DoD Creating Virus-Fighting Viruses For Outbreak Emergency: Will “Evolve With Lethal Viruses As They Compete With Them”

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 67 comments

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    The future of warfare is viral.

    The U.S. military is now creating its own custom-made line of viruses that it hopes can be used to neutralize a deadly virus during an outbreak by out competing with it and reproducing enough times to overwhelm a strain like HIV, Zika or Ebola.

    But early research also shows that the lab created, genetically-engineered “dud” viruses could interfere with DNA and trigger cancer, and unlike other therapeutics, will be evolving as it courses through.

    For now, it’s future is still in the hands of military scientists. But the Department of Defense sees it as very promising.

    via Bloomberg:

    A pair of brothers working in laboratories on opposite coasts of the U.S. are brewing a new approach to fighting viruses, one that’s drawn interest from the military for protection against the threat of infections such as Zika and Ebola.

    The experimental treatment pursued by Ariel Weinberger, a Harvard University biologist, and Leor Weinberger, a virologist at the University of California at San Francisco-affiliated Gladstone Institutes, deploys a tweaked, safe version of a virus to overwhelm the form that invades and kills cells. While it’s very early — the approach has only been tested in test tubes and animals — the U.S. government is ready to invest in developing the idea and seeing whether similar mutants can protect against other diseases.

    The brothers are studying bits of genetic material called therapeutic interfering particles, or TIPs […] the Weinbergers have received funding from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for exploratory studies of TIPs, and in April DARPA issued a call for more proposals.

    There is great promise for the research which hopes, in essence, to neutralize viruses, including those as complicated and thus far undefeated as the HIV virus:

    In the 1940s, however, a Danish scientist named Preben von Magnus discovered that flu viruses sometimes create non-infectious mutant offspring. These incomplete progeny function like parasites, thwarting the ability of normal viruses to grow…

    These faulty viruses are the basis for the TIPs concept, which Leor Weinberger is using to battle HIV in laboratory dishes. The engineered virus hibernates in cells until the arrival of HIV, when the lethal virus stimulates TIPs to replicate alongside it. Because TIPs genes are shorter than HIV’s, they duplicate faster — 10 times faster, in the Weinbergers’ experiments. That allows TIPs to preemptively grab resources — in particular, the protein shells that allow HIV to leave the infected cell and find new hosts. As TIPs mutate, they may also continue to evolve along with the lethal viruses as they compete with them.

    The brothers’ mathematical modeling suggests that if TIPs can outrace the growth of the normal virus, these benign particles will keep the disease under control. DARPA is looking at TIPs for a potentially speedy response to outbreaks like Ebola, which killed more than 11,300 people in West Africa between 2014 and 2016.

    But with promise, also peril.

    The weaponization cuts both ways, and with each new development, we are brought closer to coflict: there is quite possibly no avoiding it.

    “We’re looking at a situation where it’s getting easier and easier for nefarious people or communities or countries to engineer their own viruses,” Jim Gimlett, a program director at DARPA, said by phone.

    And the military admits that the engineered viruses will be mutating, and could “escape” into the real world.

    As Jurassic Park taught us all, the potential for mutation is the potential for trouble. Life finds a way – and what is meant to be harmless and helpful in the fight against infection could, in fact, transform into something deadly in of itself.

    For every promise of a cure to deadly disease, there is an increasing potential for new forms of biological warfare, and agents who are capable of acting on behalf many types of malevolent interests. Their cover stories of doing this research to solve the AIDS riddle and stop human suffering may not be telling the whole story.

    The Department of Defense has run scenarios on the potential death rate in the event that a major pandemic broke out – with the likelihood of something like H7N9 flu or worse infecting tens of millions of people, and killing as many as 2 million in the United States alone:

    According to the government, their plans call for a minimum of 2 million dead and 5 million hospitalizations should a viruses such as the H7N9 flu strain or a respiratory coronavirus (MERS-CoV) mutate into a more deadly and contagious form.

    According to a recently declassified report from the Department of Defense the threat is real and it could come at any time:

    If a flu pandemic strikes, about 30 percent of the U.S. population could fall ill, with 3 million hospitalizations and 2 million deaths. Basic services, such as medical care or essential supply deliveries, will probably be disrupted.

