working for the government to the employment line. Most of all, return to gold-backed currency.
        Money is just a storage medium of labor credits. Why should the value of my labor done today be worth less tomorrow? I might as well take my pay in ripe lettuce. It’s good today, but not so good next week.
        Never re-elect anyone. Well, maybe Ron Paul. Just maybe.

      5. If you don’t have any of their money, they can’t steal it.  If you get a FRN, trade it for something of value immediately. 

        We can only hope that other countries will be able to kill the beast the people have failed to notice and take down.  The world, and America, would be a much better place even with the economic pain if it killed the corrupted system.

        Then we can build a New American Order by forcing enforcing the Constitution. 

      6. the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations,… man, you might as well be speaking gooblyguk. It seems like those of us who know, know, and the rest simply will not think, can’t be bothered with thinking and prefer to be distracted.

        At one time I thought like many others who say, “Just pay attention, learn what’s going on and vote correctly.”

        … But then I did just that, I paid attention, thought about things and took notice. It’s then that I realized that no matter how you vote, the goberment always wins, and who is the goberment? Well, it sure as heck ain’t the little people who want to be free.

        I always liked watching TV shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits,…how-freaking-ever, I never wanted to be In an episode, but it sure seems that way, at least to those of us who are paying attention.

        Some might say, ” Then we can build a New American Order by forcing enforcing the Constitution. ”

        How about instead we don’t force people? It will probably never happen, but the original American’s had a pretty good compact of voluntary cooperation called The Article’s of Confederation that worked pretty well. Matter of fact, it didn’t fail, and it wasn’t full of words that meant nothing.

        Looking at the track record, whatever is the worst option, that’s probably the path we’ll all be forced down. Fun, fun.


      7. Yes, we are in deeper trouble than we realize, because the entire world is getting tired of the BANKERS GETTING OIL 4 FREE. 
        Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) and the Middle East will not accept useless papers-printed multi-trillions out of thin air. 

        NO REAL MONEY TO PAY FOR OUR SOLDIERS or BUY OIL TO RUN OUR ECONOMY.  The elites intentionally WANT the economy to collapse, so people WILL JOIN THE MILITARY to survive.

        Here’re the videos that support this article and about the coming disasters:


      8. Mac … good words, albeit you are probably “preaching to the choir”  to the readers on this ( very worthwhile) blog.

        But there is so much more to this story.

        First, please allow me this …you posted:
        “We know, for a fact, that organizations like the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations”

        That is so 1990’s.
        Look people…if you wish to learn who pulls the strings then follow the money. At the root of all money is the private organization with the exclusive franchise to control the money supply of the US. They go by the name of the “fed”. Make no mistake though, the “fed” is  a private concern just as much as JP Morgan Chase or Goldman Sucks. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same principles are major interests in all of these. In fact, that brings up the point of …who exacctly are the CONTROLLING OWNERS OF THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE.

        Hey… if Ron Paul is pushing for a Fed audit…well I am pushing for discovering who are the controlling  members who OWN the Fed and give Ben (the butler) Bernanke his marching orders.

        The “Fed” is the method by which the big banks and their uber wealthy owners”  assert  control. Control over the economy and control over the US government.

        Did many of you out there catch the recent remarks by “charlie munger”? (you know… billionaires warren buffets lessor side kick). Bloated charlie is this hoary, 80 something year old guy who got rich via crony capitalism. Recently in an unguarded moment, he spouted off at a university of Michigan event about how all the little people should…….  “suck it in”.   His words EXACTLY..”suck it in”.

        Charlie is a living commercial of the need for guillotines even now ( of course, nature will likely first do us all a service here in  ushering him to his fate… along with ( I hope) warren,dick –borg–cheney and soros).   Good riddance.

        Now, back to the subject at hand ..which is ferreting out exactly WHO are the corrupt movers & shakers that operate behind the scene.

        Allow me to offer this …….please google    Matthias Chang.
        I don’t know anything about this guy other than his articles. The articles certainly hit the mark. One recent especially, because
        ( and Mac … here’s where we move beyond simply mentioning
        blidenberg, or trilateral commision).  These articles by Chang do actually give us NAMES. As in the front holding companies the elite operate behind (thank you so very much Matthias for doing that leg work).

        Focus on entities such as “State Street” corp and “Barclay holding company”.

        This is all about shining the light on the cockroaches infesting our society. & government.  Folks who inherited big money and it went to their heads big time, so much that  they think they’re an order of magnitude above the rest of us.

        No .. they’re spoiled brats who need their heads chopped off as a lesson to any that become so conceited to ever think to follow in their wake.

