Does Iran Have a Nuclear Weapon?

by | Feb 8, 2010 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    Over the last week, the following headlines appeared in mainstream news sources:

    Iran Reports Naval Buildup In Gulf [January 30] (original publishing website is now out of service)

    US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles [January 31]

    ‘Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11 [February 1]

    Israeli Ships Cross Suez Canal [February 7]

    Syria slips Hizballah Fateh-110 missiles able to destroy Israeli cities [February 7]

    Iran anniversary ‘punch’ will stun West: Khamenei [February 8]

    Today, Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had the following to say:

    “The Iranian nation, with its unity and God’s grace, will punch the arrogance (Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman (February 11) in a way that will leave them stunned.”

    Could there be anything more stunning than Iran announcing that they have manufactured a nuclear weapon and have it missile ready?

    What other reason could there be for the Patriot missile defense system deployment a week ago?

    If Iran has, in fact, built a nuclear weapon, how will Western powers respond?

    In the event that they have successfully built the bomb, any attempt to disarm Iran may lead to a launching of the missile onto Israeli soil. Iran does not have a missile capable of reaching the United States, but they could certainly hit Israel and if I remember correctly, are capable of reaching Europe as well.

    An alternate idea regarding an Iranian missile: what if it has been deployed by sea and is floating around somewhere in the Pacific ocean right now, headed for the United States?

    I guess we’ll know more on February 11th.

    Last minute anti-radiation nuke pills anyone?

    UPDATE 15:20

    If Iran does have a nuclear weapon, consider what the effect may be on the price of oil in coming days and weeks. If we see a price explosion resulting from panic, then we could easily experience a massive stock market collapse as we did in mid-to-late 2008. But this time, oil may stay steady, along with the price of gold/silver.


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      1. WIND AND SMOKE !!!  IF thay had a nuke the morons would have used it by now .  More than likely what thay are going to do is launch a bigger missle with  bigger payload capacity and longer range  so thay will be able to say that not only can thay hit Israel but now can reach the US . Well Yippie Skippy !

      2. Excellent consideration AB. ImaDinnaJacket always talks a big game, but never really delivers. I think your scenario is probably pretty likely, as well.   If it was a nuke either 1) they would have launched the nuke already, like you said   2) or Israel would have already attacked them. 

      3. Yep, they got one or two.  So now what is the world going to do?? 

      4. These alleged comments, by the ayatolahs, with inerpretations by western news media sound somewhat  bent. This all sounds like bs to me. I don’t believe the Iranians are suicidal, it seems more likely their comments are reiterated out of context or completely fabricated. Zio-faschist neo- Nazis  should be destroyed though, but through international publc awarness . To bad the bastards control the media. 

      5. Burger Kings that is…… lol 
        These guys are just trying to get Media attention that is all, their big announcement is that they decided to open a Hooters in Tehran…..  come on if Israel thought for a moment that they had a nuke, war would already be happening…. but hey they got three days and then everyone will know….  I hope the hooters girls don’t wear burkas, that would ruin everything…  peace  🙂

      6. Paul, I had the same conversation with my wife…. Suicide is exactly what it would be… The timing of the patriot missile defense ramp up is kind of interesting, considering the President was getting hammered by the Scott Brown loss, health care going down the tubes, and millions of Americans pretty much outraged at Washington… So what do they do? Try and scare the hell out of us to keep themselves relevant.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if this is yet another false flag.. fear propaganda — it works.

        Still, I felt compelled to put up the story — just in case…that way I can later say that I broke the story if Iran turns out to have a nuke… heh  (j/k)

      7. The zionist jew propaganda machine (MSM) has been working overtime trying to convince Americans to sacrifice more American blood and live for the shitty little state of israhell.
        No more!
        More and more American citizens are awakening as they now realise the zionist jews are lying through their talmudic eyeteeth.
        The only enemy we have to deal with is zionism and israhell.

      8. They control the media, but not the internet (yet). What is the source of this story? If it’s western media, it’s all lies. Better yet, “keep hitting the masses with this” we’ll soften-em up before our next move.
        Israel IS the enemy. If the whole of the Arab nations “took them down” and we took care of the Zionist bastards on our end, we could rid ourselves of this pestilence once and for all.   