    There is a mad dash in the black world to hold the keys in silent war that could someday see the release of a deadly and spreading mutagen with total global contamination potential.

    Crisis seems to loom in the hazy but not too distant future.

    Right now, the federal government has multiple warehouses at secret locations filled with every known antidote, vaccines, antibiotics, medical supplies and other tools to quell the threat of pandemics, and especially to protect their own.

    What are they really preparing for?

    Read more:

    Secret Government Warehouse Stockpiling for Pandemic: “Can’t Be Discussed Publicly”

    Gov Estimates Pandemic Would Kill At Least 2 Million: “Completely Realistic and Based on Years of Data”

    Report: Homeland Security to Build Bio Safety Level 4 Virus Research Facility Centrally Located In Kansas

    What Is Not Being Said Publicly: Ebola Virus’s Hyper-Evolution is Unprecedented… Could Go Airborne


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      1. These people are stone-cold INSANE.



          Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) on Wednesday defended his controversial comment this week that some cultures contribute more to civilization than others.

          “The idea of multiculturalism, that every culture is equal — that’s not objectively true,” King told The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, less than 48 hours after he asked on live TV what “subgroups” besides white people had made any contributions to civilization. “We’ve been fed that information for the past 25 years, and we’re not going to become a greater nation if we continue to do that.”


      2. Maybe why there’s a norovirus going through the Republican Convention.

        • Colloidal silver the right strength and dose will kill any virus or bacteria. You just have to get it in you before or quickly after exposure or you die.

          • This is exactly why you need to get out of mass population centers. Anything you touch in Public could be laced with a virus.

            If I was looking for a great BOL location remote and off the grid, I would be looking at property like this listing. 5 Acres in NC only $9,900. Link: ht tp://

            There are tons of properties and acreage listed on this site, and just type in your criteria for State, Acres, Price, water front, etc. This is only $2K per acre. Its a NO BRAINER Folks.

            I already have a BOL, but just may be looking for a back up BOL property in another state besides Florida. I would go look at this. Great property with private Lake access. No restrictions, raise some chickens, grow a garden, get a goat..

            Sell your Heavily Taxed POS house in the City now and get the heck out of the chaos. Take your profit and scramola to the country and remoteness. Just go do it,… You can thank me later.


            • WWTI, spot on. You are currently located in ‘hurricane country’. Where I’m at now sits on 30 acres with a year-round creek bordering on one side of the land and a lifetime supply of firewood. I haven’t been on here much this week because of other ‘activities’. I’m monitoring everything as close as I can since I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be here. we’ll see.

              • BH, there tons of sites selling land of all flavors, one needs to estimate thier future needs and wants to determine where to live or bol.
                If someone gave me the right number, I would sell my BOL now, and sell my home and build further out, depends on your situation.
                I hope to build my next and last house on acreage, so take your time and think about it.
                Be well all…

                • If you lucked up and say took home 50 million off lottery, where would you wind up living???

                  What would you do with your life?
                  Travel, build a ponderosa, just a thought…

                  • If I won $50 Mil, I would build the next Playboy Grotto on my current BOL property and stock the cement pond with a hundred Naked Big Busted Babe Fish. Catch and release of course..

                    Hey, you asked…Thx for that moment of fantasy.. ha..


                • Eppe, my only hope for getting any kind of property is county auction. I’ll look into that again soon.

              • BH, The entire SE of the United States is Hurricane Country. The Entire Coastline 200 Miles inland from Texas to Florida to New York can receive Hurricane destruction. Georgia can also be hit, maybe even where you are.

                My city house was only 8 Ft above sea level and a block from the Tampa Bay. I am now about 30 to 45 Mins from the Gulf, and sitting at 45 Ft above sea level and that’s the difference bigtime. And we get as much as 2 weeks notice that a Hurricane is coming so we can easily prepare for its landing. Been there, did that lots of times and have evacuated to higher ground about 6 to 8 times in the last 25 years. Coastlines worry more about storm surges and flooding than high winds. I never filed a single Insurance claim ever, and that was just wasted money I feel – about $60K over 14 years.