        Lastly, I just have to acknowledge the heroic efforts of Max Keiser. What a TRUE American patriot.
        Beyond that…. even  a renassiance man….  for his efforts on illuminating the truth in a flamboyant/artistic  manner.

        Go MAX.
        and GO Mac.. thank you for this blog.

        Go MAX… stick it to the bankster/Wall St (soon to be former) elites.

      9. I agree with TnAndy on capping off your preps. Check expiration dates and rotate your pantry. Try to get your dental work up to date, get a complete physical if you can afford it. If/when a SHTF currency crisis occurs, everything will be too expensive. Think ‘non-electric’, and acquire the gear you would need to cook without electricity. Don’t forget to drop by a ‘dollar store’ and pick up everyday items you might need like toothpaste, tooth brushes, candles, first aid ointments and bandages,,,,,.Search,,, 100 items to disappear first,,,, for a good checklist of things you may not have thought of. A dollar devaluation will create a lot of hardships for many unprepared Americans. Your planning ahead and prepping today will help you get through the difficult times ahead. Good Luck To All 

      10. because the big money in the world is sick of the liars, Tim Geithner, Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, they are sick of the financial terrorism, they are sick of the grand standing, and they are going to drop kick them over gold post into a sea of their own bad debts”

        What goes around, comes around.   The enemy of my enemy is my friend.   And as bad as things will be, I find myself hoping the ‘big money’ makes good on its threat.

      11. Comments…..The US$ will be crushed because it will be eliminated from int`l trade and as a world`s reserve curency.
        ASEAN states made huge moves towards trading in their own
        currencies, Russia will follow suite as raw materials exporter and energy producer in the EU. There are not too many states in
        the world with positive trade balance, so it`s up to them for the moment, in wich currency they will trade. One cannot fight the
        entire world. Remember how students at Beijing University laughted at Timmah? Big banks will be destroyed by Bernanke`s
        printing press after the elections, their assets will trade penny for dollar, running them into the ground. Treasuries will worth
        what Timmah says they worth and US$ will be used only in the
        USA, for taxes and daily expenses. There will be no credit or debit cards, just cash.

        PS: “I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the Bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the Bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out and, by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out.” – Andrew Jackson.


      12. I am so ready for the shenanigans to come to an end.   I have watched it get worse since Reagan didn’t cut spending like he promised.  We need to find our integrity as a nation, take care of our own and stop scamming each other. 

        I live in a small rural county (11,000 people) and the wealth is divided up  between the entitlement scammers, the corporate farm subsidies, hospital workers, liberal college professors and union types.  I make just enough FRNs to survive and have no intention of making anymore they can take.  Silver is where I am put the bulk of my savings.  My little gram and ounce bars are going up and up and up.  I think they will be easier to trade for  things I can’t make or grow myself than gold.  I don’t need to spend $1400 on any one thing at a time.

      13. It’s so tipical for american economists to point his finger to foreign countries ” its all their fault”. No it’s not chinas fault nor Russians or anyone. It is your OWN fault. If you haven’t spent more than you produce this wouldn’t happen. You see… any new “improvements” FED takes does not stabilize US economy because it is impossible (only makes worse). But it does UNSTABILIZE foreign economies. It’s a ” if we are going to hell then youre coming with us” attitude. Although I’m from Europe I fully support eastern world. US dollar is underattack because of printing money and NOT anything else for that matter so its UNDERATTACK BY FED!!!  Get it already.
        And if there’s going to be a war then America will start it. You have just read who your real enemy is.

      14. Errol,  I like the butler nic name.  Fits him well.  Which part did the butler do when the lights went out?

      15. Comments…..I think the story that will need to be watched, is the fight between the mega rich. There is a battle going on between the mega riches of the world to control the various currency rates. The FED isn’t the only bully on the playground.This battle will affect us all.  We are all just collateral on the side, but we will suffer the most as they fight it out.
             This ongoing battle has been evidenced lately by the surge in gold prices as the other “big boys’ demand physical gold being held in their accounts in the London metals market. They are tired of the games, and have started a game of their own. They are playing a game called ‘show me the gold”.  They want it right now. this has thrown the markets into a price frenzy as the London market managers frenzy to scrape up the physical silver.
           The other battle of course, is the currency wars to see who can lower their currency the lowest.   Both of these battles will ultimately spell disaster for the average person. 
            As evidenced by the postings on this blog, and many others like it, it seems as though time is short to do what you need to , to get ready for what’s coming.  Can there really be any doubt that our government is hell bent on destroying their citizens, as they seek a global dominance at the world rountable?  The outcome we think will happen isn’t necessarily the way things will fall. The elites’ arrogance is one of their major faults. Also, there is a large groundswell of an “off with their heads” movement by the general public.   If most people could breakaway from “dancing with the stars” long enough, they might see what’s going on around them.   But I have stopped holding out hope for that, and focused on prepping chores, and pm’s accumulation.
                 I feel that soon enough, most Americans will be in a forced austerity mode just as many Europeans are coming to. When the entitlement checks stop, they will wake up some, but then, it will be too late.  Anyone who can’t see what the coming possibilities are,  and prep to deal with them, is truly screwed.
             Just stay with your plan, as that’s never a bad idea.  We don’t have long to wait for trouble.    

