Does The Coronavirus Make Our Constitutional Freedom Of Assembly Obsolete?

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    Over the past couple of weeks, a trend has become apparent in the state of Idaho, specifically in Moscow, Idaho in Latah County. The city council of Moscow has issued a mandatory mask order, and they are using police to enforce it. Bizarrely, the city had ZERO deaths from Covid at the time the mask order was instituted, meaning their action was in response to…nothing.

    Idaho has had a total of 500 deaths from Covid since the beginning of the outbreak. To put this in perspective, the state also has around 400 deaths from diabetes every year, and 250 deaths from the flu/pneumonia according to the CDC. Perhaps they should ban sugar, and make masks mandatory for the flu as well, just to be safe…

    The residents of Moscow are not too happy with the city council’s attempt to unilaterally enforce such mandates. Church congregations in particular are fighting back by holding outdoor services without masks. The city has responded by ARRESTING the pastors of any church that dare to defy mask laws.

    I bring up this specific instance of coronavirus enforcement because the circumstances surrounding it are disturbing…

    First, it is not surprising that Latah County is one of the ONLY counties in Idaho that leans to the far-left politically, and the majority of the city council of Moscow is made up of leftists. Moscow is also the home of the University of Idaho. It seems wherever the political left sets up shop, constitution violating mandates on the coronavirus is prevalent. Even if a state government is predominantly more conservative and less antagonistic on lockdowns, left-leaning city and county officials have decided they are going to enforce their own restrictions anyway.

    Second, the mask rules are being used against people who held meetings outdoors, and this is something I am seeing all over the world right now. Why is the science of virus behavior in outdoor open-air environments not being discussed AT ALL in the mainstream? Why is no one talking about the fact that open air and UV rays from sunlight KILL microorganisms? The chance of contracting the coronavirus outdoors is next to zero, yet mask rules are being strictly instituted from Melbourne, Australia to New York, New York to Moscow, Idaho.

    Government officials must surely be aware that the science contradicts these orders. And if this is the case, then this only confirms that such restrictions are not about saving lives; they are about control.

    Third, the use of targeted arrests against organizers of group events is clearly an attempt to frighten the public into compliance without confronting their concerns directly. The goal is to encourage self-censorship and to manipulate citizens to avoid public assembly without coming out openly and saying “We are banning public assembly”. It’s an end-run around the constitution, and these actions are increasing in the US.

    As I have noted in past articles, I have been watching the draconian coronavirus measures in Australia and New Zealand very closely. My concerns rest on the other side of the world because what I see happening there is perhaps a beta-test for high-intensity lockdown restrictions in other western nations including America.

    Restrictions in these countries are rooted in what they are calling “Level 4 lockdowns”, and include mandatory mask orders (even outside), mandatory social distancing, bans on public assembly, church closures, citizens are not allowed to travel more than 3 miles from home (essentially people are under house arrest, with only one hour per day outside to exercise), people who contract the virus or are suspected of being infected can be locked up in Covid camps for as long as government officials deem it necessary, and in New Zealand, these camps are managed by the military.

    People speaking out against the lockdowns online are being arrested for “incitement”. Free speech in Australia is nearly dead.

    I believe the establishment of medical tyranny is moving so quickly in Australia because the vast majority of the population has been disarmed and they have limited means to fight back. It’s an easy place to test out control measures. Protests are taking place, but without a means of self-defense the citizenry is at the mercy of government and law enforcement. If the government wants to crack down violently on anti-lockdown groups, there will be little the public can do to stop them.

    What I see happening in places like Moscow, Idaho is the initial stages of medical tyranny similar to what is happening in Australia. What I see is an incremental form of totalitarianism, and it simply cannot be tolerated.

    We have heard it often during this pandemic event that we are “all in this together” and the lockdowns are “serving the greater good”, but this is nonsense. The constitutional rights of public assembly and freedom of religion in particular are being stifled, and these rights ARE the greater good. They are far more important than the lives of the select few people who are susceptible to the virus.

    Beyond that, why are we not talking about the number of people that are losing their jobs due to the lockdowns? How about the number of people that will die over time from poverty or depression or economic collapse because of the lockdowns? Is it not a matter of the “greater good” that we end the restrictions rather than increase them?

    No virus is worth this. It would not matter if we were talking about the Black Plague. Ultimately, though, Covid affects a very small portion of the US population. The real solution to the pandemic is simple:

    The people who are most susceptible should voluntarily stay home and quarantine, and the rest of us should get on with our lives with an open economy and normal constitutional rights. Why is this option not being presented?