                At my BOL today, I don’t pay any insurance at all, and off their Greedy Fleecing Insurance Grid Scam. I can do this because I own outright the property land and buildings. I am self-insured and you can be too, if you own your property in full. I will carry that replacement costs on my terms called FREE. That’s what being off the grid is all about. If you carry a mortgage, you are required to carry massive insurance to protect the bank’s interest. I am the Fire Dept, Police Dept and Self insured. If you live in the City some Ahole walks up to your front door, and slips on your porch you have to be insured for mostly that. My insurance policy out here is No Trespassing Signs, a 6 Ft Tall cattle fencing 3 stranded Barbed wires at the top, so no AHoles can walk out here and get hurt. And if I have to shoot them, we shoot, shovel and shut up so there is no claim filed in that case either. Ha. Good luck at your new Hidey Hole.


            • Here is an article I just found, that confirms of what I just stated a few days ago, of how “US Cops are Trained to Murder by being sent over to Israel for their Hate Training.”

              Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder — Paul Craig Roberts – Link:

              Then the Zionists fund Other side of the equation, with Hate Groups like Black lives matter to go out and Cop Kill.

              You see the Zionist Chaos makers play every side of this story, Hate Hate Hate, and create chaos and division here in America. And then their Jew Zionist security firms profit off the chaos they invented.

              We need to Destroy the Chaos Makers. Let the Cops arrest these Zionists, and let the Black Lives Matter group Kill them. You want poetic justice here in America, Understand “WHO” is creating this Chaos and expose them at every turn.

              Wake UP Sheeple, Get the Truth… Without the Truth, we are just ignorant dopes slapping Band-aids on the scabs. And the Zionists that sit in their Ivory Towers, just laugh at Dumb Americans arguing and killing each other over their created Chaos. We need to DESTROY the chaos makers that Destroy America and our Traditional Values, culture and freedoms.


            • WWTI, silver is goin south. You predicted 26.50 by the end of July. It’s under 20 an oz and were in the third week of the month. What say you?

          • So we have an unused cure for AIDS?

        • you are 100% correct sir! I worked briefly for a virus research firm in my area, and they did a lot of GOV contracts. I quickly became very worried about how cavalier they were about how they handled the viruses and how unconcerened they were about how they disposed of the viruses after they were finished with them. YEP, many many viruses went down the drain into the public sewer system. You are right to be worried about DoD playing with viruses!

        • Jim in VA. The Norovirus was isolated to about a dozen California Delegates that were Quarantined and not let into the convention. So it is not the entire GOP convention. Just getting the facts out. I heard this on a major Radio News channel yesterday.


      3. Untreatable virus deadly superbugs we can’t cure. Sounds like chicken little to me. The sky is falling help. I heard every lie in the book this year. Your wife has a super bug anicetobucker B its untreatable. Big Phrma got nothing to cure it. Its a killer from Iraq she’ll die on a ventilator. But they forgot about God & his wisdom. She now off the ventilator doing just fine coming home July 28th next week. The superbug dead not her. So lab rats cook up what ever you want. I can’t beat it with what God has given me. And to those doctors sell your lies elsewhere I’m not buy it’

        • sounds like you’ve forgotten where you ARE, nubria. isn’t this site FOR telling you what to DO when the shtf?….just why ARE you here?

      4. brass and lead nutrients are the most deadly virus. I have been banned!

        • thank GAAAWD!

          • Off topic. Looks like lots of Retail Theft going on. I pulled up to a Lowes tonight, and the County sheriff deputy was handcuffing a guy to tried to walk out of Lowes with an Air Conditioning Unit. They had him under surveillance and followed him out to his car. I then went to a Walmart, and the Check out teller was saying to the lady in front of me they had a sting at the store today and caught a gang of Thieves that were stealing and trying or return product for cash. The cops were waiting and arrested them all. Yep they were white trash Meth heads.

            SO Lock your vehicles when shopping, hide your valuables out of sight in your vehicle. Its time to step up your GAME with your own personal security and start carrying your weapons with you. Blast any crack-head that threatens you. Same with your Home security. Lock your doors, close your curtains when you leave and leave some timer lights on at night or TV/ radio to make it look or sound like you are at home.