      16. everybody here is up tight.

        relax. look at the stock market going up every day. everything is gonna be ok. china is adjusting it’s currency and we are defeating the taliban in afghanistan and iraq. after we fix the problems in pakistan everything will return to the old days.

        you all gotta have faith, hope and charity. god bless america and god bless the almighty dollar.

      17. Prepare spiritually,  it’s the battle for your life!

      18. Wow!

        Again, giants post here! Mac starts the ball rolling and the better job he does the more it attracts excellent posters. Errol, thank you for the fantastic diatribe! Excellent stuff, that. Then there is the 10 Dollar Bill SuperMan, mushroom. STOP IT MAN! YOU’RE KILLING ME!

        Every time I see a $10 FRN, I laugh, people look at me strange, I say, “Its a long story.”, they say, “Oh.” Then it repeats.

        Everyone is up tight. We should be. Big changes cause big stress. People are saying, “They’re destroying the American dream!” I say, “BULLSHIT!” The American Dream has been the American Coma for many years. It may have been dead before I was born (I’m 49). When the fake economy of the American Coma implodes, then I will show you The Real America! Don’t hear me saying it will be a piece of cake, but, if I never learned on single fact from all the history classes I’ve had, I did learn this: When the going gets tough Americans eat tough for breakfast and ask for seconds!

        There is a New World Order afoot. A New World Order that is run on liberty and honesty. Thats *MY* New World Order and that is *MY* American Dream. The current “order” is one of lies, dishonesty and deceit.

        We are about to see the rebirth of America and what birth is it that isn’t painful? Are *YOU* ready to make some history? I am.

      19. @Mushroom – You realize there are no Taliban in Iraq, right?  Right?

        I really have to ask because people ARE that uneducated.

      20. It’s funny to hear everyone talk about this with their pompous tones as if they have any idea as to what is going on.  Truth be told it doesn’t matter what you think.  If gold is skyrocketing then why don’t you just get on board?  Buy gold and stop your bitching.  Fluctuations in the market have occured since before fiat money even existed (1 chicken didn’t always get you 1 goat, if there were a lot of chickens you’d have to throw in many more chickens to get that same goat).  Nothing lasts forever, gold will fall eventually just as the US dollar will once again be on top.  No need to worry about the United States, we have a very powerful military that can crush any country in the world, including the BRIC countries with their massive populations.  That is all that matters.  Whoever has the big guns holds the power.  We still have the big guns.  Other nations are just trying to generate power and buzz by messing with currencies.  Overall, our economy is fine.  Take a look outside, all you’ll see are cars and businesses.  If we were in such bad shape you’d see tanks and violence on the street.  Until a bomb is dropped everyone needs to be happy and maintain confidence in their country.  Remember, panic and having no faith in your country’s economy will cause unnecassary problems. 

      21. Comments…..@ Gprice,
        I read your whole post, and I wondered what news show you’ve been watching.  I’d like to say without mincing words,  I think your’re dillusional.
             Any one who says our economy is fine overall is insane, plain and simple.  Of that fact , there can be no mistake.  A simple mathmatical fact, we have so much debt, that even our grandchildren won’t be able to pay it off.  How is that a fine economy?.   As to our military, if you read a little on the net from ex military officers who know what they are talking about, you’l find that as a military power, we are stretched real thin. Yes, we have great weapons systems, but the Chinaese are catching up fast with anti ship rocket systems that can take out a carrier. 
              The other countries that hold our debt, have our preverbial balls in their hands.  They have stopped buying our worthless T Bills. Read up on that before you say our economy is fine. It isn’t fine, or even good.  Any pertinant stat you want to look at, from any angle says the same thing–we are in deep trouble.
              Your next point about taking a look outside at all the cars and businesses.  I live in a large metropolitan area.  I have never seen so many closed businesses, and people begging on the street.  The real unemployment rate is about 20%. 
             I have had no panic about what’s going on.  I work my plan, and buy my precious metals as I can, and proceed in as calm a manner as I am able. Our leaders have no more weapons to stop a failing ecomony.  They have used every weapon they have, and can only throw money at things, and we all know that won’t work.
             So, I don’t know what your’re smoking, but it must be some good schniit, because you sound like some of the other kool-aid drinking sheeple I talk to, telling me everything is ok, and “that could never happen”!!!  Look at history—everything old is new again.  it’s all happened before, and it’s happening again.  Wake up and smell the depression.