      9. Read more here…Pretty interesting website that claims inside intel from the Kremlin.  From their point of view, the moves we (USA) make are far different then what we read/hear about from mainstream.

      10. @YourDaddy — very interesting info and website…


        Feb 2, 2010-
        “A GRU report prepared for General Shlyakhturov circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Obama was warned this past week by former President George H. W. Bush that should he, Obama, not “immediately back” the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Mossad’s planned “Thunder Strike” war on Iran he would have to “pay the consequences”.

        According to these reports, Bush, now 85, made an “unscheduled” and “unannounced” visit to the White House accompanied by his son, and former Governor of Florida, Jeb to issue this ultimatum to Obama. Important to note about Bush is that aside from his having been the 43rd President of the United States he was also the former Director of the CIA under President Ford.”

        We’re talkin’ hard core conspiracy theory here. We may soon find out if it is fact.

      11. I couldn’t resist.

      12.  I don’t know…  If I were the U.S. government elites and I had a huge debt ( Treasury Bonds of which China holds 800bn and Russia has 121bn; damn close to a Trillion)… and I can’t figure out how to fix this mess…but… having  the worlds Largest & most powerful military;  I think I’d make up a reason to start WWIII.  Keeps everyone’s eye off the “great recession”  or “greater Depression” depending  on your view… and it allows you to possible  push China/Russia  to decide who’s side they are on once and for all.  If they choose Iran, then the US can default/erase the loans.  Blame the whole WWIII on Iran… keep our expensive military humming (full employment anyone), allows the US Gov, to do/say/or take in the name of National Security, assets can be frozen, banks can be taken over, hell companies can be taken over…etc,etc,etc

        If my old high school history serves me… every major war was started by a Democrat (WWI was Woodrow Wilson, WWII was FDR, Korean War was Harry Truman, Vietnam War was Kennedy/Johnson)… go figure!!! 

      13. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with a financial punch. Iran isn’t stupid enough to start waving nukes around. C’mon people. They will probably do something that will affect the U.S. dollar and hurt it financially in an already wounded economy.

      14. anon — interesting observation. Perhaps they will start accepting a different currency for their oil? Iraq tried that one too and one could argue that was one of the reasons TPTB decided to roll in on Saddam. Still, they may try to ‘punch’ the West that way..

      15. dirty bombs in the Strait of Hormuz…shuts down shipping of petro for months.  barrel at $300…8.00 per gallon of unleaded.  It would be the finishing blow to our crippled economy.

      16. Anon & Mac , Your both forgetting that IMANUTJOB see it as his solom duty to start WWIII so as to bring back the 3rd amadi when the war is at its peak the return will usher in ISLAM as a one world reglion and all enemys of islam will convert or die . We as a nation must STOP using a western psychology on an eastern nation who have no concept of it except as a weapon to use against us (The US ) ERIC :  a dirty bomb would just blow away in the wind ,nothing out there but water , however if a supertanker was sunk in the strait and contaminated as well that would be the end of oil for quite a while.  just my opinion .

      17. I also do not think they’ll play the nuke card.  It alienates and antoagonizes too many people.  If they really do have apunch to deliver I think it would be more like only accepting gold for oil.   they ditched the $ but still take euros -that’s not looking too smart right now-the only alternative it gold.   No one can really hold that against them-morally anyway, and it  could really push the financial mess over the edge.  They might also do currency swaps with China for oil.  For everyone else it’s GOLD!
        Aside from financial or nukes what else packas enough of a punch?

      18. You guys, do a google search and read a little about the sunburn missle.  Our navy in the straight of hormuz could be wiped out!

        Iran, bought some of these from the soviet union and they are the nastist anti ship missle made.  I don’t think we have a defense for these.  Read and be very afraid.

      19. Comments….. Why the trouble to make a nuke when they have the money to buy one (or two or three) already made?

        I do have that they have ten of them is stock……only way to stop the Zionist from taking all of the Middle East one country at the time.