            Desperate people are doing desperate things, stealing, shooting, killing, stabbing. Its situational awareness that will keep you safe and alive.


            • Jim in Va: The noro virus is called “oral diarrhea” (giving speeches)

            • WWTI, spot on. I already do those things anyway.

            • whoWTF: Seems theft is going on more here too. I shop early in the day, home before lunch. Stores quiet then. Weekends are worse more people distracting sales people. I never shop Fri-Sun. other than picking up small amount of groceries I forgot earlier in the week. Robberies in parking lots at night at dusk.

              • LM: great advice. That sounds like me. I also avoid shopping on the 1st or the 15th. That is when the EBT cards are refilled. Easier to just avoid the rush. Prices are higher on those days, too.

                Was at local grocery last week and was held up in checkout by mother with four or five teens. One kid was being obnoxious. Acting bizarre, making noises. Flipped item onto the checkout while mother was not paying attention. The kid was walking all over the place and stood behind me. I backed up and looked at the kid and told the kid he needed to move. The kid had this blank look in his eyes. Didn’t speak or say anything, Just stared me down.

                I am guessing the kid thought he could pickpocket me. Not sure. But that blank stare was a giveaway. No emotion at all in that kids face. None. The mother was absolutely unaware. Of course if anything happens she will scream and holler that her son was a perfect little angel.

                I don’t get shaken up very much but that kid scared the living daylights out of me. I ended up going to another checkout aisle.

                Thank god I am tall and was able to stare down this little brat and make it clear that I was not a victim nor was I scared nor intimidated.

        • Last month: Brexit! This month: Portugone. Lock and Load!

          • Imposter, go away before I get HCKS after you.

        • Love you, Cuz!

          • Off topic- Senior moment – I must be getting old. When more and more people are calling me Sir. And that really pisses me off. Must be the grey hairs popping out.

            You know once you hit 50 you can apply for a AARP card. You know get the 10% off senior Citizen discounts at restaurants.. I have a guy friend who dated this older lady, who would ask for the 10% off when he took her out to dinner. He said there are benefits to dating older women. I refuse to ask for discounts on that premise. I still have my dignity.

            My Guy friend has no shame. Hell, he stops and picks shit out of other people curbside trash and sells the stuff on craigs list for cash. He is a tightwad all the way.


        • NGIC, I’ll make a deal with you. Just behave yourself and I won’t get HCKS after you. LOL!


        Oh Grey Goo… we’ll invent you yet…

        • Finally 2 Bankers Arrested at JFK Airport –

          Betrayal, corruption, and manipulation: 2 traders have been charged with ‘front-running’
          07-20-2016 • Business Insider
          He will appear in federal court in New York on Wednesday and has been charged with conspiring to defraud a client of the bank.

          Johnson joined HSBC in 2010 from a fund manager he had helped set up. He previously worked at Deutsche Bank.

          He has been charged, along with former colleague Stuart Scott, with “front-running” a client order. Scott had been head of foreign-exchange cash trading for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

          Front-running is where market makers trade on client information before the client’s trade is executed. For example, if Trader A knows Client B is about to buy Currency C, then Trader A might buy Currency C before Client B’s trade is processed. If the currency moves as a result of the client transaction, Trader A cashes in.

          Article- ht tp://


      6. The Military will turn on the American people. Just like the Police.
        “Just following Orders”.
        The Politicians-Police-and Military view You as the enemy.
        The ones that don’t, are purged. That is what your King Obama did. He purged the military of officers that show a conscience and who are Patriotic towards America.

        I remember a Form Questionair, that we were asked to answer.
        One question asked “if you would fire on the American people, if ordered.”
        The Lt. stepped in and told is all to say “yes” to that question, and to answer whatever on the rest. Apparently that was the “Right” answer the Head Shed wanted.

        Now I realize that it was also his way to make sure good American Soldiers who would NOT fire on Americans would be promoted. The Lt was a Patriot among Traitors.
        So Beware Traitors. Some good Americans have slipped through your profiling. If you turn those soldiers on the American people. “YOU will get fragged or shot from behind. Just like Nam.”