    Mask laws in particular are truly bizarre. There is little evidence that cloth masks are effective in the slightest, but the idea that “everyone must wear a mask” in order for the masks to work reveals the true nature of the restrictions.

    If your mask is useless unless I also wear a mask, then the masks we are wearing are not offering much protection and their enforcement should be questioned. The fact that numerous states and counties across the US have had infection spikes even with strict mask mandates suggests to me that the masks are pointless. Even the CDC questions the effectiveness of cloth masks and recommends N95 masks for healthcare workers until there is some evidence that cloth masks function.

    If the CDC doesn’t believe they work very well, then why are people even wearing them, and why are people being arrested for refusing to use them? Again, the science does not support the mandates, so they must be about control rather than saving lives. If you can get a population acclimated to having the government involved in the smallest intricacies of their lives on a daily basis then freedom goes out the window and the establishment enjoys total power to do whatever they please.

    Don’t get me wrong, if a person WANTS to wear a mask, or take other precautions no matter how dubious, then I have nothing bad to say about them. That is their decision. If a business wants to require masks before entering, then that is also their right as property owners. I can choose to not shop there if I don’t like it. But it is not anyone’s right to attempt to force others to comply with their baseless rules just so they can personally feel safer. If I’m not wearing a mask and you don’t like it, then don’t come near me; it’s very easy.  As leftists like to say:  My body my choice.

    Take note of how many instances we have seen so far of Mask Nazis physically attacking people not wearing masks. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what they have been preaching?  Also, take note that Mask Nazis tend to be avid supporters of BLM and Antifa mobs that ignore pandemic restrictions.  Again, they don’t care about health issues, they are angry because you are not submitting to their control.

    Another terrifying development during the pandemic is the use of executive orders and executive authority to initiate restrictions without public oversight. Here is the bottom line: No government, whether it be federal, state, or local, has the power to violate your constitutional rights. Period. If a law or executive order tramples on the Bill of Rights, then it is automatically null and void and should be defied. National emergencies do no supplant the constitution, regardless of what statists might claim.

    Executive orders in particular are based on nothing other than the color of law. In most cases, they do not legally apply to the citizenry, only to government employees. Real laws are passed by the legislature and are often added to a ballot to be voted on by the public. No governor, mayor, city council, or president has the authority to assert new laws without oversight like a dictator.

    The political left has been quick to point out these facts whenever Donald Trump issues executive orders, yet they are also quick to defend those orders issued by states and cities to enforce unconstitutional and illegal lockdowns.

    In the end, whether you respect the Bill of Rights or not, laws are meaningless unless they are backed by principles. A law that is immoral and unjust should not be followed. Government representatives that abuse their positions to assert powers that are not granted them by the constitution should be unseated. The coronavirus changes nothing – Not a thing.

    I would suggest that anyone who lives in a place that is trying to enforce restrictions that are contrary to the Bill of Rights act now to disrupt what is likely an incremental march towards medical tyranny. If you don’t stand in opposition to these actions now, they will only grow over time until a majority of people become conditioned to accept them.


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      1. Luckily for those of us in Eastern Washington, not all of Idaho is insane. We have driven through Moscow a couple of times since this nonsense started but didn’t stop. Just less than 20 miles south of there Lewiston is normal. Problem with going to Lewiston is that it’s a bit over 100 miles one-way so we stick to closer parts of Idaho. Unfortunately the closest towns, Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene, have mask mandates, and I’ve read that Wallace does too. Oldtown, Priest River, Priest Lake, and Sandpoint are sensible. Some stores require masks but I just don’t even go in those stores.

      2. The masks provide basically no protection (except maybe to contain a sneeze or a cough), the holes in an average mask being worn are 4,000 to 40,000 times bigger than the virus, how is this supposed to stop viruses.
        In case some haven’t caught on yet, the primary intent of the state to enforce the wearing of masks is not to inhibit transmission of the virus, it is to instill compliance and inculcate submission of the populace.
        Wearing a mask is a psychological and physical barrier for people communicate. The state doesn’t want you to even casually discuss the efficacy of state edicts with others, they want you to blindly accept they are the experts, and to leave all decisions to them, they want you to believe they know better anyway.
        The State prefers to isolate the opinion(s) of every single citizen. The State knows that wearing a mask is a potent psychological symbol, it causes one to hold others as contagious, or sickly, or even suspicious, and therefore less likely to communicate with other mask wearers.
        There were many “studies” performed on behalf of the State under communism in the USSR and eastern Europe. They developed many techniques to isolate the person so that citizens would remain submissive and passive, and furthermore to accept State-sponsored authoritarianism as normal or even good.
        The more intelligent, better and healthier way is to hold the “authorities” suspect in EVERYTHING they say and do, to NEVER believe them about anything. That whatever they do is not for you, it is to help them.