      20. PONCE :  I am a child of the 60s , I remember a poster of Pres. Nixon that said “Would you buy a used car from this man?’  well Replace that face and put in PUTINs and there you go !! A nuke is not your daddys shotgun , it dosent just sit on the shelf for a while then throw in some shells and go hunting . We the US spend billions with a captial B maintaining our nuke arsenal, the stuff goes bad just sitting on the shelf ! can you emagine what happens when the things are smuggled around the world being thumped and bumped flown in an airplane then put on a ship ?  It will not supprise me that the terrorists did in fact buy some nukes but that none of them have worked !!  Let me finaly say this , I have read some postings here that bother me greatly , The one and only true friend we have in the middle east is ISRAEL ! It is not Jewish men who want us converted or dead , It is not Israel that wants to start  WW III , Israel does not want to take over its neighbors , only the countrys that soround Israel do . Only Islam says convert or die .  Israel wants to live in peace , live and let live . I admire them for that . Israel is the apple of God’s eye .  Those who try to harm her will suffer greatly. ” Those who curse Israel I will curse , those who praise Israel I will praise.” God cannot make it any more clear than that. I had to get that off my chest . Thanks for reading my posts here . ABN 71


        Interesting article.  Israel will attack soon.  It’s not just “Imanutjob’s” physical threats against Israel.  If Iran gets the bomb but never uses it it would still destroy Israel…their tourism industry, which accounts for the vast majority of its revenue, would be toast.

      22. Perhaps this is just naivety on my part (I’m new to this idea of the SHTF), but why aren’t any major news outlets broadcasting this story?  The only major website I have seen this on is Fox News, which, at least in my mind, is not always the most reliable.  However, lots of other independent news sources are broadcasting the story and they tend to be more trustworthy.  Is this an attempt to try to brush the story aside?  Are we making it a bigger deal than it is?  Or is American media really that ignorant to whati s actually going on in the world?

      23. The term “totally brainwashed” would fit real well right here. “Israel is the apple of God’s eye”. Hogwash. Israel is the work of the Devil, as are all Jews. Who controls the media? Who controls the Fed? Who truly controls the Government? Who is slaughtering the Palestinians? Who perpetrated 911? Better yet, who is responsible for the majority of evil acts going back thousands of years?  Jews are. Jesus called them out for what they are in John 8-44. They curse Mary and Jesus. (The Muslims revere them.) Just what is this “War on Terrorism”? How many Iraqis have we killed? That would be about 1.5 MILLION. How many Afghans, Pakistanis, Yemenis? Who is the terrorist here??????
        We are. What is an insurgent? That would be someone who wants an invader out of their country. Who invaded who here? We (U.S.) are Israel’s and the Jew’s lapdog. Turn off the damn “boob tube”, put down the paper and magazines, and silence the radio. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that comes across those sources is propaganda designed to make you think exactly as you are. Do a 180 and look at things from the other side. Then and only then will you know who is your enemy. Here’s a final question for you. Why does there only seem to be terrorist activity in countries with energy? Em….. maybe there is another angle here!!

      24. MDF , Try saying that in front of GOD on judgement day. You might be dissappointed with the answer . I could give you example after example of the restraint shown by Israel  or of the holocost of WWII  but I will not confuse you with the facts ….your minds made up .  Have a nice life

      25. I don’t think the venue of this site is for religous dogma or debate. My comments on Isreal are in reference to the militaristic and neo-nazi social implications of their oppression of the people of Gaza and their known false flag attacks in recent history. How is GOD to condone this behavior. If GOD is on their side why do they need 200 nukes supplied by the US taxpayers . WERE is their faith.  

      26. It is not hard to get off your talking points sometimes…  

      27. Hold it. Hold it. Is this REALLY true? Na, it can’t be. Could we be dealing with a disinformant here? Yep, I think we are. ABN71 is that the best you can do? We sprang right up to the God level awful fast didn’t we? Standard procedure is to throw in the holahoax guilt trip thing too. Man, I almost keep forgetting about the 50 million+ Christians murdered at the hand of the Jews during and after the Bolshevik Revolution. I guess that’s just “goy” chump change to the “chosen ones”. The USS Liberty was “justified”; did I get that right? What’s the Mossad’s motto there big guy? Something like “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”. Well guess what? It ain’t working NO MORE fella. The veil of lies has been pulled back. It is plain to see what our “problem” is. Bunches, and I mean bunches of folks are figuring it out. You just keep it up the best that you can and we’ll laugh at you harder. Sooner, rather than later, the laughing stops and we get to work removing this cancer from our country.