      22. @GPrice – We already have one mushroom.  I get the feeling your serious though.  Gotta agree with greaseman, your nuts.

      23. Or it is Mushroom using a different name.  Easily spoofed 🙂

        Why waste time trying to show them the truth.  They wish to be blind so let them.  I don’t know why my christian friends keep trying to convert me.  I’m not weak minded, I am not going to change my core beliefs.  How many Jehovah witnesses actually get people going door to door?  Likely not worth the effort, but they have lots of time and few brains so it works I suppose.

        I don’t know why either GPrice or Mushroom read here.  Its all lies (according to them).  Guess they have a lot of spare time to waste.  Maybe, if they have kids, they should be spending more time with them.

      24. Yeah…wel…I’ve got news for you: I’m already suffering. If it gets any worse, I’ll be dead. And I doubt I’ll be the only one.

        Maybe American ingenuity can win the day for us. But, it better hurry.

        I read that the economy’s been expanding since June 2009. Maybe things will finally start getting better soon. Then, we can beat the rest of the world at our own game. And it IS our game. We run the world economy. With America’s entrepreneurail can-do spirit, I think–I hope–it’ll take more than a pack of funny money to make us all lie down and die.

        Let’s hope.

      25. Comments…..Americans might have the can do spirit, but regular Americans aren’t running the country. We are controlled by demons, who are bent on our destruction, and who are running their game plan in high gear. Just because we are aware of what’s going on, doesn’t mean we can change it.  I fear we are way past that point.
             I think the economy is on an auto pilot to the bottom.  it will reset itself, and then we can start over.  I truly believe, that without some type of forced takeover, we are doomed to the forces that are running things.  They can be stopped, I just don’t think they will be till it’s all over for us as a nation.
               The only way to survive, is to seperate yourself from their game.  That’s done by buying precious metals, being self sufficient, and having a way to protect yourself.  that is the short , simple answer.  Tragically, only a very small number of people will heed this plan.  That is why, as a nation, we are screwed.  You can survive, but it won’t be pretty, or easy.
           Have a great day all, enjoy now, as you don’t have much longer to enjoy anything.

      26. @greaseman – Really now?  What if I enjoy living with the bare essentials as those did back in 1700s and computers are just a passing interest I could do without?  Assumptions, I tell ya.


      27. Comments….. if anyone loves to live life in the 180o’s style, go right ahead. There are some people that choose that lifestyle, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I choose not to live that style, as I do enjoy hot showers, and flush toilets.
            When I was young, (in the early 50’s) we lived in a rural area, where  some people still had outdoor toilets.  Not my favorite thing.  I like camping, but I don’t want to do it 365 days a year.
             Whatever lifestyle floats your boat, have at it.  I’m going to hang on to the 21st century as long as i’m able.

      28. @greaseman – Actually our septic tank never needs to be cleaned out.  I have solar and wind (both can run the house by itself) power so I will actually still have access to my Wii, 360 or PS3 even in a blackout.  House is heated by solar hot water and I have a 5000 gal hot water tank built under the house (which heats the in floor pipes).  Only a few days a year (about 5 last two years) have I had to use propane to power the inline instant hot water heater to keep up.

        No 1800s here.  Just common sense and a bit of forethought.  We mostly burn wood for the ambiance not for heat.  I lived in Portland, Or. but big cities just don’t suit my lifestyle.  And if it hits the fan, there’s not enough ammo a man could carry to likely get out 🙂

        Oh, I’m not a camping fan.  Do it for hikes and stuff but rather have a bed.

      29. Comments…..@ mike L
        My hat it off to you sir.  I wish that I could convert  to a more green type existence.  But without preplanning, it is quite costly to go the whole route, so to speak. If I was building a new place, I would spend the money and go the whole route, as it would pay for itself in a few years.  Right now, it just isn’t practical.
             But I always admire someone who has had the forthought to plan in advance for this switch to a more sustainable way of life.  Congrats on your advance planning.  You are not only saving a lot of dough, but improving  your ability to be self sustainable in a chaos situation. If it were not so expensive to retro fit, I’d be right there doing the same thing.  Good luck.

      30. Thanks greaseman, it took 3-4 years of planning and 2 years to execute.  Still going, but I thankfully can build my own solar hot water collector for the price of metal (10% of their cost since I do a lot of work for the company).  Things worked out.  I had a lot of workers that could do the work for little to no cost to me (besides material which is like half the cost now-a-days anyway).

        Its also not for everyone.  I’m not a fan of busy crowded streets 🙂

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