        • … intent of the state to enforce …., The state doesn’t want you to even casually discuss the efficacy of state edicts…, The State prefers to isolate the opinion(s) of every single citizen., The State knows that wearing a mask is a potent psychological symbol…, They (the State) developed many techniques to isolate the person so that citizens would remain submissive and passive, and furthermore to accept State-sponsored authoritarianism as normal or even good.

          This happens to come to.mind:

        • It’s a shame that you really don’t have any idea about what your writing about. Please research a little more. Of course regular masks do not stop a virus from entering/exiting, but it does provide a small measure of protection from viral load from the wearer or those around. Viral load plays a major difference in whether you get a mild case or life threatening case (taking into account of any comorbidity’s that one may have). That is also why social distancing in addition to face masks is so important.

          For real protection, one must wear a N95 or N100 respirator but good luck in finding any available. Of course even with this type of protection, you must still worry about unprotected eyes. Covid19 is real and there are two early intervention medicines that are proven to work (must be taken very early on after infection) but covid19 has become so political along with big money in the pharmaceutical industry that the two known treatments are not even talked about and or censured so that the masses don’t even know about them.

          I could go on and on with facts, but please I encourage you and everyone else to do your research. We don’t have to completely isolate ourselves from normal life but we do need to use common sense approaches and have access to ALL information which is currently being suppressed.

      3. Smoking kills a lot more than covid. Has the govt. shut down the tobacco companies yet?

      4. The Jim-Jones-Cool-Aid type thinkers (Relax, this is a criticism of those that do NOT think for themselves. NOT an ethnic slur.) fail to use critical observation & thinking. The “Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics” (Thanks for the great phrase Samuel Clemmons & Benjamin Disraeli) used to convince many Americans they were going to die from Covid-19 was WRONG. Of the about 3 million deaths expected in the USA this year, this disease is primarily dangerous to old folks, like me, with co-morbidities. Tallys of Covid-19 deaths have been inflated with financial incentives to medical professionals. Add to that, politicians with a propensity for tyranny and you have the Moscow, Idaho idiocy.

      5. The CDC just recently admitted in a study done last month that masks do not stop the spread of the virus or anything else. And the WHO has finally admitted that the lockdowns were a mistake and called for them to be lifted. Anyone who tries to act against me for not wearing a mask will get their day ruined. Sounds like the residents in that part of Idaho need to rise up against their local government.

        • The “WHO” only said that the lockdowns were a mistake because of the deteriorating 3rd world economy. They never said covid19 didn’t exist! They take the position that lives lost to covid are better than entire economies being ruined.

          Real leadership would have balanced both, the economy and managing covid19.

          The lack of leadership is evident!

          • Go back to cnn

      6. Good article. Interesting to read how far down the Pacific outposts of the Anglo West have fallen.

        Still wish Smith and others like him had been more supportive of Donald Trump.

        Intellectually, Smith understands the problem. Emotionally, he doesn’t get, that only Trump stands in the way of catastrophe. Inept as Trump may appear, the visibly adept JFK was promptly assassinated.

        Sneaking no new wars past the Deep State (until Robert Gates called it earlier this year) was ingenious Trumpism. Not quite balancing off the inability to end the ongoing wars, but especially significant as Nagorn–Karabakh heats up.

        Trump’s handling of COVID-1984 was a libertarian triumph, leaving action on the virus to individual responsibility, not state abuse of pwer. That was about as well as could be done given that health care is primarily a state responsibility.

        Blocking travel from Europe the same time as China might have slowed the initial burn through of the now-dominant European strain of the virus. However, those vulnerable to dying of it would have died, being in the same victim pool as the flu. The remainder of last year’s flu season was statistically unaffected by lockdown and mask measures.

        The European globalist Deep State will own America if Biden gets in. The reset is about resetting the power gap between the Euro power elites and the rest of the world including the Anglo-Western empire.

        The Long War against Eurasia is an economic war first, whether one agrees with its fighting or not.

        Breaking America economically, is clearly not the way to win versus the World Heartland, therefore the prize this round is not the World heartland, but the American Heartland.

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