      28. History lesson here.  We did not start WWI, WWII or the Korean War.  Wilson kept us out of WWI until 1917.  As for WWII, the last I knew, it started in 1939 and we stayed out (officially) until 1941 when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor.  Truman responded to a N. Korean invasion of S. Korea in June 1950. We started Vietnam.

      29. First of all , Israel threatens no-one with its nukes , it will use them in self defence only ,Not so with Iran , second how would the US react if mexaco were to lob rockets across the border to Lets say Dallas  Texas ?  Answer just the same way we did when Poncho Via  robbed banks and murdered our citizens , we would go after the bad guys , so is Israel any different ? again I say thay have shown remarkable restraint .Israel with its modern Air Force can at any time blow the entire gaza strip into dust but has not done so. One of the most informitive books written about this reigon is ” Hatered , The everlasting roots of Jahad ” its author is Hal Lindsy, Like it or not the Bible and its prophsey play a major roll in what is and will take place there. Israel is the land of the Bible and to ignore its importance is to ignore  what is going to happen . I make no appologys for my christian faith or quoting from the Bible . I have done so as to show that what is to happen will effect both the USA and Israel.

      30. Who gets the last word here? I think I’m arguing with a “brick wall of ignorance”. Question, just how many Israelis have been killed by those modified “bottle rockets” that have been “supposedly” launched by the Palestinians?  I think that answer is a “big fat donut”.  How many men, WOMEN, and CHILDREN has Israel killed or maimed? Who’s using “white phosphorous’?  To bad our Jew controlled media doesn’t publish those pictures of mass murder for us “sheep” to see. How come “our good buds” are doing everything in there power to squash the “Goldstone” report in the UN. (Who’s helping them keep the report suppressed? That’s right, the lapdog U.S.)  For every reason you use to defend Israel. A thousand rebuttals can be made.
        I’m done with this round 71. I’ll keep watching your comments. I have a strong feeling about who you “really” are. I’m going to do my best to slam your ass with every lie that spews out from that forked tongue.
        Christian American’s spell the word “they” not “thay” Heck, you should understand that. Don’t you use the phrase “oy vEy” all the time?

      31.  The  Bible tells us to not argue with fools , just  proclaim the good news , MDF thats somthing I have to remember with you , say any thing you want when I post again here , I will just ignore it , you are  not worth one minute of my precious time .  As for my spelling , I get my point across thats all I care about  , I have always had a problem with spelling , its odd you are the only one who has ever pointed it out , proud of your self ? Now  be a good boy and like I previously said , have a nice life .

      32. AB,  you thought if you used the term ” Israel ” in Bible, you will confuse intelligent people as a real Israel  in bible sense?  You can only fool yourself.  Please don’t use Bible as your defence to  “Israel”‘s crime, please respect Bible . Enough is enough.
        PS, I have  a few Jewish friends, but no friend from Arabic , and I am Asian American.

      33. jzw I would love to get into a battle of wits with you but you are un armed . INTELLGENT people have read the bible . Israel’s only “Crime” is self defence . The same thing we would do if missiles were launched at us  from some place like Mexico . Believe what you will  . But Israel has Nukes and has not  used them on those it disagrees with . Iran on the other hand is working hard to get Nukes to use them on Israel . BIG difference.

      34. AB, sorry the only reasoning from you is to quote Bible to justify a false name “Israel’s behavior.  You sound like living in modern “Middle age”, a fantasy type of thinking. No, I never sympathy to those Islam’s extremists, but at least their acts  were  AFTER  “Israel”s national terrosits acts on poor palestain people.
        “Israel” holds whole world , especially US as their hostages, everyone, except people like you, can see this.

      35. Have a nice life !

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