        Another story about your “Hero” Police officers:
        Police are so very brave. We should respect our helpful Police.’s_Birthday/52847/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        Another Story of being “Protected”:

        Out of control. If they keep it up there will be a bounty on their hide just like any other predatory varmint. Really sad situation developing. People are fed up.

        I really hope Police and thier foes, wise up and gain some semblance of self control and decency. The violence is sickening and unnecessary.

        While on a country drive I saw this sign up on a drive’s gate:

        “Shoot at the Dawgs. The Owner Shoots at you.
        You might miss. The Owner NEVER does.”

        Seems like in the country, idiots shoot peoples dogs right before they rob their house. Dirt bags.
        Similar to what happened to the SEAL Marcus, of Lone Survivor. They shot his dogs.
        He has more self control than most would. Most would have returned the lead.

        • Like Mike, welcome. If anyone shoots at my relatives’ dogs, they won’t live to talk about it.

      7. killing with germs taking to long so government created hate groups

      8. Any virus or other substance released to threaten millions or billions of people can only come from one source, imo, evil government. As to collodial (sp) silver, I’ve read and watched video’s on how to produce it, but still unclear to me on the exact process. Silver wire, what about .9999 silver coins? What is the potential damage if done incorrectly? It makes sense that fabricated deadly illnesses will be the main weapon of depopulation.

        • Preferably. 9999 silver wire but you could cut a Canadian silver dollar in half and it work. Buy a generator and follow directions precisely. I’ve taken it for years and haven’t been to MD in years either.

          • Also you must use true distilled water or it will not be right

      9. Gurkha Creed:

        Better to die, than live a coward!

      10. Great. Viruses and shît

      11. I cut my grass and got bit by a mosquito so now i prob have the zika virus guess ill try to flush it out with a 40oz infusion of flushing brew if that dont work ill fall in the pool get out and try again

        • Private corp with US gov help created the mosquitos that have caused the zika outbreak to explode.

          There shall be plagues. The last was HIV, now it’s Zika

        • Hey Gods Soldier, was the Mosquito a Liberal Mosquito? Got to watch those commie bugs.


      12. Now its corn sweat as to why its so hot thank god al gore got the cow burping under control global warming my ass more like something believable like solar flares

      13. “And the military admits that the engineered viruses will be mutating, and could “escape” into the real world.”

        There’s no room for “accidents” to occur in this line of work. There are procedures and protocols for containment. Any deadly virus that happens to “escape” and gets released upon a population of people – will be a deliberate act from the Government.

        • Or a rouge Muslim worker/scientists

      14. Wasn’t this the plot of ’12 Monkeys’ ?

        That ended well, right?



      16. so in celebration for trumps win i drove around the ghetto giving away free money-that is billion dollar trump notes-funny shit.i kept yelling at the nigs free money and dropping handfuls while i kept driving.hhahahahaaha

      17. Contagious pathogens need a host.
        I have been saying it for 10 years or more and I continue to stand by my statement…..the next Black Plague will be walked across our borders.

      18. I got me a couple of them mask ^ up there …not sure how you test them out for biological?

      19. Heroin was touted as a better safer drug than morphine.

        Anti-biotics were tauted as the silver bullet that would end disease and illness. Disruption of micro-floura in the intestinal tract has caused Candida overgrowth and Cancers.

        Isreal has been a busy bio beaver. Our friends in the ME have gene specific viruses which kill by Race and Nationality.

        The more you learn, the less you know.


        • Genetics, potentially, the ultimate weapon.
          “Designer bugs” for targeted genetic populations
          or “pools” is very real. I think the ” 12 monkeys”
          (AC post)scenario is very real( minus the time travel BS).
          The problem with this kind of weapon is you cannot
          predict what mutations will occur and what they
          will do. You may kill off a “Gene pool” you dislike
          such as Caucasians, but that weapon, is alive and will
          change to something, that you cannot imagine or predict.
          We are too ignorant. We are just playing with a toy
          created by something bigger than us( God or Nature, your choice)
          much like a kid that just discovered fire.
          How to prepare for designer weapon like that?
          I don’t know. I do know it won’t be very reliable
          against generations tested natural medicine, like silver,
          since what we will face is a 21st century engineered
          genetic weapon.
          I think I’ll grab a beer, and work on my catchment waterline,
          for the second house on the rellik compound.

          • ” I do know it won’t be very reliable
            against generations tested natural medicine, like silver,
            since what we will face is a 21st century engineered
            genetic weapon.
            Should read
            Generational, time tested natural medicine, will fail,
            since what we will face is a 21st century engineered
            genetic weapon.”
            I’m going to skip my next beer and just go to work.

      20. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe ask the folks in Lyme Connecticut

      21. Twice I clicked on the SHTFP desktop icon and twice I got a redirect to an ongoing thread about buying land in Tennessee .
        All the problems I’m having probably stem from a dispute with the diaper heads posing as tech support that my ISPs have so entrusted.
        In the event this is just a medically induced dream I still would like to respond… buying land in Tenn. is a no go for me and here’s why…
        ht tp://

        The leak didn’t scare me half as much as the way Tennessee Valley Authority PR team smoothed it over.

        In regard to patriots comment…
        The Night Stalkers out of Campbell would never fire on Civilians… 100% sure

        Sorry Big Mac for being off topic but I’m not going to let some carpet jockey eat my lunch. No pun intended

      22. Off topic but more importantly, I just put my money where my hope is. Donated to Donald J Trump a little bit ago. He isn’t taking money from the shitbags who are killing this republic, so it is time for patriots to back his play in the hope that communist gash Hillary will not finish what the halfican worked for nearly 8 years to do. He is our last hope I truly believe. Any other options will result in suffering and death that has never been felt in this country.

      23. His hands were in the air, he was on the ground, and police still shot him

        ht tp://

      24. Said this before. There are people from coming over the border and no one knows where they come from and what diseases and viruses they are unleashing on the us public.

      25. Satori
        That is tragic… horrible
        When the victim ask the officer why he shot him and the officer replied I don’t know… that may very well have been an honest answer.

        fight or flight response
        This is the body’s response to perceived threat or danger. During this reaction, certain hormones like adrenalin and cortisol are released, speeding the heart rate, slowing digestion, shunting blood flow to major muscle groups, and changing various other autonomic nervous functions, giving the body a burst of energy and strength. Originally named for its ability to enable us to physically fight or run away when faced with danger, it’s now activated in situations where neither response is appropriate.

      26. See “Landholt for Congress” on Facebook and help me, help you decentralize power from WDC and return it to We the People.

      27. Don’t they create lots of the plagues that we hear about? They figure they can cause a “need” for “quarantine” (concentration camp) where even the “preppers” will be crying for government “help”–instead of burning the Establishment’s wretched civilization to the utter ground along with them and their germs!

      28. Remember Ebola (slaps knee, chuckles)? I, mean, really, remember Ebola? I looooooved yah! You were all the rage, you were going to take over the planet, and then – poof – no more. Nobody would even buy a beer. What about AIDS? That was going to rip through communities and we were all going to get it – “AIDS, AIDS – your grandmother’s got it! Your dog’s got it! Your frog’s got it!! Everyone’s got AIDS!!”

        And then it came out it only really devastated blacks and gays. And Ebola only really was a problem for blacks. It seems some people get viruses bad and others, not so much.

        • AIDS was created when some African Boinked a Monkey, then was spread via Gay Flight Attendants who brought it to the USA.

          The rest is history.


      29. Said it before viruses and bacteria will kill most after shtf. Public places are where people are in close contact malls amusement parks. My kids like waterslides but I won’t go because the thought of sharing the water with hundreds of people is just nasty. I don’t wanna shake people’s hand either. You gotta protect your family from filthy people. I ever got colds till my kid went to school and he got sick. This is no bullshit. To me there is what I call common dirt that’s just automotive oils street grime dirt under the fingernails from digging in the garden. Then their is filth which comes from other people. Think about people’s juices in the pool at water parks and hotel pools nasty. You don’t know what diseases they have. Think about it.

      30. So we get hit by a weaponized virus that turns our population into Zombies, but the Pentagon is ready to cure it by giving them a counter virus that overcomes the Zombie virus by turning the Zombies into Vampires.

        We win.

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